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Women: The Best Toys For Sex


By Lee & Jessica, Owners of DiskretAdultLife, February 9th, 2019

Dildos, cock rings, anal beads and more! Today’s market is flooded with all sorts of new and innovative sex toys. But nothing has changed over the years… Women still want to know what’s the best toy for sex?! It’s 2019 and while the main sex toy categories still hold; some amazing new technology and designs have sprung up over the past year. Everything from heating elements, app controlled, pulse air technology, to hands-free sex toys! If you’re not sure what all those mean, don’t worry. You’re not alone, and while they sound complex (which the technology is) most of them are extremely user friendly even for beginners.

I will take you down the road of all the best toys for sex. The main things I consider when looking for the best toys for sex is the reliability, features, price, material, functionality, and reviews. For me to even consider it the best toy for sex it must hit the mark on all of these! You can find reviews on nearly every sex toy there is; however, that’s just one persons opinion. If I’ve learned anything over the years in the industry… its that everybody is different. Everyone will react slightly different to each kind of sex toy and stimulation it brings.

the best toy for sex

Finding the best toys for sex 101:

Because everyone reacts slightly different to sex toys. The best toys for sex will have one huge factor that I can’t account for. What kind of stimulation do you prefer? You must first understand your body and know what type of sex toy will bring your preferred stimulation. For example; if you know you enjoy vaginal penetration with a blend of clitoral stimulation…. Great! I will be able to point you to exactly the best sex toy is for this.

So, what I’m saying is you need to explore your body some first. Learn and understand your body through masturbation or stimulation with a partner. You will then be able to use this guide to pick the best toys for sex… FOR YOU! If I point you to the best anal sex toy and you’ve never tried anal before, its possible it just won’t “click” for you and that’s okay… What better way to learn what you like or don’t like than trying the best sex toy in each category?!

If you read another guide and it just jumps into “here buy this” you might be disappointed with the results. That is why I try to be upfront with you first. Know what your body craves… then give it the best ride of its life!

With all that being said, here are the best toys for sex in each specific category. I broke this down by type of stimulation then list the products. Know what type of stimulation you prefer first, then narrow the products down by that.

Vaginal Penetration: The Best Toys for Sex:

If you prefer vaginal penetration… well, you not alone! This is the most common form of stimulation that women enjoy. Particularly sex toys designed for g-spot stimulation. G-spot stimulation can bring long, intense orgasms. Here the best toys for vaginal penetration in 2019. Each picture will be a link to finding it for the best rate.

Rave by We-Vibe™ provides deep, rumbly vibrations to satisfy your G-spot. The powerful vibrations are also perfect for clitoral stimulation. We-Vibe is a well-known manufacturing company that provides only high-quality sex toys. The Rave is slammed full of every feature you could possibly imagine. It’s both functional and provides a more pleasurable experience. Features are only as good as the added benefit you receive from them. I see products with a ton of useless features that really don’t help the user much. The Rave is extremely function and great at doing its job… making you climax!

The Rave vibrator has 10 different vibration modes, splash-proof, low power alert, USB rechargeable, whisper quiet, and made from the highest quality body safe silicone. Its so reliable its even covered with a 3-year manufacturing warranty!

we-vibe Rave, best toy for sex


One of the best toys for sex when it comes to vaginal penetration is hands down the Lelo ISLA. Talk about classy, elegant, luxurious design mixed with an extremely pleasurable vibrator. It has all the features you could ask for with 6 powerful pleasure settings, 100% waterproof, fully USB rechargeable, and extended warranty. It’s a bit more expensive but you get what you pay for!

This is an investment in yourself, your pleasure, and believe me it will deliver hundreds of orgasms over the next few years you own it. The slight curve is great for g spot stimulation and reaching pleasure spots you didn’t even know existed!

The handle is very ergonomic giving you complete control of the sex toy during use. It has an elongated neck with perfectly flowing form for natural sensations. This is why it’s an easy winner when it comes to the best toys for sex.

best toys for sex

Blended Stimulation: Clitoral and Vaginal: The Best Toys for Sex:

There are multiple different forms of blended stimulation; however, the most common is vaginal penetration with clitoral stimulation. Using a sex toy that penetrates while simultaneously vibrating or rubbing the clitoris can lead to full body, long lasting orgasms. These blended orgasms are the highest rated forms of any orgasm among women. There are unique sex toys designed specifically to make her climax through these blended orgasms. Here are the best toys for sex in 2019 that deliver this:

Iconic Rabbit 2.0:

Just when you thought the rabbit vibe couldn’t get any better, JimmyJane came out with the Iconic Rabbit 2.0. Meet the USB rechargeable, body-safe silicone rabbit which is based on the best-selling vibrator of all time. This vibrator offers deep rumbling vibes for vaginal penetration along with external clitoral vibration! It has dual motion; individually controlled shaft and tickler, extremely soft to the touch, and a one-year warranty! Taken from the classic “Twice-as-Nice” style this one is sure to get you off!

iconic rabbit 2

The Boom Cyclone:

Looking for the best toy for sex can lead you down a lot of dead-end roads… But occasionally, you hit one of those toys that is the real deal! Surprisingly this is not a mainstream sex toy that everyone offers. Its unique and my little secret pleasure!

The Boom Cyclone vibrator is designed for blended orgasms with a curved g spot penetrating shaft and a spinning, flicking clitoral wheel for the ultimate stimulation! I’ve never seen this on any other sex toy. It’s broad wheel has soft, flexible bristles that make full contact with your clit. Throw a little water-based lube on them to really heighten the experience!

Don’t forget all the features it offers. This vibrator has 10 different modes, user friendly single button, 100% waterproof, and USB-rechargeable.

Side view of the boom Cyclone

Anal Stimulation: The Best Toys for Sex:

When talking anal play and sex toys you really have two main categories:

You have butt plugs which are designed to slide in and stay in. Typically used during sex with a partner, solo masturbation sessions, blended orgasms by stimulating your front side, or even around the house for a form of foreplay. Some vibrate while others are simple plugs. Butt plugs do come in all shapes and sizes like most sex toy categories.

Some of the best toys for sex are anal beads… which is the other anal play category. Anal beads are typically silicone beads that gradually get larger in diameter. These beads are all connected with some form of string or flexible strand. Anal beads bring pleasure in a different form than butt plugs. Anal beads are meant to be pushed in and pulled out to stimulate the two main muscles in your anus. The best way to use these are pulling them out right at the moment of climax to put yourself over the edge!

When it comes to the best butt plug that are feature packed, I highly recommend the Hugo:

The Hugo Butt Plug:

The Hugo has it all! We call it the “Cadillac” of butt plugs! The main features include wireless remote controller, 100% waterproof, USB-rechargeable, 2 intense vibrating motors, and an extended warranty. The best way to use the Hugo butt plug is by laying on your back and completely relaxing yourself. Use a dab of water-based lube and insert the sex toy. From there it’s a completely hands-free pleasurable experience! Just use the remote to scroll through the 72 different vibration modes and patterns! It’s truly an amazing toy!

You can use the Hugo butt plug in a multitude of ways. Insert before solo masturbation sessions; nothing like a blended orgasm from stimulating your front side with Hugo in your back side! You can also leave it while your partner penetrates you, or you penetrate them. It works great for both men and women.

Don’t forget you can wear it throughout the day as a form of foreplay and stimulation. Great for giving stimulation during daily activities around the house or even out in public if you dare! ????

Hugo butt plug

When it comes to the best standard butt plug, I highly recommend the Diskret Butt Plug:

The Multiplayer:

This butt plug is not slammed full of technology… nor does it need to be! This butt plug is a jewel. It’s designed to look classy, elegant, and sexy yet still be very pleasurable! It is made of body-safe shatter-proof premium glass. It’s infused with real gold to give it a “rose gold flake” effect swirled throughout. Extremely rare and unique to Diskret alone.

Experience zero drag during penetration with just a dab of water-based lube or oil-based lube. It has a large flared base making it safe for all anal play use!

diskret butt plug, best toy for sex

Couples Stimulation: The Best Toys for Sex:

When talking about the best toys for sex and what brings the best stimulation to both him and her at the same time… it’s a challenge. Now we not only have to deal with a completely unique women’s body but also a male’s body. What are the odds that both of them will find a sex toy very comfortable, and pleasurable at the same time? Surprisingly it happens more than you would think… These sex toys are a little more simplistic in design and built to delivery a boost in pleasure to both him and her during penetrative sex. The most common form of couple’s sex toys to start with would be the famous cock ring!

So which cock ring is the best in 2019?

The We-Vibe Pivot Cock Ring:

This flexible silicone couples ring will blow your mind. Not only is packed with all the features… Waterproof, USB rechargeable, App friendly, and custom vibration settings. This cock ring has it all!

The intended use is to place the cock ring around the base of the male’s shaft. Then with each penetrating stroke the Pivot hits against her clitoris providing amazing stimulation. The constriction of the stretchy ring around his cock will keep him harder and make him last longer. While the vibration brings a second form of stimulation to both of you! It’s a genius design.

we-vibe pivot cock ring, best toy for sex

The EVA ll Vibrator

When talking the best toys for sex, another great couple’s sex toy is the EVA ll. The EVA ll vibrator is built for solo masturbation sessions for women however it doubles as a great couple’s sex toy too. The EVA ll has all the features and two flexible wings that hold it securely under the woman’s labia. Providing amazing clitoral stimulation while your partner can penetrates you.

With huge vibe power, waterproof, and nearly silent the ratings on this vibrator have been like nothing we’ve seen before. It truly delivers a climax… time and time again!

Eva ii, Dame, vibrator

Eva ii, Dame, vibrator

Foreplay Stimulation: The Best Toys for Sex

Not all the best toys for sex are meant to give these explosive mind-blowing orgasms in a timely fashion. For instance, Ben-Wa-Balls are extremely pleasurable but require a long, drawn out form of foreplay. These pleasure beads are inserted vaginally and move with your everybody movement. They cling together giving you waves of pleasure from within. Depending on how you rock your hips you can roll them over your g spot and even adjust the pressure by squeezing your PC muscles. Some women use rocking chairs to slowly bring themselves to the most intense orgasm of their life! But this takes both patience and experience to attain.

The best ben-wa-balls for long foreplay stimulation are:

The Luna Beads Noir:

These sleek and sexy beads are weighted to give you additional pleasure. Squeezing your muscles to hold them in will tighten your vagina over time. It’s like a workout for your vaginal muscles! They provide that irresistible pleasure during foreplay and beyond. The Luna Beads are perfect for wearing on a night with your partner. These ben-wa-balls respond to your subtle movements with vibrations that will ring throughout your body.

weighted kegel balls

Try wearing them out on a date with your partner if you dare… Him knowing they are there will drive him wild all night long!

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