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The Best Sex Toys For Men… Period!

By: Jessica & Lee Founders of DiskretAdultLife

There is no shortage of sex toys for men on today’s market.

Shopping for sex toys has become time consuming, overwhelming, and quite disturbing.

There are so many low-quality sex toys for men that are offered (it makes me cringe). With thousands of options where do you start? Do I care if it syncs to my phone or has a remote control? What is the best sex toy for me?

sex toys for men

What This Guide on Sex Toys for Men Will Give You:

A quick reference on the different types of sex toys for men available.

How to pick out the best sex toy for yourself.

The Top 5 Male Sex Toys In 2019!

Types of Sex Toys For Men:

“Variety and pleasure” is the spice of life! For men, you have no shortage of either available at your fingertips.

Male masturbation brings an infinite amount of benefits with nearly zero risk involved.

With hundreds of options available to you on todays market. Let me break down the different types of male sex toys that are even worth looking at.

So, save your time and your money. These different types of sex toys for men are high quality, extremely pleasurable, and the most effective at making you orgasm!

male sex toys

Sex Toys For Men: Male Masturbators

Guys, it’s time to stop masturbating with your hand. This isn’t like back in middle school when you found out stroking your cock up and down felt good.

We’re in the 21st century now and were all adults. It’s time to take your pleasure seriously and jack off with something slightly better than your rough hands.

You’ll thank me later…

Male masturbators are exactly that… a device you slide around your shaft or slide your shaft into that simulates a vagina, mouth, anus… you get the idea.

Quality male masturbators are made from premium silicone, medical grade silicone, or TPE (thermo plastic elastomers)

All you need to know is it’s 100% body safe, phthalate-free, latex free, non-porous, and FDA approved.


On the flip side, low quality male masturbators can be made from cheap silicone that is not body safe. Typically, these will break down with lube and cause harmful bacteria to get inside you.

Follow this guide to stay safe and avoid any low-quality male sex toys.

So, now that we cleared up what male masturbators are and the basics of what they are made from. Here are the two main styles that are offered:

Masturbation Sleeves / Penis Sleeves

Tenga, Zero Flip Black, Teng Zero Flip Black

Masturbation sleeves are the ultimate jack off toy for men. They consist of a detailed tunnel that’s designed to stimulate the penis.

Some are made from a jelly like sleeve, while others are made from a stiffer silicone. The basis of this material is what gives each masturbation sleeve its own unique sensation.

To put in perspective the difference in material. You could have something as soft and flexible as a peanut butter consistency all the way to something like a firm mattress; and everything in-between.

Most masturbation sleeves fit comfortably in your hand, making it easy to stroke your shaft with.

Some are open ended while others are closed off. The open-ended penis sleeves can accommodate all sizes, while you must look at the specifications for a closed style one. Closed penis sleeves typically accommodate 4-8 inches of shaft.

Closed style penis sleeves can offer something I find extremely pleasurable over the open-ended style…

Completely encompassing your shaft and tip with suction.

While some of you are saying… Yea big deal. I assure you it can make a huge deal!

Nothing compares to the sensation of your shaft being completely surrounded by flexible jelly with the tip having a powerful suction being applied to it.

It feels like the world’s best blowjob…


Realistic vs. Non-Realistic Male Masturbation Sleeves

sex toy for menTenga, Zero Flip Black, Teng Zero Flip Black


When deciding what male masturbation sleeve or penis sleeve you want. You will quickly come to a fork in the road with obvious different styles.

You have “realistic style” male masturbation sleeves that look like a vagina stuck on the end of tube.

 In my personal opinion not only are they tacky looking, these are typically made over seas and run a high risk of being low-quality and made from unsafe material too.

I stick to companies like Tenga who offer stylish, extremely high-quality masturbation sleeves.

One look at the internals of theses masturbation sleeves and you can immediately tell every ripple, nub, orb, gate, and flap is designed for maximum stimulation to the penis.

You can adjust the intensity of suction and some even offer vibration, which is overwhelmingly powerful!

-Blow Job Simulators

The pleasure of oral sex during solo masturbation? What could be better than that?

Let’s be honest, just about every guy fantasizes over a great blowjob.

So why not make a blow job stimulator that fits in the palm of your hand and replicates the sensation of a partner going down on you?!

Majority of blow job simulators are hand-held with an opening or flaps that replicate the sensation of lips.

Some blow job simulators offer a suction feature, and the best blow job simulators will vibrate around your shaft!

Don’t forget these are not only for male masturbation. Introduce it to your partner and have them use it on you!

Why would I want my partner to do what I can do all by myself?


Teasing, anticipation, and foreplay. The 3 keys to the most mind-blowing sex of your life!

Have them warm you up with a masturbation sleeve or finish you off with it! Make sure everyone is sexually satisfied at the end of your sexual experience.


Sex Toys For Men: Cock Rings & Penis Rings

Je Joue Mio

Now that we covered male masturbators it’s time to dive (tip first) into my favorite sex toys for men!

Penis rings also known as cock rings are the most versatile sex toy for any man.

Use them with a partner during penetrative sex, or for an epic solo masturbation session.

The male benefits of using a cock ring are hard to explain in words, you really need to experience it yourself. But the two main benefits that are immediately noticeable are:

    • The constriction they provide around the base of your shaft makes you rock hard and last much longer in bed! Prevent pre-mature ejaculation.
    • This prolonged stimulation and vibration allows for much more intense orgasms!

Most penis rings and cock rings are designed to be worn during penetrative sex.

Some vibration that feels great on you, also happens to hit a female partners clitoris with every thrust. What a genius design!

70% of all women require some form of clitoral stimulation in order climax.

What better way to stay closer to your partner than ever before while also providing non-intrusive, hands-free clitoral stimulation to her!

She will experience the most mind-blowing blended orgasms from your shaft penetration and the cock ring clitoral stimulation!

The Types of Cock Rings & Penis Rings

There are a couple different styles of cock rings when it comes to the best sex toys for men.

Vibrating cock rings, non-vibrating cock rings, dual stimulation penis rings for the shaft and anus, and dual stimulation penis rings for the shaft and perineum.

All work wonders, it really comes down to what you and your partner are looking for.

Does your partner want clitoral vibration? Do you want multiple forms of stimulation? Are you just looking for the constriction aspect?


Questions like these will help you narrow down the best cock ring for you!

If you are completely new to cock rings and have a female partner. My suggest would be go with a basic high-quality vibrating cock ring.

If you have a male partner and just looking for the constriction aspect you might not need the vibration power. Although I find the vibration to be a big boost in pleasure for the male wearing it.


Dual Stimulating Cock Rings:

Some cock rings and penis rings offer much more than just the constriction and vibration aspect.

    • Cock Ring with A Male Butt Plug:

foreplay, bootie ring by fun factory in a hand

If you’re more experienced with cock rings you may want to try something that like a male butt plug that attaches to a cock ring.

These cock rings provide the constriction benefits while being connected to a butt plug through a silicone band that runs over your perineum.

The ultimate sex toy for men. Orgasms are truly full-body, next level, and long lasting.


With each thrust or stroke of the hand, the silicone penis ring will tug on the silicone band. Thus, driving the male butt plug into your prostate.

This makes it the best sex toy for men who enjoy a blended orgasm through prostate stimulation and penis stimulation simultaneously!

    • Penis Ring with A Perineum Stimulation:

      Ro-Zen, vibrating butt plug


Other penis rings offer dual stimulation through the constriction and vibration on the base of the shaft while a second vibrator is applied directly to the perineum.

For those of you who aren’t sure, the perineum is the patch of sensitive skin between your scrotum and anus.

Stimulating the perineum is an indirect way of stimulating your prostate gland. Rubbing, massaging, and applying vibration can lead to intense male orgasms.

The unique thing about these perineum rings is that in order to access the perineum most stretch over the scrotum.

The perineum ring being around the base of your shaft and your scrotum provides addition constriction and pleasure for the male!

Which makes these dual-purpose penis rings one of the most popular sex toys for men.

Anal Sex Toys For Men

20 years ago, you bring up anal sex toys for men and you got an insane look like you’re some kind of sexual freak.


Thank goodness, since then most people have moved past that stage. Matter of fact sex toys for men have become increasingly popular and even exploded in the recent years.

You have over a million different men searching for new ways to pleasure themselves each month in the U.S. alone.

There is a wide variety of anal sex toys for men. Some of these anal sex toys are used for solo masturbation, during penetrative sex, for prostate stimulation, and couples play.

Anal sex toys for men can be manufactured from glass, steel, wood, ABS, and of course silicone. While each type of material offers its own unique benefits, silicone is the only one that offers vibration and flexibility.

Never rule out glass or 100% stainless steel male sex toys. These can be the sexiest looking anal toys that provide unique and pleasurable experiences.

Remember, the anus can’t provide a “natural” lubrication like the vagina can. Man, or women you must use lube when having anal sex or using anal sex toys!

The second rule of safety is around the design. Each anal toy must have a large flared base. This prevents the sex toy from going in to far.

The anus doesn’t have a “natural” stopper like the vagina either.

My rule of thumb is the flared base must be at least 1.5 times larger than the widest diameter being inserted.


Now that we’ve covered the basics… Here are the best anal sex toys for men!

    • Anal Vibrators

anal beads for men

Anal vibrators for men can consist of dildos, butt plugs, anal plugs, prostate massagers or anal beads.

If its an anal sex toy for men that also vibrates… well that would make it an anal vibrator. But I want to focus on the vibrator itself not the design.


The anal vibrator motor can come in a lot of different styles.

It could be battery powered, USB-rechargeable, powerful, weak, noisy, quiet, buzzy, rumbly, and even have different levels of intensity to it. Some also offer different levels of vibration patterns.

Do you want a single motor or multiple motors?

Jesus, am I buying a car or an anal vibrator? So many options to consider! It can be confusing and overwhelming for even myself at times… And I’ve been in the industry for a lot of years!


Here is what you need to know when picking out an anal vibrator:

How much power do you want (Diskret ranks it on a scale of 1-10 in the product description)?

How much noise is acceptable to you (Diskret ranks this in the product specifications)?

I highly recommend you always pick an anal vibrator that is USB-rechargeable over battery operated. USB offers long run time, easy to charge, more durable, and waterproof capabilities.


The last and perhaps most important thing to consider when it comes to the anal vibrator is the rumble vs. buzz of the motor.

Most men love deep penetrating vibes that rumble through their entire body. Rocking you down to your core, thus providing intense full body orgasms.

Buzzing vibes are not as strong, can cause a numbing sensation, and really only stimulate the surface of your anus.

Once again, I try to provide a description of the vibration in the anal sex toy review. However, the anal sex toys I try that provide a numbing buzz… Don’t even get offered on Diskret.


    • Butt Plugs

pfun plug, Njoy, Butt Plug

Let’s talk butt plugs! One of my personal favorite male sex toys! They come in a wide variety of shape, style, material, and features.

Butt plugs consist of a larger bulbous end (head) that slims down in a fast taper (neck) that opens back up to a large flared end (base).

This design allows the head to slightly stretch the anus upon entry. Once the head is inserted past the anus into the anal cavity, the anus natural grasps around the neck of the butt plug.

This allows it to sit comfortably in your anal cavity without requiring you to strain or use your hands for it to stay in.

Butt plugs for men are designed to be inserted and left in for as long as you feel comfortable. I would say pull it out after a maximum of 3-4 hours though.


Butt plugs can stay in while you masturbate, stimulate your penis, or during sex. It being there while you stimulate your shaft gives a huge boost in pleasure.

Also, when the male climaxes from stimulating his anus or penis, the anus naturally clenches. When your anus clenches during climax around the butt plug it provides an entirely new and unique sensation.

Every man should try an orgasm with a butt plug in!


Considering a butt plug for men?


The first thing to consider is if you want your butt plug to vibrate or not. If you do, then go with a silicone butt plug for men. If you don’t necessarily need it to vibrate, then you have more options.

Glass, wood, and stainless-steel butt plugs for men do not offer vibration. But they do offer a chic, classy, sexy, and badass look! They also offer a unique sensation of pleasure!

Something more basic on features but great for showing off to a partner.


The next thing to consider is the size. Most butt plugs are offered in various S,M,L sizes. If you are new to butt plugs just start with something smaller, like around 1-1.25” in max diameter.

Men who are more advanced with butt plugs might prefer something larger. The “fullness” feeling a large butt plug can provide is second to none!

Lastly, if you decide to go with a vibrating butt plug. Here are the main features to consider:

Remote controlled, app-friendly, waterproof, # of motors, USB-rechargeable, noise, and type of material.

For your complete guide on how to use butt plugs click here!

    • Anal Dildos

Not quite as popular of a sex toy for men, anal dildos are a great way to provide deep penetration.

I recommend them for guys who love anal sex. You don’t always need a partner to provide that deep penetration, and you can even add vibration to a sex toy!


Like any anal sex toy for men, you have a wide variety of material to choose from with anal dildos.

One thing to keep in mind with anal dildos; if it doesn’t say it’s designed for anal play doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t be used for anal.

Before I get myself in trouble here… You are responsible for your own actions and safety when it comes to using anal sex toys.


Not all anal dildos will have a huge flared base, if you keep your hand secure around one end while using it… And you’re not going extremely deep… It will be fine.

If you’re someone who requires 8-10 inches of penetration, you should use a anal dildo designed specifically for anal, with a large flared base to prevent it from going to far in.

Some silicone anal dildos do provide vibration features.

Some anal dildos for men are specifically designed for pegging. These anal dildos slide perfectly into a harness that she can slip on.

    • Anal Beads

B-Vibe, Cinco, anal beads,sex toys for men

Anal beads for men are an extremely popular male sex toy! The reason why? Easy, they provide huge waves of intense anal pleasure. Also, perfect for any anal sex play beginner.

Anal beads for men typically consist of balls or beads that are strung together with string, silicone bands, or molded as a single piece. The male anal beads usually get larger in diameter as they progress towards the flared base.

Its great for beginners as you can start with a small bead and progress your way up in size. Training your body to accept larger beads and more pleasure!

Anal beads for men are designed to be used in a different manor than butt plugs.

While butt plugs you slide in and leave in for extended amounts of time. Anal beads are designed to be pushed in and pulled out.

Your anus consists of two muscular rings that are packed full of nerve endings. As the beads stretch these rings passing through, it provides the user a unique and pleasurable sensation.

Using Anal Beads For Men:

Male sex toys like these can be used during solo masturbation, during penetrative sex, or a partner can use them on you.

I really enjoy using anal beads during penetrative sex. You get the stimulation on your shaft and just slide a bead in or out whenever looking for that boost in pleasure!


I found stimulating yourself very close to climaxing, then gently pulling the beads out to send you over the edge is the most intense orgasm possible. The sensation lasts forever!


Anal bead orgasms are really one to write home about. (figuratively) Add vibration for a more intense climax.

If your collecting the best sex toys for men, you toolbox should have a great pair of male anal beads. One with vibration, and one without.

Want to know more? Check out this guide for the ultimate anal bead experience.

Types Of Sex Toys For Men: Prostate Toys:

Helix SYN, Aneros

A personal favorite male sex toy of mine is a prostate toy. I love to use it for strengthening my PC muscles, while receiving full-body anal orgasms!

Are anal orgasms real? How do males achieve an anal orgasm? What’s are prostate toys? Do men have a g-spot?

If you’re curious… You’re not alone! A lot of men write to us with similar style questions so let’s settle this once and for all!


Anal orgasms are a very real thing. And while I don’t say men have a g-spot, they do have a p-spot! A spot in their anal cavity that allows them to stimulate the prostate.

The prostate is a gland at the base of the urethra that creates fluid during ejaculation. When stimulated (directly) or (indirectly) provides this sensation of “just before ejaculation”. Which is quite pleasurable!

To stimulate the prostate directly, you must stick a urethra dilator down your penis. Not a very popular option for most men!


However, you can stimulate the prostate indirectly through the anal cavity. Fewww! You almost lost me there!


If you slide your lubed finger into your anus, about 2-3 inches in facing up (towards your belly button), you will fill a lump. This lump is about the size and consistency of a walnut.

Congrats you just found your prostate!


It can be massaged with your finger, a partner’s finger, a prostate toy… You name it and it feels amazing!

The rather large advantage prostate toys offer is they are hands-free and can vibrate.

Using A Prostate Toy to Milk Your Prostate:


So, what’s the best way to use a prostate toy?

You have a lot of different options but my personal favorite is sliding a vibrating prostate toy in and leaving it in like a butt plug.

Some offer remote controls, others you reach back and turn the vibration on. Next comes the really difficult part…

Just lay back, relax, and enjoy the pleasure (yes, I was joking about it being difficult).

To achieve an anal orgasm, squeeze your PC muscles. The muscles you use when you cut off your pee mid-stream.


It might take a couple try’s but eventually you can work yourself up to this amazing orgasmic sensation.

But don’t stop there! The best part about anal orgasms is you don’t need to recharge! You can experience one right after another. As many times as you feel like!


For more information on anal orgasms click here!

Sex Toys For Men: With A Partner!


Want to use a male sex toy with a partner? You have a couple different options.

I would like to point out one important thing that most men misunderstand. Masturbation sleeves, prostate toys, butt plugs, anal beads, and anal dildos can all be used with a partner!


Don’t put a label on any sex toys for men as a solo masturbation tool. If you can use it on yourself, that means a partner can use it on you too!

Gay or heterosexual it doesn’t matter… A partner using a male sex toy on you as foreplay or to finish you off is one of the hottest experiences you will ever encountered!


A couple’s sex toy is labeled that for one specific reason. It will bring both of you pleasure simultaneously. They are often designed to be worn during penetrative sex.

Examples of these would be cock rings, penis rings, and penetrative sex toys.

Couple’s Sex Toys for Penetration:

There are a few different designs out there, but these all utilize the same concept. The female inserts the couples sex toy vaginally. Which is usually shaped like a “C”.

The couples sex toy will provide internal vibes with one arm while the other arm wraps around to provide external clitoral vibes.

Then the male, penetrates vaginally alongside the internal vibrating arm of the couple’s sex toy.

I know what your think… There won’t be room inside her for both me and the toy.


Believe me… The vagina is designed to give birth, it will stretch and easily accommodate both you and the couples sex toy.


Just make sure to go slow, use lots of lube, and have open communication with her. If she feels any pain or discomfort, simply stop and take a break.


Another style of couple’s sex toy that also allows for penetration are the cock rings and penis rings. But worn on the male’s shaft instead of in the female.

How To Pick The Best Male Sex Toy For Yourself?

male sex toy

Answering this question is no easy task. Every man is different and enjoys different forms of stimulation.

I wish it were as simple as this male sex toy is the best for every guy out there. But it’s much more complicated than that.


I am going to give you questions that will help lead you down a path of the best sex toy for you.


Continue reading if you are new to sex toys for men…

Click If You’re Advanced…

Cock Rings For Beginners:


The important thing for beginners are to take things slow and use lots of lube!

If you’re interested in cock rings for beginners perfect! A cock ring is the perfect male sex toy to jump start any relationship or masturbation session.

Why is a cock ring the perfect sex toy for beginners? It’s really easy to use. Also, it is extremely pleasurable for both him and her. Making it a great way to introduce sex toys to the bedroom.

Who should give it a try? Any male looking to spice things up in the bedroom and blow their female partners mind! Seriously, odds are she requires clitoral stimulation in order to climax…


Its also great to enhance solo masturbation. The vibration and constriction around the shaft makes for intense, explosive orgasms.

Any male cock ring that offers a single ring with no attachments is great for beginners.

Anal Sex Toys For Beginners:


While anal sex toys for men can be extremely pleasurable, they take a little more time getting used to. Not that you can’t receive pleasure the first time you use one.

I recommend you start with a smaller set of anal beads. Smaller is best for starting out, you want to slowly train your anus to accept the graduating size of beads.

While you don’t need massive anal sex toys, it helps to work your way up to a more standard size to appreciate the “fullness” feeling they provide. Which is part of the stimulating process.

Make sure you use plenty of lube, are fully relaxed, and of course turned on. This makes your body more open to the first-time anal experience.

Once you feel comfortable with anal beads work your way to a smaller / medium size butt plug for men. Male butt plugs can be left in while you have penetrative sex or during solo masturbation.

Nothing is more orgasmic then a climax from anal beads or butt plugs for men.


Once you feel comfortable with these different types of sex toys for men, go for the ultimate experience. Use a prostate toy to climax.

These male orgasms are said to be 33% more intense then from stimulating the penis.


Advanced sex toys for men

While you already know the extreme pleasure a male sex toy can bring, perhaps you want to try something a little more advanced for that extra boost!

What I consider an advanced sex toy for men requires experience due to the size or the design and features it offers.


Some anal beads for men are larger and offer a ton of features. Not something I would recommend for first time users. But those who know they enjoy anal beads can truly appreciate the craftsmanship and details that went into making a pleasure product of this degree.

Beginner sex toy users might not require a remote control, waterproof, and the ability to sync with your phone. But someone who knows the true capabilities of these sex toys can appreciate the ease of use that comes with it.

Advanced cock rings for men look something like this.

They blend multiple forms of stimulation together. A constricting ring around the penis and scrotum. That connects to a vibrating prostate toy through a band that is rippled for perineum stimulation.

There is a lot going on there… If you’re not used to the different forms of stimulation it may be confusing. While advanced sex toy users can appreciate the symphony of pleasure it blends.


The Best 5 Male Sex Toys (2019)


#1 Bootie Ring By Fun Factory:

foreplay, bootie ring by fun factory in a hand

This prostate toy blends the benefits of both worlds. Not only does it have a silicone ring for constriction around the base of your shaft but it is tied to the highest rated prostate toy design ever!

This prostate toy design was voted #1 for the most orgasmic male sex toy. So, why not throw a ring on the front and yield the benefits of that as well?

The constriction around the shaft makes him extra hard, and also gives him the ability to last longer in bed.

While it is not vibrating, it is easy to use, and provides mind blowing male orgasms!

#2 The Duke

Duke Fun Factory

This prostate toy for men will bend, twist, and conform to your every desire!

Why does it have this odd shape? It mirrors the inside of a male anal cavity. Allowing it to sit perfectly inside him. Giving him the ultimate hands-free anal orgasm!


This prostate toy can easily be worn during penetrative sex or for solo anal orgasms. It not only stimulates the P-spot but provides deep fulfilling sensations and perineum stimulation!

#3 Rianne S Cock Ring

Rianne S Cock Ring

This is my personal favorite male cock ring! I use it all the time… My partner enjoys it as much as I do too!


The Rianne S Cock Ring offers a very unique design. It’s not your standard cock ring by any means.

It has a smooth gold plate that sits against the male with two vibrating rabbit ears pointing away. These rabbit ears land directly on each side of the womans clitoris.

Providing him longer lasting erections with the silicone ring constriction, and her with mind-blowing clitoral vibrations… What’s not love?

It lights up in unique L.E.D. colors during use and has an extremely classy look.

 #4 Flip Zero Black

Tenga, Zero Flip Black, Teng Zero Flip Black

Want the ultimate penis sleeve?


Warning! The flip zero black will have you locked in your room for a week straight… Jacking off.


This male penis sleeve has a very complex and detailed internal design. Each ball, orb, ripple, wave, and ridge is designed for some form of stimulation.

As you glide your penis through you go on an orgasmic journey. Feeling each stage and sensation that provides your cock from the tip to the base with overwhelming pleasure.

Control the suction by pressing the buttons on the side. It feels like the best deep throat blowjob you’ve ever had!

Looking for even more? Check out one that vibrates here.

#5 B-Vibe Cinco

sex toys for men

Another personal favorite of mine. These anal beads for men are the “Cadillac” of anal beads!

They offer ever feature under the sun, making your anal bead play easier and more pleasurable then ever before!

6 vibration levels, 15 patterns, a remote control, USB-rechargeable, and Travel lock just to name a few.

I recommend it for more advanced sex toy users. Mainly due to it being slightly larger in size than your standard anal beads.


The vibration is deep and satisfying with this one! No more weak buzzing that you can hardly feel. This will rock you to the core!


The Best Male Sex Toy Wrap up


If you want the best male sex toy, first you need to decide on a category or type of sex toy for men you want.

The best types of sex toys for men are cock rings, penis sleeves, anal beads, butt plugs, and prostate toys.

Sometimes you really don’t know if that type of category is for you, until you give it a go! Cock rings and penis sleeves are always a safe bet… But anal sex toys for men can bring the biggest bang of all!


Since everybody reacts in a unique manor to different types of stimulation, you really need to feel out what your body reacts to best. Trial and error is the best way to quickly determine this.


Once you hone in on a type of male sex toy your body reacts best to, determine the best one for you based on features, size, and overall design.

Think about how you plan to use, and what will make it convenient and easy for you.

Size is fairly straight forward. For cock rings, one size fits all. They can stretch around a watermelon, so I think it should fit just fine. Male anal sex toys for beginners start around 1” diameter or less. You can always work your way up in size but starting to large can ruin the experience all together.

Here are the main features that you should decided if you want first: Waterproof, rechargeable, vibration, remote controlled, and overall size of toy.

Finally, what’s the overall look of the sex toy? Is it sleek, sexy, colorful? A quality sex toy for men can last years to a lifetime. So, it’s worth investing slightly more in something you will enjoy pulling out each and every time.

But in the end, the most important thing is that it is 100% body-safe! The material and design must be safe to use.

The best way to know this is by going through a trusted retailer. Amazon might be a trusted retailer for your watches and headphones… But leave the stuff you stick in or around your body to the experts in the field. Anyone can sell sex toys on Amazon… So please shop with care.

Remember to spread the love! Share this blog with #diskretadultlife on any major social media and we will pick a winner each month for a free high quality Male Sex Toy!

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