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The Best Female Butt Plugs Designed For the Ultimate O!

By: Jessica & Lee Founders of Diskret_Adult_Life (female butt plugs)


feamle butt plugs


Wait, why are female butt plugs the new craze?

It might sound a bit taboo to beginners, but the experts know the true capabilities of these toys.

Claims like mind blowing, body-shaking, orgasms that last for what seems like days?!

I didn’t really believe that was possible, but I had to investigate more… That’s how I came to use my first female butt plug. Which was pleasurable, but not to the degree these experts were preaching.

So what was I doing wrong?

How do I get body-shaking orgasms that last for what feels like days?

Over the last 10 years I’ve used just about every female butt plug under the sun (and stuck it where the sun don’t shine). I built a collection and personal library filled with notes about what I experienced, why it was great, or something to avoid.

I have worked my way to those “mythical” full body orgasms, and I have also fallen flat on my face with disappointment.

So now, I believe its time to share with you my personal library!

Here is the only guide you’ll ever need on how female butt plugs can produce the ultimate climax.

Use these techniques and butt plugs to achieve strong, ever-lasting orgasms; in the fraction of the time it would take you to learn on your own.

If only I had this guide when I first started…


What is a female butt plug and how do they work?


Butt plugs are a sex toy designed to be inserted into the rectum, giving the user huge pleasurable waves throughout their core and body.

Female butt plugs are typically designed with a tapered tip (bolbous head) that slims down to a thin neck area, before it’s large flared base.

female butt plug design


Each section of the butt plug has a purpose. The tapered tip is for ease of insertion. The head is for a feeling of “fullness” and girth inside your rectum. Then the thin neck allows your anus to naturally “clench” around the butt plug keeping it in place. Finally, the flared base prevents it from going in to far.

Butt plugs, (unlike anal beads) are designed to be inserted and remain inside the rectum to provide pleasure. They are not designed to be pushed in and pulled out repeatedly.

A female butt plug can be used for various reasons that we will touch on later. But what exactly makes it a female butt plug?

You see a lot of butt plugs designed specifically for men… But what about us women?! We might love a little butt play now and then too!

Is there actually a difference between female butt plugs and male butt plus?

Anatomy tells us men and women have virtually the same anus and rectum, so why would there be specific butt plugs for each sex?

It really comes down to the prostate. Men have a prostate gland at the base of their urethra that creates fluid during ejaculation.

The prostate can be easily stimulated from inside the rectum with a properly shaped male butt plug.

Female butt plugs don’t really require this curved shape, but can deliver solid orgasms through a straight design.


Why Use A Butt Plug?

into butt plugs

Female Butt Plug Masturbation:

The most popular way to use a female butt plug is for masturbation.

If you’re looking for the perfect way to get a serious boost in pleasure when alone, a butt plug is the perfect toy.

If you’re new to butt plugs, I recommend you get use to them during masturbation, before using with a partner anyway. You can take your time, understand how they work, and find one that works well for you before introducing it to a partner.

You can really use female butt plugs alone in two different styles. For sexual masturbation and boost in climax, or for long lasting slow pleasure.

The first and most obvious way is sliding it in when you masturbate. The great thing about a butt plug? It leaves your vagina and clitoris wide open for your normal masturbation session.

All the butt plug is doing is bringing additional pleasure while you stimulate your front side, and making your orgasm 10x more powerful!

When you orgasm with a butt plug in, it causes all your pelvic muscles throb, including your anus and rectum. When that is filled with a plug, it gives these muscles something to “squeeze” against. Making the orgasm much more powerful and last even longer!

The second way I’ve used female butt plugs alone is for long extended pleasure. It’s not really about reaching orgasm but getting slight waves of pleasure while doing daily stuff.

I get sick of doing laundry, cleaning, washing dishes, and cooking. It’s nice to find a way to spice up otherwise boring daily activities.

Slide a butt plug in and fold some laundry. Its fun, kinky, and pleasurable all while you get some daily chores done!

You can also use it while relaxing. Watch a movie or take a long bath with your butt plug in. Try one that vibrates for a heavier focus on the plug and pleasure its driving through your body.



Want to spice up your foreplay with a partner?

Instead of starting with your usual foreplay, something like kissing, caressing, teasing…

Try first inserting a butt plug (by yourself or have them do it). Then start the foreplay. The sensation of the fullness filling your backside while continuing foreplay will have you screaming in anticipation for what comes next.

Who says you’re the only one who should have a butt plug in? Your partner can wear one too during foreplay. Man or woman, doesn’t matter, you both can experience the extreme foreplay this way!


Butt Plug Sex:

Now that the butt plug foreplay has you all worked up and ready for penetration… Why take it out now?!

Men and women find penetrative sex with a butt plug in amazing!

Personally, I don’t use a female butt plug every time I have penetrative sex with my partner, but I do pull it out for those special occasions. It feels great and puts a twist on your normal sex.

Its like finding a new sex position that blows both of you away. You might not use it every time, but it’s a tool in your back pocket you go to now and then for something really special!

The orgasms you can experience with a butt plug in while your partner is thrusting away on you is like nothing you’ve ever experienced!


Butt Plug Orgasms:


girl cumming

What does it feel like to orgasm with a female butt plug in?

It really becomes a full body sensation. It can be overwhelming how your body responds the first time. Taking your breath away, convulsing and throbbing, the feeling of your rectum clenching around the plug while the fullness of the plug pushes back.

It’s something you will crave and desire.

You can orgasm in a multitude of different ways, all that matters is the plugs in when you climax for the everlasting pleasure to course through your body.

But don’t just take my word for it, you need to experience it at least once on your own to fully understand the capabilities of a blended orgasm.


Blended Orgasms

A huge American survey recently done shows that the most intense orgasm a women claim to have is a “blended orgasm”.

This type of orgasm is brought on through more than one form of stimulation.

So, that could from be:

  • Vaginal / Anal Stimulation
  • Clitoral / Vaginal Stimulation
  • Clitoral / Anal Stimulation
  • Multiple Erogenous zones at once


Sliding a female butt plug in before stimulating your clit or penetrating vaginally will lead to the best orgasm of your life, according to the majority of US women!


Public Wear

Looking to try something adventures and kinky?!

Like the risk factor involved in public play?

Some women love to masturbate or engage in sexual activities with a partner in semi-public areas. There is a kinky factor of “risk you might get caught” involved.

A great way to engage in this without much risk is by sliding in a butt plug before you go out.

It can be extremely hot if your partner slides it in for you, then you go to dinner or the movies…

The fact they know its in there giving you pleasure the entire time is a huge turn on for them!


Butt Plugs For Beginners:

prostate stimulation


New to butt plugs?

Good, you’re in for the ride of your life!

There are a few things that can really make or break you’re female butt plug experience. So lets nail down the absolute must have’s first.



It’s critical when inserting your first female butt plug you take your time!

It helps you relax and enjoy the experience. If you begin to rush things and panic when it doesn’t go in, you tense your muscles. This makes it even harder to insert and a recipe for a bad time.

Set aside a good hour possibly two if it’s you’re first time. You need time to relax, lube, foreplay, insertion, stimulation, and clean up.

Even now that I consider myself extremely experienced with butt plugs, I set aside at least an hour to use one.



Once you know you have a solid amount of time carved out, you need to relax your mind and body. Relaxing helps the body insert the butt plug and receive the anal pleasure you’ve always wanted.

Experienced women might throw a dab of lube on their favorite butt plug and slide it right in. But for beginners and “first-timers” it’s a bit of a process.

So, think about what helps you relax?

For me, it’s a warm bubble bath with a glass of my favorite wine. I might dim the lights even and bring my favorite waterproof butt plug in with me!


couple bathing



Lube is not optional ladies!

Your anus doesn’t produce a “natural” lubricant like your vagina does when turned on. Therefore, insertion of any female butt plug requires a good amount of lube.

Apply some directly to yourself and some on the tip of the butt plug. Make sure it’s enough that it rolls down the edges of the plug.

Without proper lubrication you can experience discomfort, pain, and even injury during insertion.

Can I have too much lube?

Not really. Worst case is the butt plug will want to fall out when you orgasm from the contractions in your pelvic region.


all natural lubricant


Small Female Butt Plug-

Ladies, bigger is not always better!

I know society has us naturally want to think… The bigger, the more pleasure.

But unfortunately, that’s seldom the case. As a beginner looking for a first female butt plug, go with something on the smaller side. It will help you understand the process, insertion, and pleasure.

If you feel you want a more “fullness” feeling during use, you can always step your way up in size.

But nothing kills the buzz faster than trying to insert a butt plug for a half hour and not succeeding.

The Ditto by We-Vibe is a great first time butt plug! click on the pic below to view it!


Vibrating Butt Plugs, sex toys for anal


Butt Plug Insertion-

The most critical step to any butt plug play is actually getting the darn thing in.

However, once you become very experienced, the insertion can be one of the most pleasurable aspects of butt plug play too.

Make sure to follow the steps above during insertion. Relax, take your time, and have plenty of lube. Start small and work your way to larger female butt plugs.

But most of all, stop if you need to. Never force it in, for one that defeats the whole purpose of having a pleasurable experience, and two it can cause injury.

Take your time and try inserting the small tapered tip. Go until you feel comfortable. If you get a slight stretching or discomfort sensation that can be normal for first timers. You can always stop applying pressure for a bit then try again. This will help slowly stretch those muscles to allow full insertion.

If you experience any bleeding, stop immediately although this is uncommon if you are careful.


First Butt Plug:

Where should I start? What female butt plugs would be best for my first one?

Start small and work your way up. You can still get good pleasure and learn the technique through something that is easily inserted. The worst case it might pop out when moving a lot, or when you start to orgasm and clench those muscles hard.

I would start with something 1” in diameter or less. Make sure it has a tapered tip to make insertion easier. It needs to have a large flared base to keep it from being inserted to far or “lost” up there.

Glass and stainless-steel are easier to insert because you can experience zero-friction or less drag during penetration than if you used silicone.

For beginners, I highly recommend the pin (link) or the pleaser (link). Both are high-quality glass, slim, and basic for beginners.


-Anal Trainer:

A great option for any women looking to move their way up into larger female butt plugs is to use a anal trainer kit.

A anal trainer kit comes with multiple different size butt plugs that slowly let you work your way up in size.

As your anus and rectum stretch it becomes easier to insert larger butt plugs. It takes some time and patience but eventually you will get to whatever size plug you desire.

 If you really crave that girth or deep fullness sensation, an anal trainer kit can really help ease you into that.

I suggest moving up .5” diameter about ever 45 days. Inserting the plug at least 2 times a week. This will help you gradually up your size.

Here is the best anal trainer kit I’ve found. Its from B-vibe who are the industry leaders in high-quality female butt plugs.


b-vibe anal training kit


How long can you leave a butt plug in?


I often hear the question “how long can you leave a butt plug in for?”

It really depends on your comfort level. To be on the safe side it is recommended you remove it after 3 hours.

But if it starts to feel uncomfortable before that, just remove at that point.

I have heard of individuals leaving it in all day… I can’t recommend that, but they did turn out just fine. It is a matter of how long you really want to keep those muscles stretched for.


Different Types of Female butt plugs:


Glass Butt Plug:

Sleek, classy, elegant, and sexy.

Glass female butt plugs are erotic and beautiful in nature. They come in a huge variety of colors and offer some unique traits beyond the appealing appearance.

Glass butt plugs offer friction-less entry upon insertion. You have no drag due to the surface of the glass being perfectly smooth. The glass is also naturally non-porous. This keeps bacteria and any smell from retaining on the plug.

Plus, they are all waterproof, making them easy to clean and great for temperature play. Just run your glass butt plug under warm water before you use it for a unique sensation!

Here is my favorite glass butt plug!

glass butt plug


Stainless Steel Butt Plug:


A surface so smooth and reflective you can see yourself in it!

Stainless steel female butt plugs are classy, sassy, and a bit baddassy!

They have a unique look and feel to them. The feel is unusual due to the weight behind a solid steel butt plug. You can always feel their presence, not just when moving around but directly after insertion.

I find it to be a huge turn on and bring a lot of pleasure through this increased “pressure”.

They are extremely hygienic, offering the least porous material ever for plugs. Retain zero smell, easy to clean, and frictionless during insertion.

What’s not to love about stainless steel butt plugs?!

Here is my all time favorite designed for women!

butt plug, njoy


Vibrating Butt Plug:


If you want additional pleasure, or more stimulation than a solid female butt plug can provide. Perhaps you want a vibrating butt plug?

Over half of the female butt plugs Diskret sells are vibrating. They offer endless pleasure and can provide consistent, powerful anal orgasms!

Make sure to get one that is USB rechargeable, they last longer, and batteries become a pain. Plus, batteries are associated with lower quality plugs.

Vibrating butt plugs can provide that hands-free orgasm you’ve always wanted. Just slide it in and switch through the patterns and intensity until you’re flying high!

Here’s my favorite vibrating butt plug for women!

je joue nuo on leg

Remote Controlled Butt Plug:


I never thought I’d say this… But remote-controlled sex toys are amazing!!

At first, I thought it was a feature that is totally unnecessary. Who the hell needs to control their vibrator with a remote? It’s not like we are flipping through channels on the television!

But ohh boy was I wrong. Once I tried one, I don’t think I would go back and here’s why:

When you start, you lube up your hands and the female butt plug. Then you insert and clean your hands off. This way your not mixing butt bacteria with your dildo, or whatever else you plan to do or touch after insertion.

But then you get bored of the vibrating setting you’re on… So, you have to reach back, pull the vibrating butt plug out, change the settings, re-lube, and then insert again. Followed by re-washing your hands! What a pain in the ass (no pun intended).

But this pain was felt among the whole sex toy community, finally a select few manufactures set out to change this. Now some butt plugs offer a remote, or app that you can use your phone as a remote.

No more reaching back to get your hands all messy. Just swipe on your phone or the remote to change settings, patterns, and intensity of vibration.

What a genius design!

Here is my favorite remote-controlled butt plug!

Hugo butt plug, sex toys for anal

Fox Tail Butt Plug:


Are you feeling a little kinky?

Fox tail butt plugs and tail butt plugs in general are becoming extremely popular.

They offer a fantasy like nothing else possible. You can test your inner wild animal spirit or use them with a partner for BDSM dominance and submissiveness.

Show true loyalty to your owner or satisfy your partners kinky fantasy like never before.

Put on a show they will never, ever forget!

Here is my favorite tail butt plug!

crystal delights my lil pony tail


The Best Butt Plugs For Women


There are numerous types of female butt plugs on the market. Nailing down one that is going to give you the most orgasmic sex of your life is not the easiest thing.

There is no “one size fits all” here… as much as the market likes to portray that.

The reality is, we are all different. We have different body styles, different needs, and different desires.

First, you should think about how you plan to use it.

Do you want it for solo masturbation or sex with a partner? Do you plan to take it on a trip, underwater, or in public? Would you rather it vibrate, or made from something solid?

Think about some basics around how you plan to use it and it will help direct you in the right direction for the best female butt plug possible (For You)!


Here are my top 5 favorite female butt plugs & why:



The Hugo is the “Cadillac” of all female butt plugs.

While it works great for men, the curved shaft and endless features list are a girl’s wet dream!

Ohh and don’t forget it’s remote controlled! The Hugo by Lelo packs a serious punch, with huge vibe power to send any woman over the top.

The flared base makes it body-safe and it’s sealed making it 100% waterproof.

Take in the bathtub as you melt the stress of life away!

The Hugo is also great to use with vibrators or dilidos since it curves away, making room for additional toys to penetrate your front side… If you can handle all that!

Find it here for less!




The NUO from Je Joue is also an extremely high quality silicone butt plug.

It was tailored towards woman, with a smaller overall size, yet very powerful motors.

The feature I love most is hooking it up to the free Je Joue app. You can then use your phone as the remote-controller for it!

Classy, sexy, elegant… The Nuo checks all the boxes for durability, features, and great vibration power. The only thing missing is my glass of wine and a warm bath.

I’ve also used it during foreplay with my partner. Let him control the app while this female butt plug is in me. It’s sexy letting him control the amount of pleasure I get.

Don’t Miss The Limited NUO here!


female butt plug


Twisted Noir:

Want intense vibration once you insert your female butt plug?

The twisted noir is ribbed with swirling pleasure. It feels amazing going in and holds in place well.

The design won a ton of awards for feeling this good!

It has a tapered tip for easy insertion and with 6 orgasmic patterns you’ll have a unique orgasm every time you use the Twisted Noir.

The manufacturing company FT London is known for it’s incredibly high-quality female butt plugs and never disappoints!

Check it out here while its still on sale!

butt plug, gplug twist noir



Want something unique, sexy, and luxurious?

The multiplayer is only offered by Diskret. It’s pure eye candy and feels great too!

This female butt plug is made from high-quality hand-blown glass. No two are the exact same!

Our glass blower forms a butt plug then drips pure 24K gold into the base and while twisting and swirling the glass creates an amazing pattern of gold throughout.

The gold changes from a bright yellow to a rose gold in the light depending on how you hold it.

The ultimate jewel butt plug that you’ll want to show off!

Check out the unique Multiplayer here!

diskret butt plug, best toy for sex


B-Balls Duo:

Want a cost-effective way to feel a unique female butt plug?

The B Balls Duo have metal balls inserted inside the silicone plug. These metal balls rattle, swirl, and shake as you move your body!

No need for vibration here, just body movement alone will send waves of pleasure throughout your core.

Orgasmic pleasure for less the B-Balls Duo have intense pleasure without the loud vibration motors. Great for butt play with a partner or taking public!

Check out the B-Balls Duo for less here!

butt plugs for men


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