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The 33 Best Sex Ideas for Mind-Altering Pleasure!

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Sometimes the best sex ideas come from the most unlikely places. Maybe a friend gossiping about “how good it was” or from a porno you saw on an XXX site. Chances are these work out well for you 1 out of every 10 times…


So, where should I look to add some creativity to the bedroom?


Are you bored with the same old routine?


Let’s be honest missionary can get old really quick… We know.


So… You get wild and change up a sex position…


But then what?


Its time to break the mundane sex routine. It’s time to get creative, adventurous and experience those once in a lifetime orgasms that you’ll never forget!


We’ve talked to the sex experts, adventurous couples, and even couples from across the globe like Greece! (the most sexual country in the world).


Here are the best sex ideas that can take your relationship go from 0 to 100.


Its time to start living your life to the fullest, one extremely powerful orgasm at a time!


Best Sex Ideas Bucket List


So, where do you begin?


While we might point you in the right direction and give you some good sex ideas or even get your mind rolling and spark a new creative idea, its always best to stay organized.


You might be surprised at how kinky your fantasies get when you take the time to sit down and actually think about how you’ve always wanted to have sex. Most of us live very busy lives and never dedicate the time to focus on this.


I task you with just sitting down and writing 5 new ways you’d like to try to have sex. It doesn’t have to be super detailed or super kinky. Just ways you have never done it before but would be interested in trying.


Dedicate the time to think and write them down.


This is now the start of your “Sex Idea Bucket List”! Items can be added, removed, changed however you like. But at least you have something to strive for and thus keeping you from falling into a routine. Its important to show your always up for something new and exciting no matter how long you’ve been with someone!


If you are single, you can start this as a personal list.


If you are in a relationship, this best sex bucket list should be made together! Each of you can throw out ideas and if the other is up for it, write it down. Communication is key, this way you both are working off the same list!


If you do not make a bucket list, it’s hard to think about new sex ideas in the heat of the moment. You also won’t be prepared if it requires anything special like sex toys, restraints, or costumes.


Now that we got you thinking… Lets start throwing some of the best sex ideas your way!


Guys, Here Are The Best Sex Ideas for Her


Okay guys, its time to put your erotic thinking caps on and creative with her pleasure!


Here is a list of what she wants to give a go in the bedroom:


  • Talk Dirty to Her


Dirty talk can be extremely hot! But make sure you get the right “signals” from her.


Start small like “How do you like that?” or “How do you want it next”. You can play off her body language and responses if you should continue or pull back.


This is one of the easiest ways to supercharge your sex. A sexy phrase or word can turn you both onto a whole new level!


Here Is your complete guide to dirty talk.


  • Go Down on Her


Guys, just like you enjoy a hot BJ it’s only fair you return the pleasure too!


Work your way from her neck down her body, kissing and licking along the way. Focus on her inner thighs. Kiss your way up her thighs until just before her vagina and then release a breath of hot air over it. Tease her like this until she is practically begging for you to start eating her out.


Then give her that deep satisfying release she’s always wanted!


Here is a complete guide on how to become a god at eating her out!


  • Use a Sex Toy On Her


Want some amazing foreplay for the two of you? Ask her how she would feel about introducing a vibrator to the bedroom. Start simple and small.


FemmeFunn Ultra Wand aqua


A vibrator can provide huge waves of explosive pleasure from her clitoris or through vaginal penetration.


So, bring out a basic vibrator to start and lube it up well. Gently work it around her vaginal area, gliding it over her clitoris on a deep low rumble setting.


Once she is warmed up you can build her climax through a thrusting (in and out), rocking back and forth, or focusing solely on her clitoris.


rabbit vibrator, enigma


Vibrators are also a great way to finish her off! Let’s say the next time you have sex; you climax before she does.


Do not just leave her hanging! Pull out the vibrator and finish her off with it!


This way nobody is left sexually frustrated and she can experience a unique orgasm from you other than always with your shaft!


  • Tie Her Up


light bondage


You don’t need to start with these heavy hardcore whips and chains. But studies show nearly 70% of women have light bondage fantasies.


If she is up for trying it, grab some handcuffs, a shibari rope, or gag ball. Use these types of basic accessories to restrain her before pleasuring her.


Once tied up you can tease her by rubbing a vibrator across her sensitive zones, kiss or lick her body, undress her slowly, or spank & caress her.


shibari bondage rope


Bondage does not have to just be foreplay though. You can certainly tie her up and take things as far as you both feel comfortable.


Here is your complete guide to Shibari rope bondage.


  • Take It Public


Nothing breaks a boring sex routine quite like getting off in public!


While I must warn you this is not legal, I suggest taking it to semi-public or even remote places that are outside your home.


You still the get the “thrill of being caught” without the huge risk.


I also suggest bringing the pleasure without removing all your clothes.


Things like phone-controlled vibrators can keep the pleasure private between the two of you even when surrounded by others!


Get the app on your phone and control the vibes inside her panties! You can try this at a movie theater, park, restaurant, bar or dinner party.


“The sensation of sitting at a crowded restaurant and watching her eyes roll back with pleasure while you control the vibrator inside her with your phone is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before!”


Ladies, Here Are the Best Sex Ideas for Him


Okay Ladies, here are some of the best sex ideas to try with him. While he might not have directly asked you to try these, he mostly has already fantasized about trying them with you!


  • Try a new sex position:


best sex


Blow his mind with a new sensation and new view while penetrating him! New sex positions can be fun, pleasurable, and take you outside your comfort zone. The nice thing about them, if it didn’t float your boat simply try something else. Your never committed to any single position for a set amount of time!


Here are some new sex positions to try if you haven’t done so already:

  • Doggy Style
  • Reverse Cowgirl
  • 69
  • Jocky Position
  • Dog leg position


If you’re not sure what some of these are sex positions are I have entire blog dedicated to them!

Also, for hundreds of new sex positions I love the kinkly chart here, you can always find fun new sex ideas on it!


  • Watch porn with him:


Odds are you both have watched it solo, so why not enjoy that hot sex together! Its amazing foreplay and a super erotic way to get your own steamy sex started!


Flip it on, watch some and slowly work your way on top of him. Let him enjoy the view for a while before turning it off to focus solely on each other.


It can be extra hot by bringing out the sex toys and using them on each other while also watching the porn.


Make sure the porn isn’t anything to “hardcore”. To start keep it softcore porn or feminist porn.


Who knows, you might even get some sex ideas from the porn!


  • Have him “finish” on you:


Not all women are up for this one, and that’s perfectly okay. You should only take things as far as you feel comfortable and remember these are just “sex ideas”, they are not a requirement for good sex!


However, a huge majority of men fantasies about cumming on women. Sure, porn depicts it quite frequently, but it also skews what great sex is.


The next time your engaging in hot sex and some dirty talk, ask him how he wants to finish. Tell him your up for him finishing on your stomach, butt, chest, or face.


oral sex


If your women who enjoys squirting, remember this act works both ways and next time he might enjoy the reverse role of you climaxing on him!


If you interested more on how to squirt I have an entire blog dedicated to it here….


  • Use a sex toy on him


Ohh you didn’t know?


Sex toys are not just vibrators for women. There are just as many male sex toys out there as womens!


If he enjoys anal play you could slide a butt plug, prostate toy, or anal bead in before having sex.


pfun plug, Njoy, Butt Plug


Perhaps he isn’t into anal play and looking for pure shaft stimulation. In that case make him watch you use a male masturbation sleeve on him! Its extremely hot watching the sleeve glide up and down around his cock while you are in control.


quiet vibrator, pulse 3 duo, sex toys for couples


It also works well when integrated with a blowjob. The best blowjobs requires you to use your hands along with your mouth. Now think of how good that blowjob must feel if your gliding a tight masturbation sleeve up and down his cock while intermittently sucking on it too!


  • Give Him A Mind-Blowing Blowjob


Most guys enjoy a great blowjob. So, if you’re looking for good sex ideas, it never hurts to start there!


Remember for a great blowjob engagement is key! Show some effort and enthusiasm while giving him head. Don’t act like it’s a chore but rather you take pleasure in watching him receive pleasure!


Keep your hands involved especially if your mouth needs a break. Switching off between sucking and stroking of your heads can lead to the most powerful climax he’s ever got during a blow job.


For all the best blowjob tips check out our blog dedicated to it here…


Best Sex Ideas for Married Couples:


Just because your married and been having sex for a long time does not mean your sex life needs to become blah, mundane, boring… you get the picture!


Another thing I like to stress with married couples is now’s the best time to really explore your fantasies! You found somebody you trust and communicate well with that you don’t need to worry about being embarrassed when you open up to them!


mutual masturbating


So, think long and hard about what your deepest darkest fantasies are, now is the best time to try them!


Here are some of the best sex ideas for married couples:


  • Being Dominated


Weather you want to be dominated or do the dominating, now that your married this is nice to explore since it takes so much trust and communication. Its been noted that over 65% of women crave being dominated and 80% of couples have testified to trying some light bondage! Try tying up your partner and teasing them with whips, feathers, pinwheels, or sex toys!


wand vibrator


  • Put on a show


Have the man lay back on the bed (or tied to the bed) and put on a show for him!


Make him sit and watch as she slowly strips every piece of clothing off her body. She can slowly strip his clothes too for even more of tease.


For the ultimate anticipation, make him watch as she masturbates across the room. The key is he can’t touch her, only watch! She can masturbate with her hands or pull out her favorite vibrator to make him even more eager to ravage her body!


  • Anal Play


Your probably thinking anal play for her, but it goes both ways! Don’t forget men have that extremely pleasurable zone called the P-spot (short for prostate spot). The P-spot can lead to the most intense orgasms of his life and allow him to multiple orgasms in a single session! Never to be ignored, check out some of the best prostate toys. He can insert these while continuing to have penetrative sex with her.


Also the ladies might enjoy anal play too! I call it “anal play” because as a married couple your most likely into anal sex or not and you know that by now. But there are other ways to explore anal play other than strictly anal sex. Such as anal beads or butt plugs. These are great foreplay and even better to stimulate during penetrative sex!


penis girth enhancer



  • Pegging:


strapon pegging


If he enjoys anal play, try some serious role reversal in the bedroom!


They make very comfortable and sex looking strap ons now-a-days. Have her use a strap on and slide the dildo of his choice into it. Then she can mount him from behind or on his back with his legs up.


This isn’t for every couple but if your into BDSM or anal play it can be fun and kinky way to mix things up!


  • Role Play Sex

Sex ideas for married couples can be difficult since you’ve explored most things already.

But role play sex has an infinite number of situations! You play doctor / patient or teacher / student for example.

These role play sex ideas are the best way to break the mundane routine. You can become whoever you want!

Check out a long list of the best role play sex ideas here…


  • Swinging


It’s not for every couple, but if you have a fairly open relationship and would consider swinging there are large groups of like-minded married couples out there!


You only have to take things as far as you feel comfortable and it can be a big turn on becoming romantic with another couple! Social media and forums are the best way to engage in others who are just curious or experienced in it!


  • Sex Toys


“We’ve already tried sex toys before”. I hear it a million times from married couples. They ask how to keep their sex life alive and when I suggest how important sex toys are, they immediately turn their shoulder to it.




You have used a dildo with a partner in bed before and called it good?


Sex toys have advanced so much in the last year it will blow your mind. Never stop exploring your maximum pleasure threshold and sex toys will take you there, with your partner along for the ride.


Things like explosive cock rings, anal c-rings, remote controlled vibrators, and vibrating butt plugs just to name a few are more pleasurable and advanced than ever before.


Explore these new couple’s sex toys together for never ending pleasure and explosive new possibilities!


wand vibrator


Best Sex Ideas for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries are all special days for you as a couple. What are some of the best sex ideas to show your partner you care?


Boxes of chocolate, flowers, and dinners are PG symbols for special days like these, but what if you want to make it more X-rated? What are some of the best sex ideas for valentines day or similar special days?


Plan your sexual night ahead of time! Its important to think about the details and show your partner you’re not just “winging it” at the last minute. Showing you put some thought into it is half of the romantic part completed! Now for the sexual ideas:


  • Try new sex positions


In the week leading up the special night, browse some sex position ideas with your partner. I have dedicated blog here, but I also love the Kinkly Sex Position Selector.


Pick out the top 5 you both want to try… Knowing you plan to try these on the day will be great foreplay leading up to the night. The anticipation of trying these will have your mind wandering your heart pounding!


  • Go lingerie shopping together


Lingerie or sexy leather harnesses can be hot!


It will be super sexy for him to pick it out and know that’s what you’ll be wearing later!


Rather than purchasing it ahead of time, ask him if he can help you find something online or in the store. Have him sit on the bed while you walk out and tease him!


  • Give An Erotic Massage


Him or her it doesn’t matter, you can even switch off. An erotic massage involves candles, coconut oil or lube, and two naked bodies… Do I need to say more?


Of course, an erotic massage will end with a happy ending, that’s where the switch comes in and you both can end completely relaxed and satisfied. This is your perfect lead into eating her out or giving him that incredible blow job to finish!


  • Experiment with edge play:


Edge play is the act of building your partners pleasure until just before they orgasm and stopping. Let them come back down off that high and relax a bit before you start to build them back up again.


Hence the name “edge play” you are taking them to the edge but not over.


You can do this 3-4 times before letting your partner spill over the edge into the most powerful orgasm of their life!


female orgasm


Building the sensation multiple times will lead to a stronger and much longer lasting orgasm for both men and women. The key is communicating with your partner when your at the limit and they need to stop in order to time it out just right!


Kinky Sex Ideas


Okay its time to step up your game!


You want something a bit more freaky in the bedroom?


Give these kinky sex ideas a try to shock your sex life out of this world!


  • Temperature Play:


best sex ideas


Blindfold your partner and use hot and cold all over their body to change things up!

You can use ice cubes or hot wax to drip down their back, chest, or legs! Don’t forget you can run a stainless steel dildo or glass sex toy under hot or cold water to give a unique sensation during penetration too!


  • Chasity Device:

Force him to wear a Chasity device on his cock! The ultimate humiliation and tease for him… Strap him in a Chasity device and tease him until his cock is bursting at the seams. You have all the power with the key to his device in your hand!


  • Voyeurism:


If you want the best sex ideas Voyeurism might be at the top of you list. It’s the act of watching your partner engage in sexual activity with another person or having them watch you.


It can be a huge turn on for some knowing their partner is being stimulated and you cant touch them. It requires a ton of trust and a well-established relationship with open communication to be preformed correctly.


  • Impact Play:


Spanking, whips, floggers, or sex crops… If you enjoy impact play your no stranger to these tools.


prostate stimulation


The mix of pleasure and pain can be a big turn on for men and women.


Make sure to start soft and work your way up on the pain scale to prevent injury. Also, know what areas are safe to spank and which you should avoid. As always, communication and feedback is key the first few times so you know what’s safe and what isn’t.


Sex Positions


One the best ways to spice up the bedroom is by trying new sex positions!


There are literally hundreds of different ways to do it!


All bring their own unique pleasure and challenges.


Some are great for thicker couples, others are great for flexible fit couples… Whatever your shape, style, or level of kinkiness there are great new sex positions out there for you!


Make sure to check out the kinkily sex position selector or my blogs on BBW sex positions or the new oral sex positions blog!


A sex position requires zero investment so why not switch it up and try these new sex ideas, worst case you simply change positions!


Sex Ideas for Long Distance


Sex ideas for long distance relationships can be hard.


Let’s be real, sex is super physical and when you cant be there physically touching the person you have to get a bit creative!


Lucky for us “long-distancers” technology has come a long way and offer up some great new sex ideas that our grandparents never had (not that you want to think about that…)


  • Sex toys:


The best long distance sex idea is to use sex toys together! If you cant make it physical with each other, at least you can make it physical by yourself, while virtually with your partner!


Now sex toys offer long-distance control and video. I can control my wife’s vibrator when she’s on the other side of the planet. Not only that, I can see her facial expressions as I increase the power or change the vibration pattern on it! I can hear her moan and watch the vibrator thrust in and out!


Check it out here:


We-Vibe Nova 2


That’s about as hot as long-distance sex can get!


You can also use sex toys and masturbate through skype or facetime together.


  • Sexting


Send sexy texts to your partner all day long! Visual pictures or videos can be even better.


Sexting can be extremely hot foreplay too. If you plan to physically see your partner later that night or the next day, start sexting them to build the anticipation for what’s to come!


Here is a list of 80 super-hot sexting ideas to try out on your partner!


  • Write Them A Sexy Letter


It might sound strange but a handwritten letter can show your appreciation way more than a text. You’ll even need to buy a stamp (seriously who uses those anymore?)


But taking the time to sit down and write a letter that can be super personal and sexy, it can mean a lot to your partner. Not only is thoughtful but downright sexy!


  • Mail Them An Erotic Gift


Mail her a sexy leather harness or piece of lingerie. Tell her you can’t wait to see her in it or have her send you a picture of her wearing it! Every time she sees it in her closet she will be thinking of you and the next time you meet.


Send them a sex toy with remote capabilities to use together or a gift box that includes wine a vibrator and candle! They can make a romantic evening of it thinking of you!


Sex Ideas with Food


best sex ideas


Bringing food into the bedroom can be really sexy or really… well not sexy. Its of those fantasies that can be better left a fantasy. However, if preformed properly it can be hot, it can change things up, and be pleasurable all at the same time.


In an effort to help you navigate the rough waters of bringing food into the bedroom, we asked the sex experts how it should be done.


  • Strawberries: Hands down one of the best sex foods. They don’t fill you up, they’re not messy and of course they are sweet. Eat them during foreplay in the bedroom and cut the stem off prior to bringing them in!


  • Chocolate: Pretty much everyone has heard of the chocolate fantasy. Make sure to put a towel down and get a bottle that is liquid chocolate. Slowly drizzle it over your naked partner and lick the stream up. You don’t need a lot and the area will be sticky afterwards. Less is better in most cases.


  • Whipped Cream: A lot of fun games can come from bringing whipped cream into the bedroom. If your looking for the best sex ideas just bring a can in and see what it leads too! Use it on his penis, her chest, or butt. Lick it off and kiss your partner with it!


Best Sex Ideas Wrap Up:


The hottest sex ideas come from your imagination. The possibilities are truly endless and sometimes you just have to go for it!


If you mess up or it doesn’t work out, you know for future reference. But at least you can say it wasn’t boring and mundane!


Its important to constantly push your comfort zone. You can’t get better in the bedroom or experience new pleasure if you’re always doing it the exact same way.


 So, change it up!


Open communication with your partner is best and start basic before ramping up to the crazy sex ideas!


You wont regret this life changing sex!


Did I miss a good sex idea? Login and drop it in the comments below and lets see what else people really enjoy!



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