Anal Beads

Anal Beads 101:

Why are anal beads so popular?

Anal beads unlike most sex toys; are designed for both men and women. If you have an anus (which you do…) you can enhance you’re pleasure 10X during solo or couples play!

How do anal beads enhance my pleasure by 10X or more?

Prostate orgasms, blended orgasms, and enhanced dual forms of stimulation just to name a few… But I’ll touch on that in more detail down below.

If you’ve used anal beads before, you already know what I’m talking about. If you’ve used Diskret anal beads, you know the quality is impeccable.

Which makes us the industry leader in anal toys two years running!

Here’s what to expect from the Diskret anal beads shown above.


Diskret Anal Beads Are:


As Seen In:


anal bead prostate massager anal beads


What Are Anal Beads:

Known as anal balls, thunder beads, sex beads, and pleasure balls. Anal beads are a specific category of sex toys designed to stimulate the anus, rectum, prostate, and anal cavity.

Designs do vary, but most anal beads are a string of connected balls that slowly graduate in size. Most have anywhere from 3-8 beads on them.

The size of the beads can range anywhere from .25 inch to 2 inches in diameter.

Safe anal beads have a large “stopper” or loop on one end to prevent the anal beads from going in too far. This handle also aids in inserting and removing the anal beads.

They can be made from silicone, wood, metal, and glass.

They are a versatile sex toy that can be used to enhance your sex life in many different ways!


How To Use Anal Beads:

I want to try dabbling in anal play. What do I do? How do I start? How do I use these anal beads?

Don’t worry… It’s a question we get all the time! The process is nearly identical for males and females. Here are 6 easy steps to start your first orgasmic anal bead experience!

Step #1: Relax

The first step to orgasmic anal play is relaxation!

Not just your body, but your mind too! It’s nearly impossible to receive good anal pleasure if you are stressed out.

So, take the little bit of extra time to calm yourself and relax before you even start to use your anal beads.

Relaxing is different for every, but it could be a warm bath, glass of wine, lite some candles, or meditation. Whatever helps you relax best!

A warm bath, shower, or anal douching works well for keeping the area clean before anal play.

For me, just knowing things are clean down there really help me relax while playing with anal toys.


Step #2: Foreplay


Now that you’re completely relaxed its time to start touching yourself!

Get nice and comfortable. Then use your imagination, turn on some porn, or watch a romantic movie. Even audio porn is becoming increasingly popular.

Get turned on. This shouldn’t be too hard…

I suggest if it’s your first time with anal play, test it out solo before introducing it to the bedroom with a partner. It’s a little more relaxing.


Step #3: Lube


Next, bring out the lube!

Is lube necessary?

Yes. It not only enhances the pleasure, it’s a matter of safety! Using anal beads without lube can be uncomfortable, painful, and can even lead to injury.

So, pull out that water-based lube and lube up your anus, fingers, and anal beads.

Only time I recommend a silicone-based lube is if you have anal beads made from metal or glass. Silicone-based lubes can last longer, but they stain clothing and sheets, plus are not safe to use with most silicone anal beads.

Is there such a thing as too much lube?

For beginners, not really. The only time I suggest using less lube is if the beads are sliding in with too much ease so you’re not feeling the pleasurable sensations you normally do.

Okay, I’m relaxed and comfortable. I’m extremely turned on, and my fingers, anus, and beads are lube up.

Now what?


Step #4: Insertion


Let the fun begin!

Now its time to start pleasuring yourself. Start slow and work your lubed hand around your genitals.

You can even start a normal masturbation session to get extra excited.

Then slowly work your fingers around the rim of your anus. Tease it with slow circular patterns, tapping, applied pressure, and inserting the tip of your finger.

If you don’t want to use your finger you can use a slim anal bead or use a latex glove to keep things cleaner.

Work your way up to a semi-to-full insertion mode. It will send waves of pleasure from your core through your entire body.


Step #5: Stimulation & Orgasm


Now that you are extremely turned on and receiving anal pleasure from stimulation with your fingers; insert the anal beads.

Start small and work your way larger. This should be easy since most anal beads gradually get larger in size anyway.

You can stimulate your front side while leaving the anal beads in and using them to boost your pleasure whenever you want.

Or you can make the anal beads the sole focus of your pleasure!

Slowly inserting and removing the beads will sends you into an anal orgasm over time. Don’t expect this to happen immediately!

Anal orgasms take time and a lot of experience.

But the journey to an anal orgasm is just as pleasurable and fun as the orgasm itself!

To start, focus on the pleasure the anal beads provide and continue stimulating. If you don’t orgasm its okay! You can always orgasm after or during by stimulating your front side at the same time.


But either way, anal beads will bring a huge boost in pleasure to any adventurous sexual experience!


Solo Play:


Anal beads are a great way to boost any solo masturbation session!

You can leave them in while you stimulate your front side, inserting a bead or removing a bead for a boost in pleasure whenever you desire.

My personal favorite is having them in and stimulating myself to the edge. Once edging, I will remove the beads to send myself over the top!

Talk about the ultimate full body orgasm!


Another technique for great solo masturbation is to focus on the anal beads as your sole form of pleasure.

As you become more experienced with them and can orgasm from the anal beads alone, you won’t want to touch your front side.

The anal orgasms will become your solo focus during solo masturbation. You won’t be concerned about your front side at this point.


Couples Play:


Who said anal beads were only for solo play?

Once you feel comfortable with them alone, try introducing them to the bedroom with a partner!

Talk about it first, communication is usually best ahead of time.

If your partner is up for new and exciting forms of pleasure, you can show them how to use them.

Slowly insert them in your partner and have an open line of communication through the process.

Its amazing foreplay!

You can also leave them in while having penetrative sex! This will give you or your partner a mind-blowing blended orgasm!

Have you ever orgasmed with a partner while having a butt plug or anal bead in? It’s a totally unique and pleasurable experience!

Why Use Anal Beads:

The pleasure and versatility with anal beads is endless.

Here are the top forms of pleasure anal beads can bring.

Blended Orgasms:

Blended orgasms are the highest rated form of orgasm!


How do I get a blended orgasm?

Blended orgasms are from stimulating yourself in multiple ways simultaneously until orgasm.

For example, stimulating these two zones together:

Prostate Orgasms:

For men, anal beads can be particularly pleasurable.

They have the ability to stimulate their prostate for the most intense orgasm known to man!

Prostate orgasms are no easy feat. They require an entirely dedicated blog you can check out below if interested.

Read about how to properly stimulate your prostate here.

Dual Stimulation:

Not everything is about the orgasm ya know?!


The journey can be just as pleasurable as the ultimate goal!

So, take your time and stimulate yourself in multiple ways at once. Feel the intense and unique pleasure possible when you mix it up with anal beads!

Types of Anal Beads:

Not all anal beads are equal.

Also, not all anal beads are extremely pleasurable. We sifted through thousands of options to offer you the best of the best!

Here are the main types of anal beads you can choose from.

Glass Anal Beads:

Glass anal beads look extremely classy, chic, and sexy.

They offer frictionless penetration with just a dab of lube.

Glass is also non-porous so it will retain zero smell, very hygienic, and easy to clean!

They are rigid and offer no flexibility, which some people enjoy, and others don’t.

Most premium glass Diskret offers is great with all types of lube and can be used for temperature play.

Run the glass anal beads under warm or cold water for a completely new experience.

Silicone Anal Beads:

Silicone anal beads are very common.

Things to always look for are the flared base and that the material is 100% body-safe.

All Diskret anal beads are 100% body-safe material and design. Unfortunately, there are a lot of low-grade unsafe silicone anal beads on the market. So please be careful where you purchase from!

Silicone anal beads can offer the ability to flex and vibrate.

Silicone can be waterproof making it easy to clean, while others are not. Make sure it’s waterproof if you want a super easy clean up.

Silicone anal beads are typically only safe with a water-based lube.

You also typically feel more of a “dragging” sensation during entry than a glass or metal anal bead. However, some individuals like this and claim it to be more pleasurable!

So, you will have to test and experiment with a couple different forms of anal beads to determine what your body desires most.

Metal Anal Beads:

Metal anal beads are the most hygienic.

They are extremely non-porous so they retain zero smell.

Durability? Why not throw it off your roof and still use it…


There are two main reasons people really enjoy metal anal beads. The weight behind them, and the extremely elegant look.

Obviously stainless steel is dense. So, they have a lot of weight to them. Some individuals really love this feeling once inserted.

The reason people fall in love with them is also the look. Nothing more classy, sexy, and bit badass-ie than a mirror polished finish covering the entire stainless-steel anal beads!

Now, not all metal anal beads are safe. They either need to be 100% stainless-steel or have a medical grade coating that is 100% body-safe.

Vibrating Anal Beads:


Want the additional sensation of vibration?

Vibrating anal beads are common and extremely effective at doing there job… bringing you pleasure!

Vibrating anal beads will be made from silicone and I highly recommend you get the USB-rechargeable one. You’ll thank me later when you’re not battling with batteries all the time.

Keep in mind not all vibrating anal beads are waterproof, so look for that feature if you want easy clean up or to take it in the tub with you.

Not all vibrations are equal!

Huh? What do you mean, just turn it on and buzz away!

No, not exactly… Some anal beads offer deep rumbling vibes, while others are tingling buzzing vibes.

You want deep penetrating vibes to bring you intense pleasure and keep you from getting a numbing sensation down there.

Diskret has tried a lot of anal beads… I mean a lot!


I hand selected the vibrating anal beads above because they offer the best vibration possible. I’m talking rock you to the core rumbling sensation… None of that “buzzing” stuff!

What’s the Best Anal Bead For Me?

Everyone always asks me…. So, what’s the best anal beads on the market?

It’s not that simple. See what I find the best, might not be the best for you. We all have different style bodies and crave different things!

Here is what I recommend for finding the best anal beads.

Picture how you plan to use your anal beads. Are you a beginner or advanced? Do you want large beads, small, vibrating, or flexible?

Find the features that match your lifestyle and how you plan to use them.

Next, find high-quality anal beads above that match your feature list and start there!

I suggest you start basic and move more complex as time goes on. You really don’t need a million features to start, if anything it can become overwhelming.

The Features Available:

Are Anal Beads Safe To Use?


Like most things in life, if you use them properly and as instructed anal beads are 100% safe.

If you get low-quality unsafe design or unsafe material, they can be harmful.

If you don’t listen to your body and the signs it’s telling you, it could result in pain, discomfort, or even injury.

Go slow, listen to your body. If anything, ever becomes painful simply stop right away.

You should have nothing to worry about with the safe designs shown above.

Remember it’s a journey and takes time to understand the extremely pleasurable sensations that anal beads bring!