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By Lee & Jessi, Owners of DiskretAdultLife, August 7th, 2018

Sick and tired of seeing the hideous silicone sex toys that flood the market. These cheap raunchy toys flood todays market and are usually low-grade material, low quality, and potentially unsafe. Ever wonder where the classy sexy toys are? I know, they can be elusive or tucked away in websites being surrounded by thousands of junky sex toys.Diskret Vibrators Anal Beads Cockring sex toy

This will become your master guide to classy sex toys. This guide will explain all the major luxury sex toy manufactures along with all the main retailers for these classy toys. We are obviously one of the big players in this niche industry of only luxury sex toys. But we are so confident in our product line we will link you to competitors, so you can decide what might work best for you.

Sex, pleasure, and masturbation are huge parts of everyone’s lives. 80% of women masturbate and that number goes even higher for men depending on age. So, if your dedicating a lot of time to sex, pleasure, masturbation as you should be, why use cheap unsafe product to try to enhance it? This is your body and objects that are being put into your body, so it needs to be taken seriously. Just as you would make a healthy choice at the grocery store, you should be making safe choices when it comes to your sex toys.

Don’t fall victim as so many do to this trap of “if I want a sex toy to enhance my pleasure, it needs to be this rubbery hideous mess”. Today the options are slim but growing for those who want to take their pleasure seriously.

        Take Your Pleasure Seriously:

When it comes to taking your pleasure seriously, I don’t mean you have to go out and buy a $1000 dollar dildo. Yes, there are $1000 dollar dildos believe it or not… What I have mentioned in many blogs before is do your research first, some manufactures make high quality toys and even if it’s a lower price you can really get a great bang for your buck. Some manufactures build majority low grade sex toys and require you to pick and choose what you think might be decent.

From a retailer side of things, similar to manufactures, you must do some digging to find a quality retailer. Once you know and trust a retailer to deliver quality classy sex toys every time. This makes it an easy one stop shop when you find them.

Because I suggested so often for you to do your homework on what retailers and manufactures to trust, I decided to do it all for you! That’s right, I built my career in this business of classy luxury sex toys and I know who the best in the business is. Considering I am competing against them every day!

This blog will be your ultimate guide to classy sex toys and I have done some serious digging beyond all the big players in this market. I found you the best deals on the classiest sex toys available.

Classy Sex Toys:

Now the real question you’re all thinking is what do I define as a classy sex toy? Obviously, the lines become blurred at a certain point of low-grade sex toys and quality classy sex toys. I always break it down into specific categories:

  • Durability of Your Classy Sex Toy:

This is a big deal with sex toys. Sex toys get banged around, thrown in drawers, cleaned, squeezed, tugged, and pulled. The big issue with low grade sex toys is once the battery connection tabs bend or break you lose your vibration. Usually the low-quality sex toys only last a few months depending on how often you use them.

  • Dependability of your Classy Sex Toy

This goes hand-in-hand with reliability, but you really want your classy sex toys to last. They become a show piece and make you feel confident in bed. What’s more irritating than in the middle of some great sex with your partner your classy sex toy breaks. Talk about a total buzz kill!

  • Cost of Your Sex Toy

Cost is an initial indicator on quality. Like most things you usually get what you pay for when it comes to classy sex toys. The reason for this is due to the price to manufacture the sex toy. If it can be a low quality, quick, and easy manufacturing process then the cheap cost comes with it. On the flip side, just because it costs a lot doesn’t mean it’s a classy, quality sex toy that will last long. Make sure you know the manufacturing company behind the product and trust in the retailer as well.

Based on my years of experience and research, price break down for classy sex toys is typically as follows:

  • $30-40 breaking into the quality class sex toy range if it is made of glass or pure silicone with no vibration.
  • $40-80 Mid-grade classy sex toys. Usually you can break into the vibration being added if on the higher end of this range. The glass sex toys in this range are premium. You can get some stainless-steel sex toys as well when on the upper end of this range.
  • $80-200 This is where the bulk of your classy sex toys will land. You can get great quality, long lasting, and reliable sex toys in this range. They usually will have all the bells and whistles that are stated below as well.
  • $200+ Now you’re in the luxury sex toy class. Only few partake in this league. These are usually works of art, or jewels that allow you to really show off to your partner in the bedroom. I don’t think the more money you spend the more pleasure it will give you. That is usually based on your body type and personal experience. These toys deliver great pleasure, but you can get the same from a classy sex toy half the price. These are meant for showing off that you take your pleasure seriously!moon crystal dildo classy sex toy
  • Quality of Material

If you don’t know a manufacturing company or the retailer you are purchasing your classy sex toy from, make sure you know what it is made of! This is important for many reasons. The most common being cheap silicone sex toys made in China have been known to break down when used with silicone or silica-based lubes. Find out everything you need to know on the different sex toy materials here.

  • Power Unit in Your Sex Toy

If it has vibration, it has power. The two main sources of power are battery and rechargeable. The first indicator for me the classy sex toy is far from classy is if it uses batteries. Were in the 21st century people, if you can’t USB charge it chances are it’s more difficult and usually less reliable.

  • Waterproof Classy Sex Toys

I would say about 30-40% of the powered sex toys are waterproof. Usually the classy sex toys give you this option no questions asked. Its not only nice for taking it in the shower, tub, or lathering in lube. But it also is a good indicator it is built from quality material with a reliable manufacturing process.

  • Eco Friendly Sex Toys

Not many classy sex toys are eco friendly but if you want to use less power to charge your classy sex toy and made from biodegradable packaging you can find it here. Unfortunately, I believe this manufacturing company is on the way out but stainless steel and some glass products are made from all natural materials as well.

  • Noise of vibration

Out of a large study that took place in 2012 this was the largest complaint about sex toys. I assure you classy sex toys are becoming less and less noisy. However, it’s a real turn off if you have a large buzzing noise in your ear the whole time your trying to focus on pleasing yourself. Quality sex toys are not silent, but they are typically half as loud as a sonic toothbrush.

  • Power of vibration

With battery powered lower quality sex toys the vibe is usually less. The USB rechargeable not only provides powerful sensations but they can last many sexual sessions without needing to be plugged in. Don’t settle for less when it comes to these classy sex toys or you may just be purchasing another one right after you’re disappointed.

  • Sex Toy Modes Available


Having different modes is important. If you have only one constant vibration the frequency can cause your genitals to feel a numbing sensation. Which is exactly the last thing you want when trying to get off! If the classy sex toy has multiple modes and you start to feel the numbness sensation, simply switch to a different frequency or pattern of vibrations to keep the pleasure coming!

  • App Controlled Classy Sex Toys

We are in the day and age where classy sex toys are being controlled by an app. You knew it was coming and now where here… Turn your sex toy on or off, turn the vibration up or down, and switch through the modes right from your phone. All I suggest is once you find your mode put the phone away. Nobody wants to be with a partner who is on their phone while trying to please them.sync classy sex toy we vibe teal

The beauty of some of these classy sex toys is for long distance relationships. The app can actually be controlled from your partner anywhere in the world. Let them power up the vibration and switch the modes while watching you get off!

  • Sex Toy Reliability

Nothing sucks worse than getting all warmed up and ready to go then grabbing your trusty vibrator and it wont power up. You change the batteries… still nothing. You smack it against your hand and it kicks on! Nice, then you start using it and get really worked up before it kicks off again. Its like some sick game of sexually teasing you into frustration. Make sure you know the manufacture or the retailer of your classy sex toy. Make sure they don’t offer low grade sex toys and you should be in good hands.

  • Remote controlled classy sex toys

Similar to the app controlled classy sex toys, there are many brands that offer remote controlled. These are great, especially for couples sex toys. They allow you the luxury of just clicking a button to turn on or off, change the vibration power, and change the vibration mode. Otherwise you have to clumsily try to find the button on your sex toy while having sex.

  • Trust in your sex toy manufacture

Once you find a brand you really like, stick to it. Not all manufactures are equal and its few and far between that you find a high-quality sex toy manufacture. A lot of manufactures offer what look to be classy sex toys. They look luxurious on the outside, but the features stink and they don’t last longer than a month. Find a good manufacturing company or trust a good retailer to offer you the best brands available. The retailers like myself, immerse themselves in this world. If you find a classy sex toy retailer they know the latest and greatest, along with the brands that are reliable and have been around forever. They also know the manufacturing companies to avoid (been there done that).

  • Trust in your sex toy retailer

If you truly know all the manufactures in the classy sex toy world you can go to a less trustworthy retailers to purchase them if you find a deal or something.

Typically, classy sex toys have a map price, this means no retailer can sell it for less than a set price by the manufacture. So, most retailers will offer it for around the same price, however they may not offer any returns, or privacy when shipping, or secure payment methods, or a price match guarantee like Diskret does. Poor retailers will offer poor selection or hide the classy sex toys amongst a bunch of “garbage”.

  • Quantity Made Sex Toys

The bottom line is quality, classy sex toys should have the traits found above. You don’t walelo classy sex toy sonic pulse pinknt to sell yourself short on such an important aspect in all our lives… Pleasure! As a retailer I’ve had the pleasure in getting my hands on a lot of sex toys over the years. It takes a long time for someone to understand all the companies out there and who’s making what when. I made this guide, so you don’t have to go through the funds and troubles of finding classy sex toys that are built to last.

Please keep in mind I am linking and sending you to our competitors. That’s because I truly believe in what we have to offer is the best. I also want you to find an amazing sex toy that you truly enjoy. We don’t offer everything so if you find something you want to try I encourage you to do so… even if it’s from our competitors. If you have any questions or concerns about any of the companies listed or Diskret please contact us at [email protected]

Top Classy Sex Toy Manufacturing Companies

Here is my go to list for the top manufacturing companies of quality and classy sex toys:


You didn’t think I would link to everyone else and not ourselves?! Diskret is not only a premium classy sex toy retailer but we manufacture as well. We have 3 different high-quality glass products that have real 24K gold fused into them. Check out the dildo, butt plug, and dildo classy sex toy gold infused


One of our top selling brands Lelo manufactures only classy sex toys with some serious luxury products as well. They are in a class of their own, selling mass amount of these hard to find high quality sex toys.

Jimmy Jane

Great quality sex toys. These are reliable and durable while still in that lower end price range.


Sleek sexy design. Crave is always pushing the design and pleasure limits for classy sex toys.


Shots offers a huge variety of amazing glass sex toys. These classy sex toys stand out due to the material makeup of the glass. They are safe and made from easy to clean glass. Check out my favorite Chrystalino line from them.


A Rare classy sex toy company that deals only in stainless steel products. These are the safest sex toys to use and easiest to clean. These classy sex toys give a unique feeling unlike glass or silicone.


All around great sex toy company. They have a wide variety of classy sex toys including the Sync which is a top selling couples sex toy year after year!

Hot Octopus

Guys we didn’t forget about you. Hot Octopus is an amazing male classy sex toy manufacture. They offer the Pulse and Duo which are hand sleeve type designs. The just started breaking into the female sex toys with the Queen Bee.

Julian Snelling

Some of the sexiest butt plugs you will find on the market. European based but amazing stainless-steel sex toys more like jewelry. These are the farthest thing from your typical “raunchy sex toy”.


We told you about the luxury sex toy $200+ club. Here you go, you’re welcome.

Adele Brydges

Hot, bold, sexy designs. This company is fairly new to me but love what I have seen and tested so far. Give it a peek.

Classy Sex Toy Wrap-Up:

I know we just threw a ton of information at you in this guide. I hope this helps open your eyes to the possibilities in the sex toy world. Most people think of sex toys as these giant rubbery realistic dildos that only the raunchy desperate people of America buy.

We hear this stereotype all the time and it couldn’t be the farthest thing from the truth. Nobody should be forced to buy a low-grade sex toy just because they can’t find anything decent.

The market is flooded with low quality toys, but I have pulled this list together to help open the minds of people and the classy sex toy world. There are lots of super sexy, sleek, cutting edge sex toys out there. It’s time to start taking your pleasure seriously and start taking advantage of these amazing products!

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