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By Mistress Kay, September 27th, 2018

What Is a Pleasure Party?

“Pleasure Party” is “social-friendly” term given to an in-home sex toy party. These parties focus on a friendly, group atmosphere where sex toys are demonstrated (not on a person!) and guests purchase these sex toys through orders with the pleasure party business owner.

Most pleasure parties are the joint venture of two individuals: an owner of a pleasure party business and the “host” who is providing the space and the guests. The pleasure party business owner comes into the already-there room of party guests, talks about their products, and fosters a fun, sex-positive atmosphere to discuss sexuality issues, talk about sexual health, and purchase items to enhance bedroom play and sexual health. The pleasure party business owner will usually take orders right at the event – and may provide the actual items ordered at a later date (once the business owner has received them herself from their warehouse).pleasure party

Who Can Attend a Pleasure Party?

The attendance requirements will vary by pleasure party business owner and the individual host of the party. In most cases, pleasure parties will only be open to women. Most pleasure party business owners only sell items directed towards the female body, and many owners say that keeping a woman-only atmosphere helps make for a more open and comfortable discussion without the worry of sexual tension or flirtation from the opposite sex.

However, some pleasure party business owners and hosts are opening up their pleasure parties to people of all gender identities. It depends on the area, the pleasure party franchise company, the business owner uses, and the host.

If you aren’t friends with the host and don’t identify as a woman, make sure to reach out to the host and verify that non-female participants are allowed to attend. Some will be okay with it, and some will ask you to sit this one out.

What is a Pleasure Party Like?

Pleasure parties can run the entire spectrum – from very conservative all the way to extremely sexual and open. Picking a pleasure party experience that matches up with your comfort level is one of the hardest things about attending a pleasure party. You want something that will work well for your comfort level – but something that still allows you a good place to discuss and explore sexuality.

Conservative pleasure parties may take place in well-lit rooms with round-table seating. Usually treats, alcohol, and other beverages are served by the host. The pleasure party business owner may start the party off with a simple “get to know you” game. From there, she’ll start bringing out the products, one-by-one, as she discusses the benefits and features and leaves a bit of space between items for discussion about them. The items will be passed around, and you’ll have to chance to poke at individual items and see if you think they’d be a good fit for you. From there, the pleasure party business owner will take each person, one-by-one, into a different room for privacy for each individual to place their orders. Nothing sexual or involving nudity will happen at the party, and it will just be a comfortable atmosphere to order sex toys – instead of kitchen appliances. These conservative pleasure parties are what the majority of pleasure parties are like.

Pleasure parties can be more sexual as well. Less-conservative pleasure parties will still likely have the same demonstrations as before, but you can expect a bit more “wild” of an atmosphere. Lights may be dimmed. Clothes will stay on, but there will be more games and open discussion about sexuality and what other guests have done. The pleasure party business owner may offer to give a back-rub with one of their products or may offer to spank someone with a paddle through their clothing to experience the sensation. Some of the non-bodily-fluid items, such as cuffs, paddles, or lubes, may be available for “demo” during a party like this.pleasure party

In the most progressive of pleasure parties, participants may be asked to remove their clothing to work on experiencing and learning about their own anatomy. The participants may be presented with small mirrors and other helpful aids to help identify their own anatomy, figure out the best ways to enjoy that anatomy, and have an open and sex-positive atmosphere to learn more about sex. However, this “extreme” of a party is not the norm, and most party hosts will make this information very clear up-front before you agree to attend.

How Do I Attend a Pleasure Party?

The easiest way to attend a pleasure party is just to find one that’s being hosted. Since most pleasure party business owners base their entire business on hosting these parties, most business owners are having them on a semi-regular basis. Not all parties will be open to strangers to the party host, however, it’s a matter of finding one that works for you.

If you have a friend who hosts pleasure parties of their own, considering contacting them! Otherwise, do a Google search for pleasure party business owners in your area and reach out to them asking when their next public party will be. You can follow them on social media and keep track, or you can reach out and specifically request to be informed of their next party. Some hosts may add you to their mailing list, and some may offer to take an order online for you if you want something ASAP and don’t want to wait for the party. Like everything else, it all depends on the individual host.

Can I Host a Pleasure Party of my Own?

Pleasure Party business owners LIVE off of people hosting pleasure parties of their own! If you have a group of friends, want a fun night out for the group of you, and want a fun, open-minded reason to talk about sex and sexual health, a pleasure party could be a fantastic addition to your “girl’s night out”.

So what does “hosting” mean? It means that you’ll provide the space and the guests for the party. Beyond that, the term “host” is variable depending upon the pleasure party business owner you hook up with. Some will ask you to provide beverages and food for the party-goers while others will bring treats of their own. Some pleasure party business owners may request a separate, private area of your party space to book private sales while others may not have that system in place.

Plus, many pleasure party business owners will provide you free gifts and extra discounts just for hosting a party for them! Depending upon the amount of guests and sales, they may offer extra discounts for all of your party-goers as well.

Hosting a pleasure party is pretty simple. Since it’s the way that most pleasure party business owners make money, they want it to be that way. Just find a local business owner (or do a Google search) and reach out to let them know you’d like to host a party. Most will jump on the opportunity, let you know what’s required, and get things rolling right away.

Should I Bring Anything Special to a Pleasure Party?

Unless the host has asked you to bring something special to a pleasure party, there’s no reason you need to! On occasion, the host may ask you to bring a treat or some alcohol to contribute to the treats for the evening.

Otherwise, all you need to bring is yourself in fun, but comfortable, clothing, some extra spending money, and cash/credit card/check depending upon what methods of payment the pleasure party business owner will take.

If you’re looking to replace a specific sex toy, you could also bring that sex toy along (or take a photo of it on your cell phone). Keep in mind that any sex toy you bring will have your bodily fluids all over it – and you shouldn’t expect or ask anyone else to handle it. If you’re hoping to compare shape or vibration strength, excuse yourself to the restroom, touch the sex toy to get an idea of the vibrations, wash your hands, and then touch the demonstration copies to figure out whether the new sex toy will be a good fit for you.

What Items Will Be for Sale at a Pleasure Party?

The specific items for sale at a pleasure party depending on the franchise that the pleasure partywoman with peach panties, glass dildoand companion dildo business owner is from. In general, you can expect to see rabbit vibrators, clitoral vibrators, dildos, various lubricants, massage oils, penis rings, cuffs, spanking implements, and more. The quality of these items will also vary depending upon the franchise. You may see high-quality, body-safe items, and you may not. If you’re concerned about safety, make sure to do some reading about sex toy materials before you attend the party – and be wary about making any purchases where the materials and phthalates status are unclear.

If you have a specific type of product in mind that you’d like to purchase, feel free to ask the host for contact information for the pleasure party business owner to inquire whether the owner will be bringing those types of items for demonstration.

What Companies Help Me Start my own Pleasure Party Business?

Surprisingly enough, pleasure parties are pretty common in most areas! You likely don’t hear about them because they aren’t often widely advertised – mostly because of the subject matter.

Because of their popularity, a lot of companies have popped up that help entrepreneuring women run their own adult toy home-to-home businesses. If you’re looking to get into running your own sex toy pleasure parties, these businesses can help. Sure, you could take on all the responsibility on your own, but these companies have helped hundreds of women run their own businesses. They can provide the framework, the on-demand product, the discounted samples, the knowledge, and more. Do you want to dedicate an entire room to your home for storing 10 copies of every dildo you might carry? Probably not. That’s where hooking up with a pleasure party franchise can really come in handy.

Popular pleasure party franchises include Passion Party, Pure Romance, Bedroom Kandi, Intimate Tickles, Fantasia, Surprise Parties, and more. Be sure to read the fine print fully, run multiple searches for people’s experiences with the companies, and make sure you’re in a good place to start a business before you go down these paths.

What Should I Know about Running a Pleasure Party Business?

You should know your products front to back if you want to do well. Know what each sex toy is made of, its benefits and potential downsides, and how it can help any person that approaches you. Remember that running your own pleasure party business is strongly based upon your ability to do sales – and do it well.pleasure party

In addition, while many companies won’t offer this training for you, you should take it upon yourself to learn a lot more about sexuality and sexual health. A lot of your customers are going to have basic sex ed questions – and they’ll be more-likely and better-informed customers if you can provide the information they’re looking for. Why should they choose one of your rabbit vibrators over one of your clitoral vibrators? How can they use their anal toy for the first time? How can they reduce the intensity of their vibrator vibrations if they find it too intense? All of these are things that you should have a basic idea about before you start running a pleasure party business – and your pleasure party wholesaler may not help you with that. Pick up a good variety of sexual education books and read them cover-to-cover. You’ll be a better businesswoman – and your customers will come away happier and healthier.

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