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Become A Master Of The g spot!


By Lee & Jessica, Owners of DiskretAdultLife, January 30th, 2019

Everyone’s heard of the famous g spot that provides earth shattering, mind blowing orgasms. But what is the g spot exactly? Where is it? How do you stimulate it? What’s the best technique for achieving g spot orgasms?

The g spot actually known as the “Grafenberg spot” was first discovered by Dr. Beverly Whipple after noting women’s response to the “come here” motion on this section during vaginal penetration. It was noted by stimulating this area women responded with quicker, more intense orgasms that lasted longer.

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G spot anatomy:

It’s important to clarify the g spot is not an actual distinct part of modern-day anatomy. When you stimulate the g spot, you’re actually stimulating the back side of the clitoris. The clitoris which most identify as the pea-sized nub where the inner labia meet, is much longer than you think. The clitoris has two branching roots that can be up to 4 inches long.

So, when your searching for the g spot it can be different from women to women, depending how long these roots are. However, once you find it get ready to blow their (or your own) mind! G spot stimulation is one of the best ways to induce female ejaculation!

How to find the g spot on yourself:

If you’re trying to locate it on yourself; the best way is solo exploration! This is what masturbating is all about! It’s a time you can go at your own pace and learn, develop, and understand your body. Nobody should know your body better than “you” yourself. Masturbation allows you to learn exactly where your g spot is; and better yet, exactly how you responded to different forms of stimulation. Your g spot might like soft pressure and circular motion while other women might like rough straight motion. No two bodies anatomy are exactly the same, so it will take some practice.

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The first key to finding the g spot and really before any type of masturbation is relaxation. Before you even start to turn yourself on mentally or physically you want to be as relaxed as possible. It’s hard to receive any pleasure when you’re stressed out. So whatever techniques helps you best; relax your mind and body before any foreplay.


After you are completely relaxed; you should begin turning yourself on. That might be lightly touching yourself or watching porn. Perhaps fantasizing about a sexy situation. Its up to you what foreplay technique you want to start with. But things are always easier when you’re relaxed and turned on. Also, remember to use lube. Lube never hurts and always seems to give a little extra pleasure especially when using sex toys.


Now once you’re completely relaxed and turned on with a bit of lube in hand or on your favorite sex toy… its time! Start by slowly massaging the outside of your vagina and applying pressure to it. Once your fingers or sex toy glide in, slightly lift upward towards your belly button. Using a “come here” motion with your finger or toy about 1-3 inches in your vagina. Remember you’re not looking for a specific little spot. Rather feeling out the whole region and what feels best for you.

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The g spot region will have a texture similar to a raspberry on most women. Once you find the area that seems to deliver more intense pleasure; start using the come here motion in short strokes specifically on that “patch”. Build the sensation and find a good rhythm. You might enjoy faster strokes or slower strokes, heavy pressure or light. Find the rhythm that feels most pleasurable and stick with it! Trying to constantly change the pattern or pressure is a common mistake. If you find pleasure in it… simply stick with it until climax!

Remember, not every woman will find pleasure in g spot stimulation. More than likely you will; but not all of them. That’s perfectly okay, just because you don’t find g spot stimulation pleasurable doesn’t mean you should stop exploring your body. Some women find standard penetration the best, while others find clitoral stimulation the best… its completely unique to each and every person.

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Finding the g spot on a partner:

A lot of straight guys or gay women want to know how to give their partner the best climax possible (I mean who wouldn’t?). If that’s the case, you can certainly use the techniques above to try finding it. However, it will ultimately come down to communication in the bedroom. If your partner has already explored themselves through self-masturbation, then they know exactly where their g spot is and how to stimulate it! She is an expert guide and short cut to her own pleasure spots; and you should absolutely utilize it.

Let them take your hand and physically guide you. Have them show you (outside their body) what motion and speed they would like you to go at once in them. Use your words! “Is this good?” “Faster or slower?” “Right or left” I know its not easy for most couples to open up like this and communicate in the bedroom. They are worried it will kill the mood or something? Believe me, nothing kills the mood faster than you stroking the wrong spot for an hour wondering why she hasn’t had an orgasm! So, open up and use your words!

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The best sex toys for g spot orgasms:

I suggest in order to find and locate the g spot you first start with your hand. You can feel around much easier and locating it should be easier than using a sex toy. However, once you find it and know where it is you should use a sex toy. These sex toys are designed for one thing and one thing only… stimulating that g spot till you reach full body orgasms like never before. These sex toys can be extremely high tech like remote controlled, the ability to heat up, 50+ variations of speed and vibration patterns. You name it, and there is a vibrator out there for it.

With the designs and technology available. The standard finger just can not compete. You will develop your “go-to” vibrators and they will bring pleasure like never before. Here are the highest ranked and most popular g spot sex toys on the market (as of 2019):

The We-Vibe Rave:

The Rave g spot vibrator is as good as they get. This has all the features one could ask for including splash proof, USB rechargeable, App friendly (yes you can hook it up to you phone and control it), and 10 different vibration modes. It has dual stimulating vibe motors and will shock your entire body with waves of pleasure before you even focus it on the g spot! This vibrator will bring deep rumbling vibration through sensitive pleasure spots. Highly likely to induce female ejaculation.

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The Je Joue G-Kii:

Talk about an innovative and quality g spot vibrator. The G-Kii is the “Cadillac of Vibrators”. It’s 100% waterproof and USB rechargeable. But the best feature about it… you can push a button and it will bend to the exact angle you desire to hit your g spot. Don’t like 28.6 degrees then move it to 30 and try that! I mean truly versatile and unimaginably pleasurable. Nothing on the market offers this unique ability. Classy, sexy, and elegant in a perfect sex toy package!

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The Boom Cyclone:

We haven’t talked much about blended orgasms. But a blended orgasm is when a female climaxes through multiple forms of stimulation all at the same time. The boom cyclone is the ultimate sex toy at bringing blended orgasms (the best orgasms according to majority of women). This vibrator does more than stimulate the g spot with the perfectly curved and flexible silicone shaft. It stimulates the clitoris with a unique spinning, flicking, clitoral wheel for blended orgasmic pleasure. Never underestimate your body and the waves of pleasure you can develop through a sex toy like this.

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The best g spot sex positions:

Try some of these g spot sex positions to bring out the best climax while your partner penetrates you. These sex positions are known to work best to stimulate g spot during intercourse. You should focus on sex positions that allow you a little more control over your movements. This way you can figure out what types of stimulation are best. The most popular would be:

  • Cowgirl:

Have your partner lay on their back, then climb on top and straddle him. With you on top, it allows complete control over the rhythm, depth, and angle of penetration. This will allow you to move until they are stimulating your g spot. Try moving back and forth instead of bobbing up and down. This will hit more on the vaginal wall and g spot region.

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  • Doggy style:

Doggy style is a popular one, but I don’t think most men and women understand why. In this position the woman goes on all fours and has their partner penetrate them from behind. Due to slight height variance of a partner on their knees and you on your knees; you can get great vaginal wall stimulation. Its best if you are slightly higher than your partner. So, try kneeling on a pillow if necessary. This allows them to penetrate and rub against your vaginal wall (belly side) where your g spot region is located. It also allows for deeper penetration which is an added bonus!

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  • Missionary closed position:

This one is simple but effective. Start on your back with your partner on top. Close your legs (split just enough for them to penetrate you) Sometimes its easier to start in normal missionary and one leg at a time bring yours under theirs to close them while they are still penetrating you. It allows for more stimulation and less depth of penetration. It does create a “tightness” feeling for both you and your partner. You are much more likely to hit your g spot this way. Which might be the perfect way for you to reach orgasm!

Wrap Up:

Now you know great techniques to find your g spot, stimulate it, and orgasm from it. The real goal here is finding what works best for you. Like we said earlier all women are different from an anatomy standpoint and pleasure standpoint. So, you really need to explore and learn your body through self-pleasure (solo masturbation) before taking it to the bedroom with a partner.

Be patient in your efforts. It won’t be a one-and-done thing where you find it, immediately orgasm and never look back (at least not for most). It does take time to learn and understand your body.

In the end, the most important thing is that your satisfied. Exploring your body can be a great release of stress and boost in confidence. You should never feel ashamed of figuring out what works best for you. After all, everyone deserves great sex, and powerful orgasms!

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