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17 Oral Sex Positions!

By: Jessica & Lee Founders of Diskret_Adult_Life

Man or woman, you most likely enjoy giving or receiving different forms of oral sex. But the basic blow job or eating out can get tiring and mundane.

Like we always say here at Diskret “Variety and pleasure is the spice of life!” Let’s explore the best oral sex positions!

But how many different ways can there really be to have oral sex?

Lucky for us, there is an infinite amount of different oral sex positions! This huge variety of oral sex positions go from basic to hardcore. It’s up to you and your partner what you’re willing to give a go!

This guide will dive deep into oral sex positions for both men and women.

If you’re looking to start from the beginning; like how to give the best blow job or how to eat a girl out, they require an entirely dedicated blogs (click the linked words if interested).

This blog is specific to the best oral sex positions for heterosexual couples! It will cover everything you need to know such as:

  • Oral sex safety.
  • What are the benefits of new oral sex positions?
  • Amazing Oral sex Positions For Men.
  • The Best Oral Sex Positions For Women.

Oral sex safety:

Trying something new for the first time?

It’s important to remember if you’re trying something for the first time to use lots of communication! If you or your partner experience any pain or discomfort, make sure to stop immediately.

Some of these oral sex positions are not for the faint of heart. It’s good to be ambitious and try kinky new things, but if you’re not the most flexible please understand your personal limits.

It’s not the sexiest, but some light stretching before you try new sex positions is always a good idea. Start with basic sex positions and slowly work your way to more advanced positions.

What are the benefits of trying new oral sex positions?

The list of benefits is a mile long. But let’s cover the most important things:

    • New oral sex positions can bring you closer to your partner than ever before. Oral sex is a very intimate sexual act. If preformed properly it can take your relationship to the next level both physically and emotionally.
    • Basic oral sex can become mundane. Variate is the spice of life! Change up your oral sex position to keep things fun and interesting.
    • It’s not good to start comparing yourself to other couples, but after some kinky new sex positions its hard not to just be proud! Your partner and you are taking things to the next level, and most likely more intimate and pleasurable than what your peers are doing.
    • Most importantly… The pleasure can be long, intense, and explosive! Never stop exploring new ways to experience more pleasure! Something as simple as rolling to your side or propping your hips up can lead to new forms of intense stimulation for you both.
    • New oral sex positions can be good for your health! Safe sex alone has a long list of mental health benefits but let’s talk physical. A number of these oral sex positions offer cardiovascular, major, and minor muscle straining. This is the most fun way to help stay in shape ????.

The Best Oral Sex Positions For Men:

Without further ado, let’s get into the best oral sex positions for men! Remember to communicate to your partner before trying anything new. Make sure you’re on the same page and check in with them while transitioning to new positions.

Most of these sex positions apply to all sexual orientation relationships. If it looks fun and interesting, give it a go! It doesn’t matter what sex you or your partner are.


For these Top 8 the woman is preforming the oral. We will reverse roles in the next section.

    • The Beginners Blow Job Sex Position:

blow job position

Difficulty of sex position: (2 out of 10)

This one is pretty straight forward but it also has a ton of variations! This blow job position for beginners should start with the male on his back and woman kneeling over him. The easiest way to start is with her legs straddling him.

It’s easy to get into, very comfortable, and has little straining for either person. This oral sex position can be held for extended periods of time. She can switch arms as need and remember eye contact is critical. Try resting his head on a pillow so he can see what’s taking place!

  • The Swallower Oral Sex Position:

swallower oral sex positions

Difficulty of sex position: (4 out of 10)

This oral sex position has the man facing towards his partner while she lays on her back. Her head should be on the edge of the bed bent backwards. Thanks to the nearly straight alignment, this is great for deep throating, and happens to be quite comfortable.

The woman should place her hands on his hips and guide the pace. She should also guide how deep he is penetrating. It can get difficult for her to breath, and communication will be tough. So, let the hands do the talking to keep it safe.

  • Southern Style Position:

oral sex position

Difficulty of sex position: (5 out of 10)

For this oral sex position, the man lays on his back with his knees bent and feet in the air. Since raising the legs tilts the pelvis forward, it provides her with great access to anal play, while giving a blow job. This is ideal for any man who enjoys prostate stimulation!

You can throw a pillow or two under the mans lower back to tilt him up even further. This should give her direct access. Give her a butt plug or anal beads to start with. Make sure he is well lubed up and go slow to start.

    • The Down Under Oral Sex Position:

oral sex positions

Difficulty of sex position: (5 out of 10)

For the down under the man stands straight while the woman kneels facing the same way as him. She then bends backwards and cups the shaft straight down. It requires an erection that can be aimed nearly straight down. While some men find it uncomfortable, others absolutely love it.

A slight bend forward by the man will decrease the straight downward angle. If you want more of the sensation, just reverse it and lean back. For women, having some pillows under your knees will add some comfort.

    • Tea Bag Oral Sex:

tea bag oral sex

Difficulty of sex position: (8 out of 10)

One of the more difficult oral sex positions the tea bag requires some flexibility by both the man and women. It allows easy access to his testicles and allows for a downward erection stimulation. It can be difficult to maneuver into this position.

Start with the woman laying half off the bed and let the man step backwards over the top of her. As it will cause some blood to rush towards her head, don’t stay in this oral sex position for extended amounts of time.

    • Head Rest Oral Sex Positions:

oral sex positions

Difficulty of sex position: (5 out of 10)

For the head rest, the man can lay on either his left or right side. The woman can lean her head against his inner thigh while providing oral sex. It also leaves her wide open for him to stimulate her. This position is great for deep throating.

It does take up a bit of room since you’re both perpendicular to each other. I found my couch works best for this since it has an “L” shape to it already. Otherwise pillows and blankets on the floor will do, if your bed just doesn’t accommodate this one.

  • Waterfall For Him:

sex positions

Difficulty of sex position: (7 out of 10)

I love this position! It looks complex, but in reality its very comfortable for 10 minutes and under. It can become a bit taxing on the man’s mid section for real extended amounts of time. But let him lean back off the couch sending a bit of blood rush to his head. Which actually makes a males orgasm even more intense!

While she leans over the top of him, he can see her every move. Give him a show as he lays back with anticipation of a mind-blowing climax! Works great off the couch, but most beds are to high for this one.

    • The Head Stand For Him Oral Sex Position:

head stand sex positions

Difficulty of sex position: (10 out of 10)

Watch out! This one is for the most skilled men! It really comes down to blood flow on this one. Remember how we said as blood flows to the male’s head it leads to more intense orgasms… Just imagine a climax while in this oral sex position!

If he is close to getting this one but just can’t hold the head stand long enough, do what I do… I cheat by leaning my feet against a wall. Keeps me much more stable and although its kind of funny, falling down on your partner can be a bit of a buzz kill!

The Best Oral Sex Positions For Women:

  • Basic Oral Sex Position:

basic oral sex position

Difficulty of sex position: (1 out of 10)

Sometimes it is best to go back to basics… But this one’s simple, easy, and comfortable. It allows the lady to lay on her back, bend her knees, and spread her legs. The man can lay on his stomach and preform oral with ease.

Don’t forget to use your fingers guys! With her knees bent and a pillow under her lower back it will give him plenty of room to get his hands in there. Also, her breasts are well within reach.

  • The Face Sit Sex Position:

face sit sex

Difficulty of sex position: (4 out of 10)

For these type of oral sex positions, the lady straddles her man near the chest. Similar to “69” but she is sitting up right. This offers the man ideal positioning for eating her out or giving a rim job. Its an easy transition to 69 and allows for her to have a great view.

Don’t forget she is well within arms reach of his shaft. If she so pleases, she can tease him while he is giving her oral. Let his hands guide her inner thighs for direction, pace, and depth.

  • Backwards Play Time Oral Sex Positions:

eating her out sex position

Difficulty of sex position: (6 out of 10)

This one can be reversed for man or women but offers ideal positioning for anal play. Offering decent access for clitoral and fingering the man can perform oral, vaginal, or anal. It does require a bit of a sharper angle for the man’s neck. Throw a pillow under her stomach to help with this.

  • Feed Me Sex Position:

feed me oral sex positions

Difficulty of sex position: (9 out of 10)

It looks difficult because it is. My partner complains of neck pain if we are in this position for extended amounts of time. While it is extremely pleasurable because of how exposed and close she is to my face, it does stress her upper back.

This one is best used after stimulating her close to orgasm, then letting her finish in this position while blood rushes to her head. It leaves so many different opportunities for him to stimulate her clit and anus. Use a small vibrator to really ramp up the pleasure!

  • The Plumber Oral Sex Positions:

oral sex position

Difficulty of sex position: (6 out of 10)

For this one the guy is crouched on the floor under his partner, while she can comfortably stand with one leg propped up. Warning… It may cause her to spring a few leaks! She can control speed and depth by thrusting her hips.

The bed is a little high so let her step on a couch or chair. The guy should have a carpet or pillow under his butt as it can be sore on the tailbone over extended amounts of time. Great sex position for those more submissive men out there.

  • The Gymnast Sex Position:

oral sex

Difficulty of sex position: (5 out of 10)

If she is semi flexible the gymnast gives the guy the best look possible. She simply keeps her legs straight and swings them straight up. Giving the guy access to all his desires, and making her butt look amazing!

He has full access to her anus or vagina. If her legs get tired, she can wrap her arms around them pulling them into her chest. This gives them a brief rest, while not disturbing what the man is doing.

  • Rear High Oral Sex Positions:

eating pussy oral sex

Difficulty of sex position: (7 out of 10)

Its time for his all you can eat buffet! Have her swing her hips up leaning on her upper back. Let the guy help stabilize her, as it is not a beginner’s position. She can use her hands to press on her back, saving some energy and balance.

He can then use his fingers or tongue to satisfy her every desire. If she finds this position difficult to hold, it may be helpful to do the position near a wall so that she can rest her feet against it.

  • Her Oral Sex Waterfall:

waterfall sex position

Difficulty of sex position: (7 out of 10)

Just like for the men, you an swap roles and have her be the waterfall! Guys, this is the perfect time to grab her butt while you eat her out. Since she is doing the splits, it allows for great access to her anus and clit.

While the blood flows to her head, it can lead to mind blowing orgasms, but not a position you want to stay in for very long. Leave oral sex positions like this to a maximum of 10 minutes.

  • Kneeling Reverse Oral Sex Position:

best oral sex positions

Difficulty of sex position: (8 out of 10)

This is a tough one and can take some practice. The man should use his hands to help support the lady. Her legs wrapped around his shoulders will help her stay stationary while he has full access to her. Don’t forget she should have her elbows up to prevent weight directed down on her neck.

This is a great one for a guy to use a clitoral vibrator on her. While he preforms oral sex, his one hand can stimulate her clit with a sex toy. Remember this oral sex position isn’t for extended amounts of time. So, the sex toy can help get her off quick, if she wants to climax like this.

womens masturbator, sex toys for women

Oral sex positions conclusion

Now that you’ve seen 17 oral sex positions from basic to advanced, pick one that looks interesting and send it to your partner! All it takes is a little bit of curiosity and courage to give it a try.

You really have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Better sex, a closer relationship, and new orgasmic sex positions! While something might look interesting, I recommend starting more basic and work your way up the list.

Remember a lot of these oral sex positions are perfect to incorporate a sex toy into! So, if the position feels great but your looking for even more, use a vibrator, anal sex toy, or sleeve!

Remember to spread the love! Share this blog with #diskretadultlife on any major social media and we will pick a winner each month for a free high quality sex toy!


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