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The Best Hotel Sex!


By: Mistress Kay of DiskretAdultLife, February 20th, 2019

Out-of-the-ordinary sex just feels better – and that’s why hotel sex offers such a sexy getaway. You get the fun thrill of being outside of your home and in new surroundings – but without any of the risk of actual public sex. Hotel sex provides a large comfortable bed (like you’re used to playing in!) as well as all of the fun amenities of home – but with the sexy thrill of not actually being at home.

hotel sex

Not only that, but hotel sex can be perfect for a sensual escape. Lots of us have loads of responsibilities at home: from families to bills to errands to just plain, old household cleaning. When you leave all of those things behind (with no way to easily work on them or be visually reminded of them), it can be easier to return to a flirtatious and sensual mindset that works perfectly for lots of hotel sex. Not only is the room and its furniture a good sexual adventure, but the fact that it’s away from your everyday life makes it a fantastic choice as well. Don’t forget the sex toys and kinky fun you can bring with as well!

However, great hotel sex doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Some people struggle with finding that adventurous spirit with their hotel sex. Some people worry about packing everything – and the planning struggle becomes so large that they’re unable to enjoy the sex itself. For some people, hotel sex may never be the best option – and that’s okay! But for a lot of people, hotel sex can be the sexual vacation they’re looking for – and hotels are found pretty much everywhere. For those people who’d like to give hotel sex a try, we have some fun tips to help make your experience even better:

hotel sex

Having Great Hotel Sex: Picking a Good Room:

Your fantastic adventure starts with picking the right hotel. Depending on who you talk to, this could be considered the most important aspect of your entire hotel sex experience. Having the right surfaces at your disposal – in a room where you feel sexual  and comfortable – in a great location is much more-likely to lead to amazing sex than a hotel room where you feel uncomfortable, can listen to your neighbor’s screaming argument, and don’t really want to try touching most of the surfaces. So this is one time where splurging a little bit will likely lead to much more fun in the future.

So what’s important to look for in a hotel room? You might look at the decor and bed size of the room. Most people don’t prefer to stay in “dated” rooms with bedsheets and curtains from twenty years ago, so you might be looking for a modern, more sleek hotel room appearance. You and your partner might prefer a King-sized bed for more fun – or maybe you enjoy a double-bed room to have multiple areas to play on or set out your sex toys for later hotel sex scenes. Don’t forget to also consider anything else that might be important to you. If you’re hoping to have sex on a table for a fun “secretary” vibe, look for hotel rooms that have really thick, sturdy-looking desks. If your hotel sex dreams include watching lots of adult videos together, look for large TVs – and maybe even consider calling the hotel to make sure that their televisions have HDMI cables unless you planned on renting Pay Per View porno movies.

Ro-Zen, vibrating butt plug

Depending on your kinks and sexual plans, you also might want to look for a hotel room that has a fantastic bathroom. A standard hotel bathroom with a plastic curtain can be okay – but if you’re planning a hot shower hotel sex scene, wouldn’t you like a bathroom with sliding glass doors and a sitting ledge for more comfort? Maybe even one with a Jacuzzi so you can soak yourselves in a sexy bath before indulging in some sensual fun. Remember any sex toys you bring have the waterproof capabilities.

waterproof cock ring

You also might want to consider the location of your hotel. Especially if you’re planning some outdoor excursions before your evenings of hotel sex, the location of your hotel can matter. Picking a downtown hotel will make it easier to hit up the bars and nightclubs for an evening of flirting before your hotel sex.

Having Great Hotel Sex: Bringing Everything You Need:

If you aren’t having sex in your house, it’s important that you plan everything you need beforehand. After all, an important key to great hotel sex is to make sure you actually have everything. If the sex toys you planned as the center of your scene don’t end up making it to the hotel, you’re likely going to feel frustrated and annoyed – which I’m sure weren’t the emotions you were going for. As you plan your trip and book the hotel, don’t forget to write a “packing list” along with it. Write out everything you’d like to have with you at least a week before your stay – and keep that list easily accessible for the both of you to jot down thoughts as you have them. This reduces the likelihood that your hotel sex will be ruined by a lack of your favorite items!

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At a minimum, you might want to consider these items for your hotel sex adventure: safer sex barriers, water-based lube, multiple changes of underwear and clothes in case you get them dirty from sex-stuff, any favorite sex toys, and any other sex accessories that you tend to keep by your bedside for easy use. Maybe it’s even time to invest in a new vibrator to celebrate your hotel sex excursion.

Planning an Adventure:

Crafting your packing list for your upcoming hotel sex will require planning a bit of an adventure. After all, you can’t really pack if you don’t know what activities you’re packing for. With that in mind, why not plan out a bit of a sexual adventure for you and your partner during your hotel sex excursion?

I’m not necessarily talking about heading out on the town. Why not plan to do something sexual that the two of you don’t normally do? Why not take this chance to plan some more involved sexual scenes? If you want something low key for your hotel sex, consider packing the lingerie and some adult movies. Possibly even a kinky body harness. If you want something more involved, well, your imagination is the limit!

Multi-Way Body Harness

Maybe you’re going to bring along a full, sensual pampering kit and treat your partner to a spa-like experience as fun foreplay. Or maybe you just want to try new kink activities or sex in the shower. Whatever you think would be hot for your hotel sex, make sure to plan out your adventure – and bring all of the items you need for it. For example, if you want to have hot, rough sex in the shower, most hotels don’t come with a non-slip mat or the oil-based lube you’ll want.

Enjoy the Daytime:

Sure, having lovely hotel sex is fun, but the lead-up into the sex can make the hotel sex even hotter. Don’t feel like you have to stay cooped up in the hotel room to “make it worth the money”. Instead, consider any out-of-hotel-room activities to be part of the fun lead-up to the later in-room sex. In fact, it’s encouraged! Talking and engaging over a romantic dinner can be lovely foreplay. Heading out with a discreet panty vibrator or anal plug can be a wonderful lead-in to hotel sex. Or maybe you both just want to go out and explore a local sex toy store or landmark that you’ve been dying to experience together. Are you adventurous type? Science says that experiencing new events – especially “thrill-seeking” events – together will lead to a spike in bonding with those you experience it with.

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The only caveat: make sure that your daytime activities aren’t too exhausting. They should be fun and adventurous, but if your “goal” is hot hotel sex, if you’re exhausted from running around all day, you’re likely going to want to pass on the sex. Sometimes, that’s worth it. You and your partner will have to determine whether fun couple’s activities are worth the possible outcome of being too tired to enjoy your hot hotel sex.

Or maybe both of you agree that spending days just locked inside of your hotel room, getting room service, and enjoying hotel sex is just what you need. In that case, have at it!

Try New Areas:

Do you and your partner tend to stay in bed when you have sex at home? Depending on what the hotel room looks like, you guys might consider “christening” new areas of the room. You might be surprised by how turned on you are! Turns out, a lot of us get “stuck” having sex in similar situations and similar positions. Maybe a family makes it impossible to ever have sex outside of the bed after 10pm. Maybe you just don’t have the right shower to have fun shower sex at home. Whatever the reason may be, having sex in new locations – and on new furniture – can be a sexy and fun way to “up” the excitement in your relationship.

However, when choosing to have sex around your hotel room, you should keep a few safety and health pointers in mind. First off, before anything else, consider the structural integrity of the item. Hotel companies don’t purchase desks and tables with the idea of human weight support, so make sure you do a thorough, tentative test of whether the object will hold weight – especially weight that’s being jostled around during sex. If the object looks precarious? That’s probably not a good fit. Look for big, sturdy tables and desks with thick legs and a large frame.

Now that you know it will support body weight, consider whether it’ll move or slide. Some things – like desk chairs – can tip over or wheel around in the middle of sex. Which, again, could cause a safety concern. Hey – nobody said having sex off the bed was going to be easy!

You then should consider the health and hygienic concerns. Presumably, your bodily fluids are going to end up on this item. In fact, you should probably consider that someone else’s bodily fluids have ended up on this item. As such, you might consider throwing down a disposable chuck or using a blanket to cover the surface of the area. If you’re really unable to slow your sex long enough to do that, try to bring anti-bacterial cleansing cloths with you on your trip and preemptively wipe down any surfaces you might be “using”. Most companies even make them in simple, travel-friendly packages! To be a good hotel occupant, try to remember to wipe down the surface again after you’ve used it for your naughty fun. Sure, the housekeeping is “supposed” to clean all surfaces, but a double-clean never hurt anyone, did it?

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