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Sex in The Shower!


By Mistress K of DiskretAdultLife, Dec. 9th, 2018

There’s something particularly erotic about having sex in the shower. Not only is it outside of our “usual” sex spots, but there’s the appeal of the warm steam, the delicious feeling of cleanliness, and of course, the fact that it’s one of those “private” places. Most of us take showers by ourselves – and do most of our body grooming there too! – so inviting another person into that private space can feel like an intimate act on its own.

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Sex in The Shower 101:

However, how to have sex in the shower isn’t nearly as easy as having sex on the bed. In the bedroom, you don’t have to fuss with who gets the hot water – or how to avoid slipping and falling. In the bed, you’re much more free to be open with trying new sex positions. In the shower, your options are much more limited – both because of your bodies and because of safety.

However, how to have sex in the shower is a huge goal for many couples. Whether they’ve seen a movie scene and want to act it out or just find that shower time tends to be a private, sexual time they’d like to capitalize on, having sex in the shower doesn’t have to be impossible. It just takes a bit of extra preparation – and a bit of extra attention to detail. Use the following suggestions about how to have sex in the shower to increase your chances of a fantastic aquatic sex session:

How to Have Sex in the Shower: Physical Preparation

Few things suck as much as slipping and falling. And guess what? When we’re talking about shower sex, slipping and falling isn’t so much of an abstract concept as a legitimate concern. That’s why we’re going to go out of our way to plan our shower sex ahead of time – for full safety and for full fun. Nothing is going to be less-fun than if your partner slips and falls and requires a ride to the nearest ER – that is, if you don’t have to call an ambulance.

Safer sex in the shower means planning ahead. In this case, it’s going to mean making sure that your shower is as ready and non-slip as humanly possible. First off, this is likely going to mean the (very unsexy) task of cleaning your bathtub and shower. Not only will this make your shower more appealing for all of that sexy time, but it’s also going to reduce the slipperiness from any body products that you’ve used recently. If you regularly use bubble bath, lotion, or lots of conditioner while bathing, you might want to do this step literally hours before your planned shower sex time. Doing anything that helps reduce the slipperiness is definitely important with how to have sex in the shower.

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Sex in The Shower: Preparation

Once you’ve taken care of the slipperiness of the shower, it’s time to think about how to increase traction in your shower. To increase traction, a lot of people (sex purposes excluded) just use a regular shower and bath mat in the bottom of their aquatic environment. Not only will this help you with traction during sex, but it can definitely help during regular showers as well! As a note of warning on this guide on how to have sex in the shower: if you purchase and use a new shower anti-slip mat, make sure to put it into the shower and give it a week or two to settle in. A lot of these anti-slip mats are actually pretty slippery until they’ve gained their traction and adhered to the surface of the tub, and the last thing you want to do with an unadhered surface is slide it around via bodyweight! So you’ll want to plan ahead a bit with this one if you’re hoping to use anti-slip mats to increase your enjoyment with how to have sex in the shower.

After you’ve thought about the “non-sexual” means of increasing traction in your shower, it might be time to think about some sex accessories for how to have sex in the shower. Quite a few manufacturers have crafted accessories specifically designed for sex in the shower – and increasing the enjoyment and safety of your adventure. These items include waterproof handcuffs, suction-cup foot rests for easier positioning, suction-cup handles for better leverage, waterproof knee pads for comfortable kneeling, waterproof sex toys for added stimulation during the act, and even waterproof paddles for a kinky aquatic spanking! To be fair, any “waterproof” toy, designed for shower sex or otherwise, can easily be brought into the shower for fun, but these waterproof sex position aids can definitely be invaluable when trying to have safer sex. Plus, who doesn’t like shopping and using items just for kinkier sex?

Sex in The Shower Lube:

Finally, the last item you’ll want to physically prepare when thinking about how to have sex in the shower will be the lube. If you’re having heterosexual, penetrative sex, you might be surprised by this recommendation. However, even for the most “aroused” vagina out there, it’s pretty easy for the shower water to wash away the body’s natural lube. Especially if the two of you plan to enjoy a bit of washing or cuddle time in the water beforehand, you might be surprised to find that the vagina doesn’t have much of its natural slipperiness left. This is where this lube will come in. You won’t have to depend on the body’s natural lube during your shower sex, and you can get right into the fun with the most enjoyment possible for everyone involved.

When it comes to choosing a lube, it will mostly be a personal preference. Most sex experts will recommend oil-based lube for shower play, but it’s worth keeping in mind that oil-based lube can be really, really slippery and hard to wash up afterwards. However, water-based lube easily washes away with water – which is exactly the environment you’re going to be playing in. It’s entirely a personal decision about lube when figuring out how to have sex in the shower, but you might consider a oil-based lubricant if you plan on standing underneath the shower spray for long periods of time and a water-based lubricant if you plan on keeping your parts mostly out of the shower water.cocunut lube, how to have a quickie, sexy

Lube Safety:

However, the lubeis a double-edged sword, and you may not have realized it until right now. Yes, the lube will help your penetration go more smoothly, but at the same time, it also can lubricate the surface of the shower – which adds to the slipperiness we’ve been trying to reduce this entire time. This means you need to be very, very careful about application. When possible, try to pour the lube outside of the bounds of the shower, and be very careful to keep it in the “useful” places. Even a dollop of silicone lubricant on the floor of your shower will drastically increase your chances of sliding. It’s impressive how long-lasting and slippery silicone lubricant can be!

How to Have Sex in the shower: Mental Preparation

You have the physical preparation out of the way, but when thinking about how to have sex in the shower, there’s some mental preparation involved as well. Most importantly, you need to think about sex positions that are going to be safe in the shower. Sure, it’s really hot to assume you and your partner will step into the shower and just magically find a good sex position that works for the two of you, but for most people, that’s not realistic. You might find that he’s too tall once the two of you are together – or you might find that your wrist is having a hard time reaching between her legs while the two of you are attempting to share the water from the shower.

Sex in The Shower: Positioning

This is why it’s important to think about sex positions beforehand. While you don’t have to have everything planned down to the exact detail, you should have some vague idea of what sex positions will be a good fit for the two of you. Do standing sex positions work for you outside of the shower? Maybe it’d be a good idea to try them in the shower. Do either of you have a problem with keeping your balance during sex and orgasm? If so, you might consider doing some hot kneeling and doggy-style positions in the floor of the shower. Standing missionary, standing-from-behind, and bent-over-the-edge of the tub doggy-style are all pretty common positions for shower sex that you might consider. Don’t go and make things too difficult. Especially in the slick aquatic environment, when you’re planning how to have sex in the shower, all you need to do is stick with your tried-and-true positions. The fun of how to have sex in the shower is all in the water and the change of environment – not in the new positions! If you don’t like any of your current positions for your sex in the shower adventure, consider giving them a try on dry land first!

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Sex in The Shower: Make it a Quickie

The other part of mental preparation is to expect the shower sex portion of your event to be a small part of the sex – or to expect a quickie. Most people have a limited amount of hot water – and shower sex in cold water just sucks! This means that, if you’re planning on penetration, you should assume your sex in the shower will be a quickie – or that you’ll enjoy foreplay ahead of time before you even make it to the bathroom. Consider flirtatious words or even some touching in the bedroom or other parts of the house. Not only will this build-up the pleasure for your shower sex, but it’ll make it easier to keep your intercourse within the bounds of the hot water time limit.

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How to Have Sex in The Shower: Just Do It!

Now that you’ve spent all of that time preparing for how to have sex in the shower, when the moment comes, it’s time to just enjoy it. Don’t let too much of your thinking or preparation ideas get in the way; you spent all of that time ahead of time so that you’d be free to focus on the pleasure and enjoyment as soon as you were ready to try it, so let that be your goal!

Of course, don’t feel like your entire sex session has to stay in the shower, either. Like we talked about earlier, there’s no reason that every bit of sexual play has to stay in the shower. If the two of you are getting frustrated by a position (or just plain wore out!), you can always take your clean bodies to the bedroom to finish up – with some stress-free orgasms for all! There’s no rule about having to keep the fun as “shower only” activities once you start, so enjoy all the fun you’d like in the shower, but if the water runs cold or you’re just plain tired, just move your fun to another, less-stressful spot!

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