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Best Dildos That Vibrate?!


By Mistress K Of DiskretAdultLife, Nov. 23rd, 2018

What are dildos that vibrate?

Just like the name implies, dildos that vibrate are just that: dildos that have optional vibrations. Dildos – which are sex toys primarily designed and used for penetration – don’t usually have vibrators attached to them. When looking for dildos that vibrate, however, you’ll primarily be looking at dildos who have had vibrations built into their design.

Dildos that vibrate are different than vibrators. A vibrating dildo is still primarily designed for penetrative use. Most of the attention and design of the sex toy has been designed for pleasurable and orgasmic penetration with the dildo – the added vibrations are just supposed to be an added bonus. In comparison, a vibrator is not often designed for penetration. Most vibrators are designed for external body use – especially on the clitoris. Vibrators usually offer more powerful vibration motors and while they can be used for penetration, they aren’t usually designed for it.dildos that vibrate

Why would you want dildos that vibrate?

While many people are very satisfied without dildos that vibrate, quite a few people can enjoy the added sensations that vibrations can provide. Consider it a “sugar on top” bonus. You’re already enjoying the orgasmic sensation of a dildo – only now you can enjoy it with even more sensation!

However, you shouldn’t select dildos that vibrate if you’re hoping for powerful external vibrations. Most vibrating dildos aren’t equipped with extra-powerful motors. The motors inside vibrating dildos will be pleasurable for penetrative purposes – but will likely be lackluster if you attempt to use them for clitoral orgasm. If you buy some of the higher-end, most-powerful dildos that vibrate, you might be able to squeeze some multi-purpose use out of them, but make sure to do a thorough job of reading reviews before expecting your penetrative vibrating dildo to be able to put out the power necessary for clitoral orgasm.

On the other hand, dildos that vibrate can be more expensive than their non-vibrating counterparts – and they can occasionally be equipped with cords and buttons that some people find irritating. Those are reasons why a non-vibrating dildo might be a better choice for you.

What sex acts are better with dildos that vibrate?

While no sex act is likely “better” purely by using a vibrating toy, there are some sex acts that might lend themselves particularly well to dildos that vibrate. For example, if you’re someone who enjoys internal vibrations, you might find that using dildos that vibrate during self-pleasure is better than using dildos that don’t. If you’re playing with the idea of pegging, dildos that vibrate can allow the dildo wearer to experience vibrational pleasure while the receive enjoys the vibrations as well. For another strap-on use, dildos that vibrate can allow your partner to easily “feel” your strap-on sex toy through clothing when the vibration is turned on. This can lead to some fun clothes-still-on grinding sessions between the two of you.

Basically, if there’s any sex act that uses a dildo that you think could be improved with the added benefit of more vibrations and more sensation, dildos that vibrate could be a better alternative!

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What are the best features for dildos that vibrate?

While you can always select some of the base models of dildos that vibrate, you might find it worth spending a bit of extra money in order to get some extra features out of your sex toy. What are those features? Well, these are commonly found upgrade features found on dildos that vibrate:


If you don’t want to hassle with batteries, you might look for dildos that vibrate with built-in Lithium batteries. These vibrating dildos will come with charging cables that allow you to recharge the included battery inside the dildo. Some charging cables will plug into USB ports while other charging cables will plug into electric wall outlets. Some may use a direct “plug” into the sex toy while others may charge purely through magnetic means. If you end up looking at a rechargeable sex toy, make sure the sex toy offers enough playtime off a full battery. With some rechargeable vibrating dildos only offering 30 minutes of vibration time off a full charge, you’ll want to make sure that your sex toy offers at least the length of your average play session.dildos that vibrate

Waterproof Ability:

While almost all non-vibrating dildos are waterproof (because they don’t have any mechanical parts!), once you add vibrations to a dildo, it can become sensitive to liquids. If you still want the simple clean-up of non-vibrating dildos, you’ll want to look for dildos that vibrate that are equipped with waterproof abilities. This will allow easier clean-up – as well as allowing you to use your new sex toy in the shower, bathtub, and any other aquatic environment.Enigma waterproof

Dual Motors:

While many dildos that vibrate will come equipped with a single motor for vibrations, there are a few high-quality vibrating dildos out there that have multiple, powerful motors within the same sex toy. If you’re looking for as much stimulation as possible – or enjoy the idea of having powerful vibrations throughout the entirety of the sex toy (instead of just centered on a smaller area), you might consider picking up a sex toy that has dual motors.

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Dual Stimulation, Highly-Textured, Lifecast, and More:

Quite a few vibrating dildos are made with niche uses in mind. In particular, you might think about whether you’d enjoy a highly textured dildo; quite a few of those exist. Other dildos that vibrate might be lifecast after your favorite porn star! Yet other dildos that vibrate may include extra penetrative attachments designed for double penetration. If any of those pleasures are appealing to you, consider looking for dildos specifically crafted for your interest.

How do I select good dildos that vibrate?

Just like any other purchase, if you want a long-lasting item that fills your needs, you’ll want to spend a bit of time thinking about your dildos that vibrate before you buy one. Most importantly, consider these aspects about your new toy before you buy:


Material is an important consideration for any sex toy you plan on purchasing – including dildos that vibrate. Materials can change how the sex toy feels, how long it lasts, and how safe it is for you to use.

The first thing to look out for is phthalates. While many manufacturers have moved away from using phthalates, some really cheap toys still contain phthalates. Phthalates have been outlawed in children’s toys in many countries – why should you allow them in your adult toys? If a toy doesn’t specifically state that it’s phthalate-free, you should be on the look-out. If it has a strong odor in addition to the lack of declaration, you should assume the sex toy contains phthalates. If possible, throw out your sex toy and purchase a new one. If that isn’t possible, use a condom with your dildos that vibrate whenever possible. The condom can reduce direct contain between your skin and the phthalates-containing material.

After that, material will mostly make a difference for durability and sterilization purposes. Non-porous materials – the most popular being silicone – are designed for years upon years of use, and they can be fully sterilized between uses. However, these materials are also more expensive. Porous materials, like TPR and jelly, are cheaper to make, but they don’t have the durability to last years down the line. They also can’t be sterilized. You’ll have to think about what you’d like from your sex toy material – and how long you want to keep it around – and select a material based on that.


Just like any other type of sex toy, how your dildos that vibrate look will matter. While it may not impact any particular use of your sex toy, you want to be happy and turned on every time you pull out your sex toy. If the appearances of your dildos that vibrate don’t do that, they may not be a good fit for you. Take care when purchasing dildos that vibrate to find sex toys that appeal to you – both visually and for actual use.

As a quick reminder, don’t forget about anyone else who might be sharing your sex toy or using the sex toy on you. Some people have very strong preferences on how their sex toys look. You don’t want to pick out the perfect dildo for you – only to find out that your partner is turned off when using it on you because of how the sex toy looks. Have a quick conversation with your partner to see if they have any preferences. Plus, it offers a great chance for some sexy conversation and foreplay!

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Vibration Control:

How do you control your dildos that vibrate? There are a couple common ways that these dildos can be made. Some manufacturers choose to run a cord out of your dildo that attaches to a power pack. This power pack will house the batteries as well as the control structure to control the vibrations of the dildo that vibrates. While this avoids adding bulk to the dildo itself, some people find the power pack and cord to be frustrating to deal with. The other way that manufacturers add control is to the base of the dildo itself. The dildo may be heavier and have a larger base, but the controls for the vibrations will be built into the base. Depending on the dildo design, some people complain of accidentally changing vibrations during use – which is another downside of this type of control structure. Ultimately, though, what you choose will be based on your preference and what you enjoy.How to Give a Good Blow Job

Vibration Power Source:

As your dildos that vibrate will now require power (in order to provide that vibration!), you’ll have to think about how your sex toy is receiving its power. In some cases, you might need to provide batteries to power your vibrating toy. In other cases, the dildos that vibrate will include a charging cable that will allow you to recharge its included rechargeable battery. Rechargeable toys can be more convenient, but they also have a higher upfront cost. When it comes to battery-operated dildos that vibrate, some people prefer the battery versions because batteries can be switched out easily in a pinch – whereas, with a rechargeable sex toy, if it dies mid-use, you’ll be unable to continue using that sex toy until you’ve let it charge for a few hours.

Use Considerations:

Finally, you need to think about how you want to use your dildos that vibrate. If you plan on using the dildo in a strap-on harness, you’ll need to select a dildo that has a flared base that’s comfortable for use within a harness. If you have difficulties gripping really heavy or large items for long periods of time, you might want to select a dildo that has a thinner weight or an easy-grip base. If you know that you’re going to be worried about trying to discreetly hide it, try to select a dildo that’s not too realistic – and better yet, find one that comes with a discreet box or storage bag.

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