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How To Squirt: The 17 secrets you need to squirt, drip and tremble with extreme pleasure!

By: Jessica & Lee Founders of Diskret_Adult_Life ( Phone Sex )


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Is there a city of Atlantis made of gold? Who really killed JFK? Where is Cleopatra’s tomb?


I swear squirting belongs in the world’s most mysterious and controversial topics!


We hear tons of questions a day like:


Is squirting real?


Can any woman squirt?


How can my man make me squirt?


Is squirting really pee?


What if I can’t squirt?


My man wants me to squirt but I cant, what should I do?


How can I make her squirt?


While there is a ton of interest, mystery, and pleasure that revolves around how to squirt; unfortunately, the information out there on it is very limited and misleading.


So, we decided to dump tons of time, research, and money into cracking this mystery wide open!


The questions above are all valid, so we are going to dissect them with some of the leading sex educational experts (and masters of squirting) on the planet!


Its time for you to squirt, drip and tremble with extremely intense orgasms!


Here are the first 3 steps on how to make yourself squirt:


How To Make Yourself Squirt:


I think it’s important if you have never squirted before to take the time to understand a few things all on your own:


What happens when I squirt?


What does it feel like to squirt?


How can I make myself squirt?


I’ve always been a firm believer in experimenting sexually alone before trying to do it with your partner (whenever possible).


It allows you to really take your time. You can focus on how something really feels. What works well, what doesn’t?


This can be done in the privacy of your own bedroom with zero judgment and zero nerves.


how to squirt


Step #1 Know Your Anatomy!


If you want to know how to squirt you need to understand the triggers “down there”.


It might sound boring (half of you might have already skipped this section) but for those that didn’t… I put it as step #1 for a reason.


Its literally the most important thing you need to understand!


g spot


The G-Spot:


The G-spot is the most important area to focus on when learning how to squirt. It’s located about 2-3 inches inside the vagina on the upper wall (facing your bellybutton).


The G-spot has often been described as a texture similar to a small raspberry.


If you are not aroused, it will be much smaller and harder to find. So, if you are not exactly sure where it is, make sure you are feeling around after some good foreplay when it will be engorged.


It expands as blood flows to your pelvic region when you get turned on!


When it gets bigger it feels soft, spongy, and slightly ribbed to the touch. It is literally a small patch of extremely sensitive nerve endings that have one purpose… Bringing you super intense pleasure!


The Clitoris:


The clitoris is also important when learning how to squirt. While the vast majority of women squirt through stimulating the G-spot, the clitoris is important for great foreplay.


Stimulate your clitoris to get turned on and ready for penetration. When your wet and craving more, start penetration and focus heavy on the g-spot.


Blended stimulation of clitoris and g-spot can also produce great squirting results, but it depends on the woman. Everyone responds differently to multiple forms of stimulation.


Skene’s Gland:


When you stimulate your g-spot you are also stimulating the skene’s gland. Sex experts also call this the female prostate gland. That’s because its located around the walls of the urethra and drains into the urethra (same as a male prostate gland works on men).


The skene’s gland is where you squirt or ejaculate from.


how to squirt


There is no direct way to stimulate the Skene’s gland but by preforming great g-spot stimulation you can indirectly hit it. A study done in 2002 showed that the size of the Skene’s gland drastically differed from woman to woman.


This means if your Skene’s gland is small or non-existent it can be much more difficult to squirt than some women where it is large and more present. I will cover more of this later.


Step #2 Setting The Mood


It can become really difficult to squirt if you’re not in the appropriate setting. Hell, it can be really hard to even receive pleasure if you’re focus is drawn elsewhere.


This is why it is so important you “set the mood”.


In other words, make sure your very comfortable and relaxed. Getting to this relaxed state of body and mind is different for every woman but you should know what works best for you.


Here are a few tips to help get you in the mood:


  • Have plenty of time set aside, the last thing you want to do is rush.


  • Don’t have the kids, partner, or roommate around if you want to be isolated.


  • Draw the shades and light some candles.


  • A warm bubble bath before hand helps relax the body and mind. Feel free to start the foreplay in the bath!


Dame Arc Blue



  • Lay a towel down so if you do squirt you don’t need to worry about fresh sheets!


Step #3 The All-Important Foreplay


If you want to know how to squirt, you need to understand what gives you pleasure.


It can be different from woman to woman, so the best way to understand this is through pleasurable experimentation!


Here are 50 foreplay tips to get you started!


Masturbate, masturbate some more, then masturbate again! Yea, its that simple and that fun!


Here are multiple forms of foreplay you should give a try:


  • Try watching porn during foreplay.





  • Massage your legs, breasts, labia, clitoris, vagina, or anus.




After trying multiple forms of foreplay you will get a feel for what really gets your gears rolling!


You don’t need to focus much on your g-spot during foreplay. Focus on everything else and spend a good 30 minutes working yourself up to where you really want that orgasmic release.


As you get turned on, your Skene’s gland and g-spot will swell, making it easier to find and stimulate. Remember the Skene’s gland is near your bladder and urethra so this arousal and pressure may give you the feeling of having to pee (that is normal and perfectly okay).


Now that your g-spot is engorged it should be easy to find and very sensitive. This is absolutely key when understanding how to squirt!


The Best Way To Squirt:



Now that you know how to prepare yourself to squirt, lets get into the technique side. After all, you want to know the best way to squirt right?


Lucky for you the best and most pleasurable way to squirt often is one of the easiest way to do it.


Like most woman, I learned to squirt by using my hand then later turned to g-spot vibrators and dildos to make it easier and more pleasurable.


While I think learning to squirt with my hand was much more difficult, it did let me feel my personal anatomy out. I understood where my g-spot was, what it felt like to stimulate and apply certain motions.


That lead to me purchasing my first g-spot vibrator and I have literally never looked back!


Would I use my hand to squirt today?


Let’s just say I even pack a mini g-spot vibrator for when I have to travel for work!


But we will touch base on how to use your hand first if you want to take the more “learn the hard way first” approach like I did.


Fingering Yourself To Squirt:


So, your fully aroused and know where g-spot is. You understand the sensations around building foreplay to that aching feeling of wanting to orgasm.


Now comes the important part.


Use your lubed up fingers and slide them in to your g-spot, your going to start fingering yourself to squirt.


girl cumming


I always stress that lube is especially important. Just because you’re not dripping wet when you start fingering yourself doesn’t mean you can’t squirt.


Also, lube helps provide frictionless entry, thrusting, and rocking which is key to learning how to squirt.


Now, here are the best fingering techniques to make her squirt!


Pump Release Technique


The pump release technique is one of the most common ways to make a girl squirt!


This is where you place one hand on your lower stomach (slightly above your pubic mound) and with your other hand, slide your middle and ring finger in and start massaging your g-spot.


how to squirt


Continue to massage applying heavier pressure to it.


When you really feel the climax building lock your hand in place, so you are not performing any thrust in and out, but strictly up and down with your arm. Keep your fingers, wrist, and arm all locked in the same position and bend up and down at the elbow.


how to squirt


Continue to thrust up and down in this motion until you feel the need to explode. Keeping slight pressure with your other hand slightly above your pubic mound.


Again, you might feel the sensation to pee or “completely let loose”. When you feel this, let it all go and pull your finger out! You can apply fast clitoral stimulation at this point to send yourself over the top, if you haven’t already!


This explosive release with a well hydrated body will produce squirting results nearly every time! It takes a bit of practice but when preformed right it can be a beautiful thing!


If locking and thrusting up and down does not work, you can always try a thrusting in and out motion instead. Some women require this gliding over the g-spot motion more than the applied pressure pump and release.


G-Spot Tapping Technique:


This one is simple but effective if you want to know how to squirt!


Slide your index or middle finger in and tap on your g-spot. Just use the tips of your fingers. You can experiment with the amount of pressure and speed required. I suggest starting slow and light then working your way up.


Once again when the pressure builds, try pulling your finger out and clenching those PC muscles for your full body release!


The Come-Hither Technique:


This technique for squirting works well. Slide your index finger in and locate your g-spot.


At this point begin to curl your fingertip over your g-spot. Such as telling someone to “come here”.


set the mood


This will allow you to rub your finger back and forth over your g-spot, adjust speed and pressure as you see fit.


This technique and the push button seem to tire out my fingers very fast. That is why they invited vibrators for thisexact motion! This vibrator can actually simulate the come-hither motion with combining clitoral stimulation!


The Easiest Way to Squirt


If you have used your fingers to squirt all the “props” in the world to you. But if you haven’t been able to squirt this way… Join the club of thousands of other similar women.


Using your fingers is not the best or easiest way!


It might be nice to start with this technique to feel out exactly where your g-spot is and how much pressure feels good.


But once you know the ins and outs of your vagina (literally) its time to find a much easier way to squirt and climax.


While you can feel things out with your fingers, unfortunately your fingers don’t vibrate, change vibration patters, and have the perfect geometry for girth and stimulation. They definitely don’t massage your clitoris and g-spot at the exact same frequency!


So, you guessed it… If you want to know how to squirt you should be experimenting with sex toys!


Sex Toys That Will Make Me Squirt!


Sex toys come in all shapes and sizes…


You have long ones, short ones, fat ones, skinny ones, curved ones, wavy ones, powerful ones, quiet ones, and even phone-controlled ones!


With a million different types of vibrators out there, how will I know the best vibrator to make me squirt?


Lucky for you, that’s our specialty!


Here are the top 5 vibrators that will ensure you an extreme squirting, dripping, trembling orgasm!


These vibrators have been proven to be global best-sellers for a reason.


I was astonished when I visited the manufacturing facilities and there were conveyors full of these vibrators as long as the eye can see!


Why the hell are they selling so many of these vibrators?


I was curious and skeptical at first.


That was until I tried some of them…


Then it all made sense.


Mind-altering orgasms from such a small simple device? What kind of magical orgasm wand was this?!


Needless to say I had to change the sheets multiple times a day.


After testing 20+ g-spot vibrators from the top manufactures worldwide, here is my top 5 countdown:


#1 The Enigma G-spot Vibrator:


Enigma waterproof


The enigma vibrator looks simple, but if you want to know how to squirt this thing has it mastered!


The long swooping angle is the key to all the magic.


I don’t have to twist or contort my wrist to hit my g-spot anymore. The angle allows you to comfortably hold your hand straight and rock or thrust the enigma at will.


Enigma in a female hand


I love keeping the Eningma inserted, and slowly rolling the bulbous head over my g-spot. I turn on the very powerful motor and let the vibration, pressure, and kneading work my body into a gushing spout!


While I don’t require clitoral stimulation to squirt, the large flexible nub is a major bonus!


Now you can experience blended orgasms with the shaft jolting your g-spot and the clitoral nub massaging your clit. It’s  double the pleasure!


Allow these deep penetrating vibes to work your body into the squirting orgasmic state you never knew was possible!


Find the enigma here to give you that squirting orgasm you’ve always dreamed of!


#2 The We-Vibe Rave Vibrator:


We-Vibe Rave


The We-Vibe Rave is amazing for 3 reasons.


The first and most important is the strength of vibration. This thing offers the deepest rumbling vibrations I’ve ever experienced! It can go from a graceful tickle all the way to what feels like a jackhammer!


I love slowly warming up with it and increasing the intensity the more I get turned on. When its time to explode just set it to max power and watch it blow your socks off!


The Rave is also amazing due to the firmness it offers. If you want to know how to squirt, it can be difficult with a mushy noodle of a vibrator. You need something that is firm but has a slight flex so it can be applied to your g-spot and hold pressure.


Lastly, the rave offers good girth and shape, the edges are firm and it runs down to a humped end that is great for rolling and tapping your g-spot. It offers all the bells and whistles but what truly makes it for me is the simplistic, yet extremely effective shape!


Check out the Rave here for a body-shaking orgasm!


#3 The Ultra Rabbit Vibrator:


FemmeFunn ultra rabbit, ultra rabbit, rabbit vibrator


Remember how one of the best ways to finger yourself for a squirting orgasm is by using your index finger in the “come hither” motion?


Well its time to step up your game…


The ultra-rabbit vibrator can actually mimic this exact motion!


FemmeFunn ultra rabbit, ultra rabbit, rabbit vibrator


Not only that, it has strong vibrations that ripple through the g-spot nub and shaft.


This is the triple crown of vibrators. If you slide it in, the rib will land directly on your g-spot while the tip gives you a more deep and full sensation. Externally the flexible clitoral nub with vibrate on the tip of your clit for an eye-rolling sensation.


Its time to let the vibrator do all the work and enjoy the 3 forms of stimulation simultaneously!


Enjoy a squirting orgasm with the ultra-rabbit found here!


#4 The G-Kii Vibrator:


G Kii


The G-Kii is a very unique g-spot vibrator.


Just like all body-types are slightly different, all vibrators are slightly different.


Then you have to try a few different sizes, shapes, and angles to find what is a perfect match for you.


Not with the G-kii!


Skip all the trial and experimentation and just get a g-spot vibrator that will adapt to your body type!


Hold the side button and bend the G-Kii to the perfect angle, then let the side button go.


Yea it’s that simple!




The G-Kii will hold whatever position you set it to and still pulsate with extremely powerful vibrations!


Skip all the work and get something that will have the perfect angle, shape, and power first try!


Find your perfect g-spot angle here…


#5 The Dame ARC Vibrator


Dame Arc pink


If you want to know how to squirt, the DAME ARC is the tool for the job.


This vibrator is the perfect shape for massaging your g-spot into pure bliss.


It has a curved shape head for applying pressure where you need it and has a ridge across it that allows you to roll the head back and forth over your g-spot. This sensation came naturally after using it for about 5 minutes.


Dame Arc


Whatever my body was craving the Dame Arc was delivering. Satisfying all my needs the second I was craving them.


The shape might look slightly odd at first, but then after using it, makes perfect sense.


The tip is round but squishy. It’s perfect for rubbing small circles on your clitoris to get you craving more. The hooked shape allows your wrist in a comfortable angle to penetrate your g-spot with intense vibrations.


It will make your knees shake and vagina gush. Exactly what you’re looking for when craving that squirting release!


Check out the Dame Arc here to satisfy all your pleasurable needs.


How To Squirt During Sex


Is he into squirting?


Want to give him the show of a lifetime by squirting during sex?


It’s one thing to have him use a vibrator on me and make me squirt through that. But it’s another if I can squirt while he is penetrating me!


It gives him the satisfaction of knowing he is pleasing me on another level!


If you want to know how to squirt during sex, its slightly different than your solo masturbation sessions with your orgasmic g-spot vibrator. It’s not so simple anymore!


You have built up nerves during sex, you might not be quite as relaxed, and unfortunately his penis doesn’t send jolting vibrations directly to your g-spot!


However, don’t worry… It’s still very possible to squirt during sex.


Since your g-spot is only 2-3 inches inside your vagina, he does not need to be “hung like a horse” in order to make you squirt (despite what most porn shows you).


The key to squirting during sex is all about the angle. Standard missionary might have his shaft slightly glide over your g-spot but it doesn’t apply direct pressure to it.


If you want to squirt during sex, give these a try.


Sex Positions To Make You Squirt:


Fun Sex


The Pillow Lounge:


For this sex position try laying on your back with a pillow under your hips.


how to squirt during sex


This will boost your butt up in the air.


Swing your legs over his shoulders and let him kneel in front of you while thrusting.


This will apply ample amounts of g-spot pressure during penetrative sex!


Have him throw on a cock ring if you miss the vibes to much!


The Launch:


The launch sex position has your lay on your back and press or hold your knees against your chest.


how to squirt during sex


This will naturally swing your butt into the air allowing him to thrust directly into your g-spot.


He can simply kneel in front of you, or lay over the top of you with his arms to your side.


Laying allow him to go deeper and have more penetrative force.


The Perch:


Have him sit on a chair or the couch. Then with your back towards him, slide his shaft in.


how to squirt during sex


This allows you the freedom to control the speed, depth, and angle which are critical to squirting.


Don’t be afraid to grab a clitoral stimulator and work your front side while riding him backwards.


This is easy to do with all the open access in front!


The Landslide:


The landslide allows for deep penetration from behind, but also forces him to drive his shaft slightly downward. It seems to work wonders for me and hitting my g-spot.


how to squirt during sex


I’ll admit he doesn’t find it comfortable for long periods of time, but if your already close to a climax this position can be a strong way to finish it out.


This sex position is great for a squirting orgasm. Just lay on your stomach and have him go into the “crab” position over the top of you. Then let him rock your world in new and pleasurable ways!


How To Make A Woman Squirt Conclusion:


If after all this you still can’t find the urge or ability to squirt, don’t worry about it to much. Stressing yourself about the outcome will only make it harder to squirt.


For most women it takes a lot of time to learn and understand what brings them closer to that sensation. So, remember to take time to masturbate solo and discover the kinky fantasies that really get you going!


It could take up to 30 minutes of foreplay before focusing on your g-spot. In time, you will get closer and closer.


It is rare, but some women unfortunately don’t have a Skene’s gland making it impossible to squirt.


If you see a ton of fluid flow or even gush but don’t squirt a physical stream it could just be the way you squirt! Not all women have this massive projectile squirt. For some it simply flows or gushes out. It depends on the woman.


It seems to work best if you use your fingers to start and feel out exactly where your g-spot is. Understand how the pressure, speed, angle, and technique feels.


role play sex


Once you have a good understanding of your own body and what feels best, its time to advance to a g-spot vibrator that will rock your body into the atmosphere! From fingers to a g-spot vibrator is like going from a Prius to a Ferrari!


If you want to squirt with your man, you can give the sex positions listed above a try. However, sometimes its really difficult and I just hand my man my favorite vibrator and let him use it on me.


He gets the same satisfaction of watching me squirt and be the one to make me squirt but we “cheat” by having him us the vibrator.


I’ve also had a lot of luck with a cock ring. Sometimes all you’re missing as a couple is the addition of powerful vibration. Then he can make you squirt while physically penetrating you too!


Lastly, if you want to squirt with your partner just be open about the communication. Ask them how they would feel about it or want to give it a try. Let them know exactly what to do and how to do it.


It took you awhile to learn how to squirt, don’t expect him to be a pro right away either. You can both advance together over time! A large part of learning how to squirt with a partner is being comfortable with them in the given situation!


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