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Is Your Dick Too Big For Her?

By: Jessica & Lee Founders of Diskret_Adult_Life ( Is My Dick Too Big? )


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Is Your Dick Too Big?


In today’s society where everyone penis shames others for having small cocks and brag about how big they are… These men don’t understand the true struggles, of someone who actually has a huge dick. Is your dick too big for her?


If you have a big dick, you can end up with a lot more sexual struggles than those who are on the smaller side.


Sure, you can be proud swinging that thing around a men’s locker room but when it comes to satisfying a female partner, the struggle can be real!


The depth of the average vagina is only 3.77 inches, sure that is designed to stretch some but if your swinging a 7+ inch cock when erect, you can start hitting some limitations depending on the woman.


The stress about dealing with a dick that’s too big is serious. It can cause major anxiety, and limit if not take your love life to a screeching halt.  


I’m going to give you the best way to deal with your large cock. It’s something you must live with but can be managed with the right tactics.


So, if your stressing “is my dick too big for her?” We got you covered! 😉


Is My Dick Too Big For Her?


The first sign of having a dick that’s too big for her should be the verbal communication, facial expressions, or body language.


female orgasm


When you whip that huge penis out, she might seem super impressed and excited at first, but this isn’t the porn industry. If you’re with the average women, she might think she’s in for the night of her life, until you try penetrating her with that girthy monster.


Pay close attention to her body language.


If she winces or looks like she’s in discomfort or even pain… Make sure you stop immediately.


Your dick is too big for her!


Sure, some woman are real “size queens” and enjoy a really big dick. But the average woman can only handle so much…


So, what can the average woman handle?


Let’s talk about what’s actually considered a “large penis” to start. Then dive into the details of what woman really want.


What Is Considered A Big Penis?


The average penis measures between 4.7 inches to 6.3 inches when erect.  This means if you have a “5-incher” when erect your perfectly normal.


But for some men who have a 7+ incher when erect, you’re considered to have a big penis.


So, Just how big is a big dick?


According to all the studies around the world 7 and up is a big dick!


This does change slightly based on country, but the US, Canada, and Europe have similar statistic.


Big Dick Problems


If you’re constantly wondering “is my dick too big?” then you might be running into these big dick problems.


Do any of these sound familiar?


  • A lot of “teeth action” when she gives you a blowjob. It’s not always ideal, but if she doesn’t have a large mouth and you have a girthy penis, it can be painful. Not a lot you can do here, except start with the blowjob while your still flaccid and move onto something else when fully erect. Or have her focus on just the tip.


best blow job


  • Some sex positions are out of the question. This one can be extremely frustrating, but a lot of the positions when behind her don’t allow for full penetration! Remember to be gentle and let her drive what feels best for her to start. After being warmed up you can ease back into deep penetration sex positions.


  • “Back boarding” her. When you keep hitting the back board and just cant go any deeper. It’s a rejection that there is no getting away from… While it might suck for you, it often feels 10x worse for her. It can cause discomfort and pain for her, keep this in mind and be aware of if you’re in back boarding mode.


  • Buying Pants & Condoms. Nothing seems to fit your large penis! It can be hard to find XL condoms that fit your entire cock. You don’t want any part of it exposed; leaving you more susceptible to STDS and you don’t want to break through it! Pants become a concern too. Anything even remotely tight emphasizes your huge cock! Don’t even think about getting a hard on in those sweat pants…


  • Being refused sex. There’s nothing wrong with being turned down by a lady friend after she sees your package. Its unfortunate but you can’t help your large penis just as much as she can’t help taking large dick. It happens, some woman know from previous experience and others might just be afraid of it! It’s okay, at least you both know and can head on your separate ways.


  • Anal Sex Turn Down. If she’s nervous about taking it in the front side, no way in hell she’s taking it in the backside. But don’t worry, there are sleek and slim sex toys that got that pleasure handled for you. Stay focused on her vagina and let the toys do the work back there.


vibrating anal beads, sex toys for anal


Dick Is Too Big For Her Solutions:


Okay so you know your dick is too big for her.


Either she’s communicated that to you, or you can tell by body language.


So, what do I do next?


How do I solve this problem?


#1 Communication:


It sounds lame guys, and most of you will skip this section. But this is the most important of all! Hence why I made it #1 on the list.


You can’t read their minds. Period. Just like you don’t expect them to read yours.


Verbal communication is the best way to understand what’s going on with her.


Is she nervous about penetration with your large penis?


When you start to penetrate her does she think she can handle it or is it to much?


How does she feel? Is she in pain, slight discomfort, or something she can manage?


Verbally ask these questions. This is the time to be most direct, even if it’s a bit awkward or what you would consider a buzz kill…


Would you rather things be a bit awkward the first time you penetrate her, or have her screaming on the inside that its painful but too embarrassed to tell you?


You want it to be pleasurable for the both of you, so take the responsible steps to ensure all is well on both ends of the spectrum!


#2 Foreplay:


foreplay, couple, pull hair


The most important thing is you take your time during the foreplay stage! Long make out sessions, oral sex, kissing and touching her body, rubbing her clit, fingering her…


With a small penis you might be able to get away with shoving that thing right in. But with guys who have a larger penis this can become a serious problem.


Make sure she is good and turned on before you put that large dick anywhere near her vagina. The hormones release when she’s craving penetration allows her to relax and be more accepting to pleasure.


It doesn’t matter what size penis you have, foreplay and anticipation is required for great sex no matter what!


#3 Lube and more Lube!


Lube is not a nice to have thing when you’re wield a big dick. Lube is essential!


It’s a must have just like when dabbling in anal play.


You have two main types of choices when it comes to lube; water-based lube or oil-based lube.


Unless you are having sex in the shower, pool, tub, or watery environment I suggest you stick with water-based lube. Oil-based lube can stain clothes and sheets, but also ruin silicone sex toys.


all natural lubricant


Water-based lube is much gentler on everything and everyone, however, it needs to be re-applied more frequently.


Oil-based lube has a thicker viscosity and will last much longer in water play, since the oil repels the water.


Either way, you should be using lots of lube. Both on your big penis and all over her vaginal area. This will keep everything slick and easier to penetrate.


Yes, you need lube even if she is very turned on and wet to begin with!


#4 Sex Positions For A Large Penis:


Is your dick too big for her?


Try changing up the sex positions!


Pretty much any sex position where her legs are closed, and her body is in a more straight position allows for less penetration.


Have her lay on her back with legs closed, or on stomach with legs closed while you are on top.


Another option is letting her go on top. This allows her to control the depth, pace, and shifting angles.


#5 Bring Out The Sex Toys!


Vibrators and dildos work wonders if you have a large penis and pushing her limits.


Using a vibrator or dildo before you penetrate her is a form of extreme foreplay. It allows her to relax mentally, get super turned on, and relaxes her vaginal muscles. Making her more accepting to your larger size.


Plus, like using your fingers before your cock, allows her to ease into something larger.


I suggest starting with a smaller vibrator or slim dildo. This allows her to start with something that eases right in. Again, don’t forget the lube with these sex toys.


Working these stages – Finger, slim sex toy, to large penis can be just the formula the doctor ordered to stretching her muscles in a comfortable manor allowing her to accept your large dick.


Here are my favorite smaller vibrators and slim dildos:





Gigi 2:


Gigi 2, Lelo




We Vibe Tango, sex toys for lesbians


Pure Wand:


sex toys for anal


#6 Cock Ring Too Save The Day!


 A cock ring is a silicone ring that slides around the base of your shaft and does two main things:




  • Restricts blood flow coming out of your cock. This allows you to stay harder for long and leads to very intense orgasms for you!


  • Most cock rings also vibrate. This ring will hit her clitoris every time you thrust into her. That provides the hands-free stimulation she needs for very intense orgasms!


But what most guys don’t understand with cock rings is they can be used as a depth-gauge.


Small and average penis guys typically slide the cock ring to the base of their shaft. But guys with huge penis problems could slide it just half way. Or whatever depth your lady friend can handle.


That way it keeps you from going too deep, she can enjoy the vibe stimulation, and everyone is happy!


Here are my two favorite cock rings for guys with large cocks. These will stretch to whatever girth you desire:


Rianne S Cock Ring:


Rianne S Cock Ring, quiet vibrator


Mio Cock Ring:


mio, sex toys for men

mio cock ring


My Cock is too big:


If you’re constantly asking yourself “Is my Dick too big for her?”


You could be rocking a 7+ inch penis.


The thing to remember is, no matter what you’re size you can make it work! There are solutions for you out there!


It’s possible you will find a woman who really enjoys large cock, she might even require something large like you to get herself off.


However, most woman out there are not in that same boat. Some woman can find 7+ inches to be uncomfortable or even painful.


There are solutions out there. If your cock is too big, try lots of foreplay, lube, sex toys, and communication.


You can work through a lot of these issues through proper preparation. However, if she is just to uncomfortable with your large penis you might have to stick with foreplay, oral sex, and sex toys.


A lot woman can handle more than they initially think, but everyone has physical limits. Make sure you respect her limits and keep the communication flowing throughout for a pleasurable experience for both of you!


Have a question, comment, or concern? Simply login and drop the comment below. I’ll be sure to respond to each and everyone of you in a timely manner!


Remember to spread the love! Share this blog with “@diskretadultlife” on any major social media platform (FB,IG, Twitter) and we will pick a winner each month for a free orgasmic cock ring you can use on your big dick!

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