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18 Sex Toys for Men That Provide Quivering Orgasms!


By: Jessica & Lee Owners of DiskretAdultLife, March 18th, 2019

Cock Rings / Masturbation Sleeves / Butt Plugs / Anal Beads / Lubes

As a male, and co-owner of Diskret… I’m sad to say sex toys for men have developed the least out of any brand or category of sex toy. The market is still flooded with bulky, ugly, and downright awkward sex toys for men. I’m not sure what’s driving this, if it’s the simple fact men don’t demand more out of their toys? Or perhaps their masturbation sessions are quick, and they just don’t care as much about the quality of sex toy they use? I really don’t know the answer… But there is light at the end of the tunnel! A few manufactures do tailor to the men who demand body-safe material, safe designs, and quality sex toys for men.

So, I did some serious digging into the deepest, darkest corners of the web leaving no stone unturned. I came out with 18 of the best sex toys for men. I not only personally tested them, but read thousands of reviews, and compared them to similar style male sex toys. Nothing beats the sex toys for men listed below. I was shocked at how much “junk” is still being offered on the web and in the stores. Even reputable brands I love for women’s sex toys were offering poor quality sex toys for men. I actually wanted to give you a guide with 20 of the best sex toys for men but couldn’t even find enough to my standard to fill all the slots!

fleshlight, sex toys for men

Here is what I based the men’s sex toys on:

  • Men’s Testimonies & Reviews
  • My Own Personal Experience
  • The Sex Toy’s Features
  • The Toy’s Price
  • Type of Material (verified 100% body-safe)
  • Style of Design (100% body-safe)
  • Manufacturing Details
  • Reputation of Manufacturer
  • How Loud the Toy Is
  • How User-Friendly the Toy Is
  • Durability of the Toy

This is what separates a quality male sex toy from the junk. It’s a difficult task to sort them all and price plays a big role. Unfortunately, a durable sex toy that will last you years of pleasure; is not going to cost $25 dollars or less. That immediately knocked out 70% of the “junky sex toys”. Now don’t get me wrong, at a certain point you begin to just pay for the brand name or “luxury look” of the toy and I didn’t put those on this list either. This list is the purely the most functional and cost-effective sex toys for men that provide the most “bang for your buck” (pun intended). So, let’s get started! The list is broken out by male sex toy categories. You can use the jump links at the top of the article if you wish to jump to a specific type of male sex toy.

Sex Toys for Men: Cock rings

Cock rings are one of the most popular sex toys for men. That’s most likely due to their versatility! Cock rings are a vibrating or non-vibrating ring that slides around the base of the shaft. They provide a snug constriction around the shaft, making him harder and last longer! Cock rings are great for solo masturbation sessions or couples play. The best use I found for them was wearing it during penetrating sex with a female partner. The vibrations provided clitoral stimulation with each and every thrust. This is something you just can’t physically do without the use of a cock ring. It provides her mind-blowing orgasms faster than ever, while also making me last longer. It’s really the best of both worlds! Cock rings are one of the best sex toys for men for solo masturbation as well. The vibration from a cock ring creates a unique and pleasurable climax every time!

Here are the best cock rings for men on the market:


The Pivot by We-Vibe is hands down my favorite cock ring and might be my favorite sex toy for men period. No crazy design here, just a standard cock ring but packed with all the right features, body-safe material, and very durable… All for a very reasonable price. The Pivot is waterproof, USB rechargeable, and even connects to an app so you don’t have to fumble with it during sex. Just control it with a push of a button on your phone! The app is my favorite part about it but is not required to run or use the cock ring. You can push the single user-friendly button on top for instant pleasure and use! It’s silky smooth and stretches with great flexibility. All in a smaller light weight design that packs a serious vibration punch!

we-vibe pivot cock ring, sex toys for men


The Atom Plus by Hot Octopuss is first cock ring to house dual integrated motors. This allows for the top of the cock ring to stimulate your partner and the bottom of the cock ring to stimulate the male perineum (spot between anus and testicles). To use this cock ring, you slide both your shaft and testicles through it. This sends powerful and pleasurable vibes through to all the male sensitive areas. No matter how I used it, solo or with a partner it was intense! It’s great to use at the base of your shaft to stimulate your testicles and perineum while using a masturbation sleeve on the top of your shaft. Talk about eye-rolling full body orgasms!

Atom, cock ring


The Verge by We-Vibe is another app friendly cock ring. Built similar to the Pivot, with extreme care and a sleek ergonomic design. The main design difference with the Verge is it stretches around the male’s testicles and shaft. This allows it to be used in a variety of different ways! With a narrow precise tip, it can stimulate her clit, his perineum, or his balls. This cock ring lasts for hours of use, and mine even worked 3 months after its last charge! You want the best sex toys for men, it must include the Verge! It’s waterproof, smooth, flexible, and of course very pleasurable. With 6 different vibration patterns and 4 different vibration intensities the possibilities are truly endless! Just remember to put it on while flaccid. I made the mistake of trying to get it on while already erect and it was a serious task.

vibrating penis ring, sex toys for men


The MIO by Je Joue is unique due to the extra slim size, super soft body-safe silicone, and very flexible. I was surprised by the power the MIO had for its size. It’s also waterproof and USB rechargeable. This cock ring keeps him harder for longer and gives her intense external waves of pleasure with each thrust. Share the mind-blowing orgasms simultaneously!

mio, sex toys for men

Sex Toys for Men: Sleeves

Male sleeves are very common for solo masturbation sessions. However, when using sex toys for men, a lot of men don’t realize these sleeves are great for her or him to use on him as foreplay too! When picking a masturbation sleeve out, start with what type of material you would like. A soft flexible silicone, or something firmer. I suggest staying away from jelly materials, they are usually extremely cheap but retain bad odor and shouldn’t be used more than a handful of times (no pun intended). Stick with medical grade silicone, 100% body-safe materials, and TPE / TPR. Even though you are not penetrating with a sex sleeve, you still can get skin irritations and rashes from low quality “junk” material.

Picking the right size sleeve for you is important for a pleasurable experience. Most male sleeves are made from various lengths and widths. But silicone sleeves are flexible with good stretch to them. So, unless you consider yourself “abnormal” size, most sleeves fit a fairly wide range of male sizes. If you want to sink fully into the sleeve you will need something longer than the size of your penis. I’ve noticed that stimulating the entire shaft is not necessary for an amazing experience, especially since most of the nerve endings are in the tip of your penis, not the base.

Next, you will want to determine if you want vibration or not. Vibration adds another variable of pleasure to the entire experience. All sleeves that offer vibration can be turned off and used without it as well of course. It’s a personal preference thing, just like the suction choices. Do you want something open ended, close ended, adjustable suction, or something that opens for easy cleaning after?

Here are the top masturbation sleeves for men on the market:


The Pulse lll solo by Hot Octopuss has won many awards and for good reason! This masturbation sleeve uses oscillations to stimulate a man with 5 pre-set vibration modes. I found it great for shower and tub play… just crank the hot water and relax with an extremely pleasurable jack-off. Nothing’s better after a long day at work!

The Pulse lll solo also offers a “Turbo Function” that allows the user to jump to maximum power from any level. Don’t forget if you want to control it with a remote or let your partner control it the PULSE lll DUO offers that option. This cutting-edge design is created to fit in with people’s lifestyles, not just their bedroom.

male stimulator, sex toys for men


The Manta by Fun Factory is one of the most pleasurable sex sleeves I’ve ever used. The sleeve is really more of a wand type design, with two flexible “wings” that wrap the shaft of the male. It can be used in a multitude of ways: As a BJ tool, during intercourse turning your penis into a vibrator, and of course for solo stroking. It even has built in ridges to hold the perfect amount of lube during solo masturbation. The Manta has 6 speeds and 6 vibration patters. Not to mention a travel lock to keep your suit case from vibrating its way through security!

Manta Fun Factory, sex toys for men


The flip hole white by Tenga is an extremely pleasurable male sex sleeve. It is designed for solo masturbation; not to say a woman couldn’t use it on him as foreplay. This is the “Cadillac” of pleasure when it comes to masturbation sleeves. As your penis slides through it, it goes on a long journey of pleasure! Sounds weird until you actually try it… First is a lip flap for vacuum and suction, then it goes through ribs that stimulate from both sides, then a 360 degree stimulation around your tip! Just one stage of pleasure after the next! You can control the pressure at each stage through a push button on the side and when your all done, just open it up to wash it out!

The most unique thing of the Tenga flip hole white is both the sleek and sexy look along with the special TPE material. The TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) is made with anti-microbials and FDA approved. So, if you want the most pleasurable sex toys for men; look no further!

Tenga Flip Hole White; Male sex toy


The Pocket Pulse Remote is another extremely pleasurable sex sleeve by Hot Octopuss. This vibrating “stroker” is unique because of its size and weight. This sleeve is only 3.5 inches long and 3 inches wide! It can be used either flaccid or erect. Once erect this sex sleeve is completely hands-free! It has 2 large vibration motors that deliver deep rumbly vibrations throughout your entire shaft. Once around the shaft just use the remote and lube to sit back and enjoy the waves of pleasure to climax!

sex toys for men, pocket pulse, hot octopuss

Sex Toys for Men: Butt Plugs

Until the last decade butt plugs and anal beads were really not used by straight men. Finally, a shift in our society has viewed anal sex toys differently for men. “If they are extremely pleasurable, why not use them” approach is now being taken! This revelation has opened the doors to so many new anal sex toys and so many more prostate orgasms around the world!

Butt plugs are used slightly different than anal beads. Butt plugs are usually a single large bulb with a large flared base. Designed to be inserted and stay in during solo masturbation, penetrative sex, or as a form of foreplay around the house. Butt plugs help stimulate the male prostate; a gland around the base of the urethra that can be stimulated through the anus. Male prostate orgasms brought through anal stimulation are said to be 33% more intense than a standard orgasm brought through penis stimulation.

Here are the best male butt plugs available:

B Balls DUO:

The B Balls Duo by Fun Factory are very unique due to having small weighted rotating balls inside of the butt plug. These balls swing, rotate, bounce, and react to your every movement. This delivers subtle waves a pleasure as you walk, masturbate, or engage in sex. They are medical grade silicone and 100% body-safe working well with any type of lube! Not to mention they are extremely quite due to not having a motor, perfect for a night out on the town if you dare!

B Balls Duo, fun factory, sex toy for man

Bootie Ring:

The Bootie Ring by Fun Factory is another extremely high-quality butt plug. This one is a little different than most, it comes with a strap that is connected to a silicone cock ring. What happens when you take the highest rated most comfortably designed silicone butt plug and attach a cock ring to it? I didn’t really know what to expect at first, but holyshit! With each thrust into my partner the ring stimulated her clitoris and the slight tug on the ring pulled the butt plug into my P-spot. So, each thrust not only stimulated her, but also stimulated my P-spot! Talk about a genius and orgasmic concept when considering the best sex toys for men!

This butt plug is extremely easy to insert with just a dab of lube and also offers a raised area that massages the perineum. If you want an affordable all-in-one male butt plug, look no further!

foreplay, bootie ring by fun factory in a hand


The Pure Plug 2.0 by Njoy is a 100% stainless steel butt plug; that offers zero friction during entry with just a dab of lube. It is extremely non-porous so it can be cleaned very easily and not retain any smell. Not to mention the curved stem stimulates the P-spot perfectly. While the slim oval handle sits perfectly between the cheeks perfectly. I noticed I could sit upright on it with no discomfort, the first stiff butt plug I can say that about!

I do recommend this for more intermediate to advanced anal play users. The bulb that has ridges for pleasure is slightly larger than most butt plugs for men. So, if you’re looking for that “fullness” feeling from a sexy, luxurious, and badass looking butt plug:

Stainless Steel Butt Plug, male sex toy, sex toys for men


The “Hugo” butt plug by Lelo is the “Cadillac of all butt plugs”. When talking best sex toys for men nothing offers the features of the Hugo. You have every option possible in an extremely pleasurable, sleek, and sexy butt plug. Just to list a few of the options: It’s waterproof, USB-rechargeable, remote-controlled, 2 independent vibrating motors, and 72 different vibration combinations for patterns and intensities! I think the best feature is the remote… No more fumbling awkwardly with a plug in your backside full of lube. Just click the button and you’re onto the next setting!

Hugo butt plug, sex toys for Men


The Multiplayer by Diskret is a beautiful hand-blown glass butt plug. With safe flared base and tapered bulb for easy insertion this pleasurable butt plug is extremely elegant looking. I get the pleasure of watching a true artist at work, heating and forming glass into the shape. He then twists the glass as he swirls pure 24K gold throughout. Just a dab of gold flake can swirl into a gold / rose gold shimmer throughout. If you want a truly unique jewel that nobody else carries, check out the Multiplayer:

sex toys for men, diskret, butt plug

Sex Toys for Men: Anal Beads

Anal beads are another extremely pleasurable sex toy for men. They are used slightly different than butt plugs. Anal beads are usually multiple beads that connect in a row and gradually get larger in size. They stimulate the P-spot and two ringed muscles around the anus. By inserting and removing a bead whenever looking for a boost in stimulation, you now have even better control over your orgasms. They can be used during penetrative sex with a partner, during solo masturbation, or as foreplay before sex. The best part of anal beads and butt plugs; they allow your shaft to be stimulated simultaneously. So, now you can experience blended orgasms like never before!

My favorite way to use anal beads is during foreplay to get very turned on. Then I leave them in during sex or during masturbation. Just before I orgasm, I slowly remove the beads to put me over the edge. There is no other sensation quite like it!

Check out these anal beads if your looking or the best sex toys for men:

Vibrating Anal Beads

The vibrating anal beads by FemmeFunn are the highest quality anal beads for men. They have a single button for user friendly control, 20 powerful vibration modes, and are lightweight. These discreet beads are both flexible and quiet. They are great for strengthen your PC muscles and P-spot orgasms from another planet! Just relax, lay back, and enjoy the endless waves of pleasure these vibrating anal beads provide.

vibrating anal beads, male sex toy

B-Vibe Cinco:

Above in the butt plug section I talked about how the HUGO was the “Cadillac of all butt plugs”. Well the B-Vibe Cinco is the “Cadillac of all anal beads”. Jammed full of every feature known to man, just how I like it! I’m talking remote controlled, waterproof, USB rechargeable, 6 vibration intensity levels, and 15 vibration patterns. Its incredibly smooth and I experienced next to no friction during entry with my favorite water-based lube. It has a travel lock, 1-year hassle-free warranty and nice ergonomic hooked handle for immense control.  Due to the size of beads, I highly recommend these to ambitious beginners or more advanced anal play users.

B-Vibe, Cinco, anal beads,sex toys for men

FUN Wand:

The Fun Wand by Njoy is another unique work of pleasurable art! The Fun Wand is 100% stainless steel and highest-ranking anal bead among sex toys for men. It has two different ends for a versatile experience. It offers a single larger bulb or 3 anal beads. With a beautiful curve it guarantees P-spot stimulation for all. The best feature about stainless steel is the smooth entry and ability to clean afterwards. Nothing is so simple, pleasurable, and of course badass looking!

sex toys for men, male sex toy, anal beads

Top Lubes for Men:

Here are my favorite lubes, but this is really a personal preference thing. Why I enjoy these lubes the most is because they are great for anal play. I have more sensitive skin, and I have had a lot of issues with different lubes throughout the years. These seem the best for sensitive skin, plus don’t require you to re-apply a hundred different times throughout a single session. Are some lubes better for men than women? No, we all have the exact same anatomy when it comes to the anus. So, try recommending these to your female friends as well!

Good Clean Love:

This is my favorite water-based lube. Its great for silicone sex toys because it won’t break down the material and lasts a long time. It works great on my sensitive skin and cleans off the sheets and clothing with just a normal wash cycle.

water based lube by good clean love


Coconu is my favorite oil-based lube. Just a dab will last you an hour of play and is a must if you plan on doing any water play. Take this for the tub or shower so your lube won’t wash away in the water. Put a towel down if you plan on using in bed, it will stain the sheets or clothing. However, one apply in the beginning should last you the entire sex session!

oil based lube, lube for men

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