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How to Have the Best Sex!


By Lee & Jessi, Owners of DiskretAdultLife, August 12th, 2018

Everyone is always asking us, so is this how to have the best sex? Am I doing it right? Why doesn’t my partner always seem pleased in the bedroom? What can I do better? This article will become your master guide to better couple under wear grab

          Every sexual relationship is different so the key on how to have better sex is not a master key that fits all locks. But we will help break it down into categories and let you decide what applies and what doesn’t. This can help turn any low sex drive relationship around into being like the first night you met. Or make your first special night with someone better than you ever expected.

Set the mood:

        If you want to know how to have the best sex it starts with the details. For both men and woman, it takes some preparation to have the best sex of your life!

Nobody said you need to have fireworks and a mariachi band to make it special. Just some simple things to show your partner you planned it out and wanted it to be special.

Keep in mind if it’s your first time with this person, you may not want it to look completely planned out unless you discussed sleeping together that night in advance.

If you want to have the best sex it starts with knowing your partner. What do they like that you could have set up prior to getting into the bedroom? If they like purple tulips have some of the flowers on the night stand, if they love sea grass candles… have some lite on the dresser. Women, if you know he loves a specific piece of lingerie have it on underneath your robe or buy something new you think he might love! You get the picture, only you know what they like, and it makes it not only personable and thoughtful, but extra sexy!

Now if you thinking this article is cheesy, the dirty details are coming… but if you want to know how to have the best sex, you need to get the small details done first. The best sex of your life is not going to come from a single sex position but from an overall experience from start to finish.

The Best Foreplay:

Most couples don’t understand the best foreplay starts even before you get in the bedroom. If I want to know how to have the best sex, I have to know what calms both myself and my partner down.

The biggest thing before going to the bedroom is going in completely free of stress and worry. Nobody can enjoy sex if they are stressing the big work presentation tomorrow, or only has 15 minutes until the pizza guy arrives.

So, start with something that relaxes both of you, clears your mind and brings you close together. For some it might be cuddling up for a movie and wine, maybe a soak in a warm bath, or yoga down by the beach. Something you can do together, is sensual, and relaxes you.

Of course foreplay is essential once you get into the bedroom as well. Don’t start with ripping each other’s clothes off driving deep penetration within the first 10 mins of walking through the door. I know what some of you guys are thinking… huh? Isn’t that the whole point of going to the bedroom? Let me tell you…No!lingiere, bow tie, hands behind back, butt

You want to know how to have the best sex of your life? Then you need to take each piece of clothes off like it is a prized possession. But not before you kiss, massage, and rub each other with your clothes on! Yes, you can do these things with your clothes on believe it or not.

This is all apart of building the anticipation. Once your teeth are gritting you want to pull each other’s clothes off so bad, then, and only then shall you start to slowly strip each piece off. Keep in mind the kissing and rubbing should continue in-between each piece that comes off.

Time for Foreplay:

Time is your friend when you want to know how to have the best sex. It is imperative you are not rushed. Take your time, enjoy yourself and make it last. If you feel yourself close to orgasm and you know once that happens for you, you will want to stop… then hold off, and just please your partner for a bit to calm yourself down.

Don’t start the sex session if the kids are coming home in 15 mins, or you are running late for work. Nothing is more stressful than trying to force an orgasm out before a timer goes off. This will not only impede you from getting an orgasm but leave you sexually frustrated.

There is a time and place for a “quicky” but nobody ever said the best sex of their life was 5 mins long.

More Foreplay?

Yes, more foreplay… Have you noticed a pattern starting to develop when you ask yourself how to have the best sex?

Once you are both naked following the previous instructions its time to warm each other up even further. This can be done through oral sex, fingering, and making out. If she’s not dripping, or he isn’t rock hard… don’t even start to have sex yet.

Time for Sex Toys!

        Before you actually start to have sex, sex toys are an amazing way to continue to ramp up the foreplay. It can be hard to take foreplay this extreme without orgasming before you start to have sex!

The answer to this is communication. Make sure your partner knows how close you are to orgasming. If you can have multiple orgasms in a single session, then by all means… you should be getting off before he even starts thrusting in you.couple, grab panties, underwear, sexy, hand tattoo

So what sex toys do I use if I want to know how to have the best sex? Well, you have both male sex toys and female sex toys. So, switch off with your partner using their favorite sex toy on them.

Some very popular luxury female sex toys are the rabbit vibrators, the stainless-steel butt plugs, or the yoni egg ben wa balls.

Some of the popular high-quality men sex toys are the pulse 3 duo massager, the bootie ring, or the Lux3.

Our personal favorite sex toys are the ones that are high quality. The more luxurious sex toys not only hold up better, and last longer, but they also deliver the most pleasure. Don’t cheap out on this important area of your life. Make it special with a quality sex toy and something you’re not embarrassed to show your partner.

There are a lot of high quality couples sex toys too! So once your done with your foreplay if you want to continue to use your sex toys whip out a high-quality luxury couples sex toy.


Best Sex Talk

Want to know how to have the best sex? It starts with communication between you and your partner. You can’t have good sex if something is uncomfortable or awkward.

If he is using the vibrator on you in the wrong spot, to fast, or to slow. It’s okay to tell them, communication is important. If you feel to awkward to tell him, then guide him with your hand. Show him where you want the vibrator and at what pace.

The best sex of your life doesn’t start with being mind readers! If you want to thrust your partner in a different position, say something to them. It can be subtle or even a whisper in the ear but make sure they are good with switching positions too before stopping your current position. If they are close to orgasm you don’t want to ruin that for them.

Dirty talk can be the biggest turn on for some people as well. If you want to have the best sex, experiment with dirty talk. Make sure your partner is enjoying it, or it can backfire real quick!

The Best Sex Positions:

        There are thousands of sex positions out there for all types of people. I can not say if you and your partner want to know how to have the best sex; then try this sex position specifically.

Only you and your partner can find your best sex position and it is done through good ole’ fashion trial and error. I can point you in the direction of some popular sex positions that most couples love to try here.

The only good think about trying to find your best sex position is that the “trying” is quite fun itself! Again, communication is important between the two of you. Just because a position might feel amazing to you doesn’t mean your partner feels the same about it.

Let them know if a specific position is extremely pleasurable and see how they feel about it too. Even if they don’t necessarily enjoy it, they might do it ever now and then just to please you.

There are loads of sites that have diagrams and descriptions of every sex position you could think of then more. My personal favorite is kinkly. They do an awesome job explaining it and have some great filters to find what you’re looking for quickly.

To have the ultimate night in, you should go to the main sex positions both you and your partner love. If your feeling adventurous you can throw an experimental one in. However, for example… if you are coaching the world series you will probably play the guys you know are good instead of risking the game on someone you haven’t seen play before.

How to Have the Best Sex

If you haven’t got the memo on this one, I’ll explain it very simplistically. If you want to know how to have the best sex; very little actually has to do with having intercourse. Mind blowing, I know… Having the best sex is more about setting the mood, getting relaxed, and when completely stress-free proceeding to the bedroom.

Then starting the foreplay, more foreplay, and don’t forget the foreplay. With clothes on, with clothes partly on, and with clothes completely off. Your bodies should be screaming to have intercourse before it takes place.

At this point pull out your sex toys and continue to warm each other up, its not uncommon for one of you two to orgasm before the intercourse even starts! That is completely fine if you’re willing to keep going.

After your done using sex toys on each other and must have sex don’t forget to ramp it up even more with a couple’s sex toy like a cockring. Even the sex only lasts a couple mins, after all the continued foreplay, it will seem as though you were doing it for hours!

If you keep asking yourself I want to know how to have the best sex. Then follow this process and see how satisfied it leaves your partner and you.

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