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Butt Plugs For Men!

By: Jessica & Lee Founders of Diskret_Adult_Life

It’s no secret, butt plugs for men have exploded in recent years. Is it because somehow the male species magically developed the desire for anal play?

I’m a go with a negative on that one.


I believe both gay and straight men have become more open to the idea of anal sex toys. While once looked at as extremely taboo (especially for straight men) it is now becoming more and more popular in mainstream society.

So, now that its “socially acceptable” for all kinds of sexual organizations to use butt plugs (that was sarcasm); lets dive deeper.

into butt plugs

What is a butt plug for men?

A male butt plug is a sex toy designed to penetrate your anus for mind blowing waves of pleasure. They add a huge boost of pleasure for guys during sex, or solo masturbation sessions.

If you’ve ever experienced an orgasm with a butt plug in… you know exactly what I’m talking about.


A butt plug for men has a bulbous end that is usually tapered for ease of insertion into the anus. This bulbous head slims down to a very narrow neck. This allows the large diameter head to fill your anal cavity while your anus naturally clenches around the slimmer neck.

Finally, the slim neck leads to a large flared base or handle. This base prevents the butt plug from sliding in to far.

butt plug, njoy

The male anus is packed with nerve endings, and internally the butt plug can stimulate the male prostate. Both provide overwhelming waves of pleasure when stimulated.

A butt plug is designed to be inserted and left in for a duration of time. It’s safe to have them in for up to 3 hours of sexual fun!

They are designed in a slightly different fashion than anal beads, which require constant insertion and removal for pleasure.

A male butt plug usually has a unique design, curved for maximum prostate pleasure.

Male Butt Plugs for Beginners

So, you’re a male, and like most men, you love two things… sex and masturbation. Perhaps you’ve used sex toys with a partner or solo in the past?

Even if it’s a vibrator on your lady friend, a cock ring with your man, or a masturbation sleeve?

Maybe you’re completely new to the sex toy world?

Whatever the case might be, you are looking for something to intensify your sex life. A boost in pleasure can come in many forms; a harder erection, lasting longer before climax, a more intense orgasm, a longer lasting orgasm… the list goes on.

There are many ways to achieve these sensations, but undoubtedly a butt plug for men has the ability to bring more pleasure and more orgasms than any other sex toy. It’s also one of the easiest ways to enhance your sex while with a partner.


How to get started?


If you’re new to butt plugs for men, just start small. Too many men have this idea that “the larger it is, the more pleasure I will receive”. This is not only incorrect; it can be harmful to your body.

Start small and work your way up in size. Typically, larger male butt plugs are not going to bring more pleasure directly. What they offer is a feeling of “fullness” that some men crave.

Like training for a marathon, you don’t start day 1 by trying to run 20 miles. It’s a process that takes months to years of development. Work your way to larger butt plugs for men if you desire. But start small.

How small should I start?


Start with finger, or a partner’s finger. Lube up both your anus and the finger. Start with small circular motions around the rim of your anus.

There are many different ways to stimulate the anus: Massaging, tapping, constant pressure, increasing pressure, small circles, large circles…

Once extremely turned on, lubed up, and stimulating the outside of the anus… Its time to insert the finger completely. Go slow and take your time with the entire process.

If you feel pain or discomfort, slowly back out. Its normal to feel some slight discomfort at first, your body isn’t used to this process yet. But once it understands this form of stimulation, it can be mind-blowing!

Next Step… Anal Toys!

While butt plugs for men are amazing, there are a variety of anal sex toys men can use. Such as anal beads or prostate toys. We will touch on these in more detail later.

Whatever the anal toy you decide to use next, keep it small to start. Use something with a max insertion diameter of 1” or less.

Make sure the flared base or handle of the butt plug is at least 1.5x the size of the largest insertable diameter. Why? It’s a matter of safety. This keeps the butt plug for men from being inserted to deep, getting lost in body.

Never use a small dildo, or anal sex toy that doesn’t have this large base or handle. A toy getting “lost” in there could result in a trip to the doctor…

So, make sure to stick with high-quality sex toys for men.

Different Types of Male Butt Plugs:


Not all butt plugs for men are the same. So how do I know what’s best for me? Each kind of butt plug is designed for a specific reason. They all have their pros and cons which I will run through here.


Stainless Steel Butt Plugs:

pfun plug, Njoy, Butt Plug

Be careful purchasing “metal” butt plugs. They need to be made from 100% stainless steel metal or they could be dangerous. Some aluminum plugs do exist, but they must be coated in a medical grade anodization.


Extremely non-porous. Making it very easy to clean. It doesn’t hold bacteria on the surface. They never retain a smell. Are 100% waterproof. Have an amazing sexy and stylish mirror finish to them. Stainless steel are the most durable butt plug for men. They have frictionless entry with just a dab of lube. Plus, they are safe with any lube.


Doesn’t have the ability to vibrate. Rigid and will not flex. Very heavy and dense (a pro for some individuals). Costs more due to the difficulty in manufacturing process.

Silicone Butt Plugs:

Hugo butt plug, sex toys for anal

Silicone sex toys are the most popular style there is. They allow for flexing and bending, and can be molded around internal components. This is how they have all the best features and still safe to penetrate with.

Just like most sex toys, be aware of the type of silicone butt plug is made from. I would only go with a trusted sex toy retailer or manufacturer (amazon is not a trusted sex toy retailer). Fortunately, some retailers have extremely high-quality medical grade butt plugs. These are great will all lubes and are velvety smooth.


Extremely powerful vibration powers can be added to them. Have waterproof capabilities. Can flex, bend, and twist to your every desire. Have the ability to be used with all lubes, otherwise good with water-based lubes. Allow for maximum features to be implemented such as Bluetooth, heating capabilities, and thrusting motions.


Industry is loaded with “knock-off sex toys” that are low quality silicone and can be harmful to the body. Not as rigid as metal or glass. More porous than metal and glass. Only some are waterproof. Not okay with oil-based lube unless stated.


Glass Butt Plugs:

butt plug, anal beads

Glass butt plugs for men can be a real thing of beauty. Especially when you find that favorite color swirled through crystal clear glass… Mmmmhhhh! Just nothing else like it in the world!

High-quality glass butt plugs are usually hand-blown. This takes time and someone with serious skill. For that they can cost a bit more. But if you want something you can be proud of and is also pleasurable, glass is second to none.

Pros: The beautiful look and feel they offer. Great for showing off to partner during foreplay and sex. Premium glass is shatterproof and easy to clean. Non-porous which retains no smell over time. They are all 100% waterproof.

Cons: Cheap glass can break or shatter if dropped. They do not offer the ability to vibrate. They can be a bit more expensive if hand blown by a true artist.

Prostate Toys:

Helix SYN, Aneros

Prostate toys for men are slightly different than a typical butt plug. Prostate toys are designed for the sole purpose of (you guessed it)… stimulating your prostate!

The male prostate is located about 3 inches inside the anal cavity facing upwards, towards your belly button. It’s roughly the size and consistency of a walnut, and it’s packed full of nerve endings.

Located at the base of your urethra it’s sole purpose is secreting fluid during the male orgasm. So, massaging it and stimulating it gives the sensation of a male orgasm. Exactly why prostate toys are extremely pleasurable for men!

Prostate toys are usually ribbed to fit the internals of the male anal cavity and slightly curved. With a bulbous head that is pointed into the male prostate for max stimulation.

Anal Training Kits:

b-vibe anal training kit whats included

Anal training kits are typically 3-4 butt plugs that incrementally go up in size. This allows you to start with a small butt plug and over a period of time work your way up in size to the largest butt plug.

What’s the purpose of training your body to accept a large butt plug for men with ease?

Some men love the “fullness” of larger butt plugs. If you want to use larger butt plugs, you have to work your way up. Instead of buying a bunch of different butt plugs that go up in random sizes, might as well get them all in one methodical pack.

Anal training kits are also great for preparing yourself for anal sex. If you want to engage in anal sex, knowing you can handle something his size is reassuring.

Cock Ring Plugs:

how to use a butt plug

Dual stimulating butt plugs for men allow you to strap a cock ring on that is connected to a butt plug. Some are a cock & ball ring that has a plug, while others are just the cock ring with a plug.

This is a genius design. Not only do you get all the benefits of a cock ring, but with each and every thrust into your partner, the butt plug tugs into your prostate.

Because the ring and plug are attached you can control the pace and pressure of the plug based on how hard you stroke or thrust your cock.

Vibrating Butt Plugs:

bruno butt plug lelo

Vibrating butt plugs for men offer something entirely unique. Its not a necessity, but the easiest way to experience hands free anal orgasm is with vibrating butt plugs.

The vibration allows for maximum stimulation with no effort on your part. Without the vibration, the only way to stimulate hands free are with PC muscle training exercises.

Even as a beginner, I suggest you get a butt plug with vibration. You don’t have to turn it on, but if you want to experience the power, its there as an option.

If you have no clue about anal play or if you’re going to like it. Never tested anal play even with a finger, then I suggest a plug without vibration. It will cost much less and allow you to “test the waters” at a low investment cost.

What’s Difference Between Male Butt Plugs and Female Butt Plugs?


Not much. The male anus and female anus are identical. The main difference is prostate pleasure. Butt plugs for men will have a unique design to maximize prostate stimulation.

Male butt plugs will also come in colors that often appeal more to the male gender. Beyond the curvature and color, a butt plug can really be used by all sex and sexual orientations!


Best Way for Men To Use Butt Plugs:


There are a lot of different ways that men can use butt plugs. It’s really up to you, to find the best butt plug for how you plan to use it.

If you want to show it off to a partner, and use during sex with them, perhaps you want something that looks very classy and high quality.

If you want it for solo masturbation, you might want the added vibration feature.

Love hands free anal orgasms? Get something that has a remote control and doesn’t require you to use your hands for use.

Going to take it out in public? Butt plugs that are discreet, quiet, and easily concealed are your best friend.

Training for anal sex or larger butt plugs? Check out a anal training kit that comes with everything you need for taking your anal play to the next level!

Here are the different ways you can enjoy a male butt plug:

-While Masturbating Solo

-During Penetrative Sex

-During Foreplay

-Specifically for Prostate Stimulation

-Out in Public

-When Training for Anal or Larger Toys


Are anal orgasms real? (Ohh Yea!)

emma stone ohh yea

Hell yea anal orgasms are real! While explaining how to achieve a prostate orgasm requires its own dedicated blog, here are the main takeaways:

    • Prostate orgasms require time and patience.
    • Squeezing and training your PC muscles are the fastest way to prostate orgasms.
    • Butt plugs for men can greatly increase your chances of a anal orgasm.
    • Anal toys are extremely pleasurable, you don’t need a prostate orgasm to receive the benefits a anal toy provides.
  • While prostate orgasms are full body, toe curling orgasms, only the most experienced butt plug users get them. It takes time to develop the skills required.


Best Butt Plugs for Men:

best butt plugs for men

The best butt plugs for men really are decided by how you plan to use it. There are extremely high-quality butt plugs and very low-quality junk offered.

The first step is determining what style you want and how you plan to use it. From there it is much easier to pick a quality butt plug that will suit your needs.

Not every butt plug will satisfy your every need. Some are better for public play, while others are designed for solo masturbation. But who says you can’t own more than one?

Use the list below to help determine the best butt plugs for men in each specific style and category. These are the highest rated, best material, and most pleasurable designed plugs available (according to thousands of reviews and sex experts’ opinions).

The Top 10 Male Butt Plugs!

Pfun Plug: – $95.00

pfun plug, Njoy, Butt Plug

Did the 100% stainless steel butt plugs for men intrigue you? This male butt plug is designed specifically for prostate stimulation. It is slightly curved, short, and stout.

Perfectly tapered tip for pinpoint prostate sensory overload! Experience zero friction upon penetration with just a dab of lube. This metal plug is waterproof, extremely durable, and non-porous. It will retain zero smell, throw it in the dishwasher for extensive cleaning.

Its sleek, sexy, and elegant. I love the look and feel of stainless-steel butt plugs. Just be ready for the little shock of cold metal as it initially penetrates you. I find it extremely pleasurable, as it’s a natural form of temperature play!

Grow to love the temperature play? Simply run it under hot or cold water for a longer lasting sensation.

Helix SYN: – $64.99

Helix SYN, Aneros

Aneros is the most popular male butt plug manufacturer. This premium medical grade silicone prostate toy is designed for the ultimate hands-free experience.

After many different designs and variations, Andero’s has designed the perfectly fitting silicone butt plug. The two curled ends prevent it from going in to far but also stimulate your perineum.

The award-winning design allows this anal toy to sit comfortably in and provide mind blowing prostate stimulation.


Multiplayer: – $70.00

butt plug for men, multiplayer

The multiplayer is made from 100% premium glass and real 24K gold! This is one of the most beautiful plugs I’ve ever seen.


It was custom designed by yours truly!


A world class glass blowing artist out of Colorado, hand crafts each one of these. As he blows the glass, he drips a flake of real 24K in the bottom and swirls it throughout.

Each and everyone is completely unique. The gold heated and swirled throughout gives it more of a “rose gold” shimmer under natural light.


B Balls Duo: – $39.99

butt plugs for men

The B-Balls Duo is the perfect butt plug for guys who want to wear them in public. These butt plugs have a heavy bearing inside. As you walk and rock, the bearing swirls and rattles giving you pleasurable vibes, without the noise of a vibrating motor.

Made from premium high-quality silicone these discreet butt plugs give the vibration sensation without the cost of a motor. Great for wearing during penetrative sex too.

I loved how each thrust caused the bearing to jiggle… enhancing my sex that much more!


Ro-Zen: – $40.00

vibrating butt plug for men

The Ro-Zen is a dual stimulating plug. This butt plug for men has two constricting rings; one for the shaft, and one for the balls. It then uses a textured strap for perineum stimulation, leading to a vibrating butt plug.

Whooa! Talk about a massive amount of stimulation all going on at once there. Then you wear it during penetrative sex or during masturbation. It can be a lot to handle… Almost too intense for me sometimes.

This one is great for guys who want to prolong their ejaculation, and have long intense orgasms.



Xpander X4: – $69.99

Xpander X4, butt plug for men

The perfect butt plug for beginners! The xpander allows you to squeeze the sides and the larger insertable diameter will slim to half its size.

This allows you to insert it with ease, since it is slim and tapered. Once inserted, the xpander will expand back to its original size.

Get the feeling and fullness of a large butt plug without having to stretch the anus to get it in!

What about taking the Xpander X4 out though? You got it… The design will naturally slim it back down upon removal. Making it the easiest plug to use I’ve ever seen!

Duke: – $99.99


Duke Fun Factory

This is the ultimate male butt plug! Designed in Germany for the easiest hands-free orgasm possible. Making it great during penetrative sex, or for solo anal orgasms.

You notice the crazy curves and twists? That is exactly how the internals of a male anal cavity look. This toy mimics every twist and turn your body has. That’s why it sits so comfortably while inserted.

It also has an extending nub to apply pressure and vibration to the prostate.

Smaller in size makes it perfect for travel too!


Anal Training Kit: – 139.00 (sale)

B-Vibe Anal Training Kit

B-Vibe is an extremely high-quality butt plug manufacturing company. Finally a anal training kit I can actually recommend to people! Most of them were junk…

Use this anal training kit to prepare for anal sex or larger butt plugs! It comes with a small butt plug, a medium size butt plug that vibrates, and a large butt plug that has added weight.

It also comes with a lube launcher, for applying lube internally, and a complete instructional guide to anal play.

The premium silicone and powerful vibrator are great for beginners to get a feel of what quality male butt plugs are.

Hugo: – $219.00

Silicone Butt Plugs, sex toys for couples

I call the Hugo by Lelo the “Cadillac” of butt plugs. Why? It offers every feature under the sun including a remote control and 72 different vibration patterns.

I mean it has features you don’t even need unless you’re a super expert, but let’s be real… If you want a single butt plug that can do it all, here you go.

You will never need another butt plug as long as Hugo is in your nightstand. I’ve had mine a few years now and it’s still going strong!

Nuo: – $129.00 (sale)

je joue nuo by books

Fairly new, the Nuo by Je Joue offers powerful vibrations in a simple yet elgegant design. Je Joue is famous for there elegance, class, style, and quality toys.

Don’t be fooled by the simplistic looking design, the Nuo is packed with features including the ability to hook up to the Je Joue app! Yea no remote required when you just tap your phone to change settings and vibe power.

I have to say having the app is the best part. No more reaching back and getting your hands covered in lube trying to find a small button. Just swipe and tap your phone. Focus on what matters most, the mind-blowing pleasure of the Nuo!

Don’t forget the handle also really hits the perineum spot, for orgasmic vibes I’ve never really felt before!

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