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The Best Butt Plug For Women

By: Jessica & Lee Founders of Diskret_Adult_Life (Best Butt Plug For Women)


Best butt plug for women


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What’s the best butt plug for women & how do I use it?


Okay ladies… It’s time to experience an orgasm that will leave you daydreaming for the next week.


I often hear what’s the best butt plug form women? Either from women themselves, or a man looking to give his woman an extremely rememberable night.


Imagine this…


 Your heating things up with your partner in the bedroom. They are passionately kissing, licking, touching, and fingering you…


Slowly they caress the back of your legs with the tip of a well lubed butt plug. Gently applying pressure, they slide it deep inside you, watching your eyes roll back with an intense sensation of pleasure.


Then, they continue to thrust into you while you enjoy the fullness of the plug and your partner simultaneously. Pleasure radiates from deep within your core all the way to your toes…


This pressure and immense sensation begins to build and build. Until you just can’t hold it any longer… Bam! The ultimate release overwhelms your entire body. Flooding your nerves with a feeling of euphoria.


Congratulations, you just experienced a full body, blended orgasm with a butt plug! If you haven’t experienced this yet; I’m telling you, it’s like the 8th wonder of the world!


Having the fullness of a butt plug in while your body experiences uncontrollable contractions of core muscles makes every orgasm feel at least 30% more intense.


The Best Butt Plug Use for Solo Women


 But what if I don’t have a partner? How do I use the best butt plugs for women alone?


Have no fear! Nobody said you need a man or a partner to thrust while using a butt plug, its just one way of using these incredible sex toys.


Don’t tell your partner this… but you can experience something just as powerful, if not more powerful all on your own!


There are 2 main ways of achieving these blended orgasms with the best butt plugs:



  • Another amazing way to climax is by using a butt plug for women while simultaneously using a clitoral stimulator. These clit vibrators can pulsate pleasure externally or use suction to give the sensation of a partner giving the best oral sex of your life. Climaxing from clit stimulation with the best butt plug in will leave you in a state of shock and awe. Instantly wiping your daily stress goodbye.


These orgasms are different. They are more intense, last longer, and leave your entire body physically relaxed.


Usually I have to lay there on the bed for 5 minutes after, just paralyzed from the entire experience. It’s so powerful I’m left speechless and so relaxed I could just melt away into the sheets that surround me.


How do I experience something like this?


It takes a bit of experience, and a premium sex toy. I’ll share with you some easy tips and the best butt plugs for women so you can experience a body shaking orgasm like this.


I don’t care what some of the sex toy retailers out there say. A premium butt plug that fits properly, will not only make it easier to orgasm, they will give you a longer lasting and more powerful orgasm as well.


So, what are the best butt plugs for women?


First, you need to pick a type of butt plug best suited for you. Then we can focus on the best butt plugs in each category.


The Top Types Of Butt Plugs For Women


orgasm control


Just like us ladies, butt plugs come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors.


Butt plugs for women come in various types of material and offer a wide variety of features too.


So, how the hell am I supposed to know the best butt plug for me?


It’s not always easy to find, but when you insert the perfect butt plug its like a thunderbolt of pleasure strikes you from above… Eureka! 


It takes some women years to find the best butt plug.


But if I break down the different types of butt plugs for women and the pros and cons of each, I can help you find something amazing right from the start. Saving you time, money, and worst of all… an unpleasant sexual experience.


So, lets dive into all the best types of butt plugs for women:


Best Vibrating Butt Plugs For Women:


The first thing you should decide on is if you want the vibe power or not!


I often recommend the best butt plugs for beginners not include vibration. This is for the sole reason of you testing and understanding how your body responds to a plug before adding another distracting variable.


If you know how to insert and use a non-vibrating butt plug, it might be time to step it up to the best vibrating butt plugs available.


These plugs will shock your system with intense rumbling vibration for serious anal orgasms. However, it requires a quality butt plug that is built to last.


Believe me, I’ve tried hundreds of butt plugs that ruined the moment. Nothing can kill the mood faster than your plug running out batteries, not turning on, breaking, or feeling discomfort right when you want it the most!


So, what are the best vibrating butt plugs for women?


After doing countless hours of research, scrolling thousands of reviews, talking with the leading sex toy experts, and of course my decade of experience… Here are the top 3 vibrating butt plugs for women:



butt plug, gplug twist noir


The GPlug Twisted Noir is one of the highest rated vibrating butt plugs for women. It offers all the features you could possibly imagine in an extremely pleasurable design!


The swirling ribs will have your eyes rolling with pleasure as you melt back into your sheets in a state of pure ecstasy.


Easy penetration with a tapered tip the GPlug Twist Noir has 6 levels of vibration intensity, a super quiet motor, waterproof, and USB-rechargeable. 


My favorite thing to do at the end of a long week is draw a warm bath, slide the lubed twist noir in and vibe away in my bubble bath. Talk about the ultimate stress release! 



Hugo butt plug, sex toys for anal


The Hugo is the most expensive butt plug you’ve most likely ever seen. But hey, you wanted to see the best of the best? Well sometimes you get what you pay for, and that seems to be the case in the sex toy industry.


While the Hugo comes with a higher price tag, it also comes with the highest quality of any butt plug for women.


The Hugo was featured in GQ, Women’s Health, and Refinery29 just to name a few. It blasted to the top of the list of best butt plugs in 2020.


That’s because it hosts 2 extremely powerful vibrating motors, a wireless remote controller, 100% waterproof, extremely quiet, and its very user friendly.


This plug will blow your mind. It’s also my go-to whenever I need a powerful anal orgasm.



B-Vibe Novice Plug


Sometimes you just want to start with the best butt plug for women. I wish I would have known about the B-Vibe Novice when I first start anal play.


But I had to learn the hard way through trial and error. Unfortunately, a lot of error before finding a plug that suited myself as a beginner.


Use the B-Vibe Novice to bypass all that nonsense. This is the perfect beginner butt plug for women. It has all the features and qualities of an expert plug built into something slim, tapered, and smaller in size just for you!


With a insertable size of just 3.35 inches and 1 inch in diameter its not so small it falls out, but so large it takes an experienced user to insert.


Just a dab of lube, relaxation, and patience will go a long way!


They are limited stock so check it out!


The Best Small Butt Plug For Women:


I know… I know… Women say it all the time… “Size doesn’t matter.”


But that’s simply not the case when it comes to sex toys, and even more so with butt plugs.


If you’re not a size queen, you most likely know it. Not all women require huge butt plugs to satisfy their sexual needs. Some women require small butt plugs, that’s especially the case for beginners.


I consider small butt plugs to be anything with an insertable diameter of 1.25” or less.


They can come in any style material or shape you want.


If you have difficulty inserting the small butt plugs, I suggest getting one with less “drag” than a small silicone butt plug. Such as one made from glass or stainless steel.


I also suggest you get a small butt plug that has a tapered tip. This will help ease the stretching and insertion for your rectum.


Lastly, it doesn’t matter if you’re using the best small butt plug or huge butt plug, you need to remember the lube! Don’t be shy on the lube if you’re new to this or struggle inserting small butt plugs for women.


Is it possible to have too much lube?


With a small butt plug and a ton of lube you run the risk of having to clench or it might fall out. If that’s the case, you can always wipe away some lube or start shopping for a larger butt plug.


What are the advantages of the best small butt plugs?


  • They are discreet, nobody will know you have it in if you want to go out in public with it.


  • The best small butt plugs are easy to insert. Requiring less experience and less stretching to insert them.


  • Typically, small butt plug will cost less. This is due to less material required to make them.


  • Great for blended orgasms. The best small butt plugs for women will take up less room and become less intrusive if you want to penetrate vaginally as well. Large butt plugs can make it tough for my man to penetrate me or for the use of a vibrator with it.


What are the best small butt plugs for women?


Here are the highest rated available:



Ultra Soft Smooth Butt Plug


The Petite Sensation smooth plug is only 4.25” long with a max insertable circumference of 3” which is relatively small in the butt plug industry.


It has a massive tapered tip making it extremely easy to insert. If you’re a beginner or modest plug user, this is perfect for you. Just make sure to lube it up well and your all set!


It comes with a bullet vibrator, not going to blow your socks off but offers some decent vibes for something this small. I’ve swapped the bullet for the We-Vibe Tango to really rock my world!


So, if your looking for something waterproof, decent vibration, smaller in size, with a large taper for easy insertion this is the perfect butt plug!



B Balls Duo Butt Plugs



The B-Balls Duo continue to be a top seller of all time.


Why’s that?


The B-Balls Duo offers two unique balls for anal pleasure. The fist is 1.26” in diameter, perfect for a beginner looking for a small plug.


If you get ambitious or ready to advance to something a little larger you can insert the second bead which is 1.42” in diameter.


This way you can get the best of both worlds for an affordable single butt plug!


Not only this but the B-Balls Duo have metal ball bearings inside that rattle, sway, and roll around with your every movement.


It feels like a vibrating plug but only when your desire it by moving slightly. It’s the perfect tantalizing tease!


butt plug


The ultimate butt plug for women that want slim and easy insertion! The pin replicates the closest thing to anal sex but without any friction involved!


Just lube up the pin and slowly insert it adapting your body to the slim shaft.


It’s a total of 4.5inches long and .80 inches in diameter.


The pure shatterproof glass is body-safe, easy to clean, and has an amazing transparent blue sheen to it.


Looking for basic anal pleasure? You can’t go wrong with the pin!


Best Large Butt Plug For Women:


Are you sure size doesn’t matter?


Best butt plug for women


Decades ago when I first started experimenting with butt plugs, I wasn’t a size queen by any means.


But over the years, and with writing and testing so many butt plugs for women I eventually started using larger and larger plugs.


Now, I quite frequently use large butt plugs for solo masturbation sessions. Some women enjoy the stretching during insertion, but for me it’s more about the fullness it provides.


A climax with the best large butt plugs inserted can be extremely intense. That fullness, stretching, and solid body for you to clench against as the waves of pleasure and convulsions occur is like nothing else I’ve ever experienced before.


A large butt plug is classified to me as anything that has an insertable diameter of 1.75” or greater.


What if it gets stuck though?


Have no fear… If you were able to stretch your anus enough to get the plug in, you’ll be able to get it out. Just remember to keep the large butt plug well lubed and to stay relaxed when inserting and removing.


Here are the best large butt plugs for women. #3 I use a lot!!!



Stainless Steel Butt Plug, sex toys for anal


If your looking for good girth from the best butt plug for women, the Pure Plug 2.0 is your new best friend.


This plug is made from 100% pure stainless steel. Making it perfectly smooth to insert, heavy for additional stimulation, super easy to clean, and great for temperature play!


Plus, it will never break, it will actually last forever!


This plug was die casted under tremendous heat and pressure. It then got polished to a perfectly smooth mirror-like finish. Its super sexy, badass, and a big turn on every time I pull it out.


The bulbous head is 2 inches in diameter and pushing the largest size butt plug I’ve ever taken. It’s a serious tool and used for serious pleasure!



Xpander X4, butt plug for men


The Xpander X4 has an extremely unique design. Made for women who want the fullness of a large butt plug with out the stretching required to insert it.


How does it work?


Simply pinch the Xpander X4 plug and it will compress. It naturally holds this position as you slide the taperd and compressed plug in. Then it will slowly expand to its natural and larger state once inside!


This way you get the pleasure and fullness of a huge butt plug without the stress and stretch required to get it past the rim of your anus.


Talk about a genius and pleasurable design. I get a lot of women who want that fullness feeling but are nervous about inserting a large plug, I always direct them to the Xpander X4.


Once you’re ready to remove the Xpander X4 just slowly pull it out. The head will compress again as it hits the tighter internal muscles of your anus and slide out just as easily as it went in!



sex toys for men


Built for women who are a bit more experienced, the Cinco is larger in size, length, and comes with a ton of features.


The Cinco is a premium anal bead style plug that you can use to stimulate the rim of your anus by pushing and pulling the graduating size beads in and out. Or you can insert it and leave it in just like a butt plug is designed for!


The Cinco butt plug has incredibly smooth silicone, a remote control, 6 vibration levels, and 15 vibration patters. Its 100% body-safe and will have your toes curling with every anal orgasm it brings!


If you enjoy a larger plug for fullness, and looking for premium features, you can not beat the Cinco!


Glass Butt Plugs For Women:


Sleek, luxurious, eye catching, and classy.


Best butt plug for women


Glass butt plugs for women are simply stunning in appearance but also offer some unique traits during use too!


The best glass butt plugs are usually made from premium shatterproof glass. These can be ran under hot or cold water for fun temperature play in the bedroom!


Since glass is very non-porous, they retain no smell and can be sterilized very easily with just warm water and soap.


Another benefit to using the best glass butt plugs is with just a dab of lube you can experience zero friction during penetration!


I love my glass plug for two main reasons. The first is how incredibly sexy it looks! My glass plug looks like a jewel… not a cheap, hideous sex toy that I stuff away in a drawer. I love showing this plug off to my man.


I slide it in during foreplay and he can see it the entire time he penetrates me “doggy style”.


Plus, I love my glass butt plug because it glides right in. I know butt plugs are designed to slide in and stay put during your masturbation or sex, but this plug glides in so easily it feels incredible! I find myself inserting it and removing it throughout my masturbation session like one big anal bead!


Here are my 3 favorite glass butt plugs for women. #1 is the one I own and use most frequently.



butt plug for men, multiplayer


The Multiplayer glass butt plug is one of the best butt plugs for women.


Why’s that?


It’s all about the look and feel. This is handblown glass with real 24k gold infused throughout. Not only does the premium glass feel amazing upon insertion but the look is like nothing else on the market.


How do I know this?


Because I created the design and have a expert glass blowing artist make them one of a kind. No two are the exact same!


Want the sexiest looking best feeling glass butt plug for women? Got to try the Multiplayer from Diskret!


Out of stock? These fly off the shelve. If we are currently out of stock please email us and we will put you at the top of the list for the next order!



firefly butt plug


Want to have some kinky glow-in-the-dark fun?!


The Fire Fly is the best butt plug for women that can glow in the dark.


Made from premium (shatter-proof glass) this butt plug glows like a night light during kinky fun at night.


I leave mine under a standard lamp for an hour or two before play. This allows the fluorescence inside to “charge” up from the light.


The result?


A bright glowing plug that is 100% safe to insert!


It also has a nicely tapered tip for beginners and only a max insertable diameter of 1.1 inches. Making it easy to glide in with just a dab of lube!


Things just got a whole lot more interesting in the bedroom!





The Gallant has a very clean blue hue to it with soft rolling bulges.


So, why does the Gallant have a rather hefty weight and slight off centered curve to it?


Its designed specifically for deep penetration. Almost more of an anal dildo than a butt plug for women. But who’s to really say weather you leave it in or not.


The Gallant is the best butt plug for women that has the ability to provide g-spot stimulation through anal penetration. The curve and bulges are designed to stimulate her g-spot through the vaginal wall.


The large flared base makes it exceptionally safe for anal penetration too!


Don’t forget to run it under warm or cold water for good temperature play.


Steel Butt Plugs:


Ahh… the famous steel butt plugs for women.


Why so much love for these plugs?


Just hold one in your hands and you’ll immediately understand why so many women are falling for these types of butt plugs.


The best steel butt plugs are made from pure 316 steel. Making it corrosion and rust resistant. Also, making it 100% body-safe to insert.


Doesn’t it hurt to insert metal?


Absolutely not! Rather quite the opposite! Stainless steel butt plugs are polished to a mirror like finish. Making them the sleekest of any material to insert. Plus, they look extremely luxurious and badass if I don’t say so myself!


What are the benefits to a steel butt plug for women?


  • Temperature play, run it under warm or cold water. You can even throw it in the fridge.


  • Easy to insert, experience zero friction during penetration.


  • Extremely easy to clean with just warm water and soap. Stainless-steel is the least porous out of any material sex toy! You can even boil it or throw it in the dishwasher!


  • Super sleek, sexy, and badass looking!


  • Quality craftsmanship that will last much longer than you could even expect to be alive! Think of how many amazing orgasms that would be!


Here are the best steel butt plugs for women:



Njoy Pure Plug Medium, sex toys for anal


Who wants the most badass, sexiest looking best butt plug for women on the market?


The pure plug med. Is made from 100% stainless steel and will glide comfortably into place. The heavy weight behind it will provide a unique sense of stimulation with each and every movement of your hips.


It will give you one mind blowing orgasm after another or great to use while stimulating your front side with another toy.  

The ergonomically friendly large loop will give you immense control and still sit comfortably between your cheeks.


This is all about the look and feel of the classiest butt plug on the market!



prostate massager


The Pfun is made from the same great company as the pure plug med. Njoy, which specializes in 100% stainless steel butt plugs.


The Pfun plug has a tapered body with a bulbous head for additional stimulation. Originally it was designed for men to stimulate their P-spot (hence the P in the name) however women quickly caught on it was extremely pleasurable for them too!


The curved head is amazing for tapping into that g-spot pleasure through the vaginal wall. Yea that’s anal pleasure that can stimulate your g-spot too… It’s like a magical butt plug for women, that was made entirely by mistake!


The weight of the pfun plug will have you moaning with every twist and turn of your body. It gives this nice sense of fullness and momentum when shifted.


Best Phone Controlled Butt Plugs:


Maybe your idea of the best butt plug for women involves more technology?


No problem, we got you covered.



We live in a crazy cool and fast paced modern society where you can now control sex toys with an app on your phone!


It’s rather incredible if you think of how far sex toys have advanced in the last decade. Most phone-controlled plugs require the manufacturers app to be downloaded (almost always free) and then hooked up to the plug via Bluetooth.


Keep in mind Bluetooth is only good for a range around 30ft. Which can be super sexy on a date with your partner and of course in the bedroom.


But if you’re in a long-distance relationship you will need a different style connection through the internet if you want to control your partners orgasm on the other side of the planet!


What are the major advantages of the best phone-controlled butt plugs?


  • You can control your partners pleasure and orgasms discreetly. Great for taking out in public on a hot date night to the club, bars, dinner, or private event.


  • You don’t have to take the butt plug out in order to change the settings. You can change the vibration power and intensity right from the app.


  • Some phone controlled butt plugs can be hooked up through the internet for long distance relationships.


  • A lot of the apps allow you to customize patterns and intensities then save them. This way you can have your own unique setting for every time you use it.


Even if you don’t get a phone controlled butt plug, I highly suggest you try a remote controlled one. The simple fact you don’t have to take your lubed up and wet plug out, mess around with the controls, then slide it back in to see if you like it is a big deal.


It’s a massive buzz kill messing with settings when you’re in the mood to just go! Remotes allow just a single click to flip and find what feels the best at any given time.


Here are the best phone-controlled butt plugs for women:



Vibrating Butt Plugs, sex toys for anal


Want the ability to control the best butt plug for women right from your phone?


You need to check out the Ditto by We-Vibe.


This premium plug has dual vibrating motors one in the tip and one in the base to ensure these rumbling vibes rock your entire core.


It has a 2-year warranty so you know it was built to last.


The best part is once you slide it in, no more messing with it! Change the vibration pattern or intensity right from your smart phone!


We-Vibe is one of the worlds leaders in premium smart toys, so you know this butt plug was designed and very capable of intense anal orgasms!



Je Joue, Je Joue Nuo with phone


The Nuo by Je Joue is a classy, elegant, and extremely pleasurable butt plug for women. This butt plug offers powerful low-frequency rumbling vibes, with 7 vibration patterns and 5 vibration speeds.


It has a flexible body that contorts and bends to your every curve.


Its great for couples play because you can slide it in your partner and control their every orgasm from your phone!


Making it a great date night special!


One unique feature with the Nuo is it allows you to save a playlist function and then use it long-distance!


Its my go-to for vacations and work trips.


The hands-free flexible body will leave you in shock and awe!


Tail Butt Plugs For Women:


fox tail plug


Tail butt plugs are not for everyone. But some couples find them to be huge turn on’s.


A tail butt plug for women is a standard butt plug with an animalistic tail attached to the flared base. This tail hangs externally for a sexy look and feel.


These tail butt plugs come in all different styles. You can get natural looking long tails, short tails, or even rainbow artificial color tails.


“Nothing makes me feel sexier than dressing up in the bedroom. Wearing a tail butt plug around the house or during sex and foreplay can be a huge turn on for both me and my man.”


Why do women love tail plugs so much?


  • They can be relatively cheap for the sexy situations you find yourself in.


  • Most of them are glass or steel and feel incredible during insertion.


  • The glass or steel can give it a nice weight which feels better to walk around with.


  • The soft tail brushing your skin feels kinky.


So, what are the best tail plugs for women? Check out my top 2 here:



crystal delights my lil pony tail


Want to unleash your wild side?


The Crystal Delight My Lil Pony Tail is beautifully hand crafted butt plug tail for women that will have your partners jaw drop.


Simply slide the premium glass in and let the long-curled tail do the rest!


This kinky fun toy will lead to your wildest sex yet! Great for both foreplay or to leave in during penetrative sex!


Plus, it totally reminds me of Margot Robbie’s hair from suicide squad which my man has a sexy fetish over!



fox tail plug


This Fox Tail Plug for women is a high-quality more natural looking tail. Its thick, plush, and built 10x more durable than most of the fox tail plugs I’ve used in the past.


This fox tail plug is secured to plug tightly, where in the past the main problem I had was the tail falling off or hairs falling out.


Not this one!


I love how soft and natural the tail feels, I even rub it against my face before slowly inserting, making sure my man watches the whole thing of course!


It’s great for sexy foreplay and the metal is ideal for anal play due to the frictionless penetration and non-porous material.


Its time to wag that tail!


Best Butt Plug Training Kits:


Are you a beginner looking to use some larger butt plugs?


Want to start small and slowly ramp up in size? If you enjoy smaller butt plugs but want to experience something larger and fuller a butt plug training kit would be perfect for you.


Why should I use the best butt plug training kit?


You can get a small, medium, and large butt plug in a single kit made from quality material that slowly progress in size all for the price of a single plug!


That’s right, when you order all 3 you get a discounted price from the manufacturer, making it more cost effective plus you know they are going to increase at smaller size increments.


It’s nice having the suggestive sizes. I used the first plug for around a month before moving to the second medium sized anal plug. After another 6 weeks I advanced to the largest anal plug.


This was a nice transition and now I can take rather large anal plugs with great pleasure!


Here is the best butt plug training kit for women:



B-Vibe Anal Training Kit


The B-Vibe Anal Training Kit is perfect for any beginner looking to branch out into the anal play scenes!


This kit comes with 3 different plugs that gradually get larger in size.


The first smaller plug is a seamless premium silicone plug that is tapered and easy to insert. This is great for anyone who has never tried a butt plug.


From there it goes to a medium sized plug that is fully rechargeable. Once you work your way to this slightly larger plug, its time to test out those anal vibes! See how you enjoy the deep rumbling sensation through your core.


Lastly, try the larger weighted butt plug. This is the best butt plug for women who are slightly more experienced. That’s because it has a 1.6 inch insertion diameter and weighted ball bearings inside so you can feel the true sense of fullness.


All 3 plugs are very safe to use from both a material and design aspect. That’s why this kit is a top seller around the country!


So, if your looking for the best butt plugs for women you may want to start with 3 unique plugs for the price of one!

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