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How to Use a Sex Toy the Best Way!


By Lee & Jessica, Owners of DiskretAdultLife, September 13th, 2018

Maybe you just purchased your first sex toy, or maybe you just want to look for ways to improve how you currently use your sex toy. Either way, this guide will walk you through everything you need to know on how to use sex toys for the ultimate experience in pleasure. We have been dealing in the luxury sex toy world for years and know a lot of different techniques to blow your mind, and your partners.

Stop masturbating with low quality sex toys that result in below average results. The key to how to use sex toys starts with a great sex toy. Find a sex toy that fits your body style. It could be a g-spot stimulator, clitorial stimulator, couples toy, or sex toy for a man. We will explain all the different kinds of sex toys along with exactly how to use them.

Picking the Best Sex Toy For You:

There are a vast variety of sex toys on the market. Picking one can be overwhelming to say the least. The key to finding the right sex toy for you is start with something basic, then branch out into different categories that suit what you get the most pleasure out of. Here are some of the basic things to consider before purchasing a sex toy:

  • Rechargeable vs. Battery:

Not all sex toys are equal. An important factor when it comes to picking out the right sex toy for yourself is understanding if you want vibration or not. If you want the vibration you need to decide between a rechargeable vibrator or battery powered vibrator. When understanding how to use a sex toy this is an important factor. We have found battery powered vibrators to be less superior to rechargeable vibrators. Why is this? The rechargeable units are much more convenient, they last longer, and usually allow the unit to become waterproof. A single charge can last days, and you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries or breaking the battery connections.

  • Waterproof Vs. Non-Waterproof Sex Toys

This one is straight forward. If you plan to use your sex toy in the shower, in the tub, or in the hot tub make sure it is waterproof. Even if you don’t plan on using your vibrator completely submersed it’s a bonus to have a waterproof device. It will get extremely wet and abused throughout its life, and the waterproof sex toys are more durable. Think about the cleaning aspect as well. Some are dishwasher friendly and it will become much easier to clean if you can get it entirely wet.

How to Use All the Types of sex toys:

A sex toy is any type of device used for masturbation or during sex to increase you and your partners pleasure. There are over a hundred different type of vibrators on the market so picking one can be a bit overwhelming. We will highlight the most popular types below.

An important factor on how to use a sex toy is finding which type of sex toy is best for you. Here are the main types of sex toy categories, and how to use each sex toy:

  • Vibrators:

Your grade A, most popular sex toy on the market is the vibrator. What’s so special about it? Vibrators usually come with many different modes of vibration, most can be used for penetration masturbation, while some are used for clitoral stimulation. A few types can be used for both at the same time. These are obviously most popular with women however many men purchase them to give to their partner. Check out our guide on different types of vibrators.

  • Anal Beads

Originally anal beads were not the most popular sex toy in the United States. They were far from the top. However, in the past 5 years anal play has exploded in popularity. With anal play, comhow to use a sex toy anal beadses anal beads… So how should you use a sex toy manufactured for anal stimulation?

Majority of the pleasure comes from being inserted and removed across two ringed sphincter muscles in your anus. This brings a serious amount of pleasure as each anal bead passes through this muscle. Work these into your daily sex life to increase pleasure for both him and her! Remember never to use the same anal beads on each other without cleaning in between. Check out our ultimate guide on anal beads.

  • Butt plugs

As popularity in anal beads grew, so did the butt plug sex toys. These are designed differently than anal beads. Instead of spheres graduating in size along a string, butt plugs are usually a single bulb on one end with a “stopper” on the other. So how should you use a sex toy like this?

Butt plugs are designed to go in and stay in for anywhere from 1 minute to a few hours. Butt plugs can be inserted slowly and removed slowly to give waves of pleasure to the user. However, they are left in during sex to give the user a boost of pleasure during orgasm. Very popular among straight, and gay men, it has been reported to increase the intensity of a man’s orgasm by 33%.

  • Strap on sex toy:

Strap on sex toys are most common amongst the lesbian community, however it can be used for pegging as well. Some strapons vibrate to give the receiver even more pleasure. Here is how to use a sex toy of this nature:

The vibrating strapon has a lot of flexibility and delivers a lot pleasure. Try it out for anal play or keep it for vaginal, but either way your partner is in for a treat. I suggest getting one that is a spandex underwear style that is most comfortable for you. The strapons that use physical straps and belts usually end up digging into your side or falling off.

  • Dildos:

Dildos are a great starting sex toy for any beginner. Picking out the correct dildo entails just moon crystal dildo classy sex toya few things, the length, shape, material, and width. Find something that dimensionally suits you and is appealing to the eye. High quality dildos are made from glass, steel, or high end silicone. So here is how to use a sex toy categorized as a dildo:

Find the time! The hardest part to using a dildo while masturbating is finding the time. You need time because without the vibration factor it may take slightly longer to achieve orgasm. Also, the extra time gives you a sense of relief and not a sense of being rushed. This is key in allowing your body to fully relax to achieve orgasm.

  • Cockring:

Cockrings are an amazing gift from a girl to their man. This is because it gives both of you an extreme amount of pleasure. Cockrings typically are made of silicone, they are placed around the shaft of the male and vibrate during penetration sex. Here is exactly how to use a sex toy of this type:

Lube the shaft of the male before trying to slide the cockring on. Make sure the man is good and hard to make the process easy. Once it is on, push the button to start the vibration and let the fun begin. The vibrating cockring will be pressed against the womens clit while he is fully inserted in her. The vibration also gives him great pleasure!

  • G-spot stimulating vibrators:

G-spot stimulating vibrators typically have a slight curve to them. This allows them to hit the g-spot while vibrating to give the women multiple forms of stimulation. Her partner can also use the vibrator on her before sex to really heat things up. Here is exactly how to use a sex toy shaped like a g-spot vibrator.

If you insert your fingers about 1-2 inches inside the vagina with your fingers facing up, towards the belly button you will feel a small pad that is textured like a raspberry. This is the pad you want the base of the curve to land upon for g-spot stimulation. This will provide intense pleasure and an intense orgasms.

  • Ben Wa Balls:

This has to be the most popular “how to use a sex toy” question we get. How the heck do Ben Wa Balls work? Who uses them, and why? The popular movie “50 shades of Gray” really portraits how Ben Wa Balls work in the wrong way! Ben Wa Balls are not these things you stick in your vagina and immediately receive these mass amounts of intense pleasure. I will explain exactly how to use a sex toy of this type:

Ben wa balls can be lubed and inserted in the vagina. Some vibrate, some don’t. These are not a sex toy that you receive a huge wave of pleasure from instantly. Rather, they are something you leave in for up to a few hours and slowly build pleasure over an extended amount of time. The weight of them work with the motion of your body. The more movement the more the pleasure, this is why some women sit in rocking chairs with them. Achieving orgasm from them is not easily done. They are used for getting very turned on leading to sex or enjoy the slightly waves of pleasure for an entire evening out.

Clitoral Stimulation Sex Toys:

There are two main forms of clitoral stimulating vibrators. External vibration over the clitoris or pulse wave technology (a sucking pad) placed over the clitoris. Some of the most common external vibration is the rabbit, which penetrates as well. Or the Sonja / Womanizer when it comes to the pulse wave “sucking” technology.Boom Cyclone featured side view

So how does one use a sex toy like this? The pulse wave technology is quite simple, even though it sounds advanced. Find the pad that fits your clitoris the best, usually sizes small-large. Put the pad on the top, they should be interchangeable. Then turn it on to a mode of good sucking pace. You can place it against your wrist to feel the intensity of the “sucking” power. If you want more it is a setting “+” or “-“ for more or less intensity. Then place the tip over your clitoris and enjoy the pleasure!

How to Use a Sex Toy Wrap-Up:

In the end, you will come to realize the possibilities are endless when it comes to different types of sex toys. Your best option is finding one you think will fit your body the best. If you are starting out, use a beginner toy, or something that looks more basic in style, function, and size.

Once you become more advanced in using a sex toy, branch out into the different sex toy categories explained above. You may find anal play, or clitoral stimulation is not for you, but you’ll never know until you try. Some individuals find extreme pleasure in sex toys, that others do not. It is completely up to you, so never stop striving for that perfect orgasm!

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