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25 Life-Altering Sex Toys for Couples!


By: Jessica & Lee Owners of DiskretAdultLife, March 4th, 2019

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Whether it be a desire to bring the spark back in the bedroom; or simply trying to turn already great sex into something extraordinary… Sex toys for couples can be a refreshing change and a huge boost in both of your pleasure during sex. Sex toys are fun, refreshing, and extremely pleasurable. If you currently use sex toys for couples; you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you haven’t tried one yet… Well, your partner and you are in for a big pleasurable surprise!

Using a sex toy with a partner shows that you’re open to exploration and new adventures. Even browsing online for sex toys together can become a huge turn-on. Talk about foreplay and anticipation when you both know what is coming in the mail tomorrow! But typically, the hardest part about using sex toys for couples is introducing the idea to your partner. Then once you’ve both tried some great sex toys… the rest is history!

I’ve been in the sex toy industry for years and have had many sex experts review a lot of sex toys for couples. Here is my ultimate list of the top 25 sex toys for couples. These sex toys have changed lives, changed relationships, and changed sex for thousands of people.

sex toys for couples

Establishing the Best Sex toys for couples:

Here are the attributes I researched and cross referenced across the entire industry before placing it on the top 25 sex toys for couples:

    • Couple’s testimonies and reviews
    • Overall popularity and ratings of the sex toys for couples.
    • My personal experience with the toy.
    • The features on the sex toy.
    • The cost of the sex toys.

  • Noise level of the sex toy during use.
  • Durability and warranty of the sex toy.
  • Safety of the sex toy. (material & design)
  • How user friendly it is for the two of you.

How To Introduce Sex Toys for Couples To a Partner:

The hardest part about using sex toys for couples is usually introducing the idea to your partner. It’s important to understand these sex toys are not required to “fix” something lacking in your relationship. They are used to enhance your sexual experiences and bring you closer together. So, when bringing it up to a partner keep it light, fun, and sexy. Don’t push it on them or force them to try anything. It’s about enhancing your intimacy not trying to fill a void or correct a problem.

Bring the topic up the next time your talking dirty to each other or sexting. You will already be talking sex and turned on. It will be a smoother transition into talking sex toys. If your partner is leery about trying sex toys for couples; keep it light-hearted and in the end “what’s the worst that could happen?”.

You can always ease your way up to a couples toy by starting with small novelties like blindfolds, feathers, and hand cuffs. You can even purchase her or him their own personal sex toy as a gift. Mention how you can’t wait to use it on them. This way sex toys are already in the bedroom and your partner will understand the true capabilities it can bring. Transitioning to sex toys for couples will then be a much easier discussion.

sex toys for couples, whisper in ear

The Best Vibrating Insertable Sex Toys for Couples

There are many different forms of sex toys for couples. The first and most common that people think of when they hear of a couples sex toy is the vibrating insertable toys. These usually insert into the women while the male can still penetrate. That way they stimulate her through penetration and vibration, while also stimulating him through vibration.

A lot of women fear that “there won’t be enough room for the toy and him.” Trust me, most of these toys are slim and you can fit more down there than you imagine. These toys with him, will give a great sense of full ness along with g-spot stimulation and in some cases clitoral stimulation too! Blended orgasms that will rock your entire body with waves of pleasure… These are the best insertable sex toys for couples available on the market:

The Eva ll by Dame Products is my new favorite vibrator… but also doubles as an amazing couples sex toy! It uses two flexible wings that sit under the labia and allows the vibrator to sit comfortably on her clitoris. But the best part is it leaves her wide open for penetrative sex too! Experience the ultimate hands-free vibrator with a bonus blended orgasm when your partners around! Don’t forget all the features it offers too! It’s waterproof, has 3 vibration patterns, USB-rechargeable and 100% body-safe silicone.

Eva ii, Dame, vibrator

The Tiani 3 by Lelo is everything an insertable vibrator can offer and then some. Its waterproof, rechargeable, remote-controlled, and flexible. It’s slim to leave room for him while inserted in her. It also has broad flat heads, specifically designed to stimulate her g-spot and clitoris. It’s become a go-to sex toy for sharing orgasms with a partner.

Tiani 3, lelo, sex toy for couples

The Sync by We-Vibe has been the #1 rated sex toys for couples over 3 years in a row. I own it… and love it. Just remember to put a dab of lube on each end before starting, that will do you wonders.  The sync is also an insertable vibrator designed to be worn by the female during penetrative sex. I love mine so much, I use it for solo masturbation too. The power is second to none. It has dual vibrating motors, one in the base and the other in the tip. Featured in Women’s Health, GQ, and Refinery29 for good reason!

sex toys for couples, sync

The IDA is another Lelo insertable couples sex toy. It has all the modern features including a remote-control. I can’t stress enough how nice the remote is. No more stopping to change a setting that totally kills the mood. Just one click of the button and you’re back at it! The IDA is very unique compared to most insertable vibrators. It’s designed to be worn during penetrative sex but the finger actually “swirls” in a circular motion. It also vibrates at the same time. It took me a little bit to get used to at first but now I really enjoy the circular sensation! The flat pad at the base will push up against your clit for added vibe pleasure!

remote controlled sex toys for couples,

You asked for the best sex toys for couples and Lelo delivered again. The Noa is similar to the Tiani 3 but extra slim. It’s also seems to be slightly more flexible to me. Its got a lot of features but no remote-control. Which is why the price is quite a bit less. I noticed due to the slimness it was slightly more difficult to keep in place compared to the Tiani 3 but still an overall extremely high-quality toy. Each toy fits slightly different but this one to me seems geared towards smaller women.

NOA, Lelo, Sex toys for couples

The Best Cock Ring Sex Toys for Couples:

Cock rings are the best beginner sex toys for couples. They are easy to use, easy to put on, and deliver massive amounts to pleasure to both of you. Even to this day, out of all the toys I’ve tried… cock rings are my “go-to” when I want a boost in the bedroom. The best part about cock rings? They make his erections thinker, harder, and last longer. This is due to the constriction they place around the base of his shaft.

For her, every single time he thrusts into you, at the deepest part of penetration the vibrating cock ring will massage your clitoris. Considering 37% of American women require clitoris stimulation in order to climax, these cock rings have become a life-saver for a lot of women. You have tons of options when it comes to cock ring sex toys for couples. Unfortunately, most I have tried, I’ve been thoroughly disappointed with due to the manufacturing quality. Thankfully a handful have been breathtaking. Here is a list of the quality, durable, and feature packed cock rings; sure to get both of you off:

-TOR ll

Worn by the man while penetrating a woman, the TOR ll has expanded its features list drastically. It is now waterproof and USB rechargeable. The silky-smooth silicone feels amazing on my clit. It is the most luxurious cock ring I’ve seen. It’s design is slim, sleek, and sexy with a stain pouch for storage. It also comes with a Lelo 1 year warranty, mine is going on 3 years now!

couples ring, TOR ll, Sex toys for couples


The Verge is a unique sex toy for couples cock ring by We-Vibe. It is designed to vibrate and hit the male perineum. This is a sensitive zone between the male anus and scrotum. It has a large base that is slightly curved. Designed to go around his shaft and testicles allowing the tip of the Verge to have direct contact with the perineum. I know guys absolutely rave about this sensation during sex. It’s constriction around his shaft and testicles keep him very hard and makes him last longer too! Don’t forget it has 10 vibration modes, waterproof, and rechargeable!

vibrating penis ring, sex toys for couples


The Pivot by We-Vibe is not only my partners favorite cock ring its our favorite sex toy period! I’ve tried hundreds of sex toys and this is still my favorite. Its so simple and great for beginners but even some one experienced can appreciate the Pivot. Its simple design lasts a lifetime, its extremely soft, priced reasonably, and hooks up to the app I love. It’s got tons of positive reviews so I know everyone loves it as much as we do!

we-vibe pivot cock ring, sex toys for couples


The Mio is a powerful luxury cock ring. You want the best sex toys for couples, you might need to fork out a little extra cash. The Mio is built by the extremely reputable Je Joue brand. It holds the most power and longest charge out of any cock ring I’ve seen. The Mio is simple, classy, and very pleasurable.

mio, sex toys for couples

-Atom Plus:

The Atom plus is a unique cock ring that goes around both his penis and testicles. It has two independent motors that vibrate on the top pad (to stimulate her clit) and another on the bottom pad to stimulate his perineum. Its great for him during solo masturbation but also for penetrative sex. The pads and size of the Atom is rather large. From what I’ve experienced the rather large pads make it impossible to miss any pleasure zones. In this case “more is better!”

Atom, cock ring

The Best Remote-Controlled Sex toys for couples:

Let me tell you… Holding your partners orgasm in the palm of your hand is one of the sexist things you can do. Tease them… please them… and then make them cum. It’s one hell of a pleasurable game! Remote controlled sex toys for couples have really taken off in the last few years. The technology has become much more reliable and the distance you can use them at even further.

My personal favorite? Wearing the panty vibrator out on the town with the controller in my partners hand. The first time using it, I wore it to dinner. We had to skip dessert to head back home; I couldn’t take it anymore!

Here is the best panty vibrator I’ve found and the remaining best remote-controlled sex toys for couples on the market:

-Panty Vibrator:

The best panty vibrator I’ve found is by OhMiBod. Believe me… I’ve tried a ton and dealt with a ton of failures. Most are cheap plastic that don’t even last the whole night. The best part about OhMiBod? It has a “Club mode” which will vibrate to the beat of the music! Or you can always hand the remote over to a partner for some extremely hot foreplay!

OhMiBod, Panty Vibrator 3.0

-Pulse III Duo:

The Pulse lll Duo is the same as the Pulse lll Solo except it comes with a remote controller. The Pulse lll Duo is a male vibration sleeve. Designed to go around his shaft and let the unique texture and vibration bring him to orgasm. Ladies… its finally your turn to control the remote ????. This hands-free sex toy is also great during foreplay. Just strap it on him and let the vibes get him ready to burst!

pulse 3 duo, sex toys for couples


The Touch by We-Vibe is one of my favorite couples vibrator. It’s a very simplistic vibrator. Nothing crazy or over the top here. Small in size, the Touch allows you to discreetly pack it to go anywhere. It reminds me a finger in both size and feel; however it vibrates with a deep satisfying rumble! Great for beginners and travelers! It also hooks up to the We-Vibe app so your partner can control it from anywhere!

touch, sex toys for couples


The Rave is a great couples vibrator because the power and precision it offers. With the large handle and slight curve, it makes it easy for him to maneuver and control. It packs a punch and hits the g-spot nearly every single time. You’ll want this for foreplay to warm her up or finish her off! Hook it up to the We-Vibe app for a remote-control!

we-vibe Rave, sex toys for couples

The Best Anal Stimulation Sex Toys for Couples:

The right anal sex toys can be extremely pleasurable. So why wouldn’t you want to share that experience with your partner? The below anal stimulation toys are tailored specifically to couples. Most have remote-controlled features which are great to use solo too. Nobody likes fumbling around awkwardly with a lubed up anal butt plug in their back side. With these, slip it in and just use the remote to change vibration patterns and modes! Control every moan your partner yields with these amazing anal stimulation sex toys for couples:


The Ditto is designed to give deep, rumbly anal vibes! For a butt plug its on the smaller size perfect for beginners. It has every feature one could ask for, 10 vibration modes, waterproof, USB rechargeable, and app friendly. Give your partner the app and let them drive you wild! The ditto is great for him or her! Talk about hands-free, p-spot, eye-rolling orgasms!

Vibrating Butt Plugs, sex toys for couples


The Hugo is in the top sex toys for couples category, built purely for anal stimulation. Why? Because it is the “Cadillac” of butt plugs. You will pay extra, but it delivers every… single… time. This butt plug is USB-rechargeable, waterproof, smooth body-safe silicone, 2 vibrating motors, very quiet, and remote controlled. Holy cow is there anything else you can think of? If you want the best butt plug look no further.

Silicone Butt Plugs, sex toys for couples

-Bootie 3 PC. Set:

The bootie 3 piece set by Fun Factory is the first quality “trainer kit” I’ve seen. You can use these pleasurable butt plugs a lot of different ways. One for you and one for your partner during foreplay or penetrative sex. Or you can use them as a training kit. They gradually go up in size and length. This is great for beginners looking to expand into the very pleasurable world of anal play or anal sex! Start with the small butt plug and over the course of a few months continue working your way up in size.

vibrator for anal, trainer kit

-B-Vibe Triplet Beads:

The B-Vibe Triplet Beads are remote-controlled and extremely high quality. Only 3 simple beads that gradually get larger in size from .8” – 1.2” diameter. It has a large ergonomic hook on the end for you or your partner to control it. It comes in a nice travel case and offers a ton of features. All around these are some of the best anal beads on the market. They have delivered lots of hands-free orgasms during solo and duo play.

b vibe triplet

-B-Vibe Cinco:

The B-Vibe Cinco are very similar to the Triplet Beads, because they offer a lot of features in a very well designed and body-safe anal sex toy. The main difference is the B-Vibe Cinco has more beads and less of a jump in diameter from one bead to the next. I recommend it for ambitious beginners otherwise more experienced anal play users due to the larger size beads.

B-Vibe, Cinco, anal beads

The Best Vibrators to Use as a Couple:

I know it is unorthodox to consider a vibrator when discussing sex toys for couples. However, I’ve noticed some work extremely well together while others are best kept for solo play. These vibrators are great for solo masturbation, couples masturbation, and even couples penetrative sex! These are the ultimate starter sex toys, due to the versatility they offer. Its like having 3 different vibrators combined into one.

I was skeptical at first on how reliable they would be with all the features and versatile options. But the reviews and warranties speak for themselves. The Le Wand, Hot Octopus, and We-Vibe manufactures are the industries leaders. Making these couples vibrators built to stand the test of time; and being squished between two bodies!

-Le Wand:

Wands are an amazing sex toys for couples! They are not the first thing you think of when you think sex toys for couples… but “don’t knock it until you try it”. Anyone who has tried a wand with a partner knows exactly what I am talking about. The Le Wand is a premium wand that has more power and best durability in the wand sex toy category. The guy can press it against her clit during penetrative sex or she can hold it there. Just remember you need a position that he isn’t laying completely flat on top of her, due to the wand head size.

Luxury Vibrator Le Wand White on stand featured

-Queen Bee:

The Queen Bee is a wand that utilizes PulsePlate Technology. You wanted powerful sex toys for couples… you got it! This wand has 7 different vibration levels, these high-amplitude oscillations are significantly more powerful than standard wands. Be prepared to be blown away! I also loved the charge to usage time on this one. Its quick and easy.

queen bee, sex toys for couples


When talking the best sex toys for couples the Tango is near the top of every girls list! The simple and discreet design makes it perfect to hold on her clit during penetrative sex. Not to mention its one of the most powerful vibes I’ve ever felt. Pretty much everyone compares sex toy power on a scale of weak to Tango! Not to mention its great for female solo play too.

We Vibe Tango, sex toys for women

-Luna Smart Beads:

The best sex toys for couples are not always the most obvious. The Luna Smart Bead does not get the attention it deserves, most women have never even heard of it. This vibrator is classify as a ben wa ball. It’s designed to be inserted vaginally and it responds to every PC muscle squeeze! You heard me right, I squeeze, and it vibrates! It’s a workout for your PC muscles (making your vagina feel tighter) and brings about the most intense orgasms! Wear it out and about with your partner or during foreplay. But either way, your foreplay will never be the same!

luna smart bead, sex toys for couples

The Best Couples Sex Toy Harness:

If you’re into sex toys for couples that include pegging or lesbian sex toys the Tomboi harness is life changing! Finally, a harness that doesn’t require buckles, straps, and awkward Velcro. The Tomboi harness is similar to wearing spandex… you don’t even realize their on. Light weight and breathable make it extremely comfortable. Don’t forget the perfect dildo to go with it; the Five Jules:

-Spare Parts Tomboi Harness:

I’ve tried a lot of sex toys for couples that have specifically built harnesses for pegging. Have not been impressed until now. The Tomboi harness is comfortable and allows you to focus on the pleasure your getting and giving. Instead of focusing on the angle, position, straps, pain, and discomfort that comes with most awkward harnesses.

Spareparts Tomboi Harness

-Five Jules:

Want great sex toys for couples that bring mind blowing orgasms? Check out the Five Jules Dildo. Slides perfectly into the Tomboi Harness on one end. This allows for great control and easy pegging action. Not to mention the broad base will rub her clit while using it. That helps deliver orgasms to both of you simultaneously!

Wet For Her, Five Jules

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