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Prostate Massagers: The Male Orgasm Has Never Been This Good!

By: Jessica & Lee Founders of Diskret_Adult_Life


prostate massager


Would you like to experience an orgasm 30% more intense than ever before?


Welcome to the world of prostate play!


If you’re nearly intrigued or a full-blown expert, this blog with will help guide you to the best prostate massagers on the market, and the best way to use them.


How do I pick the best prostate massager?


Time, experience, research.


I’ve been in this industry for over a decade, I’ve tested the latest and greatest prostate massagers each year.


I network with all the top sexologist and bloggers in the sex toy industry.


Finally, I do my homework. Countless hours of research that includes the materials, internal motors, manufactures, retailers, specifications, features, reviews, customer complaints….


Anything and everything about all the modern-day prostate massagers before compiling the “ultimate” list of the best prostate massagers available to you!


But before we dive into the amazing list of prostate massagers, you should first understand the best way to use one.


If you’re and expert and just want to see the list Click Here


The Art of Stimulating Your Prostate:


prostate orgasm


If I were to ask you “Why do you want the best prostate massager?”


Most my customers respond with “Because, I want the best prostate orgasm ever!”


Okay… Okay… Slow down their buddy!


I have to warn you, while prostate orgasms are mind-altering pleasure from another world; they are difficult to achieve.


Typically, they take most men close to a year of practice before understanding how to get a prostate orgasm.


Wait! Don’t click the “X” and leave this page. There is light at the end of the tunnel so bear with me.


Through the proper understanding of how to receive the pleasure, taking a couple very simple steps, and using the best prostate massager you can cut that time down in half.


Like I tell all my customers, a prostate orgasm is really a mind-set. Do not masturbate and stimulate your prostate with this goal of a prostate orgasm in mind.


“The more you want it and focus on it; the less likely it will happen”.


Instead, focus on and enjoy the journey, not the finish line.


Prostate stimulation is extremely pleasurable. Enjoy it and if an orgasm happens, it happens. That is the best mindset going into all this.


Once you’ve experienced a couple prostate orgasms, and you know how to stimulate your body, what to focus on, and get over the nerves. You can experience one ever single time you masturbate. It’s worth the pleasurable journey, so hang in there my friends!


Where Do I Use This New Prostate Toy?


prostate stimulation


Yea, you already know it goes in your butt… But there is much more to it than that.


Lets start with what the prostate is…


The prostate is a gland found in men at the base of their urethra. This gland produces fluid that is released during the male orgasm to help transport sperm.


In other words, this gland is activated and stimulated at the exact moment you orgasm. Now it might make more sense why stimulating it feels so good.


When you massage your prostate properly, it gives the feeling of just before you orgasm!


There are 3 ways to stimulate your prostate. Directly, indirectly, and externally.


In order to stimulate it directly, you need to use a penis plug dilator. It’s where you stick a long skinny tube directly down your penis urethra. I cringe thinking about it. But hey, if your willing to try something like that, more power to ya!


If you want to stimulate it indirectly, you can massage the prostate through your rectum. This is the most popular way, and the way we are discussing today. By inserting a prostate massager 2-4 inches into your anal cavity and facing it up towards your belly button, you can indirectly stimulate your prostate. The gland feels like the size and consistency of a walnut.


Lastly, you can stimulate it through externally massaging your perineum zone. This is the area between your anus and balls. Although this feels pleasurable to me, I have not been able to experience a prostate orgasm from strictly perineum stimulation.


You typically find the best prostate massagers are not straight in nature. They all have a slight curve in them. This is due to the location of the prostate being offset towards your stomach.

Before you insert your prostate massager, make sure it is facing the appropriate way for maximum stimulation!


How To Use A Prostate Massager


prostate massager


Where most guys fall short and never experience the true capabilities of their prostate toy is for 3 reasons:


#1: They don’t have the patience. (enjoy the pleasurable journey, not focusing solely on an orgasm).


#2: You’re skipping simple steps beforehand that are extremely important.


#3 You have the wrong prostate stimulator!


I already discussed #1 earlier, and now we will focus on #2. At the end of the blog we will cover what prostate massager will suit you best.


Simple Steps You Should Never Skip:


  • Relax-


It’s a simple step that allows for maximum pleasure to occur, unfortunately most men want instant results.


I can’t stress this enough. Take the extra time to decompress before you start your prostate stimulation.


It will allow you to penetrate easier, orgasm easier, and make for a more enjoyable experience overall.


How do you relax?


There are a million different ways to relax. Everyone is different with this respect, so just do what works for you.


For me, it’s a glass of red wine in the bathtub. I might start touching myself while I’m in there, or I will use a waterproof prostate massager to finish the whole job in there! Depends on my mood.


  • Turned On-


This step should be easy. Get turned on!


Touch yourself, caress your sensitive zones, watch porn, erotic literature, or audio.


However, you do it, just get warmed up and in the mood! This ones not rocket science.


While you can touch your penis at this stage, once you begin using your prostate toy, all penis focus should go away!


Your main and sole focus should be your prostate.


  • Foreplay-


If you are using a prostate toy with a partner, its time to start focusing on them too.


I do however highly recommend if you are striving towards a prostate orgasm to go that journey alone with solo masturbation in private. It can be to distracting having another person there.


Once you become very skilled in prostate orgasms, you can share that experience with your partner.


Blended orgasms; having a prostate massager inserted while orgasming with your penis is an extremely intense sensation. If you haven’t tried this yet… It is a must guys!


  • Lube-


With any anal play lube is not a “nice to have accessory” it is a necessity!


Guys if you don’t lube your prostate stimulator expect discomfort, pain, or even injury. The anus does not produce a natural lubricant. It’s a must to have a good water-based lube at hand for any silicone sex toy play.


If your going to be playing in the bathtub or around water, like I do, I suggest an oil-based lube. These will last longer in the water environment. Just be aware, some oil-based lubes should not be used on specific silicone sex toys.


all natural lubricant


  • Insertion-


So, your relaxed, turned on, lubed up, what’s next?


It’s now time to insert that prostate massager!


Go slow and relax your body. I suggest a smaller diameter prostate massager for beginners. Like around 1.25 inches or less.


You don’t have to slam it in… Again, guys are not always known for their patience, but trust me on this one.


Start by applying pressure around the rim of your anus. Try tapping, swirling, applying light and heavy pressure, enjoy the prostate massager. Once you think you’re ready insert the tip very slowly.


Continue to insert until you feel discomfort. A slight amount of discomfort is natural, you’re stretching a muscle you don’t normally use. Just don’t force it by any means.


If you have to pull it back out and try another time, that’s okay!


Once you continue to stretch and relax your rectum, it will become easier to insert your prostate toy.


If you are really concerned about it, you can always try a training kit. These come with multiple prostate toys that gradually get larger in size. Allowing you to ease your way into larger butt plugs.


Types of Prostate stimulators


sex toys


What types of prostate stimulators are there?


While we are focusing on prostate massagers; there are many different ways to stimulate the male prostate. Here is a list of the main types of toys used:


  • Prostate Massagers

A butt plug style toy that is slightly curved and short in length. These stout and girthy in nature toys are designed specifically to target the male prostate.

  • Vibrating Prostate Toys

Similar to a prostate massager, these are butt plug style toys built for pin-point prostate stimulation. Vibrating prostate toys will have a motor to provide deep rumbling vibes, streaming from your core and providing orgasmic waves of pleasure throughout your entire body!

  • Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are designed for both men and women. Typically, straight in nature, they can be extremely pleasurable, but not designed specifically to stimulate the prostate zone.

  • Anal Beads

Anal beads are toys that have a string of balls designed for anal play. The balls graduate in size and provide a boost of pleasure when inserted or pulled out.

  • Anal Wands

Like a dildo for you butt. Anal wands are longer and used for thrusting. They can vibrate but usually have a large curve allowing for you to easily stimulate your own anus comfortably.

  • Vibrating Plugs

Battery powered or rechargeable? Whatever you decide, these motors will vibe on and add that extra boost in stimulation you’ve always desired. Get a sense of fullness with stimulating frequency!

  • Training Kits

Training kits come with a number of plugs. These plugs gradually get larger in size. Start small and work your way up the sizes until you feel comfortable with large butt plugs and the intense fullness sensation they provide.

  • Remote-Controlled Plugs

My personal favorite style of anal toy! The remote adds a huge convenience benefit! No more reaching back to change the settings on your vibrating prostate toy. No more getting your hands full of lube when you want to increase the power. Just click the remote and continue your hands-free orgasm!

  • Glass Plugs

Your favorite anal toy just became see-thru! Yea glass has its benefits… It’s very hygienic, aesthetically pleasing, and allows for zero-friction upon entry.

  • Stainless-Steel Butt Plugs

Beyond looking badass, these butt plugs are extremely durable. They offer zero-friction and are extremely clean. Retain zero smell and clean with just soap and water!

  • Cock Ring W/ Plug

Some prostate stimulators have a cock ring attached to them. Sound interesting? It’s super pleasurable. Just imagine with each thrust, the cock ring will tug the prostate massager into your prostate. Double the fun, double the pleasure!


The hardest part is picking out what style of prostate toy you want to use! With a list this long they all have their pros and cons.


You’re most likely asking yourself what’s the best prostate massager for me?


It depends on how you plan to use it. A lot of it comes from experience… Trial & Error is the best way to find the most orgasmic butt plugs.


If you are brand new, I suggest something smaller in size that can vibrate without breaking the bank. This allows you to try the vibrating prostate massager with our without the vibes, and if you end up deciding against it, at least you didn’t spend a fortune on it…

Best prostate vibrator


prostate pleasure


Ohh Man… This is not easy!


The absolute best prostate vibrators often come with a larger price tag. Rightfully so, these things come with a million features, built to last years, and will bring you one full body orgasm after another.


Well worth the price for someone who knows how to use it. So if you want the vibration feature, here is what I suggest depending on experience level:


Prostate Vibrator for Beginners:


B Balls Duo – $39.99


butt plugs for men


Please understand these are not specifically for prostate stimulation. These technically fall into the butt plug or anal bead category.


But I suggest them for beginners because they are not expensive (they don’t have an actual motor) and they still give some prostate stimulation.


They get you used to an anal toy, plus have metal ball that rattles around inside. Giving the sensation of a prostate vibrator without the additional cost of a motor.


Experience amazing anal pleasure, learn and develop your body, and don’t break the bank. The B Balls Duo are great for any beginner!


Xpander X4- $69.99


Xpander X4, butt plug for men


If you’re a beginner and looking for a quality prostate vibrator, the xpander x4 will not disappoint.


The Xpander X4 allows you to pinch the sides and decrease its size in half. You can then insert this smaller diameter prostate toy and it will expand back to it’s natural size slowly after it’s been inserted.


Xpander Design


Get the fullness feeling you desire without the serious stretching you haven’t trained for yet.


Plus, it uses a bullet vibrator in the bottom. So, you can get the sensation of a large vibrating prostate toy without the experience and money required for the actual thing.


The Xpander X4 is built from very high-quality material and is a best-seller at Diskret.


Prostate Vibrator for Intermediate:


Duke Fun Factory- $99.99


Duke Fun Factory


The Duke by Fun Factory is one of the most pleasurable prostate toys I’ve ever used.


Designed by guys, built for guys. This prostate massager is designed around the internal anatomy of a male. Every twist and curve this toy has; is for a reason.


Once in place this is a hands-free experience, fitting very comfortably within. Each part was designed to stimulate you in a different way.


The bulbous head is for a feeling of deep fullness, the elbow is for direct prostate stimulation, and the hook at the base gives premium stimulation.


The Duke uses a quality USB-rechargeable bullet vibrator.


100% waterproof with 5 speeds and whisper quiet.


My favorite part is it can easily be worn during penetrative sex too! Use it with a partner since it requires no hands once inserted!



Prostate Vibrator for Advanced Users:


Lelo Hugo – $219.00



Hugo butt plug, sex toys for anal


The “Cadillac” of all prostate massagers!


The Lelo Hugo has every feature imaginable and follows up with being hands-down one of the most pleasurable prostate toys to ever hit the market.


The reviews are out of this world with a feature list about a mile long.


The Hugo is remote controlled, Waterproof, 2 powerful vibrating motors, rechargeable, quiet, and featured in every big-time magazine there is.


It comes with a hefty price tag compared to most but if your advanced and want the features, there is no better prostate plug.


I’ve had mine for over a year and it works great. My partner loves to control the remote, teasing me with every click of the button.


But for me, I love using it solo. Just slide it in and lay back while using the remote for any adjustments you desire. You drift away into a fantasy land and forget its even there.


Just let one full-body orgasm consume you after another. There is nothing better for melting away the stress!


Je Joue NUO – $129.00


prostate massager


While it’s not remote controlled, Je Joue offers a great alternative… They now have their own free app that connects to this sex toy via Bluetooth!


Control vibe patterns, speeds, and intensity all with just a swipe of your phone!


nuo app, nuo


With dual powerful motors yield 7 patterns and 5 vibration modes this velvety soft silicone plug will allow you to explore all your prostate desires.


It also has a long-distance playlist function allowing your partner to control your vibes from anywhere!


The biggest benefit to the NUO is the small sleek design. Great for wearing in public or taking on your next trip. Never leave home without the ability to orgasm with the swipe of your phone.



The Best Male Prostate Massagers!


Not all the best prostate massagers vibrate. Check out these non-vibrating plugs that will deliver intense pleasure without the noise, batteries, and additional cost.


 PFUN Plug – $95.00


prostate massager


The PFUN Plug from Njoy is sexy, classy, and badass-ie! This prostate plug is made from 100% stainless steel!


It has some serious weight behind it, which I love once inserted. Zero flex gives it a stiff grip for insertion and removal. Don’t settle for low-grade material from low-quality manufactures.


The 100% stainless steel will retain zero smell, allow for frictionless entry with just a dab of lube, and will last a lifetime.


It will never break or wear and allow for easy clean up with just warm water and soap.


Surprisingly comfortable, the large loop handle is easy to use and sits between the cheeks perfectly. You can wear the PFUN plug out and about or in the private of you own home.


With a tapered and curved neck, the head of this prostate plug yields amazing pleasure. Landing directly on your prostate! Just squeeze, hold, and release those PC muscles for quick full-body prostate orgasms!


Genius- $35.00


prostate toy


It looks more like a jewel more than a prostate plug.


The Genius is made from shatter-proof glass that you can see thru. The light hits it changing from dark to light shades of gorgeous blue.


The large flared base keeps it safe while inserted, and the curved neck is designed for prostate pleasure.


Not sure if you want a prostate toy?


The Genius is extremely low-cost toy for starters. The risk is minimal for giving a great prostate toy like the Genius a try.


Made from the manufacture “Shots America” the industry leader in all glass products. You know it will be seamless and smooth for that perfect entry and removal.


Don’t forget its great with any lube too!


Fun Wand- $95.00


fun wand prostate wand



This double ended wand is versatile and ergonomically friendly.


It has 3 anal beads on one side and a larger round head on the other side. Great for begginers to try the beads and work their way to the larger diameter head.


It yields all the amazing traits of 100% stainless steel, such as retaining zero smell and frictionless entry with just a dab of lube.


I noticed the rather large curved handle is super easy to use when laying on your back. Giving you the perfect angle to milk your prostate into submission.


It’s also great with a partner leaving a dedicated side for both of you 😉


HELIX SYN – $64.99


Helix SYN, Aneros


If it doesn’t vibrate and it’s made from silicone, it better be Aneros.


Aneros is the leading brand in prostate massagers. They have had an award-winning design that crushes the competition year after year.


The design alone will have your eyes-rolling with pleasure. Perfectly curved to your anatomy the Helix SYN also has two flexible arms that will stimulate 4 different erogenous zones at once.


Made from medical grade silicone great with all lubes and 100% waterproof.


This FDA approved toy has topped the charts for prostate stimulation year after year. Brining many men a hands-free orgasm without the vibration!



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