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By: Jessica & Lee Founders of Diskret_Adult_Life ( Fun Sex Ideas )


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Fun Sex


Are you looking for fun sex? Do you want a change in pace, spice things up, or perhaps downright freaky sex?


If so, hold on tight.


I’m about to turn your world upside down!


After all, there’s no reason to let things get stale in the bedroom. Don’t be the one to make excuses or blame your partner… It’s time to take charge and try new things in bed!


But what if I’m shy?


What if my partner doesn’t like what we try?


How do I know what my partner likes?


These are most likely some of the questions that bounce through your head immediately. That’s okay, its quite common to have this initial reaction.


But once you slow down, think logically through the process it will all become much more manageable.


Chances are your partner isn’t going to hate new mind-blowing sex, and neither are you!


Let’s look at how fun sex gets started.


New Things To Try In Bed:


If you’re wondering how your partner will respond to trying new things in bed, you might be shocked at the first “New Idea” I am going to suggest:


#1- Communicate In The Bedroom:


If you’ve read my blogs in the past, this is no surprise to you, but communication is so important in the bedroom!


For example, will my partner want to try having sex in a random new place in the house?


Who knows! The only way to find out is by asking them what they would find fun, interesting, and pleasurable.


You can ask them the next time a heated moment hits you or even through a text message.


For example, send them a sexy message like:


“Hey sexy, I can’t wait for tonight. What if we start in the bedroom and work our way to the kitchen, having sex in every room we come across?!”


It’s that simple. See how they respond, they might shoot it down but suggest something else that sounds fun or kinky. You never know until you ask!


It sounds odd, but fun sex starts with you asking the question. Asking the question doesn’t keep things as spontaneous, but at least you’re on the same page.


This will bypass the situation where you’re plan blows up in your face.


#2- Fun Sex Can Start In New Locations:



It doesn’t require crazy sex positions. It doesn’t require a ton of money. And it doesn’t even require much planning.


Fun sex can be as simple as changing up the “same old spot” you always have sex in.


Just like changing a sex position from basic missionary to reverse cowgirl can give a whole new look and feel to things, changing from the bedroom to the kitchen, laundry room, or family room can become an entirely new experience!


Here are some fun new locations to try having sex:


avant Heart of gold


  • Her propped on the kitchen counter.


  • Try her bent over the kitchen table.


  • Her laying back on the kitchen table.


  • Him sitting in a chair.


  • Him sitting on the couch while she mounts him.


  • Her propped on top of the washer or dry (turn it on for some extra fun).


  • Standing in the shower.


  • In the car, parked in your garage.


  • On the floor in the living room.


  • Her bent over the coffee table.


  • Laying on the couch.


  • Him sitting on the closed toilet seat lid while she mounts him.


  • Her bent over the bathroom counter


The possibilities are nearly endless! Changing up the scenery forces you to try new positions in a new atmosphere.


This is one of the easiest ways to make sex more fun and exciting!


#3- Dirty Talk


Communication in the bedroom doesn’t always have to be asking and giving feedback.


While it’s great to know if you’re pleasing your partner, sometimes dirty talk can be a whole new thing.


Instead of:


  • “How do you like it when I do this?”


  • “Should I go faster or slower?”


  • “Am I hitting the spot now?”


  • “Where should I place my fingers?”


  • “Do you like it when I do this?”


Try something that isn’t all about feedback. Use communication to turn your partner on and heat things up in the bedroom. After all, you want to try new things in the bedroom, right?


Instead of asking for feedback try using dirty talk like this:


sex toys for couples, whisper in ear


  • “I can’t wait to kiss every inch of your body, starting on your neck and slowly working my way down to your…”


  • Her- “I love it when your rock-hard shaft penetrates me this deep.”


  • Him- “You feel so wet right now… Can I go down for a taste?”


  • Her- “Blowing you is making me so wet right now, can I slip it in?”


  • Him- “You taste amazing, I love gliding my tongue down the curves of your tight pussy.”


Okay, so those might be a little graphic for some or not enough for others, but you get the picture.


Say, something meant to turn your partner on, and they might join in on the fun and return the favor too!


Sex ideas:


Speaking of fun sex, what are some great sex ideas?


Maybe your partner and you are adventurous and used to have kinky sex in past, but need some modern-day inspiration?


Or perhaps you’ve never really had freaky sex but want to put a twist on your mundane sex life?


Either way, lets spice things up… Here are some fun sex ideas to get your mind wandering and your heart pounding:


Take it to a Mirror:


Whisper in your partners ear just how sex they look and suggest getting a better view. Try having sex with a mirror behind you, over you, or even under you! This will give a whole new glimpse on sexy angles you didn’t even know were possible!


fun sex


Turn it up a notch and have your partner use a sex toy in front of the mirror why you straddle them from behind. Watch each and every stroke from the same point of view they are seeing it. Super sexy and exhilarating foreplay!


how to make a girl orgasm


Tie Them Up:


Buying ropes and restraints is no longer considered this crazy taboo thing! Matter of fact, over 80% of couples have tried some form of light bondage!


shibari bondage rope


So, get out the ropes and the sex toys. Tie their hands behind there back, over their head, or spread wide across the bed. This will them in a vulnerable state and craving you to take advantage of them.


Don’t dive right into the penetration. Tease them first!


Pull out an amazing g-spot vibrator and run it up her legs, slowly working it around her clitoris and in out of her vagina… She’ll be begging you for more!


Or in her case, tie him up and use a masturbation sleeve on him. Work just the tip of his shaft until he is crying out for full penetration!


A nice bonus feature is a good blindfold, and never forget a great water-based lube!


Butt Plugs:


It doesn’t matter if you’re a straight, gay, lesbian, male, female, or transgender. Everyone enjoys butt play!


Yes, men too. If you haven’t heard of a mind-blowing prostate massage you need to hop on the pleasure train my friends!


Slide a butt plug into your partner or yourself. Use this as amazing backside pleasure while you continue to stimulate their front side, or yours.


feamle butt plugs


Experience mind-altering pleasure from a blended orgasm. This is an orgasm brought on by stimulating your font side simultaneously with your backside. It leads to full body orgasms that last longer and are 10x more intense than your regular orgasm.


Let Your Partner Watch You Masturbate:


Its called mutual masturbation and it’s an extremely hot form of foreplay.


Grab your favorite sex toy and hand your partner theirs.


Fun Factory Semilino


Then slowly start to masturbate with it while watching your partner masturbate with theirs.


You can both orgasm this way, or simply use do it until you can’t take it any longer and you decide to ravage each other’s body!


Either way, things are going to end good for the both of you!


Best Sex Toys Too Try:


The bottom line, if you want a simple way to have crazy sex that ends in mind-blowing orgasms for the both of you, try sex toys!


Some of you are like I’ve been there done that… And others might have never experienced them yet.


But here is the thing. Bringing a $20.00 dollar vibrator to bed that was half off and made in a batch of 10,000 others from overseas, with a useless buzzing battery will bring you a boost in pleasure.


Yes, those dreaded sex toys that I despise so freaking much I decided to uproot my life and start my own business… Will indeed, give you and your partner a slight boost in pleasure.


This boost is from the excitement of trying something new. The excitement of bringing your partner a boost in stimulation. The giddy feeling you get from fumbling around with it like a pair of high school kids who have no clue what their doing.


But that boost and pleasure is short lived. These low-grade sex toys break after a couple uses. The batteries corrode, crack, and die. Vibration from these sex toys are meek at best. Half of them are not even made with body-safe materials!


The Bottom Line: While I highly suggest you bring sex toys to the bedroom, I suggest you bring something that is high quality! Then you can experience the once-in-a-lifetime blended orgasm that will have you buzzing for days… I suggest you do it with a quality sex toy and skip all the bullsh*t the low-grade sex toys bring. Here are the best sex toys no matter how advanced or beginner of a user you are!


Cock Rings:


A quality cock ring is the easiest way for the two of you to experience mind-altering orgasms…. At the same time!


If you haven’t experienced a powerful orgasm at literally the exact same time as your partner, let me tell you… it’s a beautiful thing!


A cock ring is a silicone band that slides around the base of his cock. This will provide constriction to his cock which will keep him harder longer, and also make him last longer in bed.


This constriction and delayed orgasm will lead to a massive release. A much stronger orgasm that seems to last forever!


We haven’t even got to the best part of the cock ring… High quality cock rings will send deep penetrating vibes down his rock hard cock!


These vibes give him additional stimulation, but also turn his cock into the most intense vibrator she will ever experience!


Since the motor is placed at the base of his shaft, with each thrusting motion it contacts her clitoris.


While 70% of women require this clitoral stimulation in order to climax, I’m sure the other 30% aren’t complaining about it either.


That’s what makes the cock ring one of the best couple’s sex toys to bring to the bedroom for deep orgasms from both him and her!


So, what’s the best cock ring to try?


The Pivot By We-Vibe:


The Pivot By We-Vibe will take fun sex and make it extraordinary!



It’s extremely powerful motor will send deep penetrating vibes down his cock. With each thrust she can feel the Pivot against her clit like a bolt of lighting pleasure shocking her entire core!


orgasm control


The band is super flexible and comfortable for him, allowing him to last a long time in bed as the constriction keeps him rock hard.


Did I mention it’s waterproof? Now you can take the powerful orgasms with you to the bath, hot tub pool, or shower! Making fun sex that much more wild!


The two-year warranty proves it was built to last and the powerful USB-Rechargeable battery will last up too 3 months on a single charge.


If you want to blow your partners mind, the We-Vibe Pivot is ready for takeoff!


Find it for less here!


The Vedo Roco Cock Ring


The Iconic Vedo Roco is a powerful cock ring that has dual motors! This cock ring has two rings, one to go around his cock, the other to go around his balls.


Vedo, Vedo Roco, Roco


This provides constriction to his cock and balls, while also sending powerful vibrations through is shaft and perineum.


The  unique design gives him mind-altering pleasure while also giving her powerful clitoral stimulation.


The first time I strapped the Vedo Roco on and let the dual motors rumble, my eyes rolled into the back of my head, my toes curled, and chills rolled through my spine.


Have her moaning with pleasure by checking out the Roco here!


Butt Plugs:


Butt plugs have become wildly popular in the last decade for all kinds of fun sex!


Gay, straight, lesbians, men, women… It doesn’t matter who you are, there is an extremely pleasurable butt plug for you!


While straight men used to think butt play was taboo, its become very popular and even a mainstream sex toy in the last few years.




Because everyone can agree, butt plugs provide the holy grail of orgasms… The prostate orgasm!


They also provide blended orgasms for both men and women. The types of orgasms that are twice as strong as normal, since you climax from multiple sources of stimulation!


Next time you want some freaky sex sure to spice things up in the bedroom, try having sex with a butt plug in.


What are the best butt plugs for men and women?


The Best Butt Plug for Men:


I’ve tried all kinds of butt plugs for men over the last decade. There is one that stands out above the rest. This prostate plug is the highest rated plug for men year after year.


A survey done with hundreds of men shows that men believe a prostate orgasm is 33% more intense than a standard penis orgasm.


If you want to tap into that epic pleasure, you should try the Duke by Fun Factory.


Duke by Fun Factory:


The Duke is head and shoulders above most prostate butt plugs for men. If you want some fun sex, the Duke is here to blow your mind!


Duke Fun Factory


This butt plug was designed to fit and stimulate all the right places of the male anatomy.


With a tapered head, it slides in with ease providing deep, full, orgasmic pleasure. The “reverse bump” provides targeted prostate stimulation. And the large hooked handle lands directly on his perineum for a 3rd and even more powerful type of stimulation.


You can see how the design and shape make it perfect for satisfying men, but the manufacturing quality is what really sends it over the top. This is built to last with one of the most powerful bullet vibrators you can get.


Duke Fun Factory



Check out the Duke here to start your wild ride!


The Best Butt Plug for Women:


Women find butt plugs extremely pleasurable too! They provide a sense of fullness, stretch, and a unique sensation unlike anything else.


The additional bonus of a great butt plug is it allows for double penetration. Why stick to only penetrating your backside? You can enjoy intense clitoral stimulation, a vaginal vibrator, and of course kinky sex with a partner all while still getting the additional boost in pleasure from the plug!


The orgasms women experience while having a butt plug in is extremely intense. Its is a simple way to 10x your pleasure.


My partner even enjoys using butt plugs for a kinky night out. Imagine your man sliding a butt plug in you before going off to a dinner party, movie, or just to grab drinks. Knowing your enjoying the pleasure is the ultimate form of foreplay!


But why stop there? You can turn any mundane task like a hot shower, folding laundry, or cooking lunch into a pleasurable hour!


The best butt plugs for women have to have the perfect design for the ultimate anal orgasms. They should be easy to use, durable, and super comfortable.


The Vibrating Bump:


The bump is simply one of the best butt plugs for women… period. It was designed with textured body for a huge boost in stimulation during penetration and removal.


B-Vibe Bump Butt Plug


Its slightly smaller in size with a long tapered body that makes it easy for insertion for even the most novice users.


A quality vibrating butt plug like this is hard to find. It can turn fun sex into one explosive orgasm after another. Use it for solo masturbation or with a partner. It will deliver mind blowing anal orgasms with the use of powerful, penetrating, waves of vibration from your core to your toes!


Remember to use a clitoral stimulator, vibrator, or partner with a cock ring along with the bump, to take things to an extreme level of intense pleasure. My partner can hardly handle this much stimulation, her body begins to shake, her legs become weak, and her eyes role back as the pleasure consumes her entire being!


I you want fun sex, give the B-Vibe Bump a try.


Check it out here for less!


How to spice things up in the bedroom 101:


If you want to spice things up in the bedroom, remember a few simple rules:


The More Foreplay the Better:


Don’t skip the foreplay! This especially goes for the guys, and this especially goes for all you couples out there that don’t have the self-control to hold off haha!


Imagine how good a big juicy cheese burger would be after not eating for days…


I’m not saying you have to go absent for days (although some couples do that to build the sensation).


I’m just saying instead of stripping down and immediately jumping to penetration, try extended foreplay to spice things up in the bedroom.


You can masturbate in front of each other, kiss, cuddle, finger, oral sex, use a toy on each other… You get the idea. Just about anything other than penetration. Save the penetration for last and see just how long you can hold off!


Kinky Roleplay sex:


Another incredible way to spice things up in the bedroom is with roleplay! This fun sex idea can be just what the doctor ordered to keep things fun and interesting.


You can roleplay entire scenarios, or simply dress up for the fun of it.


role play sex


A sexy doctor with his nurse. Perhaps the captain of the football team and the cheerleader. Or the classic student and professor.


Whatever your fantasy is, just remember to communicate it ahead of time with your partner. Every encrustation detail of your fantasy to really turn the heat up!


Bring the Lube:


While this might seem basic, many couples have never even tried a high-quality lube! While lube is absolutely necessary for anal play, nobody ever told me it made normal sex that much better!


If you want fun sex, try lathering up his cock and going to town! The slick sensation will allow him to last longer and feel the intense sensation of zero friction upon entry.


Lube is also extremely erotic when used for full body massages. Have your partner lay naked on a towel and give them a relaxing rub down from head to toe. It can be an extremely happy ending for the both of you!


cocunut lube, how to have a quickie, sexy

Swinging & Threesomes:


Its not for everyone, but the swinging community is huge and filled with all kinds of amazing couples. From just simple bonding as friends to satisfying your most extreme desires, swinging and threesomes can be the pinnacle of fun sex.


There are lots of forms, pages, and blogs for those interested in getting into swinging. Just remember you and your partner need the ultimate form of trust and communication.


Make sure you’re on the same page before diving down this fun, wild, and extremely pleasurable rabbit hole!


Fun Sex Positions:


A easy and reliable way to have fun sex is by changing up your sex positions. Nothing screams spicing things up in the bedroom like a kinky new sex position!


While I have dedicated entire blogs to fun sex positions and also highly recommend the Kinkly sex position chart, I won’t get into specific positions here.


I will however tell you there are hundreds of different sex positions you can try. Ranging from super expert mode to even the most basic beginners can try.


fun sex


Some might require special things like crazy stamina, flexibility, or large cocks… But I would say 85% of sex positions the average joe can give a shot.


The important thing here is to understand the more difficult the positions is, does not mean the more pleasure you will receive.


I’ve actually found it to be the opposite of this for most couples. Keep things simple and if one of you voice a discomfort, simply try something new.


Remember basic sex positions like doggy or missionary can be turned more erotic with the use of sex toys. Try a cock ring or butt plug during missionary and you will quickly see what I’m talking about.


BDSM Ideas


“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but whips and chains excite me!”


It’s a classic song that rings through my head whenever thinking of BDSM.


For some individuals the BDSM world is exciting, pleasurable, and the ultimate way of spicing things up in the bedroom.


You can start novice with things like:


  • Blindfold your partner before you start stripping their clothing off.


  • Handcuff their hands behind their back before taking advantage of them.


  • Tie their legs spread apart on the bed and use a wand vibrator or male sex toy to heat things up!



  • Edge play to build the sensation multiple times for the ultimate release!


Or you can take things a bit more extreme with:


  • Put his cock in a Chasity.


  • Humiliation talk.


  • Forced orgasms.


  • Extreme bondage.


  • Impact play.


  • Kinky role play.




No matter how extreme you want to take things, just remember to start basic and slow. You can always work your way up and it’s important you know what you’re doing to remain safe.


I hope this has given you a few take aways to try in the bedroom. From simple things like communication, lube and sex toys to more advanced BDSM play. Whatever you’re looking to try remembering to never settle for less.


Always be searching for that unique and intense orgasm that feels better than the last.


If you have any additional questions, simply login and drop a comment below. I’ll be happy to answer them as fast as possible!


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