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By Lee & Jessi, Owners of DiskretAdultLife, August 22th, 2018

Not all orgasms are equal, just like not all sex toys are equal. Luxury sex toys are a lucrative scene. Few companies offer quality, luxury sex toys but it seems everyone claims to offer them. Some sex toy retailers offer them surrounded by a lot of low grade toys. We have been dealing in luxury sex toys for years.

I have seen the luxury sex toy business grow, and then explode. It appears every single sex toy site has a luxury category. How is this possible with so few luxury sex toy manufactures? Its simple really, the demand for them grew so everyone labeled their products luxury. In simple terms, they are ripping customers offer with false justification of “luxury sex toys”.wood luxury sex toy marble

In this guide I will dig deep into the luxury sex toy world. I will explain what actually is required to call a sex toy luxury, and what manufactures are the big players in this league. I am sick of seeing people get ripped off when they buy a low-grade sex toy for a marked-up price with false advertising. I am not going to point fingers as this is just bad practice, but I will explain what you should look for before buying any quality sex toy. Don’t fall victim like so many have.

Luxury Sex Toy 101:

Everyone always associates luxury with cost. This is a dangerous concept, I see it all the time in the industry. A sex toy retailer who buys low grade, low quality, and cheap sex toys usually from foreign countries like China, Taiwan, and Philippines. Then puts this astronomical cost on them and the worst part is people buy it not knowing any better. You know how I know people buy it? Because the retailers wouldn’t all continue to do this unless it worked!

I’m sure this is no surprise to you since this is done in just about every commodity industry in the world. However, I want to help teach you how to stay out of the luxury sex toy pitfalls. There are a few things to look at initially with any sex toy retailer, especially the luxury sex toy retailers if your looking to spend some serious cash on quality goods.

Luxury Sex Toy Red Flags:

Trust in the sex toy company is the first thing you should look at. Is the retail company brand new to the industry or have they been around the block? Do they have a good reputation? Is the brand at the top of Google when I search them? Do they have a social media following? Do I trust the manufacturing company, and have I bought their products before? Look for these simple things that show you a company cares about its customers and products:

  • Secure payment:

If it doesn’t say secure payment or not done through a secure payment third party like Paypal. Then don’t assume its secure! Chance are it’s not.

  • Discreet Shipping

Not everybody wants a big box with a giant dildo picture on it at their front door. Some don’t mind I understand that, but if it doesn’t say discreet shipping don’t be ashamed if it has a picture on it. Maybe if it’s luxury you want to show it off, who knows!

  • Quality Product Images

If the overall feel of the website seems low-grade, just imagine the luxury sex toys they sell. Make sure the images are clear, the website flows nicely, and it looks like they care about the product they deal.

  • Great Product Descriptions

A picture can be worth a thousand words, but I sure like more than a picture when purchasing a luxury sex toy. It better describe the features and what justifies the cost they are asking. Dimensions are always nice too, so you know what size to expect.

  • Social media following

Check out their Instagram page, Twitter, or FB. If they have a couple hundred followers on all 3 major social media followings combined. Chances are they are brand new. In that case, I wouldn’t make a large purchase.

  • Reviews on products

Do they have some reviews on the products? Do the reviews seem genuine? A few poor reviews are okay to me, it means they are real people reviewing the luxury sex toys and not everyone will love the same sex toys. Sex toys by nature, fit some body types better than others just depending on the toy.

  • Quality Blog

Do they care enough to help educate the sex toy community? Are they knowledgeable enough to write product reviews and answer questions. Do they truly want to help?

  • Length of Time They’ve Been Around

If they are fresh off the block, you always take a slight risk purchasing a luxury sex toy from them. I would say a year under there belt and they have enough experience and customer base to make sound decisions. That’s if the other items on this list are lining up as well.

  • Compare prices to Other Companies

You should always be doing this anyway. But if your going to purchase a luxury sex toy and it’s a hefty purchase for you, why not shop around. Make sure the price they are asking is relative to the other websites. A red flag to me is if it’s extremely cheap compared to others, or astronomically expensive. Remember if your trusted retailer is a few bucks more that’s okay. You are paying for peace of mind knowing your product will show up on time, made from good quality material, and your credit card information is secure. Diskret offers price match guarantee with all major retailers including Amazon. So you know our prices will be hard to beat.

  • Email subscription:

If they have a news letter it means they are trying to stay in contact with their customers, not sell to them and avoid them at all costs. This is a beginning sign of wanting to help the customers and build that trust.

If they can’t perform the top items well, you should not be purchasing a luxury sex toy from them. The sex toy industry is littered with companies looking to make a quick buck, but then don’t ship on time, sell your information, or deal with low-grade sex toys. Make sure you trust them, if they seem official and you are not satisfied with your luxury sex toy. It’s time to move onto another retailer. It may take a few tries before truly finding a great sex toy retailer you can trust. At that point, stick with them! Recommend them to friends so they don’t get burned.

What Makes a Sex Toy Luxurious?

We get this question a lot since we are a niche luxury sex toy retailer. So, what makes a sex toy luxurious? What should I be looking for If I want to purchase a luxury sex toy? This is not a simple question, but I will break it down into parts. A luxury sex toy must meet the following requirements at a minimum:

  • Made of High Quality Material

Look for 100% stainless steel, quality glass lines by shots, and be careful with silicone. Make sure the manufacturing company has a great reputation before purchasing a luxury silicone sex toy. Some silicone is made of low-grade silica that tends to react with silicone-based lubes and can break down in the body.

  • USB Charging System

If the luxury sex toy is battery powered, we wouldn’t consider it luxury. It’s a simple fact that battery operated sex toys are becoming a thing of the past. They simply do not last as long, are not as convenient, and typically louder in bed. All traits I do not classify with the luxury sex toys.

  • Waterproof

Being waterproof I wouldn’t consider an absolute must, but if your looking to take it in the shower or tub with you the water-resistant label will not suffice. Luxury sex toys are typically waterproof because they are completely sealed, and this makes them easier to clean as well.

  • Various Vibration Modes

If your luxury sex toy only comes with one mode, on or off please beware! These sex toys that only offer one mode can make your genitals get a “numbing” sensation over time. This is due to the constant vibration at a specific frequency. If you don’t have another mode to switch too, your out of luck. If you feel the sensation coming on, hit the button for a different frequency and keep the pleasure coming!

  • Durability

If its not backed by warranty, it shows the manufacture has zero faith in the product lasting. Red Flag to stand clear!

Now that you know the luxury sex toys traits that are required at a minimum, here is what to expect with most luxury sex toys:

  • Unique:

Most luxury sex toys are not mass produced. This means they are unique, and exclusive. If everyone could own one for cheap, they wouldn’t be considered a sex toy fornicouture

  • Cost:

What makes a luxury sex toy cost more is not the label placed on it. What makes a luxury sex toy cost more is the manufacturing process that it requires to build it. This means you get all the bells and whistles in a durable sex toy. Not the same thing you could get for half the price.

  • Look:

Luxury sex toys should look luxurious! It shouldn’t be a low-grade rubbery mess. A lot of these sex toys are considered pieces of art work or jewelry. It should be something you use to impress your partner in bed when you pull it out, not a face of shock in hideousness… Some of these pieces take hours of meticulous hand grafted works of art by truly skilled individuals in the trade. If it doesn’t drop your jaw, its not in the luxurious class.

  • Feel:

I will not tell you a luxurious sex toy is going to bring you so much more pleasure. The simple fact is, just because you spend more money on it does not mean you will get a better orgasm from it. What gives a luxury sex toy a better feel, is all the features it can provide. The waterproof, reliable, quick charge, multiple vibration modes, and unique look are all factors that play into the overall feel of the sex toy. With these features your sex toy experience is much more pleasurable. That I can assure you!luxury sex toy clear quartz

Luxury Sex Toy Wrap Up:

I know that was a lot of information thrown at you all at once, but really there are a few things to stick to when purchasing a luxury sex toy. Remember to investigate the retailer and manufacture, make sure you trust them. Do they offer the minimum feature requirements? Does the luxury sex toy look good, and have the traits to put it into the luxury class?  If you don’t know where to start, I highly suggest reading my article on classy sex toys.

In the article I will link to all the various manufactures that I highly recommend and trust. You can also find a lot of these manufactures products at Diskret. If you have any further questions about a product, even if its not our product, I would be happy to give my honest insight. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected]skretadultlife with any questions.

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