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Does Size Really Matter? How Small is Too Small For Women?

By: Jessica & Lee Founders of Diskret_Adult_Life ( how small is too small for women? )


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How small is too small for a woman?


Okay guys, it’s all been a question in our head at one point in time or another… How small is too small for a woman?


If not this direct question, I hear something similar to it like the following on a daily basis from men all over the world:


“How many inches can a woman feel?”


“How many guys have 7 inches?”


“Is 9 inches a good size?”


“Will she dump me if I don’t compare to her previous relationships?”


“Does size really matter?!”


We are going to dive deep into the minds of women. In fact, we have asked hundreds of women these exact questions. I’m going to dig deeper than ever done before to give you the best answers behind these truly mysterious questions!


I am going to also give you different ways of solving your problems in a natural, safe way, to satisfy your partner like never before!


The Hard Facts On “How Small is too small for a woman?”


A lot of men are concerned, self-conscious, or downright embarrassed about their size. However, its time to start thinking differently. Its time to gain your confidence back and start “owning” what you’ve been handed!


The average penis measures between 4.7 inches and 6.3 inches. This means if you wield a “5-incher” your perfectly natural, and hundreds of thousands of men around the world are in the same boat as you!


The depth of the average vagina is only 3.77 inches… Yea, you heard me right. So, for a lady, a guy who has a 4 inch penis is actually more than adequate to satisfy her. In fact, penetration can become painful for women if he is too large. Which is more often the case than being too small!


how small is too small for women


How small is too small for a woman? Turns out you think about it twice as often as she does! Matter of fact, 86% of women say they are completely content with the size of their man’s penis. However, 45% of men reported thinking their penis was too small.


What’s that mean?


To put it simply, almost half of all men worry they are too small, while most woman are not concerned about it!


Guys have skewed perception of their penis size. In fact, 30% of men with a larger-than-average penis size were worried about how small is too small for women!


Being too small for most women is rare. This range is in that bottom .6 percentile of men who have a penis size of smaller than 3 inches when erect. Also clinically defined as a micropenis. Doctors note these things at childbirth, its not typical something you find out later in life. Some hormone therapy is successful at treating mircopenis.


Why Are Men So Concerned With Their Size?


Penis size anxiety started to develop more in the post-industrial age.


In fact, for most of history a small penis was preferred aesthetically to a large penis. This was because genitals were mostly seen as tools for reproduction, women wanted a man with a larger scrotum but didn’t want the penis getting in the way.


small penis david


Women used to be more concerned about how physically fit their partner was, how strong they were, if they could build, hunt, and gather. Sexual satisfaction and penis size were really an afterthought.


It wasn’t until post-industrial age when technology allowed women a much larger variety of men to be with and have the ability to choose their partner on their own.


When food and shelter were abundant, the skills of the man became less important and sexual satisfaction started to creep in.


However, the porn industry really spun the “bigger dick = more pleasure” idea way out of proportion. Guys watch porn, and porn shows guys with abnormally large penises.


Why’s that?


It was so the cameras could see all the action in better detail. Porn directors really had no intention of saying a big dick is required to please a woman, but this perception it unintentionally portrayed.


male sex toys


But what guys really need to understand is Porn stars get their job due to having abnormally large penis sizes.


If your penis is 6.3 inches when erect, you’d fall in the top 5 percent nationwide!

What do women consider “too big” then?


Of course, there are always exceptions. Some women are “size queens” and really desire large length or girth. But these women are rather rare.


“Too big” is likely more than 7 inches for any woman.


Survey shows more than 7 inches is likely too much for most women and it can cause discomfort, pain, or even damage to the cervix.


Average girth of a mans penis is 4.59 inches and anything more than this risks tearing or damaging the vagina as well.


So, what’s the theme that keeps arising? Most likely you fall near the average range, and average is best!


What if I have an above average penis size?


So, you’re not one of the men wondering how small is too small for women?


If you’re just learning your above average and causing a partner discomfort. Don’t panic! There are millions of different ways to stimulate your woman and yourself.


To start, make sure you have open communication with your partner during penetration. Take things slow, use lots of lube, and check in with them to verify they don’t have any pain or discomfort (especially during initial penetration).


The most nerve endings in her vagina are within the first 2-3 inches. You can stimulate this with your fingers to warm her up, or a slim sex toy.


butt plug


Its best to warm her up before using your large penis.


If you require full stroking stimulation in order to climax, and worried this would hurt your partner, try using a masturbation sleeve to finish yourself off.


Keep the penetration minimal with your partner then have them finish you with deep long strokes on something like the Pulse DUO lll.


quiet vibrator, pulse 3 duo, sex toys for couples


Remember, you don’t always have to penetrate her yourself to get her off. You can use something like the Rave to rock her G-spot or the Womanizer to give her legendary clitoral stimulation.


Never leave her hanging!


What if I have a small penis (3-5 inches)?


So, you now know how small is too small for women…


It takes something rather drastic (like less than 3 inches when erect) to dissatisfy majority of women.


But what if you land on that smaller end like 3-5 inches when erect? How do I ensure I can still satisfy her?


Boost her stimulation in more ways than one! You can give her mind-altering, body-shaking, long last orgasms through dual stimulation!


How do I give her dual stimulation?


Dual stimulation is achieved through penetrating her while simultaneously stimulating her clitoris or anus.


More than 70% of women require clitoral stimulation in order to climax. So, take advantage of this!


Get a cock ring or small vibrator that you can use on her clit while also penetrating her vaginally or her anus.

A cock ring does this completely hands free! Here is a compete guide to cock rings…


Rianne S Cock Ring, quiet vibrator


A finger vibrator or small vibrator can also achieve this and still stay non-intrusive. Allowing you plenty of room to penetrate her.


Here is a complete guide on finger vibrators…


Does she still require something larger than 3-5 inches to get off? Try a larger dildo or vibrator to finish her off with!


This allows you to climax then still satisfy her completely! You can give the Enigma a try which stimulates her g-spot and clitoris simultaneously!


Or, if she is a real size queen go with the mammoth Njoy Eleven!

Sex Positions For A Smaller Penis Can Make All The Difference!


“Its not the size of the boat, it’s the motion in the ocean…” I know its cliché, but it happens to be true!


Some sex positions are ideal for a smaller penis. So, if your wondering how small is too small for women, just imagine if you could feel 2 inches larger, by going 2 inches deeper, just by changing up the sex position!


Men can go deeper by penetrating their partner from behind. If you feel like you’re on the shorter side, doggy style positions can give you an advantage.


doggy style, sexual position


You can also elevate her hips by placing a pillow or cushion under them. Pull her legs close to her chest. This allows for deeper penetration which can feel good for both of you!


I love to use kinky as a list for all types of sex positions. Remember anything from mounting behind her, or her on top is best for deeper penetration!


Avoid the Creams, Pills, and Surgery!


There are more natural ways to satisfying her while penetrating her.


I suggest trying a cock sleeve that can add instant girth or length to your cock without requiring drastic measure.


Adams Extension


Start simple and natural before jumping into any extremes!


Check out the Colt slammer which can add 2 inches in girth diameter immediately.


colt slammer


Or the Adam’s Extension which can add 2 inches in length immediately.


These are fun ways to mix up your size with your partner, regardless of how small or average you are!


Does Penis Size Matter?


Size for most women does not matter. If you find it affecting your relationship, try introducing a cock ring, vibrator, or anal sex toy to boost her pleasure before, after, or during penetration.



Size really only matters if you are on the extreme ends of the scale. This means you’re really large 8-10 inch range or very small 2-3 inch range while erect.


If your concerned about how small is too small for women, it is typically in that range of 2-3 inches while erect.


And even if you’re in those ranges, you can still find women who enjoy your size or solutions to still satisfying her!


So, How Small Is Too Small For Women Really?


For 99% of men out there… It’s all in your head.


No matter what your size, you can find a woman who enjoys it.


Its time to be confident with what you’re working with and own it!


Make penis shaming a thing of the past. Because all the studies show real women don’t require a huge penis for pleasure, its actually quite the opposite! The closer to average you are the better off you’ll be!


If you want other ways to satisfy her in the bedroom, start exploring sex toys and unique ways you can use them on her!


A lot of sex toys can now be used simultaneously with penetration, so you can get that extra “helping hand” if you’re really looking to make things explosive for the two of you!


Besides, clitoral stimulation is more important for making her orgasm than penetration is. If you really want to satisfy her, never ignore this all-important pleasure filled spot!


Like we said before, most women are happy with their man’s penis size. Of those not satisfied, not all of them just want it to be bigger, most actually wish it were smaller. Its time to start thinking differently about penis size and what truly matters.


Bottom line: Average is King! But if your below or above average there are still solutions out there for you!


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