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Finger Vibrators: Small. Discreet. Pleasurable.

By: Jessica & Lee Founders of Diskret_Adult_Life


Hot Octopuss digit


We all know using a standard vibrator is a fun new way to explore your body. But what about finger vibrators?


Heck, there are so many kinds of toys to explore each unique pleasure zones in and on your body!


What if you want something built so versatile it can stimulate any external spot on your body? Allowing a non-intrusive boost in stimulation to your normal masturbation sessions.


Finger vibrators are becoming extremely popular for both solo masturbation and couples sex for that exact reason; they are small, simple, and extremely pleasurable!


I call my finger vibrators my “lazy vibrator”… Sorry but its true. If I’ve had a long day and want the stress relief of a quick and powerful orgasm without all the work… I just simply slide on my finger vibrator!


Its hassle-free pleasure that makes it popular among a lot of women and couples during foreplay.


What is a finger vibrator?


finger vibrator


By the name you can guess it’s a vibrator that attaches or is worn around your fingers. But there is much more to them than that.


A quality finger vibrator will feel like an extension of your finger(s). You wont even know its there, especially once you get worked up and in the full swing of your masturbation session.


When things get hot and heavy, your mind starts to wonder, all you know is whatever you touch gets energized with a huge surge of pleasure.


Your fingers literally become magical!


Finger vibrators are known for a couple key aspects:


  • Simple (they usually have minimal features to pack in a small toy)
  • Small (very non-intrusive)
  • Comfortable (easy to wear and handle)
  • Easy to Control / Ergonomically Friendly (dexterity is not a requirement here)
  • Great for semi-public stimulation
  • Awesome for couple’s foreplay and penetration
  • Bringing pinpoint clitoral stimulation


So, if you enjoy using your fingers and hands but don’t want the hassle and time it takes to get off. Then finger vibrators would be a great addition to your pleasure box!


My friend calls them an orgasm on the go. She enjoys using them in semi-public places for the risk and adventurous feelings that come with it.


So, if your bold enough to try this I suggest a very small vibrator or fingertip vibrator.


How To Use a Fingertip Vibrator:


Fingertip vibrators have many different uses. First, I’ll cover the basics of using one.


Then I’ll get into the more specific and pleasurable ways to enjoy them, along with the areas they come up short in.  


5 steps to using your new finger vibrator:


  • Relax:


sex tips, relax


Before you start using any vibrator, you should relax your mind and body first.


I’m not big into meditation, but I do love a glass of red wine while I soak in a warm bubble bath!


Whatever tactic you use to relax is fine. Only you know what works best for yourself. While relaxing, its also a great idea to start to let your mind wander.


Think about a sexy fantasy or situation you’ve had.


Relaxing is a key factor in your bodies ability to receive and accept pleasure.


  • Set the mood:


If it helps, set the mood before you masturbate or have sex. It sounds like its straight out of a corny romantic movie, but it works!


Lite the fireplace and candles, pop the champagne, draw a warm bath. Setting the mood is really part of the whole relaxation process.


Plus, takin the time to do these things gets your body and mind thinking about the pleasure ahead. That anticipation can be a powerful tool in becoming turned on and leading to the most powerful finger vibrating orgasm of your life!


  • Get turned on:


By this point you might already be slightly turned on. But if you need some encouragement you can always try these tips:


  • Turn on some porn (quick and easy way to get turned on)
  • Use your imagination. (fantasize about a personal experience you wish would happen)
  • Lightly caress your erogenous zones.
  • Audio Porn (my personal new favorite way to masturbate search some podcasts or audio books)
  • Literotica (if you don’t want to listen to the sexy stories, read some short literotica stories to get you going!)


  • Lube:


oil based lube, lube for men


Ladies, if you don’t have some… Get some! The safest lube for finger vibrators is a water-based lube.


An oil-based lube can start to break down the surface of a quality silicone vibrator over time.


If you’re in a real pinch, and don’t have lube. Check your kitchen for coconut oil. (I’ve used it in the past and it works great, but as an expert, I can’t advise you use it all the time.) Check out more on using coconut oil as a lube here.


But lube is a necessity for solo or couples play. You are using a silicone sex toy mainly for external clitoral vibration.


This requires lube to keep things slick and pleasurable! Preventing any discomfort, pain, and even injury.


  • Enjoy


finger vibrators


Lastly, enjoy the fingertip vibrator in all its glory! They become a natural extension of your body and feel incredible. Taking your mundane finger masturbation to a whole new level!


If you are relaxed, turned on, and lubed up… There is just about nothing that can stop you from enjoying these delightful little toys. There are a few different styles so pick out what you think would fit best around or in your fingers.


Enjoying it alone? Why not get a partner involved. Slide it on his or her fingertips and see what they got!


It’s a very good “first couples sex toy” since its so small and user-friendly. Just about anyone can work them and its difficult to not climax from them!


5 Different Ways To Use Fingertip Vibrators:


Is there a best way to use a finger vibrator?


It really depends on the person and what they are looking for. There are at least 4 major ways to utilize a finger vibrator to the best of its abilities. Giving you fast, strong, and long-lasting orgasms.


Solo Masturbation:


Who said solo masturbation had to be boring?!


Grab your nifty little friend “fingertip vibrator” and start working it around your erogenous zones.


These areas include:

  • Inner thigh
  • Nipples
  • Neck
  • Feet
  • Ears
  • Breasts
  • Butt


Touch everywhere except directly on or in your genitals. Apply gentle pressure and caress the zones that relax and turn you on.


Work your finger vibrator close to your clit but then pull away at the last second. Teasing yourself and building anticipation for what’s to cum (pun intended, yea that one fit perfect).


Once you just can’t take it any longer, take your finger vibrator and work it over your labia. Stroking and gliding next to your clitoris.


When your ready, apply pressure to your vaginal rim and clitoris. Work it around as during a natural masturbation session would be.


Circles, swirls, tapping, light and heavy pressure. Whatever you desire most!


Can I stick the finger vibrator inside me?


Absolutely, it can go inside you. It needs to feel comfortable and should be completely sealed (waterproof vibrator). If it falls off up there, don’t panic. You should be able to relax and let it drop out or grab it with your fingers. Same as a benwaball would be.


They can stimulate your g-spot with pin-point vibrating jolts of pleasure or around the base opening of your vagina (which is packed with nerve endings).


Warning: The orgasms come swiftly with great power. I was shocked at how big a difference such a small little device can make. But vibration alone can 10X your pleasure!


Couples Foreplay / Penetration:


couples sexy


Who said you have to use your new finger vibrator alone?


They are absolutely amazing with a partner. Foreplay has never been the same for my male partner and I.


We use it in two main ways:


I let him put it on his fingers and warm me up during hot mind-blowing foreplay. (I never last long after this kind of foreplay).


Let him stroke you and slightly penetrate you with the fingertip vibrator. Communication is key here. Let him know if you want it faster, slower, harder, or softer. Guide his hand with your own if necessary. 


I have even taken the finger vibrator off him and slide it on to start jerking him off with it. The additional stimulation on this shaft and tip of penis are amazing (so he says).


We also use it as a clitoral stimulator while he penetrates me.


70% of all women say they require some form of clitoral stimulation in order to climax.


If that’s case, then a fingertip vibrator or cock ring has to be the most non-intrusive way of receiving clitoral stimulation while engaging in penetrative sex with your partner!  


Either he can hold it on you while penetrating you, or you can do it yourself while he penetrates you.


I’ve noticed some positions like doggy or when I’m on top, it works best if he wears it. Other positions where I am on my back, I like to control it.


The possibilities with a partner are truly endless. Even with lesbian and gay couples, you can always find great ways to utilize the vibrations on your fingertip!


Semi- Public Play:


If you love the risk of fooling around in public, you already know huge vibrators and wands just don’t cut it.


Descression is most important and the only way to truly get that is by using your hand or a very small, quiet vibrator.


This is where the finger vibrators come in perfectly. You don’t even need to take your hand out of your pocket!


Keep in mind, public play is not legal. I highly suggest if you take this risk you do it in a semi-public place like the less crowded park or a dark empty movie theater… you get the point.


On The Go / Travel:


waterproof vibrator


Are you traveling for work or pleasure?


In my case “Pleasure is my work” (I’ve always wanted to say that to the TSA agent but haven’t had the balls to do it.)


Either way, everyone travels with a handy little vibrator know-a-day. Could be for a vacation or work. Why should you be neglected your “ohhh so sweet” orgasms, just because you’re away from home?


That’s where compact vibrators like a finger vibrator come in handy. Super easy to just toss in a side pocket and not worry about.


The big vibrators are clumsy and take up a lot of room.


Warning: If you don’t check it in your suitcase, you will be asked to remove it and place it into its own sperate bin during x-ray. It has lithium ion battery just like your phone or laptop. It doesn’t bother me any, but if you’re embarrassed to do so, just put it in your checked bag.


Blended Orgasms:


finger vibrators


Blended orgasms are the highest form of orgasms for women. They whole-body experiences that lead to long, and intense orgasms.


How do I get a blended orgasm?


Blended orgasms are brought through multiple forms of stimulation.


Here is a list of ways to use to use a fingertip vibrator for a blended orgasm:


  • Using your finger vibrator for clitoral stimulation while you use a dildo for g-spot stimulation.
  • Using a vibrator for deep clitoral penetration with a finger vibrator for clitoral stimulation.
  • Try the finger vibrator for anal play while stimulating your front side.
  • Use a butt plug while using the fingertip vibrator on your clit.
  • Having anal beads in while using the fingertip vibrator on your front side.


You can see how this list can become vast and the opportunities are endless. All leading to different sensations and unique orgasms!


Gotta try em’ all! (that’s a nerdy Pokemon joke for any late 80’s early 90’s babies.)


The Downfalls of Finger Vibrators:


While our amazing little friends have so many benefits, I feel its only fair like all the sex toy reviews I do; to cover the downfalls.


It doesn’t have a ton of downfalls, but as to be expected in a small vibrator it doesn’t take on the following traits very well:


  • Power- With recent technology, small finger vibrators can now pack a serious punch. But if you’re a powerqueen who needs her 110V wand vibrators, you simply will not see that kind of power in any smaller vibrators.


  • Deep Penetration: You can go as deep as the length of your fingers plus the extension of the vibrator. It won’t provide that super deep penetration you get from a 8” long dildo but most your “pleasure nerve-endings” are at the base of your vagina anyway.



  • Girth: The girth depends on your fingers and size of vibrator, but typically it is a slim and short device making not the most ideal for those who love large diameter penetration.


The Best Finger Vibrator:


the best finger vibrator


So, now the question becomes what’s the best finger vibrator?


Like I tell all my customers looking for advice; close your eyes and imagine how you plan to use your finger vibrator.


Do you plan to use it in public? Do you want if for work or travel trips? Want to use it in the bathtub?


How you imagine using it will determine exactly what features you need (not want). So, don’t pay for features if you don’t plan to use them.


This will help narrow down the best finger vibrator for you and keep you from overpaying.


If you want to use it in public, go with something very quiet and slim. If you plan to travel with it, make sure its small and has a travel lock. Want to use it in the bathtub? Better make sure its 100% waterproof.


Narrow your decision based on the list of features below:


  • Size: Slim, small, discreet
  • Waterproof
  • Hook up to an app through smart phone
  • Grip and ergonomics
  • Vibration intensity
  • Number of vibration patterns and intensity levels
  • Material: body-safe, organic, silicone
  • USB-Rechargeable or Battery
  • Awards and Reviews


5 Best Fingertip Vibrators Of All Time:


Without further ado, here are my favorite 5 fingertip vibrators. I pulled this list together through countless hours of research and testing.


These are not only the most highly recommended by myself, sexologist experts, but also your peers! These 5 stand head and shoulders about the competition.


Don’t believe me? Just spend 10 minutes searching the web or Amazon / Ebay / Groupon. Its unbelievable the amount of low-quality junk offered in the “finger vibrator” category.


These 5 are 10 times better than majority of the market.


Here’s why:

  • Reviews
  • Reputation of manufacturer
  • Features
  • Durability
  • Safety (design and material)
  • Design / Concept


#1 Digit – $69.99




Hot Octopuss continues to shock the world with their extremely high quality products and innovative designs.


Which is why I was super stoked to hear the launch of the “Digit” Finger Vibrator! I had to get my hands… or should I say fingertips on this one!


No surprise here. Just as I expected like all their products, a very high quality fingertip vibrator! Finally someone understands my needs!


It’s 100% waterproof, USB-Rechargeable, Ultra-quiet, 5 vibration patterns, 5 vibration intensities, uses a elegant slim design.


Ergonomic loops make it easy to slide your fingers in and it feels like an extension of your body. When things really heat up, you don’t even realize it’s there!


The shape is rather unique, its flat and is slightly wider and longer than most fingertip vibrators. Making it great for slightly more broad clitoral stimulation, and penetration.


The vibes were deep and rumbly, just as I like them.


Want the best fingertip vibrator on the market? The Digit will give any vibrator a run for its money!  



#2  ORA 2 – $189.00


Ora 2, Lelo


While the ORA 2 comes with a higher price tag. It has the most features, and best reviews out of all the finger vibrators available.


It’s made by Lelo, you’ve probably heard of them, but they are the industry leader in luxury adult products.


What makes the ORA 2 unique?


It simulates oral sex perfectly! Yea… talk about never leaving the bedroom again!


The ORA 2 uses a rotating nub behind a thin super soft silicone sheet. This twisting, rotating, expanding nub stimulates a tongue perfectly.


Place it wherever you desire and let the huge waves of pleasure roll over your body.


The best part is it uses touch sense technology as a mode too. When you place it on your clit it will slowly ramp up in vibration. If you remove it, it will stop, and then start again at the base level vibration when re-applied.


Making it perfect for edging!


The ORA 2 is slammed full of every feature you could possibly desire and with a year long warranty you know it was built to last.


This finger vibrator just became your new best kissing and licking friend!


#3 Fin – $74.99


Fin Dame Products, fingertip vibrator, finger vibrator


The Fin from Dame Products was the original “finger vibrator”. Since its first generation they have developed this vibrator into one of the best in the industry.


The Fin is sleek, sexy, and extremely convenient. Beyond having all the modern day features; it packs a powerful rumbling vibe into such a small body.


It has a 3 speed motor, water-resistant for cleaning, rechargeable, and travel friendly.


You won’t even notice it’s there… Beyond the orgasmic pleasure your fingers now provide of course.


It has a small sling for your fingers to slide in and you can use the Fin in various directions. Face it up, down, at the tip of you finger or base of your palm. The ways you can use it are endless!


The Fin has a firm direct tip on one side, and a flat squishy tip on the other side. Never get bored with your orgasm!


#4 Finger Wand – $39.99


finger wand, fingertip vibrator, finger vibrator


The Aria Finger Wand is a rare fingertip vibrator that not only is built from a very high quality manufacturer, but comes with a great price tag!


This Finger Wand offers deep penatrating vibes with a grip that comfortably sits between your fingers.


One side offers a textured bullseye for incredible direct clitoral stimulation. The other side is a siliky smooth silicone.

It has a magnetic clip N’ charge feature that is 100% waterproof. With 5 vibe patterns and 5 vibe speeds, never get that “numbing” sensation again!

Made from organic silicone that is 100% body-safe and phthalate free; this fingertip vibrator will become your new best friend!

A bullet that slides in the base gives you all the vibe you would ever need from a finger vibrator. With a 3.25” total height and 1.25” width this discreet vibrator can go with you anywhere unoticeable!


Great for solo play or with a partner. Give them the finger vibrator and watch them work its wonders on you!


#5 Mi Vibe – $34.99


Aria Mi Vibe


The Aria Mi Vibe is based off the finger wand above. Same great manufacture, same great material, and same orgasmic experience.


The main difference is the Mi Vibe offers a different shape and texture. The back is a heart shape that allows you to slip your fingers around. While the front uses a ribbed texture that feels incredible against your skin!


With a powerful, waterproof bullet vibrator this small little finger vibrator will rock you to the core.


Not sure if you want a finger vibrator? The Mi Vibe is under 35 dollars. Giving you a taste of the highest quality fingertip vibrator for less. A small investment for pleasure this grand!


Take it in the bathtub or give it to a partner. However you plan to use it, your eyes will be rolling from the continued climax this nifty little toy offers.

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