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Guys, This is The Best Sex Of Your Life!

By: Jessica & Lee Founders of Diskret_Adult_Life (best sex)

best sex

Do you leave an everlasting impression in the bedroom?

Want to have a single night that you both will remember decades from now?

With the right technique you can have the best sex of your life!

Not the “cool we both got off” sex… But the “its been 4 weeks and I still can’t stop thinking about it” sex. The life-altering sex that every sexual encounter after will then be compared too.

You want the sex that later in life you can close your eyes, play that night over in your head, and become so turned on you need to masturbate immediately!

I’m talking about multiple, full body shakin’ orgasms that last for what seems like days. To the point of where you both are left so sexually satisfied; you find yourself in a trance like state of shock, exhaustion, and pure relaxation.

Okay, okay I get it! But Is all that even possible?

Should I be trying what I see in porn? Is that the best sex? Is that the holy grail all men and women should be chasing?

First, let me tell you it is possible to have sex that amazing, but if you’re trying to replicate a porn flick, you’re doing it all wrong!

I’m going to explain how a few simple sex tips can take you from boring, mundane, and forgettable… To the best fucking night of your life!

You’d be surprised how simple it can be, and how drastically it can change your relationship. Having her constantly begging you for more and delivering time and time again is a great feeling that builds serious confidence!

And no guys… You don’t need a 9 inch long penis and last 2 hours in the bedroom to have the best sex, you only need very simple methods that are methodically applied.

And ladies, you don’t need to twist your ankles around the back of your head or be able to deep throat a 12” polish sausage in order to impress him…

These are simple tactics that anyone can apply for the best sex of their lives!


What will the best sex of our lives do for you?


best sex


Is this your first time with them and you want to make an ever-lasting impression? Or perhaps you’ve been married for years and your sex life has become dry, mundane, and routine.

Maybe you even think you’re decent in the bedroom, but want to become a “Rockstar” status…

Whatever the case might be, the best sex of your life is only a few simple tactics away.

If applied appropriately it can lead to a world of benefits such as:

  • Rekindle that spark in a longtime relationship.
  • Build your confidence like never before.
  • Experience the longest, most powerful orgasms of your life.
  • Deliver mind-blowing penetration that will satisfy your partners every desire.
  • Help bring the two of you closer than ever before.
  • Give you guys a sense of adventure, making you more experienced than ever.
  • Help relieve stress from the “daily grind”.
  • A world of physical health benefits like boost your libido, lower blood pressure, and boost immune system.
  • Feel sexy and empowered.
  • Bring that sense of excitement and giddiness back; like your first time.
  • Feel more open and communicate better with one another.
  • Make sure you are sexually satisfying your partner to maintain a long and healthy relationship.

The list of reasons why everyone wants to fulfill their partners needs along with their own is endless. But one thing is for sure, it’s a requirement to stay in a long and healthy relationship. Even if it’s just a one-night stand, don’t you want the most pleasure possible from it?

Great sex comes in many different fashions. What one couple might think is the “best sex” can vary from another depending on where they are in a relationship, what they find pleasurable, and what type of sex turns them on.

Here are some of the different types of sex that some couples find the best:

Types of best sex:

  • Long, slow, fiery, passionate sex
  • Rough sex
  • Kinky sex
  • Phone sex
  • Public sex
  • Sex with toys
  • Water sex
  • Oral sex
  • Anal sex
  • First Time sex
  • Morning sex
  • Spontaneous sex
  • The quickie
  • Make-up sex
  • Hotel sex

We are going to focus on two main types of sex; the passionate sex and the kinky, rough sex.

Why those two?

The tips and techniques used too enhance these, can be applied to any type of sex!

This blog focuses on men with a female partner…

So, ladies, you can jump to “best sex for women” by clicking here.

Or perhaps you need to send this section to your man with the comment “hint,hint” labeling it…

The Best Sex Tips For Men:

So guys, you want to the most intense pleasure of your life while also rocking her world?

You want to satisfy her like never before?

Here are some simple steps to giving it to her longer and harder than ever before. Don’t be surprised if she has longer lasting orgasms, multiple orgasms, or squirting orgasms.

You’re a lot closer to all this than you think… these sex techniques have been proven to build confidence, satisfy her longer in bed, and spice up your sex life instantly!

Thousands of men have reaped the rewards of just 1 or 2 of these methods but blending them all together can create the perfect orgasmic storm!

Its time to stop being complacent with an average fuck. If you both climaxed, great! But even boring mundane sex can eventually lead to both of you orgasming. That’s not what this is about.

This is about heart pounding, nerves fluttering, passionate sex that feels like your first time all over again.

Don’t be surprised if she acts differently… she’s never been treated and satisfied this well before.

Now let’s jump into the basic methods before advancing through the stages of achieving the best sex possible.

Stage 1: The Basics of Amazing Sex



Okay guys, were going to take it back to the basics on this one…

Unless you have a crystal ball that can read the future, or you have this amazing talent of reading people’s mind; you’re going to have to communicate.

I know, I know… Most guys don’t like to communicate, especially about awkward subjects like sex unless you’re more the outgoing type.

But here are the 3 stages you really need to communicate through:

  • Initial Willingness
  • During
  • Feedback

If you want to give her the best sex of her life, you need to know what turns her on. What makes her hot, wet, and thirsty for more!

-Initial Willingness:

Every woman is different. Some of you can just mention one thing about sex, and they become an open book; telling you everything they love in bed and everything they hate.

If that’s the case, giving her the most rememberable night of her life will be a breeze. Just ask a lot of questions, and please, for the love of god… Listen when she responds!

Take mental notes and write them down later. Then follow through with action.

If she isn’t very open about sex, it can become a little more difficult. I suggest bringing it up in light conversation, when it’s just the two of you.

If that doesn’t get you very far you can always try texting. Sexting is a great way to “feel out” what even the most shy women want.

Start very modest and throughout the day pick her brain around sex related topics, while keeping things hot and steamy.

Make sure she is playing along, if you get the vibe she doesn’t want to talk about it, don’t push it. Some woman simply do not want to talk about sex outside the bedroom. If that’s the case; you will have to ramp up the “During” stage much more!

Here are some topics to feel out around and take mental notes on. The best sex requires some “upfront research” guys. Put in the work and you will reap the rewards:

  • Where does she like to do it? (bedroom, couch, shower, your place, her place…)
  • Is she open to sex toys? If so, what kind of sex toys? (cock rings, vibrators, ben-wa-balls)
  • Does she like to dominate, be dominated, or mutual?
  • Will she consider accessories like handcuffs, blindfolds, or lube?
  • What’s her favorite sex position?
  • Does she like to be on top or bottom?
  • Is long foreplay okay?
  • Does she like butt play?
  • Oral sex yah or nah?
  • Does she watch porn? (could use it during foreplay)

Now these are some basic questions if you can understand upfront, will really help you please her later.

This doesn’t only count for first time sex with her. Even married couples have a lot to learn about each other in the bedroom if they would just ask!

Now, I’m not saying to text your girlfriend “Oral sex yah or nah?” you would probably get a weird emoji face followed by awkward silence…

Instead, the next time your sexting, ask her “How would you like it if I slowly kissed every inch of your body, working my way down your neck, stomach, and… so on.”

See how she responds to that. If she says that sounds hot and sexy… Ding! You make a mental note of it.

You get the idea.


The next phase of communication required for the best sex is during the act itself.

So many guys have this weird phobia of talking during sex. It will ruin the mood, it will spoil how turned on she is, or its flat out not sexy; are all the excuses I hear.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been married 30 years or this is your first time with her. You should always communicate during sex.

Some women love dirty talk that goes on throughout the whole session. Other women don’t want talk, and that’s okay. You should respect that, but still communicate when absolutely necessary.

When I say you should always communicate during sex; I don’t mean ask her what she had for lunch while your penetrating her from behind. (unless she has some odd food fetish lol)

If you want to keep it to a minimum and you get that vibe from her, then simple “check in phrases” are all that is required.

“How does that feel?”

“Faster or slower?”

“Harder or softer?”

“Up, Down, Left, or Right?”

“How do you want it?”

“More lube?”

These simple “check in phrases” after switching to a new position or after being in the same one for a while is always a good idea.

If she’s not receiving pleasure or uncomfortable; you are giving her the opportunity to express that!

Don’t be that guy who doesn’t care how she feels and makes it all about himself. Don’t be that guy who is completely silent the entire time.


You just had the best sex ever. Or so you think you did…

But guess what?

Even Tom Brady misses an open receiver once in a while.

There is always something you can improve on. If you want to perfect your game with her, any feedback afterwards is extremely valuable.

You don’t need to finish and immediately start grilling her with questions. Yuck!

Rather, the next day send her a “wink” text and say what’d you think of last night? Poke and prod a little about what she really liked (make a mental note).

Ask her what she would like to try next time (make mental note). Was there anything you were experimenting with that she didn’t like?

While usually you can get some good body signals during sex; like her eyes rolling to the back of her head, or loud moaning as her entire body convulses…

Some things you might not pick up on while enjoying the moment.

But if you do see positive body signals during sex like moaning, powerful orgasms, and feeling that she’s super turned on. Make mental note on what you did just before that.

Odds are if it worked well once, it will work again in the future!

Sexual Tension & Anticipation:

sexual tension

I’ve always said, “Anticipation & Foreplay are all you need my friend”.

I don’t care how small your dick is, how out of shape you are, how long your erection lasts, or how fast you cum…

All you need is Anticipation & Foreplay”.

If you have these two ingredients mastered; you can please 99% of women in bed.

It’s a bold statement, but I’ve personally seen it save hundreds of marriages and rebuild men’s confidence; turning them from a dud to a stud in bed.

I am going to cover the first ingredient here; anticipation. 

I will cover foreplay later on in stage 3.

Here is how I can best describe the effects of sexual tension and anticipation:

You can build a fire many ways…

You can throw gasoline on the sidewalk; lite a match and boom; you’ve got fire.

Or, you can chop down some thick trees, pile it up, throw some gasoline on it, and boom! You’ve got fire but once the gas burns off the huge logs it dies.

Lastly, you can collect some bark, then some small twigs and newspaper, then larger tree branches, then pile your big thick tree logs on top. You lite a match and place it directly under the bark, which has a chain reaction igniting it all; and over a matter of hours it burns hot and long into the night.

What the fuck am I talking about? Building a fire or having the best sex?

Here is how it compares.

You can strip her down and have sex with her immediately, you orgasm quick and be done with it. Like lighting a match on the gas stained sidewalk. It’s over quick in a flash, and while you might of cum… Did she?

Next theory. You might pop some Viagra, strip her down and immediately have sex with her. Your rock hard and can go for an hour! You orgasm and she might even orgasm.

This is assuming you even take Viagra, and if you don’t that you could last a long time while staying rock hard…

Okay great, you had the basics there (a thick tree log stained in gasoline). You lite the logs and the gasoline burned off boom! Even though you had the base there, it might have lasted a little bit longer. It didn’t resonate like you had hoped. It didn’t burn all night long… The sex wasn’t something she would remember for the rest of her life.

It was good sex, but it was far from the best sex. You were a good lay, but not a life-changing lay!

Lastly, you take the time to start texting her in the morning. Let her know you cant wait to have sex with her later. Tell her all the dirty things you want to do to her. Let her Imagination run wild!

Get home before her and make sure the details are all covered. You charged the sex toys, you have her favorite smelling candle set out, lined up a babysitter to take the kids, have a super sexy porno picked out (or romantic movie)… and so on.

You are gathering the materials like bark, twigs, newspaper, logs… Ready to ignite and burn long into the night. Something that will be engraved in her mind and all she can think about the following few days.

The most important thing is her mind. Ten hours before you plan to have great sex, you need to start building the anticipation and sexual tension.  

How to build sexual tension before the best sex ever:

  • Text her your dirty thoughts throughout the day.
  • Whisper in her ear how bad you want it later.
  • Physical contact. (grab her ass in passing)
  • Deep eye contact.
  • Kiss and makeout at some point during the day.
  • Send her a naughty quote
  • Tell her how turned on you are.
  • Send her an audio literotica clip.
  • Share a paragraph of literotica you find sexy.
  • Pack a secret note in her lunch…
  • Touch her, get her turned on in the morning… Then tell her she has to wait until later to finish
  • Send her a pic of a new sex toy you bought.

There are a ton of ways to start her thinking of sex with you, long before you do it. The mind is the most powerful tool there is!

Capture her imagination and fantasy. Get her halfway to climaxing before you even start to take her clothes off… That is how the best sex starts. That is how you sexually satisfy her mentally.


Women love a man who’s confidante in his own abilities. If you want to have the best sex you can’t just “act the part” or act like your super experienced at everything.

For example, if you haven’t had anal sex and she wants too, just be honest “I haven’t done that but I’m willing to give it my best shot!” and then go for it!

Life is to short to be sheltered from every new experience. The only way you build experience is by trying something a bunch of times.

Being super experienced is not a requirement to be confident in yourself.

When you’re nervous about “not preforming well” it shows. It comes out in every ounce of your being. So, stop focusing so hard on if I’m doing this right… and just go for it!

If you’re concerned about how you’re doing it; head back up to the “communication” area and re-read that part.

All it takes is a simple “how’s that feel” to be confident it’s pleasing her.

If you have done your research through communication and built up sexual tension; there is nothing left to do but rock her world!

You got this!

Stage 2: Great Sex Starts with the Details

panty details

Sex gets better the more upfront work you do. So, pay attention to the details. This will blow her mind, and if she’s turned on and satisfied; she will most likely return the favor!

Listening to what she likes and appreciates will make stage 2 easy. If not, you will be guessing a bit here. While it might not be tailored specifically to her; it’s the thought that counts.

You most likely don’t do this every time, and most women don’t expect stage 2. That’s what makes it so special and important you don’t skip it!

It’s not cheesy, it’s fun and thoughtful!

Set the Mood

Yup… You read that correctly; make sure you set the mood!

Now you should know which items fit best with her style. But the point is, you put the effort in upfront. That’s huge for the best sex possible.

Try out some of these ideas to set the mood:

  • Build a fire in the fireplace.
  • Lite her favorite smelling candles.
  • Crack a bottle of wine and set it next to two glasses.
  • Have a warm bubble bath drawn.
  • Dim the lights.
  • Play soft music.
  • Rose pedals on the bed.
  • Have a sex toy laid out on the bed.
  • Lay out a sexy new piece of lingerie you bought her.
  • Be extra touchy feely.

The best sex doesn’t take place on your bed with the lights off like you do every single night. It’s time to shake things up! Set the right environment and tone for the evening.

Having a safe, warm, and inviting environment will also help you both relax.

Mind & Body Relaxation:


I can’t stress (no pun intended) how important this is! Your body is not designed to accept pleasure in high stress moments.

Believe me; we all our have our own stress we are dealing with. Weather it’s a job, financials, family, relationships, school, moving…ect.

But tonight, the night of the best sex you’ve ever had… We wipe all that away. Forget it all. I know it’s not easy, but it is distracting and preventing you from achieving maximum pleasure!

How do I wipe it all away?

It’s not like you can stare at a pen that flashes and you forget everything you’re stressed about (men and black movie reference).

You need to keep her mind and your mind focused on the pleasure that is about to rock your world.

First, relaxing the mind. Here are a few tips on how to relax the mind:

  • Take slow deep breaths.
  • Soak in a warm bath
  • Listen to soothing music
  • Practice meditation
  • Sip some wine or cocktail
  • Smoke weed (depending on the state laws)

Second, you need to relax your body:

  • Try some short yoga positions or stretching.
  • Massage her body.
  • Warm drinks like herbal tea.
  • Hand and foot massages
  • Aromatherapy

This is about preparing the mind and body for the ultimate experience. Melting away into a cloud of pleasure. This is how you get the full body orgasmic experiences!

The goal is to eliminate all the distractions and stress.

Have a family member take the kids overnight. Wait until your roommate is out of town. Lock the doors, close the blinds… Whatever your situation requires.

This is your private pleasure island, and you’re only sharing it with her!


You can’t relax if you don’t have time to.

You also can’t set the mood, have extended foreplay, and get it on in just a half hour…

Guys this night is going to be a commitment. The best sex doesn’t happen that fast!

You need to carve out a minimum of 3 uninterrupted hours. Turn the phone off, its time to focus on you and her.

I know it isn’t easy now-a-days to have an entire afternoon booked for just sex.

Everyone is busy, but making the time is critical!

If you have too, schedule it on the calendar. A date and time you will meet her and give her your undivided attention for hours!

I’ve had a guy ask to schedule a meeting on Friday evening and saw I was booked solid. He asked what could possibly take 7 hours on a Friday evening that it was marked off on my work calendar?

I just winked at him… Not sure if he got that hint but nobody is booking a meeting during my “fucking hours”. 

I can tell you that much!


Stage 3: Let The Games Begin…

art best sex

Okay, now that we got the preparation and details out of the way… Lets get to the juicy stuff!

When most guys think of the “best sex” they imagine doing it for hours! Although it is totally impractical for majority of guys, there are a few tricks to last longer in bed.

Like I said earlier, even if you only last 2 minutes during penetrative sex. It doesn’t mean you cant spend hours pleasing her, teasing her, and letting her edge you!


How To Last Longer In Bed:

Sex is a workout. You burn a lot of calories, work up a sweat, and get the heart pumping. To last longer in bed you need well timed breaks, and some decent cardiovascular stamina will help.

Here are some natural ways to last longer in bed:

Orgasm control and Edge Play:

The best way for a guy to last longer in bed is with orgasm control and edge play.

How do I control an orgasm?

The best sex is about building your pleasure until you feel like your going to explode then relax. Let yourself come down from this high, only to build yourself back up again.

The best way to understand your body and how it orgasms is through masturbation.

That’s right, your homework assignment is to masturbate!

But this time you’re going to do it differently. I want you to masturbate until you feel like you are just on the edge of climax; then stop touching yourself. It sounds horrible I know… But trust me on this one.

Once you know you are not going to orgasm, start touching yourself again.

There are awesome male sex toys to help with this. They are called masturbation sleeves.

Unlike your hand, they feel exactly like real penetration. If you want to practice how it will actually be in the bedroom, then you need the right tools for the job.

Check out this masturbation sleeve to really practice like its “game day”.

pink lady orginal

Once you understand the true feeling of just about to orgasm and know how to come down from it, you can control it when you’re with her.

Thrust away until you feel the explosive orgasm coming on, then pull out. Continue to stimulate her with your hand, tongue, or vibrator… but give yourself a break.

Then when you feel you can go again, start penetrating her until the sensation comes back.

Not only will this naturally make you last longer in bed, but it will make your orgasm feel 5x more intense when you decide to finish!


Sex toys:

sex toys

Sex toys are an amazing way to last longer in bed.

I can last for hours through timing my “cool down’s” and using sex toys.

It’s not rocket science here.

Chances are, even if I want to orgasm, she might not be ready to finish, or worst case she might not have climaxed herself yet.

This is where I lean on my wingman. Its like I’m tagging out and letting my supernatural self continue to stimulate her.

She is receiving insane pleasure from me, while also letting myself cool down and preparing for a second round of penetration.

Here’s how you do this. Keep a lubed vibrator with in arms reach while penetrating her. On my nightstand in the bedroom works well.

When you feel like your about to cum. Simply pull out, quickly grab the vibrator and start penetrating her with that.

Communication is key here, let her know what you plan to do with it ahead of time. If you have great orgasm control you can even say “I don’t want to cum yet, hand me that vibrator” and smoothly transition from your cock to the vibrator.

Here are some great vibrators to use for this:

The Iconic Rabbit 2.0:

iconic rabbit 2, vibrators

Gigi 2:

Gigi 2, Lelo


We-Vibe Rave

If you don’t want to overstimulate her and have her climax on the vibrator instead of you, try a dildo. It will provide satisfaction without all the vibration stimulation:

Here are some great dildos to use for this:

Pure Wand:

sex toys for anal


glass dildo

Fun Wand:

sex toys for men, male sex toy, anal beads

Just remember to have it lubed and close by. It can be a buzz kill for her if you have to stop and take a while to find something and lube it up before inserting.

The best part about using edge play for the best sex?

Edge play goes both ways!

Have her tell you if she is about to climax and stop stimulating her. Let her cool down only to bring her back up again. Making your amazing sex last twice as long.

If you do this multiple times before sending her over the top, beware! Her orgasm will be full-body and extremely powerful!


Condoms can make you last longer in bed.


You don’t feel as much. It’s like a numbing agent was applied to your cock.

Some condoms are thicker than others. Even when I use the “ultra-thin” condoms I can tell I last longer in bed.

What if we don’t use condoms?

Even if you don’t normally use condoms, tell her you want to try one. It’s a fun and kinky accessory if you typically don’t have one on. She might enjoy the sensation and you’ll last longer. So what’s the harm in trying one.

I really enjoy the Hex condoms found here.

Penis Sleeves:

Want to take the condom principle to a whole new level?

A penis sleeve, like a condom wraps your entire cock. However, penis sleeves are much thicker and some are long to give you an additional inch or two.

Penis sleeves saved one of my previous relationships. She desired a rather large and girthy shaft… I simply couldn’t provide myself all the time. So, once in a while I would slide on a penis sleeve and rock her to the core!

It’s a natural way of sliding on a male enhancement tool that instantly adds 2 inches in length, an inch in diameter, and keeps you rock hard for as long as you desire!

The only drawback is you don’t feel much with a thick penis sleeve on. But you can use that to your advantage to last longer in bed!

Here is one of my favorite penis sleeves for adding both girth and length.

Here is my favorite penis sleeve for adding only girth while leaving your tip exposed for some pleasure of your own.


Yes, believe it or not lube totally helps you last longer in bed!

Especially if you apply a lot to yourself, it can desensitize the feeling of penetration. Makes sense, less friction, less pleasure… To a degree.

It’s only safe to use natural water-based lubes with most sex toys. Here is my favorite lube that I won’t go to bed without.

Numbing wipes:

Not exactly the most natural way to last longer in bed, but numbing wipes are an option.

If you really struggle with pre-mature ejaculation, numbing wipes might be your only option. I’ve tried them and they work “too well” for me. I was not able to stay hard since I couldn’t feel anything with my shaft.

But if you practice masturbating with them, you should be able to get the right amount of application nailed down.

For example, just use one wipe or just apply to your tip… Whatever works best for you.

Here are the highest rated numbing wipes to last longer in bed.

Focus the mind elsewhere:

If you get extremely good at orgasm control, you can sometimes simply focus your mind on other things beyond the pleasure you are receiving to back an orgasm off.

This allows you to continue to thrust, yet still “cool down” at the same time!

It’s a mind game that experienced users can master.

What do you focus on?

Anything other than the mind-blowing sex your having at that exact moment.

Pick a hobby you enjoy and think about it intensely for just long enough to cool down. It’s like checking out and checking back in mentally.

While she might not exactly appreciate this, might be best to keep to yourself when you do so…


best sex fingering

It’s all about the foreplay!

The best sex starts with long lasting foreplay.

She should be extremely aroused or even sexually satisfied before you even start to penetration.

You don’t need to be hard while pleasing her, so start with the foreplay and give your shaft a break.

If you want to engage in mutual foreplay, let her stimulate you with her hands or orally. Make sure to let her know if you are starting to get to stimulated though. Remember, you haven’t even got to the best part yet!

I enjoy using a vibrator on her during foreplay. It gets her extremely aroused and near climax.

She lets me know when she is about to orgasm, then I flip the vibrator off and thrust into her so she can climax immediately. Why not start the session with a bang?!

This is also an easy way to give her multiple orgasms in a single session.

Here is one of my favorite vibrators to use on her. 

You can also use a hands-free vibrator. Slide an egg vibrator in her and continue your steamy foreplay session. Making out, kissing, caressing all while she is getting internal vibes of extreme pleasure.

When she’s had enough and ready for your rock-hard cock, simply slide it out and thrust into her deep. She’s had the shallow vibe now give her something different and shocking!

Longer foreplay leads to better sex. Period.

Cock Rings:

Cock rings are an absolute must try for any couple! Even if you’ve never used a sex toy, cock rings are super easy for beginners and deliver a shocking result!

A cock ring is a silicone flexible band that slides over the tip of your shaft and down to the base of your shaft.

This band provides constriction around your cock.

This constriction of blood flow will allow blood into your penis making you erect but doesn’t allow it to flow out that easily.

So, the results of that?

You can stay rock hard for really long, last longer before you cum, and gives super intense orgasms when you cum while wearing it!

But even better, is some of these cock rings vibrate. So, not only does it turn your rock-hard shaft into a pulsating vibrator, it will provide direct clitoral stimulation with every thrust you give her!

Want a super easy way to have the best sex? Simply, slap on a vibrating cock ring and go to town!

Here is my favorite vibrating cock ring.

Click here for a full detailed blog on cock rings.  


Anal Play?

girl riding guy art

If she is into anal play, or willing to try anal play that should be communicated ahead of time.

Trust me, no woman likes a big surprise in her rear if she’s never tried anal play.

Discuss ahead of time if she likes anal play. If she does, is it fingering, anal sex, or anal sex toys?

The best sex ever can come with anal play, but there are varying degrees of it.

One thing is for sure, whatever goes in her (or your own) rectum, needs to be lubed!

The anus doesn’t provide natural lubrication when she is turned on like her vagina.

So, make sure to lube whatever you penetrate her with to help prevent discomfort or even injury.

If she wants to try anal sex toys you have two options; anal beads or butt plugs.

Anal Beads:

Anal beads are graduating spheres attached by a string or band. These are great for beginners to test their limits or experienced users to pull and push whenever they desire a boost in pleasure.

Here is a full guide on anal beads and how to use them.

Here is my favorite anal beads to use on her.

Butt Plugs:

Butt plugs are designed differently. They have a rather large bulbous head that slims to a small neck, before flaring out to a large base.

The idea is you slide the butt plug in, and the rim of the anus naturally clenches around the slim neck. The flared base prevents it from going in to far.

gplug twist noir feathers

Butt plugs are designed to be worn for extended periods of time without being removed.

My favorite way to use them is slide one in her right at the beginning of foreplay. We leave it in for the entire sexual session as it rings unique pleasure throughout her body the entire time we get it on.

Talk about amazing sex!

Here is a full guide on butt plugs and how to use them.

Here is my favorite vibrating butt plug for her.

Who said butt plugs were great for only her? Male butt plugs are extremely popular and can actually give you the most intense orgasm of your life.

A huge survey showed men who orgasm from a butt plug experience a 33% percent stronger orgasm!

Its all about stimulating “the male g-spot” better known as the prostate.

Here is a full guide on how to milk your prostate for the ultimate climax!

Here is my favorite prostate toy to use!

Anal Penetration:

When you first penetrate yourself or her, make sure to take things slow.

Being fully relaxed, with a lot of lube helps. You should also start with small items like a slim butt plug or small butt plug.

If you ever feel any pain, bleeding, or serious discomfort stop immediately.

It can take time to train your body to accept these plugs. Slight discomfort might happen at first but once you become experienced it feels incredible to insert and remove butt plugs and anal beads. 

Butt plugs and anal beads are also a great way to ease into anal sex if that’s something you and your partner are interested in.

If she enjoys butt plugs and anal beads, she most likely is open to receiving anal pleasure. Making it a simple discussion to ease your way into anal sex.

Remember to never share a butt plug with her. The bacteria in your rectum is specific to your own body. Sharing a butt plug can lead to illness. So, if you both really love the anal sensation (which is common) simply have your own designated plugs.

Once you clean under warm water and soap it will become safe to swap if you so desire.

Stage 4: Best Sex Technique

best sex

Okay guys, now that you understand how to prepare, communicate, last longer in bed, and all kinds of foreplay tactics. Let’s dive deep into the best sex techniques.

How can I make sex feel better?

I do I impress her?

What sex technique will make it the most rememberable night of our lives?

If you haven’t caught on yet, the best sex comes with a combination of a lot of things. No single tactic is going to win her over, it’s a combination of all the things she finds pleasurable.

Don’t be afraid to mix things up and try something new! After all, “Varity is the spice of life!”

These techniques will bring you and your partner closer together than ever before, leaving you both sexually satisfied, and better at communicating.

If you’re not sure about trying one of these sex techniques, just ask her first!


Eye Contact:

If you want deep passionate sex, try making more eye contact. This helps create that bond and association of you with the best sex she has ever had.

Deep eye contact is a huge turn on for most guys, especially during oral.

Well guess what…

She likes it just as much as you do.

So, help build that bond and feel closer than ever before with deep eye contact, especially when you climax!

Be present in the moment, show her you care, and let her know she is the most important thing at that given time. Nothing is sexier and she will return the favor!

Oral Sex:


guy eating girl out best sex

Alright guys, its time you learn how to eat a girl out!

Step #1- Let her know you want to go down on her

Step #2- Don’t assume anything… Communicate!

Step #3- Slow it down their buster!

Step #4- Use your breath to tease

Step #5- Apply heavy and light pressure

Step #6- Use circular motion

Step #7- Pulsation during climax

Step #8- Clitoral focus

Step #9- Taking a break

You can read more in-depth about each step here!

Most women really require constancy, not tongue gymnastics. Once you receive body language from her that a technique is really hitting the spot, stick with it!

When she starts to cum, don’t stop and pat yourself on the back… Keep going! Hold her hips in place and continue to swirl your tongue around her vulva while fingering her.

If you’ve ever heard a girl say she “came hard” it is due to this. Keep going through the entire climax for the ultimate orgasmic experience.

Don’t forget to try out a sex toy on her while eating her out too! This can bring the added sensation of vibration with the twisting motion of your tongue.

This blended stimulation is really popular among all women!

Clitoral Stimulation

70% of women require some form of clitoral stimulation in order to climax!

clitoral stimulation

The number is huge and for good reason; the sole purpose of the clit is to give women mind blowing pleasure…nothing else!

As a man, you are obligated to never ignore the clitoris!

The biggest mistake of all is thinking its all about penetration; when there is so much more for you to explore yet!

Clit orgasms are abundant and something every man should capitalize on.

Dedicate a good portion of foreplay to her clitoris. You can do this through using your tongue, hand, or sex toy.

If you’re having trouble finding the clitoris or not exactly sure what it is click here.

On the other hand, if you know where it is on your partner, its your duty to stimulate it.

Porn shows a lot of fast tongue flickering on her clit to make her orgasm… Again, this is porn and more of a show than what actually works in reality.

Slow it down, use broad strokes that vary pressure across her clit. Almost like you’re making out. Slow swirling patterns that are consistent.

Some women really prefer sex toys to stimulate their clit. If that’s the case, you have a lot of great options:

Make sure to blend both clitoral stimulation with G-spot stimulation for the best sex possible.

This will turn her night into a whirlwind of pleasure!


G-Spot Stimulation:

I got to hand it to you guys, I didn’t know g-spot stimulation even existed or how powerful it was until I started using g-spot vibrators on my partner.

Her eyes roll back and she loses control of her body during intense g-spot orgasms!

The g-spot is located 3-4 inches inside her vagina. It faces up towards the bellybutton. The best way to find it is by using your fingers with a dab of lube.

Slowly stroke around the top wall of her vagina until you feel a patch that has the same consistency and texture as a raspberry.

Congratulations! You just found her g-spot!

It’s a lot easier than you think! Especially when facing her in a way that makes curling your fingers up inside her, towards her belly button in an easy fashion.

If you can’t find it with your fingers, just ask her. She might be able to guide you with her voice and hands until you locate it.

Once you find it with your fingers, it will be much easier to stimulate with a g-spot sex toy. You already know the general region to apply pressure.

G-spot vibrators have a large swooping curve to them. This allows you to apply the vibrating shaft to the top wall of her vagina easily.

Sending powerful vibrations across her g-spot in either a thrusting motion or rocking motion will give her intense pleasure from her core.

FemmeFunn ultra rabbit, ultra rabbit, rabbit vibrator

This leads to some of the strongest orgasms that often create female ejaculation (squirting).

If you can handle rocking the g-spot vibrator with one hand and stimulating her clit with the other… You’ve now graduated from great sex to master of sex.

Here is one of my favorite g-spot vibrators to do this with. The large swooping handle makes it really easy to control, and I cheat by having the built-in clitoral stimulator on it too!

It’s called the Egnigma and it even allows beginners to feel like masters in the bedroom!

rabbit vibrator, enigma

Stage 5: Advanced Best Sex Techniques


Anal sex:

Anal sex is not for everyone. Make sure she is ready to try it or is familiar with it before you go sticking your pecker in the wrong hole!

Nothing can kill the buzz quicker than thrusting into her anus when she doesn’t want it… Might even get you slapped! (just what I heard from a friend 😉)

So please guys, don’t make the mistake of thinking all girls are down for anal sex!

It’s an acquired taste but can deliver mind blowing pleasure for both her and you!

Wait, what do you mean?

Yes guys, you too can enjoy anal sex, it doesn’t make you gay to enjoy anal penetration! Hell, most guys now a days have found the secret to prostate toys and enjoy butt loads (pun intended) of anal penetration!

It’s called pegging… Let her use a strap-on and thrust into you with a dildo. It can be super kinky, super fun, and yes super pleasurable for both.

If you are interested in reading more on pegging check out my blog here!

Or, perhaps you’re just interested in giving her an anal orgasm from anal sex.

The best approach to anal sex for an anal orgasm is slow, controlled, and rhythmic penetration. Make sure you take your time and have plenty of foreplay.

An orgasm or two before anal penetration can help ease into an anal orgasm as well.

Yes, anal orgasms are possible from penetration alone, however its much more common to get anal orgasms along with other types of stimulation.

Through blended orgasms, she can receive mind blowing anal pleasure!

Using anal sex toys are another great way to build to this climax, they can provide a constant, rhythmic vibration pattern that unfortunately our cocks just can’t do!

How to Make a Girl Squirt

how to make a girl squirt

I hear guys ask me this one all the time… “How can I make a girl squirt”?

I’ve tried everything and I just can not get her to squirt! Is there something I’m doing wrong? Is there something wrong with her? Does she not like having sex with me?

Hold up guys… Again, this isn’t like the fake porn clips you’ve watch of a hose dumping out a girls vagina.

First things first, not all women have the ability to squirt. No matter how mind-blowing the sex is and how amazing you are in bed, some women just don’t have the ability to squirt.

It’s like dunking a basketball. Some guys have the natural ability and height to dunk, while some guys no matter how hard they try will never touch the rim, let alone dunk a ball.

Is squirting even a real thing though?

Is squirting actually pee?

Wow! Let’s blow these myths out of the water!  The fluid that women release when they ejaculate is not urine!

Female ejaculation is a watery clear liquid, it forms in the female prostate glands and is released through the urethra, yes, the same hole pee comes out. But female ejaculation doesn’t smell, look, or taste anything like urine.

If you want to read the most popular myths around squirting, check out my blog on it here.

In order to make a girl squirt you need to keep her relaxed, make her comfortable, and give her time.

Make sure to use lots of lube and stimulate the G-spot. You can try using your hand, but I’ve had the best luck with a g-spot vibrating sex toy.

The vibration, girth, and curved handle on g-spot sex toys give you the best sex and best shot of making her squirt.

The harder you thrust is not always better. Keep things slow and controlled. Ramp up the pressure and speed according to her body language. When she gives out her ultimate release, you may find your sheets a bit wet. Put a towel down first if you’re concerned with it.


Blended Orgasms:

The difference between good sex and the best sex can come down to the type of orgasm. A straight orgasm from penetration is good sure, who doesn’t love that?!

But if you want full body orgasms, the orgasms that are rated highest among all women, you need to bring more to the table than that.

You need to give her a blended orgasm. Don’t worry guys, the fun isn’t all hers… You too can receive blended orgasms!

Guys rated these types of orgasms to be 33% more intense than your standard orgasm from direct penis stimulation.

What are blended orgasms?

They are an orgasm from multiple forms of stimulation being preformed simultaneously.

So, for example you could try these types of stimulation while bringing her or yourself to a powerful climax:

Yes, these are more advanced forms of stimulation, but nobody said great sex wouldn’t require any effort at all!

Dabble with these accessories and blend it all together for the ultimate package you’ll never forget.

Multiple Orgasms:

Multiple orgasms for guys are a tough one. Most guys need a recuperation period after climax before they can get hard again.

If you want to experience multiple orgasms in a single session, try using sex toys on her after you cum. During this period you can recharge your batteries and get ready for round two.

Guys who know about milking the prostate and the true capabilities of this can experience orgasms, one right after another! If you’re interested in this, I have a dedicated blog here.

This makes for a long night so let her know ahead of time what you want to do and make sure she is up for the challenge!

If you want to give her multiple orgasms yourself, try using sex toys to start. During foreplay, if you can get her to climax once or twice, you are well on your way to a multiple orgasm session!

Use lube and sex toys, unless you are her Hercules himself, it’s extremely hard to get most women off multiple times in a single session. Don’t forget you’re tongue and fingers can do wonders too!

Check out this blog on multiple orgasms!

Advanced Sex Positions:


I know what your thinking guys… Well if I want to give her a screaming orgasm, I need to do the “advanced double dragon leg twisting finisher” position!

Yea I just made that up… but you get my point. Most men think the more advanced the sex position the more pleasure we can get and deliver her…. That’s just not the case!

99% of women might enjoy a little variety and switching up sex positions throughout. But when you start getting really complex, it typically becomes less comfortable.

Less comfort = Less pleasure.

It’s harder to focus on the penetration and stimulation when your leg feels like it might crap at a moment notice. Or your back starts to quiver under tension.

Leave these super advanced sex positions for when you are both very experienced at a medium level sex position. Work your way up and try new things if you so desire.

But whatever you do, discus these wild sex positions ahead of time. Don’t try to wing them mid-session. She won’t know what to do and you will most likely fall on your face trying to please her.

Preparation (researching the positions, communication (show your partner and explain the position, and experience (the more times you try it, the better you’ll be) goes a long way with any new sex position.

Here is a guide a wrote on all levels of sex positions.

Here is a guide I wrote on oral sex positions if you’re interested.

Stage 6: After Sex

Hold up… You’re not done yet! You want the complete experience or not? Don’t hit a grand slam and forget to step on home plate.

Show her you’re compassionate, close, and satisfied.

Make sure to be hygienic and clean up after yourself.

Lastly, get some light feedback on what you think was great, and what she thought was great. If you don’t feel like doing this right after that’s okay, wait until the next day.

Reminiscing about it can be a big turn on for next time too!

If you got hot, sweaty, and sticky… Its always a nice closing gesture to take a long warm shower together.

Last Best Sex Tip:

The last tip I have for you guys is simple…

Don’t sex for granite!

It sounds cliche I know.

But seriously, if you’re having good sex, bad sex, or the best sex… Just be thankful for your partner and that you’re engaging in something pleasurable.

The small details, experience, and striving for perfection can always be mastered over time in the bedroom.

For now, appreciate your partner and your kinky side looking to explore more and new ways to pleasure each other!


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