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Sexual Fantasies You Need To Try!


Ever wonder what the most common sex fantasies are for men and women? We found out… then we bumped them up a notch! If you’ve daydreamed about these before, you’re not alone! But why just fantasies about sexy situations? Here are the top 45 sex fantasies and tips to actually make them come true. Don’t just dream about it, make it a reality! Of course, masturbating to them is never a bad idea either ????!

The Hottest Female Sex Fantasies:

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  • Sex in Public:

Sex in public is a common sex fantasy for a lot of women. The thing is… its not exactly legal. I suggest if you are going to act on this, find a semi-public place, something that will rev up the adrenaline for fear of getting caught but not completely obvious. Dark alleys, public bathrooms, and the back of movie theaters is a common choice. Remember it doesn’t have to be penetrative sex either; a “quickie” with fingers, hands, or a sex toy will do the trick for steamy foreplay. Save the penetrative sex for when you get home!

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  • Being Dominated:

I’m guessing this was a very common sex fantasy long before Fifty Shades of Grey came out, but it seemed to spark a revolution. It was now okay to vocalize and daydream about whips, chains, and domination. Its been noted that over 65% of women crave being dominated in some fashion. Since the movie came out over 80% of couples have testified to try some form of light bondage. Now these numbers are staggering! If you want to try a sexy domination surprise, start with a kit or something as simple as a flogger.

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  • Dominating Someone:

While not quite as popular as being dominated, there is a common sex fantasy woman have of dominating their partner. A study has shown 48% of women have had this sex fantasy! It can be incredibly empowering to be in control in the bedroom. It can also be a fun if your daily job does not include a “power role” to have someone bend to your every desire. Check out what its actually like to be a full-blown dominatrix. If you have interest in partaking in this sex fantasy, you’ll need to pick up a few adult products.

  • Exhibitionism:

It’s hot to feel hot. Since showing off can be incredibly sexy, its common to fantasize about “putting on a show”. Perhaps it’s a strip tease for your partner, preforming in a porn flick, or masturbating for an agog audience. Its common, and its hot!

  • Sex fantasy with a stranger:

Better kept to a sex fantasy than acting out… sex with a stranger is a common thought for a lot of women. The closest thing I can suggest acting on this one is a one-night stand; that most come to regret anyway. However, its hot to think that someone would be attracted to you only for your body and sex appeal; considering they don’t know much else about you.

  • Sex fantasy with your teacher:

More common in college but being a teacher’s pet is one helva sex fantasy. It helps that your professors are intelligent, distinguished, and successful. Beyond that a common porn scene might have sparked this fantasy long ago! This is another sex fantasy I recommend leaving exactly that… a sexual fantasy.

  • Anal Play:

I don’t care who you are (man or women) everyone fantasies and usually acts on anal play. Its starting to become more “socially acceptable” thing even for straight men. These cultural taboos do add a sense of forbidden hotness… but let’s be real, anal is extremely pleasurable. Why not act on it?! I suggest starting with anal beads or a small butt plug. Learn your anal desires in private solo masturbation sessions; before taking it to bed with a partner. It’s just easier to take things slow this way.

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  • Group Sex Fantasy:

This sex fantasy encompasses any sexual acts that involve more than two people. Were talking threesomes, foursomes, and moresomes! Up to 60% of women have sex fantasies of involving multiple people. If you’re interested in acting on it; having a monogamy type relationship needs to be communicated properly with your partner. If you’re currently single, it makes things a bit easier. There are all sorts of groups that enjoy engaging in orgy situations!

  • Pegging:

If you’re not sure what pegging is; the quick answer is a women who straps on a dildo and uses it to penetrate a male or female partner. It can be a huge turn-on because of role reversal. Women feel very empowered and sexy while pegging their partner or being pegged. The only thing you need is a comfy harness and a dildo designed for pegging!

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  • Lesbian Sex Fantasy:

It might fall under the pegging topic above; but a lot of women have sex fantasies with other women! Guys, you called it all along… But this sex fantasy is common for even women who identify as straight. It is most likely due to the fact lesbian sex tends to focus on the things that actually get most women off. Such as oral sex, fingering, and using clitorally-focused sex toys!

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  • Sex with someone younger:

Sorry older men, you’ll get your turn in the next topic; but women have sexual fantasies about younger men ALL THE TIME. It might spring back to the old “poolboy” fantasies in the movies, but younger men have more sexual energy and it’s a bit of forbidden taboo there too! Thirty-some year-old women aren’t “supposed” to lust after their nineteen-year-old poolboy, after all.

  • Sex fantasy with someone older:

Women fantasies about being with an older man are because an older man can teach them exactly how to please themselves. They’ve been around the block and are true romantics at heart.  They will treat you like a lady, and be eternally grateful to get to bang a hot young thing like yourself!

The Hottest Male Sex Fantasies:

  • Oral Sex Fantasy:

Most of men’s sexual fantasies are about your partners doing things they wouldn’t ordinarily do… that’s what makes it a sex fantasy! Oral sex was a big-time fantasy for men whose partners don’t perform oral. It’s okay though, perhaps a bit of communication and giving her oral will help turn the tides.

  • Watching Porn Together:

Near the top of the list on men’s sexual fantasies is watching women please other women. Weather it be through hand stimulation, oral stimulation, or with a lesbian sex toy. Try bringing your partner into your fantasy. Start with some soft-core porn or feminine porn. Watch, get turned on, and experience your sex fantasies together!

  • Anal Sex:

The third most common sex fantasies among men is having anal sex with a partner who doesn’t usually do it or never has. Men typically fantasize about what they normally don’t have. So, if their partner doesn’t engage in certain acts then of course men will want it more frequently. Or at least think they do. Anal play is something every couple should at least give a shot. If its not for you that’s okay, but you never know until you try. It all starts with communication and talking to your partner about giving it a go. You can always warm up with anal sex toys as well.

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  • Role Play:

Good girl meets bad cop! A lot of sexual fantasies men have involve dressing up and playing out new roles. These story lines could come from a movie, porn, or something they just thought up one time. Heterosexual men might favor the stronger character types encountering attractive women. While gay men have a little more freedom when it comes to role play.

  • Mutual Masturbation:

This is a hot one! You watch her strip down, pull out her favorite toy and pleasure herself in front of you. No touching allowed! All you can do is stroke yourself and watch in awe! This is mutual masturbation, the first one to crack and jump their partner by physically touching loses and should be punished. Which leads into a little submissive / dom. play.

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  • Femdom:

Femdom is a form of dominatrix where the women dominates the man. The man must submit to her every demand. This is a big sexual fantasy for most men. “Do as I say or you get a sexy punishment.” First step to femdom is communicating to your partner how you want it to go down. Then acquire the some fairly inexpensive tools like handcuffs, blindfolds, whips, and male sex toys.

  • The Virgin Sex Fantasy:

Having penetrative sex with a virgin woman has crossed every man’s mind at once. Why? Something about them experiencing you as the first. Or perhaps you want to be the first to show them what real pleasure is. Maybe you want to be the reason for their first orgasm. Bottom line… It’s hot knowing you’re the FIRST!

  • Using a Sex Toy on Her:

This is something we hear all the time; how do I introduce sex toys to my partner? How do I bring a sex toy to the bedroom that will bring mutual pleasure? If you have any interest in bringing a sex toy to pleasure your partner. It can be extremely hot for both of you. Great foreplay for the guy while warming up his partner for some penetrative sex.

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  • Pleasuring an Acquaintance:

Over 66% of men have fantasies about pleasuring an acquaintance. “Nice to meet you, want to be pleasured?!” That acquaintance might be a neighbor, a co-worker, or the woman who makes your coffee each week. It’s natural and perfectly okay to imagine these things and types of situations. If you’re not in a relationship already, and she is single, it’s perfectly okay to spark up conversion and perhaps confess your fantasy. Some women are flattered or like to know men are thinking about giving pleasure not always receiving it.

  • Cumming on Her:

Just over 80% of men fantasize about ejaculating on their romantic partner. I suspect its because so many women don’t allow it in real life. If you are seasoned with your partner it never hurts to ask. The worst she could say is no, and at that point you keep it a sex fantasy. Don’t start by asking to cum on her face but start small like on the butt or chest.

  • Public Indecency:

There is something exhilarating about the thought of being caught doing it in public. Not only do women dream of this but 66% of men do too! Hooking up with someone in public is not legal and we can’t recommend doing it, but if you choose to make sure it’s a semi-public place. A very small risk will still get you off. Also, don’t focus on penetrative sex, a “quickie” with oral, fingers, or hands will do just fine! Save the penetration for when you get home!

Top 20 Most Common Fantasies Men & Women Have:

  • Airplane sex
  • Visiting the strip club
  • Involving food
  • Uniforms
  • Acting out favorite sex scenes
  • Sensual massages
  • Erotic spanking
  • Boat sex
  • Swingers retreat
  • Rough sex
  • Sex Toys
  • Voyeurism
  • Bondage
  • Oral sex
  • Sex with an ex
  • Submissive / Dominance
  • Orgy
  • Monogamy
  • Strip teasing
  • Roleplay

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