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Anal Sex Toys In Public!


By Mistress Kay of DiskretAdultLife

anal sex toys in public

Anal Sex Toys in Public: Why Would You Do It?

Playing in public can be hot. Whether it’s naughty sexting while waiting in line for your groceries to be rung up or a handjob in the back of the car because you couldn’t wait to get home, public play has a “gotta have it now” sensation that sex in our homes just doesn’t. While everyone has their own risk tolerance for public play (and you should always be respectful and as discreet as possible), most people will enjoy public play on some sexual level – even if it’s just as simple as reading an erotic story on your cell phone while sitting at the doctor’s office.

Using anal sex toys for your public play can add an entirely new level of discreet fun to your outdoor sexual adventure. Not only do anal sex toys add a physical component to your play, but using them keeps your mind on the constant, pleasurable sensation inside of your body while sitting or moving. Even when having a simple, non-sexual chat with the hairdresser, you’ll still be privately enjoying those sensual sensations – and that’s part of the fun!

Surprisingly, anal sex toys lend themselves surprisingly well to public play. Entirely gender neutral, anal sex toys can be used by anyone – and with their non-vibrating designs, are entirely discreet with zero noise. Non-vibrating butt plugs (even in luxury silicone!) can be pretty affordable, and they’re small and easy to tote around if they have to be removed. You could say that anal sex toys were designed for public play even!

Ultra Soft Smooth Butt Plug

Anal Sex Toys in Public: What Anal Sex Toys Are Best?

When playing with anal sex toys in public, the most important aspect is the discretion – and your ability to be discreet while enjoying yourself. While most people enjoy the erotic thrill of secretly playing with sex toys in public, most people aren’t actually interested in exposing their “secret” while out.

That’s why butt plugs are usually the “first choice” for anal sex toys for public use. Smaller in profile than other types of sex toys, butt plugs are designed to be slipped into the body – and then left there. These toys feature large bases that keep your plug from slipping into the body – and a curvature that’s designed to help the plug stay within the body. Plus, even for the high-end toys, non-vibrating butt plugs can be extremely affordable and with most people’s budgets.

For fantastic beginner anal sex toys for use in public, we highly recommend the FunFactory Bootie line. Available in a small, medium, and large, the FunFactory bootie is a reasonable size with a shape that’s known for staying firmly within the body. With the wide base that’s long and slender for comfort between the cheeks for long-term wear, the Bootie offers a lot of things that are there to love on your next anal adventure.

anal sex toys in public

Vibrating Butt Plugs:

You might also consider vibrating butt plugs as your new public anal sex toys. You can enjoy all of the fun of butt plugs – but with the added pleasurable sensation of vibrations! Vibrating anal sex toys offer a new challenge, however. First off, you have to be easily able to control the vibrations. If your plug doesn’t have a remote control, this means accepting that your plug will vibrate until you’re able to go into a bathroom, reach into your underwear, and turn off the plug again. Alternatively, if you go for a remote-controlled vibrating butt plug, you’ll be upping the cost substantially – and unless you pick up quality remote-controlled anal sex toys, your control may not always be reliable. You also need to consider the noise – as the vibrations of a vibrating butt plug is a lot louder than the non-vibrating variety. If you love the sensation of vibrations in your anal sex toys, however, it all might be worth the hassle.

For a fun and reliable vibrating butt plug experience, we recommend any of the B-Vibe Plugs. While the bases of the B-Vibe Vibrating Anal Sex Toys are crafted with a bit of heft that requires a tight pair of underwear (or butt plug harness) to keep the toy inserted into the body, it’s hard to find a more reliable wireless connection. Along with that, all of the B-Vibe Vibrating anal sex toys are just as quiet as advertised – allowing you to use your butt plug in more areas without worry of discovery.

bruno butt plug lelo

Anal Beads:

Alternatively, some people like to use anal beads as a fun way to play with anal sex toys in public. You should be particularly careful when choosing anal beads as your public toy of choice. Make sure your anal beads have a thick, unbendable “retrieval loop” at the end of the strand of anal beads. During daily activity, it’s pretty easy for anal beads to work their way further into the body – and you need to make sure that the end of your anal beads stay outside of the body. If you’re even a bit concerned, don’t use that strand of anal beads. There’s no point in interrupting your fun, kinky headspace with constant worries that your toy might disappear inside of you.

Looking for a good set of anal beads to start with? Consider the Vibrating Anal Beads by Femme Fun. The bead sizes are beginner-friendly while the adorable design is non-threatening. Plus, the large retrieval hook “end” will ensure you’re enjoying yourself – not worrying about the anal beads sliding in.

While these are popular types of anal sex toys, we don’t recommend using any anal dildos, anal probes, or prostate massagers underneath your clothing while out in public. None of those items are specifically designed to stay within the body – and they’ll likely slip out relatively quickly. Nothing is worse than a fun anal sex toys public outing being ruined by an uncooperative toy, so stick with toys designed for the fun you’re looking for!

Anal Sex Toys in Public: Any Other Toys You’d Recommend?

If you want to experience the pleasure of a vibrating butt plug – but are concerned about the power requirements or noise level, you might consider the FunFactory B Balls. A relative newcomer to the world of sex toys, the B Balls feature small, interior metal balls that roll within the interior chambers of the butt plug. Requiring zero power and making zero noise, these little balls add sensation to your anal sex toys experience without adding extra concerns compared to any non-vibrating butt plug.

B Balls Duo, fun factory, sex toys for anal

Anal Sex Toys in Public: What Should I Bring?

Playing with your new anal sex toys in public can be a blast. However, since you’re venturing outside of the safety of your home, you should definitely bring along a few items – just in case you need them. All of the fun of public anal sex toys can quickly drain out if you need something you’re unable to get ahold of for the next two hours. That sounds frustrating enough to make most people quit public play.

So what should you bring? First off, make sure you pack the following items items within a discreet container. Maybe that’s a purse for you or maybe that’s a backpack. Whatever it is, make sure it’s your-eyes-only. Explaining to your co-worker why there’s a butt plug in your purse when they do their standard afternoon reach for your gum might be a bit awkward.

Don’t Forget The Lube!

Beyond that, pack a small-sized bottle of lubricant and a couple small, sealable sandwich baggies. The small-sized bottle of lubricant probably should go in its own sealable sandwich baggie too – just in case it leaks. The lubricant is there in case you want to keep wearing your plug – but just feel like you need another layer of lubricant to make it comfortable. The baggies are there for the freedom to take out your plug when necessary without any stress involved. Head to the restroom, take out the plug, and throw it into the baggie. Since many public bathrooms may not have a completely-private sink available for washing your plug, the sealable aspect of this sandwich bag will keep the scent contained – and will protect your backpack from the uncleaned lube of plug as well.

all natural lubricant

Between those two things, you’ll find your anal sex toys public play experience running much more smoothly. Be prepared for the worst when it comes to anal sex toys and public play, but be ready to enjoy the best!

Anal Sex Toys in Public: How Should I Prepare?

Before taking your anal sex toys in public, we highly recommend giving them a “trial run” at home. While that anal plug you purchased online looks hot AF, it may not cooperate with your body, and even when walking around your house, you might feel the plug slowly slipping out of your body. Aren’t you glad you gave it a try at home before you took it out in public?

B-Vibe, Cinco, anal beads,sex toys for men

When giving your anal sex toys a trial at home, we recommend wearing them for at least as long as you plan on wearing them in public. We also recommend taking them through the same motions you have in mind for your public anal sex toys adventure. If you’re going to be sitting at your favorite restaurant, sit on a hard-surface chair at home to see if the anal sex toy pokes into your body in an uncomfortable manner. If you’re planning to wear your anal sex toy out to the recliners at the nearby movie theater, throw your feet up on the couch and see how well the toy behaves. When you’re taking that butt plug on a walk around the local park, do as much walking around your apartment as you can manage. Giving these “real-world tests” a try in your home will help you work out the kinks with your anal sex toy before you’re in public – surrounded by other people with no simple way to adjust the plug.

The Game Plan:

Along with that, we recommend having a general “game plan” in mind. If possible, even try to “scope out” your public places ahead of time. Have a general idea about how loud each location is, what the bathroom situation looks like, and how many people are generally there. All of this will allow you the freedom to feel more comfortable wearing your new anal sex toys out in public – especially if things aren’t going as planned and you find yourself wanting to remove the plug. In particular, if you have the freedom to scout out nearby locations for private bathrooms (with private sinks for easier cleaning), you’ll be fully ready in case you need to end your play early. Otherwise, simply enjoy the orgasms from all of the secret fun you’ve been having!

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