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20 Life-Altering Sex Toys for Lesbians!


By: Jessica & Lee Owners of DiskretAdultLife, March 11, 2019

Clitoris Stimulation / Lesbian Couples / Vibrators / Dildos / Pegging / Butt Plugs / Anal Beads

Having been in the adult product industry for so many years, I’ve come across all kinds of sex toys. I get a lot of questions around the best sex toys for the fastest, easiest orgasms. Although some toys are designed for “quick and easy” I often refer my customers to products that will provide long, drawn-out pleasure that often leads to a more explosive orgasm. There is no better example of these type of products than sex toys for lesbians. Why? Not exactly sure but my personal option is they might have a little more patience’s in the bedroom compared to when men are involved.

Now I must disclose I am a straight female, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t experienced a lot of these products myself. I also work with tons of lesbians, bisexual, and bi-curious customers on a daily basis. So, I have a lot of lesbian testimonies, ratings, and reviews to back my own experiences on the products below.

sex toys for lesbians

Here is how I broke down the best sex toys for lesbians and decided what makes the list or not:

    • Lesbian’s testimonies
    • Personal experience
    • The sex toy’s features
    • Ergonomics of the sex toy during use
    • The price of the sex toy
    • Type of material (100% body-safe)
    • Style of design (100% body-safe)
    • Manufacturing details
    • How loud the toy is during use
    • If the sex toy is user friendly
    • How durable the sex toy is (warranty)

These are the topics I discussed and researched on all the sex toys for lesbians before compiling this master list. Any and every lesbian will react slightly differently to each toy and form of stimulation. That’s just the nature of us all having unique bodies. But it’s safe to say the below sex toys bring more lesbian orgasms than any other toys on the market.

Sex Toys for Lesbians: Clitoral Stimulation:

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, every woman and lesbian can appreciate an amazing clitoris stimulating sex toy. Let’s face it, a major part of lesbian sexual fun involves teasing, playing, caressing and stroking the clitoris. It’s where all your pleasurable nerve endings lay. But what most women don’t know is the clitoris is much larger than the button nub we all know so well. The clitoris has “roots” that actually run 3-4 inches inside your body. Now most sex toys for lesbians give a little buzz on the nub and call it good. But those didn’t make this list… The clitoral stimulating sex toys that made our list stimulate the entire clitoris! That’s right… all the way to the roots! This helps provide full body orgasms and yes… female ejaculation as well! So let’s get started:

Now I might be cheating a little, since the Womanizer inside out stimulates the clitoris but also the g-spot. And technically that would land it in a blended stimulation sex toys for lesbian category, but l couldn’t help myself. I had to start with the Womanizer Inside Out because its hands down one of my favorite pulse wave technology sex toys! The “suction” technology has been implemented on a lot of sex toys in the past few years, but nobody quite does it like the Womanizer. This sex toy has been the highest rated toy for a lot of reasons, quick orgasms, tons of features, and easy to use. It was featured in Cosmo, Refinery29, GQ, and a thousand other places. If you struggle to get off, struggle no more!

Womanizer Inside Out

The Eva ll revolutionized how woman got off. Its extremely unique in that this tiny vibrator has two flexible wings that grasp between your labia. Gently spreading your labia, for direct clitoral stimulation. This feature packed sex toy for lesbians provides huge rumbly pleasure through your entire clitoris. Not only this, it leaves access open for vaginal penetration too! For a unique and orgasmic experience, check out this high-quality vibe!

Eva ii, Dame, vibrator, sex toys for lesbians

The Le Wand is the most powerful wand I’ve used. Its great for clitoral stimulation and blended orgasms. Its versatile because it provides external pleasure only until you put a different head attachment on it that allows for powerful vaginal penetration too! The luxurious look of the wand matches its features and ability. It has 10 vibration intensities from a tickle to knock your socks off. It has 20 different vibration patters, you’ll be sure to find the right vibe for you. Its cordless, flexible 360-degree rotating neck and splash proof. Make sure to check out the 4 different attachment heads for it as well!

Luxury Vibrator Le Wand, sex toys for lesbians

The We-Vibe Tango was rated #1 clitoral stimulator 2 years in a row. It has an extremely basic design but packs a huge punch. Its discreet size is deceiving. No larger than you finger with pin point precision it stimulates the clitoris with 8 different vibration modes. I always laugh when I hear people’s response after using it for the first time. The are shocked at the strength the little sex toy has and how quick it caused them to climax! In this industry we set the scale of vibe power from “0 to Tango”… Its that powerful! Not to mention has all the modern day features you could ask for.

We Vibe Tango, sex toys for lesbians

The ORA 2 by Lelo is an amazing tool in the sex toys for lesbian tool box (or should I call it nightstand). It uses a rotating nub that sits behind a layer of extremely smooth silicone skin. These long seductive swirls simulate the closest thing to oral sex I’ve ever experienced form a sex toy. This outstanding USB-rechargeable toy has 10 stimulation modes, using a SenseTouch technology that activates and changes modes depending on contact with your skin!

oral sex stimulator, sex toys for lesbians

Sex Toys for Lesbian Couples:

Do you want sex toys for lesbians you could enjoy with a partner? Not all sex toys are designed to be used only during solo masturbation sessions. In fact, all 20 of the sex toys listed in this post could be used with a partner to warm her up, or finish her off. However, these listed below are truly intended to bring simultaneous pleasure to each of you; or require two individuals for use. So, if you’re looking to get off while she’s getting off; these are the top sex toys for lesbian couples:

Everyone has dealt with poor, so called “hands-free” double dildos before. Everyone who enjoys pegging has had the same frustrations… Bad harnesses that are awkward, difficult to use, and uncomfortable. No more clips digging into your side, straps that hurt, and dildos that are extremely hard to control. This double-ended dildo is revolutionary. It’s the first I’ve used that is exactly what I’ve always dreamed pegging would be. It doesn’t fallout, turn awkwardly, and provides huge vibe power with two independent motors!

My favorite position is inserting the bulbous end and laying on my back. Let gravity work with you… then the receptive partner has control of depth, angle, and speed. You wanted the perfect sex toys for lesbians… This is at the top of many women’s list!

double ended dildo, sex toys for lesbians

The sync works great for straight couples and lesbian couples. It was the number one rated couples sex toy 3 years in a row. It’s extremely high quality and offers all the features. It uses two independent motors to vibe on both ends. One end is inserted for g-spot stimulation while the other end wraps around for clitoral stimulation. Great for foreplay, scissoring, and stimulating front side while leaving anal play open. Take advantage of this amazing couples sex toy!

sex toys for lesbians, sync

The Five Jules is the best dildo for harness use. It slides perfectly into the Tomboi harness and it’s difficult to find a perfect matching dildo and harness in the current market. The Five Jules was designed specifically for harness play. It has a wide base and long curved shaft, great for penetration. Using 100% body-safe medical grade silicone it is great for anal play. Use this dildo if you want something to easily insert into your harness and your partner! Stop dealing with dildos that are difficult to control or fall out (nothing kills the buzz quicker).

Wet For Her, Five Jules

Want to really spice things up in the bedroom? Grab this beautiful suede whip by Lelo. You can caress, playfully hit, or whip your partner to heighten any experience. Made from high-quality supple sheepskin, with a durable metal handle. I have yet to see a better whip for pleasure and feel. Not to mention it looks amazing.

Sensua Suede Whip Black Box, sex toys for lesbians

Sex Toys for Lesbians: Vibrators

Vibrators are the most common sex toy for lesbians. Why? Probably due to the fact they are extremely versatile and pleasurable. Not to mention most are very user friendly. However, some vibrators do tailor more towards lesbians than others. No, lesbians do not enjoy male cock, that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy vaginal penetration by high quality vibrating silicone! These are the highest quality vibrators that offer all the features a lady could ask for, plus blended stimulation for a cherry on top! The products ratings and testimonies speak for themselves, but nothing does it true justice until you experience these vibrators first hand:

You can’t talk great sex toys for lesbians and not bring up the Iconic Rabbit 2.0. This is your classic rabbit vibe shape but with all the modern-day features. I’m talking waterproof, USB-rechargeable, quiet, and digital controls. It packs good vibe power and with a straight shaft for penetration it also yields a clitoral stimulator. This makes it great for solo masturbation sessions or to even use on your partner. The blended orgasms are out of this world:

rabbit 2 rechargeable vibrator

The Enigma is a luxury vibrator brought to you by Rocks Off. It delivers a powerful punch due to 2 different independent motors. One motor is in the shaft and the other is in the nub for clitoral stimulation. What women rant most about is the handle on the Enigma. The handle offers impeccable control and the perfect angle. With 10 powerful vibration levels, g spot flexible shaft, and fully waterproof its no wonder why this is at the top off every lesbians must have list!

womens masturbator, enigma

The Rave is a high-quality vibrator brought to you by We-Vibe. The best sex toys for lesbians include satisfying vibrators like this! It is very powerful, charges quick, and has the perfect angle for g-spot stimulation. But beyond the mind-blowing g-spot orgasms it provides the coolest feature is you can hook it up to an app! Let your partner control it from half way around the world or you control it during mind-blowing masturbation sessions. The app allows you to customize vibe patterns and intensity’s This feature packed, g-spot vibe, will satisfy your every desire.

we-vibe Rave, sex toys for lesbians

Sex Toys for Lesbians: Dildos

Now who doesn’t love a good ole fashion dildo?! Dildos are great because they slow things down. No need for fast vibrating instant orgasmic pleasure (well not all the time anyway ????). Here are some of the highest quality double-sided dildos for a partner and you. Or for some amazing solo masturbation sessions. Both of these dildos are versatile, each dildo’s end is unique and provides a new pleasurable experience; with just a flip of the wand. That makes these the best dildo sex toys for lesbians; Enjoy!

The Fun Wand by Njoy is sure to satisfy your sex toy needs. It is made from 100% stainless-steel, which provides a perfect frictionless penetration experience. Not only does it provide a unique and pleasurable stainless-steel feeling, it also is dual sided! One end for you and the other for a partner? Great for lesbian couples or versatile masturbation. One side has 3 beads that are curved and gradually get larger in size, while the other end is a single large bulb. The pleasurable possibilities are endless.

graduated stainless steel dildo, sex toys for women

Looking for better sex toys for lesbians? Few and far between the Pure Wand made by Njoy hits the mark! Women rant and rave about this sexy, classy, and badass looking dildo. It’s got a large sloping curve with one a small to medium sided bulb on one end, and a larger bulb on the other end. Great for g-spot stimulation or sharing with a lesbian partner. Again, made from stainless-steel yielding an incredible feeling, easy clean up, and lube-friendly.

Curved Dildos, sex toys for lesbians

Sex Toys for Lesbians Pegging:

Pegging is a very pleasurable hands-free act for both lesbian women. Any lesbian can appreciate how pegging brings you closer together as a couple. There is nothing better than feeling the thrust of your partner in all sorts of different positions. The lesbian sex positions are endless, and I have only heard of one harness that is truly worth its weight in gold. That’s the Tomboi by Wet for Her.

Wet for Her is an extremely reputable manufacturer that specializes in sex toys for lesbians. They know the pains that lesbians looking for a good harness have gone through: Awkward straps, uncomfortable binding, pinching, sweating, ergonomic nightmares… the list goes on. If you’ve ever used a harness you probably know exactly what I’m talking about. The Tomboi solves your problems and lets you enjoy pegging as it should be done… As though it’s not even there!

The Tomboi Harness is the first harness I’ve used that feels identical to underwear. I’ve even wore it to work, since I knew what was coming later. That way I was full prepared. However, the Tomboi material doesn’t cause any discomfort, sweating, or binding. Its comfortable and allows for great control of most dildos. The Five Jules was specifically designed for it and the two are a match made in heaven. So, if you’re looking for the next revolutionary harness, Tomboi has you covered!

Spareparts Tomboi Harness, sex toys for lesbians

Sex Toys for Lesbians: Butt Plug

What’s the best part of lesbian butt plugs? They still allow for easy access to your front side! Blended orgasms are the highest rated type of orgasm according to a huge poll from American Women.  If you can stimulate the anus along with the vagina to point of orgasm; it brings huge waves of pleasure in a long and intense climax. So, slide a butt plug in for foreplay or during penetrative sex with your lesbian partner. Don’t forget they add a huge boost in your masturbation sessions too! Some of the bold and brave even wear them outside the house but that’s up to you.

The three plugs listed below are all very different but the best in each of their own class. Best material, most versatile, and most features. Don’t be fooled by the thousands of options you have when it comes to butt plugs. Make sure you know the design is safe, the material is body-safe or medical grade, and that its very pleasurable. If you want the best lesbian butt plugs; look no further:

The Pure Plug 2.0 is a unique butt plug made from 100% stainless-steel. That makes it safe with any lube, body-safe, waterproof, and extremely easy to clean. The Pure Plug is beautifully polished into a mirror finish. I consider it an intermediate to experienced anal play user sex toy due to the larger size it comes in. Its ribbed for her pleasure (for once) and has a very comfortable handle. The handle is slim and oval sitting comfortably between your cheeks. Most sex toys for lesbians are not manufactured with this acute attention to detail.

Stainless Steel Butt Plug

Can you say 3 butt plugs for the price of 1? The bootie 3-piece set has three different sized butt plugs. Great for you and a partner, since sharing a butt plug is never good idea unless thoroughly cleaned first. This way you each have your own. The other thing the bootie set is great for is when you use it as an “anal training kit”.  Just start with the small butt plug and slowly over time work your way larger. This opens the door to new larger sex toys and prepare you for anal sex (pegging).

vibrator for anal, trainer kit

The Hugo does not fall into your standard sex toys for lesbians category. The Hugo is the “Cadillac of all butt plugs”. It has all the features you could possibly ask for. With 2 vibrating motors, waterproof, body-safe, USB rechargeable, storage pouch, quiet, and a wireless remote controller. The remote control is one of the best features I’ve ever used… specifically with butt plugs. I hate having to reach around and fuss with a lubed-up plug in order to change a setting. Now just leave it in and click the button to scroll through the 72 different vibration levels and patterns! You heard me right… 72 different modes, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

Hugo butt plug, sex toys for lesbians

Sex Toys for Lesbians: Anal Beads

Similar to lesbian butt plugs… lesbian anal beads are great in that they allow you open access to your front side. The main difference between butt plugs and anal beads is the design and their intended use. Butt plugs are usually a rather large single bulb designed to be put in and stay in for extended amounts of time. Anal beads usually start with a small bead and slowly graduate in size consisting of 3-6 beads in total. Anal beads are designed to be pushed in and pulled out to stimulate two ringed muscles in the anus. As each bead crosses these muscles it brings waves of pleasure throughout your entire body. I prefer to slowly pull them out just as I begin to climax. This causes a normal orgasm to not only last longer but feel much more intense.

Here are the top anal beads for lesbians. They are built to last and have loads of features. These sex toys for lesbians are second to none:

It’s tough to find anal bead sex toys for lesbians. But I think the B-Vibe Cinco is the most orgasmic anal beads yet. I recommend these for ambitious beginners or more advanced anal play users. I was surprised at the rather large size, but deeply satisfied when I used them. They are made from extremely soft and flexible silicone. With 3 powerful motors you feel the vibe from the first bead to the last. Don’t forget the 6 vibration levels and 15 vibration patterns that can be controlled with a remote!

B-Vibe, Cinco, anal beads

A more basic lesbian sex toy, but really gets the job done at an affordable price. Fun Factory wanted to build a very high-quality anal bead sex toy and nailed it. These are waterproof, medical grade silicone, and very easy to clean. With a total length of 10.3” you will never run out of toy to use and a large varying bead size from .8” up to 1.3” diameter. It hits all the right spots in a safe and pleasurable experience!

bendy beads, sex toys for lesbians

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