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8 Insane Bullet Vibrators

By: Jessica & Lee Founders of Diskret_Adult_Life

A bullet vibrator is your perfect discreet sidekick. These kinds of vibrators are small, portable, lightweight, easy to conceal and can pack a surprising punch! A “bullet vibrator” is really classified in a category of small vibrators that includes egg vibrators, mini vibes, and quiet vibrators.

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This guide will break down:

    • What are bullet vibrators?
    • What’s the best way to use one?
    • What is the best for beginners?
    • The Top 8 bullet vibrators of all time!
    • The best bullet for you.
  • The most powerful, wireless, and rechargeable bullets.

The vibrator world has become overwhelming, complex, and expensive. So, let me break  this down in an easy to understand guide that will result in the best orgasms for you!

I will show you the best investments that are not only extremely pleasurable but very safe to use.

Hold tight and keep your hands in the vehicle at all times. This is going to be a wild and pleasurable ride!


What are Bullet Vibrators?

Femme Fun, Ultra Bullet vibrator

Bullet vibrators are the simplest most intuitive vibrators available. They usually only have a single button or two this keeps them compact and small.

These types of vibrators are extremely portable. Making them good for travel and public use.

While in recent years, they are gaining traction when it comes to features; they are typically minimal in most bullets. Expect an on/off button, and possibly a few different vibration patterns.

But technology advancements in recent years (2019 and beyond) have proven both exciting and convenient! I’m talking multiple vibration intensities and patterns, waterproof, remote-controlled, USB-rechargeable, dual motors, and more!


Like I always say though, features are only good if you plan to use them.

Bullet vibrators have a unique characteristic. They can be decent quality at an affordable price. Typically, you get what you pay for. Some high-quality vibrators cost upwards of $300 dollars. However, bullet vibes are different.

You can get a quality bullet vibrator anywhere from $30-90 dollars. They should have a year or more warranty on them through the manufacturer. I personally have multiple bullet vibrators that have lasted me 3-5 years! That’s a small investment for hundreds of orgasms!

How to Use a Bullet Vibrator

There are a couple main ways to take full advantage of the bullet vibrators unique characteristics:

Solo Masturbation:

Bullet vibrators are great for solo masturbation! That’s because they’re super easy to use. Instead of wielding a huge, flexible, and downright awkward dildo. Try a small firm vibrator!

I use it like an extension of my index finger!


Bullet vibrators allow for pinpoint clitoral stimulation. Some women prefer broad clitoral stimulation, while others prefer something more precise.

For pinpoint stimulation try a bullet with a tapered tip. You can hold it between two fingers like a pencil and place the tip exactly where you desire.

Another bonus is how quiet most of these vibrators are. You can use one under the sheets while your roommate is sleeping 5 feet away! (so I’ve been told…)


So, if you have roommates, thin walls, or children. A bullet vibrator will do you wonders! It helps you relax knowing your orgasms are in complete silence. Which ironically leads to more orgasms too.

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Public Play:

I can’t recommend it, since its against the law and all…


But the bottom line is some women get a huge thrill from public play. With a partner or alone, the risk of getting caught can be a big turn on.

If you plan to “play in public” your going to want something small, discreet, and quiet. Sound familiar? Yea… Bullet vibrators are the perfect sex toy for public play. Often the sole reason women get them and carry them around in their purse.



If I’m going on vacation or traveling for work, the first thing I pack is my toothbrush. The second thing I pack is a bullet vibrator!




Because vacation is always better with sex and orgasms!


Carry on an be a bit tricky. Put your vibrators in a zip lock bag and they have to go through the machine. It might get checked out by the TSA officer. For me, I could care less what he or she thinks.

But if you’re a little less bold, you can always check your vibrators. Wrap them in some clothing and make sure they have a travel lock or are dead to keep from any awkward TSA checks for a vibrating bag.

Bullet vibrators are the queen of travel. Simple, easy, small, and convenient. Throw it in a side pocket and bring it for orgasms-on-the-go!

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Couples Sex

Everyone is well aware of how much a sex toy can enhance your sex life with a partner! Use them during foreplay or to finish each other off!

I can’t stress how simple this is… If you climax and your partner doesn’t, or vise versa, simply pull out the bullet and finish each other off. Why leave someone satisfied and the other person hanging?

The best way to use a bullet vibrator during sex is by having one of you control it; providing mind-blowing clitoral stimulation. It’s slim enough to work in a huge variety of sex positions.

Considering 70% of women said they require some form of clitoral stimulation in order to climax; the bullet is a perfect way of providing this during sex.

While a man’s shaft can penetrate in many different ways providing deep vaginal stimulation, it just cant provide the clitoral stimulation simultaneously that most women crave. This way you can get the best of both worlds!

Don’t forget the rest of the body too!


Use a slightly lower vibration intensity and explore all the erogenous zones! Anywhere from the inner thighs, neck, tip of penis, ear lobes, butt, anal play, and nipples.

Vibration also feels good on the penis. Don’t forget to tease him on the tip of the shaft or balls with it!

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Best Bullet Vibrators for Beginners

The bullet vibrator is inherently already great for beginners. It’s simple to use and has intuitive controls.

The only thing I suggest for beginners is investing less and getting less features to start. Since you really don’t know if you will like bullet vibrators it might not be worth investing a ton into the concept.

Start with a cheaper bullet vibrator and understand it most likely will break. The super cheap ones will have less settings, require batteries, be louder, and much less durable.

Even as a beginner I suggest sticking in the $20-40 dollar range. This will ensure you get the full experience and will last you a lot longer. If you fall in love with it, like most women do… You can always invest in a higher-end one after.

Remember to use lube, it goes a long way. You really don’t want to rub dry silicone on your clit anyway…

Also, do not stick the bullet up your anus. They don’t have a safety stop such as a flared base. You could end up losing it up there! Rim play is allowed but requires someone a little more experienced.

The Best Bullet Vibrator for You:

The question should never be “What’s the best bullet vibrator”. When you should be asking “What’s the best bullet vibrator for me?”

Everyone is unique and the best bullet vibrator for you might be different than what’s the best for someone else.

This is why I say it really all comes down to the features, on the best bullet vibrators available.


So, think about how you plan to use your bullet vibrator, then pick from the list of high-quality bullet vibrators below.

For example, do you plan to use it in the water or want it to wash off easily afterwards? Then pick a waterproof one. If you don’t mind the difficulty of cleaning a non-waterproof vibrator and don’t plan to use it for watersex, then why pay for the feature?

Here is a list of the main features to decide if you want or not:

    • Waterproof
    • Remote-controlled
    • Ultra quiet
    • Super Powerful Vibrations
    • Levels of vibration intensity
    • Different vibration patterns
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Type of material
    • USB-Rechargeable
    • Safe with lubes
    • Warranty
    • Smaller size
  • Tapered Tip

The Top 8 Bullet Vibrators of All Time!

Let’s dive into the best bullet vibrators available on today’s current market. What classifies them as the best?

Expert sexologists recommendations, your peer reviews, overall ratings, my personal experience, and the reliability / reputation of the manufacturer.

With all this research combined (I’ve done hundreds of hours), here’s a list of the top 8 Bullet Vibrators of All Time:

***Click the title or image to purchase at best rate available!

#1- Tango by We Vibe – $75.00

We Vibe Tango, bullet vibratorsIt’s got all the features you could ask for! The Tango by We Vibe blows any bullet I’ve ever used out of the water. It’s literally stronger than most of my full-size vibrators!

Most of the sex toy industry bases vibrators power on a scale of “zero buzz to Tango buzz” its that powerful!

Don’t forget, It’s less than 1 inch in diameter and only 3.5 inches long. About the size of your ring finger.  

In this tiny body it packs a powerful motor, USB-rechargeable, 8 vibration modes, waterproof, and extremely quiet.

It has a tapered tip for precision-based power on your clit. Leading to intense full body orgasms that seem to last forever!

I always say sometimes simpler is better. In the case of the Tango, its all about the functionality over the style. Simplistic styling but most powerful orgasms in the palm of your hand!


If your looking for the best bullet vibrator period, don’t bother scrolling any further. Just click here for the best deal on the We-Vibe Tango.


Customer Review: “The We-Vibe Tango has been the real deal for me. Not only is it one of the most powerful bullet vibrators I’ve ever played with, but it feels like a pleasant, luxury experience instead of a cheap toy that was haphazardly thrown together”.  


    • Most powerful motor on the market
    • Feature Packed
    • Quiet
    • Slim Design
  • Trusted Manufacturer


    • Higher quality comes with a higher price for a bullet.
  • Some prefer silicone over the ABS

As Seen In:

#2: Ultra Bullet – $39.99

Femme Fun, Ultra Bullet Vibrator 

I’ve used my ultra-bullet for years and absolutely love it! Still use it a couple times a month (that’s saying a lot with how many bullets I have to choose from).


You want the best “bang for your buck” the Ultra Bullet is it! Great for any beginner to test the waters with, this is a discounted bullet that offers great quality and features.

It’s an intuitive single button control with 20 powerful vibration modes! Its small, lightweight, and compact.

I haven’t seen a bullet this cheap that is 100% waterproof, magnetic USB rechargeable, and virtually silent when in use!

While I really enjoy the Tango listed above, sometimes I prefer the soft touch and flexibility of the silicone. Not offered in every bullet this is made from premium body-safe silicone!

Customer Review: “Hands down, best purchase I’ve ever made. The silicone glides on skin, fast recharge, Powerful motor. My one complaint is that I have to go through the different speeds to find the one I enjoy most. Needs a “last speed” memory or save favorite modes option.” (UPDATE: Memory function has been added to the Ultra Bullet since this review!!!)


    • 20 powerful vibration modes
    • Quiet
    • Flexible
    • Silky Smooth Silicone
  • Trusted Manufacturer


    • Slightly larger: 4.3 inches long
  • 2 hr run time

#3 Bougie Bullet – $79.99

FemmeFunn, Bougie Bullet, FemmeFunn Bullet FemmeFunn, Bougie Bullet, FemmeFunn BulletTo be honest, when I pull out a vibrator with my partner… It’s the Bougie Bullet. The look is so classy and chic, I love “showing it off” to my man!


The Bougie Bullet is very high-quality and looks it too. This travel friendly bullet is made from body-safe anodized aluminum, giving it a modern matte finish that is ohh so sexy!

It comes in two colors an elegant blue and classy rose gold.

It doesn’t just look the part… The Bougie Bullet is loaded with all the best features. It is 100% waterproof, extremely quiet, has a magnetic charging case, 20 powerful vibration modes, memory function, and a boost button.

The best part about it? The boost button for me! When your on the edge of an amazing orgasm, hit the blue lightening bolt on the bottom. This sends max vibration power to the bullet for 10 seconds. It’s powerful penetrating vibes will immediately send you over the edge!

Making it my personal favorite way to finish!


Another really amazing feature is the charging case. To charge this bullet vibrator, simply connect the USB cable to the base of the bullet. You can use the case as a stand alone charging system too! Making it perfect for travel.

Plus, the non-porous aluminum is easy to clean and retains zero smell.


    • Chic, classy, sexy
    • Great for pulling out to impress a partner
    • The aluminum is durable and non-porous
    • Boost button activation!
  • Stand alone charging case


    • On the higher end of price point for bullet vibrators.
  • Minimum flexibility with aluminum.

#4 Je Joue Classic Bullet – 49.99 (sale)

Classic Bullet, Je Joue

Je Joue is one of my personal favorite sex toy manufactures. They have all sorts of high-end vibrators, so naturally I was super pumped when they came out with their own bullet.


The classic bullet vibrator is exactly that… classic! Its got all the basics you need for a good time at a reasonable price. Making it another good one for beginners.

It has 5 speeds and 7 vibration patters. Its quiet, waterproof, USB-rechargeable, and comes with a finger sleeve attachment.

The best part about the Classic Bullet? The vibes are incredible! No more weak buzzy vibes like the cheap bullet vibrators. This packs deep rumbling vibes ready to rock you to the core!


 Its only 3.5 inches long and .75 inches wide. Use the very simple 3 buttons to control everything you need. It lasts over 90 minutes on a full charge!


    • Cheap for the features and quality of bullet
    • Strong, deep rumbling vibes.
    • Intuitive design and controls
    • Flexible, silky-smooth silicone
  • Great for beginners.


  • Slightly louder than the really high-end bullets



#5- Womanizer 2 Go – $169.00

type of vibrators womanizer 2 go

The Womanizer 2 Go is not technically a bullet vibrator but it uses a similar travel friendly design.

The Womanizer 2 Go is larger than lipstick, so please don’t expect it to be the exact same size. But it is still a very slim style vibrator, as shown here:

womanizer 2 Go

This vibrator uses pulse air technology that produces a “sucking” experience using air. It literally feels like the best oral sex of your life!


You place the suction tip around your clit and adjust the pressure as needed! It is 100% waterproof, has 6 different intensity levels, which is why it was nicknamed the “90 second orgasm machine”.

I dare you to last 90 seconds!

Featured in:

womanizer press

Diskret Customer review:

Not only is this the toy that led me to enjoy my first bout of multiple orgasms, but it’s the only toy that can still do it reliably. The suction sensation is so different – and amazingly way better! – than any standard vibrators. It makes me wonder why vibrators were ever considered the best way to clitoral orgasms. This thing blows regular vibrators out of the water. It’s insane!


#6- EVA ll – $135.00

womens masturbatorWant a truly discreet, hands-free, fast orgasming vibrator?

The EVA ll by Dame Products is an extremely unique vibrator. Similar to a bullet vibrator, it is small and travel ready. However, the EVA ll doesn’t even require your hands!

This silicone vibrator uses two small flexible wings that sit between the woman’s labia. This keeps the vibrator in place and pumping direct clitoral stimulating vibes!

It has a 3 year warranty, super easy to clean due to it’s premium medical grade silicone. Single user-friendly button on top with 3 different vibration modes. It’s waterproof and lasts 5 hours on a single charge.

Great for partner sex or solo masturbation. It’s also perfect for taking out in public for a hands-free, vibrating orgasmic walk!

How it works:

Eva ii, Dame, vibrator


Featured in:

diskret cock rings cock ring cock ring



#7 – Mimi Soft – 94.99

usb rechargeable vibrator, bullet vibrators

This is the softest silicone bullet vibrator I’ve ever felt. Hands down, delicious discreet vibes at a great price.

This travel friendly vibrator is small and will provide all your vibrating needs in 4 unique colors. It has an added layer of silicone to give it a softer, more subtle quality for when you want something unique and pleasurable.

The super soft layer of skin on top feels like the delicate touch of your partner.


Its powerful penetrating vibes are packed into such a small vibrator. It even comes with a blindfold to help heighten any experience!

Its USB rechargeable, waterproof, and has been highly rated among your peers! It’s been called “The beginners best friend!”

Diskret Customer Review:

I love a softer touch for my clitoral toys, and the soft tip of the Mimi Soft is the perfect fit for me. A lot of other vibrators seem to be really firm and rigid, and it can make it too intense and too painful to use them on myself. They just feel like too much. The Mimi Soft is the good amount of stimulation for me. The vibrations transfer the silicone in a really smooth manner while the softness of the tip of the toy means that it isn’t too overwhelming.


#8 – Fin – $74.99

Fin Dame Products, Fin, Dame Products

Once again, Dame Products have out done themselves! This unique vibrator is similar to a bullet vibrator but technically classified as a finger vibrator.

How does a finger vibrator work?


Similar to a bullet vibrator, it is small, discreet, and travel ready! The only real difference is you can slide it over your fingers, so you don’t have to physically grasp the vibrator itself.

It’s virtually an extension of your fingers that provide mind-blowing clitoral stimulation. By strapping it to your fingers so you have the ultimate control over it.

Great for beginners because its Easy! Easy to wear, easy to use, and easy to get-off with!

It’s also loaded with all the modern-day features including water resistant for easy cleaning.  

Featured in every major magazine including: Cosmopolitan, Elle, Refinery 29, Business insider, Cool Hunting, Forbes, Teen Vogue, Marie Claire…. And so on!


    • Everything about it is easy.
    • Very high quality, reputable manufacturer
    • Amazing power at your fingertips… literally!
    • Travel Friendly
    • Great during partner sex


    • Still looking for one…


Customer Review:

“I bought Dame’s Fin as I wanted a fun surprise toy – that I introduced to my boyfriend while on vacation. Lets say Dame Products Fin Vibrator for Fingers, Coral Let me say – BEST VACATION! I really liked using Fin. I would recommend this to anyone interested in exploring sensations. My next purchase is Dame Products Eva II – I am waiting since it is sold out for when it will become available…… Can’t wait!

As a first time sex toy user with my boyfriend, this was a great introduction. If you are interested in dipping your toe in this pond…. Dame Product made the experience easy and so much fun.”

Here are the ways to wear it:

Fin Dame Products, Fin, Dame Products


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