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7 Best Male Masturbator Toys!

By: Jessica & Lee Founders of Diskret_Adult_Life


So, guys thinking about using a male masturbator? Do you want the power of a full body shaking orgasm in the palm of your hand?

To Quote My Favorite Movie: “Surely, you can’t be serious.” – “I am serious, and don’t call me Shirley.” (Airplane)

A male masturbator covers a wide variety of sex toys for men. When I first started my male sex toy journey 10+ years ago, the options were few, and the quality downright sucked.

But our luck has changed gentlemen!

Now you have thousands of options of quality male strokers to choose from!

We all know women have so many options when it comes to sex toys. But what about the guys? We’re the ones who jack off all the freakin’ time!

male masturbator


In the earlier year’s men had two options; you could choose between what looked like a vagina slapped on the end of a stick or an anus on the end of a stick (you think I’m joking…). Not to thrilling, horrible looking, and mostly made from materials that were not even safe to use.

Thank goodness times have changed. Men now have a large variety (still not quite what women get) when it comes to sex toys for pleasing themselves. Although they have evolved beyond just stroking yourself with, they do provide mind-blowing orgasmic solo masturbation sessions!

The Types of Male Masturbators:

So, what kind of male masturbators are there? What’s the difference? Does it really matter what I pick?

Hell, yea it matters what you pick! You could get a (Prius) of sex toys or a (Farrari) of sex toys. They are used for completely different reasons and provide completely different experiences!


And while all you guys might say “Give me the Farrari of sex toys!” what if you wanted to last as long as you could on a single tank of gas?! Or last as long as you could in bed on a single orgasm… You might pick the Prius then…


Okay enough of the car analogies… You get might my point. There is a time and place for each type of male stroker. The best male masturbator depends on how you plan to use it.

male masturbator

Here are the different types of male masturbators out there. I will cover each in detail as far as when, why, and how to use each. I will also recommend the best in each category based on crazy, full-blown, nerdy amount of research I’ve done.

Here is what we are going to dive (tip first) into:

  • Masturbation Sleeve
  • Pocket Pussy
  • Blowjob Simulator
  • Penis Extension
  • Fleshlight
  • Penis Sleeve
  • CockRings

Masturbation Sleeve:

One of the most common male sex toys is the masturbation sleeve. There are a lot of different variations that have spun off the masturbation sleeve such as the male stroker, pocket pussy, and cock sleeve.

What is a masturbation sleeve?

male masturbators, male masturbator, Tenga

All masturbation sleeves work in a similar manor and provide explosive male orgasms. They come in a variety of materials, shapes, sizes, and textures.

A masturbation sleeve is a device that wraps the male shaft but are typically open-ended. The male can hold the sleeve and slide it up and down his shaft.

Masturbation sleeves come in different textures that provide unique and pleasurable sensations. For example, picture jacking off with your hand, but your hand made from warm jelly that has waves, ridges, and nubs throughout for additional stimulation.

It’s extremely pleasurable! While most masturbation sleeves do not provide suction, they can provide vibration in different patterns and intensities.

Masturbation sleeves are typically made from silicone due to the flexibility and ability to stretch around a variety of cocks. Although jelly, elastomers, and thermo plastic elastomers are becoming more popular too.

All can be made with 100% body-safe material, just know the manufacturer and retailer before buying a discounted one from “Joe Shmo” off Ebay or Amazon.

No matter how cool a design might look, the “foot must fit the shoe”. Make sure on the specifications and the diameter of the masturbation sleeve fits your cock or stretches around your cock.

How to use a masturbation sleeve:

Step 1: Squeeze some lube into the masturbation sleeve and stick your finger it. Twist your finger around until you see lube coming out the other end and it is completely coating the inside.

Step 2: Squeeze some lube on the tip of your erect shaft and spread the lube down to the base of your shaft. (Some lube is always required and highly recommended. It keeps the sex sleeve from tearing and your cock from burning 😉)

Step 3: Slide the male stroker around you shaft and start stroking. To increase the tightness, squeeze harder. If you prefer sex fast and sloppy, hold the male stroker loosely. This can create a wet sloshing feeling that leads to quick and powerful ejaculations.

Step 4: If you like a tight hole during sex, use two hands and squeeze rather hard. This both stabilizes the masturbation sleeve and provides a sensation of a seriously tight vagina or anus. Mix it up with step 3 for the full experience!

Step 5: If it has vibration capabilities, turn them on mid-way through. It’s always nice to start with no vibration and build the anticipation before delivering the hard-penetrating vibes you need to climax.

Step 6: Clean up. Most of these toys not only require a through wash with warm water and soap, they also require air drying. So, don’t just throw it in a case or drawer when your done. Clean it up if you want it last and stay hygienic friendly! Read the specific product instructions for the proper clean up process. Keep this in mind if you go to buy a masturbation sleeve that isn’t waterproof!

The best masturbation sleeves:

hot octopuss

The best masturbation sleeve I’ve used is the Hot Octopuss Pulse lll Duo. Of the hundreds of masturbation sleeves I’ve tried in the past, the Hot Octopuss Pulse lll Duo really stands above the rest.

But don’t just take my word for it, the reviews from your peers and leading sex toy bloggers all agree. The quality, crastmanship, and pleasure that comes from this masturbation sleeve is second to none.

Its great for solo masturbation sessions or with a partner! It uses powerful vibrations that pulse through your cock and even comes with a remote-conroller that can make you cum hands free!

Wear it for a hands free orgasm, or take your hand and slide it up and down your shaft manually for a twist in motion. It can also be worn by you and placed against a females clit for powerful foreplay!

The Hot Octopuss Pulse lll Duo has two indpendent motors. One on the outside for her and external cock stimulation; one on the inside for deep penetrating vibes through your shaft. Each motor can be controlled independently with the remote.

Don’t forget its 100% waterproof has a 9 speed oscillator, 5 vibrations modes with adjustable frequency, and 3 speed settings on the remote.

You asked for the best male masturbator… There you have it!

Hot Octopuss Pulse 3 Duo

Pocket Pussy:

Pocket Pussies are the most realistic sex toys for men. A pocket pussy recreates the sensation of sexual intercourse in the most realistic way possible.

Not only do most pocket pussies look real, with a dab of warm lube they feel real too! Low-quality pocket pussies are made from glossy rubber and can even be harmful to your body. High-quality pocket pussies are made from premium body-safe matte silicone.

How do I know if it’s safe? Typically, you get what you pay for… If its 9.99 and 50% off, chances are you’ll get some junk arriving on your front door. But beyond this, just go with a trusted sex toy retailer that’s been around and does the research for you!

A correctly made pocket pussy can feel just like real skin, with a velvety, silk touch that has nice even stretching and flex.

It sounds sophisticated because it is… Making the best pocket pussy is no easy task. It’s a matter of science.

However, when you get it, like most guys… Nobody gives a shit about the science that goes into making it. We just want to stick our cock in it and feel the mind-blowing orgasms that follow!

I hear ya, but it’s my job to know the details behind every product and how its made.

What Size Pocket Pussy Do I need?

the orignal pink lady fleshlight

Although premium pocket pussies do stretch and flex, they have their limit. Check out the individual pocket pussy specifications to understand the diameter and depth of hole.

Most good sex toy retailers will list a “insertable length” and “stretch to width”.

Some pocket pussies are open-ended. In that case, if you’re worried about being to large, the worse case you would pop a bit out the other end. No harm, no foul you just wont feel that extra stimulation of completely encompassing your tip.

What Does A Pocket Pussy Feel Like?

Great question. It feels like a real pussy or anus, but in detail what should you expect? Most pocket pussies have detailed internals. You could experience a ripple, bumpy, wavy, or smooth inside.

The smooth tunnels have seamless friction-less glide, the ribbed tunnels have more noticeable texture, and the bumpy tends to feel the most lifelike. Which I personally enjoy the most!

Beyond perfectly imitating the feeling of penetrating a real vagina, some styles of pocket pussies have closed ends. A close ended pocket pussy will naturally create a suction! This suction can be powerful and extremely pleasurable!

Can I Cum In my Pocket Pussy?

Absolutely! Not only should you use a water-based lube in it, you should very well cum inside it too! Just remember to completely clean it out afterwards.

Water-based lubes will not break down the natural surface of the silicone. They are a much safer method to masturbate with, especially if you plan to reuse your toy a bunch of times.

Either use a antibacterial sex toy cleaner, or soap and warm water to rinse it really well. Most silicone, jelly, or elastomer sex toys require you let them air dry instead of using a towel that can leave behind lint.

The Best Pocket Pussy Male Masturbator:

pink lady orginal

Sometimes the original is the best! With over 12 Million sold world wide, I would say men everywhere love it too; making it the best pocket pussy on the market!

The original Fleshlight Lady Pink is a orgasmic masturbation sleeve with a completely smooth 1/2inch straight canal. It stretches and flexes to fit nearly any size shaft.

The straight canal might seem “boring” since now they make them with all sorts of wild grooves and textures inside. However, I found the straight canal provides the most intense suction, since ridges and texture allows air to escape.

So with a straight tighter canal that has extreme suction power, how could you go wrong?

I highly recommend the original Fleshlight Lady as a kit. It has all your accessories in one place at a discounted rate. Instead of shopping around for a lube, then mount, and cleaner… just get the kit that has everything you need.

So, whats the best pocket pussy made from?

It’s a patented technology using silicone that feels exactly like real skin! It’s what made Fleshlight famous and feels exactly like penetrative sex during use!


Blowjob Simulator:

What guy doesn’t love an amazing blowjob? You show me 1 and I’ll show you 99 guys who do!

Since blowjobs are so popular, why not make a sex toy that can replicate the sensation of an intense, overwhelming, mind-altering blowjob?!

There are expensive machines out there that can do this… However, I prefer the ones that don’t cost over $300 dollars and still provide the exact sensation you’re looking for.

While a bulky, expensive machine can be hands free, some male masturbators are less expensive and more discreet.

These blowjob simulators are powered by your hands but can be extremely effective at making you orgasm in unique ways!

Why should I try a blowjob toy?

how to give the best blowjob

You should really try a blowjob sex toy for a multitude of reasons… Guys love blowjobs, so why not simulate them at your own leisure?!

Using your hand gets mundane and doesn’t feel anything like a real blowjob.


Blowjob sex toys not only feel like a real blowjob, they feel better! They can go as fast or slow as you desire, they can suck harder or softer, even different patterns and routines to keep a “surprise factor”!

Want a sloppy blowjob? Want a tight clean blowjob? You apply as much lube as you desire, and the strength of suction to go with it. Never have a bad blowjob again!

Another great reason for using a blowjob sex toy is last longer in bed.

Wait what? How does using a blowjob toy allow me to last longer and have more intense orgasms?!

Just like any male masturbator toy, you can control your orgasm through the speed and suction. This allows you to edge your orgasms. Stroke until your about to climax and then stop.

Learning to control your orgasms and edge like this can allow you to understand your body and how you climax. This allows you to last much longer in bed, plus an orgasm after edging a few times will be the most intense male orgasm of your life!

Sign me up! Ill take two of those please!

What Makes the best blowjob toy?


Just like any male masturbator, not all blowjob toys are equal so beware. As a rule, they vary in size function and price. Be sure to protect your family jewels. Unfortunately, there are a lot of knock-offs out there too.

The best blowjob toy for you will depend on a few things:

  • Price- The best male masturbators come with a price. If you want a quality blowjob toy expect to pay even more than a decent cock ring, prostate toy, or masturbation sleeve. Why? Because they usually offer more features and are a bit more complex. Expect to pay $100-200 dollars for the really nice blowjob sex toys.
  • Features- What’s going to happen when we push the button? Does it vibrate, can you control suction power, is it hands-free, waterproof, USB-charging, and does it connect to any sweet apps or stimulation devices?
  • Texture / Sensation- What do I feel when my cock gets submerged into this blowjob sex toy? Is it soft, firm, hard, ripples, waves, numbs or craters? What kind of material do I want jelly as soft as peanut butter or as firm as the couch I used to hump back in middle school? (Did anyone else do that or was I just a weird horny teenager?)

Tenga Zero Flip EV

  • Compatibility- A lot of blowjob sex toys offer crazy over the top features. I’m talking Bluetooth, or electrical stimulation, and even registering online for an interactive porn website!
  • Upkeep- Is it going to be a pain in the ass to clean when I’m done. I just used this thing to relieve stress, not stress out about clean up after!
  • Durability- Will it fall into a million pieces after a couple uses or is it built for the long haul?
  • Discreet- Does it look like a “back to the future flux capacitor machine”? Or is it a simple male masturbator sleeve you can store with ease?
  • Appearance- Is it sleek, chic, and sexy? Or would you be super embarrassed to show a partner? Even if you only plan to use it for solo masturbation, something that looks halfway decent is a huge bonus.

After you can answer all these questions you will be directed to your best blowjob machine…. Or you can just trust the experts like myself who has gone through the pains and pleasures of trying all these! (I’ve tried a lot; most are shipped to my doorstep for free as I will write my review after use.)

In my opinion this is the best blowjob toy I’ve used: The Tenga Zero Flip EV



The Tenga Zero Flip EV feels identical to the most mind-altering blowjob of your life… Then add stimulating vibration on top of this!

Yea… Not going to lie, premature ejaculation happens just about every time I use the Tenga Zero Flip EV. If I want it to last, I have to keep the vibration off until the end. Its so stimulating and pleasurable it will make you blow in 90 seconds or less.

Sink your shaft into the best blowjob toy ever. The super soft and flexible Thermo plastic elastomer is extremely pleasurable. Then take a look at the design inside! Tenga is the master of male stimulation. They use chambers throughout the ZERO FLIP EV to bring on waves of pleasure in different forms.

You have ridges, bulbs, waves, nipples, and gears… All twist and encompass your shaft in unique orgasmic stimulation. With each stroke you go on a journey of pleasure.

Want a blowjob? Want a great blowjob? How about the best blowjob of your life? Tenga Zero Flip does not let you down!

Tenga Zero Flip EV


The Penis Extension:

penis extension

Instantly increase your length and girth without a “special pill”. Reuse it as many times as you want, and send your partner into another galaxy of pleasure with the hardest, deepest sex of their life!

What’s the catch? This sounds to good to be true!


Here’s the catch… You don’t get the benefit of feeling the direct stimulation. Penis extensions are for pleasuring your partner, and the satisfaction you get from rocking their world.

Since it’s a thick penis extender sleeve over your cock, you really won’t feel much stimulation through it. However, you can always pull it off to finish what you started!

What Are the Benefits of Using A Cock Extension?

  • The first and major reason for using a cock extension is purely satisfying your partner. Not only do they add additional girth and length, but they can come textured too!
  • Cock extensions prolong your orgasm. Do you struggle with a slight case or full-blown case of premature ejaculation? With the penis extension on you won’t feel much. No worries about orgasming until your partner is completely satisfied first. Then whip it off and have at it!
  • If you struggle with insecurity of length or girth, you can instantly boost your sexual confidence by sliding a penis extension on.
  • Some come with vibration which will enhance your stimulation to some degree. Also, the constriction around your cock and balls will lead to extra powerful erections.

So, if you want to gain confidence in the bedroom, last longer, add length to your cock, add girth to your cock, and rock your partners world; its time to slap on the perfect penis extension!

The Best Penis Extension Male Masturbator:

Penis Enhancer Sheath

The best penis extension is made by a company called “Size Matters” (I chuckle every time I read it).

While as a sex expert blogger, I can’t validate that size actually matters… I can tell you it’s an amazing way to change things up in a relationship. Its fun, kinky, and will blow your partners mind if they are open to the idea of you penetrating them with a larger cock.

The best penis extension is made from Thermoplastic Rubber. Making it extremely flexible and malleable to any size cock. It instantly adds 2 inches in length plus girth!

The inside has nubs that stimulate you while you penetrate your partner.

While it is essentially a large thick condom, it does prevent you from becoming over stimulated. This allows you to delay your orgasms until you want to pull it off.

The best penis extension is great for delaying your orgasm, building confidence, and rocking your partner with a huge cock they’ve always dreamed of!

Give them a fun, kinky twist from the mundane routine. Slap on the best cock extension and let them have it!

Penis Enhancer Sheath

The Fleshlight:


One of the most popular male masturbators is the fleshlight. Its been around for 13 years and in the early stages definitely fit my original description of “a vagina slapped on the end of a stick.”

But fleshlights have not only improved in style, shape, and pleasure they have revolutionized the male sex toy industry. The term “fleshlight” goes back to the original company, but a million different spins have been created off of it.

What is a fleshlight?

Fleshlight Turbo Iginition


A fleshlight is an artificial vagina, anus, or mouth for men to masturbate with. The name “fleshlight” is due to the flashlight appearance it originally had and still has today. The material is designed to look and feel exactly like a real vagina.

Some of the wilder fleshlights are modeled after real porn stars and even aliens? Ever have the desire to have sex with an alien life form? (not for me but if you’re interested here ya go…)

Why Should I try a fleshlight?

Guys around the world use fleshlights for a multitude of reasons, I calculated on average 92 fleshlights are sold every single minute.

Now that’s a lot of happy men out there. But why are they all using them?

  • A lot of men use fleshlights to prevent or aid in “death grip syndrome”. In short, when you masturbate with your hand and grip harder and harder in order to ejaculate, your body is trained to require more and more stimulation to orgasm. This has a negative effect as a vagina or anus on your partner might not be able to provide that tight of grip. The fleshlight has a hard-outer case preventing you from squeezing to hard during masturbation.
  • Fleshlights can also be used for Stamina Training. Understand your body and how it orgasms. Learn to “edge” your orgasm without actually cumming making it easy to last longer in bed.
  • Cleaning up after masturbating has never been so easy! Just wash the fleshlight out with warm water and soap, then let air dry. Or use a specific sex toy cleaner on it then let air dry.
  • Some men love introducing fleshlights to their partner! They are not only used for epic masturbation sessions; your partner can use it on you too! Making you rock hard before penetrative sex, or a great way to finish off once your partner is satisfied!

The Best Fleshlight Male Masturbator:

Fleshlight Turbo Ignition

I’ve personally tried a lot of Fleshlight’s but the thousands of reviews and ratings back my personal opinion. The best fleshlight for durability, texture, sensation, and pleasure has to be the Turbo Ignition!

It gives you the ultimate blowjob experience and is lined with a complex internal structural design to feel like a lips, tongue, and throat.

Voted 4.28 out of 5 stars with over 60 reviews on Fleshlight, using there patented body-safe material that feels like real skin.

Use the 3 stages of of insertion to replicate a blowjob identically.

When I got mine, I hide in my room for a week. I came out looking like a zombie from the walking dead… It was that good! No, I’m not proud of myself for that week, but its good to indulge once in a while?!


Voted the best fleshlight available, I can’t argue. Although, I haven’t tried them all so far, the Turbo Ignition is by far the best!

Fleshlight copper turbo ignition


The Penis Sleeve:


A penis sleeve or cock sleeve is one of the most common male masturbators. It is a simple device, usually low cost and made from silicone or an elastomer.

Penis sleeves wrap the cock and are used to slide up and down to the shaft to an orgasmic climax. Or provide the wearer a boost in size and girth. Most are very basic in nature unless you get the added vibration feature. There is a common misconception with cock sleeves I will touch on next.

What is a Penis Sleeve?

When searching for penis sleeves you might find something like a masturbation sleeve or a penis extension. These are two different things used for completely different purposes. So please make sure you know what you’re purchasing ahead of time:

A masturbation sleeve wraps around your cock and slides up and down for stimulation.

A penis sleeve wraps your cock and is worn during penetrative sex. It adds length and girth for the male wearing it. It’s a great way to add a couple inches in length and an inch or more around! They are usually textured for the woman getting penetrated too!

What Makes The Best Penis Sleeve:

If you’re looking for a silicone penis sleeve that wraps your cock for penetrative sex, I highly recommend you focus on two things, the size your looking to achieve and the internal size.

In order to be comfortable your current penis size must fit comfortably inside the cock sleeve. Nothing is more irritating than one sliding around loosely while trying to have sex. It’s a pain, uncomfortable, and totally distracting!

At the same time, it is also distracting if you must cram your cock into a cock sleeve that is too small. It can be irritating and provide too much construction.

Therefore, I recommend a silicone penis sleeve; it will have more flex and give. Glass penis sleeves are really tricky. It takes the perfect “Cinderella’s glass slipper to fit the foot” type deal… My point is, its not easy to find.

If you’re a beginner, stick with silicone or elastomer material for your best penis sleeve. Make sure to check the product specifications to determine what size the inside dimensions are.

The Best Penis Sleeve Male Masturbator I’ve Used:

Adams Extension

I highly recommend the Adams Extension. This is the highest rated, most popular penis sleeve on the market and for good reason.

It adds 2 inches of length to any man plus additional girth! It’s completely textured inside and out for amazing stimulation for both of you!

One of the reasons I love it so much is the material it’s made from. It is 100% body-safe jelly material that stretches and flexes to fit almost any size cock!

Super soft and flexible allows you to slide it on with ease just like a mind-blowing condom that gives you all the confidence in the world that you are going to rock your partner into another orgasmic galaxy!

Not only is the Adams Extension one of the best penis sleeves, its at a very low cost! Click the image below or here to find it at the best cost!

Adams Extension

Cock Ring Male Masturbators:

Vedo, Vedo Roco, Roco


Cock rings really deserve their own blog entirely.

However, some men do use cock rings as a male masturbator toy. So, I figured they deserve some light here.

If you want vibration added to your solo masturbation session using your hand, you can not beat a cock ring. While they are really designed to be worn as a couples sex toy, they add so much to even the solo sessions.

Due to the constriction they build rock hard erections and delay ejaculations. With the added vibrations you can easily see how they work great as a male masturbator toy!

The best cock ring male masturbator I’ve used is the Rianne S cock ring. Its elegant, durable, extremely powerful and cost about half the price of the high-end cock rings it rivals.

Rianne S Cock Ring

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