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Lesbian Sex Toys!


By Lee & Jessi, Owners of DiskretAdultLife, August 18th, 2018

Its time we start breaking down sex toys beyond the basic categories and types. Its start to take a deeper dive into the sex toy world. What types of sex toys are there for lesbians?

          This guide will break down all the lesbian sex toys and if you’re not a lesbian, it will explain what sex toys are best for all women as well. Lesbian toys come in a lot of verities so let us explain the differences and what sets certain brands and manufactures apart in the sex toy world.

Lesbian Toys

Its safe to say most sex toys for women are not specific to lesbian sex toys. A matter of fact any sex toy made for a woman will obviously work for lesbians. What we will do is explain some top lesbian toys in each category along with the best sex toys for women in each category. This will blend specific lesbian sex toys in with the best in each class.

To start with the basics, when we say the best in class, a lot of variables are taken into consideration to rank the following products that we suggest. Diskret is extremely thoughtful when it comes to high quality sex toys, and if we don’t offer a lesbian specific sex toy, we will point you in the best direction.

Some of the research Diskret does before recommending or selling sex toys have to do with the quality of manufacturing company. Do they provide safe material for their lesbian toys? Do the lesbian toys have a safe design for anal play or vaginal penetration? Are the sex toys reliable, precise, and functional? Do the customers recommend the lesbian toys to friends? What is the cost comparison between multiple retailers? These are just some of the questions we dig into before offering or recommending any lesbian sex toys, and you should do the same before purchasing your sex toys.

Lesbian Strapon:

        It is by far one of the most common lesbian sex toys in the world… the strapon. Any lesbian looking for a sex toy to share with there partner that penetrates vaginally heads towards a strapon first. Why you ask? It’s because the connection between your partner and you while engaging in this type of sex. You have eye contact and physical connection while using a strapon, just like men and women during sex.

The lesbian strapon is a sex toy shaped like a penis that straps to one of the women. This woman will then thrust it in and out of her partner, just as men and women do during sex.

A lot more lesbians use a strapon than you think. Lesbian strapon is searched over 90,000 times a month just in the U.S. alone! Now that’s a lot of strapon action!

Now that you know what a lesbian strapon is, and how popular they have become… what’s the best lesbian strapon in the market?

A slick design by wet for her found here is one of our personal favorites. It uses a special cloth spandex type underwear that you can insert the dildo into. This is much less cumbersome and awkward than most strapons, plus it makes cleaning the dildo easy afterwards. We have no affiliation with wet for her. We just love there lesbian strapons. The dildo is specially designed and shaped to give the “giver” as much pleasure as the “receiver” which is a bonus!

Not all lesbian strapons vibrate, so keep that in mind when looking to purchase. Majority of the strapons on the market are just a realistic silicone dildo and may not be made of high quality material. This can become a struggle to clean or break down with certain lubes.

Remember to always use lube with your strapon. It will make things more pleasurable for your partner and require less effort on your end. Lube is highly recommended if your lesbian strapon is larger than your partner is normally used to. We suggest more natural lubes that are water-based. They clean off easy, less likely to react with the silicone, and less likely to cause irritation of sensitive skin.

Lesbian Dildo:

Lesnjoy dildo, sex toy, stainless-steelbian dildos can be used by straight women or men on their female partner. Typically, the only thing that makes a lesbian dildo different from a standard dildo is it will be double-ended. This means the lesbian dildo will have a penis shaped head or blub on both ends of it. This way lesbians can enjoy the sex toy at the same time! Its brilliant, and lesbians can enjoy a lot of new sex positions with these types of dildos.

Not all lesbian dildos are equal. Some are made from cheap silicone while others are made of high grade 100% stainless steel like njoys. Some lesbian dildos vibrate but they are not very common. Start with a standard dildo and work your way into the more extravagant if it suits you and your partners desires.

Lesbian Vibrators:

Lesbian vibrators are common in the US. They are searched almost 2500 times a montlesbian sex toy, hands free, dameh. There is a common misconception that a lesbian vibrator is unique to any standard vibrator. Just like for dildos they are all made for women! Very few vibrators are made for two women to use simultaneously.

We suggest a unique approach to this. Not many products are labeled as lesbian vibrators but there might be something that works the same or possibly even better for most lesbians. Try a hands-free vibrator! It is not a lesbian vibrator specific, but a woman can insert it and let it do all the work while focusing on their partner or rub it between herself and her partner without even using your hands.

Sometimes you must get a little creative with sex toys and there are a lot more couples sex toys, and hands-free sex toys than there are lesbian vibrators.

Lesbian Lingerie:

We acrochless lingerie, sexy undewear, sexy, leasbian re getting into quite a niche market talking about lesbian lingerie but there is a big demand and interest for it. Lesbian lingerie is not an actual category, meaning specific lingerie tailored to lesbians is not on the market. The only type of lingerie that I believe lesbians can truly benefit from is the crotchless style.

Crotchless lingerie can allow lesbians to have endless fun while staying extra sexy in their lingerie the entire time. It is a fun and unique way to mix it up, it’s like having sex with your clothes on! Don’t forget your hands-free vibrator to go with the crotchless lingerie for the ultimate night in!

Lesbian Toys Wrap Up:

        There are a few great sex toys that are lesbian sex toy specific. Like the vibrating lesbian strapon or double-ended dildos. But sometimes you have to get creative as a lesbian! Try traditional vibrators made for all women and adapt your sex life style to reap the benefits from just about any sex toy.

Try hands-free vibrators with your partner or use a traditional vibrator on her. Suit up in some lesbian lingerie that is crotchless and watch her jaw drop in awe! Pull out a vibrating double-ended dildo and show her how it works, while pleasing yourself. The possibilities as a lesbian are just as endless and pleasurable as for any other women. So don’t hinder your pleasure by only investing in something that has a “lesbian” title to it, go with what looks interesting and pleasurable no matter how someone labels.

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