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Prostate Stimulation: Your Ultimate Guide To Prostate Milking!

By: Jessica & Lee Founders of Diskret_Adult_Life

Prostate Stimulation

prostate stimulation

Did you know through prostate stimulation you can orgasm like a woman… again and again!

Did you know you have a “Male g-spot” in your ass?

If you are well aware of prostate orgasms and how to stimulate your prostate the best way and just want to see the 5 best prostate toys in the industry…. JUST CLICK HERE!

When you reach your first prostate orgasm from prostate stimulation, you’re never going back to traditional sex again… Your sexual life has changed forever (for the better)!

After my first prostate orgasm (nearly 10 years ago), it was like opening pandoras box… Like a kid in the candy story I immediately ordered 10 different prostate toys and started exploring my body in new and extremely pleasurable ways!

I never stopped pursuing new heights of pleasure.

As a straight male, I say to you:

“Never stop exploring your body, and always strive for more pleasure. After all, variety and pleasure is the spice of life! Prostate stimulation is an avenue you must try!”

prostate stimulation

Prostate orgasms are not easy. Unfortunately, the harder you try, the more difficult it becomes too.

I wish I could say stick your index finger in your ass and swirl it around until you have a full body, mind-altering orgasm… But the truly good things in life are never easy; the same goes for prostate stimulation.

Many guys try it for years and still don’t succeed.

A prostate orgasm is a journey… not a sprint. Let me walk you through the necessities to try and have a chance at succeeding. Missing one of these, and your chances are extremely slim!

Think of a 20-piece puzzle, you need each piece in place at the right time in order to have a prostate orgasm, there is no technique that guarantees an instant prostate orgasm.

Sound like too much work?

Let me tell you, its totally worth it! Plus, once you experience a few, you know what your body craves and exactly how to do it. The pro’s can have a little perineum stimulation with proper breathing and achieve prostate O’s.

So, on the bright side it gets easier!


What’s A Prostate Orgasm Feel Like?


With proper prostate stimulation a world of opportunity opens.

Don’t worry if you try stimulating your prostate and it doesn’t happen. It can take months of attempting before you hit that “eureka moment”!

What should you expect when that moment hits?

Step #1 Contractions


First sign of nearing a prostate orgasm is your PC muscles and sphincter begin to contract.

Also known as peristaltic contractions. These are involuntary and give a feeling of fullness in the rectum area.

The penis will most likely be flaccid at this point, as your focusing on your anus… that’s okay!

Step #2 Sensations in Pelvis Build


Next, you will start feeling a hard swelling and muscle tension near the prostate gland your stimulating.

It might feel broader, like in my case; I feel it in my entire pubic area.

If it feels a little odd at first, that’s because you’re not used to it yet… However, it’s a good sign you’re on your way.

Focus on the warmth that grows in your rectum / pelvic area.

Understand how you got to this point. How it feels. If you can get here time and time again, you will eventually work beyond this point to a prostate orgasm.

In time, this feeling will get more intense and pleasurable.

Step # 3 Trembling & Penis Erection


As you continue to stimulate your prostate, the buildup will become a whole-body experience.

You may experience your entire body beginning to tremble. This reaction is normal and means your getting closer to a prostate orgasm. Keep stimulating your prostate!


Your shaft will start to get erect at this point. But don’t focus on it, your cock might even start to contract as through you were ejaculating.

Whatever you do, don’t focus on your cock… this is about prostate stimulation, the cock has always been the main attraction, it’s time for something new.


Step #4 Release & Intense Prostate Orgasm!


Its time for the big-O. It might take many times of getting to this point before your body builds enough to a complete and total release.

Your PC muscles will contract and the stimulation on the prostate will become overwhelmingly intense.

Pleasure will radiate from the prostate through your entire body. The waves of pleasure can occur even earlier.

The release can be of varying intensity between sessions and during sessions if repeated.

Repeated? What do you mean repeated? Ahh the most beautiful thing about prostate orgasms…


There is no dwell time required like from a traditional penis orgasm! With a prostate orgasm you can keep going like women do, without delay!

Your shaft might get flaccid, that doesn’t mean your prostate is done! Your whole body is stimulated and ready for more, don’t miss this opportunity!


How Intense is a Prostate Orgasm?


lifting orgasm

I understand it can be intimidating at first, but you have nothing to worry about.

The prostate orgasm is a natural body reaction from stimulating the prostate, just like you do your penis.

On a scale of 1-100 a penis orgasm is a 10, while a prostate is upper 90’s.

Penis orgasms originate from the genitals while a prostate orgasm is generated from deep within your core and radiates over your entire body.

When you milk your prostate, you can orgasm without ejaculating. This allows you to cum again, and again. As close as 5-10 seconds apart.

Prostate orgasms are full body, generated deep within. The penis orgasm is pinpoint pleasure and radiates for less time.


Setting the Expectations:


Guys, I know we are not really known for our patience…

Please understand prostate stimulation is not like penis stimulation. Thus, you stroke… you cum. The prostate is different.

Be ready to stimulate the prostate without an orgasm for 2,3, even 4 try’s.

From a general study done in the U.S. most guys do not understand how to achieve multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms in a single session for the first year of trying!

  It takes an entire year to master? WTF…. I didn’t sign up for this!


Hold your horses… Just because your not experiencing multiple orgasms in a single session doesn’t mean your going to hate it! Getting to that status is half the fun!

While you learn, understand, and develop your body you are increasing the pleasure with each and every session. It took me a couple pleasurable experiences before I reached the big O. It takes some time but doesn’t mean its not pleasurable!

If you go into each prostate stimulation not expecting or “working towards” an orgasm, its much easier to actually achieve it!

Moral of the story… Focusing to hard can totally be a buzz kill!


How to stimulate the prostate


To be clear, there are a thousand different ways to stimulate the prostate. This is what I found to be easiest based on my personal experience, sex experts throughout the industry, and personal stories from other beginners.

You can start with your fingers and work your way to a prostate orgasm… So I’ve been told. I have never experienced a single prostate orgasm with just fingers.

Why not?


Its distracting to have your finger up there, it doesn’t vibrate, and it needs to be twisted at an ergonomic nightmare to stimulate the prostate best.

In practice though- its practically impossible to do it yourself.

Just like your Dad might have told you when you were in middle school “Get the right tool for the job”.

But before we start to even use the tool, you need to know where you’re using it!


Prostate location:


While it’s often made out to be this mystic place that only the “worthy” can touch… It’s really not that difficult finding the P-spot!

The best way to find the prostate is to refrain from any sexual stimulation for a week (its do-able I promise).

But the goal is to be so turned on that you can’t make eye-contact with someone eating a banana without becoming rock hard.

You can’t think of anything beyond a sexual release.


Next, turn porn on for 15 minutes without touching yourself… (again its do-able!)

Is this a lesson in torture? Or am I trying to find my prostate?


You’ll actually feel the prostate become engorged and swollen as it fills. Keep watching porn, the prostate will swell to twice it’s size… A surefire way to find it!

Then start a normal jerk off session and feel around your rectum with a finger while you ejaculate.

Your prostate will become a hard bump. It’s the size of a walnut and is facing up towards your belly button about 3 inches inside your sphincter.

prostate stimulation

There is no way you can miss it at this point!!

The P-spot will be a change of texture. You’ll go through two anal sphincter muscles to reach it.

The first anal muscle ring is simple to go through just by relaxing you can slide your finger through, the second will require more time and easier to get through when super aroused and close to climax. You will find it at this point!

To be honest, I found mind without going through this longer process. However, if you want to be absolutely sure… this is the best route.

Or if you can’t find it by just being relaxed and aroused, you can go through this more involved process of absence.



External prostate stimulation


Before we dive into how to stimulate the prostate, I want you to know there are multiple ways to stimulate the prostate!

You can directly stimulate it, secondary stimulation, and finally externally stimulate the prostate. Here is a brief overview of each, but in this blog we will focus on secondary.

Direct prostate stimulation:


Believe it or not, sticking a prostate toy or your finger up your rectum is not the only way to stimulate your prostate. Nor is it the direct way to stimulate it.

First, you need to understand the prostate function. It’s not just built for pleasure you know… Its functional purpose is to secrete fluid during ejaculation that your sperm can swim in.

So, it gets stimulated and released right as you orgasms (from penis stimulation). Thus, massaging the prostate and stimulating it gives you that feeling of just before orgasming. This is why it’s so pleasurable!

But the prostate is actually located at the base of your urethra (giving it access to push this fluid through during ejaculation).

So, the only way to directly stimulate your prostate is through the urethra!

Sorry, but no matter how pleasurable stimulating the prostate is, I have not built up the courage to stick a rod down my cock to stimulate it directly.


If you want to give it a go… By all means, go for it. You got much larger cojones than me!


Secondary Stimulation:


So, that leads us to secondary stimulation. That would be massaging the prostate using a prostate toy or your fingers.

Much more my style!


External Prostate Stimulation:


External prostate massaging may involve exerting pressure on the perineum, the area between your scrotum and anus.

Practitioners can also perform prostate massages by gently rubbing the belly, between the pubic bone and the belly button. Some devices are also available to assist with this external prostate massaging.

Step #1 to Milking Your Prostate- “Get the Right Tools For The Job!”


prostate stimulation

Before you dive into any project, make sure you have the tools to get the job done the most effective way possible.

In order to stimulate the prostate properly, you’ll need a couple things:

    • Prostate Toys / Prostate Massagers
    • Disposable gloves
    • A Towel
    • Anal Douche (optional)
    • Water-Based Lube / Oil-Based Lube
  • Porn If you desire

For a quick rundown on the process of using all these here you go:

Lay the towel on the bed, a mess usually doesn’t happen, but it can. Also, you don’t want lube all over your sheets.

Use an anal douche to clean your rectum. It is optional (I don’t use them) however I eat light during the day and shower beforehand. Clean your anus with soap and warm water at the minimum.

Use disposable gloves (if you wish to keep your hands lube free) and apply lube to your anus and the prostate toy you plan to use.

I suggest a water-based lube with a silicone prostate massager, but you may need to reapply a couple times throughout a session.

If you use an oil-based lube, it will last you an entire session with only applying once. But only use it on glass, stainless-steel, or medical grade silicone prostate toys.

Lastly, if you so desire, have some porn on in the background.

From personal experience, butt play requires a lot of lube! You don’t want to be messing around with your computer or remote once you applied all this lube to your butt. Have it on before you get started!

Step #2- R.E.L.A.X.


Arousal isn’t everything.

Relaxing your mind isn’t everything.

Relaxing your body isn’t everything.

You need all three of these to find the perfect trio of peaceful serenity.

Take 1-3 hours to do nothing but relax… Sounds crazy I know. Especially in today’s world where everyone is running around all day.

bath time

Believe me, when you become more experienced at prostate stimulation you won’t need this long, but as a beginner start with at least an hour of “You Time”!

Here are a couple simple ways to relax the mind and body that work for me:

    • Take a bath,
    • Lock the doors
    • Grab a glass of wine
    • Start a fire
    • Lite candles
  • Lay in bed and listen to audio porn

Visual porn can become to distracting during prostate play, it takes a lot of focus to achieve a prostate orgasm.

If visual porn gets in the way, try audio porn. Listening to women orgasming or erotic fiction can be a great way to stay focused on what you’re doing while giving a big boost in arousal.

Step #3- Slow and Steady Wins the Race!


The title says it all!

Please go slow, take your time, and focus on your prostate stimulation. Do not touch or focus on the penis.

If you waited a week with no sexual activity like suggested above, then your body will be craving stimulation in completely new forms. Not from the penis, so please don’t touch the penis!

If you want to jerk off after, that’s completely fine, just not while trying to stimulate your prostate.

In order for your body to be open about receiving prostate massages, you must completely relax your core, penis, and rectum.

A little trick for doing this is squeezing your PC muscles hard for 10 seconds then relaxing. You can do this a couple times.

Your PC muscles are what you squeeze when cutting off a pee mid-stream.


Step#4- Prostate Stimulation


Like any good sexual act, you never go right for “the goods”.

To properly stimulate your prostate, get extremely turned on, relaxed, lubed and ready to rock. Then slowly work your fingers or prostate toy around your anus.

The rim of your anus is critical! Slide your finger around the rim, perineum, and scrotum. Get worked up and in the zone. It should feel good! Don’t push too hard.


When you’re relaxed and its feeling good, slightly apply pressure to your anus. Tapping, pushing and release, or small circular motions all work well.

Begin to work the tip of your finger in, then start go deeper as it feels more comfortable.

My favorite position is laying on my left side, while reaching back with my right hand. Keeping my knees bent. It’s the most natural and relaxing to me.


But there are a couple different positions you can use like doggy style or laying on your back with legs up in the air or against a wall.


Once you’ve found your prostate, insert the prostate toy of your choice.

Don’t expect magic to just happen!


Work your prostate toy around, try different depths and angles. Work it until you hit the P-spot and it play with the pressure.

Focus on the waves of pleasure and sensations it brings.


Continue to breath deep and take your time.

 If you feel that sensation of an orgasm approaching, don’t worry! I freaked myself out of a prostate orgasm the first couple times. Just relax and enjoy the pleasure, if it happens it happens.


You’ll notice sensations getting stronger and the pleasure becoming more intense if you’re heading in the right direction.

You might feel the vibrations in your entire body, or in only your rectum, perineum and genital area.

Either way, just roll with the changes and keep going.

Step#5- Prostate Orgasm!


As your entire body begins to warm and contracting, you’ll feel something big is coming… And it is!

Your ab muscles will begin to shake, PC muscles will flex and relax on their own.

Congratulations your having a prostate orgasm! It can last anywhere from 30 to 60 seconds!

Since you’re not actually ejaculating you can experience more than one prostate orgasm without a refractory period. So, keep stimulating that prostate!

The orgasms will come faster and last longer. Go for multiple in a single session.

“Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough”

Remember getting to this point could take an entire year, but once you get your first, you will know what your body wants and how to get there.

The exact prostate stimulation you desire will be different than me and anyone else. Only you can work those sensations out.


Prostate Toys


sex toys

Prostate toys come in so many different shapes, sizes, material…

How do I know which one to get? What prostate toy is best for me?

A prostate toy is part of the tool package for prostate stimulation. It’s almost a necessity for a prostate orgasm.

Using your finger is great for finding your prostate but that’s about it!


You need to consider 3 main things when picking out the best prostate toy.

  • Material
  • Size
  • Features
Best Prostate Toy Materials


The main types of materials you will have to choose from are stainless steel, silicone, jelly, wood, TPE, and ABS.

For beginners I highly suggest you stick to a premium silicone or stainless steel.

The silicone will offer vibration features and have a lot of flex for insertion. If you don’t want the flex, stainless steel is a great option that is also non-porous and extremely hygienic.

The most important thing with material is that it is 100% body-safe. There are a lot of “knock offs” out there made from unsafe jelly, silicone, and plastic.

Go with a trusted sex toy retailer or manufacturer. Stay away from Ebay, Amazon, and small foreign websites.

Unfortunately, price is also a good indicator. If a product is being offered at half the price of everyone else or cost less than 20 dollars, question if you really want that up your butt!

What Size Prostate Toy Should I Use?


This one is tough to answer since every individual is different.

Here is what I suggest, as a beginner stick with something that has a max insertable diameter of under a 1.25 inches.

You can kind of judge off your finger. If you can work a finger in with ease, you know .5 inch to 1 inch should be due-able.

Even if you’re ambitious beginner, I suggest leaning towards the smaller side to start. You can always purchase a larger butt plug later but starting with one to large can ruin the entire experience.

The most important thing about the size and shape is that the prostate toy has a large flared base.

This is critical for proper prostate stimulation! If the plug gets inserted to far, encompassing the entire toy, it could get lost in there!

The rectum doesn’t have a natural “stopper” like the vagina and you do not want a toy lost in there!

My rule of thumb is the flared base must be 1.25x larger than the largest insertable diameter, or I will not insert that prostate toy!

What Features Should I Look for To Properly Stimulate My Prostate?

For optimal prostate stimulation, you can purchase a toy with an endless list of features.

Here are some features to consider. Think about how you want to use your prostate toy and pick from the list:

  • Waterproof
  • USB-Rechargeable
  • User-Friendliness
  • Remote Controlled
  • How quiet it is (>50db)
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Vibration
  • Vibration patterns / intensity modes
  • Warranty
  • Body-Safe
  • # of motors
  • App Friendly
  • Shape


The most important thing about features is you get what you pay for.

If you are a beginner you might not need to pay for the app friendly prostate toys, especially if you’re not even sure you will enjoy the prostate stimulation.

Prostate Vibrators

prostate stimulation

The one thing I can recommend for beginners is a prostate vibrator.

Prostate vibrators allow you to really focus on the pleasure and enjoy a “hands-free” experience.

To start; having to manually work the prostate toy in and out can be distracting. Where a vibrator you can simply slide in for a hands-free experience.

Plus, a hands-free orgasm from proper prostate stimulation can be the best feeling in the world!

I highly suggest a USB-rechargeable prostate vibrator. They provide the deep rumbling vibrations you desire. Battery powered toys are typically “buzzier”.


Prostate dildo

A prostate toy in the form of a butt plug is not the only way to stimulate your prostate.

Don’t forget about prostate dildos! These wands can be a better form of prostate stimulation than a plug.

While they are not hands-free, you can sometimes get a better angle for prostate stimulation than with a butt plug.

Prostate dildos are not only ergonomically friendly, you don’t have to worry about “loosing it” like a butt plug since your hand will always be on the other end.

 Not only is a prostate dildo much easier to control and use, it can be double ended for multiple different forms of prostate stimulation from the same toy!

prostate dildo


Best Prostate Massager


The best prostate massagers often are made from high quality material and have a unique bend and twist to it.


It needs to conform to the male anatomy for direct p-spot stimulation. If you didn’t know… your rectum is not a straight shot to your prostate. It has light bends and curves throughout.

This is why the best prostate massager requires these odd designs in order to conform and fit nicely along with stimulating the prostate.

gplug twist noir feathers

If you find a prostate massager that fits perfectly its like “heaven on earth”!

No more fumbling with the toy, or bending and twisting, contorting your arms to get it in proper location.

The best prostate massagers can slide in and be a completely hands-free experience from there on out!

Its all about finding the perfect size and design that fits you!


Best Prostate Toys (Top 5)


Since my prostate stimulation journey over 10 years ago, things have changed… Drastically.

The best prostate toys are like a spaceship compared to the bicycled I started with 10 years ago.

However, lucky for you, my sole job is to try, test, research, and even help develop some of the best prostate toys in the industry!

So, with all that being said here are the top prostate massagers in the industry!


#1 Hugo By Lelo – $219.00

Hugo butt plug, sex toys for anal

The Hugo by Lelo comes with a hefty price tag, but if you want the best prostate toy, here you go…

The Hugo is the “Cadillac” of prostate massagers.

Lelo is one of the top sex toy manufactures in the industry. You can be confident in the sex toys you get from them that they are quality, durable, and extremely pleasurable.

The Hugo has it all. I mean waterproof, USB-rechargeable, wireless remote controller, 2 powerful vibrating motors, extended warranty, user-friendly, very quiet, and hypo-allergenic.

It has over 72 different vibration possibilities with dual independent motors!

The best part of the Hugo is the remote controller. Talk about a hands-free orgasm!

Slide it in and use the remote to control the vibration instead of awkwardly reaching back and getting your hands full of lube messing around with the controls.

Experience a full body orgasms that’s 33% more intense than standard orgasms and do it while laying in bed flipping through modes with a remote controller!

Check it out here…


#2 Duke By Fun Factory- $99.99

Duke Fun Factory 

Remember how I said the best prostate massagers were not straight… Look at the award winning design by the Duke from Fun Factory.

The Duke is modeled like the exact anatomy of the male anus and rectum.

This will slide in and become a powerful prostate hands-free orgasm!

Its powerful, flexible, and massages both the perineum and prostate. The ultimate prostate stimulation tool!

The furthest bulbous end from the base of the Duke goes well beyond the prostate. Providing deep anal stimulation and gives an incredible feeling of “fullness”.

Duke Fun Factory

This prostate massager is great for beginners due to being longer in length and stimulating multiple zones, yet still having a slim diameter.

Duke Fun Factory

Check it out here…


#3 PFUN PLUG By Njoy

pfun plug, Njoy, Butt Plug

Classy, Sexy, Chic…

The PFun Plug by Njoy is a 100% stainless steel prostate toy designed specifically for prostate stimulation and it does its job… Extremely well!

The beautifully polished mirror finish is something you’ll want to show off!

Stainless-steel is the cleanest material possible when it comes to sex toys. Its non-porous and holds zero bacteria. Making it retain zero smell after unlimited use.

The stainless-steel is great with any lube and you can experience frictionless entry with just a dab of lube on the tapered tip!

pfun plug, Njoy, Butt Plug

Great for beginners and anyone who might want to experience the weight behind a prostate toy made from metal.

The weight gives it a unique feeling when inserted and makes it pleasurable with just minor movements!


Check it out here…

#4 XPANDER X4- $69.99 – $89.99


Xpander X4, butt plug for men

The Xpander X4 is a very unique prostate massager. This design allows you to insert and remove a toy that is 50% smaller than once fully inserted!

Simply pinch the head together, slide it in, and once insert it will slowly expand back to its natural state.

Xpander Design

This gives you the feeling and fullness from a rather large prostate massager, without the experience required of inserting a large toy.

What a genius design for beginners or anyone who doesn’t like stretching sensation upon entry or removal! During removal it squeezes back down naturally.

It also comes with a bullet vibrator to send powerful vibrations through your prostate.

Pick one of the 3 sizes and experience the perineum and prostate stimulation you’ve only dreamed of!


Check it out here…



#5 Helix SYN

Helix SYN, Aneros

Rated the #1 prostate massager design 3 years in a row!

Aneros is a sex toy manufacturing company that specializes in one thing… Prostate stimulation.

Every sex toy they make is uniquely designed for the ultimate prostate pleasure.

The Helix SYN can stimulate 4 erogenous zones all at once.

Made for a completely hands-free experience, it conforms to fit and stimulate the prostate perfectly.

Helix SYN, Aneros

It’s been my personal “go-to” prostate massager for a few years. Bringing what Aneros calls the “Super-O” to thousands of users worldwide!

Stimulate the male g-spot like never before!

Check it out here…



Male Prostate Stimulation Wrap Up

Male prostate stimulation is a process. It takes time, patience, and technique.

There is a broad and basic process outlined above for proper male prostate stimulation, but ultimately it might take you a year of testing and improving to finally reach a prostate orgasm.

The important thing is enjoying the journey not the ultimate goal (although you will enjoy that too 😉)

Just take your time and enjoy the pleasure that male prostate stimulation brings. Focus on the feeling it’s bringing and ignore everything else.

Remember you are rewiring years of conditioning from penis stimulation to uncover a new form of stimulation and orgasm.

Next step after solo prostate orgasms… Introduce your partner to the pleasures!

Remember to spread the love! Share this blog with #diskretadultlife on any major social media and we will pick a winner each month for a free high quality male masturbator!


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