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The Best Male Sex Toys For 2020!

By: Jessica & Lee Founders of Diskret_Adult_Life (Best Male Sex Toys)


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Okay guys; you want the best male sex toys that give you an out of body experience? I’m talking about mind-altering orgasms that last for minutes!


You want orgasms that last longer than your typical 3-5 seconds of pure bliss… right?


I’m going to show you the most intense orgasm of your life. Did you know men can orgasm in over 6 different ways?


There are many unique ways to get off beyond just rubbing your shaft up and down… I’ll show you new and more powerful ways to climax.


I’m a male who has been in the sex toy industry for nearly a decade. Let me walk you through some basic options you have, the type of pleasure you can expect, and the best male sex toys for you!


Let’s turn your mundane masturbation into something explosive. Taking your sex life, attitude, confidence, and relationships to the next level!


The Best Male Sex Toys:

When looking for the best male sex toys you must understand the different types of sex toys for men and how they will make your body respond.

Here are all the different types of male sex toys:


  • Fleshlights


  • Prostate massagers


  • Male vibrators


  • Male masturbator


  • Penis Sleeves


  • Anal toys for men


  • Penis Extensions


  • Male Strokers


  • Penis Extenders


  • Cock Rings


  • Blow Job Toys


  • Butt Plugs


  • Anal Beads


  • Sex Toys For Couples


While the list is long, you can break all these down into simple categories of male masturbation toys and male toys for when you’re with a partner.

These are all designed to make you or your partner orgasm in different ways. Here is a list of different male & female orgasms these toys are designed to bring:


  • Regular shaft orgasm


  • Tip of shaft orgasm


  • Ball & perineum stimulation


  • Prostate orgasm


  • Pelvic orgasm


  • Blended orgasms for him


  • Blended orgasms for her


  • Vaginal orgasms


  • Clitoral orgasms


  • G-spot orgasms


Some male sex toys are worn during sex to stimulate her and you. While other male sex toys are designed for solo masturbation sessions.

Ill explain the best male sex toys from each category and how to use them.



The Best Male Masturbator:


Here is a list of the best male masturbators on the market. This list is formulated from your peer reviews, experts in the sex toy industry, and the highest rated male sex toys.


#1 Prostate Massagers:


A prostate massager used to be stereotyped as only for “gay men”. However, straight men have now unlocked the true pleasure that anal play can bring and there is no going back for them!

Straight and gay males are all enjoying prostate toys! Which is fantastic that straight men can experience this intense orgasm too!

Prostate orgasms are rated the most intense male orgasm possible. A large U.S. poll showed males thought a prostate orgasm was 33% more intense than a standard orgasm from only penis stimulation.

Not only are they more intense, prostate orgasms can occur multiple times in a row with no rest period required!

The best prostate massager for beginners is something that’s easy to insert, medium to smaller size, and very user friendly.


Njoy P-Fun Plug


prostate massager


Njoy makes a P-fun plug designed specifically for massaging your prostate and its pure bliss! It’s 100% stainless steel polished to a mirror like finish. It has zero drag upon entry with just a dab of lube, a curved head for immense prostate stimulation, and is the perfect size for beginners!

 The best prostate massagers for more advanced users will be a bit larger in size, have all the features you could possibly imagine, and should be remote controlled.


Lelo Hugo:


Hugo butt plug, sex toys for anal


The best prostate massager in the world comes with a hefty price tag. But a lifetime of high-quality prostate orgasms…

That’s priceless!

The Lelo Hugo is the “Cadillac” of all prostate toys. It has 72 different vibe patterns and intensities, waterproof, remote-controlled, and award-winning design for the ultimate prostate orgasm!

If you can’t climax with the Lelo Hugo, you won’t be climaxing… It’s the easiest way to experience a hands-free male orgasm!


#2 Male Strokers


Male strokers come in a large variety of different shapes and sizes. The best male strokers need to come in high-quality material that’s easy to clean.

Some encompass the entire male shaft while others only portions of it or just the tip.

Here are the two best male strokers that encompass the entire shaft. This feels the most realistic to penetrative sex. It also can provide a sense of suction similar to a blowjob.


Tenga Black Vibrating Stroker


Tenga Flip Zero Black Vibrating


The Tenga black male stroker will have you orgasm so fast and hard its like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.

It vibrates and creates an intense suction around your cock. Sending your cock on a pleasurable journey through 5 different phases of textures.

Sink your cock into the most pleasurable hole of your life…


Fleshlight Turbo


Male masturbator


I’ve tried my fair share of fleshlights. Like more than I can even remember, but there was one I found unforgettable. The Fleshlight Turbo was the most pleasurable non-vibrating stroker I’ve used.

It’s extremely realistic feeling because the material is made from Fleghlights patented silicone technology called super-skin.

It’s supposed to simulate a very intense blowjob.

I’m not sure what it simulates, my eyes roll back into my head and all I can do is hang on to that edge as long as possible before exploding into a full body orgasm.

Whatever its simulating…. The Fleshlight Turbo works wonders.


#3 Blow job Toys:


The best blow job simulators I’ve found typically don’t encompass the whole shaft. I believe it’s the sensation of lips wrapped around your cock that give it the blowjob sensation.

The best blow job toys can create a suction as well. These toys are the most realistic at replicating that perfect blow job.

Providing immense tip of shaft orgasms!

Here are the two best blow job toys for men:


The Manta:


Manta Fun Factory


The Manta wraps its grooved wings around your cock and holds lube while it slides up and down your shaft at your desired pace. It vibrates and feels like the most intense deep throat of your life!

It’s one of the highest rated blow job toys there is. So, if you want the best male sex toys, keep the Manta at the top of your list.

The Manta is made from extremely high-quality medical grade silicone that is built to last years.


The Spinner:


Cases for Tenga spinner


This unique blowjob toy is one of the best sex toys for men. It has a crazy internal design that provides insane pleasure, suction, and a natural spinning effect occurs!

That’s right, as you stroke up and down the jelly filled internals will spin your cock into a vortex of powerful orgasms!

This is how amazing hand jobs are preformed too. Don’t forget the twisting motion 😉 .


#4 Cock Rings:


Cock rings bring a world of benefits for both guys and ladies during penetrative sex. They are typically a silicone band that slides around the base of your cock and offer vibration for the both of you!

Here are the main reasons to try a cock ring:

  • The constriction around your cock allows blood flow in but not back out. This keeps your rock hard for as long as you have it on.


  • Cock rings constrict blood flow which will also delay your orgasm. Making you last longer in bed.


  • Most of them vibrate. So you can experience the unique sensation while thrusting into your partner.


  • With each thrust, the vibes rock her clitoris giving her that much required stimulation to get achieve climax!


The Pivot:


we vibe pivot


The We-Vibe Pivot is one of my favorite cock rings of all time. It’s super easy to use and great for beginners.

It’s made from high quality silicone that has a powerful motor in it.

I’ve charged mine and left it for over 3 months and it still holds charge and works when I need it.

With multiple vibration patterns and intensities, you can find the right mode for the two of you!


The Verge:


vibrating penis ring, sex toys for men


The Verge is made by We-Vibe as well. This cock ring is slightly different than the Pivot because it can be turned multiple ways to give different sensations.

You can flip the Verge to stimulate your perineum along with your balls during thrusting. It has a tapped tip that provides pin-point pleasure wherever you or her requires it most!

It too has one of the most powerful motors I’ve seen in a cock ring!


#5 Butt Plugs


Ahh the famous male butt plugs! These things are incredible for giving you those blended orgasms I’ve been ranting and raving about.

The best male sex toys are often something you might be nervous about using at first, but once you’ve orgasmed with a butt plug in you will never go back!

Get something smaller in diameter that is easy to insert to start with and go from there. More advanced users should try the best vibrating butt plugs.




Duke Fun Factory


The duke is one of the best vibrating butt plugs for men. It’s specifically designed to slide in and stimulate all the right areas.

Custom designed to match the male anatomy, the duke slides in easily and holds in position. It will stimulate your prostate and give the fullness you desire during a full body orgasm.

The Duke has an easy single button control with multiple vibe patterns and intensities. It even wraps out and stimulates your perineum too!


Xpander X4:


Xpander X4, butt plug for men


This unique male butt plug is designed for beginners who want to experience the fullness sensation without having to stretch a larger butt plug in.

The Xpander X4 you can pinch and slide in, once in, it will slowly expand back to its original shape. Giving you the sense of a large plug in without the stretch required to insert it.

When your ready to remove it, the butt plug will naturally tapper back down when pulling it out.

Talk about a unique and incredible design, not to mention extremely pleasurable!


#6 Anal Beads


The best male sex toys are not always obvious. Most people think anal beads are designed for women, however that couldn’t be further from the truth!

Some anal beads are specifically designed for men and bring huge waves of untapped pleasure to them.

I personally enjoy anal beads in a very specific manor. Inserting them during foreplay I slowly remove and insert the same bead whenever looking for a boost in pleasure during penetrative sex or masturbation.

The best part is using them for edging though. I get near climax and slowly remove all the beads sending me over the top into an orgasmic trans!

There are many ways to use anal beads but I’ve found this to be my “go-to” method.

The best male anal beads are:


Femmefunn Vibrating Anal Beads:


vibrating anal beads, male sex toy


These anal beads are top notch! They are made from 100% body-safe silicone and very user friendly with a single button for on/off and flipping through over 20 different vibration modes.

These vibrating anal beads are ultra flexible, very powerful, and quiet. So you can enjoy your orgasmic state of mind in peace.

The largest bead is 1.38 inches in diameter and the smallest bead is .82 inches in diameter making it great for intermediate level users.


Vedo Scorpio:



Anal beads or a cock ring?

The Vedo Scorpio gives you the pleasure of inserting and removing anal beads while also applying standard constriction around your cock and balls.

This keeps your shaft hard even while enjoying anal play. Which typically a man can go soft during anal play because he is focusing on a different type of pleasure.

This allows you to continually stimulate your front side or thrust into your partner even while enjoying the orgasmic beads from behind!

A genius and truly pleasurable design!


#7 Penis Sleeves


Want to add instant girth and length to your cock? No pills required!

A penis sleeve is like a thick condom. It slides over your shaft and gives you the additional length and girth she has always desired.

The best male sex toys shouldn’t hinder your pleasure too though. While penis sleeves are great for your partner, they often block the sensation you get from thrusting into her.

This is why the best penis sleeves are designed with internal texture to give you satisfaction too!

Here are my favorite two penis sleeves to use:


Penis Enhancer Sheath


Penis Enhancer Sheath


Enjoy a bigger, thicker, and longer lasting erection instantly!

This penis sleeve slides on easily and has a strap that goes around the back of your balls to securely hold it in place no matter how hard you thrust.

It’s lined internally with pleasurable nubs to keep the user just as happy as the receiver!

Made from 100% body-safe flexible (jelly like) silicone, you will really enjoy sinking your cock into it. I do recommend a dab of lube for ease of use both internally and externally.


Adams Extension:


Adams Extension


The best male sex toys have a story to tell. The Adam’s Extension has over 60,000 5 star reviews and every guy who’s used it has an incredible story to tell.

This is the best penis sleeve for satisfying your partners every desire! Increasing your length, girth, and texturizing your cock instantly.

It adds 2 inches in length. Made from super soft and stretchy clear jelly so you can watch all the action as you go.

It is lined with pleasurable texture both inside and out. Why not have mind-blowing orgasms simultaneously?

My partner gets off extremely fast when I have this on. So I use it to please her first, then take it off which still allows me to finish as I please!


Best Male Sex Toys Wrap Up:


If you’re looking to branch out and try new and pleasurable experiences as a male, you’ve come to the right place.

There is a sex toy made for any and all types of pleasure you can possibly imagine.

If you want to simulate the best blow job of your life, satisfy your partner like never before, or want a way to boost solo masturbation… There is an extremely pleasurable male sex toy waiting for you!

Use the list above to first understand the orgasm you’d like to have, and then choose from the best male sex toys in each category.

These male sex toys are not only highly recommended by me and your peers, they are the highest rated and most durable in the industry. You can expect mind-altering pleasure and the time of your life.

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment or question below, I’ll be sure to answer in a timely manner!




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