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21 Of The Best Sex Toys for Anal Play!


By: Jessica & Lee Owners of DiskretAdultLife, March 24th, 2019

Prostate Pleasure / For Women / For Couples / Butt Plugs / Anal Beads / Blended Stimulation / Hands-Free

As a sex toy expert, enthusiast, and writer I have a passion when it comes to sex toys for anal. Might sound weird to you, but as a straight male I’ve seen and experienced the real protentional sex toys for anal can bring! 20 years ago, a straight male would never dream of putting a finger near his butt much less a sex toy in it! Luckily society as a whole has started changing their view on all the best sex toys. Now straight men, gay men, women, and even couples partake in anal play! Its not viewed as taboo anymore, and thus giving people a real sense of just how pleasurable butt play can be.  

I think finding the perfect sex toy for anal is a difficult task. Everyone’s body is unique and now-a-days you have thousands of options when it comes to sex toys for anal. So where do you start? I like to break it down into categories; prostate simulation, couples, butt plugs, anal beads… and so on. From there I will help guide you to the best in each of their class. I can’t tell you how many sex toys for anal I’ve tried, researched, owned, and sold… But it’s a lot.

Here is how I break down each sex toy for anal and decide what separates the average toy from the mind-blowing, toe curling ones:

  • Men & Women’s review of the sex toy.
  • My personal experiences
  • My female partners experiences (Co-Owner of Diskret)
  • The anal sex toy features
  • The price of the toy
  • Type of material (100% body-safe)
  • Style of design (100% body-safe)
  • Manufacturing details
  • How loud the toy is during use
  • If the sex toy is user friendly
  • How durable the sex toy is (warranty)

All these different aspects need to be researched, cross-referenced and studied. This is how you find the true quality sex toys for anal vs. the “junk” that anyone and everyone is offering. So, get ready for the ride of your life (in the bedroom that is). Here are your top sex toys for anal in 2019:

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sex toys for anal

Sex Toys for Anal: Prostate Pleasure

Now guys, if you didn’t know this it’s okay… but you have a prostate! Better known as the p-spot or male g-spot. It’s a gland located at the base of your urethra. Unlike the female clitoris the male prostate has an actual function, beyond giving the owner mind-blowing full body orgasms. The prostate gland’s main function is to secrete fluid during ejaculation. It’s part of the semen and helps propel semen through the urethra during ejaculation. This is exactly why the male p-spot is so pleasurable when stimulated; It gives the sensation of an orgasm just by massaging it!

The male p-spot can be stimulated directly through the urethra, but to be honest I’m not even bold enough to try this! Luckily there is a secondary way to stimulate it… You got it, through the anus! Remember the prostate is only located about 3-4 inches in from the rim of the anal cavity. It is about 1 inch in diameter and is just behind the deepest portion of the penis. I compare it to the size and consistency of a walnut. You don’t need to shove a foot-long dildo in your butt to experience prostate pleasure! Small, slim sex toys for anal play can hit it easily.

When stimulated properly the p-spot can deliver extremely long and intense orgasms. According to a large male poll the p-spot orgasms are 33% more intense than one brought by the penis (For myself I would say 45% is more accurate). If you want to easily experience one of these, you need the proper equipment. These sex toys for anal are specifically designed to stimulate that prostate gland, producing mind-blowing, quivering orgasms for men!

The Pfun Plug should be in every guys sock drawer. I don’t care who you are or what sexual orientation you are…If you have a prostate the Pfun Plug by Njoy will find it. The oblong oval head with a curved shaft is exactly what you need to hit the spot! Its 100% stainless steel giving it a unique zero friction penetration. Its super easy to clean, it’s the least porous material out of any sex toy. That means it washes easy and retains zero smell. The stainless steel gives it a sexy, chic, elegant, and downright badass look. The slim oval handle is my favorite part. It allows you to sit upright on the anal plug with having zero discomfort.

njoy butt plug, pfun plug, sex toys for anal

If you can’t tell already by my previous posts, I love fun factory. They make some of the highest quality silicone sex toys on the market. Not only good quality but amazing designs that feel great too. This 3-piece set you will get the most iconic butt plug design known to man. It was created back when the original fun factory single butt plug was sold and it sold so well, they have spun it off into a ton of different sex toys.

This is the 3-piece set that has the best design made out of the best silicone. It has 3 different sizes and I used it as a training kit to get used to larger anal sex toys. Its also great for men or women who want to work their way into anal sex. But this design sold so well because it’s the perfect length, girth, and curve for p-spot stimulation.

sex toys for anal

Sex Toys for Anal: Ladies Time

Now that we covered the male prostate stimulation and just how pleasurable it can be… I haven’t forgot about you too ladies! Many people enjoy anal pleasure during solo and shared play, regardless of their gender and sexual orientation. Just because men have a prostate doesn’t mean women don’t love anal play too! Women can experience anal orgasms too! Start with some foreplay, relaxation, and building the excitement. After all, orgasm is a release of tension as blood flows back into the body from the genitals, so you’ll need to work up to it.

Some women love to orgasm from their ‘preferred way’ first (say clitoral stimulation) before moving onto anal play. This can help them fully relax the anal muscles making things more comfortable. Just keep in mind if you don’t orgasm through sex toys for anal, its okay! Anal play can still be insanely pleasurable without an orgasm, so just enjoy the journey!

Here is a list of the top anal sex toys for women. They will bring you enormous amounts of pleasure and likely lead to the easiest anal orgasm you’ve ever had:

Okay Ladies, its time for some great sex toys for anal. I use ratings, reviews, and testimonies to pick these. I have yet to hear a bad experience with the pure plug med. Its just so clean, sexy, and smooth that everyone seems to love it! It has a slight curve for g-spot stimulation and the stainless steel is extremely non-porous, so it never retains smell and can be cleaned with just soap and water. The oval handle sits perfectly between the cheeks and makes it very comfortable to be worn during sex or walking around. Don’t forget the stainless steel is not limited to any type of lube too!

Njoy Pure Plug Medium, sex toys for anal

The bendy beads are easy on beginners and easy on the wallet. Nothing super fancy or over the top here. Just an extremely high-quality anal bead that will last you a long time and is very pleasurable. It has a lot of graduating beads and starts small for beginner anal play users. It’s great for couples play or solo masturbation with a large curved ergonomic handle. The premium silicone lasted years of use and it has a very safe design. My lady loves pulling them out just before climax to really send her over the top!

sex toys for anal

The Fun wand is exactly that… FUN! Its extremely versatile. It has two ends making it great for couples play and can be used for both anal or vaginal penetration. One end consists of three beads for amazing anal stimulation and the other consists of a large bulbous end, great for vaginal penetration. But nobody says you can’t switch up which end goes where. Not to mention the 100% stainless steel material from Njoy adds some great weight to it for control and a unique sensation. The “S” curve design makes it great for solo masturbation too, because the other end is at a perfect hooked angle to grab and control.

sex toys for anal

Sex Toys for Anal: Couples

Chances are if you love using sex toys for anal so does your partner! Doesn’t really matter if your man, women, gay, or straight… we all love anal play and we should share that pleasurable experience with our partners too! Believe it or not, some sex toys for anal are specifically designed to be used as a couple. Some anal sex toys offer features to let your partner control it or have double sides so you both can use the same anal toy. The best couples sex toys have large ergonomic handles that allow you to control it in your partner or vise-versa.

One very important thing to keep in mind while enjoying anal play with a partner; you should never share a sex toy for anal. Unless it has two separate sides, one for you and one for them. This is because the bacteria in your anal cavity is specific to your body, mixing this with your partners bacteria can cause a virus or illness. If you insist on using the exact same sex toy for anal that your partner was using, make sure you wash it very thoroughly before switching, or else swap a condom off and on before use.

Using anal sex toys as a couple:

I highly recommend when using sex toys for anal with a partner when you both are in a very relaxed state. Become relaxed both physically and mentally. This will help you receive the sex toy and the pleasure it can provide. Only you know what helps you relax best; so if it’s a glass of wine, hot bath, a warm fire or soothing music… It’s not “cheesy” to relax and do these things before sex. Being relaxed is just as important as foreplay! You need large amounts of relaxation, foreplay, and of course lube! Once you check these three things off, you’re all set for mind blowing anal sex!

Here are the best sex toys for anal to use with a partner:

The Ditto by We-Vibe is the perfect butt plug for anal play. It’s waterproof, USB rechargeable, and can hook up to an app on anybody’s phone for absolute control over their partners pleasure. The “L” shape slides in and doesn’t move during any activity you’d like to do. Making it great for rolling around in bed with a partner. The app can control it from long distance and with a click of a button your partner can have your head spinning with pleasure!

Vibrating Butt Plugs, sex toys for anal

Can you say Pegging? The Double-ended dildo is great for lesbian play or couples into pegging. It’s the first strap-less pegging dildo I’ve used that feels great and my partner can actually control. No more straps or harnesses digging into her side. No more awkward hands-free dildos that fall out, slide to the left or right, and are difficult to control. This design slides in her and becomes one with her. Not to mention it has 5 vibe modes and is curved for her g-spot orgasms!

sex toys for anal

The Pure wand is an amazing dildo but is safe for anal play too. The length and curve are great for p-spot / g-spot stimulation and make it super easy for your partner to grip and control. One end is 1 inch in diameter and the other is 1.5 inches depending on what suits you best. The stainless steel will prevent it from retaining any smell and is super easy to clean. It glides into place with just a dab of lube and will last you a lifetime!

sex toys for anal

Sex Toys for Anal: Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are an extremely pleasurable form of sex toys for anal. They are designed to be used slightly different than anal beads. Butt plugs typically have a single larger bulbous end with a large flared base. They are designed to be slide in and stay in during any type of sexual act. I wear them during penetrative sex, masturbation, or even around the house as a form of foreplay! You can even wear them out in public if you dare!

Butt Plug Safety:

The flared base is a huge part in the safety aspect of the butt plug. While the vagina has a natural “stopper” built in to keep sex toys from going in to far and getting “lost”… the anus does not have this. A safe butt plug should have a flared base that’s diameter is at least 2/3 larger than the widest part of the bulbous end. This will help ensure the base doesn’t get sucked in too.

Butt plugs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, materials, and price. When it comes to the best butt plugs I broke it down into 4 categories; The most innovative design, the most pleasurable material, the most feature packed, and the most appeasing to the eye. I would ask myself what I am looking for beyond pleasure in the butt plug? Do I care about how it looks, how it fits, how easy it is to clean, how difficult it is to use? Most butt plugs are pleasurable, it’s the details like these that set the great apart from the average. Below are the best butt plugs in each category on the market:

The Hugo takes the cake for most feature packed butt plug. I would say most feature packed out of all the sex toys for anal play! It’s made by Lelo so you know it will work flawlessly and last forever. Some of the amazing features include but not limited to; waterproof, USB-rechargeable, remote controlled, 2 independent vibrating motors, extremely quiet, and 72 different vibration modes! You want state-of-the-art butt plug… nothing beats the Hugo!

Hugo butt plug, sex toys for anal

The Multiplayer takes the cake for most appeasing to the eye! This perfectly clear premium glass butt plug is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. How do I know that? Well I designed it myself and have a top-rated glass blower in the U.S. hand blow each and every one. I’ve seen him do it… a complete work of art from a true artist. He heats the glass and slowly spins it while molding it into shape. Near the end he puts a dab of pure 24k gold into the base and swirls it throughout the entire butt plug. Which once it cools, the glass has a pure gold almost rose gold sheen to it depending on how the light hits it. This is a very unique product only sold by Diskret.

sex toys for anal

The B Balls Duo takes the cake for most innovative. These are a discreet and quite butt plug that use rotating balls inside the plug that spin and reacts to your every motion. When you move the weighted balls bounce around sending waves of pleasure throughout your body. I love how flexible they are comfortable to wear, I’ve even wore them in public giving a sensation of a sexy secret between my partner and I. Due to the rather larger size, I highly recommend them to ambitious beginners otherwise more experienced anal play users.

B Balls Duo, fun factory, sex toys for anal

The Pure Plug 2.0 takes the cake for best feeling material with it comes to sex toys for anal. This butt plug is made from 100% stainless steel, giving it a completely unique and pleasurable feeling. Its polished to mirror finish and you experience no friction upon entry. I love just a dab of lube making it slick as possible. The cold feeling upon entry from the heavy metal took my breath away but was oddly satisfying at the same time. Once it warmed to my body temperature, I spun it a few times to feel the ridges and find my p-spot. I recommend this to more experienced anal play users due to the girth of the head.

Stainless Steel Butt Plug, sex toys for anal

Sex Toys for Anal: Anal Beads

Anal beads are used slightly different then butt plugs, but still provide mind-blowing orgasms! They start with a small bead and through 4-7 beads gradually get larger in size. Anal beads are designed to be pushed in and pulled out whenever looking for a slight wave of pleasure.

With the final bead being the largest and the first bead being the smallest. They are connected through a string or a flexible silicone band. Just like butt plugs they come in a wide variety of size, color, style, design, material, and price. Picking the right anal beads for you will come down to what you value you most from your sex toy. I will break down the top anal beads in each category, which will help you narrow down the decision.

These vibrating anal beads are top notch. I’ve tried a lot of so-called quality anal beads and have been disappointed time and time again. The beauty in these is the single button control with 20 powerful vibration patterns. Its small, lightweight, and flexible. The silicone is high quality and 100% waterproof. The advertising is geared more towards males, but I know plenty of women who love these beads as well. Mine runs for about an hour and half before needing recharging and once I left it in my dresser for almost 2 months before using again and it still held its charge! Incredibly built, simplistic design, and extremely pleasurable.

vibrating anal beads, male sex toy

The Petite Sensation Strings use a battery-operated bullet. I tend to stay away from the battery powered sex toys but this one from rocks off is the exception. It provides good power in a durable bullet at a very friendly price. If your new to anal beads or on a budget, you can still get decent sex toys for anal play if you know exactly where to look. You just won’t have the major features of a chargeable sex toy.

vibrating anal beads, sex toys for anal

The Linger Wood anal beads are very rare and unique. They are actually made from 100% organic wood! I know what your think… (or at least it was what I thought at first) what about splinters?! Don’t worry… NobEssence is an extremely reputable manufacturing company that uses a patented coating over the wood. So, no need to worry about anything except the extraordinary feeling and pleasure they provide. I slip the end through my finger and use it like a finger extension for great control and remarkable accuracy!

NobEssence wooden anal beads side views

Sex Toys for Anal: Blended Stimulation

Some sex toys for anal offer blended forms of stimulation. This means they stimulate through anal while simultaneously stimulating you another way too! A lot of these type of sex toys are male orientated, where they penetrate your anus while stimulating the shaft. These type of male sex toys were extremely eye opening to me. I had no clue what orgasming from stimulating the shaft while also having anal stimulation really did. But wow was I blown away, the orgasms were extremely intense and lasted forever! The best part about them is after you climax from stimulating your front side, you can still climax from anal stimulation. Talk about double the pleasure and double the fun!

While most sex toys for anal leave your front-side open for additional play, some are specifically designed for this. They will curve away from a women’s vaginal area leaving more room for a penetrative toy or penis. This makes anal play extremely versatile and leaves room for endless pleasure possibilities. Blended orgasms from using these types of toys are often rated the best way to climax among women.

The Bootie Ring by FunFactory uses the epic design described above (bootie 3-piece kit) but with a twist. This butt plug design was the highest rating, best selling butt plug on the market. It’s a simplistic curved design that is just the right length, girth, and angle for p-spot stimulation. This flexible premium silicone butt plug is connected to a cock ring! One of my favorite butt plugs I’ve ever owned! Every time I masturbate with it or have penetrative sex; each and every stroke or thrust pulls on the cock ring and thus pulls the butt plug into my p-spot. They are connected and act as one. It’s a genius design!

foreplay, bootie ring by fun factory in a hand

The Happy Rabbit Triple Curve is a special vibrator that delivers 3 times the pleasure! It’s the iconic rabbit design of a vibrator with a straight shaft and rabbit ears for clitoral stimulation but with anal beads attached to it as well! Talk about the “Tri-Fecta of All Orgasms”. My partner said it was almost too much to handle all at once. So, I would recommend it to those who have difficulty orgasming or can handle big time stimulation leading to big time climaxes!

Happy Rabbit Triple Curve

The Ro-Zen uses a similar genius design as the bootie ring above. The Ro-Zen takes it a step further even! It has a ring for the base of your shaft, a ring for your testicles, a raised silicone band for perineum stimulation, and a butt plug with a battery-operated bullet! Talk about sensation overload guys! This sex toy for anal use will have you screaming all night long! Still one of my “go-to” sex toys during penetrative sex.

Ro-Zen, vibrating butt plug

The Petite Sensation butt plug is great for blended orgasms. It’s fabulous for both men and women since its slim and smaller shape leaves plenty of room for front side stimulation. Women can easily fit this in their backside with a dildo or vibrator in their front side. For guys it’s out of the way for a masturbation sleeve or penetrative sex. It even has a battery-operated bullet to kick up the pleasure from a small package. Not to mention its extremely friendly on the wallet!

Ultra Soft Smooth Butt Plug

Sex Toys for Anal: Hands-Free

Some sex toys for anal are designed to be used without the use of your hands. While almost every butt plug is this way (slide it in and don’t worry about touching it). A lot of the vibrating sex toys require you to reach back and fumble through the lubed-up controls to change intensity or patterns. Even turning the toy on and off can become a hassle. That’s when the hands-free designs came out… And boy is it worth it in my opinion!

These hands-free sex toys will come with a remote or hook up to your phone via an app. This allows you to put your anal sex toy in and not have to worry about it! Turn it on, change the intensity, change the vibe pattern, and turn it off all with just a click of a button! Not to mention the phone apps can be controlled from the other side of the world, adding a whole new dimension to long distance relationships.

For me I just enjoy the sensation of climaxing while doing nothing with my hands at all… It’s a feeling of not working for the climax but just relaxing and enjoying the waves of pleasure until it completely overcomes your entire body. Here are the top hands-free anal sex toys on the market:

The B-Vibe Cinco is hands-down one of my favorite sex toys for anal. It has a ton of features including waterproof, USB-rechargeable, remote controlled, and 6 vibe levels with 15 vibe patterns. I use mine in the bath tub all the time! Slide it in and hop in the nice warm water, use the remote to find your vibe pattern and just lay back to relax. It packs a punch and delivers orgasms time and time again. Nothing helps relive the stress after a long day of work then the B-Vibe Cinco and a warm bath!

B-Vibe, Cinco, anal beads,sex toys for men

The B-Vibe Triplet is very similar to the Cinco but with less beads and used more of a butt plug style. I use the remote for a hands-free experience all the time. Sometimes I give the remote to my partner in the other room as a sexy form of foreplay. I noticed for women it leaves enough room for a vibrator as well if your looking for that must stimulation at once. Great for training your PC muscles and like any anal orgasm, no need to recharge your batteries, your body can handle anal orgasms back to back until you can’t handle it anymore!

B-Vibe Triplet Anal Beads,Anal beads, black

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