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The Best Orgasm!


By Lee & Jessica Owners of DiskretAdultLife, Dec. 15th, 2018

Have you ever wondered what the best orgasm is for women? Its not so simple now-a-days with multiple ways to stimulate yourself, along with various types of orgasms. But I will simplify this and narrow it down to the best orgasm of your life. I will show you how to prepare, what you should do, and if it’s not the best orgasm of your life… what are the next steps?

This guide will show you exactly how to prepare, stimulate, and satisfy your body like never before. We took the testimonies of 18 real women who reveal the best orgasm they’ve ever had, mixed with what the top sex experts in the field recommend. We then blended all this information and research into your ultimate guide to finding the best orgasm!

best orgasm

The Best Orgasm 101:

When it comes to the actual stimulation for the best orgasm possible, women may vary. Not all women enjoy the exact same type of stimulation. But if there is one thing in common with all women, it’s usually these simple rules:

More Foreplay = Better Orgasm:

It might sound ridiculous, but foreplay has a much larger role in the best orgasm of your life than you might think. We tell women who struggle achieving orgasm this all the time, preparation is half the battle. Here are the main things that lead to you having the best orgasm.

  • Best Orgasm: Relaxation of the Mind

It’s tough for most women to achieve any orgasm at if their mind is not relaxed and at ease, much less the best orgasm of their life. The first and most important this is to relax their mind. It’s easier said than done… I know! All women have their own unique ways of relaxing. Only you know the best way to truly relax. Here are some tips and tricks I use to help relax my mind:

-Watch a romantic movie.

-Take a long hot shower or soak in the bath tub.

-Have a glass of your favorite wine.

– Lite some candles.

-Order take out from your favorite restaurant.

– Take a short nap.

sex in the shower

  • Best Orgasm: Relaxation of the Body

This goes hand-in-hand with relaxing your mind, but relaxing your body is very important too. I don’t care how many candles or deep breathing exercises you do… if your back is

cramping up, your sheets are itchy, and the kids are screaming on the other side of your door… you won’t be able to achieve the best orgasm! Plain and simple, you need to relax your mind, and your body. If you are in pain or discomfort it makes the whole experience less pleasurable.

In order to receive the best orgasm, a lot of things must line up. If you have slight discomfort, say you have a head ache, the best orgasm of your life will have to wait for another day. It’s not to say you can’t still get off… it’s proven an orgasm can even reduce head and stomach pains naturally. It just won’t be the “best orgasm” given the circumstances leading up to it.

Here are some simple examples of how to relax your body:

– Get a light massage.

– Yoga or light stretching.

– Hit the Gym.

– Cuddle, Kiss, Make-out with a partner.

  • Best Orgasm: Anticipation

It’s all about the anticipation leading up to the best orgasm, that makes it the BEST! The orgasm itself will feel so much better, and much more intense if you build the anticipation. I’m not talking about a little foreplay before having sex. I’m also not talking about watching a five-minute porn clip while masturbating.

If you want the best orgasm of your life, you need to take foreplay to expert level! This foreplay is long, starting hours or even the day before you achieve the best orgasm. Yes, I just staid start foreplay a day before hand! Foreplay comes in many forms, but if it gets you thinking of sex, thinking of pleasure and orgasms… it’s considered foreplay in my book.

So, here’s what you do. If you have a sexual partner, start sexting (texting that is sexy) them in the morning. Keep it going well into the afternoon, just a comment here or there to let them know it’s all you can think about. This will have sex on your mind all day long… hence foreplay that will help lead to the best orgasm.

If you don’t have a sexual partner, no worries! You should try something like ben-wa-balls, these insert into the vagina and help stimulate your body and mind during physical movement. You can put these in and go about your daily activities. However, you will be thinking of sex the entire time!best orgasm

  • Best Orgasm: Time

Rome wasn’t built in a day… and if you want the best orgasm it won’t be built in 5 minutes. The best orgasms take time. We talked about the length of foreplay above, but don’t forget about the length of sexual play required as well.

A man’s typical orgasm is often explained like popping a champagne bottle. It’s quick, intense, and powerful, then it’s gone. While a women’s orgasm is described as a boiling pot of water on the stove. It takes preparation and a long time before it boils over, but once it boils over it lasts for quite a while!

So, what’s my point of describing this nonsense of bottles and pots? A women’s orgasm if tended to, cared for, and stoked like a young fire can turn into an explosive ball of fire or in this case… multiple orgasms.

If your looking for the best orgasm, don’t plan a quickie. A quickie has its time and place, but the length of time required for the best orgasm is far greater than a few quick minutes can provide.

If you have kids; hire a babysitter for the night or send them to grandpa and grandmas house. Its important for you and your partner to have “alone time” this is when you can have the most time to achieve the best orgasm.

If you typically rush things with your partner or feel you have too busy of a schedule; set a date. Yes, I just said set a date! Like on the actual calendar date! Don’t overbook it and plan for plenty of foreplay time! If that’s what it takes to make sure you have plenty of time… so be it!

  • Best Orgasm: Lube

The best orgasms require some lube. I know women can generate their own “natural lube” but if you are planning a lengthy foreplay session followed by a lengthy sexual penetrative session, its hard for most women to go this long without “drying up”.

There is no shame in applying some lube beforehand, or mid-session. Your working towards a goal; the best orgasm possible. That includes help like lube or sex toys.

Nobody said a partner was required to achieve the best orgasm. If you’re by yourself, lube up your favorite vibrator and take your time leading up to that best orgasm.

So, what do I recommend for lube? Here are my simple rules, if you’re in bed stick with a water-based lube. It will wash of your sheets and clothing, plus are safe with any quality sex toy. If you are going to start foreplay in the shower, tub, hot tube, or pool… use an oil-based lube. These will not wash off in the water and will last much longer.

Water-based lubes tend to not last as long during sex so if you need to, just re-apply mid-session. Oil-based lubes should not be used with most silicone sex toys or condoms. The oil can break down the material.

  • Best Orgasm: Blended Orgasm

When we ask women “What’s the best orgasm you’ve ever had?” we get a familiar answer; Blended orgasms are the best!

What’s a blended orgasm you ask? It’s when a female is brought to orgasm utilizing multiple forms of simulation. That includes but not limited to:

– Clitoral stimulation

– G-spot stimulation

– Vaginal stimulation & penetration

– Anal stimulation & penetration

– Sensitive zones

Using a single form of stimulation listed above can be great and bring a lot of women to orgasm, but for the best orgasm try using two or even three types of stimulation all at the same time!

This typically requires either a partner, a quality sex toy, or very coordinated motions with both your orgasm

Best Orgasm: Using a sex toy

Even if you have a partner, letting them use a sex toy on you or having them watch you use one is an amazing way to reach the best orgasm through blended stimulation. Sex toys just make things simple, easy, and effective.

If your looking for G-spot stimulation, there are curved vibrators designed specifically for that. If you want clitoral stimulation, you guessed it… there is a sex toy specifically designed for it.

Whatever type of stimulation you desire you can have. A lot of sex toys are designed for dual stimulation such as vaginal penetration while providing clitoral stimulation. These type of sex toys make blended orgasms more achievable.

Here are some top sex toys for blended orgasms:

  • Iconic Rabbit 2.0

The Iconic Rabbit 2.0 is similar to the original rabbit vibrator that everyone fell in love with, however this vibrator is designed and built for the 21st century. It is waterproof, fully rechargeable, and has digital controls for multiple vibration modes.

The best part about it, is it offers blended orgasms through vaginal penetration and clitoral stimulation!

rabbit 2 rechargeable vibrator

  • Enigma

The Enigma is one of the highest rated vibrators on the market. Its sleek design allows it to conform perfectly to almost all its users. It has multiple vibration modes and has dual motors for an adjustable vibration intensity; from low to extremely intense.

This too offers the best orgasm through blended stimulation of vaginal penetration while offering clitoral stimulation.

Enigma by rocks off

  • Sona Cruise

Last but certainly not least, if you’re looking for the best orgasm possible. Give the Sona Cruise by Lelo a try. This sex toy uses sonic pulse wave technology to apply a “sucking” sensation. It is designed for clitoral stimulation and has been a top seller since it’s recent launch this year!

This is not a dual stimulator but provides the best clitoral stimulation possible. Leaving another hand free to stimulate whatever else you’d like for your blended orgasm!

types of vibrators

The Best Orgasm for You!

Now that you have heard our recommendation your homework is to experiment. You can hardly call it homework… orgasming in multiple of different ways shouldn’t be hard to convince one to do. But it’s what it takes for you to understand and achieve your best orgasm yet!

Everyone’s body is different and responds differently to certain forms of sexual stimulation. The only way to find your “Eureka” moment is by trial and error. Try multiple different forms of stimulation in multiple combinations. You will quickly learn your favorite sex positions, and sex toys that bring the most pleasure.

Remember to introduce these to your partner. It doesn’t make sense to understand your body in private then not show your partner. Let them learn, grow, and develop with you. This will bring you both closer and both happier in the bedroom!

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