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How to Have a Quickie!


By Lee & Jessi, Owners of DiskretAdultLife, August 18th, 2018

Ever want that instant gratification of having sex with your partner without the long drawn out physical and mental workout that can come with it? Maybe you just want to get off quick before heading out for the night or just before going into work.

This guide will give you a detailed step-by-step instruction to preforming the perfect quickie. Not all quickies are meaningful, but this instructional guide will show you how to make it meaningful while still getting the most out of your next quickie. We will explain exactly what a quickie is and how to blow your partners mind in a matter of minutes.

What Is a Quickie?

There is a common misconception that a quickie is having sex (penetration) and orgasms but in a matter of minutes. This is not the case, a matter of fact an orgasm is more of a cherry on top kind of thing. In fact, having a quickie doesn’t necessarily mean having sex especially not penetrative sex.

A quickie is really taking 3-20 mins to connect with your partner. That means taking a hot 5 minutes to have a make out session, oral sex or hand sex. Of course, it can mean penetrative but doesn’t always have to be. No matter what you take those short minutes to do with your partner here are a couple tips to keep in mind to make it that much better.

No Lube, No Quickie

If you’re going to have penetrative sex, hand sex, or even oral its always imperative to have lube in a quickie situation. You don’t have the time for the foreplay, so she is not going to be as wet as normal. Remember the lube for ease of entry gentlemen.cocunut lube, how to have a quickie, sexy

Women can take 20-30 minutes to get fully aroused, so lube is important part of the process. You should always have lube around and we highly recommend natural types of lube. Natural lube is better for a quick situation because you may not have time for a full clean up. With some natural lubes you can leave it on and in you for hours no problem. Natural lubes are usually water based or organic like coconut oil.

Natural lubes are also less likely to react to any silicone sex toys. So, if you pull one out for your quickie remember to keep that natural lube nearby.

Sex Toy Quickie:

Like we stated above, orgasm shouldn’t be the goal of your quickie but if you really have some built up stress or sexual tension and desire a release, sex toys can be your best friend. A sex toy can make you achilelo classy sex toy sonic pulse pinkeve orgasm much quicker and if you’re in a time crunch makes for the perfect opportunity to pull one out.

We highly recommend a luxury sex toy. One that is built high quality will last much longer, be made of safe material, and will feel better too. Stick to rechargeable and waterproof, that way you can take it in the shower with you for that morning wake up call. This will revive you more than a shot of espresso!

Its also a good idea to go crazy on yourself before you go crazy on each other. Start your quickie off with some mutual masturbation, you can watch each other or give each other a lending sex toy hand. Then when your properly warmed up jump each other just before orgasm.

Quickie Attire:

Remember that speed is a necessity when having a quality “quickie”. Having the proper quickie attire on can really help speed things up and keep things smooth.

Ladies, try wearing a skirt with panties that can be easily flipped to the side or keep the panties in your purse until your done. That way when your done cleaning up, you have fresh panties ready to go.

Keep the shirts simple too. You don’t need to spend 2 minutes undoing every button then redoing them all when your done. A shirt you can pull over your head will do just fine. Bra already on or off is up to you, they don’t take to much time getting off anyway.

Guys are a little easier than women. Shorts give the ability to slip down and not have to take all the way off like tight jeans. Also, same as stated for the ladies, keep a simple shirt on that can pull overhead for the ultimate quickie experience.

Leave the socks on. Sounds weird I know… But a study from 2013 from the university of Groningen in Netherlands found 80% of women had an orgasm with socks on vs 50% who had them off. Something to do with warm feet allows you to relax a bit more and achieve orgasm easier, if that’s what you’re looking for. Plus, you can avoid taking those few awkward moments pulling them off anyway.

Quickie Anticipation is Key:

If your planning on having a quickie later, start building the anticipation now! Send your partner a sexy text and start building the anticipation. Sexting all day can build that anticipation until your ready to blow.

Once you have it all primed its now time to have sex like it’s the last time you’re ever going to do it. Yes, just imagine if you could only do it one more time how exhilarating you would make it. I’m talking heavy breathing, moaning, and ripping those clothes of them like they’re on fire!

This is how a quickie should develop start to finish. By building the sexual tension for a short burst of the ultimate quickie release.

Quickie Location:

The beautiful thing about a quickie is it can happen damn near anywhere. Most women relish a safe, comfortable, clean environment when it comes to sex. However, you always do it in this type of environment and you can take as long as you want then. A quickie can be done in other locations where it might be a little bit more “risk” in getting caught. It makes it fun, sexy, and you feel naughty for doing it.

I’m not saying walk out in the parking lot of work and start having sex. Find a secluded area where you’re not fully exposed and yet more of a public place then your bedroom. This can be in your car parked on the bluff or a single stall bathroom you can lock behind, lingiere, how to have a quickie, lovers

It can be nerve racking at first but that’s all part of the fun. Let loose and you only need a few minutes of pleasure. Orgasm doesn’t have to be achieved for it be a quickie remember. If you just focus on the pleasure more so than the orgasm, your more likely to achieve orgasm anyway. It’s some reverse psychology for you there!

Quickie Tips for Men:

        Men, remember the center of pleasure for women doesn’t come from the vagina but her clitoris. So, while I know most of you think a quickie consist of penetration sex, it should actually be focused on the clitoris. At least it should start with the clitoris and if you feel the need to move to penetration that is up to you.

Her on top is a great position because it allows her to rub her clitoris against you while receiving penetration sex at the same time.

If she prefers deeper penetration, then take her from behind and use your hand to wrap around and arouse the clitoris at the same time.

Remember to focus on her. If you want her to enjoy the quickie just as much as you do, then wait for the penetration sex and focus on her to start. Really get her turned on and wet before thrusting it in her. These few minutes up front will really amplify her pleasure and increase her odds of orgasm as well. This will keep her wanting more and thus, you can do it more frequently.

Bring some props for some extra fun. Your belt, tie, or scarf can double as fun restraint. Tell her ahead of time how you plan to use it on her to build the anticipation. Let her know exactly what you plan to do once her hands are tied behind her back. This is the upfront fun that will allow for the ultimate quickie!

Quickie Tips for Women:

It’s hard for most women to orgasm during a quickie, but if you start fantasizing about it in advance it can really help you receive more pleasure during the experience. Think of a sexy scenario about your partner and even share it with them, he may surprise you by turning your fantasy into a reality. Try watching porn or reading literotica before hand to get your head spinning with fantasies.

Try having sex in the afternoon as it is when most women’s sex drive is a peak. However, sometimes your man might be hard in the morning which makes things even easier. They don’t call it “morning wood for nothing”. Half the battle is already done for your quickie!

Remember that practice makes perfect. The more quickies you have the more comfortable you and your partner will become at it. You can get into the habit of doing it so fast and smooth its like second nature. Which is great, but keep in mind to always throw in those long intimate and deep sessions every now and then too. They are great for the mind and your relationship.

The Quick Conclusion:

The bottom line is a “quickie” can be a lot of fun and a great way to change things up in your relationship. It can be fun and risky all at the same time. Make sure to build the anticipation beforehand through some dirty texts or tell them in the morning what you plan on doing to them later that day. Let them think on it all day long.

Use lube and a quality sex toy for the ultimate quickie. Women have a hard time orgasming in such a short period of time, so lube and her favorite sex toy can really speed the process up. Remember, that orgasms are great but shouldn’t be the main focus. The main focus is pleasure and enjoying yourself. You might be surprised how easily orgasm can be achieved with this type of mindset.

Lastly, just have fun with it. Try it in a new and interesting place or with a sex position you have never done before. Its only a couple minutes long so this is the time to go wild.

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