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Prostate Play For The Ultimate P-Spot Orgasm!

By: Jessica & Lee Founders of Diskret_Adult_Life ( The Best Prostate Play )


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So, you want to play with your prostate, massage it, milk it, orgasm from it?


Is this taboo?


Not anymore! Either men simply lied about in the past or they were not exposed to the true power, capabilities, and pleasure that comes with prostate play.


A government study shows nearly half of all straight men have tried anal play and that study is a few years old!


At this point, nearly 3 out of every 4 men have tried playing with their prostate!


But what’s this craze all about? Why this just now becoming a thing?


I believe men playing with their prostate or having anal sex is no “new thing”. Men have been having anal sex since the beginning of time, its just becoming more “socially acceptable” for straight men to explore and enjoy the true capabilities of their body that comes with prostate play too.


Just how good is a prostate orgasm?


It’s different for every man, but studies show a prostate orgasm is 33-47% more intense than a standard orgasm from penis stimulation.


For some guys like myself, a prostate orgasm can easily feel twice as strong as a normal orgasm.


A safe way to enjoy twice as much pleasure?


Now you understand why nearly 3 out of every 4 men enjoy prostate play!


What is Prostate Play


If you haven’t tried milking your prostate yet, no worries! That’s what you’re here for. To learn something new, experiment, and push yourself to adventurous new highs!


Let’s start with some prostate anatomy. While I know you don’t want a school lesson, its important to understand what the prostate is, where it located, and how to stimulate it.


Especially if you want to achieve a prostate orgasm!


Where Is My Prostate Located? What Is the Purpose of My Prostate?


The prostate is a gland, situated at the origin of the urethra (the tube that carries urine out of your penis). Its approximately the size of a large walnut.


prostate massage


Your prostate is classified as being part of the exocrine system. This system secretes fluids as a milky substance that makes up around 30% of semen. The prostate gland also has muscles that help ejaculate the semen.


The long technical story made short:


When you orgasm and ejaculate semen, your prostate is activated and in full effect. This gland can be stimulated creating that same sensation during prostate play. But it can be taken to a whole new level causing a prostate orgasm too!


There are a lot more ways to stimulate your prostate than you might think.


Don’t I just stick a finger or toy in my butt?


Not really… there is a whole process to doing it properly. For beginners, taking things slow is imperative to a healthy and pleasurable experience.


Here are some the different ways to massage your prostate.


The Different Types of Prostate Massages


You can massage your prostate in 3 main ways: directly, indirectly, and externally.


The first way is really for the bold and brave.


Direct Prostate Massaging:


Remember how we said the prostate is located at the base of your urethra?


The only way to stimulate the prostate directly is through the urethra. There are toys designed to stick down your urethra.


Yea, like I said, not for the faint of heart. I must admit this is one I personally have not tried either. I will stick to the next more popular method.


In-direct prostate massaging:


Due to the location of the prostate, you can stimulate it through your anus. This is the much more common way of experiencing a prostate orgasm.


If you lube up your finger and slowly insert it. You should be able to feel your prostate located about 3” inside, facing towards your front.


Again, think of the size a walnut. Slight pressure and circular motions can help stimulate your prostate and feel really good.


But if you’re looking for a full body, mind-blowing orgasm a prostate toy is your best bet. It’s possible but very difficult to receive that kind of stimulation through your finger alone.


Prostate toys come in various sizes and shapes. The also come with different features which we will touch more on later.


prostate stimulation


But if you simply cant build the courage to slide a finger or prostate toy in your butt for prostate stimulation, there is another way.


External Prostate Play:


Yes, it is possible to experience that sensation of prostate pleasure through no penetration at all.


I remember joking about the “taint” in high school.


You, know that small patch of skin that “taint” your balls, and “taint” your asshole?


You can see why that would be funny to a high schooler… But this patch of skin between your scrotum and rectum is actually called your perineum.


When you or a partner applies pressure here and massages it, you can actually stimulate your prostate gland. Its not nearly as powerful or strong as using a prostate toy, but still pleasurable none the less.


Yes, I’ve heard of men actually being able to experience a prostate orgasm just by playing with their taint long enough, however I’ve never been able to get anywhere near that.


All I know is it’s a nice boost of stimulation during penetrative sex!


Prostate Play For Beginners:




Now you know all the different ways to enjoy prostate play.


Either slide a tube down your urethra, insert a toy or finger into your anus, or massage your perineum.


We are going to focus on #2 stimulation through your anus. Because quite frankly, #1 scares the hell outa me, and #3 doesn’t really cut it for most men.


Here are the typical responses I hear when I ask why a man hasn’t tried prostate play before:


  • I’m scared to stick something up my butt. What if it hurts or doesn’t come out?


  • Anal play is only for gay men, isn’t it?


  • I don’t see how that’s going to bring me pleasure.


  • Nobody’s going near my asshole!


After I calm them down, and explain the process along with the benefits, most men are willing to give it a shot. Then a few months later I hear something like this:


  • “A prostate orgasm will drop me to my knees… A normal orgasm is minor leagues compared to this!”


  • “Wow, I’m never going back to only penis stimulation. Its time to blend these orgasms together!”


  • “Holyshit, I’ve missed out on 20 years of mind-blowing orgasm. Thank you for convincing me to try now before I missed this insane pleasure boat all together!”


Once you can get over the skepticism, taboo, criticism, worry, or fear… Your world will open up into something unique. Offering you mind-altering pleasure you’ve never experienced before.


But the process for how you go about prostate play is extremely critical. It is not an easy thing to learn, it’s not always the most natural feeling at first, and you will have to try this with an open mind.


Think about the first time you had sex. You most likely were nervous, fumbling your dick around looking for a hole you’ve only seen in porn or dirty magazines.


Was it the best sex of your life? Hell no, you were just happy you made it through the experience without completely making a fool of yourself.


The same goes for prostate play. It takes months if not years to truly master prostate play. The good news is its one hell of a pleasurable ride. Each time you learn more about your body, mind, and how to push yourself to a new pleasurable limit.


The process is key to a pleasurable experience, don’t skip steps, and don’t underestimate how complex it is.


If you want to rush into it and slam a butt plug in then wonder why it hurts and doesn’t feel good… Your going to be in for a rude awaking.


The first time I tried a butt plug it was with a partner. I wanted her to share that experience with me.


However, unless you have very open communication with your partner, trust them, and willing to take that experience slowly together. I suggest trying prostate play on your own first.


Here’s why I recommend you start out on your own.


  • You can take things at your own pace.


  • Nothing embarrassing can happen in complete privacy.


  • You learn your body, what to expect, and how to handle it by yourself before exposing that to a partner.
How to Massage Prostate Properly


So, how do I properly massage my prostate?


Step #1 The Cleanse


I like to start with a hot shower. It relaxes my body and gives me a chance to do a nice butt clean with warm water and soap.


Some guys take things further by having bowel movements and using anal douching products to completely cleanse their system.


Like I said, a warm shower with some soap and I’ve never had a problem…


Step #2- Relax


Relax your body and mind. It’s not as easy to do as you might think. In today’s busy world you’re going at 100mph all day.


You need to relax. What helps calm your body and mind?


A warm bath, glass of wine, slightly dimmed lights, soft music, exercise, yoga… only you know. Some men require more than others, but it’s hard to receive any pleasure at all if you’re not relaxed.


how to please a man


Step #3 Take Your Time


Prostate play is not a race! Make sure you carve out plenty of time, especially if you are a beginner or first-time user.


Make sure the roommate is gone or kids are out of the house, your door is locked, and shades are drawn. You need to have peace of mind that you have the time, and are completely isolated.


Just how much time are we talking?


Anywhere between 30-90 mins. For a beginner, you should have 20 minutes of warm up foreplay before you even slide the prostate toy in.


Step #4 Preparation


Lay a towel down on the bed, lay back, and just relax.


It’s best to slowly build stimulation. Get turned on however you please. Stimulate your shaft, watch porn, or have a partner do it.


Being relaxed and turned on is the key to accepting any prostate play.


If you’re a beginner its best to start small and simple.


Get a slim non-vibrating anal sex toy or use your finger. Its important to find where your prostate is before you start trying to stimulate it.


Make sure the rim of your anus and finger / sex toy is highly lubed.


Let me repeat myself, get a good water-based lube and use a lot of it! It can easily be the difference between insane pleasure and insane discomfort!


Step #5 Prostate Play:


Now its time to stimulate the prostate, if you’ve never had anything in your anus, start with your own finger. It gives you the most control, flexibility, and sensation.


With your well lubed finger start with slow, small circles around the rim of your anus. You don’t need to go digging for gold right off the bat!


Slow circles, apply different ranges of pressure to your anus. Test the waters as they say…


Once your truly turned on and have been feeling around your anus region, start applying more direct pressure with the tip of your finger to your anus.


Let the lube and increasing pressure allow your finger tip to slide in.


Once in, you can slowly begin penetrating in and out or using a small “come hither” motion with your finger tip.


come here motion


Allow your body to get used to the new foreign object in your rectum. Once you feel comfortable you can go deeper, remember your prostate is only about 2-3 inches deep. A single finger should be able to easily reach it when fully inserted.


Once you have found your prostate, apply different massaging techniques to it. You can:


  • Use slow circular motions


  • Kneading


  • Deep circular motions


  • Long flowing strokes


  • Vibration and tapping


Vibration is a big stimulator, just like a woman’s vibrator, a man can use a prostate vibrator to really ramp up the pleasure. Make sure you’re comfortable stimulating your prostate before you advance to one though.


Xpander X4, butt plug for men


Now you’ve learned how massage your prostate and it feels amazing. But what is a prostate orgasm and how do I experience one?!


Prostate Orgasms:


The first sign of a prostate orgasm is the contractions. You will feel your PC muscles and sphincter begin to contract involuntary.


Your penis will most likely be flaccid, that’s okay. You’re not stimulating your shaft or focusing on it. A prostate orgasm will be much more powerful anyway.


The next stage will be the building sensation in your pelvis. You will feel a hard swelling and muscle tension near the prostate. You might even feel it in your entire pubic area!


Focus on the warmth that grows in your rectum and core.


Understand how you got to this point. Remember what it took to get here. This is key to advancing back here the next time. The more experienced you become the faster you can get to this stage.


The next stage is the trembling and penis erection. As you continue the prostate play, your whole body will be consumed by it. You experience your body beginning to tremble. This reaction is normal and don’t panic. Keep stimulating your prostate!


Your penis will become erect. Which is odd even though you’re focusing on prostate play. Whatever you do, don’t focus on your penis. Its time for you to experience something new and much more pleasurable!


Its time for the big-O. It might take many tries to reach this point without actually experiencing an orgasm. Your body has to get used to it.


But when the time comes, your PC muscles will contract and the stimulation will become overwhelming. A flood of endorphins will course through your entire being. It will be the most pleasure you’ve ever experienced and last longer than an average orgasm.


The best part about a prostate orgasm? Your body doesn’t need a relax period before it can have another one! That’s right, keep stimulating and you can have 2,3, even 4 more orgasms within a single masturbation session!  


On a scale of intensity a prostate orgasm can be twice as strong as an orgasm from normal penis stimulation. Once you unlock the sensation there is no going back!


Prostate Stimulation Toys


For the best prostate play, you need the best prostate stimulation toys! Here are the top 5 based on reviews, sex expert reviews, my personal experience, reliability, price, and features!


#1 Duke Fun Factory- $99.99


Duke Fun Factory


This powerful and flexible prostate massager is designed for one thing… Intense male prostate orgasms!


Unlike many anal sex toys which are designed for both men and women, this one is specifically designed to match the male anatomy.


Every angle, twist, turn, and bump is designed to fit the male anus and rectum perfectly.


What does that matter?


It slides in with ease, it is extremely comfortable, and doesn’t want to fall out. It holds steady even under the hardest body orgasming contractions.


The Duke Fun Factory sits in all the right places that provides mind blowing pleasure in a multitude of zones.


You have the long tapered bolbous head that provides a sense of deep full penetration. Then comes the ribbed hump which rocks perfectly over your p-spot, it then curves external to give mind-altering perineum pleasure!


It is 100% percent waterproof for fun in the bath tub and easy clean up. It has a 5 speed very powerful bullet that slides into it for deep penetrating vibes, and is USB-rechargeable!


If you’re a guy looking for the ultimate prostate play toy… You can not pass on the Duke!


Check out here for less…


#2 PFun Plug- $95.00


prostate massager


PFun Plug is prostate pleasure in the purest form.


This super sleek butt plug will provide you with prostate orgasms you’ve only dreamed of.


Handcrafted from pure 100% stainless steel, it has a super sleek body that slides in friction-less with just a dab of lube. The large oval handle will make sure its easy to control and sits comfortably during use.


The ribbed head and stout curved body is designed for one thing and that prostate stimulation at its finest.


This waterproof, solid steel toy will last a lifetime of orgasms.


With a chilled sensation upon entry the steel quickly warms to body temperature. You can also run it under hot or cold water to play with the pleasurable sensation!


Check it out here for mind-numbing orgasms today!


#3- Helix SYN – $76.99


Helix SYN, Aneros


The Helix SYN is known throughout the industry for its award winning design. This toy was designed for the best prostate play there is.


It doesn’t vibrate, but it is able to stimulate 4 erogenous zones at once. Deep fullness feeling with a ridge at your p-spot along with two prongs that keep it safe while also stimulating your perineum.


What’s not to love?!


The Helix SYN will give you one hands-free prostate orgasm after another! Simply squeeze those PC muscles and let the Helix feel all those pleasurable zone at once. Great for slightly more advanced users.


Reach the pinnacle of the body and mind super-O with the Helix SYN!


Check it out here for less!


#4 Xpander X4 – $64.99


Xpander Design


The Xpander X4 is a genius design made for any beginner looking to enjoy quality prostate play.


The Xpander X4 comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large. But what truly sets it apart from the rest is you can pinch the head together, and slide it in with ease!


Once inserted the Xpander will slowly expand back to its original shape.


What’s so great about this?


You don’t need to be an expert to still enjoy the fullness of a larger toy. No need to stretch the large bolbous head past your anus, simply pinch and slide it in, then let it do its magic!


What about when its time to take the Xpander X4 out?


When removing it, the head will naturally compress as it slides out of the tighter muscles in your anus.


So, you can enjoy all the benefits of a large prostate toy without the discomfort of having to slide it in!


Did I mention it has a very powerful bullet vibrator that slides in the end to? Just one click away from pure bliss!


Check it out here for all 3 sizes!


#5 Ro-Zen – $40.00


vibrating butt plug for men


The Ro-Zen is a unique cock and ball ring with a prostate toy attached!


The cock and ball ring provide constriction which will make you last longer in bed and give you a more intense orgasm. Plus, the cock and ball ring keep the plug in and help prevent it from slipping out.


I love using the Ro-Zen while penetrating my partner. With each thrust the cock ring will slightly tug the plug into your prostate that.


You get double the pleasure simultaneously then, from your shaft and your prostate!


My partner doesn’t mind the cock ring as it rolls over her clit with each thrusting motion. She almost enjoys the Ro-Zen as much as I do!


For a longer lasting full body orgasm, check out the Ro-Zen here!


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