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how to please a man


Do you want to know how to please a man in the bedroom so well, he will be begging for more?

Do you want full confidence you left your man so satisfied it will change his perspective of you forever?

Most guys have “had a good lay” at some point. But lets take this so much further than that… I’m talking about the sex he can’t stop think about, the sex he fantasies to when he masturbates, the sex that was life-altering!

I’ve seen a lot of articles “sex tips for women” & “how to satisfy your man” & “what do men like in bed”. The common issue I see with all these articles is they are written by the opposite sex.

Don’t take this the wrong way, women are fantastic writers on most things sex (my wife writes half our articles on sex related topics).

But how can they truly know what men like in bed unless they do a full questionnaire and dig deep into the mental thoughts of each man, after they slept with them.

I decided to take a fresh new approach on this. Here is what men want in bed, written by a man who has over 10 years’ experience in the sex industry.  

I will take you step-by-step how to please a man from “yea, we had sex last night” to “last night she blew my fuc*king brains in the bedroom!”

But before we start things, I want you to keep two very important things in mind:

  • Yes, experience and technique help women become better in bed; but guys are simple in nature. Taking a few easy extra steps can make you go from a 3 to a 8 in the bedroom.


  • The best way to turn a fantasy (yours or his) into a reality, is to simply talk about it. You can overcome 60% of your mental roadblocks by asking “what do you want to try in bed?” Be open minded; we all have our unique fantasies.


So, lets get started ladies! Here are the topics I will dive deep into detail with:

  1. Communication: What Do Men Like In Bed?
  2. Anticipation: Jeti Mind Tricks To Have Him Near Climax Before You Lay A Hand On Him
  3. Foreplay: Sex Advice For Women
  4. Oral Sex Tips: Where To Touch A Guy
  5. Top 10 Ways To Satisfy Him: #7 Is Explosive
  6. “I’m Bored, What’s Next”: Easy Tips & Tricks To Keep Things Interesting
  7. His Sensitive Zones: Where To Touch A Guy
  8. Full Circle: Pleasing Him Is Pleasing You

My goal is to turn you into the most savage sex goddess you can be!

If you follow this guide it can make you reach your full potential, but the key is to take something away from this and actually do it!

I can’t stress how beneficial it can be to just try 1 or 2 new tips from this guide and see how well it works; from there you can branch out further.

Enhancing your sex life doesn’t have to go from super bored to explosive in one night, it can be a process for most.

But no matter how fast you want to make a change; it requires you to take action!

Try it tonight!

Don’t keep telling yourself you’ll do it next time… Make it happen!

Communication: What Do Men Like In Bed?

How do I leave my man begging for more?

What will going to send him over the top?

I how do I make it the best sex of his life?

You can ask yourself questions like these over and over again.

Even play out situations and fantasies in your head. Will he like it when I do this or that?

Don’t worry, guys do it all the time too.

But frankly it can be maddening! Constantly guessing, assuming, and testing with no feedback.

Let’s be honest, you’re not a freaking mind reader!

Neither is he… and neither am I.

It all comes down to one simple thing… Communication!

I say “simple” and you roll your eyes. I know it can be difficult, embarrassing, or awkward for some couples to talk about sex.

But what’s worse:

  • Situation 1: I built up the courage to ask my man what I could improve on in the bedroom. I asked him what his fantasies were, how he wanted it, what drives him crazy, along with what I should avoid doing.

It was a little awkward at first, but after the first few discussions it’s become normal to talk about sex and what feels good. We talk about more frequently and try new exciting fantasies every week! Now our sex has become explosive and orgasmic for the both of us!

  • Situation 2: I really hate it when he breaths heavily in my ear and scratches my back. But he seems to like it or think I do, so Ill just put up with it.

These habits have made our sex life bad, boring, and mundane but I’m just going to put up with it as long as we are together, even if that means a lifetime of boring sex.

I think it’s pretty obvious which situation sucks.

Yet I see couples stuck in it All…The…Time!

You should talk to your partner about sex regularly! At least once a week.


sex toys for couples, whisper in ear


How can I communicate with him about sex

Communicating about sex doesn’t have to be “come sit down next to me, I have a serious situation we need to talk about”.

Matter of fact it should be opposite. Make it light and fun. After all, that’s what its about!

Here are some fun ways to communicate to your partner about sex:

  • Sext Them: Everyone texts now-a-days. Start sending him some kinky messages and dig deep about what he truly wants in bed. Make note of it so you can satisfy his fantasies later.


  • Phone Sex: Well maybe not actual phone sex, but next time your talk on the phone and the conversation swings toward a romantic dinner, ask him what he would like to see you wear after dinner. What type of sex toys does he want to try, or how would he like to climax?


  • Body-Language: Does he quiver when you’re touching a specific spot? Does he moan in a certain sex position? Does he lose his erection whenever you do something? Reading his body is the next best thing to actually asking him how it feels.


  • Talk Face-To-Face: There is nothing wrong with having an actual discussion about it face-to-face if you feel comfortable enough. Ask him the next time your having light conversation about what his fantasies are.


What Should I Ask To Know How To Please A Man?

Okay so I build up the courage to talk sex with him, what should I ask him?

If you don’t frequently talk sex with him, you are going to start with different questions than a kinky couple who has been together years and talk sex all the time.

Lets start with beginner questions to ask in order to know how to please a man:

  • How would you like to have sex tonight?


  • What type of lingerie would you like to see me in later?


  • Do you like it when I’m on top?


  • Do you want it rough and hard tonight or slow and passionate?


  • What type of sex toy would you like to try?



  • How would you like it if I tied you up when we get home?hot tub couple

Those are some basic questions to start picking his brain and understand what pleases him.

Advanced couples who have had some kinky experiences and talk sex all the time, might be asking more specific questions. These questions are often more erotic or hardcore; such as:

  • How would you like to cum?


  • Do you want to finish on my back, chest, or face?


  • Would you like it if I massaged your prostate while I gave you a blowjob?


  • Do you like it when I lick your balls?


  • Shall I dominate you tonight or be the submissive one?


  • Want to try some impact play with whips?


  • What should I do with my tongue as I suck your cock?

sexual anticipation

You get the idea… Start basic and work your way more advanced. If you’ve never talked about sex much, it could be a bit overwhelming to ask him if he wants to finish on your face…


Understanding The Response

Most guys will be happy to open up and talk sex.

Some will spill their soul and tell you every fantasy they have ever desired, others will be a bit more shy.

If he is shy, that’s okay. You can try asking more detailed questions. But in the end if he doesn’t want to talk about it, don’t force him.

Try other ways of communication like reading his body language or through texting.

Just remember one thing about asking your man what his fantasies are:

If you ask him about a fantasy, you can’t laugh at it or get mad about it.

You’re asking him to open up and reveal something extremely private. It can take you to unexpected places so make sure to always have a very open mind!

I once had a friend ask her man what his deepest darkest fantasy was.

He said he wanted to watch her have sex with a mutual (male) friend of his.

She got really upset and distant from him after that…

Well, that just takes things backwards, nobody wins in that situation and it’s not the man’s fault for being honest or having these fantasies.

Now instead of him having open communication with her he is more likely to hold back and not open up about what he truly wants in bed.

She wanted to know how to please a man and instead made it impossible to learn from him in the future.

Which takes us to our next topic:

Just because he has a fantasy doesn’t mean you have to participate in it.

You can always say no and ask about another fantasy. No harm, no foul.


Pleasing A Man Has Its Limits:

Just because your man has fantasized about something doesn’t mean you have to try it.

This might seem like common sense, but don’t get so wrapped up in trying to please him that you are trying things you don’t feel comfortable with.

In the end, sometimes fantasies are best left fantasies and that’s perfectly okay!


Anticipation: Jeti Mind Tricks To Have Him Near Climax Before You Lay A Hand On Him!

Now that you know how to communicate openly with him about sex. You can find out what he really wants.

But what if you can give him something so amazing, he never knew was even possible? What if he didn’t know to ask for it because he has never had an experience this good?

Its time to step up your sex life with the single most powerful tool possible… The mind.

The mind is naturally wired to want what it can’t have.

We are going to expose that in him like he has never felt before!

If you want to know how to please a man; you need to learn how to build the anticipation!


couples vibrator


How To Build The Anticipation

When I tell you she completely satisfied her man, you’re most likely thinking:


  • She could bend over backwards into the best sex positions.


  • They had sex for hours on end!

However, I’m not talking about any of that (yet)…

When I say “completely” satisfied her man. I mean she knew how to please a man start to finish. Not from when they walk in the bedroom to the point of when he climaxed.

I’m talking about long before they even walk in the bedroom!

Nope, not the hour leading up to it… but 5-10 hours leading up to it.

That’s right, I want you to tease your man starting 10 hours before you even have sex!

How do I do that?

You are going to mentally fuck him before you physically do…

Make it difficult for him to think about anything other than the mind-altering sex your going to have later.

Build the anticipation.


how to please a man


Here are some ways you can do that:

  • Start sending him sexy texts after you part ways for work. Start soft about how you plan to satisfy him later and build into excruciating detailed texts. Telling him the exact way you plan to extract his cum, until the hair on the back of his neck is standing up and chills are running down his back.


  • Ask him questions. Detailed questions about how he wants you to have sex with him later that evening.


  • Send him a dirty picture or describe to him how you are touching yourself and he isn’t there to help.


  • Get him turned on in the morning and send him out the door to work. Denying him the pleasure he wants, making him wait until later to get it.


  • Kiss him, grab him, caress him. But don’t let him touch you back.


  • Send him a picture of the lingerie and sex toys on the bed. Tell him you cant wait to use these on him.


  • Send him a porn clip you want to try. Mark it NSFW so he knows.

Those are just a few examples of how to start things off. After all, if you want to know how to please a man; it starts long before you hit the sheets!


Foreplay: Sex Advice For Women

The best sex advice for women is to stretch the foreplay out.

Guys climax like a champagne bottle popping, while women are more like a boiling pot of water that overflows.

male orgasm

Typically, guys want to rush or skip the foreplay and get right into the penetration.

Don’t let him do that!

“But I thought this was about how to please a man and give him what he wants?”

Denial and longer foreplay is what will make his orgasms more intense. Just because he wants to stick it in right away, doesn’t mean you should give it up that easy. Make him work for it ladies!

The harder he works for it the more satisfying the reward when he orgasms!


Here are some amazing foreplay techniques and tips for beginners:

  • Watch a romantic movie together.


  • Take a warm bath / shower together before you start. This way you know everything’s clean down there too!


  • Share a bottle of wine.


  • Cook him a special dinner…naked!


  • Oil each other up for a nice romantic massage that turns erotic. Happy ending special?


  • Run your fingers through his hair and whisper dirty talk in his ear.


  • Try hot yoga together, or naked yoga at home!


  • Play the “how long can I last before removing our clothes!”


Here are some advanced foreplay techniques to really get his heart pounding:

  • Watch porn together. After the foreplay ends, try reenacting the positions they do!


  • Use a sex toy on each other. Personally the hottest foreplay ever is using a sex toy to build the anticipation of penetration or supplementing the penetration with additional stimulation!


  • Lick and kiss your way down his entire body… Leaving his cock for the last zone!


  • Give him a hand job right up to the point of ejaculation and then stop. Let him calm down before building him back up. Also known as edge play.




  • Talk dirty to him like you’re going to ravage his body!


  • Roleplay and Femdom. Submissive and dominance play. Get the bondage out!


  • Grind on him. When you’re nice and wet, ride his cock without letting him penetrate you!


  • Oil and lube can go so far. Do not ignore it even if you haven’t penetrated each other.

Now that you have some great ideas for foreplay. Make sure to make it last! The longer the foreplay the better!

His body should literally be aching to penetrate you before you let him.

This teasing, anticipation, and extended foreplay, all leads up to how to please a man!

Satisfying your man will be just as fun for you too!

If your man is into oral sex its important not to skip this part. Especially if you want to give him the best sex of his life.


Oral Sex Tips: How To Please Your Man:


how to please a man


Most guys enjoy a mind-numbing blow job.

First, ask your man if it’s okay to go down on him. If you get the nod of approval, get ready to rock his world like never before.

Oral sex can be an easy and fun way to take what he finds to be good sex to life changing sex he will never forget!

So, how do I give a good blowjob?

First, you should learn the anatomy of a penis. The tip, shaft, balls, and perineum. What areas are sensitive, which ones can you apply a lot of pressure and where to use your hands vs. mouth.

This will be specific to your partner but in general; the tip and balls are sensitive, while you can apply slightly more pressure to mid and base of shaft along with perineum.

Next, here are the most important parts of giving the best blowjob ever:

  • Engagement: Want to know how to please a man? Show some effort, show some enthusiastic while giving the blow job. Don’t act like your being forced to do it, show him you want to be doing it. That you want to be pleasing him.


  • Tease him with your tongue. Physically stick your tongue out of your mouth and lick up and down from the base of his shaft to the tip. Flick your tongue back and forth on his tip (the most sensitive zone). Swirl your tongue up and down with long wet strokes!


  • Try starting with your hands, using your hand during the blowjob can both give your mouth a break as well as give him additional stimulation. The grip of your hands can be much more intense then what your mouth can suck. Twist them both around the base of this shaft.


how to please a man


  • Grab his shaft and direct the tip around your tongue in circular motions.


  • Smack the tip against your tongue.


  • Make sure to give him great eye contact! Guys love the show!


oral sex


  • Put the tip of his shaft in your mouth and rub it against the inside of your cheek.


  • Try blowing softly on it to really tease him!


  • Use those hands girl! Fondle his balls and gently massage his perineum while deep throating him.


  • If you dare, you can always massage the rim of his anus or insert a finger if he enjoys anal play!

Now that you got some amazing oral sex tips, give a couple of them a shot!

Remember slapping a cock ring on at the start can keep him more erect, make him last longer, and also provide a intense vibration throughout. Great if your looking for that edge!


Tor ii


The Top 10 Ways To Satisfy Him:

Looking for that quick reference guide? That checklist to hit in order to please him?

Check out the guys top 10 list of requirements for 100% satisfaction guaranteed!


#1 Start by relaxing him both mentally and physically. Make sure you have time carved out, the kids or distractions are gone, and its just the two of you. Soft music, wine, massages, lite the candles. However, you two enjoy relaxing. A stressed man will not receive pleasure as well.


#2 Give him a show. Its called mutual masturbation. You touch yourself while watching him touch himself. It can be the sexiest form of foreplay. Want to really be cruel? Don’t let him touch himself and force him to watch you pleasure yourself.


#3 Use Your Mouth. Most guys love a great blowjob. You don’t have to finish him though, it’s a great form of foreplay that can lead into the most satisfy sex of his life. Want to know how to please a man? Learn his sensitive spots and apply the oral sex tips above.


#4 Let him dominate you. Some guys love to dominate or be dominated. Ask him if he is into that, if so, stock up on your kinky supplies and go to town. Start with bondage, blindfolds, feathers, and gag balls.


#5 Use a sex toy on him! There are amazing sex toys for men out there. Some that feel just as good as a real vagina. Get him nice and hard, lube him up, and gently stroke a penis sleeve up and down around his cock. His back will be arching as he try’s to hold back the most explosive orgasm of his life. What is sexier than your partner slowly stimulating your shaft with the most amazing male sex toy sleeve?


pink lady orginal


#6 Indulge in prostate play. If you guy has never tried anal play, you can open Pandora’s box for him. Start with something small and easy to insert. Let him wear it while he fucks you, making him feel “manly” as this often scares guys away from trying it. Prostate orgasms are the most intense orgasm a guy can have, plus, he can have them as many times in a row as he wants! Prostate orgasms don’t require a recharge time like penis orgasms do.


#7 Indulge his fantasy. “Ask and you shall receive!”


#8 Let him know he pleases you too! Sometimes guys can’t enjoy sex unless they know you are enjoying it too. If you orgasm, make that very apparent. If you’re tuned on show him… Let him feel with his fingers just how wet you are.


#9 Edge him. Guys can get off quick. It can be easy to make him cum. The average time it takes to get a guy off is under 5 minutes. But don’t let him off the hook this easy! Bring him up to climax but don’t let him go over the edge. Hold him there, let him down slowly, only to bring him back up!


10# Build his confidence. After sex, let him know just how good he was. Let him know the parts that made you climax. What turned you on, does he have a nice cock? Does he have firm arms? Its okay to give him nice feedback and complements after. This builds his confidence and will make him more adventurous in the bedroom. You don’t need to go making him feel like god, but a nice gesture here and there is always appreciated.


“I’m Bored, What’s Next”: Easy Tips & Tricks To Keep Things Interesting

Looking for ways to keep things spicy in the bedroom?

Maybe you’ve been in a long term relationship or looking for new ways to please your husband?

Don’t ever let things get dull and mundane… Here are some exciting ways to keep things fresh!


Touch Him In Public:

Public play isn’t for everyone… I get that.

But even public showing off affection can be a nice change of pace.

Try rubbing his leg, groin, or crotch under the table at dinner or at the movies.

Making out at a romantic spot in the park?

If you want to get really risky you can start foreplay in a semi-public area however, I must advice you it is against the law.

Sex toys are a great way to bring a huge boost in pleasure while out in public, but also remaining completely discreet!

Grab a remote-controlled butt plug, remote-controlled ben-wa-ball, or panty vibrator and slide it in your partner before going out. Then send them spine-chilling vibes as you walk through the park, sit through a movie, or at dinner.

how to please a man

Talk about a super sexy way to get you off secretly!


Make Love Not Sex

If you want to know how to please your man, make sure you make love sometimes.

Focus on him and your love for him, not only on the pleasure.

Make it long and passionate. Include lots of eye contact and kissing.


Try New Sex Positions

A list of amazing sex positions requires its own entire blog.

Trying a new sex position can be fun and exciting! See how much pleasure it delivers and if its worth something trying again.

The first time can be a bit awkward depending on the position, but everything is worth a shot at least once. If it doesn’t strike a pleasure note, simply transition out of it.

I love Kinkly’s sex position guide to get new ideas all the time.


Be Spontaneous!

Why does everything always have to be planned?

If you want to know how to satisfy your man, try spontaneous sex!

A great way of being spontaneous is changing up the time of day you decide to do it.

Its most likely you do it at night in bed or maybe even in the morning after waking up.

But when’s the last time you called him at work to meet him at your place for lunch? It’s not lunch your serving but some “afternoon delight”!

Maybe it’s the middle of the day on a Sunday… Jump his bones! He won’t be expecting it, but knowing you still have that fiery passion for him is super sexy!



Ahh the famous quickie. There is an art to pulling off the perfect quickie.

Not everyone understands it but a quickie is not the same as having “fast sex”. Sure it can lead to orgasms, but it also can just be about the foreplay.

Say you’re in a semi-public place or the kids are about to come home. You might not have time for a full-blown sex session.

Just touch him, give him pleasure and if you leave him hanging… Well, that happens… Just make sure he knows you plan to finish him off later and let him ponder that for a couple hours!


His Sensitive Zones: Where To Touch A Guy

If you’re wondering where to touch a guy, there are a lot of places you can pleasure him. It doesn’t always have to be stroking his cock.


how to satisfy a man


Try touching him in these zones for more blended stimulation:

  • Glide your fingers through his hair, especially when he is going down on you.


  • His prostate. The most pleasurable zone of a man! Use a prostate sex toy or your finger.


  • The Raphe. This is the dividing line that runs across the middle of his genitalia from his anus to the tip of his shaft. Use your tongue to trace the line.


  • Inner thighs. The perfect place to tease him leading up to his shaft!


  • Those V-Lines. Straddle him and use your finger tips to trace those v-lines.


how to please a man


  • His Neck. Suck, kiss, and lick his neck.


  • The perineum. The sensitive skin between his anus and balls. Perfect for applying pressure with your fingers while he thrusts into you!


  • Base of his shaft. Use both well lubed hands to twist around the base of his shaft.


  • Tip of his shaft. Much more sensitive, great for use of tongue or sucking on!


  • His testicles. Try fondling them during foreplay, or when you are giving him head.

There are even more erogenous zones if you want to dive deep into new odd areas but still known to bring pleasure. Such as his lower back, ear lobes, and feet.


Full Circle: Learning How to Please Him Is Pleasing You Too!

While you might really want to know how to please your man… It’s not all about him either!

It’s called vicarious pleasure or compersion.

The feeling of pleasure and excitement because you know he is really, really enjoying himself.

So, in other words, pleasing him is also pleasing you. This is what sex is all about!

Hopefully, your man will want to return the favor. You blew his mind, now he wants to send you over the top too.

If so, have him check out this blog on how to please a woman for the best sex.

Try the tactics listed above to really blow his mind and have confidence in your newfound technique. Make sure to comment below if you tried something your man really loved!

If you have any other questions, please leave them in the below comments and I’ll be sure to respond.

Just make sure to take action on at least one thing from the steps above and your man can thank me later 😉


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