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How to Use A Butt Plug!


By Jessica & Lee Owners Of DiskretAdultLife, Nov. 14th, 2018

Congrats! You’ve purchased your first butt plug! After hours of searching online and reading guides about how to find the best butt plug, you finally narrowed everything down to make the final purchase. You have your new sex toy shipping straight to your house – even with some expensive two-day shipping! (Hey, I don’t blame you. It can be hard to be patient when we’re talking about new sex toys!)

Now, however, you realize that you don’t really know how to use a butt plug. Sure, you understand the basics: toy goes in hole. But past that point? You’re a bit lost. You want to make sure that it’s as pleasurable as possible, but in order to do that, you realize you need a bit of help. Lucky for you, that’s exactly where we come to use a butt plug

Step 1: How to Use a Butt Plug: Carve Out Time:

Using a butt plug for the first time isn’t scary or hard – but it is something that will be much, much more enjoyable if you have quite a bit of time set aside. While you might be able to “rush” your anal play in the future when you’re used to your butt plug, your first couple of uses should be unrushed and very comfortable. In fact, I’d consider this one of the most important aspects of how to use a butt plug. Feeling unrushed will help every part of your butt plug experience.

For your first butt plug use, carve out at least two hours. This will make time for your set-up, use, and clean-up of your butt plug. More time is always better, but at the minimum, try to have at least two hours to to use a butt plug

Step 2: How to Use a Butt Plug: Be Fully Aroused:

Now that you have your time set aside, the next step in how to use a butt plug is your arousal. You can definitely use a butt plug without an ounce of arousal. Unlike the vagina or penis, the butt doesn’t require any particular sexual arousal in order to be “used”. However, if you’re going through all of this to have the best butt plug experience possible, you’ll greatly increase your enjoyment if your body and your mind are aroused before you begin to play with your butt plug.

Like most erogenous and non-erogenous zones on the body, sexual arousal increases the sensitivity and potential pleasure of the anal region. When you play with your butt plugs while turned on, the entire activity can feel much more sexual – and it can add to the sexual arousal of over parts of your body. Not only that, but most people tend to be more relaxed when sexually aroused. As the butt is “protected” by rings of muscle, doing anything that helps those muscles relax will increase the pleasure and ease of penetration. Arousal helps most bodies relax. Therefore, spending some time on arousal – and insuring your body is turned on by the idea of butt plugs – is a good start with how to use a butt to use a butt plug

Step 3: How to Use a Butt Plug: Gather Supplies:

Let’s move onto the actual penetration of how to use a butt plug. Now that your body is ready, it’s time to get your space ready. You can definitely gather items as you need them later on, but in hopes of reducing the disruption to your sexual headspace, it helps to gather everything right now. After all, who wants to get up and grab a paper towel after half-way inserting their favorite toy? Almost no one.

For that reason, try to have everything you need ready. When preparing for how to use a butt plug, I’d recommend lubricant, paper towels, a towel to clean up any mess, and any sexual material you like to read or look at while enjoying yourself. You may also want to have a favorite vibrator, a towel for any dirty items to keep things separate, or gloves if you have long fingernails or want to avoid getting lubricant on your hands. Gloves allow you to lube up your butt plug, insert it, and then strip off the gloves and have completely-dry hands for self-pleasure or touching a book/phone/computer mouse/etc.

Step 4: How to Use a Butt Plug: Lube, Lube, Lube!:

When actively inserting your butt plug, it doesn’t get more important than this. That is, if you remember nothing else in this guide about how to use a butt plug, you should remember this: lube is the most important part of inserting a butt plug. Once you think you have enough lube, add even more. It’s pretty damn hard to use too much lube, but it’s pretty easy to not use enough. And when you don’t use enough lube, your butt plug penetration is going to hurt – and that’s just not fun.

When adding lube, first start with your anal area. Get some lube on your fingers and gently rub some lube around the entrance to the butt. If you’re comfortable with it, coat your fingers in lube and gently slide a few fingers into yourself to help lube some of the inside of your body. (As a bonus, this works as lovely foreplay as well!) Once you’re done with your body, take your time lubricating the butt plug. Squirt a bit of lube onto the tip of the plug and use your fingers to glide the lube all over the surface of the butt plug. Make sure the entire butt plug is well-lubricated. Your fingers should glide over the entire length of the sex toy.Cocunu_water_lifestyle_2_2000x2000

Step 5: How to Use a Butt Plug: Insert with Patience:

Now that your sex toy and your body are lubricated, it’s time to move onto the actual penetration. Find a comfortable position for your body. It should be something you can hold for longer periods of time and something that allows you somewhat-easy access to your butt plug. A lot of people like to lay on their side and lift a leg to allow for access to insert anal toys. What you choose to do will be based upon your body and what feels comfortable, though.

Once you’ve found your position, it’s time to insert the sex toy. The key here is “patience”. Gently slide the tip into yourself. If you don’t feel any pressure, stretching, or pain, keep pushing. Continue to push until you’ve either inserted the butt plug or begin to feel either pressure, stretching, or light pain. Once you’ve hit that point, just hold the butt plug in place and allow your body to gently accommodate the size of the plug. Once you feel the pressure or stretching begin to fade, you can gently push the plug a little further into your body. You just continue to repeat this process until you have the entirety of the butt plug inside of your to use a butt plug

How to Use a Butt Plug: Know Your Limit:

But what if that stretching and pressure never fades? What if it changes into sharp, intense pains when you try to insert it even further? That’s when you’ve gone too far – and probably need to call it a day. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking a few different anal play sessions to be able to work yourself up to inserting the entire butt plug. After all, think of it as a good investment – you’re getting even more use out of your plug! What you don’t want to do is keep inserting the butt plug past the point of pain. Pain is your body’s way of telling you that it’s not doing well. You might be causing tears in your butt, and honestly: pain just doesn’t feel very good. If it feels painful, either pull the plug out to a earlier comfortable spot or just be done for the day. There’s nothing wrong with letting your body rest and heal up from any potential to use a butt plug

Step 6: How to Use a Butt Plug: Enjoy Sexual Activity:

Once your butt plug is snugly fit within your body, you can do whatever you feel like doing! Some people like to go about masturbation as usual once they’ve fully inserted their butt plug. Other people like to focus on the anal sensations and gently pull out the plug – and reinsert it – over and over again to continually enjoy the anal stimulation. Yet others like to insert the plug then go about other household activities. They enjoy the sexual tease and sensation that brightens the rest of the activities they need to do. Whatever you choose to do, it’s up to you. Browse porn, read your favorite romance novel, jerk off, or whatever it is that feels “right” to you.

On that note, there’s no reason you “have to” orgasm. If you feel like an orgasm would complete your anal sex toy use, feel free to reach for it. If you’re quite satisfied with the sexual sensations you’ve already explored, there’s no reason to worry about orgasm if you don’t want to. Anal pleasure can be an experience in itself, and however you want to experience it is the best way for you. Don’t worry about having an orgasm through anal means if you don’t want to.

Step 7: How to Use a Butt Plug: Clean Up ASAP:

More-so than a lot of other sex toys, it’s pretty important that you clean your butt plug as soon as you’re done playing. While bacterial concerns are usually the main concern with delayed cleaning of other sex toys, you’ll have a different concern with your butt plug: scents. Some butt plug sex toy materials tend to “cling” to scents – and depending on your preferences, you may not like that. Cleaning your butt plug as soon as you’re done using it will help prevent the likelihood of any scent living on your plug.

Cleaning Butt Plug Material:

If you’re still finding that a bit of scent remains, if your sex toy is waterproof, you can let the butt plug spend some time soaking in soapy water. Consider filling a bowl with warm, soapy water and letting the butt plug soak overnight. Give it a fresh clean in the morning, and if the scent still remains, repeat the process. Most materials will be scent-free after a couple rounds of this. Some extremely porous and cheap materials may always retain a slight scent. For those materials, expect them to have a life-long scent or choose to use high quality butt plugs. Knowing how to keep your sex toy clean and ready for anal play is part of knowing how to use a butt plug.

Cleaning a butt plug is just like cleaning any other sex toy. You’ll want to be thorough, but since most butt plugs are very basic (and textureless), cleaning these toys can actually be easier. Warm water and non-abrasive anti-bacterial soap will clean up most butt plugs without an issue. Waterproof and non-porous butt plugs, such as silicone, glass, or metal, can also be sterilized with a water/bleach solution or boiled water. While the average user may not want to sterilize their sex toy after every use, you might enjoy having a thorough clean of your butt plug every once in awhile. Keep your cleaning method in mind when deciding how to use a butt plug.


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