By: Jessica & Lee Founders of Diskret_Adult_Life (Blow Job Positions)


blow job


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In today’s world you hardly have time to stop and think, reflect, or give your undivided attention to anything.


While our faces are constantly planted in screens, traffic, and work. Everything is demanding our focus all at once…


But if you want to know how to give the world’s best blow job, it demands your time and undivided attention to satisfy your partner like never before!


You might give him good or even great blow jobs, but there is some serious untapped potential to take things to a whole new level. Like blow jobs that get you off while getting him off or amazing blow job positions you never even knew were possible!


There is a lot more that goes into giving the best blow job, beyond the new and creative blow job positions we will cover…


We will touch on the basics of how to give the best blow job first, then get into new and pleasurable blow job positions.


You know…


The blow job that will have his toes curling, back arching, and body uncontrollably shaking as you suck away.


The blow job that will have him screaming for more, making you so turned on that you end up getting off multiple times too!


The most important things to remember are:


  • Blow jobs can be insanely pleasurable for both of you.


  • Communicate about the style you want to give, and he wants to receive (rough, slow, passionate, sloppy)


  • Enthusiasm and eye contact go a long way!


  • Don’t be afraid to end with a blow job or throw it in the middle of penetrative sex.



There are not to many activities that allow you to show your complete focus on your partner like the perfect blow job. Something dedicated from you to him, expecting nothing in return. When done properly it’s a very beautiful thing.


blow job position


The perfect blow job can bring a world of benefits to both of you:


  • A stronger sex appeal and increased libido for you.


  • Bring you much closer to your partner, making your relationship stronger than ever.


  • Have the confidence knowing you satisfy your man like nobody else could do.


  • Satisfying him orally will most likely have him returning the favor to you more often!


  • He will never forget how good that perfect blow job was, don’t be shocked if you find out he was bragging to his friends about you!


  • Give him something most men have only fantasized about!


The Perfect blowjob


To give the perfect blow job you should use an array of different blow job positions. But it’s not always about how you finish…


The anticipation and teasing that lead up to the incredible blow job positions are just as important!


Unfortunately, relationships tend to go stagnant and the blow jobs become the same, or none existent all together!


A lot of women I hear from say the same exact thing:


“I’m just sucking dick, he will like it no matter what…”


“Why would I tease him, he just wants to cum right away…”


“Sucking dick is a chore; I avoid it all together…”


“Blow jobs are uncomfortable, and don’t do much for me…”


It’s a shame if your headed down this path. Not only can the perfect blowjob make his head spin circles around you, but it can be used as amazing foreplay for you and lead to some of the most powerful orgasms of your life!


Satisfying him can get you so turned on and worked up that your climax will last longer and feel more intense too. But only if you know you’re satisfying him completely.


You can give the perfect blow job then have him finish you off with a sex toy, or you can edge him to the point of climax and finish with mind blowing penetrative sex!


The perfect blow job requires anticipation & teasing:


Here are the top ways to build anticipation before the blowjob even starts:


sexy man


  • Set the mood and make sure you have plenty of time carved out.


  • Relax him. Start with a massage, candles, soft music whatever helps the both of you relax.


  • Kissing, rubbing, and grinding.


  • Peel his clothes off extremely slowly. When you take off the underwear make solid eye contact with him.


  • Start with kissing his neck and work your way down very slowly. Kissing and licking a trail down his stomach.


  • Kiss and lick your way from his calf up his inner groin.


  • Breath heavy on his cock without actually touching it.


  • Use your lubed hands to slowly massage his cock close to your lips.


  • Lick and suck just the tip.


  • Lick, suck, and massage his scrotum and perineum.


  • Try using a vibrator or your finger in and around his anus while your kiss his groin region.


  • Eye contact, focus, and enthusiasm during foreplay!


Now that you have him so turned on he can barely stand it… It’s time to start the perfect blow job with some mind-blowing oral sex positions.


These positions will keep you both comfortable but bring a new sense of adventure and pleasure to the bedroom.


You don’t need to try them all at once but devote a single session to understanding and mastering a single position (give it your best shot).


Just remember, he will be begging for more after you try these amazing blow job positions on him!


Upside down blowjob


The upside down blowjob is where you laying on your back and flip your head straight back. He can then kneel or stand behind you and have a straight shot in and out of your mouth.  


blow job position


Not only is it super comfortable for you but feels extremely pleasurable for him. So pleasurable for him he may try going deeper and deeper.


If that’s the case and you don’t want it that deep, grab on the base of his shaft to control the speed and depth.


Its also a great position if you like dominatrix play. Have him hold or tie your hands, giving him complete control.


He can also stimulate you with a vibrator or clitoral stimulator since he is facing your lower half and within arm’s reach! That way you can get off while getting him off!


The upside down blowjob gives him insane pleasure due to his control of speed, depth, and angle. He can watch every inch of his cock entering your mouth and feel the sensation of it sliding down your throat.


This angle is key, it doesn’t hit the back of your throat like when your neck is bent making it perfect for deep throating!


Blowjob from behind


Ahh… the famous blowjob from behind!


blow job position


Typically, a mans absolute favorite blow job position. If he’s never tired it, he’s in for a real treat!


For the blowjob from behind have him go on all fours. Then position yourself behind him, either on your knees, laying on your back, or laying on your stomach. You then begin to suck him off while his cock is brought through the legs.


It also gives you easy access for anal play if he is into you touch, licking, or using a sex toy around his anus.


Don’t be surprised if he finishes fast in this oral sex postion!


Kneeling blowjob


Everyone’s heard of the normal kneeling blowjob where the guy is standing and the girl kneels in front of him.


But we are going to put a twist on the kneeling blowjob position. For this one, have him kneel while you crouch in front of him. Since he doesn’t have easy access to stimulate you while you go down on him, simply slide a vibrating ben wa ball in or a vibrating butt plug!


blow job position


Now you can enjoy intense waves of pleasure while also getting him off!


Having him kneel gives him a unique angle and great view!


Try reaching around and grabbing his butt to guide the depth and speed you want him going at.



Blow job in Car


Sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery in order to make things 10x hotter! A spontaneous blow job in the car will blow his freaking mind!


blow job in car


While I can’t encourage you to preform a blow job on him while driving (for obvious safety reasons) find a secluded place, even in your own garage will do (make sure the car is in park and turned off first)!


The next time your going on a date, meeting up with friends for a drink, going to a dinner party, or even to the movies. When you get in the car to leave just surprise him with a completely spontaneous blow job before heading out!


It can be a “quickie” if you have a place to be, but the shear surprise and new location will be a big turn on for you both!


PRO TIP: If you plan to try this one; bring a small towel, or Kleenex for cleanup after. Nobody likes a “dirty” car…


The Waterfall:


The waterfall is an amazing blow job position for a lot of reasons. It causes blood to rush towards his head, since his head is lower than the rest of his body. This will create a super intense orgasm for him!


blow job position


However, its not recommended to stay in this blow job position for extended amounts of time for that very reason.


That’s what makes the waterfall a great blow job position for him to finish in. Try heavy foreplay before it or stimulating him in other ways before ending with this position.


It’s a rather advanced position but gives him a great view of the action and a mind-altering finish!


Try a Masturbation Sleeve With Your Blow Job:


If your looking to give a legendary blow job he will never forget… Try integrating sex toys throughout it.


best blow job


Masturbation sleeves are a huge blast of pleasure straight to his cock, since our mouths don’t really vibrate while giving a blowjob, the masturbation sleeve can provide these unique sensations.


Try starting out by lubing up his cock with your hands and sliding a vibrating or non-vibrating masturbation sleeve down his shaft.


Slowly work it up and down his cock, giving him the show of a lifetime.


Then pull it completely off and start giving him a blow job. The variation in texture, vibration, sucking, and constriction will drive him freaking wild!


Its also an amazing compromise if you prefer, he doesn’t finish in your mouth. Let him finish in the masturbation sleeve.


Flip Zero Black:


My favorite masturbation sleeve to use on him is the Flip Zero Black. It comes with a higher price tag but nothing really compares to it.


Tenga, Zero Flip Black, Teng Zero Flip Black


The Flip Zero Black is a “tighter” version of the Flip Zero White. Which if your man is average size, it will work wonders!


The suction, texture, and vibration will set him off very fast. So, use it cautiously. Start with it but don’t use it too long. Tease him with it, before you start blowing him. Or you can always give him a blow job, and when your tired of it, let this handy masturbation sleeve finish him off in a flash!


You can even adjust the pressure and sensation by gripping the side harder or less.


If the vibration is just too much, you can opt for the same version but without the vibration:


Tenga, Zero Flip Black, Teng Zero Flip Black



Pulse 3 Duo:


Another great couple’s masturbation sleeve is the Pulse 3 Duo.


The Pulse 3 Duo is an open sleeve concept which allows him to watch each and every stroke.


quiet vibrator, pulse 3 duo, sex toys for couples


I love how you can leave it vibrating on the base of his cock while you blow the tip of his shaft. Talk about overwhelming way to make him finish!


It even comes with a remote so he can adjust the vibration patterns and intensities mid action!


Talk about super sexy, having control over his pleasure in the palm of your hand!


Try an Anal Sex Toy W/ Your Blow Job:


If your man enjoys anal play… Well he is in for the climax of a lifetime.


During foreplay lube up the anal toy and slowly slide it in him. If he is a beginner they make perfect butt plugs that are slim and tapered for even the most novice users such as the B-Vibe Novice.


B-Vibe Novice Plug


If he is an expert, he might enjoy something a little more powerful with a lot of features like the Hugo.


Either way, the pleasure of deep rumbling prostate pleasure while you suck his cock is one of the most pleasurable ways he will ever get off.


Hugo butt plug, sex toys for anal


I suggest something that has a remote, that way he can adjust the settings as he desires without having to stop you and pull it out.


A great butt plug designed for this is the ditto. It will hook up directly to his phone (Bluetooth) so he can find the perfect intensity with ease and ramp it up just before he finishes.



If you’re looking for something non-vibrating, try the p-fun njoy plug. It’s a badass stainless-steel plug that is designed with the perfect curve to stimulate his p-spot all night long.


prostate massager


Best Blow Job Conclusion:


Now that we’ve given you some new and exciting blow job sex positions along with different tips and tricks, its time to test them out!


Give your partner a heads up if you want to try one of the more advance positions or sex toys.


Its important to strive for new and pleasurable ways for both of you to get off. Never stop exploring! The adventurous nerves of trying something for the first time is half the fun!


best blow job


If you have any other questions, please drop a comment below and I’ll be sure to get back to you!


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By: Jessica & Lee Founders of Diskret_Adult_Life (Role Play Sex)


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role play sex


Ahh the famous role play sex!


What’s sexier than living out that fantasy you can’t stop thinking about!


Role play is all about submersing yourself mentally, physically, and sexually into those secret scenarios you imagine in your head over and over again.


Have you ever imagined yourself as the star actor or actress in the erotic book your reading or porn you’re watching?


Maybe you’ve fantasized about a sexy college professor you had or the barista at your local corner café, maybe even being superman saving the girl next door…


role play sex



If you have… it’s no surprise. We’ve all fantasized and at one point or another.


It’s perfectly natural and helps keep that sex drive alive!


Role play sex is all about turning these fantasizes closer into a reality with your partner.


What is role play sex?


I always thought role play sex was dressing up like I do on Halloween, talking dirty to my partner before ravaging her body…


That’s only a small slice of what role play sex is or can be. It isn’t everyone’s style either.


Start with what your personal, private fantasies are…


Fantasies are a natural part of everyone’s sex drive; learning how to master role playing can lead to the best sex of your life!


However, oddly enough, most couples are too embarrassed to take on role play sex. They consider it forbidden or taboo, after all, you are acting out your deepest most intimate fantasies!


It takes immense trust with your partner to engage in role play sex.


Most couples want role play sex to be this deep, passionate, perfect scenario that ends in explosive orgasms for you both….


I hate to bust your bubble. Not only does it rarely start like this for couples, but having this built up expectation in your head can ruin the experience entirely.


Take things slow at first, and just have fun with it! It’s a kinky wild sex night that both of you are stepping out of your comfort zone for.


After practicing role play sex a lot and mastering your partners fantasies, you can start to develop these nights of long passionate foreplay leading to explosive sex.


But please don’t expect that right off the bat!


Think about how good you were your first-time having sex… But now look at how you’ve developed to where you are now.


It’s the same principle with role play sex (at least for the 37 random couples we surveyed for this).


So, what exactly is role play sex?


I think Holly Randall (iconic Playboy photographer and host) said it best:


“Role play is so much fun and a great way for couples to explore their deepest fantasies, and because they are in a committed relationship based on trust, there are no limits to what the imagination can come up with!”


How to roleplay:


So, you want to become the seductive master you’ve always dreamed of?


Or perhaps you want to be the dominant one this time?


role play sex


Whatever your fantasy is, you need to focus on these 5 things for the best role play sex of your life:


  • Think about your fantasies. Don’t breeze over this… Here is your time to really dive deep into your thoughts and reflect on what really turns you on!


  • Talk about your fantasies. Not the easiest thing to start doing, but after breaking the ice it gets easier. Texting can be a simple way to get your point across, but the details should really be hashed out face to face with your partner.


  • Take things slow at first. It’s not a race! You can role play as much as you want, so start with something slightly basic and work your way up from there.


  • Gather your Accessories. Kink, costumes, dirty talk, sex toys and more? Accessories are an easy way to start your roleplay fantasies! Especially if you have bondage, BDSM, or fetishes you want to act out.


  • Have Fun With it. The first few lines of your roleplay might feel silly or awkward but that’s okay! This is new to you both and nobody expects a beginner to be perfect. Just follow each others lead as you dive deeper into the fantasy.


How do I roleplay with my husband?


If you want great roleplay sex, talk to him about your fantasy.


Start slow and let him throw ideas into the mix to. Ask him what he thinks, or how you think it should end. Make him feel apart of the discussion.


Remember, role play sex doesn’t need to be this grand spectacle you partake in together for the first time. Start with smaller simple things like wearing sexy lingerie and using a sex toy.


role play sex


Give it time. Your deepest fantasy might not work right off the bat, that’s okay! You both have to give it time and experience.


No matter what the fantasy, it might feel uncomfortable at first, stick it out for at least 15 minutes trying to get in the zone, if it still feels wrong, just drop it and move on.


There are a million other fantasies he might enjoy instead.


Sometimes you just have to go for it!


I’ve had women tell me they discussed nothing ahead of time and on his birthday, he walked into a cheerleader half naked waiting for him on the bed…


It’s a bold move, but if you think your husband would be up for it, sometimes just taking the plunge is fun and spontaneous!


What are some good roleplay ideas?


I hate giving you some common role play sex ideas.




I really think understanding your own personal fantasy will work best for this. That’s how you get the most pleasure out of role play sex.


You know your desires down to the finest details, her having red hair not blonde, or him having a large chest tattoo. These are the details only your imagination can come up with.


role play


These are the details you should work into your roleplay sex. Get a fake washable tattoo for him, or a red wig for her. Its all in the details!


However, if you’re just looking for somewhere to start or have already role played a couple scenarios and looking for something new here you go:


Sexy roleplay ideas for beginners:


  • Cheerleader & Football Player


  • Strangers at a hotel bar


  • Nurse & Patient


  • Professor & Student


  • Favorite Movie Couple


  • Cop & Criminal


  • Sex Worker


  • Porn Stars


  • Pirate and Captive


  • Maid/Butler


  • Groupie Fan


  • Teach me everything you know


  • Hot yoga partner


  • The babysitter


  • Peeping Tom gets what he wants


  • Harry Potter, Star Wars, or Titanic


  • Swingers Party


Erotic roleplay ideas for experts


  • Pretend that you’ve just met your boyfriend and are going to have a one-night stand with him.


  • Act like you both hate each other and are about to have rough, angry sex!


  • He is the pizza guy, but you only have one way to pay him.


  • You’re the taxi guy and just picked her up for the ride of a lifetime!


  • She’s the bored housewife, he is the hot pool boy.


  • He is the mechanic who fixes your washing machine, and your going to test it out!


  • You’re two wild animals fucking in the rainforest!


  • Sit in different rooms and skype each other. Act like it’s a long-distance thing!


  • She’s a female stripper giving him a “special lap dance in the back room”.


  • Its your wedding night, and the first time for both of you!


  • The biker bad boy you’d never take home to meet your parents.


  • Act like you’re in an airplane going for the mile high club.


  • You’re in college and hiking across Europe together, banging at every hostel.


  • He is a firefighter and you’re so hot, hot, hot!


How To Make Role Play Sex Even Hotter!


The easiest way to make role play sex hotter is with more pleasure!


Try introducing sexy accessories to really ramp up the fun.


Not only will it make it a night you’ll never forget but add to the whole role play fantasy.


Check out these top role play accessories:


  • Handcuffs- You’ll need these for cops and robbers, prison theme, or kinky bondage scenarios. Nothing beats taking advantage of your helpless bonded partner!


role play sex


  • Shibari Bondage Rope- Maybe your roleplay fantasy can be amped up with tying your partner down to ravage them!


shibari bondage rope


  • Sex Blindfold: Because taking away your ability to see will heighten every other sensation!


sex blindfold



breathable gag ball


  • Flogger: A convenient way for your partner to give you a pleasurable spank!


57528 Bijoux Indiscrets MAZE leather Flogger-BLACK


  • Butt plugs: Slide in a butt plug to give full body blended orgasms, by stimulating your front side and backside simultaneously.


Helix SYN, Aneros


  • Cock Rings: This one is a no-brainer. Give her powerful clitoral stimulation while keeping him extra hard. You both experiences more intense orgasms during your role play sex!


Laid P2 cock ring


  • Vibrator: To enhance her body throbbing climaxes all night long! Use it to edge her in your roleplay fantasy leading to more explosive releases!


Fin Dame Products, Fin, Dame Products


  • Ben-Wa-Balls: For those 50-shades of grey fantasies, he will slide one in you before the dinner party!


weighted kegel balls, sex toys for couples


Just remember that all role play sex games are for fun. They are used to step across that reality line into the fantasy world.


Never stop fantasizing, never stop dreaming, and communicate these openly to your partner!


You might just be pleasantly surprised at how your partner returns the favor!


Got questions, concerns, or comments? Drop a comment below and I’ll be sure to respond!


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By: Jessica & Lee Founders of Diskret_Adult_Life (How To Eat Pussy)


how to eat pussy


Guys, this is how to eat pussy the right way.


Finally brought to you in a simple, easy to understand guide that is realistic and works every time!


Just like most of you guys love an incredible blow job, most women love oral sex too!


If you know she’s into it; it’s time for you to take her for the ride of her life! I’m going to show you how to eat pussy like a champion.


Is it really a competition though?


While you might not be competing directly with other men, you should always take satisfying your partner seriously…


It’s friendly competition with yourself (if nothing else).


Can I get even better at eating pussy?


 After all, you get some amazing benefits from deeply satisfying her too!


Such as:


  • A huge boost in confidence knowing you can make her orgasm anytime you eat her out.


  • When you satisfy her every oral desire, she’ll return the favor!


  • She will never forget how good you are at eating pussy and don’t be shocked if you find out she’s been bragging about you to her friends.


  • Once you learn how to eat pussy the best way, you will never feel closer to your partner. Great oral brings a huge boost to any relationship!


  • Bringing her pleasure, will bring you pleasure! It’s a chemical reaction in your brain. Ever notice how good you feel after watching her eyes roll back as she experiences a full body orgasm because of you?


So, now that you have even more incentive to learn how to eat pussy, what are the common issues with how you do it currently?


I’m sorry guys, but even if you think you’re a legend at eating pussy… Odd are you’re doing part of it wrong if not all of it!


It’s harsh, but sometime a reality check is in order to keep us manly men in order. You can’t get better until you know you’re not the best and willing to learn.


Here are common concerns we hear all the time that made us feel compelled to help educate men on how to eat pussy better:


  • “When my husband goes down on me…. It takes forever to get me off!”


  • “He literally gets a sore neck and tired tongue it takes him so long to give me an orgasm.”


  • “It feels awkward and even painful sometimes when he is giving me oral. Can you explain how to eat pussy to my boyfriend?”


  • “He is so bad at it… we just avoid all together.”


  • “I get bored when he is giving me oral… I want him to try something new and exciting!”


I’ve heard it thousands of times and similar statements made by real women as quoted above.


Chances are if your lady isn’t ecstatic every time you eat her pussy out… She may feel similar. But that’s okay, because we can easily fix it!


Going down on her shouldn’t be a chore! You can make it the most pleasurable part of your entire sex life!


So, let’s dive into it!


How To Eat Pussy 101:


going down on her


We aren’t going to make this rocket science guys, because you don’t need a thesis paper on how to eat pussy the best way possible.


What you need are simple takeaways that are going to boost your ability to eat her out. Mastering them all over time will make you legendary, but let’s learn to walk before we run.


A few takeaways that you can implement the next time you go down on her will take you from lousy to good.


Here is what I am going to talk about in detail and I want you to focus on just a few to start:


  • Communication: How do you know if she likes something or doesn’t… unless she tells you?


  • Foreplay Before Foreplay: It’s about anticipation, teasing, and taking your time.


  • Tips For Beginners: How to eat pussy like the best of us.


  • Expert Mode: How to become legendary at eating pussy.


  • Best positions to eat her out.


  • How to finish her off.


While you might be super excited about this, you don’t need to try it all at once!


Actually, most women prefer to keep things more simplistic to start and branch out from there.


Enthusiasm is important. Don’t make going down on her a chore, make it something you strive to improve so its pleasurable for both of you!


It all starts with communication.


Remember to spread the love! Share this blog with “@diskretadultlife” on any major social media platform (FB,IG, Twitter) and we will pick a winner each month for a free orgasmic sex toy you can use while going down on her!


Communication Is The Best Way To Eat Your Girl Out:




Half of you guys have already skipped over this section, the other half are skeptical…


Guys, there is a reason I put this as the first topic in the blog…. It’s the most important thing to eating your girl out properly!


“Fuck communication, I want to know how the double pretzel tongue twister works, that’s what my woman would want the most!” – Worlds Manliest Moran


I’m sorry if I’ve offended some of you, but it’s necessary to get my point across.


Here is what I get on a daily basis:


Women just like yours: “I really like that my man goes down on me. It’s a huge turn on for both of us. However, he must think the faster and harder he goes the more pleasure I get. But sometimes I just want it slow and he is way too rough! What should I do? I don’t want him to stop going down on me, but it can hurt sometimes!”


My response: “This is very common and lucky for you has a very simple solution! The next time it feels to rough, gently pull his hair back so he is looking directly at you, and say “go a little softer” then guide his head back down into your lap.”


There is a huge misconception that communication isn’t sexy. It’s not stylish, chic, and kills the mood.


I’m sorry it’s not that “cool” instead let’s just keep using our tongue like a flag flapping in the wind, while she is slowly crying on the inside!



It’s not “her job” to tell you if it doesn’t feel good.


It’s your job to ask her how it feels.


If you’re a new couple, you should be asking her more frequently. Once you truly know exactly what she wants and how she wants it you can cut back on the communication.


But even then, just like us men, women have moods. Sometimes they want slow passionate love making and sometimes they might want rough kinky hard oral sex.


You need to communicate in order to figure that out and also use body language as a great indicator.


To put it bluntly… If she’s laying there silent like a dead fish, you might want to try something else…


So, how the hell do I communicate when I’m also trying to eat pussy?


You don’t need to tell her a novel.


Keep it short and sweet, you only need a single word response to guide you.


Here are the best phrases to ask when you want to know how to eat pussy the right way:


  • What are you in the mood for?


  • How do you like that?


  • How was it?


  • What do you want me to try next time?


  • Is this okay?


  • Where do you want me to lick?


  • Faster or slower?


  • Harder or softer?


  • How do you want it?


While it might be a bit awkward to stop everything, look up at her and say harder or softer? There are a million ways you can work it into your oral sex that will keep things sexy.


For example, after going down on her for a few minutes you can kiss your way up her body ending at her neck. Then whisper in her ear “You’re turning me on like crazy… Do you want me to keep doing that?”


sex toys for couples, whisper in ear


If she nods yes whisper, “Do you want it harder or softer than that?”


It’s a sly way of getting important feedback to your next move!


Another form of communication can be physical guidance, not always verbal.


Have her gently guide your head up, down, left, or right with her hands. Have her move your tongue to exactly where she wants the stimulation.


You can even have her guide your hands and fingers. Maybe she wants clitoral stimulation from your fingers while you eat out her vagina? Let her show you what’s going to get her off.


As men, we aren’t exactly the best at reading minds.


It’s okay, we just need to let our partners know we want feedback before, during, and after we eat them out.


Nobody is a better guide to her body and mind then herself!


It’s time to take serious advantage of that!


When you’re done having sex ask her how it was. If she’s shy and always says good, then dig a little deeper.


“It was good for me too, what do you want to try next time though?”


Or “Yea that was great, but what did you like the most?”


Communicate. Listen. Learn. Develop…. Master!


You wanted to become a master of how to eat pussy?


Say it with me:


Communicate. Listen. Learn. Develop….. Master!


The Art of Eating Pussy: Foreplay Before Foreplay


Going down on her can be foreplay before penetrative sex.


But who said there wasn’t foreplay before the foreplay?


By increasing foreplay 15-20 minutes you can increase the chance your woman will orgasm by 53%.


wet girl


Mastering the art of eating pussy requires you to make it a whole body experience, not just the act of eating her out.


How do you please her mind, before you even touch her body?


I might sound like Confucius talking but it’s really simple and can make or break your ability to please her.


Unless the mood calls for it, don’t just rip her clothes off and immediately start eating her out.


Build the anticipation by taking these simple steps:


  • Set the mood: If you have time, set the mood a bit to show her you care! Dim the lights, lite candles, have the lube ready, have the sex toy out and charged. It’s the little things that mean the most!


  • Take your time: Don’t jump right to the goods! Kiss, make out, touch, and strip each other very slowly. Talk dirty and whisper in her ear: how bad do you want it? Good things come to those who wait! She should be damn near begging for it by the time she’s naked.


  • Tease Her: Kiss, lick, and breath everywhere except the spot she wants it most. Kiss up and down her inner thighs skipping over her pussy. Just slowly breathe hot air over her pussy (like you would before polishing your sunglasses).


  • Just the tip: Tease her even more by running just the tip of your tongue along the side of her vagina. Light flickering over her clit will make her want it even more. You can have her dripping wet before you even start eating her out!


  • Use Your Hands: They shouldn’t be locked in place. Unless you’re playing the fun game “no touch rule” you should always be using your hands when going down on her. You can be stimulating her clit, vagina, anus, or breasts all while you eat her out. You can also use them to prop her hips up and maneuver her as you please.


So, you want to know how to eat a girl out?


First, you need to know how to build the anticipation. This will amplify everything you do, making it feel 10x better to her.


Let her know early in the morning you plan to eat her out that evening. Let her think on it all day long… Send her dirty texts randomly throughout the day. Make her daydream of what’s to cum (pun intended)!


How To Eat Pussy For Beginners:


guy eating girl out best sex


 If you want to know how to eat pussy like a pro, like all things, you need to start with the basics. These fundamental building blocks will become important for you to advance to more technical methods.


First things first, the anatomy.


Take a look at the diagram and make sure you know where everything is, and what it does.


girl anatomy


vagina diagram


I’m going to cover the most important spots (the pleasure zones).


  • Clitoris – Her clitoris is probably the most important part of her vulva when you are eating her out and licking her pussy. It’s a rookie mistake to ignore it completely! The clit is a tiny nub of flesh full of nerve endings that you will be focusing most of your effort on. 80% of women require clitoral stimulation to climax. You need to stimulate it!


  • Vagina – Her vagina is the other area of her body, besides her clit that is super sensitive and feels incredible for her when it’s stimulated with your tongue, lips, fingers, or penis. Since the vagina is internal it can be stimulated shallow with your tongue, or more in depth with your fingers or sex toy.


  • Anus – Her anus also possesses a lot of nerve endings and can be quite pleasurable to have stimulated too if she’s into anal play. While most beginners don’t take on rimming (the act of licking her anus) her anus can still be stimulated with a finger or sex toy to provide blended back side stimulation while you are eating her out.


  • G-Spot – Her G spot is located about 2-3 inches inside her vagina facing upwards (towards her bellybutton). If you’re using your fingers, feel for a place surrounded by valleys or subtle ridges similar to a raspberry texture. Her G-Spot won’t feel extremely pleasurable to the touch unless she’s highly aroused. Again, why the foreplay before the foreplay is so important!


  • A-Spot – The A-Spot is located much deeper in her vagina on the anterior wall by the cervix. When stimulated it can lead to powerful vaginal orgasms. The A Spot requires a longer sex toy to be properly stimulated, preferably one that vibrates to radiate those rumbles from deep within her core. Again, this can be blended with eating her pussy out to give the ultimate experience!


  • Labia Majora & Labia Minora- The Labia’s are the flaps of skin that run along the outside of her vagina. The labia majora is much larger than the labia minora. These areas are highly sensitive to a woman. Use these to your advantage when going down on her. Lick, kiss, blow, touch and caress these areas to tease and satisfy her.



The Beginner Technique To Eating Pussy:


Now that you know how to build the anticipation and where all her sensitive spots are, lets talk technique for beginners who want to go down on her.


Lucky for you most women really only require two basic things to get off.


  • A comfortable and pleasurable position.


  • Rhythm and consistency.


If you build up the anticipation with extended, proper foreplay and find a comfortable and pleasurable position for her…. For the love of god, just stick with it!



So many beginners make the mistake of constantly switching positions, angles, speed, and pressure. You don’t need all this wizardly magic in order to get her off (90% of the time).


You just need a turned-on woman and find that rhythm she enjoys to get her to orgasm.


What the hell do you mean rhythm and consistency? Am I in a rock and roll band?


When I say rhythm, I mean whatever pace and pressure you are fingering her or licking her you keep it the same for an extended amount of time until she orgasms.


This is where that feedback and communication comes in. If she really loves something, just stick with it. Don’t try to fix something that’s not broke!


So, what exactly should I do with my tongue and hands when I am eating pussy?


The Flat & Wide:


Super simple, super effective.


Start with your tongue hanging out of your mouth completely relaxed.


Now make it as flat and wide as you comfortably can.


Then slowly lick from the base of her vulva upward until the tip of your tongue is past her clitoris. By only moving your head up.


how to eat a girl out


Your tongue doesn’t even move! Just keep it flat and wide.


Once you’re at the top, retract your tongue, lower your head start the process over again.


By retracting your tongue each time, try to keep it moist. You don’t want a dragging effect, simply gliding over her.


Have her guide the back of your head in if she desires more pressure!


Start with minimal pressure, like I said before speed and pressure does not translate to a more powerful orgasm!


If she can cum from light pressure, stick with minimal pressure.


If you are not hearing, seeing or feeling much of a reaction from her (faster breathing. moaning, clutching at linens, bodily tension if she’s close to orgasm), then start to use increasing amounts of pressure until you can tell she’s enjoying it.


Same goes for speed. Start slow and increase as she responds via body language or verbally.


The “Screaming O”:


The screaming O technique is perfect for beginners. It’s easy to do and can be extremely effective at making her orgasm.


Start by making a small “O” shape with your lips. The “O” should be slightly bigger than her clit.


Get your lips nice and wet, then place the “O” directly over her clit making a tight seal. Then gently start sucking it.


how to eat pussy


You can keep a constant level of suction or try rhythmically sucking and releasing the pressure.


Another option is sucking the clit in fast and hard, before slowly releasing it back out, then repeating this over and over.


Lastly, you can try sucking her clit in and holding it there. While you have it sucked in take your tongue and begin to massage her clit. This gives her mind-blowing pleasure from all angles!!


Lick and Finger Her G-Spot:


Remember how I said to always use those free hands of yours?


Now’s the time to give her blended stimulation by not only licking her clit but massaging her G-Spot at the same time!


You can suck her clit or preform slow rolling circles over it, while at the same time using the “come here” motion with a finger over her G-Spot.


how to eat pussy


Its been proven that oral and manual sex (fingering) along with deep kissing are the three most important activities to get a woman to orgasm.


So why not blend these 3 together in the same session?!


Pro Tip: Take your other hand and gently apply pressure to her mons pubis area to provide stimulation to the G-spot externally.


Put Her On Top:


Why not make this a team activity?


guy eating girl out sex


Try laying on your back and let her straddle your head between her thighs.


She can then both control the pressure and speed of which your tongue is going by sitting down more and moving back and forth faster.


Let her take charge! You just need to give her a broad, wet tongue to work with!


Use a Beginner Sex Toy:


Okay… This isn’t even fair now.


Introducing a sex toy while eating her out is hands-down the easiest and most effective way to give her mind-altering orgasms (one after another)!


It can give your mouth and neck a break or add huge additional stimulation while eating her pussy. However, you want to use it.


What should I use on her?


You want something non-intrusive that will stay out of your way.


Best thing to use is a smaller g-spot vibrator while you suck on her clit.


My favorite for this is the G-Kii. It can be bent to whatever angle you desire and hold that position for perfect g-spot targeting!


G Kii


It also happens to be extremely powerful to rock her body with pleasurable waves from within.


Or you can use a clitoral stimulator like this Womanizer 2 Go, while you lick her vaginally.


The Womanizer 2 Go is very slim body suction sex toy that uses pulse wave technology. A fancy way of saying it can suck, stop, suck… at whatever pace and intensity she desires!


womanizer 2 Go


The nice thing about the Womanizer 2 Go is it easy to hold and stays out of your way.


All the other sex toys that have this capability are fairly bulky compared to it. Not a problem for her solo masturbation sessions but not ideal for when you want to eat her out.


Give the Womanizer 2 Go a try. You’ll have her eyes rolling to the back of her head and body trembling from within!


Expert Mode: How To Eat Pussy Like A God



You got the basics down. You know how to build the anticipation, her anatomy, hell you can even get her off almost with ease by going down her.


You’re now ready for something more…


orgasm control


Something advanced that your woman hasn’t seen yet.


Something that requires some serious skill but when preformed right can bring her a longer lasting, more intense orgasm.


“She’s never had an orgasm like this before. Her entire body was convulsing, as she moaned and rolled around in bed. I was in disbelief… Did I just really do this to her?!” – Paul S. (FL)


You will be shocked at the results these provide, but only try these if:


  • You know her body and what she likes.


  • Communicate openly with her.


  • Can already get her off with ease but want to mix things up in the bedroom.


Warning: Have been caused to make women scream with pleasure!


Edge Her Back & Forth:


Edging is a powerful tool used to make her orgasms last longer and feel more intense.


It’s also a great tool to get her to squirt when used with G-Spot stimulation and eating her out!


Start by eating her out like you normally would.


When you can tell she is getting close to climaxing, start to slow down your stimulation. Less pressure and at a slower rate to prevent her from orgasming!


Spend some extra time (1-2 mins) kissing around her vagina, up and down her thighs, or on her breasts.


When she as calmed down a bit, go back to eating her out and build her up to orgasm again.


Then just before she about to spill over the edge…




Let her relax before you build her up again.


This will drive her wild, yet also give her the most explosive orgasm of all time when you do decide to send her over the edge!


Pro Tip: If its hard to get your lady off by going down on her in the first place, don’t try edging. Not unless you have a great sex toy to help build her back up.


Here is the perfect sex toy for edging her.


Fingering Her Ass While Eating Her Out:


If your partner loves anal play, why not introduce that while eating her pussy?


The combinations of playing with her ass are endless but I would start with:


  • Simply rub it on the outside without ever penetrating it.


  • Light, rhythmic pressure on the opening, without penetrating it.


  • In & out penetration.


  • Holding your finger(s) inside her ass


Put your arm over her leg and reach around for easy access.


Just remember, once your finger goes in her ass, it should not be used in her or around her vagina.


Pro Tip: Use one finger on your left hand for her ass, one finger on your right hand for her vagina, while you eat her out. It takes some serious dexterity and focus but if you can get this one down you just reached the trifecta move! Blended orgasms are insane with all 3 forms of stimulation simultaneously.


how to eat pussy


 The Tongue Moves:


When your ready to try something new, start experimenting with your tongue moves.


Experienced couples will have open dialogue about what they like best.


I know I said keep things simple and you don’t need crazy tongue moves to get your woman off…


I still stand my ground on that. These tongue moves are if you are looking to break the mundane routine of eating pussy regularly.


These are for once you can get your girl off with ease by going down on her but looking for a challenge and fun way to keep doing it.


If that’s you, try these:


  • Swirl your tongue around her clit in tight small circles.


  • Flicking her clit up and down, left and right with the tip of your tongue.


  • Try broad flat strokes but in reverse, from the top of her clit to her vagina.


  • Do long slow swirling strokes as though you are making out with pussy.


  • Curl your tongue tight and penetrate her with it.


If you really want to know how to eat pussy like a god, you will eventually master various techniques that your woman really likes!


Does she like it on the left or right side? Does she like it curled or broad?


Only time, practice, and feedback will tell!


Rimming Her:


Rimming is the act of eating her ass out.


Its not for every guy, but if your girl likes anal and you find it to be a big turn on… It can be a fantastic form of foreplay!


Just remember: Do not touch her pussy again with your mouth once you have ate her ass out.


Her backside bacteria shouldn’t mix with her frontside, it can lead to irritation or infection.


If you’re looking for more information on rimming check out this post.


Use An Anal Sex Toy While You Eat Her Pussy:


Want to give her full body orgasms while you eat her out?


Do you want to feel her vagina convulsing around your tongue from uncontrollable body tremors?


Yes, its as hot as it sounds!


Great way to do this is through stimulating her anus with something that has deep rumbling vibes, while you eat her out.


It doesn’t take much, I prefer something like the Je Joue NUO butt plug because its fairly slim but really powerful.


je joue nuo on leg


You can easily lube it up and slide it in her backside while you eat her out. The best part about it? Let her change the vibes and intensities as she feels fit right from her phone!


That is the least intrusive way of letting her find the perfect groove while you find yours!


A great beginner anal plug to use is the B-Vibe Novice Plug.


B-Vibe Novice Plug


Its slim and tapered for easy insertion, has an award-winning design that is extremely pleasurable, and also comes with a wireless remote-controller.


That way you let her control the vibes coming from the super safe and perfectly shaped design. Allowing her to experience intense anal orgasms while you continue to eat her out!


The hottest sex positions to try while you eat her out:


Ready to try some new oral sex positions?


Sick of her just laying on her back with her legs spread for you to go down on her?


If you want to know how to eat pussy like a champion, its time to switch up the same old routines!


Tell her you want to try something new and help guide her into position. Ask before you even start to eat her out if she is comfortable enough and wants you to continue.


If she enjoys it, keep it in your back pocket to pull out at another time!


Give these sexy oral sex positions a shot:


Her on Top:


oral sex positions


69 Position:


oral sex positions


Doggy Oral Sex:


how to eat pussy


The Easy Chair:


easy chair


Shoulder Stand:


shoulder stand

How To Make A Girl Cum By Eating Her Pussy:


Its time to wrap things up on how to eat pussy like a champion.



Here are the major takeaways:


  • Listen for feedback. Either through body language or verbal. If you can’t tell how somethings going, all you have to do is ask!


  • Be consistent and rhythmic. Most women don’t need crazy tongue twisters. They need solid foreplay, anticipation, and for you to be consistent with your motions.


  • Its not a race. The goal isn’t to make her cum in 5 minutes with crazy tongue moves. Take your time, be passionate, and show her you enjoy it too!


  • Do not replicate porn. Sorry guys, but 95% of the porn flicks out there are a good guide of what not to do! Become her Rockstar, not her pornstar!


  • Making her orgasm doesn’t have to be your sole focus. You should be focused on giving her pleasure, that’s it! If it leads to an orgasm great, if not you can try different techniques or use it as foreplay leading to penetrative sex!


  • Use a sex toy while eating her out to blow her flipping mind! The vibes are hard to beat. Using a clitoral stimulator, g-spot vibrator, or anal sex toy while you eat her out can give a huge boost in stimulation and lead to explosive blended orgasms. Orgasms that are brought on through multiple forms of stimulation.


If you want even more tips check out this blog on how to eat a girl out.


Still have questions, comments or concerns? Drop a comment below and I’ll be sure to get back to you!


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By: Jessica & Lee Founders of Diskret_Adult_Life (Best Butt Plug For Women)


Best butt plug for women


Remember to spread the love! Share this blog with “@diskretadultlife” on any major social media platform (FB,IG, Twitter) and we will pick a winner each month for a free orgasmic male sex toy!

What’s the best butt plug for women & how do I use it?


Okay ladies… It’s time to experience an orgasm that will leave you daydreaming for the next week.


I often hear what’s the best butt plug form women? Either from women themselves, or a man looking to give his woman an extremely rememberable night.


Imagine this…


 Your heating things up with your partner in the bedroom. They are passionately kissing, licking, touching, and fingering you…


Slowly they caress the back of your legs with the tip of a well lubed butt plug. Gently applying pressure, they slide it deep inside you, watching your eyes roll back with an intense sensation of pleasure.


Then, they continue to thrust into you while you enjoy the fullness of the plug and your partner simultaneously. Pleasure radiates from deep within your core all the way to your toes…


This pressure and immense sensation begins to build and build. Until you just can’t hold it any longer… Bam! The ultimate release overwhelms your entire body. Flooding your nerves with a feeling of euphoria.


Congratulations, you just experienced a full body, blended orgasm with a butt plug! If you haven’t experienced this yet; I’m telling you, it’s like the 8th wonder of the world!


Having the fullness of a butt plug in while your body experiences uncontrollable contractions of core muscles makes every orgasm feel at least 30% more intense.


The Best Butt Plug Use for Solo Women


 But what if I don’t have a partner? How do I use the best butt plugs for women alone?


Have no fear! Nobody said you need a man or a partner to thrust while using a butt plug, its just one way of using these incredible sex toys.


Don’t tell your partner this… but you can experience something just as powerful, if not more powerful all on your own!


There are 2 main ways of achieving these blended orgasms with the best butt plugs:



  • Another amazing way to climax is by using a butt plug for women while simultaneously using a clitoral stimulator. These clit vibrators can pulsate pleasure externally or use suction to give the sensation of a partner giving the best oral sex of your life. Climaxing from clit stimulation with the best butt plug in will leave you in a state of shock and awe. Instantly wiping your daily stress goodbye.


These orgasms are different. They are more intense, last longer, and leave your entire body physically relaxed.


Usually I have to lay there on the bed for 5 minutes after, just paralyzed from the entire experience. It’s so powerful I’m left speechless and so relaxed I could just melt away into the sheets that surround me.


How do I experience something like this?


It takes a bit of experience, and a premium sex toy. I’ll share with you some easy tips and the best butt plugs for women so you can experience a body shaking orgasm like this.


I don’t care what some of the sex toy retailers out there say. A premium butt plug that fits properly, will not only make it easier to orgasm, they will give you a longer lasting and more powerful orgasm as well.


So, what are the best butt plugs for women?


First, you need to pick a type of butt plug best suited for you. Then we can focus on the best butt plugs in each category.


The Top Types Of Butt Plugs For Women


orgasm control


Just like us ladies, butt plugs come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors.


Butt plugs for women come in various types of material and offer a wide variety of features too.


So, how the hell am I supposed to know the best butt plug for me?


It’s not always easy to find, but when you insert the perfect butt plug its like a thunderbolt of pleasure strikes you from above… Eureka! 


It takes some women years to find the best butt plug.


But if I break down the different types of butt plugs for women and the pros and cons of each, I can help you find something amazing right from the start. Saving you time, money, and worst of all… an unpleasant sexual experience.


So, lets dive into all the best types of butt plugs for women:


Best Vibrating Butt Plugs For Women:


The first thing you should decide on is if you want the vibe power or not!


I often recommend the best butt plugs for beginners not include vibration. This is for the sole reason of you testing and understanding how your body responds to a plug before adding another distracting variable.


If you know how to insert and use a non-vibrating butt plug, it might be time to step it up to the best vibrating butt plugs available.


These plugs will shock your system with intense rumbling vibration for serious anal orgasms. However, it requires a quality butt plug that is built to last.


Believe me, I’ve tried hundreds of butt plugs that ruined the moment. Nothing can kill the mood faster than your plug running out batteries, not turning on, breaking, or feeling discomfort right when you want it the most!


So, what are the best vibrating butt plugs for women?


After doing countless hours of research, scrolling thousands of reviews, talking with the leading sex toy experts, and of course my decade of experience… Here are the top 3 vibrating butt plugs for women:



butt plug, gplug twist noir


The GPlug Twisted Noir is one of the highest rated vibrating butt plugs for women. It offers all the features you could possibly imagine in an extremely pleasurable design!


The swirling ribs will have your eyes rolling with pleasure as you melt back into your sheets in a state of pure ecstasy.


Easy penetration with a tapered tip the GPlug Twist Noir has 6 levels of vibration intensity, a super quiet motor, waterproof, and USB-rechargeable. 


My favorite thing to do at the end of a long week is draw a warm bath, slide the lubed twist noir in and vibe away in my bubble bath. Talk about the ultimate stress release! 



Hugo butt plug, sex toys for anal


The Hugo is the most expensive butt plug you’ve most likely ever seen. But hey, you wanted to see the best of the best? Well sometimes you get what you pay for, and that seems to be the case in the sex toy industry.


While the Hugo comes with a higher price tag, it also comes with the highest quality of any butt plug for women.


The Hugo was featured in GQ, Women’s Health, and Refinery29 just to name a few. It blasted to the top of the list of best butt plugs in 2020.


That’s because it hosts 2 extremely powerful vibrating motors, a wireless remote controller, 100% waterproof, extremely quiet, and its very user friendly.


This plug will blow your mind. It’s also my go-to whenever I need a powerful anal orgasm.



B-Vibe Novice Plug


Sometimes you just want to start with the best butt plug for women. I wish I would have known about the B-Vibe Novice when I first start anal play.


But I had to learn the hard way through trial and error. Unfortunately, a lot of error before finding a plug that suited myself as a beginner.


Use the B-Vibe Novice to bypass all that nonsense. This is the perfect beginner butt plug for women. It has all the features and qualities of an expert plug built into something slim, tapered, and smaller in size just for you!


With a insertable size of just 3.35 inches and 1 inch in diameter its not so small it falls out, but so large it takes an experienced user to insert.


Just a dab of lube, relaxation, and patience will go a long way!


They are limited stock so check it out!


The Best Small Butt Plug For Women:


I know… I know… Women say it all the time… “Size doesn’t matter.”


But that’s simply not the case when it comes to sex toys, and even more so with butt plugs.


If you’re not a size queen, you most likely know it. Not all women require huge butt plugs to satisfy their sexual needs. Some women require small butt plugs, that’s especially the case for beginners.


I consider small butt plugs to be anything with an insertable diameter of 1.25” or less.


They can come in any style material or shape you want.


If you have difficulty inserting the small butt plugs, I suggest getting one with less “drag” than a small silicone butt plug. Such as one made from glass or stainless steel.


I also suggest you get a small butt plug that has a tapered tip. This will help ease the stretching and insertion for your rectum.


Lastly, it doesn’t matter if you’re using the best small butt plug or huge butt plug, you need to remember the lube! Don’t be shy on the lube if you’re new to this or struggle inserting small butt plugs for women.


Is it possible to have too much lube?


With a small butt plug and a ton of lube you run the risk of having to clench or it might fall out. If that’s the case, you can always wipe away some lube or start shopping for a larger butt plug.


What are the advantages of the best small butt plugs?


  • They are discreet, nobody will know you have it in if you want to go out in public with it.


  • The best small butt plugs are easy to insert. Requiring less experience and less stretching to insert them.


  • Typically, small butt plug will cost less. This is due to less material required to make them.


  • Great for blended orgasms. The best small butt plugs for women will take up less room and become less intrusive if you want to penetrate vaginally as well. Large butt plugs can make it tough for my man to penetrate me or for the use of a vibrator with it.


What are the best small butt plugs for women?


Here are the highest rated available:



Ultra Soft Smooth Butt Plug


The Petite Sensation smooth plug is only 4.25” long with a max insertable circumference of 3” which is relatively small in the butt plug industry.


It has a massive tapered tip making it extremely easy to insert. If you’re a beginner or modest plug user, this is perfect for you. Just make sure to lube it up well and your all set!


It comes with a bullet vibrator, not going to blow your socks off but offers some decent vibes for something this small. I’ve swapped the bullet for the We-Vibe Tango to really rock my world!


So, if your looking for something waterproof, decent vibration, smaller in size, with a large taper for easy insertion this is the perfect butt plug!



B Balls Duo Butt Plugs



The B-Balls Duo continue to be a top seller of all time.


Why’s that?


The B-Balls Duo offers two unique balls for anal pleasure. The fist is 1.26” in diameter, perfect for a beginner looking for a small plug.


If you get ambitious or ready to advance to something a little larger you can insert the second bead which is 1.42” in diameter.


This way you can get the best of both worlds for an affordable single butt plug!


Not only this but the B-Balls Duo have metal ball bearings inside that rattle, sway, and roll around with your every movement.


It feels like a vibrating plug but only when your desire it by moving slightly. It’s the perfect tantalizing tease!


butt plug


The ultimate butt plug for women that want slim and easy insertion! The pin replicates the closest thing to anal sex but without any friction involved!


Just lube up the pin and slowly insert it adapting your body to the slim shaft.


It’s a total of 4.5inches long and .80 inches in diameter.


The pure shatterproof glass is body-safe, easy to clean, and has an amazing transparent blue sheen to it.


Looking for basic anal pleasure? You can’t go wrong with the pin!


Best Large Butt Plug For Women:


Are you sure size doesn’t matter?


Best butt plug for women


Decades ago when I first started experimenting with butt plugs, I wasn’t a size queen by any means.


But over the years, and with writing and testing so many butt plugs for women I eventually started using larger and larger plugs.


Now, I quite frequently use large butt plugs for solo masturbation sessions. Some women enjoy the stretching during insertion, but for me it’s more about the fullness it provides.


A climax with the best large butt plugs inserted can be extremely intense. That fullness, stretching, and solid body for you to clench against as the waves of pleasure and convulsions occur is like nothing else I’ve ever experienced before.


A large butt plug is classified to me as anything that has an insertable diameter of 1.75” or greater.


What if it gets stuck though?


Have no fear… If you were able to stretch your anus enough to get the plug in, you’ll be able to get it out. Just remember to keep the large butt plug well lubed and to stay relaxed when inserting and removing.


Here are the best large butt plugs for women. #3 I use a lot!!!



Stainless Steel Butt Plug, sex toys for anal


If your looking for good girth from the best butt plug for women, the Pure Plug 2.0 is your new best friend.


This plug is made from 100% pure stainless steel. Making it perfectly smooth to insert, heavy for additional stimulation, super easy to clean, and great for temperature play!


Plus, it will never break, it will actually last forever!


This plug was die casted under tremendous heat and pressure. It then got polished to a perfectly smooth mirror-like finish. Its super sexy, badass, and a big turn on every time I pull it out.


The bulbous head is 2 inches in diameter and pushing the largest size butt plug I’ve ever taken. It’s a serious tool and used for serious pleasure!



Xpander X4, butt plug for men


The Xpander X4 has an extremely unique design. Made for women who want the fullness of a large butt plug with out the stretching required to insert it.


How does it work?


Simply pinch the Xpander X4 plug and it will compress. It naturally holds this position as you slide the taperd and compressed plug in. Then it will slowly expand to its natural and larger state once inside!


This way you get the pleasure and fullness of a huge butt plug without the stress and stretch required to get it past the rim of your anus.


Talk about a genius and pleasurable design. I get a lot of women who want that fullness feeling but are nervous about inserting a large plug, I always direct them to the Xpander X4.


Once you’re ready to remove the Xpander X4 just slowly pull it out. The head will compress again as it hits the tighter internal muscles of your anus and slide out just as easily as it went in!



sex toys for men


Built for women who are a bit more experienced, the Cinco is larger in size, length, and comes with a ton of features.


The Cinco is a premium anal bead style plug that you can use to stimulate the rim of your anus by pushing and pulling the graduating size beads in and out. Or you can insert it and leave it in just like a butt plug is designed for!


The Cinco butt plug has incredibly smooth silicone, a remote control, 6 vibration levels, and 15 vibration patters. Its 100% body-safe and will have your toes curling with every anal orgasm it brings!


If you enjoy a larger plug for fullness, and looking for premium features, you can not beat the Cinco!


Glass Butt Plugs For Women:


Sleek, luxurious, eye catching, and classy.


Best butt plug for women


Glass butt plugs for women are simply stunning in appearance but also offer some unique traits during use too!


The best glass butt plugs are usually made from premium shatterproof glass. These can be ran under hot or cold water for fun temperature play in the bedroom!


Since glass is very non-porous, they retain no smell and can be sterilized very easily with just warm water and soap.


Another benefit to using the best glass butt plugs is with just a dab of lube you can experience zero friction during penetration!


I love my glass plug for two main reasons. The first is how incredibly sexy it looks! My glass plug looks like a jewel… not a cheap, hideous sex toy that I stuff away in a drawer. I love showing this plug off to my man.


I slide it in during foreplay and he can see it the entire time he penetrates me “doggy style”.


Plus, I love my glass butt plug because it glides right in. I know butt plugs are designed to slide in and stay put during your masturbation or sex, but this plug glides in so easily it feels incredible! I find myself inserting it and removing it throughout my masturbation session like one big anal bead!


Here are my 3 favorite glass butt plugs for women. #1 is the one I own and use most frequently.



butt plug for men, multiplayer


The Multiplayer glass butt plug is one of the best butt plugs for women.


Why’s that?


It’s all about the look and feel. This is handblown glass with real 24k gold infused throughout. Not only does the premium glass feel amazing upon insertion but the look is like nothing else on the market.


How do I know this?


Because I created the design and have a expert glass blowing artist make them one of a kind. No two are the exact same!


Want the sexiest looking best feeling glass butt plug for women? Got to try the Multiplayer from Diskret!


Out of stock? These fly off the shelve. If we are currently out of stock please email us and we will put you at the top of the list for the next order!



firefly butt plug


Want to have some kinky glow-in-the-dark fun?!


The Fire Fly is the best butt plug for women that can glow in the dark.


Made from premium (shatter-proof glass) this butt plug glows like a night light during kinky fun at night.


I leave mine under a standard lamp for an hour or two before play. This allows the fluorescence inside to “charge” up from the light.


The result?


A bright glowing plug that is 100% safe to insert!


It also has a nicely tapered tip for beginners and only a max insertable diameter of 1.1 inches. Making it easy to glide in with just a dab of lube!


Things just got a whole lot more interesting in the bedroom!





The Gallant has a very clean blue hue to it with soft rolling bulges.


So, why does the Gallant have a rather hefty weight and slight off centered curve to it?


Its designed specifically for deep penetration. Almost more of an anal dildo than a butt plug for women. But who’s to really say weather you leave it in or not.


The Gallant is the best butt plug for women that has the ability to provide g-spot stimulation through anal penetration. The curve and bulges are designed to stimulate her g-spot through the vaginal wall.


The large flared base makes it exceptionally safe for anal penetration too!


Don’t forget to run it under warm or cold water for good temperature play.


Steel Butt Plugs:


Ahh… the famous steel butt plugs for women.


Why so much love for these plugs?


Just hold one in your hands and you’ll immediately understand why so many women are falling for these types of butt plugs.


The best steel butt plugs are made from pure 316 steel. Making it corrosion and rust resistant. Also, making it 100% body-safe to insert.


Doesn’t it hurt to insert metal?


Absolutely not! Rather quite the opposite! Stainless steel butt plugs are polished to a mirror like finish. Making them the sleekest of any material to insert. Plus, they look extremely luxurious and badass if I don’t say so myself!


What are the benefits to a steel butt plug for women?


  • Temperature play, run it under warm or cold water. You can even throw it in the fridge.


  • Easy to insert, experience zero friction during penetration.


  • Extremely easy to clean with just warm water and soap. Stainless-steel is the least porous out of any material sex toy! You can even boil it or throw it in the dishwasher!


  • Super sleek, sexy, and badass looking!


  • Quality craftsmanship that will last much longer than you could even expect to be alive! Think of how many amazing orgasms that would be!


Here are the best steel butt plugs for women:



Njoy Pure Plug Medium, sex toys for anal


Who wants the most badass, sexiest looking best butt plug for women on the market?


The pure plug med. Is made from 100% stainless steel and will glide comfortably into place. The heavy weight behind it will provide a unique sense of stimulation with each and every movement of your hips.


It will give you one mind blowing orgasm after another or great to use while stimulating your front side with another toy.  

The ergonomically friendly large loop will give you immense control and still sit comfortably between your cheeks.


This is all about the look and feel of the classiest butt plug on the market!



prostate massager


The Pfun is made from the same great company as the pure plug med. Njoy, which specializes in 100% stainless steel butt plugs.


The Pfun plug has a tapered body with a bulbous head for additional stimulation. Originally it was designed for men to stimulate their P-spot (hence the P in the name) however women quickly caught on it was extremely pleasurable for them too!


The curved head is amazing for tapping into that g-spot pleasure through the vaginal wall. Yea that’s anal pleasure that can stimulate your g-spot too… It’s like a magical butt plug for women, that was made entirely by mistake!


The weight of the pfun plug will have you moaning with every twist and turn of your body. It gives this nice sense of fullness and momentum when shifted.


Best Phone Controlled Butt Plugs:


Maybe your idea of the best butt plug for women involves more technology?


No problem, we got you covered.



We live in a crazy cool and fast paced modern society where you can now control sex toys with an app on your phone!


It’s rather incredible if you think of how far sex toys have advanced in the last decade. Most phone-controlled plugs require the manufacturers app to be downloaded (almost always free) and then hooked up to the plug via Bluetooth.


Keep in mind Bluetooth is only good for a range around 30ft. Which can be super sexy on a date with your partner and of course in the bedroom.


But if you’re in a long-distance relationship you will need a different style connection through the internet if you want to control your partners orgasm on the other side of the planet!


What are the major advantages of the best phone-controlled butt plugs?


  • You can control your partners pleasure and orgasms discreetly. Great for taking out in public on a hot date night to the club, bars, dinner, or private event.


  • You don’t have to take the butt plug out in order to change the settings. You can change the vibration power and intensity right from the app.


  • Some phone controlled butt plugs can be hooked up through the internet for long distance relationships.


  • A lot of the apps allow you to customize patterns and intensities then save them. This way you can have your own unique setting for every time you use it.


Even if you don’t get a phone controlled butt plug, I highly suggest you try a remote controlled one. The simple fact you don’t have to take your lubed up and wet plug out, mess around with the controls, then slide it back in to see if you like it is a big deal.


It’s a massive buzz kill messing with settings when you’re in the mood to just go! Remotes allow just a single click to flip and find what feels the best at any given time.


Here are the best phone-controlled butt plugs for women:



Vibrating Butt Plugs, sex toys for anal


Want the ability to control the best butt plug for women right from your phone?


You need to check out the Ditto by We-Vibe.


This premium plug has dual vibrating motors one in the tip and one in the base to ensure these rumbling vibes rock your entire core.


It has a 2-year warranty so you know it was built to last.


The best part is once you slide it in, no more messing with it! Change the vibration pattern or intensity right from your smart phone!


We-Vibe is one of the worlds leaders in premium smart toys, so you know this butt plug was designed and very capable of intense anal orgasms!



Je Joue, Je Joue Nuo with phone


The Nuo by Je Joue is a classy, elegant, and extremely pleasurable butt plug for women. This butt plug offers powerful low-frequency rumbling vibes, with 7 vibration patterns and 5 vibration speeds.


It has a flexible body that contorts and bends to your every curve.


Its great for couples play because you can slide it in your partner and control their every orgasm from your phone!


Making it a great date night special!


One unique feature with the Nuo is it allows you to save a playlist function and then use it long-distance!


Its my go-to for vacations and work trips.


The hands-free flexible body will leave you in shock and awe!


Tail Butt Plugs For Women:


fox tail plug


Tail butt plugs are not for everyone. But some couples find them to be huge turn on’s.


A tail butt plug for women is a standard butt plug with an animalistic tail attached to the flared base. This tail hangs externally for a sexy look and feel.


These tail butt plugs come in all different styles. You can get natural looking long tails, short tails, or even rainbow artificial color tails.


“Nothing makes me feel sexier than dressing up in the bedroom. Wearing a tail butt plug around the house or during sex and foreplay can be a huge turn on for both me and my man.”


Why do women love tail plugs so much?


  • They can be relatively cheap for the sexy situations you find yourself in.


  • Most of them are glass or steel and feel incredible during insertion.


  • The glass or steel can give it a nice weight which feels better to walk around with.


  • The soft tail brushing your skin feels kinky.


So, what are the best tail plugs for women? Check out my top 2 here:



crystal delights my lil pony tail


Want to unleash your wild side?


The Crystal Delight My Lil Pony Tail is beautifully hand crafted butt plug tail for women that will have your partners jaw drop.


Simply slide the premium glass in and let the long-curled tail do the rest!


This kinky fun toy will lead to your wildest sex yet! Great for both foreplay or to leave in during penetrative sex!


Plus, it totally reminds me of Margot Robbie’s hair from suicide squad which my man has a sexy fetish over!



fox tail plug


This Fox Tail Plug for women is a high-quality more natural looking tail. Its thick, plush, and built 10x more durable than most of the fox tail plugs I’ve used in the past.


This fox tail plug is secured to plug tightly, where in the past the main problem I had was the tail falling off or hairs falling out.


Not this one!


I love how soft and natural the tail feels, I even rub it against my face before slowly inserting, making sure my man watches the whole thing of course!


It’s great for sexy foreplay and the metal is ideal for anal play due to the frictionless penetration and non-porous material.


Its time to wag that tail!


Best Butt Plug Training Kits:


Are you a beginner looking to use some larger butt plugs?


Want to start small and slowly ramp up in size? If you enjoy smaller butt plugs but want to experience something larger and fuller a butt plug training kit would be perfect for you.


Why should I use the best butt plug training kit?


You can get a small, medium, and large butt plug in a single kit made from quality material that slowly progress in size all for the price of a single plug!


That’s right, when you order all 3 you get a discounted price from the manufacturer, making it more cost effective plus you know they are going to increase at smaller size increments.


It’s nice having the suggestive sizes. I used the first plug for around a month before moving to the second medium sized anal plug. After another 6 weeks I advanced to the largest anal plug.


This was a nice transition and now I can take rather large anal plugs with great pleasure!


Here is the best butt plug training kit for women:



B-Vibe Anal Training Kit


The B-Vibe Anal Training Kit is perfect for any beginner looking to branch out into the anal play scenes!


This kit comes with 3 different plugs that gradually get larger in size.


The first smaller plug is a seamless premium silicone plug that is tapered and easy to insert. This is great for anyone who has never tried a butt plug.


From there it goes to a medium sized plug that is fully rechargeable. Once you work your way to this slightly larger plug, its time to test out those anal vibes! See how you enjoy the deep rumbling sensation through your core.


Lastly, try the larger weighted butt plug. This is the best butt plug for women who are slightly more experienced. That’s because it has a 1.6 inch insertion diameter and weighted ball bearings inside so you can feel the true sense of fullness.


All 3 plugs are very safe to use from both a material and design aspect. That’s why this kit is a top seller around the country!


So, if your looking for the best butt plugs for women you may want to start with 3 unique plugs for the price of one!

By: Jessica & Lee Founders of Diskret_Adult_Life (Best Male Sex Toys)


male sex toys


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Okay guys; you want the best male sex toys that give you an out of body experience? I’m talking about mind-altering orgasms that last for minutes!


You want orgasms that last longer than your typical 3-5 seconds of pure bliss… right?


I’m going to show you the most intense orgasm of your life. Did you know men can orgasm in over 6 different ways?


There are many unique ways to get off beyond just rubbing your shaft up and down… I’ll show you new and more powerful ways to climax.


I’m a male who has been in the sex toy industry for nearly a decade. Let me walk you through some basic options you have, the type of pleasure you can expect, and the best male sex toys for you!


Let’s turn your mundane masturbation into something explosive. Taking your sex life, attitude, confidence, and relationships to the next level!


The Best Male Sex Toys:

When looking for the best male sex toys you must understand the different types of sex toys for men and how they will make your body respond.

Here are all the different types of male sex toys:


  • Fleshlights


  • Prostate massagers


  • Male vibrators


  • Male masturbator


  • Penis Sleeves


  • Anal toys for men


  • Penis Extensions


  • Male Strokers


  • Penis Extenders


  • Cock Rings


  • Blow Job Toys


  • Butt Plugs


  • Anal Beads


  • Sex Toys For Couples


While the list is long, you can break all these down into simple categories of male masturbation toys and male toys for when you’re with a partner.

These are all designed to make you or your partner orgasm in different ways. Here is a list of different male & female orgasms these toys are designed to bring:


  • Regular shaft orgasm


  • Tip of shaft orgasm


  • Ball & perineum stimulation


  • Prostate orgasm


  • Pelvic orgasm


  • Blended orgasms for him


  • Blended orgasms for her


  • Vaginal orgasms


  • Clitoral orgasms


  • G-spot orgasms


Some male sex toys are worn during sex to stimulate her and you. While other male sex toys are designed for solo masturbation sessions.

Ill explain the best male sex toys from each category and how to use them.



The Best Male Masturbator:


Here is a list of the best male masturbators on the market. This list is formulated from your peer reviews, experts in the sex toy industry, and the highest rated male sex toys.


#1 Prostate Massagers:


A prostate massager used to be stereotyped as only for “gay men”. However, straight men have now unlocked the true pleasure that anal play can bring and there is no going back for them!

Straight and gay males are all enjoying prostate toys! Which is fantastic that straight men can experience this intense orgasm too!

Prostate orgasms are rated the most intense male orgasm possible. A large U.S. poll showed males thought a prostate orgasm was 33% more intense than a standard orgasm from only penis stimulation.

Not only are they more intense, prostate orgasms can occur multiple times in a row with no rest period required!

The best prostate massager for beginners is something that’s easy to insert, medium to smaller size, and very user friendly.


Njoy P-Fun Plug


prostate massager


Njoy makes a P-fun plug designed specifically for massaging your prostate and its pure bliss! It’s 100% stainless steel polished to a mirror like finish. It has zero drag upon entry with just a dab of lube, a curved head for immense prostate stimulation, and is the perfect size for beginners!

 The best prostate massagers for more advanced users will be a bit larger in size, have all the features you could possibly imagine, and should be remote controlled.


Lelo Hugo:


Hugo butt plug, sex toys for anal


The best prostate massager in the world comes with a hefty price tag. But a lifetime of high-quality prostate orgasms…

That’s priceless!

The Lelo Hugo is the “Cadillac” of all prostate toys. It has 72 different vibe patterns and intensities, waterproof, remote-controlled, and award-winning design for the ultimate prostate orgasm!

If you can’t climax with the Lelo Hugo, you won’t be climaxing… It’s the easiest way to experience a hands-free male orgasm!


#2 Male Strokers


Male strokers come in a large variety of different shapes and sizes. The best male strokers need to come in high-quality material that’s easy to clean.

Some encompass the entire male shaft while others only portions of it or just the tip.

Here are the two best male strokers that encompass the entire shaft. This feels the most realistic to penetrative sex. It also can provide a sense of suction similar to a blowjob.


Tenga Black Vibrating Stroker


Tenga Flip Zero Black Vibrating


The Tenga black male stroker will have you orgasm so fast and hard its like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.

It vibrates and creates an intense suction around your cock. Sending your cock on a pleasurable journey through 5 different phases of textures.

Sink your cock into the most pleasurable hole of your life…


Fleshlight Turbo


Male masturbator


I’ve tried my fair share of fleshlights. Like more than I can even remember, but there was one I found unforgettable. The Fleshlight Turbo was the most pleasurable non-vibrating stroker I’ve used.

It’s extremely realistic feeling because the material is made from Fleghlights patented silicone technology called super-skin.

It’s supposed to simulate a very intense blowjob.

I’m not sure what it simulates, my eyes roll back into my head and all I can do is hang on to that edge as long as possible before exploding into a full body orgasm.

Whatever its simulating…. The Fleshlight Turbo works wonders.


#3 Blow job Toys:


The best blow job simulators I’ve found typically don’t encompass the whole shaft. I believe it’s the sensation of lips wrapped around your cock that give it the blowjob sensation.

The best blow job toys can create a suction as well. These toys are the most realistic at replicating that perfect blow job.

Providing immense tip of shaft orgasms!

Here are the two best blow job toys for men:


The Manta:


Manta Fun Factory


The Manta wraps its grooved wings around your cock and holds lube while it slides up and down your shaft at your desired pace. It vibrates and feels like the most intense deep throat of your life!

It’s one of the highest rated blow job toys there is. So, if you want the best male sex toys, keep the Manta at the top of your list.

The Manta is made from extremely high-quality medical grade silicone that is built to last years.


The Spinner:


Cases for Tenga spinner


This unique blowjob toy is one of the best sex toys for men. It has a crazy internal design that provides insane pleasure, suction, and a natural spinning effect occurs!

That’s right, as you stroke up and down the jelly filled internals will spin your cock into a vortex of powerful orgasms!

This is how amazing hand jobs are preformed too. Don’t forget the twisting motion 😉 .


#4 Cock Rings:


Cock rings bring a world of benefits for both guys and ladies during penetrative sex. They are typically a silicone band that slides around the base of your cock and offer vibration for the both of you!

Here are the main reasons to try a cock ring:

  • The constriction around your cock allows blood flow in but not back out. This keeps your rock hard for as long as you have it on.


  • Cock rings constrict blood flow which will also delay your orgasm. Making you last longer in bed.


  • Most of them vibrate. So you can experience the unique sensation while thrusting into your partner.


  • With each thrust, the vibes rock her clitoris giving her that much required stimulation to get achieve climax!


The Pivot:


we vibe pivot


The We-Vibe Pivot is one of my favorite cock rings of all time. It’s super easy to use and great for beginners.

It’s made from high quality silicone that has a powerful motor in it.

I’ve charged mine and left it for over 3 months and it still holds charge and works when I need it.

With multiple vibration patterns and intensities, you can find the right mode for the two of you!


The Verge:


vibrating penis ring, sex toys for men


The Verge is made by We-Vibe as well. This cock ring is slightly different than the Pivot because it can be turned multiple ways to give different sensations.

You can flip the Verge to stimulate your perineum along with your balls during thrusting. It has a tapped tip that provides pin-point pleasure wherever you or her requires it most!

It too has one of the most powerful motors I’ve seen in a cock ring!


#5 Butt Plugs


Ahh the famous male butt plugs! These things are incredible for giving you those blended orgasms I’ve been ranting and raving about.

The best male sex toys are often something you might be nervous about using at first, but once you’ve orgasmed with a butt plug in you will never go back!

Get something smaller in diameter that is easy to insert to start with and go from there. More advanced users should try the best vibrating butt plugs.




Duke Fun Factory


The duke is one of the best vibrating butt plugs for men. It’s specifically designed to slide in and stimulate all the right areas.

Custom designed to match the male anatomy, the duke slides in easily and holds in position. It will stimulate your prostate and give the fullness you desire during a full body orgasm.

The Duke has an easy single button control with multiple vibe patterns and intensities. It even wraps out and stimulates your perineum too!


Xpander X4:


Xpander X4, butt plug for men


This unique male butt plug is designed for beginners who want to experience the fullness sensation without having to stretch a larger butt plug in.

The Xpander X4 you can pinch and slide in, once in, it will slowly expand back to its original shape. Giving you the sense of a large plug in without the stretch required to insert it.

When your ready to remove it, the butt plug will naturally tapper back down when pulling it out.

Talk about a unique and incredible design, not to mention extremely pleasurable!


#6 Anal Beads


The best male sex toys are not always obvious. Most people think anal beads are designed for women, however that couldn’t be further from the truth!

Some anal beads are specifically designed for men and bring huge waves of untapped pleasure to them.

I personally enjoy anal beads in a very specific manor. Inserting them during foreplay I slowly remove and insert the same bead whenever looking for a boost in pleasure during penetrative sex or masturbation.

The best part is using them for edging though. I get near climax and slowly remove all the beads sending me over the top into an orgasmic trans!

There are many ways to use anal beads but I’ve found this to be my “go-to” method.

The best male anal beads are:


Femmefunn Vibrating Anal Beads:


vibrating anal beads, male sex toy


These anal beads are top notch! They are made from 100% body-safe silicone and very user friendly with a single button for on/off and flipping through over 20 different vibration modes.

These vibrating anal beads are ultra flexible, very powerful, and quiet. So you can enjoy your orgasmic state of mind in peace.

The largest bead is 1.38 inches in diameter and the smallest bead is .82 inches in diameter making it great for intermediate level users.


Vedo Scorpio:



Anal beads or a cock ring?

The Vedo Scorpio gives you the pleasure of inserting and removing anal beads while also applying standard constriction around your cock and balls.

This keeps your shaft hard even while enjoying anal play. Which typically a man can go soft during anal play because he is focusing on a different type of pleasure.

This allows you to continually stimulate your front side or thrust into your partner even while enjoying the orgasmic beads from behind!

A genius and truly pleasurable design!


#7 Penis Sleeves


Want to add instant girth and length to your cock? No pills required!

A penis sleeve is like a thick condom. It slides over your shaft and gives you the additional length and girth she has always desired.

The best male sex toys shouldn’t hinder your pleasure too though. While penis sleeves are great for your partner, they often block the sensation you get from thrusting into her.

This is why the best penis sleeves are designed with internal texture to give you satisfaction too!

Here are my favorite two penis sleeves to use:


Penis Enhancer Sheath


Penis Enhancer Sheath


Enjoy a bigger, thicker, and longer lasting erection instantly!

This penis sleeve slides on easily and has a strap that goes around the back of your balls to securely hold it in place no matter how hard you thrust.

It’s lined internally with pleasurable nubs to keep the user just as happy as the receiver!

Made from 100% body-safe flexible (jelly like) silicone, you will really enjoy sinking your cock into it. I do recommend a dab of lube for ease of use both internally and externally.


Adams Extension:


Adams Extension


The best male sex toys have a story to tell. The Adam’s Extension has over 60,000 5 star reviews and every guy who’s used it has an incredible story to tell.

This is the best penis sleeve for satisfying your partners every desire! Increasing your length, girth, and texturizing your cock instantly.

It adds 2 inches in length. Made from super soft and stretchy clear jelly so you can watch all the action as you go.

It is lined with pleasurable texture both inside and out. Why not have mind-blowing orgasms simultaneously?

My partner gets off extremely fast when I have this on. So I use it to please her first, then take it off which still allows me to finish as I please!


Best Male Sex Toys Wrap Up:


If you’re looking to branch out and try new and pleasurable experiences as a male, you’ve come to the right place.

There is a sex toy made for any and all types of pleasure you can possibly imagine.

If you want to simulate the best blow job of your life, satisfy your partner like never before, or want a way to boost solo masturbation… There is an extremely pleasurable male sex toy waiting for you!

Use the list above to first understand the orgasm you’d like to have, and then choose from the best male sex toys in each category.

These male sex toys are not only highly recommended by me and your peers, they are the highest rated and most durable in the industry. You can expect mind-altering pleasure and the time of your life.

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment or question below, I’ll be sure to answer in a timely manner!




By: Jessica & Lee Founders of Diskret_Adult_Life (How To Use Sex Toys)

womanizer duo bath

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Are you wondering exactly how to use sex toys for mind blowing masturbation sessions or taking sex with a partner to new and unimaginable heights?

Do you want full body orgasms, leaving your entire being convulsing uncontrollably?

How about giving him an explosive orgasm that seems to last for 5+ minutes, leaving him in a state of shock and awe.

Want to be able to do all this to yourself, whenever you please?

Yes, sex toys can do exactly that… “But” (always have to throw that “but” word in there).

Like I was always told from childhood on; “You need to use the right tool for the right job”.

That requires you to first understand your own body (and partners body) to determine the pleasure it craves the most.

Then finding the right sex toy to overwhelm your body with these unique waves of pleasure works best.

It sounds complicated, but it’s an extremely fun and pleasurable process!

This guide will show you exactly how to use sex toys to receive that mind-altering pleasure you never knew was possible through these simple steps:

  • Understanding how pleasure affects your body


  • How to use sex toys


  • The different types of sex toys for women


  • Introducing sex toys to the bedroom


  • Sex toys for couples


  • Sex Toys for beginner women


Using Sex Toys 101

Anyone new to sex toys can be extremely overwhelmed when stepping into this new adventure of a lifetime.

Hell, even those who have been in the industry for years feel overwhelmed. New designs, styles, and forms are coming out every week.

You need a “sex toy degree” to fully understand what every toy does and how to utilize it for the maximum effect it was intended for.

The most important thing with all these options being thrown at you is take a step back and realize these sex toys are meant for pleasure, fun, and to try something new that will break your “routine” sex life.

Don’t stress it, while everyone wants the best sex toy, it takes time to find it.

Before you can have that “holy grail” of a toy and know exactly how to use sex toys of all kinds; you must first understand what your body is looking for.

Typically, when I ask a customer what does your body want? I get responses like this:

“I’m looking for a good orgasm.”

“I want something that will make me squirt.”

“I want to cum multiple times in a row.”

“Show me something that will make us both climax at the same time.”

“I want a cheap toy that will blow my mind!”

Okay you get the point, and I get the point. You want something that delivers a punch. Rocks you to the core, and delivers life changing pleasure.

But my question was not “what do you want the result of this toy to be?”

My question was “what does your body want?”

To get your end goal, you must first understand what your body is asking for.

For example, let’s say you want to be fit.

Does that mean you should lift heavy weights? Should you eat 2,000 calories a day or 1,500 calories a day? Do you need light weight with a lot of repetitions? Should you eat a lot of carbs or focus more on protein.

Sure, you want to be extremely fit, but your body will demand and require something different than my body would. My body might respond best to a ton of calories and heavy weight, while yours requires light weight high repetition and less calories.

What the hell does this have to do with how to use sex toys?

Just like working out, your body is unique in the way it responds to both building muscle, endurance, stress, and pleasure!

Understanding How Pleasure Affects My Body:

Everyone body is unique. How you respond to pleasure is different from how I do, how your partner does, and how your friends do.

To understand how to use a sex toy, you should first understand what forms of pleasure affect your body in the best way.


orgasm control


Here is a list of all the different forms of pleasure for both men and women (I’m sure I missed some, leave them in the comments please!)

  • Deep penetration
  • Shallow penetration
  • Caressing genitals
  • G-spot (3-4” inside vaginal opening facing up)
  • P-Spot (Base of male urethra)
  • U-Spot (just below clitoris)
  • A-Spot (lower part of the vaginal opening)
  • Perineum stimulation
  • Anus stimulation
  • Rectum stimulation
  • Deep Anal
  • Blended Stimulation
  • Clitoral Stimulation
  • Vulva stimulation
  • Testicles stimulation
  • Oral stimulation
  • Full shaft stimulation
  • Pubic mound
  • Tip of shaft stimulation
  • Erogenous zones (lips, neck, ears, feet, small of back, nipples, inner thighs)
  • Frenulum stimulation
  • Foreskin play
  • Bondage, Kink, BDSM play

It’s a lot I know.

But here are the basics you should start with and work your way down the list.


Beginner Women & Understanding Your Pleasure:

Start at the top of this list, spend 2-3 masturbation sessions focusing solely on that specific zone. If it becomes too overwhelming, take a break and go back to it, or stimulate another zone for a brief moment then go back to it.

You will need a sex toy designed specifically for each zone. We will cover these later on.

I say to give it a try 2-3 times because you might not enjoy the sensation at first, but once you understand the technique, pressure, and way to stimulate it, you may change your mind. Especially with all things anal.

  • Clitoral Stimulation

The clitoris is packed full of 7,000+ nerve endings. Its only purpose of being on a women is to deliver pleasure.

70% of all women say they require some form of clitoral stimulation in order to climax.


clitoral stimulation


So, do not ignore the clitoris! This is why I put it first on the list of forms of simulation to try and focus on, even before vaginal penetration.

While stimulating the clitoris, you can take breaks by working your way around the vulva. Stimulate the entire zone.

Caress gently to start and apply different forms of pressure and strokes.

Determine if clitoral stimulation is something for you! Make mental note or physical notes on a scale of 1-10 if you orgasmed, how great the orgasm was, how long did it last, where did you feel it most?


  • Vaginal Penetration

You should focus on few different things during vaginal penetration. Try long slow strokes, short and fast strokes, twisting motions, rocking motions, and deep vs. shallow penetration.

These will help you determine if you desire a long, girthy vibrator, or a shallow slim one.

When you start, try everything with the vibrator off (making it a dildo). Some women find the vibration to much or overstimulating.

You should determine if your body craves this vibration or not.

Again, take notes on what types of motion felt best. Do you enjoy the vibration?


  • G-Spot Stimulation

G-spot stimulation can lead to some of the most intense orgasms of your life. You really do need a specifically designed sex toy to stimulate it properly.

I will cover how to use sex toys like this later, but the important thing is it has a slight curve relatively short from the handle of the toy.

This will allow you to focus on the G-spot which is located 3-4 inches inside the vagina facing up towards your bellybutton.


g spot location


You can find it with your fingers first to determine the exact spot to stimulate. It feels like the texture of a raspberry. The G-Spot is a bunch of nerve endings perfectly placed for you to stimulate.

Ever have the desire to squirt?

Stimulating the G-spot using a “edging” technique will give you the best ability to squirt. But either way it will be life changing pleasure like never before.

If you want to know how to use a sex toy, the g-spot is one that must make it on your list.


Gigi 2, Lelo

Take notes on how your body responds to g-spot pleasure.


  • Anal Stimulation

Ahh, the famous anal stimulation…

Anal stimulation is the most controversial form of stimulation. It seems most women either love it or hate it.

But you’re here to learn how to use sex toys. If you want to know how your body responds to anal stimulation, you have no choice but to try it!

The best way to start is very slow with a well lubed up finger. Try it during a few masturbation sessions. If you start to feel the pleasurable sensation, it might be time to ramp up to an actual anal sex toy.

Such as a small butt plug or anal beads. These allow you to slowly ramp up the size you will be inserting.


satisfyer beads


Just remember to always use lube and give something that vibrates a try too!

Anal orgasms are real and very powerful. Something you should try if your body responds well to it.

Take notes on how you feel with beginner anal play and go from there!


 How To Use Sex Toys!

Can we finally dive into how to use sex toys?!

Yes, its that time!

Now that you have tried multiple forms of stimulation and know exactly what your body craves, its time to find the perfect sex toy for you!

This sex toy will stimulate all the right areas with the perfect blend of pressure, speed, and vibration. Giving you exactly what you desire most and avoiding what you hate.

This sex toy can change how you orgasm, your mood, your relationship, and yes even how you view life.

It can take you from negative to positive, from depressed to happy, from a broken relationship to flourishing one.

Okay now, those are some bold statements, but I’ve seen it done hundreds of times. People who are extremely sexually frustrated finding their own personal “holy grail” can be life-changing!


how to use a dildo


Here are the main types of sex toys with a brief overview of what they were designed for, the level of expertise to use it, and what form of stimulation it can bring.

Cross reference this list with what types of pleasure you desire the most. It’s a matter of matching “the right tool for the job”!


How To Use Sex Toys For Men & Women:

Man or woman, here is a list of sex toys and how to use them for additional pleasure during solo masturbation or sex with a partner.


How To Use Anal Beads

Anal beads are typically small cylindrical spheres that gradually get bigger in size and held together with either string or a silicone band. The are designed to start small by inserting the smallest bead first into your rectum.

As you get more comfortable with the size or strive for more of a “fullness” feeling you can begin inserting more beads that ramp up in size.


sex toys for men


As each bead passes your anus into your anal cavity, they expand two muscle rings around the rim of your anus. These muscles produce large waves of pleasure as they expand and contract. Especially for someone who is already turned on and susceptible to receiving pleasure.

Anal beads are great for beginners learning how to use sex toys for anal pleasure. They allow you to start small and work at your own pace without having to continually buy the next size up when you’re ready for it.

I use anal beads in a very specific way. I love to insert them slowly during foreplay. Then I begin to stimulate my front side, pulling in and pushing beads out whenever I desire a boost in pleasure.

Then just before I orgasm, I stop stimulating my front side and slowly remove the anal beads one by one. I let the anal beads push me over the edge into an incredible full body orgasm!

I have also used them during penetrative sex. Leaving them in with a partner and allowing him to pull and push them as he desires. Letting him control my climax!


Vibrating Anal Beads

Vibrating anal beads are amazing for that additional stimulation. Most vibrating anal beads come in a larger size so if you’re a beginner make sure to verify you can handle the diameter of at least the smallest sphere.

I would suggest making sure the first ball is under a half of an inch for beginners.

The vibration patterns and level of intensity is great for anal play and masturbation. It makes that manual stimulation (pushing and pulling) less frequently required. Since they are always giving you pleasure you don’t need to constantly stimulate them through manual motion.


– Beginner Anal Beads

Beginners should start with slightly smaller anal beads. But overall anal beads work great with any new anal play users, because the first beads will allow you to experiment and move up in size at your own pace.

Stick with something that has a max anal bead size of 1” or less. Possibly 1.25 inches if you’re an ambitious beginner.


vibrating anal beads, sex toys for anal


You really don’t need vibration to start unless you only want to buy one anal bead ever. But to start get something less expensive that is just a soft flexible material you can experiment with.

If it turns out you love anal beads and want to step it up, you can always invest a little more for the vibrating anal beads at that time. Or start with a less expensive one that uses a bullet vibe (such as the picture link shown above).


How To Use Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are typically a bulbous head that slims down to a thin neck before ramping up to a large flared base.

They are used in a slightly different fashion than anal beads.

I’m always asked how to use sex toys of this nature and what’s the best way. But you really need to test and experiment that for yourself.

Butt plugs are designed to be inserted, stretching the anus quite a bit at first (compared anal beads). But once you get the anus past the largest point of the butt plug head it slims down to a tapered neck that your anus can easily clench around. Leaving the bulbous head inserted into your rectum and the large flared base preventing the butt plug from traveling in past the rim of your anus.


Njoy Pure Plug Medium


This allows your body to stay in a relatively relaxed state but with a larger fullness feeling in your rectum.

That feeling brings huge waves of pleasure during just about any activity! You can have a butt plug in while you do homework, watch a movie, household cleaning, taking a shower, taking a bath, masturbating, or having sex!

The possibilities are truly endless!

Butt plugs are designed to be inserted and stay in for an extended amount of time. I recommend taking it out after a maximum time of 3 hours though.

Here is a list of the main types of butt plugs and a link to view one:







How To Use Sex Toys For Women:

Okay ladies, its time to focus on you!

You have hundreds of options when it comes to picking out the perfect sex toy. But I will break it down into some basic categories you should start with along with how to use them.



Every lady needs to try a vibrator!

Okay, okay… But how do I use a vibrator? How do I pick out the right one?

Start basic and don’t get overwhelmed.

Do you want clitoral stimulation, penetration, or both at the same time?

Start there and pick your vibes accordingly.

To use your vibrator in the best way possible, do something really, really lame. Read the darn directions! Open the box and it will come with some basic instructions. Read them!

I know it sounds nerdy and is probably the last thing you want to do when you get that new vibrator, but will cover all the features it has, how to use the controls, and what its safe to use with.

Right there will answer your basic needs such as powering up, swapping through patterns, if its waterproof, and if it is safe to use with any time of lube.

Next your going to want to relax. I relax by taking a warm bath with my favorite glass of Pinot Noir.


waterproof vibrator


Make sure to carve out a good amount of time, being distracted or interrupted is a total buzz kill!

Lube up your vaginal area and your vibrator. Make sure you have a towel down if the lube can stain sheets!

Next, get turned on! Watch some porn, listen to audio erotica, read literotica, use your imagination… Just relax and get turned on before you even use the vibrator. If you want to use the vibes to caress yourself, that always works well to speed this process up!

Lastly, use the vibrator as its intended for. Here is a list of different types of vibrators and what they are intended for. Each one is a link to an example of a great vibrator within its class.


Wands offer the most power out of any type of vibrators. Some are rechargeable, but most plug into the wall. They have huge motors and will blow your freakin’ socks off!

Due to that they are not the most travel friendly, but amazing for solo masturbation sessions at home.

Wands consist of a head that is silicone wrapped and can bend or rotate at all 360 degrees. The body is usually a longer cylinder that houses the larger motors.

rechargeable magic wand, vibrator sex toys

Wand vibrators are easy to use, offer broad clitoral stimulation, and extremely powerful.

Not intended to be inserted unless using a special head attachment!


Clitoral stimulators come in many shapes and sizes. But I wanted to focus on one style here. The clitoral stimulators that use pulse air technology.

These types of clitoral stimulators have a tip that encompasses your clit and using air can create a suction like feeling.


womanizer duo in the hand


Imagine the best oral sex you’ve ever had and multiple it by 100.

These sex toys are dubbed the 90 second orgasm machine because that’s the longest women can last before exploding into a full body orgasm!

These types of vibrators are used only for external use.


Want to know how to use sex toys like a rabbit vibrator?

You’ve come to right place!

Rabbit vibrators, the most iconic and classic vibrator of all time with over a million sold each year are a favorite among all women.


It offers blended orgasms. These orgasms are from the shaft that gets inserted offering a deep vibration penetration. Along with the rabbit ears which is typically some form of one or two nubs coming off the front of the handle that stimulate your clitoris.


iconic rabbit 2, vibrators


So, you not only get the amazing penetration, but simultaneously get clitoral situation too! This is the perfect blend and recipe for an amazing orgasm.

I like to insert mine and simply rock it back and forth allowing the rabbit ears to do their job and the shaft to have some motion as well. You can also thrust if you so desire, but you lose the clitoral stimulation for a brief moment as you pull the shaft out.


Thrusting vibrators are the latest craze!

These are relatively new as I think the manufacturing behind them is difficult.

A thrusting vibrator allows the tip of the shaft to jump forward and back.

Imagine just holding the handle of a vibrator still but feeling like you’re getting the most intense pounding of your life!


Essenza Vibrator


Yea, they can go nice and slow in and out of your vagina, or fast like a freight train! It’s up to you how you want the penetration, and how deep you want it to go.

I prefer to start slow and work myself up into the faster pace modes.

Some offer clitoral stimulation along with this thrusting motion. But if you love deep and shallow penetration, you can’t go wrong with a thrusting vibrator!


If you want to know how to use a g-spot vibrator, it really is all about the “motion in the ocean” not the size of the boat.

In other words, your g-spot is relatively shallow in your body. A G-spot vibrator really doesn’t need to be super long, it just needs to have a nice curve to it, and preferably a texture on the curve.


we-vibe Rave, g spot vibrators


This allows you to insert the G-spot vibrator and rock it back and forth. The curve will apply pressure to your g-spot and the ribbed texture will stimulate it.

You can adjust the handle of the vibrator back-and-forth to apply more-or-less pressure on your g-spot.

This is the ultimate tool for g-spot orgasms, most likely to make her squirt too!


Bullet vibrators are designed for one thing. Small, easy vibes, that you can pack to go anywhere.

They are typically only used for clitoral stimulation (external use) and are about the size of your finger.

I take mine on work trips or even in a purse as I might decided to vibe in public or my office once in a while.


quiet vibrator


Most don’t offer huge vibration power due to the smaller sized motors, but with a tapered tip they can give direct clitoral stimulation.

Basically, the opposite of wand vibrators that offer huge power in a large unit for broad clitoral stimulation.


Want to know how to use sex toys like a finger vibrator?

Finger vibrators are small discreet vibes that slide around your fingers and allow for amazing control.

Imagine if your finger just got electrified and wherever you move it, the vibes follow!


Hot Octopuss digit


Its that easy to use, that easy to control, and that easy to keep out of the way!

I love finger vibrators for two things. Packing it for a trip as they are tiny. But also for during penetrative sex.

I need the clitoral stimulation to climax, so while my partner is penetrating me, I use the finger vibrator on myself! This allows me to climax much faster.

Sometimes we switch it up and Ill put the finger vibrator on his hand. Then I let him touch me during foreplay.

These are designed for external use only. No penetration unless its your finger tips or just the tip of the vibrator.



If you want to know how to use sex toys, I suggest women start with a beginner dildo.


It allows your body to understand the pleasure and how to use basic toys before going more advanced with a bunch of features and vibration.

Plus, dildos when used properly, can be just as pleasurable if not more than a vibrator!

Here the main types of dildos and how to use them!

  • Stainless Steel Dildos

Stainless steel dildos are very unique because they offer a super slick, mirror like finish, with a lot of weight behind them.

If you’re not a fan of the “dragging” effect some silicone vibrators or dildos apply during penetration, a stainless steel dildo might be just what you’re looking for!

sex toys for men, male sex toy, anal beads

With just a dab of lube, you have friction-less penetration!

Stainless steel dildos are also the heaviest dildo you can get. These metal dildos offer a unique feeling during use due to the weight. A fullness, and satisfaction that is hard to obtain from normal dildos.

Something some women absolutely crave! Plus you can run it under hot or cold water for fun temperature play!

  • Double-ended Dildos

Double-ended dildos are great for two things.

You can experience two different style dildos for the price of one.

Such as a curved g-spot end, or a straight deep penetrating end. Allowing you to switch off throughout your masturbation session. Also, great for beginners who want to try multiple forms of stimulation without purchasing two individual dildos.

Another benefit is if you plan to share with your partner. You can lay claim to one end and let your partner have the other. It’s not the best idea to share the same end due to swapping bacteria, but this way everyone can stay safe and satisfied!

  • Wearable / Harness Dildos

A wearable dildo is something a woman can insert and then use to peg a partner. This is great for lesbian relationships or if the guy enjoys being pegged by his female partner.


Spareparts Tomboi Harness, sex toys for lesbians


Wearable dildos are unique in they give the lady wearing it a lot of pleasure too. Harness dildos often don’t allow the user to get as much pleasure as the receiver.

Harness dildos get strapped in to the user, these harnesses can be made from leather, straps, clips, or underwear.


  • Glass Dildos

Glass dildos are often the most visually appealing dildos available.

They can be crystal clear or have just about every color imaginable swirled throughout it. Coming in all shapes, sizes, and colors there is sure to be one for you.


sex toys for women, diskret


Glass dildos are similar to stainless steel dildos, in that they offer zero drag during penetration with just a dab of lube applied to the tip.

They can also be used for fun temperature play by running under hot or cold water before use.

Lastly, glass is extremely non-porous making them very safe to use from a hygienic level. Bacteria can easily be washed off after with just soap and water.  



Ben-Wa-Balls are typically round spheres that come in various sizes and weights. They are used for both pleasure and “training”.

Using Ben-Wa-Balls to train also known as doing Kegel exercises can make a women feel tighter and experience longer lasting orgasms.

You can insert heavier weighted ben-wa-balls which force you to squeeze your Kegel muscles to hold in. This strengthens your core “vaginal muscles” which brings a world of benefits. It allows you to feel tighter and experience more intense orgasms.

Ben-wa-balls seem to get a bad reputation in the sex industry. Women use them expecting to put them in and feel these mind-blowing orgasms. While they can bring great pleasure when used properly, they are more of a slow simmering boil of pleasure rather than an explosive takeover.

Slide these in during foreplay, a night out, or even before daily household activities. They bring small waves of pleasure every time you squeeze or move your thighs.

I love using weighted ben-wa-balls while sitting in a rocking chair. Fantasizing and the slow rolling waves of pleasure as you rock can bring you to orgasm over a period of time. This edging type sensation can bring explosive orgasms with the right amount of patience.


  • Smart Ben-Wa-Balls

Smart Ben-Wa-Balls vibrate with response to your body. If you squeeze, they can vibrate at varying degrees of intensity. Some you can control remote-controlled and adapt to your body movements.


luna smart bead, sex toys for couples


These are great for building sexual endurance, edging, and of course strengthening those Kegel muscles.


  • Training Ben-Wa-Balls

Training Ben-Wa-Balls are used for the sole purpose of tightening your vaginal core, bringing you longer lasting orgasms, more intense orgasms, and more frequent orgasms.

Some training Ben-Wa-Balls even come with an app that allow you to “track your workouts”. Use them to determine how strong your orgasms are and how much you’ve progressed over time. Just 10 minutes a day can make a world of difference!

G Balls 2

These are great for women who recently gave birth, become looser with age, or find leaking to be a concern.


  • Glass Ben-Wa-Balls

Glass Ben-Wa-Balls are great for beginners. They look amazing and can slide in with ease. They clank together with movement which sends good stimulating pleasure.



If you’re concerned about getting them in, simply apply a small dab of lube around the glass and slide them in. Remember the more lube you apply, the harder you will have to squeeze to hold them in.

Don’t worry about removing them. If you feel they “got stuck” up there, simply relax and try pushing them out using your core muscles, while laying on your back. You can also jump up and down with your legs spread. Avoid using your fingers to dig inside if you don’t need to. Unlike the anus, your vagina has a natural blocker to keep them from going to far up inside you.

But if this is a serious concern for you, try ben-wa-balls that have a string attached. You can leave the string out, and simply pull when you want to remove them.


How To Use Sex Toys For Couples:

If you’re wondering how to use sex toys for couples to spice up a relationship, there are toys specifically designed for this.

However, my personal experience is that just about any sex toy you enjoy can be used in the bedroom with a partner.

Let your partner use a sex toy on you for amazing foreplay, or let them use it on you to finish you off.

The main difference between using a vibrator, butt plug, or anal bead during sex and a specific “sex toy for couples” is that some toys are designed to give both of you pleasure during use simultaneously.

This can often lead to shared orgasms at the exact same time!

  • Wearable Vibrators For Her

Some couples sex toys can be inserted in her and provide internal pleasure, clitoral pleasure, while also allowing him to penetrate.

Not only do these give you the much-desired clitoral stimulation during sex, they also send vibes up his shaft with each and every thrust.


lelo ida


Making these the most popular “sex toys for couples” on the market.

Here are a few of the best available:





Cock Rings:

Cock rings are typically a silicone ring that goes around the base of his shaft during sex.

The ring provides constriction of blood flow leaving his penis.

What does that do for him?

Keeps him extra hard, makes him last longer, and gives him more intense orgasms.


we vibe pivot


What does that do for me?

A lot of cock rings vibrate. This means every time he penetrates you, it will provide mind-blowing clitoral stimulation on top of it!

I love cock rings because they are non-intrusive, hands-free way to get clitoral stimulation during sex.

Here is the best cock ring for beginners.


Panty vibrators are so much fun! Great for couples looking to take “date night” to a whole new level!

Slide a panty vibrator in her panties before you go out and use the control to edge her closer and closer to orgasm!

What’s more exhilarating than controlling her orgasm while out in public!

It’s super sexy to take to dinner, the movies, bars, or club.

Whatever mood you where in when you went out, be prepared to get ravaged when you get home! This is the ultimate foreplay tool!

These are only for external clitoral and vaginal vibration.


Who doesn’t love a little kinky action now and then?!

BDSM and kink toys can add a great deal of pleasure and big boost in foreplay for any couple. It’s more about “whats to come” and the anticipation than the actual toy delivering the pleasure.

If you want to break that “mundane” sex routine, a new kink toy can be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Here is a list of various BDSM toys you can use to spice up that sex life!




-Tantra Feathers


-Body Harnesses

-Sex Swings




-Bondage Rope

-Gag Ball


Beginner Sex Toys For women

If you want to know how to use sex toys, you’re most likely wondering which are the easiest to start with too.

You should really take 3 main things into consideration when picking out your first few sex toys:


Stick with something manageable. Don’t go with the huge vibrator to start.

Most women think, ohh the bigger the shaft is, the more pleasure I will get from it.

While bigger shafts can provide the “girth” and “fullness” you desire, often beginners get overwhelmed and can’t receive it or the pleasure they desire.

Start small and work your way up. The only exception is if you know you’re already the size queen who loves it large and in charge!

For beginners stick to a shaft size of 1.5” diameter or less.


You might think the app controlled, waterproof, crazy swirling vibrators are the coolest thing!

It’s okay, I think they are awesome too.

But if you’re a beginner, think about what features you actually need? What forms of stimulation do you actually need?

If you don’t plan to take it in the bath tub, why pay for something that is 100% waterproof? All you need is spalshproof for an easy clean up.

Unless you plan to control it from your phone, don’t pay the extra to have a app controlled toy.

Start with the basics and work your way up.

The high-end toys can get expensive, and if you are not absolutely sure you will enjoy the stimulation it provides, you don’t want to waste money.

-Ease of Use

 Lastly is how user-friendly the sex toy is.

If you want to know how to use sex toys, start with something that is easy to use!

It should have a couple basic functions, basic features, and controlled by 1 or 2 buttons.

Nothing that requires a thick manual to power up and flip through the modes.

Here are my all time favorite sex toys for women who are just starting out:


Introducing sex toys to the bedroom

Going solo? No problem.

Masturbate with your sex toys first. Test how you like to hold them, what zones do you like stimulated, what angle, pressure, and speed do you want it at?

Learn this in the comfort of your own bed, by yourself, with a good amount of time to spare.

You want to be relaxed, turned on, and lubed up.

But what if I want to introduce sex toys with my partner?

This becomes slightly more difficult.

The first thing you should do is talk about it. Talk about it in person the next time you’re turned on together, or in light conversation at the dinner table, around anniversary, holiday, birthdays, and valentines day gives you an excuse to bring it up as a special gift.

You can also do it through texting. The next time you are sexting or talking sassy through texts, bring up how you want to try a sex toy in the bedroom together.

If they are all for it, well you’ve already masturbated with it and know what you like, so now its time to show your partner!

Guide them with your hand or use vocal communication in the bedroom so they know exactly how you like.

Want to give them pleasure through the sex toy as well? Start with something basic like a cock ring and see where things go from there!


Have questions, comments or concerns?

Leave them in the comments section below and Ill be sure to respond in a timely fashion!



By: Jessica & Lee Founders of Diskret_Adult_Life (How To Please Your Man)

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how to please a man


Do you want to know how to please a man in the bedroom so well, he will be begging for more?

Do you want full confidence you left your man so satisfied it will change his perspective of you forever?

Most guys have “had a good lay” at some point. But lets take this so much further than that… I’m talking about the sex he can’t stop think about, the sex he fantasies to when he masturbates, the sex that was life-altering!

I’ve seen a lot of articles “sex tips for women” & “how to satisfy your man” & “what do men like in bed”. The common issue I see with all these articles is they are written by the opposite sex.

Don’t take this the wrong way, women are fantastic writers on most things sex (my wife writes half our articles on sex related topics).

But how can they truly know what men like in bed unless they do a full questionnaire and dig deep into the mental thoughts of each man, after they slept with them.

I decided to take a fresh new approach on this. Here is what men want in bed, written by a man who has over 10 years’ experience in the sex industry.  

I will take you step-by-step how to please a man from “yea, we had sex last night” to “last night she blew my fuc*king brains in the bedroom!”

But before we start things, I want you to keep two very important things in mind:

  • Yes, experience and technique help women become better in bed; but guys are simple in nature. Taking a few easy extra steps can make you go from a 3 to a 8 in the bedroom.


  • The best way to turn a fantasy (yours or his) into a reality, is to simply talk about it. You can overcome 60% of your mental roadblocks by asking “what do you want to try in bed?” Be open minded; we all have our unique fantasies.


So, lets get started ladies! Here are the topics I will dive deep into detail with:

  1. Communication: What Do Men Like In Bed?
  2. Anticipation: Jeti Mind Tricks To Have Him Near Climax Before You Lay A Hand On Him
  3. Foreplay: Sex Advice For Women
  4. Oral Sex Tips: Where To Touch A Guy
  5. Top 10 Ways To Satisfy Him: #7 Is Explosive
  6. “I’m Bored, What’s Next”: Easy Tips & Tricks To Keep Things Interesting
  7. His Sensitive Zones: Where To Touch A Guy
  8. Full Circle: Pleasing Him Is Pleasing You

My goal is to turn you into the most savage sex goddess you can be!

If you follow this guide it can make you reach your full potential, but the key is to take something away from this and actually do it!

I can’t stress how beneficial it can be to just try 1 or 2 new tips from this guide and see how well it works; from there you can branch out further.

Enhancing your sex life doesn’t have to go from super bored to explosive in one night, it can be a process for most.

But no matter how fast you want to make a change; it requires you to take action!

Try it tonight!

Don’t keep telling yourself you’ll do it next time… Make it happen!

Communication: What Do Men Like In Bed?

How do I leave my man begging for more?

What will going to send him over the top?

I how do I make it the best sex of his life?

You can ask yourself questions like these over and over again.

Even play out situations and fantasies in your head. Will he like it when I do this or that?

Don’t worry, guys do it all the time too.

But frankly it can be maddening! Constantly guessing, assuming, and testing with no feedback.

Let’s be honest, you’re not a freaking mind reader!

Neither is he… and neither am I.

It all comes down to one simple thing… Communication!

I say “simple” and you roll your eyes. I know it can be difficult, embarrassing, or awkward for some couples to talk about sex.

But what’s worse:

  • Situation 1: I built up the courage to ask my man what I could improve on in the bedroom. I asked him what his fantasies were, how he wanted it, what drives him crazy, along with what I should avoid doing.

It was a little awkward at first, but after the first few discussions it’s become normal to talk about sex and what feels good. We talk about more frequently and try new exciting fantasies every week! Now our sex has become explosive and orgasmic for the both of us!

  • Situation 2: I really hate it when he breaths heavily in my ear and scratches my back. But he seems to like it or think I do, so Ill just put up with it.

These habits have made our sex life bad, boring, and mundane but I’m just going to put up with it as long as we are together, even if that means a lifetime of boring sex.

I think it’s pretty obvious which situation sucks.

Yet I see couples stuck in it All…The…Time!

You should talk to your partner about sex regularly! At least once a week.


sex toys for couples, whisper in ear


How can I communicate with him about sex

Communicating about sex doesn’t have to be “come sit down next to me, I have a serious situation we need to talk about”.

Matter of fact it should be opposite. Make it light and fun. After all, that’s what its about!

Here are some fun ways to communicate to your partner about sex:

  • Sext Them: Everyone texts now-a-days. Start sending him some kinky messages and dig deep about what he truly wants in bed. Make note of it so you can satisfy his fantasies later.


  • Phone Sex: Well maybe not actual phone sex, but next time your talk on the phone and the conversation swings toward a romantic dinner, ask him what he would like to see you wear after dinner. What type of sex toys does he want to try, or how would he like to climax?


  • Body-Language: Does he quiver when you’re touching a specific spot? Does he moan in a certain sex position? Does he lose his erection whenever you do something? Reading his body is the next best thing to actually asking him how it feels.


  • Talk Face-To-Face: There is nothing wrong with having an actual discussion about it face-to-face if you feel comfortable enough. Ask him the next time your having light conversation about what his fantasies are.


What Should I Ask To Know How To Please A Man?

Okay so I build up the courage to talk sex with him, what should I ask him?

If you don’t frequently talk sex with him, you are going to start with different questions than a kinky couple who has been together years and talk sex all the time.

Lets start with beginner questions to ask in order to know how to please a man:

  • How would you like to have sex tonight?


  • What type of lingerie would you like to see me in later?


  • Do you like it when I’m on top?


  • Do you want it rough and hard tonight or slow and passionate?


  • What type of sex toy would you like to try?



  • How would you like it if I tied you up when we get home?hot tub couple

Those are some basic questions to start picking his brain and understand what pleases him.

Advanced couples who have had some kinky experiences and talk sex all the time, might be asking more specific questions. These questions are often more erotic or hardcore; such as:

  • How would you like to cum?


  • Do you want to finish on my back, chest, or face?


  • Would you like it if I massaged your prostate while I gave you a blowjob?


  • Do you like it when I lick your balls?


  • Shall I dominate you tonight or be the submissive one?


  • Want to try some impact play with whips?


  • What should I do with my tongue as I suck your cock?

sexual anticipation

You get the idea… Start basic and work your way more advanced. If you’ve never talked about sex much, it could be a bit overwhelming to ask him if he wants to finish on your face…


Understanding The Response

Most guys will be happy to open up and talk sex.

Some will spill their soul and tell you every fantasy they have ever desired, others will be a bit more shy.

If he is shy, that’s okay. You can try asking more detailed questions. But in the end if he doesn’t want to talk about it, don’t force him.

Try other ways of communication like reading his body language or through texting.

Just remember one thing about asking your man what his fantasies are:

If you ask him about a fantasy, you can’t laugh at it or get mad about it.

You’re asking him to open up and reveal something extremely private. It can take you to unexpected places so make sure to always have a very open mind!

I once had a friend ask her man what his deepest darkest fantasy was.

He said he wanted to watch her have sex with a mutual (male) friend of his.

She got really upset and distant from him after that…

Well, that just takes things backwards, nobody wins in that situation and it’s not the man’s fault for being honest or having these fantasies.

Now instead of him having open communication with her he is more likely to hold back and not open up about what he truly wants in bed.

She wanted to know how to please a man and instead made it impossible to learn from him in the future.

Which takes us to our next topic:

Just because he has a fantasy doesn’t mean you have to participate in it.

You can always say no and ask about another fantasy. No harm, no foul.


Pleasing A Man Has Its Limits:

Just because your man has fantasized about something doesn’t mean you have to try it.

This might seem like common sense, but don’t get so wrapped up in trying to please him that you are trying things you don’t feel comfortable with.

In the end, sometimes fantasies are best left fantasies and that’s perfectly okay!


Anticipation: Jeti Mind Tricks To Have Him Near Climax Before You Lay A Hand On Him!

Now that you know how to communicate openly with him about sex. You can find out what he really wants.

But what if you can give him something so amazing, he never knew was even possible? What if he didn’t know to ask for it because he has never had an experience this good?

Its time to step up your sex life with the single most powerful tool possible… The mind.

The mind is naturally wired to want what it can’t have.

We are going to expose that in him like he has never felt before!

If you want to know how to please a man; you need to learn how to build the anticipation!


couples vibrator


How To Build The Anticipation

When I tell you she completely satisfied her man, you’re most likely thinking:


  • She could bend over backwards into the best sex positions.


  • They had sex for hours on end!

However, I’m not talking about any of that (yet)…

When I say “completely” satisfied her man. I mean she knew how to please a man start to finish. Not from when they walk in the bedroom to the point of when he climaxed.

I’m talking about long before they even walk in the bedroom!

Nope, not the hour leading up to it… but 5-10 hours leading up to it.

That’s right, I want you to tease your man starting 10 hours before you even have sex!

How do I do that?

You are going to mentally fuck him before you physically do…

Make it difficult for him to think about anything other than the mind-altering sex your going to have later.

Build the anticipation.


how to please a man


Here are some ways you can do that:

  • Start sending him sexy texts after you part ways for work. Start soft about how you plan to satisfy him later and build into excruciating detailed texts. Telling him the exact way you plan to extract his cum, until the hair on the back of his neck is standing up and chills are running down his back.


  • Ask him questions. Detailed questions about how he wants you to have sex with him later that evening.


  • Send him a dirty picture or describe to him how you are touching yourself and he isn’t there to help.


  • Get him turned on in the morning and send him out the door to work. Denying him the pleasure he wants, making him wait until later to get it.


  • Kiss him, grab him, caress him. But don’t let him touch you back.


  • Send him a picture of the lingerie and sex toys on the bed. Tell him you cant wait to use these on him.


  • Send him a porn clip you want to try. Mark it NSFW so he knows.

Those are just a few examples of how to start things off. After all, if you want to know how to please a man; it starts long before you hit the sheets!


Foreplay: Sex Advice For Women

The best sex advice for women is to stretch the foreplay out.

Guys climax like a champagne bottle popping, while women are more like a boiling pot of water that overflows.

male orgasm

Typically, guys want to rush or skip the foreplay and get right into the penetration.

Don’t let him do that!

“But I thought this was about how to please a man and give him what he wants?”

Denial and longer foreplay is what will make his orgasms more intense. Just because he wants to stick it in right away, doesn’t mean you should give it up that easy. Make him work for it ladies!

The harder he works for it the more satisfying the reward when he orgasms!


Here are some amazing foreplay techniques and tips for beginners:

  • Watch a romantic movie together.


  • Take a warm bath / shower together before you start. This way you know everything’s clean down there too!


  • Share a bottle of wine.


  • Cook him a special dinner…naked!


  • Oil each other up for a nice romantic massage that turns erotic. Happy ending special?


  • Run your fingers through his hair and whisper dirty talk in his ear.


  • Try hot yoga together, or naked yoga at home!


  • Play the “how long can I last before removing our clothes!”


Here are some advanced foreplay techniques to really get his heart pounding:

  • Watch porn together. After the foreplay ends, try reenacting the positions they do!


  • Use a sex toy on each other. Personally the hottest foreplay ever is using a sex toy to build the anticipation of penetration or supplementing the penetration with additional stimulation!


  • Lick and kiss your way down his entire body… Leaving his cock for the last zone!


  • Give him a hand job right up to the point of ejaculation and then stop. Let him calm down before building him back up. Also known as edge play.




  • Talk dirty to him like you’re going to ravage his body!


  • Roleplay and Femdom. Submissive and dominance play. Get the bondage out!


  • Grind on him. When you’re nice and wet, ride his cock without letting him penetrate you!


  • Oil and lube can go so far. Do not ignore it even if you haven’t penetrated each other.

Now that you have some great ideas for foreplay. Make sure to make it last! The longer the foreplay the better!

His body should literally be aching to penetrate you before you let him.

This teasing, anticipation, and extended foreplay, all leads up to how to please a man!

Satisfying your man will be just as fun for you too!

If your man is into oral sex its important not to skip this part. Especially if you want to give him the best sex of his life.


Oral Sex Tips: How To Please Your Man:


how to please a man


Most guys enjoy a mind-numbing blow job.

First, ask your man if it’s okay to go down on him. If you get the nod of approval, get ready to rock his world like never before.

Oral sex can be an easy and fun way to take what he finds to be good sex to life changing sex he will never forget!

So, how do I give a good blowjob?

First, you should learn the anatomy of a penis. The tip, shaft, balls, and perineum. What areas are sensitive, which ones can you apply a lot of pressure and where to use your hands vs. mouth.

This will be specific to your partner but in general; the tip and balls are sensitive, while you can apply slightly more pressure to mid and base of shaft along with perineum.

Next, here are the most important parts of giving the best blowjob ever:

  • Engagement: Want to know how to please a man? Show some effort, show some enthusiastic while giving the blow job. Don’t act like your being forced to do it, show him you want to be doing it. That you want to be pleasing him.


  • Tease him with your tongue. Physically stick your tongue out of your mouth and lick up and down from the base of his shaft to the tip. Flick your tongue back and forth on his tip (the most sensitive zone). Swirl your tongue up and down with long wet strokes!


  • Try starting with your hands, using your hand during the blowjob can both give your mouth a break as well as give him additional stimulation. The grip of your hands can be much more intense then what your mouth can suck. Twist them both around the base of this shaft.


how to please a man


  • Grab his shaft and direct the tip around your tongue in circular motions.


  • Smack the tip against your tongue.


  • Make sure to give him great eye contact! Guys love the show!


oral sex


  • Put the tip of his shaft in your mouth and rub it against the inside of your cheek.


  • Try blowing softly on it to really tease him!


  • Use those hands girl! Fondle his balls and gently massage his perineum while deep throating him.


  • If you dare, you can always massage the rim of his anus or insert a finger if he enjoys anal play!

Now that you got some amazing oral sex tips, give a couple of them a shot!

Remember slapping a cock ring on at the start can keep him more erect, make him last longer, and also provide a intense vibration throughout. Great if your looking for that edge!


Tor ii


The Top 10 Ways To Satisfy Him:

Looking for that quick reference guide? That checklist to hit in order to please him?

Check out the guys top 10 list of requirements for 100% satisfaction guaranteed!


#1 Start by relaxing him both mentally and physically. Make sure you have time carved out, the kids or distractions are gone, and its just the two of you. Soft music, wine, massages, lite the candles. However, you two enjoy relaxing. A stressed man will not receive pleasure as well.


#2 Give him a show. Its called mutual masturbation. You touch yourself while watching him touch himself. It can be the sexiest form of foreplay. Want to really be cruel? Don’t let him touch himself and force him to watch you pleasure yourself.


#3 Use Your Mouth. Most guys love a great blowjob. You don’t have to finish him though, it’s a great form of foreplay that can lead into the most satisfy sex of his life. Want to know how to please a man? Learn his sensitive spots and apply the oral sex tips above.


#4 Let him dominate you. Some guys love to dominate or be dominated. Ask him if he is into that, if so, stock up on your kinky supplies and go to town. Start with bondage, blindfolds, feathers, and gag balls.


#5 Use a sex toy on him! There are amazing sex toys for men out there. Some that feel just as good as a real vagina. Get him nice and hard, lube him up, and gently stroke a penis sleeve up and down around his cock. His back will be arching as he try’s to hold back the most explosive orgasm of his life. What is sexier than your partner slowly stimulating your shaft with the most amazing male sex toy sleeve?


pink lady orginal


#6 Indulge in prostate play. If you guy has never tried anal play, you can open Pandora’s box for him. Start with something small and easy to insert. Let him wear it while he fucks you, making him feel “manly” as this often scares guys away from trying it. Prostate orgasms are the most intense orgasm a guy can have, plus, he can have them as many times in a row as he wants! Prostate orgasms don’t require a recharge time like penis orgasms do.


#7 Indulge his fantasy. “Ask and you shall receive!”


#8 Let him know he pleases you too! Sometimes guys can’t enjoy sex unless they know you are enjoying it too. If you orgasm, make that very apparent. If you’re tuned on show him… Let him feel with his fingers just how wet you are.


#9 Edge him. Guys can get off quick. It can be easy to make him cum. The average time it takes to get a guy off is under 5 minutes. But don’t let him off the hook this easy! Bring him up to climax but don’t let him go over the edge. Hold him there, let him down slowly, only to bring him back up!


10# Build his confidence. After sex, let him know just how good he was. Let him know the parts that made you climax. What turned you on, does he have a nice cock? Does he have firm arms? Its okay to give him nice feedback and complements after. This builds his confidence and will make him more adventurous in the bedroom. You don’t need to go making him feel like god, but a nice gesture here and there is always appreciated.


“I’m Bored, What’s Next”: Easy Tips & Tricks To Keep Things Interesting

Looking for ways to keep things spicy in the bedroom?

Maybe you’ve been in a long term relationship or looking for new ways to please your husband?

Don’t ever let things get dull and mundane… Here are some exciting ways to keep things fresh!


Touch Him In Public:

Public play isn’t for everyone… I get that.

But even public showing off affection can be a nice change of pace.

Try rubbing his leg, groin, or crotch under the table at dinner or at the movies.

Making out at a romantic spot in the park?

If you want to get really risky you can start foreplay in a semi-public area however, I must advice you it is against the law.

Sex toys are a great way to bring a huge boost in pleasure while out in public, but also remaining completely discreet!

Grab a remote-controlled butt plug, remote-controlled ben-wa-ball, or panty vibrator and slide it in your partner before going out. Then send them spine-chilling vibes as you walk through the park, sit through a movie, or at dinner.

how to please a man

Talk about a super sexy way to get you off secretly!


Make Love Not Sex

If you want to know how to please your man, make sure you make love sometimes.

Focus on him and your love for him, not only on the pleasure.

Make it long and passionate. Include lots of eye contact and kissing.


Try New Sex Positions

A list of amazing sex positions requires its own entire blog.

Trying a new sex position can be fun and exciting! See how much pleasure it delivers and if its worth something trying again.

The first time can be a bit awkward depending on the position, but everything is worth a shot at least once. If it doesn’t strike a pleasure note, simply transition out of it.

I love Kinkly’s sex position guide to get new ideas all the time.


Be Spontaneous!

Why does everything always have to be planned?

If you want to know how to satisfy your man, try spontaneous sex!

A great way of being spontaneous is changing up the time of day you decide to do it.

Its most likely you do it at night in bed or maybe even in the morning after waking up.

But when’s the last time you called him at work to meet him at your place for lunch? It’s not lunch your serving but some “afternoon delight”!

Maybe it’s the middle of the day on a Sunday… Jump his bones! He won’t be expecting it, but knowing you still have that fiery passion for him is super sexy!



Ahh the famous quickie. There is an art to pulling off the perfect quickie.

Not everyone understands it but a quickie is not the same as having “fast sex”. Sure it can lead to orgasms, but it also can just be about the foreplay.

Say you’re in a semi-public place or the kids are about to come home. You might not have time for a full-blown sex session.

Just touch him, give him pleasure and if you leave him hanging… Well, that happens… Just make sure he knows you plan to finish him off later and let him ponder that for a couple hours!


His Sensitive Zones: Where To Touch A Guy

If you’re wondering where to touch a guy, there are a lot of places you can pleasure him. It doesn’t always have to be stroking his cock.


how to satisfy a man


Try touching him in these zones for more blended stimulation:

  • Glide your fingers through his hair, especially when he is going down on you.


  • His prostate. The most pleasurable zone of a man! Use a prostate sex toy or your finger.


  • The Raphe. This is the dividing line that runs across the middle of his genitalia from his anus to the tip of his shaft. Use your tongue to trace the line.


  • Inner thighs. The perfect place to tease him leading up to his shaft!


  • Those V-Lines. Straddle him and use your finger tips to trace those v-lines.


how to please a man


  • His Neck. Suck, kiss, and lick his neck.


  • The perineum. The sensitive skin between his anus and balls. Perfect for applying pressure with your fingers while he thrusts into you!


  • Base of his shaft. Use both well lubed hands to twist around the base of his shaft.


  • Tip of his shaft. Much more sensitive, great for use of tongue or sucking on!


  • His testicles. Try fondling them during foreplay, or when you are giving him head.

There are even more erogenous zones if you want to dive deep into new odd areas but still known to bring pleasure. Such as his lower back, ear lobes, and feet.


Full Circle: Learning How to Please Him Is Pleasing You Too!

While you might really want to know how to please your man… It’s not all about him either!

It’s called vicarious pleasure or compersion.

The feeling of pleasure and excitement because you know he is really, really enjoying himself.

So, in other words, pleasing him is also pleasing you. This is what sex is all about!

Hopefully, your man will want to return the favor. You blew his mind, now he wants to send you over the top too.

If so, have him check out this blog on how to please a woman for the best sex.

Try the tactics listed above to really blow his mind and have confidence in your newfound technique. Make sure to comment below if you tried something your man really loved!

If you have any other questions, please leave them in the below comments and I’ll be sure to respond.

Just make sure to take action on at least one thing from the steps above and your man can thank me later 😉


By: Jessica & Lee Founders of Diskret_Adult_Life (Mutual Masturbation)

mutual masturbation


Mutual masturbation is one of the most underrated sex acts imaginable!

Imagine watching your partner touch themselves but you must keep your hands all to yourself! It’s the ultimate tease…

Then when you begin to get extremely turned on, you can start slowly touching yourself. Showing them exactly how you like it done.

It can increase your level of intimacy, spice things up, and lead to extremely powerful orgasms!

Show your partner masturbation is a natural and exciting way to get off together! Not something to be shameful of or hide in privacy.

I’m a firm believer we should be sharing those pleasurable moments with each other!

Let me walk you through exactly what mutual masturbation is and how to make it a toe-curling, pleasurable experience for the both of you!

With these simple tips and techniques, you can avoid some major pitfalls that couples fall into and ruin mutual masturbation forever.

Don’t give it a go without knowing these first (Click to jump to a specific topic):



What is Mutual Masturbation:

Mutual masturbation is the extremely hot act of masturbating together, side-by-side.

Masturbation is the act of touching and stimulating yourself sexually to orgasm (or sometimes not).

Doing it with a partner makes it mutual and is a great way to bring each other closer than ever both physically and mentally.


During mutual masturbation you can:

  • Kiss
  • Erotic Massaging
  • Fingering
  • Handjobs
  • Testicular Massage
  • Use Sex Toys
  • Anal Play
  • Watching Porn
  • Grinding
  • Dry Humping
  • Licking
  • And oh so much more!


mutual masturbating


While mutual masturbation might seem like a new concept, it includes just about everything you’ve most likely already tried (except penetration).

Is penetration allowed during mutual masturbation?

Technically the term “mutual masturbation” does not include penetrative sex, but every time my partner and I start with mutual masturbation it leads to penetrative sex…


Did I just break the rules?

Hell no, there are no “rules” around it. If you want to try mutual masturbation to avoid penetrative sex or because you’re not physically able to have penetrative sex…

Then simply don’t penetrate during or after the masturbating.

How you decided to use mutual masturbation is up to you!

You make the rules, this is simply something that can be used for extreme foreplay and build sexual tension.

Or used to help relive that sexual tension!

Its completely up to you how you want to use this technique!


Together or solo?

Does mutual masturbation mean I can’t touch them? Just stimulate myself?

Remember what I just said about the “rules”?

For mutual masturbation you can keep things separate (you touch yourself, and they touch themselves).

Or you can blend it! Start by touching yourself and watching them, then work your way closer and closer until you are “lending a helping hand” to them as well.

As long as it doesn’t physically involve penetration of your genitals, its still considered mutual masturbation!


What Are The Benefits of Masturbating Together?

It would be easier to cover the things that mutual masturbation doesn’t benefit… But I’ll cover the main benefits most couples find from it. Also, the main benefits I’ve personally found from it.

Here is a list of problems mutual masturbation can help solve:

  • Relieve built up sexual tension
  • Relieve Stress
  • Amazing Form of Foreplay
  • Learn How Your Partner Loves To Be Touched & Stimulated
  • Increase Libido
  • Saving Yourself For Marriage
  • Avoid STI’s
  • Avoid Pregnancy
  • Holding Virginity Until Later
  • Stay Close Even In a Long Distance Relationship
  • Keeping Things New and Exciting In A Long-Term Relationship.


Mutual masturbating had this stigma of “only for teens who are saving themselves”.

I personally think this is a great idea, and even something you can talk to your teen about between ages of 14-19 if you want them to take this alternate route.

But mutually masturbating together has surpassed this stigma and now a lot of couples even those married for decades are having fun with it.


Because it is hot as hell!

Sitting there watching your partner get off is a very intense show… Let me tell you!

I found it’s great for foreplay. While my partner and I have been together for a long time, it was a great way to add some “spice” back in the bedroom.

I could watch her use a vibrator and she could watch me stroke my cock with a masturbation sleeve. This often led to penetrative sex, based on our personal preference.

But it doesn’t have to lead to this…

We just used it as the ultimate foreplay tool before sex.


It’s a great learning tool!

There is no better instructor on how to please your partner, than themselves personally showing you!

Its like having a cheat sheet on the test. She or he is showing you all the answers!

I would watch my partner touch herself and pay close attention. How fast were her fingers moving, was she focusing on penetration or clitoral stimulation? Circular motions or side-to-side?

For couples who don’t like a lot of communication in the bedroom, this is your opportunity to show him or her exactly how you like it done!


Don’t forget to try these hot techniques during mutual masturbation:

When you start mutually masturbating it opens the door for so much more…

Try these sexy techniques to mix it up even more:


Dirty Talk:

Start instructing them exactly what you want to see them do. Maybe you want to see him stroke his cock in a long slow motion, or short and fast? Perhaps you want to see her penetrate herself and rub her g-spot. Softly spoken directions can be a huge turn on for you both!

Another form of dirty talk is asking them how your doing. How are they enjoying the show? Do you like it when you play with yourself in that manor?


Sex Toys:

Mutually masturbating cannot be complete without your favorite sex toys!

For one, its extremely hot to watch your partner use a sex toy on themselves. But secondly, it just makes it that much more enjoyable for you both.

Why not bring the most pleasure possible?

Plus, if you plan to actually mutual masturbate to orgasm, for most women a vibrator will do this in the quickest fashion. For some women its even a necessity to use one for clitoral stimulation.

I highly recommend a penis sleeve for men. I personally enjoy the stroker for simplicity or if you’re more experienced something like the hot octopuss has some amazing features.


hot octopuss


Women have a world of options, but I like it best when my partner uses something small that allows me to see what’s going on. For that reason, I love it when she uses something like the tango bullet vibrator or digit finger vibrator.


Hot Octopuss Digit


Control Their Orgasm:

One way to mutually masturbate is by controlling their sex toy to edge them near orgasm.

Some vibrators offer a controller with them. That allows you to control the pattern and intensity of the toy your partner is using!

Bring on the intense vibrations until you see them near orgasm, then back off to something softer.

Talk about the ultimate tease!

Check out these sex toys below that offer this feature:

orgasm control


I can go “ohh so many ways” with this! But adding some light bondage in with the mutual masturbation can be really sexy!

If you thought watching your partner masturbate would be hot, imagine tying them up and “forcing” them to masturbate. While you’re not actually forcing them… open communication is important in determining what goes and doesn’t.

The idea is it can look and feel like they are being held in erotic positions that also pleasure them!

My personal favorite is tying her up with an extremely powerful wand vibrator strapped to her leg. This applies pressure from the wand directly on her clitoris and prevents it from moving anywhere else!


wand vibrator


Watching her moan with pleasure as she has no option but to sit there and take the intense vibration to orgasm; is hands down one of the sexiest things I’ve done to her.

You can also tie them in a way that forces them to touch you, or leaves them exposed for you to touch them!


Orgasm Control:

Teasing your partner to just before orgasm and then letting them sit there. Its called “edging” and it’s a fun game to bring your partner up, down, and back up again. The orgasms that come after edging multiple times are extremely powerful and often lead to female ejaculation!

Try this on your partner for an over the top, full body, eye-rolling experience!



Want to give that naughty nurse costume a try?

As if you needed an excuse… Mutual masturbation is the perfect time to introduce some roleplaying.


Costumes are fun but often hard to actually have sex in. This way you can dress up and touch yourself without having to get into any difficult sex positions with it on!


Good Sex Positions for Mutual Masturbation:

Speaking of sex positions… What are the best sex positions for mutual masturbation?


1.) Sit Facing Eachother

mutual masturbation position

2.) Laying side-by-side

mutual masturbation position

3.) Standing Air Masturbating

mutual masturbation position

4.) The Love Chair

mutual masturbation position

5.) Damn Girls!


Mutual Masturbation Porn (NSFW LINKS)

While this blog probably isn’t safe for work anyway, here you go.

These pornographic links show mutual masturbation at it’s finest!

(Copy and paste them into your URL, a direct link can flag my blog) (NSFW) (NSFW) (NSFW)

These links show you visually some couples that know how mutual masturbating works.

So, take a tip or two from them, or watch it with your partner while you reenact it.

Watching porn together can be a huge turn on. But having it on in the background while you start masturbating each other can be super sexy too!


Lesbian mutual masturbation

lesbian masturbating

Lesbian mutual masturbation is not much different than straight couple masturbating.

The main difference is you really won’t be having penis penetrative sex, unless using some form of strap-on.

In that case I highly recommend this double-sided dildo. The lesbian reviews are out of this world and its unique in the fact its penetrating both of you during use.

double dildo

Start without penetration, move to using a sex toy, possibly a sex toy on each other, before using something like the double-sided dildo.

If only one of you prefers penetration, something like a harness and dildo can be used. Here is the most popular, comfortable fitting one I’ve found.

Spareparts Tomboi Harness, sex toys for lesbians

Anal Play:

Guy or girl… Who doesn’t love a little anal play in their life?!

This is the perfect time to introduce anal beads or butt plugs.

You will be masturbating in front of your partner, nothing is sexier than them knowing they have a butt plug in while doing so.

This also leads to blended orgasms!

These are powerful orgasms brought on by stimulating two things at once. Such as anus and clit, anus and penis, or anus and vaginal penetration.

So, if your into anal play, don’t forget to throw that in your masturbation sessions!

Just remember, one anal toy per person. The bacteria on the toy is specific to your own body and should never be shared with your partner during the same masturbation session.

If you want to share it, make sure it is properly cleaned in between exchange of use.


Long Distance Couple Masturbation

Are you traveling for work?

Are you in a relationship with someone far away?

Keep your sex life alive and well with mutual masturbation.

With todays technology, a long distance relationship can still be extremely hot!

The key is using a phone, cam, or remote-controlled sex toy.

Nothing is stopping you from talking to your partner, seeing your partner, and even helping pleasure your partner with these devices!

Mix in some dirty talk over the phone and take turns giving or receiving instructions about what to do. Video calls are even better!


Mutual Masturbation Makes Sex Better!

Wait a minute… Did you just say better?

Yes! Its more likely that both men and women experience stronger orgasms during masturbation than they have during regular intercourse!

How does that work?

When you’re flying solo you have time to focus on building your sexual arousal levels, stroking all the right places at exactly the right time, and have immediate feedback if something is working well or not.

Unless your partner can read minds, only you are able to do this!

So, this is your time to show your partner what gives you earth-shattering orgasms. That way he or she can repeat these tactics later!


How To Start Mutual Masturbating:


mutual masturbating


How do I tell my partner I want to give mutual masturbation a go?

Will he or she think its really weird?

Sure, you can communicate very openly and just say tell your partner you saw this article and wanted to give it a go. But if you are concerned with the reaction, you can try some more “round-about” ways to giving it a try.



We all do it in one form or another… Sending your partner sexy texts is a great way to build sexual anticipation.

I use it as a form of foreplay! I start sexting her early in the morning, we are both so worked up by the time we get home, we skip dinner and go right for dessert!

The next time you are sexting, tell them you want to watch them get off without having sex.

This will allow you to feel out your partners response. If they find it weird, you can explain to them the benefits, or just laugh it off and pursue it at another time.


No-Touching Rule

It’s a dangerous game…

Try going an entire session without actually touching your partner!

This way they have no choice but to watch you get off as you watch them get off!

It can be a huge tease, turn-on, and lead to mind-blowing orgasms for the both of you!


Watching her masturbate (Tips For Him)


masturbating together


Is it weird just watching her masturbate?

What should I do with my hands?

How do I react?

The first time might seem a little awkward. Just imagine how awkward your first time doing anything with a partner was. Your first kiss, first time having sex, first time dancing…

Typically most things are not a homerun the first time. But mutual masturbation has got to be one of the easiest things to hit a grand slam on the first go.

Why is that?

You only need to touch yourself!

Don’t worry about pleasing her, just focus on the show she is giving you while you please yourself.

The biggest thing is timing. You don’t want to cum super fast and then sit there for 20 minuites while she works her way up to an orgasm.

Chances are it takes her longer to get there than you. So, control your orgasm.

Take your time and slowly build your stimulation. Build it until you feel like you might orgasm and then stop. Simply take a break!

I try to hold off until she orgasms. Watching her orgasm usually sets me over the top anyway.

If you are using a penis sleeve, it can be really hard to hold off. If your able to… I’ve actually climaxed right away, took a 10 minute break just watching her before starting again on myself.

If you time it out right, and she takes awhile to orgasm, you can sometimes squeeze two in for her one. Just make sure you communicate that plan ahead of time because otherwise she might try to rush since you’ve already came.


If you decided to help her with the masturbation:

During mutual masturbation some guys can’t help but give her a lending hand.

If that’s the route you want to take, here are a few major tips:


Focus on her clit:

There are 8,000 nerve endings packed into the clitoris.

Over 70% of women require some form of clitoral simulation in order to get off.


clitoral stimulation


In other words, don’t ignore the clit guys!

You can start by caressing her vaginal lips and moving your fingers in small circular motions with medium pressure.

Ask her to show you the exact speed and location she desires it.

Have her even place her hand on top of yours to help guide you in the right spot!

Adjust speed, pressure, and motion according to her body signals.


Lube Helps!

One of the most popular masturbation techniques for women is applying pressure in small circular motions over the clit with the index and middle finger together.

This masturbation technique feels so much better with just a dab of lube applied! Not all women can produce huge quantities of natural lube all on their own.

Oil based lubes will last longer but can stain the sheets, so make sure a towel is down first if that’s the route you want to go.


all natural lubricant


Stimulate her U-Spot:

The U-spot is a small area of skin under her clitoris and above her urethra.

This area is extremely sensitive for most women. A properly lubed up finger should do the trick. Otherwise a more broad head vibrator is sure to hit the sensitive zone.

With a little practice the vibrating head or “rabbit ears” will hit her u-spot and create a strong sensation that feels amazing when combined with some penetration of the vibrator shaft or your fingers!


Use a Vibrator:

Want to know the easiest way to get her off?

It’s not rocket science here… A vibrator can simply do so many things our hands are not capable of.

It can vibrate, thrust, stimulate multiple zones simultaneously.

Here is the best vibrator for beginners. Those looking for something basic, easy to use, and provide a great boost of pleasure during mutual masturbation. Its called the Gigi 2. The tip is broad and curved for great g-spot stimulation or clitoral stimulation. It’s smaller in size and super easy to control.

If you’re more experienced or know she requires something more extreme. Check out this vibrator by FemmeFunn. This thing can do it all! It vibrates, thrusts, ribbed for stimulation, and provides both internal and external pleasure! This will absolutely blow her socks off!


esszenza vibrator


Watching Him Masturbate (Tips For Her)



Don’t worry ladies, he isn’t judging you or how you look while you masturbate.

He is enjoying the show and will display that further as he cant resist touching himself in the process.

If you’re super concerned or nervous about masturbating in front of him, make sure to keep the communication open.

Ask him, do you like it when I do this? What do you want me to do to myself? What should I do with this vibrator in my hand?


If you want to help stimulate him check out these simple but effective tips:


Ask him to show you:

Ask him to show you how he likes his shaft gripped an stroked.

Take note of his grip. Is it just his fingers? Does he focus on the tip, entire shaft, balls, or perineum? Does he have short fast strokes or long full strokes?

You can replicate this later now that you know he likes it like that.


Make sure to lube up:

No guy likes a rough, dragging, hand job. Its best when it replicates the inside of moist vagina right?

Well if you’re using your hand or masturbation sleeve, make sure to lube it up really well!

There is no such thing as too much lube in this case.

You can use a water-based lube or oil-based lube. If using a silicone masturbation sleeve stick with a water-based lube as the harsh oil-based lube can break down the surface of the sex toy over an extended amount of time.

Different Strokes For Different Fokes!

During mutual masturbation make sure to change up your grip. The standard 5 finger death grip might feel good for a bit but it gets old.

Every guy has a different “preferred” stroke.

Make sure you’re not squeezing his shaft to hard or stroking to fast. It’s better when the hand job is built up over time leading to an explosive orgasm. Plus, you don’t want him feeling any discomfort during the process either!

Switch your strokes and grip while asking for feedback. If he doesn’t enjoy it just simply move on. Find one he really likes and stick with it a bit. His body language will also be a dead giveaway.

Don’t worry if he decides to take over just before orgasm and ejaculation. A lot of men like to control the pressure applied at this point for maximum pleasure!

If you’re concerned you’re doing it wrong. Just sit back and touch yourself. Take mental note of exactly how he does it.


Tease His Perineum:

The perineum is a soft patch of skin located between his scrotum and anus. When stimulated properly it can send huge waves of pleasure throughout his core.

During mutual masturbation make sure to take note of his perineum, just as you wish he takes note of your clitoris or g-spot.

Gently pressing your fingertips or a sex toy on this area is an awesome way to make standard handjobs 10x better!

If you want to introduce a vibrating prostate massager into your masturbating session, have it buzz here first. Get him nice and turned on. Then slowly insert into his rectum.

The perineum is a great way to transition from penis stimulation to anus stimulation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Still nervous to give mutual masturbation a try?

No worries, here are some of the commonly asked questions I hope I can fully answer for you!


Why Should I Try Mutual Masturbation?



When practiced safely, masturbating together is a great way to change things up. Instead of always having penetrative sex, try this and you still get the pleasure of orgasming!

It also doesn’t expose yourself to STD’s or risk of HIV and unplanned pregnancy.

Ready to explore your new fantasy?


Is Mutual Masturbation Safe?

Yes! Although some STDs can be transmitted through skin contact, masturbating together is far less risky than penetrative sex.

If you have cuts or abrasions on your skin, remember you could still contract an STD or HIV if you come in contact with another individuals bodily fluids.


Who Should Try Mutual Masturbation?

Anyone and everyone!

That’s the beauty of it! You can do it from long-distance, couples who want to wait to have penetrative sex, or couples who have been together a life time but looking for something new!

It’s a safe and extremely pleasurable way to tease and learn from your partner!

Masturbation is not something that is meant to always be practiced by thee lonesome!


If you have any questions please leave a comment below and I will happily answer them the same day!


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By: Jessica & Lee Founders of Diskret_Adult_Life (Premature Ejaculation)

premature ejaculation

Its time to face the facts on premature ejaculation.

While its very common and nothing to be ashamed of, most men ignore it or don’t want to talk about it.

Guys, this is the worst approach possible!

It can be anywhere from a nuisance to destroy your life; and everywhere in-between.

Premature ejaculation can affect your mood, health, confidence, mindset, and above all your relationships.

It’s important to understand what it is, who has it, and how to cure it. 

According to a recent study by everdayhealth premature ejaculation is considered the most common type of male sexual dysfunction in men under 55. Doctors estimate between 33% of all men experience premature ejaculation at some point.

pemature ejaculation statistics

Men living with premature ejaculation face a great deal of emotional turmoil. Living in distress, embarrassment, and lack of control.

Its time to understand exactly what P.E. is, how to treat it, and above all cure it. While I am not a doctor, I will show you some of the best techniques and methods in the bedroom to STOP premature ejaculation forever. I have been in the sex industry long enough to not only see all the cases but help men like you cure them.

My main focus is to show you ways to please your partner without the use of medication, therapy, and long doctor visits.

If you use my techniques and methods but continue to have problems, I will show you the top medication to help treat it as well. But the combination of medication and my methods produce insane results.

So, whether you want to try something before taking pills, or are already taking the pills but they don’t work; mastering my techniques will help solve all your bedroom problems!

I have helped hundreds of men spark that fire back in the bedroom, satisfy their partner like never before, and shown them the tools and techniques to last longer than ever.

So, If you want to know how to last longer in bed, give your partner mind-blowing orgasms like never before, and live a long healthy sexual lifestyle… You’ve come to the right place!


Premature ejaculation meaning:

What is premature ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is the release of semen sooner than a man or his partner would like during sexual intercourse.

premature ejaculation

There is no set time limit for satisfying your partner, that would “qualify” you as suffering from premature ejaculation. It is simply based on what you and your partner require to remain sexually satisfied.

However, I can tell you according to research studies women believe 13-20 minutes is considered adequate to get the job done and become satisfied.

But in reality; on average couples only last 5.8 minutes! What a shame… This is mainly due to the man orgasming before the woman. Hence, premature ejaculation.

premature ejaculation

The penis is biologically designed to not feel good thrusting after climax, often leading to no longer remaining erect after orgasming. So how do I still satisfy her?!

P.E. can be frustrating if it makes sex less enjoyable and impacts your relationship and love life.

In the U.S. alone about 1 out of every 3 men between the ages of 18 to 55 have problems with P.E.

While most think the problem is just psychological, biology may play a large factor as well.


How Does P.E. Work?

Ejaculation is controlled by the mans central nervous system. When men are sexually stimulated, signals are sent to his spinal cord and brain.

Giving him one hell of a release!

When you reach that pinnacle moment of excitement, signals are sent from your brain to your genitals. This causes semen to be released through your shaft.

Ejaculation is broken into two phases; emission and expulsion.

Emission is when the sperm moves from testicles to the prostate and mixes with the seminal fluid.

Expulsion is when the muscles at the base of your penis contract. This forces the semen out during climax.


Premature Ejaculation Causes:

Before we get into how to cure premature ejaculation, we need to understand what causes it.

  • Biological

Biologically speaking, the exact cause of P.E. is not known, but serotonin may play a big role in it. Serotonin is a natural substance made by nerves. Lower amounts of it in the brain have a direct correlation with premature ejaculation. If you have higher levels of serotonin you typically last longer in bed.

  • Psychological

Mental health can play a large role in P.E. as well. Here are some of the most common causes of premature ejaculation from mental stressors:

  • Temporary Depression
  • Stress
  • Guilt
  • Unrealistic Expectations In The Bedroom
  • History Of Sexual Repression
  • Overall Lack Of Confidence
  • Relationship Problems
  • Nerves
  • Sexual Anticipation
  • Built Up Sexual Tension


  • Age

Premature ejaculation can happen at any age. There is no direct correlation between how old you are and when you experience it, despite the common misconception it happens when you’re younger.

For older men, the feeling before ejaculation might get shorter. Erections might not last as long, and the change in how your body responds to a climax as you age can naturally lead to P.E.


The Effects of P.E.

The severity of premature ejaculation will determine how much it effects your lifestyle.

For some men it’s a minor nuisance that pops up once in a while. But for some guys it’s a daily struggle that can rip apart their life.

While we sometimes joke about it with friends, dealing with P.E. no matter the severity is no joke. It can make you lose closeness with your sexual partner or loved one. Making you feel distant both inside and outside the bedroom.

premature ejaculation

P.E. can leave you feeling exhausted, fed up, angry, ashamed, and even turn you against your partner. While you know its not your fault and you cant control it, this frustration can lead to inherently pushing your partner away.

It doesn’t only affect you; PE can cause your partner to feel less connected, hurt, and distant.

This is why its important we help your situation!

I want to help you minimize if not cure you’re PE all together.

Even if we don’t “cure” your premature ejaculation, I am sure through using my methods you can feel more confident in the bedroom, last longer, and leave your partner sexually satisfied.

It’s time to feel that bond with your partner like never before. Nothing is sexier than watching her climax time and time again all at your own hand, cock, or toy.

So, lets focus on not only managing your premature ejaculation but destroying it once and for all!


Managing Premature Ejaculation Naturally:

I highly recommend you try these self-treatment methods and techniques to solving your premature ejaculation before moving to drugs.

If you already take medication, these techniques will only help you even more.

But I get it… We don’t really want to talk to our doctor about P.E. and start taking daily drugs for it. I’m with you. However, if you try all these technique and methods and are still not satisfied you should talk to your doctor.

We can help a lot, but ultimately if a conversation with your doctor can restore your love life or mend a relationship, it is well worth it.


Communication With Your Partner is Key:

The first part to managing your premature ejaculation is communication.

Did I just say the “C” word?

Yes, and you need to get over it.

If you want things to work well with your partner you should always be communicating in the bedroom. Not just about specific sexual acts, positions, and techniques. But the elephant in the room, your P.E. should be talked about!

How the hell do I bring that up?

Good question.

Here is what I’ve done in the past and it seemed to transition fairly smooth. However, you know your partner best and how to bring this up will be slightly unique for each of you.

I was in a fairly new relationship and it was only our second or third time having sex. The nerves were still there, the sexual tension was high, and my confidence wasn’t the best.

Well I came after about 10 thrusts into her and was embarrassed to say the least. I made light of the situation saying something like “well that was quick, I’m surprised you held up for that long” or something to that affect.

She smirked, but I could tell she was left disappointed. I then mentioned how that happens to me sometimes and how common it is among all men.

I explained how I can still satisfy her if I do cum to early. How we can both end sexually satisfied, and specific techniques we can try to make me last longer.

I explained how I didn’t want to leave her “hanging” meaning I came but she didn’t.

Together you can solve the problem. Openly talking about it takes that awkwardness away the next time it happens and lets you both relax.

Relaxing is the most important step, worrying about your sexual performance only makes premature ejaculation worse!

couples vibrator


Relax, Its Only P.E.

A major step in managing your P.E. is relaxing about it.

Nerves and stress is a huge factor when it comes to premature ejaculation. Constantly worrying about it is not a management tool, its actually making it worse!

Communicating about it is key. This is the first step to relaxing. You and your partner know it’s a possibility and can take the right steps in managing it naturally.

If premature ejaculation does occur, I will give you the tools to leave everyone satisfied. That way, you keep your confidence intact and this whole P.E. thing becomes less of problem.


How To Self-treatment Premature Ejaculation:

I am not a doctor nor do I claim to be. But I have helped hundreds of men manage, self-treat, and eliminate their PE all together.

I have years of experience working with the top sex therapists, sexologists, and sex bloggers in the industry. Many help men just like you and I manage or eliminate premature ejaculation through natural self-treatment.

You would be surprised at the drastic effect these methods can have on your sex life!

Let’s start with the most common methods to treat P.E.


Orgasm Control- Squeeze Method:

You are the master of your own orgasm!

Its time to take control of your orgasm.

Just exactly how can I do that?

The main method used to control your orgasm and help delay premature ejaculation is called the “squeeze method”.

This is where you or a partner stimulates your penis. You continue to stimulate it until just before you orgasm, then you squeeze your shaft firmly. This squeeze allows you to remain semi-turned on but doesn’t overstimulate you to the point of climax.

Once you relax a bit, start stimulating your shaft again, and squeeze when you’re about to orgasm again. Continue to do this over and over, about 3 separate times.

It not only allows your mind to understand when you’re about to orgasm, it helps train you to relax, stop, and calm down before you climax.

In the bedroom you can then thrust away until you feel the climax coming on. When you are near your premature ejaculation you can stop and take a break before starting back up again.

This helps train your body and mind to last longer in bed and satisfy your partner like never before!

Pro Tip: Masturbation seems to be the best time to practice this method, and a masturbation sleeve works the best for it. However, if you are very open with your partner about P.E. let them use this method on you, it will be a big turn on for them as well.

Man Wand Starter Stroker



The best way to understand your orgasm and control it is through practice!

Your homework assignment is to get the a really good masturbation sleeve and start whacking off with it. This is the easiest homework you’ve ever been told to do!

A good masturbation sleeve will feel as good, if not better than the real thing! Some you can adjust the suction on to really ramp up the stimulation. If you can train yourself to last with one of these, well… You’ll be able to go all night with her then!

My favorite masturbation sleeve for this is either the Turbo fleshlight or the Vibrating Flip Zero Black. These can create mind-blowing stimulation that make even the pros only last a few minutes unless trained properly.

Fleshlight Turbo Iginition

Check out the vibrating one for even more extreme pleasure!


Masturbate Before:

Might be best to communicate this one to your partner. Explain you’re worried about premature ejaculation and you would like to masturbate a few hours before you decided to do it with them.

This way your body has already had a sexual release and you’ll be able to last longer with them. It does take some understanding of your own body to time this out right, but masturbating before can be a huge help.

Let your partner know you want that release early on to be able to last longer with them and maybe they will even give you a hand with the early masturbation session too!

This can also be a good time to use the masturbation sleeve if you want to overstimulate then relax for a bit before overstimulating with your partner.

Pelvic Floor Exercises:

Same as a women might do kegel exercises to strengthen her vaginal muscles, men can do these to help delay ejaculation:

Find Them: To identify your pelvic floor muscles, stop urination in midstream or tighten the muscles that keep you from passing gas. These maneuvers use your pelvic floor muscles. Once you’ve identified your pelvic floor muscles, you can do the exercises in any position, although you might find it easier to do them lying down at first.

Perfect your technique: Tighten your pelvic floor muscles, hold the contraction for three seconds, and then relax for three seconds. Try it a few times in a row. When your muscles get stronger, try doing Kegel exercises while sitting, standing or walking.

Focus: Maintain your focus. For best results, focus on tightening only your pelvic floor muscles. Be careful not to flex the muscles in your abdomen, thighs or buttocks. Avoid holding your breath. Instead, breathe freely during the exercises.

Repeat 3 times a day. Aim for at least three sets of 10 repetitions a day.


Extended Foreplay:

One of the best possible ways to self-treat premature ejaculation is to make the situation with your partner fit your own situation.

If you don’t last long in bed… That’s okay! Make the situation so you don’t need to last long.


Extended foreplay.

For example, one time I started texting my girlfriend early in the morning. Letting her know how bad I wanted it. Getting her thinking about sex all day long. I sexted her more and more throughout the day.

Then I set up the apartment with her favorite candles, drawing a warm bath and cracking a bottle of her favorite wine.

After her bath I rubbed her body in a long sensual massage. Then when she was extremely relaxed, I turned on this finger vibrator. I continued massage her body as I slowly worked the vibrator over her clitoris.


I got her near climax and backed off about 3 times before she couldn’t take it any longer. She wanted me in her so bad.

So, I finally penetrated her for about 80 seconds before she boiled over the top in the most intense, full body orgasm of her life.

Good think it only took me 80 seconds of thrusting because I didn’t last long after she came.

But we were both left sexually satisfied and closer than ever before.

You see; if you build sexual tension and stimulate her long before you penetrate her, you don’t need very long to satisfy her. Once she was satisfied, she doesn’t care how long I lasted!


Use A Sex Toy!

The best way to satisfy your partner without the risk of premature ejaculation is by using a sex toy.

You can use vibrators, dildos, anal beads, butt plugs, or ben wa balls to satisfy her. Or a cock ring to satisfy him.

penis girth enhancer

Use a sex toy to build them so close to orgasm it only takes you a few thrusts to send them over the top, or use a sex toy on them after you’ve climaxed to finish them off. Nobody should be left sexually frustrated!


Cock rings

Cock rings are a single band that wraps around the base of your shaft. These are amazing for any man who suffers from premature ejaculation!

Rianne S Cock Ring, quiet vibrator

They are a sex toy originally designed to help stimulate her during penetrative sex. She doesn’t need to know it’s also helping you in the process!

When blood flows into penis making it erect, the cock ring helps keep it in. This makes you harder than ever before, last longer than ever before, and your orgasms become very intense!

Not to mention stimulating her clit in the process!

Here is the ultimate guide on cock rings if you’re interested.


Penis Extenders:

Want to satisfy your partner while receiving next to no actual stimulation, yet still penetrate them?!

It’s a tall task.

But penis extenders and penis sleeves allow you to do exactly that.

Think of a very thick condom that has texture to satisfy your partner, length for deep penetration, and additional girth.

Adams Extension

Yes, in a matter of seconds you can add 2 inches in length, 2 inches in diameter, and add satisfy texture to your cock!

But the best part about it… you feel next to nothing while penetrating with it on. This allows you to stay hard and penetrate until your heart desires! Without the use of pills or medication.

When you’re ready to cum, simply slide the penis sleeve off and start using your own cock for direct stimulation.

Want the penis sleeve but with some stimulation? There are specific ones that leave your sensitive tip still exposed. These allow you to feel some good stimulation without the whole thing!

colt slammer


Solutions To Premature Ejaculation

If you’ve tried the self-treatment forms above but need even more. You can supplement with medication. Below are some of the most popular forms of medication for premature ejaculation.



Many medications might delay orgasm. Although none of these drugs are specifically approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat premature ejaculation, some are used for this purpose, including antidepressants, analgesics and phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors. These medications might be prescribed for either on-demand or daily use, and might be prescribed alone or in combination with other treatments



Becoming extremely popular among men, wipes can help numb and delay your ejaculation.

These wipes like a condom come in a simple rip and tear package to make things simple.

We have no association with them, but the most popular ones right now are getroman. Here is a link if interested.



Want to try an at home remedy first? While none of these are “doctor approved” I’ve seen some decent results and reviews around these.


Zinc Remedy:

Zinc not only supports healthy immunity and cell growth, the essential mineral also helps produce testosterone as well as boost your libido and energy. Research has found a linkTrusted Source between zinc deficiency and sexual dysfunction in men, so taking 11 milligrams of zinc per day — the recommended amount — may improve ejaculation time.


Chinese home remedy:

A weekly or daily dose of Chinese herbal medicine — in particular, Yimusake tablets or Qilin pills — may treat premature ejaculation by boosting sexual stamina and improving energy. That same Sexual Medicine study found that different types of Chinese herbal medicine can increase ejaculation time by about two minutes.


How to prevent premature ejaculation Conclusion

There is no excuse for letting premature ejaculation ruin your life and relationship. There are many ways to at least try curing it.

While it might not make you a god in the bedroom and last as long as you want then cum on demand, you do have options.

You can try extended foreplay, techniques, sex toys, medication, and natural treatments.

Premature ejaculation happens to 1 in 3 guys, its nothing to be ashamed of and should be communicated openly with your partner.

Let them know it happens and to what degree. Work together to come to a solution that leaves you both sexually satisfied without compromising your confidence.

So, if you want to last longer in bed and give her powerful orgasms time and time again, make a plan and stick to it.

Take control of your orgasm once and for all!


Remember to spread the love! Share this blog with #diskretadultlife on any major social media and we will pick a winner each month for a free high quality Cock Ring!


By: Jessica & Lee Founders of Diskret_Adult_Life (How to make a girl orgasm)

So, you want to know how to make a girl orgasm? Or do you really want to know how to give her uncontrollable full-body orgasms that last for what seem like hours?!

Okay guys, first you need to understand the female orgasm comes in a huge variety of forms. Everything from a quick “okay” orgasm to a body convulsing, squirting orgasm do exist. Plus, everything in between.

Not only are their varying degrees of pleasure and length of time her orgasm can last but also completely different sensations depending on how you bring her to climax.

A clitoral orgasm feels totally different than a g-spot orgasm which is different than a blended orgasm. One might stem from her core and consume her entire being, while others from standard penetration might feel good, they come and go in a flash.

I will not only explain the basics around how to make a girl orgasm, I will also show you different ways to bring her to climax, and the best way to make her orgasm!

Its time to learn from the experts who have over 10 years in the sex industry and consult hundreds of the top sex bloggers and sexologists in the world.

Guys, its time to stop being intimidated by the “female orgasm”.

With these simple methods and techniques, you can easily make any girl orgasm. It takes a bit of time, practice, and patience but you can do it!

So, let’s get started on your journey to complete and utter sexual satisfaction!

how to make a girl squirt

How to make a girl cum 101:

It doesn’t matter if it’s your wife of 30 years, or a girl you meet last night to take home. The principle around how to make a girl cum are all the same.

Only a few things might be “tweaked” if its your first time with her:

  • Communication
  • Confidence
  • Nerves
  • Routine


Which I will explain in detail later.

But the very first thing in order to make any girl cum is setting the proper preparation upfront.


How To Make A Girl Orgasm By Setting The Stage:

Is the halftime show of the Superbowl done outside in the parking lot of the stadium?

No, the anticipation and advertising is displaying months in advance, the stage is assembled on the 50 yard line, and a coordinated show of skill and talent takes place.

Guys, you need to “set the stage” in order to make a girl relax, feel comfortable, accept pleasure, and ultimately orgasm.

How the hell do I do that?


Build The Sexual Anticipation:

If done properly, the art of building sexual tension and anticipation can become explosive in the bedroom.

You don’t need to last 2 hours in the bedroom in order to make a girl cum.

Actually, when you build sexual anticipation properly, you might only need 2 minutes in the bedroom!

The idea is simple; the mind is the most powerful tool to get women off.

They need to be turned on, looking forward to what’s coming, and open to receiving pleasure.

Start by texting her early in the day. Let her know you are thinking of her. Throughout the day ramp up the small talk into dirty talk.

Ask her how she wants it. See what kind of sex toys she wants to use. What type of sex positions does she want to try?

Get her turned on hours before you even meet in the bedroom. Have her focusing on sex, you, the pleasure, and the orgasm long before it takes place.

Eye contact, physical contact like a brush of her hair or slapping her butt (if appropriate) and kissing/making out are all great ways to build the sexual anticipation.

Try texting her a romantic quote, or a kinky quote. Send her a kinky photo (doesn’t have to be of yourself).

Send her a photo or link to a new sex toy you want to try out or purchased for her.

Tag her in a social media photo that is sexy…

There are tons of ways to get her thinking about the mind-blowing sex you will be having later. Get her imagination going and you’re already halfway there to making her cum!


Show Her You Care:

Guys, it’s not cliché. You need to show her you put some thought into the night.

Setting the proper environment is very important to letting her relax and stay turned on.

Put the effort in and reap the rewards!

Lite some candles or the fireplace. Dim the lights. Pour some wine. Draw her a warm bath. Set out some new lingerie or sex toys you got her.

These are all examples of small things you can do ahead of time to show her you care. They both excite her and relax her. If you want to know how to make a girl orgasm, it is a combination of things leading up to the pleasure that play the largest role. 


Get Her To Relax & Feel Comfortable:

Now that her imagination has been fantasizing all day about what you’re going to do to her, and she walks into a well thought out environment. It’s time to get her to relax and feel comfortable.

If she is more comfortable at her place or in her bed, go there. But if she doesn’t mind coming to your place, you can take the extra effort to set some things out for her.

What makes her relax? Both body and mind.

It could be a cocktail, bath, movie, soft music, joint, yoga, a long massage….

waterproof vibrators

Whatever it is, your job is to get her to relax and feel comfortable while being close to you.

Don’t rush her in the door and strip her clothes off immediately. Set it up right, make her wait, tease her, and comfort her. Get her body ready for the pleasure that is about to overcome her entire being!


The Female Orgasm Unveiled:

You can make a girl climax in a variety of ways. All will yield different pleasure sensations and a different type of orgasm.

The orgasm could be soft or hard. It could last a lifetime or a mere moment. You could make her scream with pleasure from a fast orgasm or deep moaning from slow overflowing orgasms. The orgasm could stem from her toes through her head or be focused all in the core genitals.

Here are the different types of orgasms and how they will make her respond:

panty details

Clitoral Stimulation Orgasm:

Want her to orgasm fast?

Clitoral stimulation is one of the fastest ways to get women off.

In fact 7 out of 10 women require clitoral stimulation in order to climax during sex!

clitoral stimulation

It’s no secret why… The clitoris is a “nub” towards the top of the vagina that can be exposed externally. When stimulated properly it can bring her huge waves of pleasure.

Anatomy wise, the clitoris has no purpose other than for pure pleasure. It is packed full of nerves!

But a common misconception is the exposed nub is all there is to the clit. However, the clitoris has “roots” these run about 4 inches back and spread the outside wall of the vaginal lining.

If you uses your hands, tongue, or cock ring you can stimulate the nub, but if you want to truly give her a clitoral orgasm your going to need more than that.

Some clitoral sex toys are designed to not only stimulate the nub but all the way down to the roots as well.

These sex toys use “pulse wave technology” a fancy way of saying it oscillates air back and forth to create a suction that encompasses the nub and vibrates down through the roots.

The most popular clitoral sex toy for this is the Womanizer.

clitoral stimulator vibrator

The womanizer is called the “90 second orgasm toy” for a reason…

If you want to know how make a female orgasm fast, the womanizer is your answer! It delivers intense overwhelming clitoral pleasure that no woman can deny makes them orgasm fast!

When a female orgasms from clitoral stimulation she will feel it on the surface of her body. Like a tinly feeling along her skin and in her brain.

G-Spot Orgasm:

The famous G-Spot! Is it real? Where is it located? How does it feel? How can I stimulate it?

While a lot of reports or articles say the G-spot isn’t real… It’s actually a physical part of anatomy and scientifically proven that a spot inside the front vaginal wall can create intense pleasurable sensations.

So, if you want to know how to make a girl orgasm hard, the G-spot is located about 3-4 inches inside her vagina facing up towards her stomach. It is a small patch that has the consistency of a raspberry.

The G-spot orgasm is often associated with “squirting” or female ejaculation. Typically stimulating the G-spot in an edge play fashion is the most likely way to get her to squirt. Here is a full blog if you’re interested.

girl cumming

I’ve tried many ways, and nothing can stimulate the G-spot like a g-spot sex toy. Sorry guys, but your fingers swirling around can only do so much. They don’t have the girth, length, consistency, or vibration that most g-spots require to orgasm.

FemmeFunn ultra rabbit, ultra rabbit, rabbit vibrator

Here is a list of my top 10 favorite g-spot vibrators if you’re interested.  

If you want to stimulate yourself, while its more difficult, it can be done. The best sex positions for g-spot orgasms are doggie style, or rear entry. But missionary probably won’t do your g-spot any favors.


Oral Orgasm:

Alright guys, you’re not the only one that loves receiving oral sex!

It’s time to return the favor and go down on her.

Understanding how to make a girl orgasm doesn’t only involve your genitals. Its time to get your tongue going!

Here are some basic tips for when you eat a girl out:

  • Communicate- Let her know what you plan to do. Let her adjust you as she sees fit!
  • Slow Down- This isn’t like the fake porn you watch. Fast flickering tongue isn’t going to do much for her.
  • Build the anticipation: Don’t go right for the goods! Work your way down her body, up her thighs.
  • Use Your Breath: Breath on it and tease it before you actually lick it!
  • Circular Motions: As though you are making out with her clitoris. Slow and sensual.
  • Pressure and Pulsing Motions: Apply different pressures at varying speeds.
  • Break Time: Don’t be afraid to take a break, use your hand or a sex toy while you recover for round 2!

Here is a great blog I wrote on how to eat a girl out!

guy eating girl out sex

Anal Orgasm:

Yes, anal orgasms are real.

If you want to know how to make a girl orgasm, you most likely don’t go right for the anal orgasms but it is a possibility and yes it can be done.

Anal orgasms are triggered through rear penetration. Typically, with a anal sex toy that can vibrate.

penis extension

While your penis can do it, it’s extremely difficult to get her off with just that through rear entry. A anal sex toy allows for varying shapes, sizes, and features that are tailored specifically for anal orgasms.

Anal beads or butt plugs are the most popular way to give her an anal orgasm.

gplug twist noir feathers

Since the anal cavity runs parallel with her vaginal wall, you can stimulate her through it, even giving g-spot stimulation through it!

Before her big O she may feel the sensation to pee, but the contractions definitely wont be felt around the genitals. Instead, they’ll be around the anus. Her entire body will send uncontrollable contractions from her core. Her stomach area will feel a warming sensation that stems from her anus. She will boil over into a complete state of euphoria when it happens!

Just make sure to use lots of lube! Take things slow, have her experiment on her own first, and try various techniques.

Sex Toy Orgasm:

Its almost like cheating… If you want to make a girl cum nothing can compare to using a sex toy on her.

I use one almost every time. Why? Because she loves, I love giving her pleasure and watching her cum!


So, there are two main ways to make a woman cum with a sex toy:

  • Foreplay: Use a sex toy on her right away when you start getting busy. Caress her body with it, build the anticipation and then start using it on her. Quality vibrators are especially good for this! You don’t have to make her cum with the vibrator, but get her near the edge… Then finish her off with your penis! Like I said, its like cheating! Having someone else run the marathon until you tag in for the final mile!

Touch Vibrator

  • After You Get Yours: Another great way to use a sex toy to make a woman cum is by finishing her off with it. Once us guys orgasm, we need a break or call it quits for a while. However, if she hasn’t orgasmed yet, why should you get all the pleasure and leave her left hanging? It’s a classic mistake and happens all to frequently. Instead, grab your “go-to” sex toy and finish her off with it. It’s still you using it on her and making her cum, even if it’s not your penis she will appreciate that you didn’t leave her hanging!

how to make a girl orgasm

How To Make A Girl Orgasm (Quick Orgasm):

Ahh, the famous quickie!

Who doesn’t love a quick fuck to burn some stress off and relieve some built up sexual tension?!

Most men and women enjoy a quickie now and then. However, the principle behing a “quickie” is typically about receiving some pleasure fast and doesn’t always result in an orgasm.

If you want to know how to make a girl orgasm, typically we shy away from quick orgasms. Most women really desire long foreplay and time to relax. A quick orgasm is much more likely with a sex toy then a “penis quickie” before heading out for the night. But both ways are fun and keep her on her toes!

If she is okay with not getting hers, a quick orgasm for you is always a bonus too!


How To Make A Girl Orgasm (Long Orgasm):

The best way to give a woman a long orgasm is through extended foreplay and continuous edge play.

In order to give her a long orgasm, build up the pleasure and sensations until she is just about to orgasm. Have her let you know when she feels it coming on and then stop all stimulation! Its hard for her, rightfully so, its like pleasure torture!

But when done properly, building up, letting her cool down, then building her back up. When she does finally cum its explosive!

This will lead to really long orgasms that flush across her entire body. Often leaving her body shaking and convulsing uncontrollably! 

So, remember when you want to go for a more advanced technique, use edge play and extended foreplay for long orgasms!


Best Sex Position For Female Orgasm:

I often here “what are the best sex positions for female orgasms?”

There is a long list, but according to a large survey, here are what women like most in order to climax:

  • Women on top
  • Doggie Style
  • Sideways straddle (one knee on each side of your leg while you’re on your back)
  • Bridge (popping her hips up while thrusting on your knees)

I personally believe in “women on top” as the best way to make a girl cum.

girl riding guy art


She has all the control! Instead of telling you faster, slower, left or right she can do it all herself as she desires it.

She can apply the pressure where needed and remain comfortable; controlling the depth of each penetrating thrust.

Unless she is totally against it, I always say a woman on top is the best way for her to control her own orgasmic destiny!


How To Make A Girl Orgasm With Your Hands:

If you want to know how to make a girl orgasm with just your hands, its about being prepared and using proper technique.

The first step is keeping your fingernails neat and trimmed. Don’t want her saying “ouch” when you begin caressing her.

Use some lube to make it extra moist and slippery. You don’t want the “dragging” effect.

Make circles with your middle finger over her clitoris. You can adjust pressure and speed. Remember consistent and controlled motion is the best!

If she wants it hard and fast, try thrusting your middle finger in and out of her. Curving your finger up towards her belly button slightly will allow you to stimulate her g-spot as well!

You can also slide your wet fingers externally, top to bottom across her vagina. Start by going down the side of the clit all the way into her vagina and then back out again.

Remember practice makes perfect. Ask her how she likes it, read her body signals and blow her mind!


Wife Orgasm:

I hear this one a lot… “I’ve been married for years and that spark in the bedroom has died. How can I help my wife to achieve orgasms again?”

First let me say, you’re not alone. Its perfectly natural for that wild sex drive to fade over time. The key is focusing on change of pace. Keep things sexy and interesting!

Get her a new sex toy, while our libido does go down after mid 30’s; masturbating and using sex toys can help ramp it back up like you’re 18 again!

Get her a high-quality vibrator, set it out as a surprise. Try using it on her to warm her up or finish her off with!

GJack 2

Encourage your wife to talk about your sex life. Have her tell you in detail about what feels good and what doesn’t. Don’t judge her, just listen. Our bodies change over time and something she used to love might have changed to something else.

Remember most women need direct clitoral stimulation in order to climax. So during intercourse, use a clitoral stimulator such as this one, or at least get your hand down there!

Keep the foreplay long, start with an oil massage and have her give feedback 1 to 10 what feels good or not. Stroke her entire body, kiss, lick, and caress everything. Work from oral to fingers and toys, to finally penetration. Use lots of lube and make mental notes of that 1 to 10.

If she says 8 or higher to anything, stick with it! Most women need consistency in order to cum. Just keep at it for a bit and ask if you should move on or keep going.


Best Orgasm:

So, what’s the best orgasm you’ve ever had?

Think about it for a minute. Think about how specific your answer is in your head.

Now, you understand how much that would vary from someone else’s answer?

People ask me; so what is the best orgasm possible?

All I can say is a massive US survey showed that 72% of women voted a blended orgasm to be the best orgasm possible.

best orgasm


A blended orgasm is an orgasm brought on through multiple forms of stimulation. Such as:

  • Anal and Vaginal
  • Vaginal and Clitoral
  • G-spot and Clitoral
  • Deep Penetration and Clitoral
  • Anal and G-spot

You get the idea… Most of these require specific sex toys to stimulate one while you penetrate or stimulate the other through oral or hands.

While this gives you an idea, all the details are really what make it the “best orgasm” ever. The mood you set, the mood she is in, the foreplay, the passion and pleasure. It is a full experience, not just about the orgasm(s).


Benefits of Orgasm:

In life, most pleasures are bad for you. I love my sugar, glass of whiskey, and a good cigar now and then but of course these are bad for my health.

Well lucky for you and me, the most pleasurable thing in the world is also healthy for us!

A good orgasm now and then does your body wonders. So make sure to tell her, you’re just looking out for her health is all 😉

Here is a list of all the benefits that come with making a girl orgasm:

  • Orgasms relieve stress.
  • They can make your partner less likely to cheat (according to a German conducted experiment in 2015)
  • Orgasms help with insomnia (making it easier to fall asleep)
  • Cum makes a woman less depressed according to a study from University of New York.
  • Orgasms help alleviate pain.
  • They can help you live longer.
  • They stimulate your brain.
  • Keep you looking younger.
  • They get stronger as you get older.
  • Give you glowing skin.
  • Lower risk of prostate cancer.
  • Strengthen your immune system.
  • Relieves headaches.

So, get busy getting healthy!


Make her orgasm Conclusion:

We have gone over a ton of different ways to make her orgasm. The main thing when asking yourself how to make a girl cum is not about mastering some crazy technique. Its about communicating with her, paying attention to the details, and controlled consistent pleasure.

Find out what she likes and stick with it. There are a lot of different types of orgasms such as clitoral, g-spot, deep penetration, and anal. By blending multiple forms of stimulation together you can give her a full-body orgasm. These are felt from her core and overwhelm her entire being.

Using techniques like “edging” bring her close to climaxing then stop, only to build her back up again can bring long intense orgasms. These orgasms through g-spot stimulation can often lead to squirting as well.

Orgasms are good for both of you! They help relieve stress and sexual tension. They can bring you closer together than ever before, and even help save marriages and relationships. It’s a powerful feeling and through the correct methods can be explosive.

If you have additional questions on how to make a girl orgasm, please email us at:

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