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41 Role play Sex Idea’s That Will Change Everything!

By: Jessica & Lee Founders of Diskret_Adult_Life (Role Play Sex)


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role play sex


Ahh the famous role play sex!


What’s sexier than living out that fantasy you can’t stop thinking about!


Role play is all about submersing yourself mentally, physically, and sexually into those secret scenarios you imagine in your head over and over again.


Have you ever imagined yourself as the star actor or actress in the erotic book your reading or porn you’re watching?


Maybe you’ve fantasized about a sexy college professor you had or the barista at your local corner café, maybe even being superman saving the girl next door…


role play sex



If you have… it’s no surprise. We’ve all fantasized and at one point or another.


It’s perfectly natural and helps keep that sex drive alive!


Role play sex is all about turning these fantasizes closer into a reality with your partner.


What is role play sex?


I always thought role play sex was dressing up like I do on Halloween, talking dirty to my partner before ravaging her body…


That’s only a small slice of what role play sex is or can be. It isn’t everyone’s style either.


Start with what your personal, private fantasies are…


Fantasies are a natural part of everyone’s sex drive; learning how to master role playing can lead to the best sex of your life!


However, oddly enough, most couples are too embarrassed to take on role play sex. They consider it forbidden or taboo, after all, you are acting out your deepest most intimate fantasies!


It takes immense trust with your partner to engage in role play sex.


Most couples want role play sex to be this deep, passionate, perfect scenario that ends in explosive orgasms for you both….


I hate to bust your bubble. Not only does it rarely start like this for couples, but having this built up expectation in your head can ruin the experience entirely.


Take things slow at first, and just have fun with it! It’s a kinky wild sex night that both of you are stepping out of your comfort zone for.


After practicing role play sex a lot and mastering your partners fantasies, you can start to develop these nights of long passionate foreplay leading to explosive sex.


But please don’t expect that right off the bat!


Think about how good you were your first-time having sex… But now look at how you’ve developed to where you are now.


It’s the same principle with role play sex (at least for the 37 random couples we surveyed for this).


So, what exactly is role play sex?


I think Holly Randall (iconic Playboy photographer and host) said it best:


“Role play is so much fun and a great way for couples to explore their deepest fantasies, and because they are in a committed relationship based on trust, there are no limits to what the imagination can come up with!”


How to roleplay:


So, you want to become the seductive master you’ve always dreamed of?


Or perhaps you want to be the dominant one this time?


role play sex


Whatever your fantasy is, you need to focus on these 5 things for the best role play sex of your life:


  • Think about your fantasies. Don’t breeze over this… Here is your time to really dive deep into your thoughts and reflect on what really turns you on!


  • Talk about your fantasies. Not the easiest thing to start doing, but after breaking the ice it gets easier. Texting can be a simple way to get your point across, but the details should really be hashed out face to face with your partner.


  • Take things slow at first. It’s not a race! You can role play as much as you want, so start with something slightly basic and work your way up from there.


  • Gather your Accessories. Kink, costumes, dirty talk, sex toys and more? Accessories are an easy way to start your roleplay fantasies! Especially if you have bondage, BDSM, or fetishes you want to act out.


  • Have Fun With it. The first few lines of your roleplay might feel silly or awkward but that’s okay! This is new to you both and nobody expects a beginner to be perfect. Just follow each others lead as you dive deeper into the fantasy.


How do I roleplay with my husband?


If you want great roleplay sex, talk to him about your fantasy.


Start slow and let him throw ideas into the mix to. Ask him what he thinks, or how you think it should end. Make him feel apart of the discussion.


Remember, role play sex doesn’t need to be this grand spectacle you partake in together for the first time. Start with smaller simple things like wearing sexy lingerie and using a sex toy.


role play sex


Give it time. Your deepest fantasy might not work right off the bat, that’s okay! You both have to give it time and experience.


No matter what the fantasy, it might feel uncomfortable at first, stick it out for at least 15 minutes trying to get in the zone, if it still feels wrong, just drop it and move on.


There are a million other fantasies he might enjoy instead.


Sometimes you just have to go for it!


I’ve had women tell me they discussed nothing ahead of time and on his birthday, he walked into a cheerleader half naked waiting for him on the bed…


It’s a bold move, but if you think your husband would be up for it, sometimes just taking the plunge is fun and spontaneous!


What are some good roleplay ideas?


I hate giving you some common role play sex ideas.




I really think understanding your own personal fantasy will work best for this. That’s how you get the most pleasure out of role play sex.


You know your desires down to the finest details, her having red hair not blonde, or him having a large chest tattoo. These are the details only your imagination can come up with.


role play


These are the details you should work into your roleplay sex. Get a fake washable tattoo for him, or a red wig for her. Its all in the details!


However, if you’re just looking for somewhere to start or have already role played a couple scenarios and looking for something new here you go:


Sexy roleplay ideas for beginners:


  • Cheerleader & Football Player


  • Strangers at a hotel bar


  • Nurse & Patient


  • Professor & Student


  • Favorite Movie Couple


  • Cop & Criminal


  • Sex Worker


  • Porn Stars


  • Pirate and Captive


  • Maid/Butler


  • Groupie Fan


  • Teach me everything you know


  • Hot yoga partner


  • The babysitter


  • Peeping Tom gets what he wants


  • Harry Potter, Star Wars, or Titanic


  • Swingers Party


Erotic roleplay ideas for experts


  • Pretend that you’ve just met your boyfriend and are going to have a one-night stand with him.


  • Act like you both hate each other and are about to have rough, angry sex!


  • He is the pizza guy, but you only have one way to pay him.


  • You’re the taxi guy and just picked her up for the ride of a lifetime!


  • She’s the bored housewife, he is the hot pool boy.


  • He is the mechanic who fixes your washing machine, and your going to test it out!


  • You’re two wild animals fucking in the rainforest!


  • Sit in different rooms and skype each other. Act like it’s a long-distance thing!


  • She’s a female stripper giving him a “special lap dance in the back room”.


  • Its your wedding night, and the first time for both of you!


  • The biker bad boy you’d never take home to meet your parents.


  • Act like you’re in an airplane going for the mile high club.


  • You’re in college and hiking across Europe together, banging at every hostel.


  • He is a firefighter and you’re so hot, hot, hot!


How To Make Role Play Sex Even Hotter!


The easiest way to make role play sex hotter is with more pleasure!


Try introducing sexy accessories to really ramp up the fun.


Not only will it make it a night you’ll never forget but add to the whole role play fantasy.


Check out these top role play accessories:


  • Handcuffs- You’ll need these for cops and robbers, prison theme, or kinky bondage scenarios. Nothing beats taking advantage of your helpless bonded partner!


role play sex


  • Shibari Bondage Rope- Maybe your roleplay fantasy can be amped up with tying your partner down to ravage them!


shibari bondage rope


  • Sex Blindfold: Because taking away your ability to see will heighten every other sensation!


sex blindfold


  • Gag Ball: For those extra kinky situations!


breathable gag ball


  • Flogger: A convenient way for your partner to give you a pleasurable spank!


57528 Bijoux Indiscrets MAZE leather Flogger-BLACK


  • Butt plugs: Slide in a butt plug to give full body blended orgasms, by stimulating your front side and backside simultaneously.


Helix SYN, Aneros


  • Cock Rings: This one is a no-brainer. Give her powerful clitoral stimulation while keeping him extra hard. You both experiences more intense orgasms during your role play sex!


Laid P2 cock ring


  • Vibrator: To enhance her body throbbing climaxes all night long! Use it to edge her in your roleplay fantasy leading to more explosive releases!


Fin Dame Products, Fin, Dame Products


  • Ben-Wa-Balls: For those 50-shades of grey fantasies, he will slide one in you before the dinner party!


weighted kegel balls, sex toys for couples


Just remember that all role play sex games are for fun. They are used to step across that reality line into the fantasy world.


Never stop fantasizing, never stop dreaming, and communicate these openly to your partner!


You might just be pleasantly surprised at how your partner returns the favor!


Got questions, concerns, or comments? Drop a comment below and I’ll be sure to respond!


Remember to spread the love! Share this blog with “@diskretadultlife” on any major social media platform (FB,IG, Twitter) and we will pick a winner each month for a free orgasmic  sex toy  you can use during your role play sex!

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