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Lesbian Sex Toys!


By Jane Jett of DiskretAdultLife, Oct. 20th, 2018

Being in a same sex relationship can make it difficult to shop for sex toys. Not only is it difficult due to the stigma, but going into a sex store where at times no one is willing to aid you on this incredible journey can be extremely stressful. Ladies, this article is for you; sorry gentleman, I will compose one for you soon. There are a lot of options that you can choose, but not many of them are actually worth the price you’d pay. Worse, some of them are not even as lesbian-friendly as you’d hope them to be. Lesbian sex is intended to inspire and entice lovers to broaden their sexual repertoire. To make shopping easier for you and your lover, I made a list of the best sex toys for lesbian couples with some incredibly erotic position tips.

Jimmy Jane Ascend 7 

The Facts: Purple dual ended vibrator, rechargeable, body safe silicone, & its water proof. This incredible toy offers 3 speeds, 3 modes and amazing flexibility.flexible vibrators

Pro’s: This double ended vibrator features a powerful motor in each end making it double the pleasure for you and your partner, allowing for girl on girl clitoral stimulation with out having to utilize two vibrators.

Recommended PositionFace to Face: Both partners are sitting facing each other, with their knees slightly bent. One woman has her legs on the outside, the other on the inside, allowing them each access to the other’s genitals while still being able to support themselves with their other arm. This is a great position that allows for breast stimulation, connective eye contact, and as much kissing as they both want. It can also take place on the floor with pillows for comfort.

We-Vibe Sync:

The Facts:Rechargeable, pure silicone, dual motor, remote control and app ready, waterprooflesbian sex toys.

Pro’s:The majority of women can’t orgasm from penetration alone. Ladies, if you are using a strap-on the We-Vibe Sync is a delicious addition to your love making, as it offers clitoral stimulation. It’s a simple and luxurious toy with every speed you can think of, and ladies, if you find a vibration pattern that you love the sync can keep this rhythm in an ongoing loop.

Recommended Position:Classic Scissor-Achieves maximum pussy contact with both women propped up on their hands and elbows. The bottom lover twisting onto her side with her leg draped over her lover’s same leg. The women spread, slide in, and rotate and grind, usually in a circular rhythm, intermittently pressing into each other, clit to clit, vagina to vagina.

The Moon Wand 

The Fact’s:Soft black obsidian stone

Pro’s:Ladies, I know what you are thinking, A Wand? Yes, I am a firm believer in these incremoon crystal dildo classy sex toydibly healing wands. The Moon Wand in particular is made of black Obsidian which removes negative energy from the body. What are energy blocks? They are emotional blocks that do not allow the body to feel orgasmic. By utilizing these wands you aid you and your partner in achieving optimal orgasmic pleasure, while enjoying the smoothness and feel of the wand.

Recommended Position: Garden of Eden: The receiving partner is lying on her back on the bed with her legs spread and bent at the knees, with feet flat on the bed. The partner is lying on her stomach, with her face near her partner’s vulva,putting the Moon Wand in her partner’s vagina with one hand and stimulating her partner’s clitoris with the other.

Anal Beads by Femme Fun:

The Facts: Rechargeable, waterproof, 20 vibrations, pure silicon

Pros: The beads are flexible, and each bead is a different size for added pleasure. The beads vary in size from small to large, making it easier for beginners to relax and enjoy the exquisite sensation of each thunder beads, fun factory, anal beads

Recommended Position: Review Mirror– The partner receiving oral sex is bent over at the waist, her hands on her ankles, and her legs shoulder-width apart. Her partner is on her knees behind the standing woman, holding the standing woman’s hips with her hands, with her face near her vulva from the rear. This the perfect position to place the anal beads in the anus. The kneeling partner may want to place a pillow under her knees if it’s more comfortable.


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