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Top 10 G-Spot vibrators!


By: Jessica & Lee Founders of Diskret_Adult_Life

When talking the best types of vibrators, you cant ignore the g spot vibrators! Unfortunately, I see way too many articles talking about the “best 50 g spot vibrators” or “top 100 g spot vibrators” and when I look at them; I simply can’t help but shake my head. Just because it’s a vibrator and it well… vibrates, doesn’t make it a g spot vibrator! It definitely doesn’t make it the “best” or “top” g spot vibrator! How can there even be 100 g spot vibrators that are at the top? (please excuse my rant). But after seeing a lot of mis leading information, I decided to show you what I think are the best 10 g spot vibrators on the market but more importantly, why I think they are the best!

Unless you are constantly trying g spot vibrators of all shapes, sizes, and designs it would be very difficult to write an accurate article like this. Lucky for you, I have roughly 80 sitting in my house at this very moment (perks of being a retailer for so many years). I have tested a lot for the simple reason of; I don’t want to offer mediocre products on Diskret. More importantly here are my top g spot vibrators, here is what I take into consideration before putting them on my list (beyond the fact that they can vibrate)!


G Spot Vibrators, What To Look For:

  • Look: Before you even open the box, does packaging look presentable, does it have a quality look and feel to it in the hand. Is it seamless, classy, and sexy?
  • Feel: How does it feel compared to the last 80 g spot vibrators I’ve used? Is it awkward or hard to use? More importantly did it provide a mind-blowing g spot orgasm?
  • Function: Is it USB rechargeable? Does it have dual-motors, waterproof capabilities, multiple vibration modes and patterns?
  • Design: Is the design safe? Does it have a slightly curved shaft for g spot stimulation? Is the handle easy to control and manipulate?
  • Material: Is it smooth during entry? Does it have a non-porous material that is easy to clean? Does it retain any smell? Is the material safe to use with lube? Is it 100% body-safe?
  • Reviews: Just because I love it, doesn’t mean everyone does! What do other sex experts in the field say? Is there a general consensus that the g spot vibrator is a quality one?
  • Ratings: What is the general publics opinion on the g spot vibrator? Are the ratings above a 4 star?
  • Reputation: The brand, the manufacture, and the retailer. Are they known throughout the industry and do they have a good reputation for safe and reliable sex toys?

Here are the my top 10 most orgasmic g spot vibrators. I understand just because it’s my favorite doesn’t make it yours. But with the bullets points I explained above I can guarantee you’ll find these as orgasmic and pleasurable as I do!

G-spot vibrator, how to use a vibrator

Everyone has a slightly different anatomy. Your g spot might require a slightly different angle or depth compared to someone else. The g spot isn’t a mile long, and it does require some pin point accuracy in order to stimulate continuously. The G-Kii is perfect for all women. How’s that possible? It can change to any angle you want! Press and hold the button on the side and simply bend the G-Kii to the perfect angle then release the button. This incredible g spot vibrator will then hold that position until you press the button again. It’s a genius design!

So, once you find that perfect angle you can switch through the 7 different vibrations patterns to find the perfect vibe. It also has 5 vibration levels of intensity. Looking for some clitoral stimulation too? It can bend 180 degrees and stimulate internally as well as externally. Talk about a versatile and extremely pleasurable g spot vibrator.

Je Joue, the manufacturer makes all their sex toys from high quality body-safe silicone that penetrates with minimal drag. It also comes in a stunning box, making it a great gift too!

Gigi 2, Lelo

The GiGi 2 is one of my favorite g spot vibrators of all time. Its simplistic design was so highly regarded and loved by all on the GiGi 1, Lelo decided to revamp it for Gigi 2. They used the same design but gave the vibrator modern day features like waterproof, 8 pleasure settings, USB rechargeable, and new and improved internal motor.

The GiGi is a smaller vibrator, about 4 inches can be inserted, however most women’s g spot is only located 2-3 inches inside the body. Making the GiGi 2 the perfect length to reach it and not “overshoot” it. It has a broad flat based tip, perfect for resting on your g spot. It got a lot of media attention from all the big magazines and websites, which had me skeptical. A lot of the “hype” usually doesn’t pan out, but I went into this vibrator with high expectations and it even blew those out of the water.

The head is great for external use too, I prefer to start with it on my clit and finish with a strong g spot orgasm. The length and size is very easy to handle and manipulate as your body desires.

we-vibe Rave, g spot vibrators

Are there any other powerqueens out there? I must admit I enjoy strong, rumbly, penetrating vibes. Not a little buzz that you can’t tell if the sex toy is even on! Well when it comes to powerful g spot vibrators nothing can beat the Rave, I mean nothing. Other than the awesome feature of hooking it up to a free app from We-Vibe I wasn’t to excited to review the Rave; I must admit. It had a simplistic design and looked like a couple other toys I’ve used in the past. However, I know We-Vibe builds some of the best-selling g spot vibrators in the world, so I decided to give it a whirl. Thank goodness I did! The Rave g spot vibrator blew my socks off! It has two extremely powerful motors in it. One in the base and one in the tip. It has 10 vibration modes from “I barely feel this” to “Holy f***ING $hi*”. I couldn’t believe the power!

With great power comes great pleasure (sounds like a Spider-Man quote)… It can deliver deep penetrating vibes to your g spot, waterproof, USB rechargeable, and app friendly. The app is the coolest thing ever if you’re a sex nerd like myself. Customize vibes and control it all from a tap on your phone!

Womanizer Inside Out

This is one of my favorite sex toys period. Is it a sole g spot vibrator… Not exactly, but it does give g spot stimulation with clitoral stimulation. Nobody ever complained about blended orgasms from multiple forms of stimulation! The Womanizer Inside Out combines the sonic pulse wave technology with a g spot vibrating shaft. The pulse wave is a fancy way of saying it stimulates “sucking” on your clit while it penetrates. When I say “simulates sucking” I should say, you cant tell if your partner is down there or the Womanizer Inside Out is, its that realistic!

This vibrator also has every feature you could possibly ask for. I’m talking 12 different intensity levels (vibration), 12 different levels (suction), Luxury case, whisper quiet, medical-grade silicone, and 100% waterproof! Its on the more expensive side but you can see why. It has anything you could possible want from any g spot vibrators!

It was dubbed the “90 second orgasm machine”. If you’re wondering why, I highly drought you can use it for 90 seconds without having at least one orgasm! It’s that good…

g-spot vibrators, enigma

Enigma isn’t as popular as some of the more mainstream sex toys, but I must admit I found a diamond in the rough with this g spot vibrator. Designed to create the perfect orgasm, it too uses g spot stimulation with clitoral stimulation. It uses a larger highly curved handle, making it very ergonomic friendly. No more awkward twisting of the wrist to hit the g spot. This large handle is easy to use and easy to manipulate. Like the Rave, it too has independent dual high velocity motors. That allows you to stimulate your clit at one setting and your g spot at another! Not many quality vibrators I’ve seen can even do this.

It has a detachable charging station, waterproof, 10 settings, USB magnetic charging port, and can run for 3+ hours on a single charge. I left mine in a nightstand for almost 3 months and it still worked perfectly. So, some super battery is in there that can last forever on standby apparently?!

If your looking for a rush of clitoral and g spot orgasmic pleasure, the Engma will become your “go-to” vibrator.

Jil, sex toys for women, g spot vibrators

The Jil Mila is a nimble rabbit g spot vibrator and has been designed specifically for blended orgasms with a user-friendly control. It’s made from medical grade (100% body-safe) silicone that is extremely soft and flexible. Two powerful motors send penetrating vibes through your g spot in a whisper quiet atmosphere. I love it because its basic, has your most classic rabbit vibrator design with a curved shaft and two rabbit ears for clitoral stimulation. Basic design but loaded with the most important features. Each motor has 10 speeds and it is USB re-chargeable. With an insertable length of 5.5” and 1.5” diameter it is great for beginners to advanced users.

I love taking mine to the bath or shower. The cleanup is super easy since your already in there, and it is super relaxing with how quiet it is. Not to mention sometimes the water makes the vibes feel less powerful but the two motors in the Jil Mila are able to compensate for it!

jil, g spot vibrators

I loved the Jil Mila and it was so good, Jil made Ava. Exact same internals as the Mila, but with a slightly different design. Still one of the top g spot vibrators of all time for me. The mind-blowing orgasms come one after another. The only real difference between the Mila and Ava that I can tell placing them side-by-side is the clitoral stimulator. Which makes a big difference surprisingly! The Ava uses a nub, better for broad clitoral stimulation vs. the rabbit ears on the Mila that are more pin point. It’s awfully hard to miss your clit with this nub! Which in my case seems to work a little better when focusing on the g spot. The g spot takes a very specific angle and depth to stimulate and if its not just right it doesn’t do it for me. So with the shaft having to be in such a particular spot its nice not having to worry about the clitoral stimulator. Get the shaft where you need it and with the larger nub your guaranteed to be hitting dual stimulation!

Take it in the bath, shower, or hot tub. Just remember it doesn’t have to be used alone either! Let your partner use it on you for amazing foreplay; or they can finish you off with it too!

Happy Rabbit Triple Curve

Want a great g spot vibrator and then some? The Happy Rabbit Triple Curve offers 3 tantalizing forms of stimulation from the medium sized shaft, clitoral rabbit ears, and anal beads on the back. It also offers 21 vibration functions, 100% waterproof, body-safe silicone, USB rechargeable, travel lock, and a one-year warranty. Now if that isn’t feature packed, I don’t know what is!

Not to mention it has 3 individual powerful motors for each form of stimulation! I must admit it took me a bit to get used too. It was almost to too much to handle at first! I started with the shaft and rabbit ears like a normal rabbit vibrator. Once I got warmed up and extremely turned on, I worked in the anal beads. It takes a bit of maneuvering to find the perfect spot to have all 3 vibrating and working together, but once you find it… Get ready for the most intense pleasure of your life! It is full body, 3x the pleasure, 3x the intensity, and the orgasm lasted twice as long as normal!

If you’re okay with taking your time preparing all three forms of stimulation, and not looking for an immediate climax but a long drawn out one. The Rabbit Triple Curve is perfect for you! I like to slow things down sometimes and get the most from my orgasm, so this works beautifully into my masturbation regiment.

Je Joue Fifi, g spot vibrators

The “Classic Rabbit” is now redefined! It has 3 independent vibrating motor which is hard to find, and if you can’t already tell I’m a big powerqueen. The more vibration the better, especially when it comes to hitting the g spot. The Fifi offers very unique rabbit ears, they are nubs that vibrate. Usually you only see a single nub on rabbit vibrators, but the dual is amazing. It offers broad clitoral stimulation while the curved shaft hits all the right spots internally.

I love the feeling of having the numbs land on the left and right side of my clit. The pulsating vibes send huge waves of pleasure to all sides of my clit instead of directly on the head. It has all the features you could ask for and then some. This classy, sexy, chic g spot vibrator from Je Joue does not disappoint!

Le Wand, g spot vibrators

It’s a bit of an investment but well worth it if your serious about getting high quality orgasms. The Le Wand which is one of the best clitoral stimulators on the market now offers different attachment heads. Some are textured for clitoral stimulation, but one shaft is textured with a insertable bulbous head. It has a slight curve to it and flexible for g spot stimulation. The best part about the Le Wand is the power it offers without using a cord. It has to be the strongest vibrator I’ve used with respect to the Magic Wand and being able to internally stimulate just adds a huge rush to the whole experience.

I start with the Le Wand for clitoral stimulation and work myself into a frenzy. I then throw on the penetrating head for the final blow. If you have a hard time climaxing or require a lot of power, look no further! The Le Wand with the penetrating attachment will satisfy your every desire!

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