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The Best Anal Toys!


By Lee & Jessica, Owners of DiskretAdultLife, Nov. 27th, 2018

Finding the best anal toys on the market is no small task! The market is flooded with thousands of options. We all crave more pleasure and anal play is a great way to take your orgasms to the next level. But where do you even start?! Anal toys come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, materials, and oh so much more!

That’s where we (Diskrét) comes in to help… We have been in the sex toy industry for years and work with some of the most renowned sexologists (sex experts) in the game. So we gathered the experts input, along with your average joe and jane testimonies and reviews. We bundled all this together to come up with the best anal toys in the industry, and what you need to consider before purchasing one. We couldn’t narrow it down to the single best anal toy… I know… but it couldn’t be that simple! But we did narrow it down to the best anal toys in each category. Which should give you all the direction and information you need!best anal toys

Anal Play 101:

Before we dive into showing you the best anal toys on the market, we first need to explain the basics around anal play. If you’re an anal play expert… feel free to skim this section or simply review for best practices.

Before You Use the Best Anal Toys…

Said it once, said it a thousand times… You must use lube before using the best anal toys. Anal play without lube can cause harm, discomfort, and even injury. This is because unlike the vagina, the anus does not create a natural lubricant when turned on!

The two main types of anal lube we suggest are water-based lubes, and oil-based lubes. My rule of thumb is use water-based lubes for anal play and re-apply it when necessary. Only use oil-based lubes if going for some underwater sex play. This is because the oil-based lube will not wash away, however it has been known to react with certain low-grade silicon sex toys. It also might irritate your skin if its your first time using it.

  • Use communication:

If your planning to use the best anal toys with your partner, make sure to communicate during the anal play. This is how both of you will receive the most pleasure. A slight comment like “faster” or “that’s too rough” can make or break an entire anal toy experience.

  • Never share the best anal toys!

I don’t care if you have the best anal toy or the worst… as tempted as you may be, don’t share them with your partner. Your anus carries bacteria that is specific to your own body, if you share these without properly sanitizing them first, you risk giving yourself or your partner an infection.

  • Relax…

It might seem corny… but it’s almost a necessary act in order to receive pleasure from the best anal toys. You must relax your body and your mind. Do this in your OWN way. Only you know what calms you down and gets you in the mood for sex. Perhaps it’s a glass of wine by the fire or cuddling up under some warm blankets. This will allow your body and mind to receive the anal pleasure at a peak moment!

The Best Anal Toys 101:

anal play

  • Best Anal Toys: Category

Anal toys come in a few main categories those are: Butt plugs, anal beads, prostate massagers, and anal dildos. The difference is really how you plan on using the best anal toys when it comes time to receive the pleasure.

Butt plugs:

Butt plugs are really meant to slide in you and stay put. You receive pleasure every time you move, or you can perform penetrative sex with it in for double the pleasure! Some bold characters even wear them out in public… warming them up for later!

Anal beads:

Anal beads are designed so that the beads increase in size one by one. This way you receive pleasure and a “fullness” feeling as they slide over your two main anus muscles. They are designed to be used in a thrusting motion or pulled out during orgasm for the ultimate release.

Prostate massagers:

Prostate massagers are built to hit the male p-spot. They usually are short in nature and have a sever curve to them which is designed to hit all the right spots on him. These can be worn for prostate orgasms during masturbation or with a partner during penetrative sex. For men, these are some of the best anal toys in the business, just remember straight guys use them all the time too, so don’t put that stereotype in your head. You would only be limiting yourself and your full potential!

Anal Dildos:

Anal dildos and anal vibrators are designed for both men and women. Typically, these are longer and have more girth to them than the other best anal toys. These will hit deeper penetration and give you a fullness feeling. Designed to be used with a partner or for a solo masturbation session.

  • Best Anal Toys: Materials

Material can make all the difference when picking out the best anal toys. So keep in mind what your overall goal is out of the anal toy. Here are the main types of materials you will find the best anal toys made from; with their advantages and disadvantages.

Stainless Steel Anal Toys:

Stainless steel makes some of the best anal toys! They are very hard, durable and smooth. Great for temperature play by running under warm or cold water first. They have some weight behind them since steel is dense but are very easy to clean since it is a very non-pours material. Works great with any lube and hypoallergenic! The disadvantages are it can be cold to the touch, it will have zero give, and quality stainless steel will be a bit more expensive. However, well worth the investment in my opinion.

Glass Anal Toys:

Glass make some of the best anal toys as well. Make sure it is tempered glass, so it will be shatterproof. They can have very extravagant designs, super smooth and easy to clean. They will not break down with oil-based or silicon-based lubes. Plus, they are hypoallergenic. Similar to stainless steel anal toys, they will have no give. Glass tends to make people nervous but trust me, if it is quality glass you have nothing to worry about.

Silicone Anal Toys:

The best anal toys made from silicone can be a bit more expensive. Only due to the high-quality silicone and typical vibration options that come with it. Obviously, you can’t get vibration with stainless steel or glass anal toys. It becomes a nice feature with silicone. Downfalls are you should only use water-based lube with silicone sex toys since it can break down with oil-based lube.

Plastic Anal Toys:

The best anal toys and plastic do not belong in the same sentence if you ask me. The cheaper products are usually low-grade plastic and low quality. They come with a weird plastic smell, rough edges, and cheap construction. Usually battery operated if you get that feature.

  • Best Anal Toys: Geometry

The geometry of anal toys can be the difference between extreme pleasure or a complete dud. Each body is unique and preference for size and shape will vary dependent upon you. The only way to determine what angles, size, and length you prefer in an anal toy is through experience. Try a slightly curved anal toy, if that doesn’t do the trick go to a straight anal toy. It may take a few tries to home in on the optimal anal toy of you.

pleasure party

The Best Anal Toys in Each Category:

Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for… The best anal toy of each category. This is based on reviews of hundreds of people along with sexologist (sex experts) that are renowned in the industry.

When people ask what the best butt plug is, its almost a no brainer. The Njoy Pure Plug Med has been satisfying thousands of people for many years. It’s a simplistic design made to hit all the right spots. Made from 100% stainless steel, you know its quality material with some weight and durability behind it. Great with any lube, and easy to wash clean when your done. The flared end protects you from “loosing it” during anal play and has been one of the highest rate butt plugs for the past 2 consecutive years. Find it for less here

best anal toy, njoy

Another butt plug that keeps coming up in the mix of best anal toys is the bootie ring by fun factory. This thing is very unique in design and built for males… sorry ladies! It is made from high quality silicone that helps form to his body, with a slight curve for p-spot stimulation. The plug is connected to a ring that goes around the base of his shaft. This way, every time he thrusts during penetrative sex or moves the ring during masturbation, it tugs slightly on the plug. This can stimulate his p-spot with each thrust! It’s an innovative design at a very affordable price. Find it here

foreplay, bootie ring by fun factory in a hand

The best anal toys sometimes come with a higher price. The vibrating anal beads by femme fun are on the upper range for most anal beads, but for good reason. You get what you pay for with these beads! They have 20 different vibration modes, 100% silicone and waterproof. The best part is they are completely rechargeable in less than an hour! Its great for both men and women with an insertable length of 6.5 inches. Makes it a great starter to medium experienced anal play individual. Find it here for less…

vibrating anal beads next to a man

Another extremely high-quality anal bead is made by Njoy… surprise, surprise. It is 100% stainless steel, with one end graduating bead sizes and the other a single large bead. This is great for changing up and experimenting with multiple sensations in a single anal toy. Don’t forget it has a very slight curve built to it for hitting p-spot sensation. Rated highly check it out here… Use code diskret15 for 15% this amazing anal toy!

best anal toy

  • The Best Prostate Massagers:

One of the best prostate massagers on the market is made by Lelo. If you have been in or around the sex toy industry you know Lelo builds extremely high-quality sex toys. Their Bruno prostate massager is no exception to this! It is waterproof and has different vibration modes for your needs. It is also rechargeable in order to power the dual vibrating motors. Perfectly shaped for comfort and pleasure, check it out here

bruno butt plug lelo

  • The Best Anal Dildo:

The best anal dildo is a bit tricky to answer… A lot of standard dildos can be used for anal play as well. The key is that it has a flared base so you don’t “lose it” during anal play. Remember the anus does not have a natural “stopper” like the vagina does, and you don’t want to lose anything up there. I suggest something like the Gallant, the length and flared end keeps it from going to far, it has a great natural curve for anal stimulation and is made of shatter proof glass. It is also very reasonably priced here

best anal toy

Not seeing what you want? We can only suggest the best to you, but if it doesn’t peak your interest, we highly suggest some other brands like Aneros, B-vibe, or Rocks-Off. We do not work or partner with them, just want you to find what satisfies you the most! Let us know if you have any questions or concerns around the best anal toys in the business or how to use them!

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