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25 Life-Defining Sex Toys for Women!


By: Jessica & Lee Owners of DiskretAdultLife, February 27th, 2019

Vaginal Penetration / G-Spot Stimulation / Clitoral Stimulation / Blended Stimulation / Hands-Free / Anal Stimulation

As a sex toy expert, enthusiast, and writer I have seen and used a lot of sex toys for women! Everything from wands, clitoral vibrators, glass dildos, and rabbit vibrators. With years of testing and research under my belt I am going to share the best sex toys for women in each category. These are the top 25 game changing sex toys for women broken down by what they stimulate.

I have always been a firm believer in: “My favorite mind-blowing sex toy might not be your favorite.” All our bodies are unique and behave differently when stimulated. It’s not an easy task finding the perfect sex toys for your own unique body type. I know for me; clitoral stimulation is my ticket to earth shattering full body orgasms; but it might be vaginal penetration or anal stimulation for you. So, I took each form of stimulation and broke down the best sex toys for women in each class. I don’t think you will be disappointed with any of these sex toys, however if you pick one under a stimulation category you know works for you… Look out!! I see multiple climaxes on the horizon!

How do I determine good sex toys for women vs. a bad ones?

I rank on a scale based on these attributes:

    • Women’s testimonies
    • Personal experience
    • The sex toy features
    • The price of the toy
    • Type of material (100% body-safe)
    • Style of design (100% body-safe)
    • Manufacturing details
    • How loud the toy is during use
    • If the sex toy is user friendly
    • How durable the sex toy is (warranty)


These are the main items that separate the great sex toys for women vs. the mediocre vs. the low-quality. Just about every single sex toy listed below has been proven to provide the general population of women enormous amounts of pleasure. So, get ready for a new level of pleasure in the bedroom!

The Best Sex Toys for Women: Vaginal Penetration

When talking standard vaginal penetration… nothing crazy, the first thing that comes to mind are dildos. When I say nothing crazy… please understand sometimes “simpler is better” for women! Sure, some sex toy features can be handy, but not every woman find these to be a necessity. Sometimes the vibration, intensity, and noise can be a distraction. So, when thinking basic, think dildos. When thinking the best mind-blowing dildos think these:

-Fun Wand:

The fun wand is a 100% stainless steel double-sided dildo. With one side slightly curved for g-spot stimulation and the other side with three graduating sized balls. These balls can be used for vaginal penetration or anal stimulation. That makes this the most versatile dildo I’ve ever seen. Don’t forget the fact stainless steel is safer than most body materials and is extremely easy to clean!

graduated stainless steel dildo, sex toys for women

Dive Deeper into the Fun Wand here.

– Moon Wand:

The moon wand is a crystal dildo; hand polished from pure black obsidian. The moon wand is simple but extremely pleasurable. The black obsidian allows for friction free penetration with just a dab of lube. You’ll want to show off this jewel to your partner instead of hiding it in a night stand drawer! The moon wand takes classy sex toys for women to a whole new level!

moon wand crystal dildo, sex toys for women

Take a closer look at the Moon Wand here.

– Companion:

Another extremely unique dildo only offered by Diskret. The Companion is a premium glass dildo with a slight curve for g-spot stimulation and large bulb like head. The companion is extremely pleasurable and easy to glide in place. Don’t forget it has real 24k gold flakes infused throughout giving it a flash of fire spinning through the center! I’ve watched these glass dildos blown by hand with extreme care. The attention to detail in is second to none.

coming out, sex toys for women

Get personal with the Companion here.

The Best Sex Toys for Women: G-Spot Stimulation

When it comes to the best sex toys for women that provide g-spot stimulation; you have hundreds of options. All different shapes, sizes, colors and designs. So how the heck are you supposed to pick out the best for you? Think about the shape and the features! The shape is very important to g-spot stimulation. G-spot sex toys for women need to have a very slight curve with an easy to control handle. I can’t tell you how frustrating it becomes when your so close to “itching that scratch” but just can’t get the right angle.

So, if you want to hit the g-spot every time with a sex toy that is fully loaded with features; look no further than:


The G-Kii by Je Joue is an amazing g spot vibrator. You can push a button and bend the vibrator up to 180 degrees! Once you let go of the button it will remain locked in that position until you push it again. This allows you to adjust it to the perfect angle FOR YOU! Every womens g-spot requires a unique angle to them; so what better than a sex toy for women that can adapt to each and every curve.

G-spot vibrator, how to use a vibrator

Take a closer look at the G-Kii here.


The Rave is one of my favorites due to the features. This sex toy for women is splash proof, rechargeable, app friendly, 10 vibe modes, and extremely powerful motors. It’s offered by We-Vibe, a highly reputable sex toy manufacturer and will last a lifetime! The app hook-up is one of the coolest things I’ve seen. You can control the vibrator and customize your vibe patterns right from your phone.

we-vibe Rave, best toy for sex

Examine the Rave vibrator here.


Talk about sleek, sexy, luxurious. This g spot vibrator will rock your world! Lelo never seems to disappoint and this vibrator is no exception. Packed full of every feature under the sun and curved for perfect penetration with a nice large ergonomic handle. The control I experienced with this is astonishing.

ISLA, sex toys for women

Feel the ISLA power here.

-Jil MILA:

This sex toy for women flies under the radar. Most have not heard of the Jil Mila but be prepared for an evolutionary rabbit vibrator. The classic design is already proven out and Jil takes it to a new level. It has 10 vibe modes, waterproof, USB rechargeable, ergonomic friendly, and very flexible.

Jil, sex toys for women

I got mine here.

The Best Sex Toys for Women: Clitoral Stimulation

After surveying over 2,000 American women of all ages: 37% of the women said they need clitoral stimulation in order to experience an orgasm. Only 18% of the women said vaginal penetration alone was enough to climax. With that being said… women not only enjoy clitoral stimulation; a lot of women require it! So if your looking for the best sex toys for women that provide powerful clit vibes; look no further:


The Tango is hands down the most powerful clitoral vibrator for women. It’s a very bold statement but I would love for someone to prove me wrong. The motor on this thing will have you shaking; not only from power but from climaxing so many times. It has all the features, plus is manufactured by trusty We-Vibe. The discreet size makes it perfect for travel too.

We Vibe Tango, sex toys for women

Start shaking with the Tango here.

-Sona Cruise:

It’s called the 90 second orgasm machine. This sex toy for women uses a sonic pulse wave technology to simulate “sucking” on the clit. It stimulates the clitoris all the way down to the roots; which most sex toys for women only stimulate the external part. My favorite time to use it is soaking in a warm bath. Nothing relives the stress of a day faster than a warm bath and quick orgasm!

womens masturbator, sex toys for women

Start your 90 second climax here.

-Le Wand:

A spin of the classic wand vibrators. The Le Wand delivers intense clitoris stimulation with 10 rumbly vibration speeds and 20 vibration patterns. The best part is the rotating 360 degree flexible head has different attachments. So, you can throw a different head on and start using it for vaginal penetration too! This is your highest quality wand currently available… period.

Luxury Vibrator Le Wand White on stand featured

Hit this quality wand here.

-Ora 2:

If you enjoy receiving oral sex, this sex toy will blow you away. The Ora 2 uses a large rotating nub that sits beneath a smooth silicone skin layer. It vibrates and stimulates through rotational pleasure. It feels so realistic… You’ll swear your partners down there.

oral sex stimulator, sex toys for women

Find endless oral here.

-Womanizer 2 Go:

The womanizer 2 Go is a discreet travel size sex toy for women. This toy uses the pulse wave technology to slip over the top of your clit and simulate “sucking”. The small lipstick looking toy will bring endless waves of pleasure. I pack mine in the purse for a “quickie” at a moments notice. This pulse wave technology has become my new best friend.

2go clitoral stimuator vibrator

Check out my new best friend.

The Best Sex Toys for Women: Clitoral & Vaginal Stimulation

Have you ever heard of a blended orgasm? These are rated the longest and most intense orgasms by women across the spectrum. A blended orgasm is when you climax from two or more forms of stimulation that are happening simultaneously. The most common form of this would be from vaginal penetration along with clitoral stimulation. During solo masturbation these sex toys for women hit the perfect spots simultaneously. So prepare for earthshattering results:


The Enigma is one of the most powerful vibrators I’ve experienced to date. I love the dual independent motors one in the shaft and one in the clitoral vibrator. The curved body hits the g spot and allows for intense orgasms through blended stimulation. It is also extremely flexible and fully waterproof. Honestly, I have not had a single complaint about the Enigma yet; just a well-rounded quality vibrator.

womens masturbator, enigma

Experience the Enigma power here.

-Iconic Rabbit 2:

Does it get more iconic than the rabbit vibe? I think not! The Iconic rabbit 2.0 takes the classic rabbit vibe design (the most famous vibrator on planet earth) and gives it a 21st century spin. Were talking USB rechargeable, whisper quiet, waterproof, and digital controls. “Shut up, and take my money!”

rabbit 2 rechargeable vibrator

Hit this rabbit vibe for women here.

-Boom Fir:

The Boom Fir is also one of my top vibrators for blended orgasms because of the unique rotating brush. The bristles rotate and turn at the same time. When this brush caresses your clit… look out! Between the penetrating shaft and brush your in for the ride of your life. Remember to lube the brush and shaft beforehand, it gives it a better feel to start.

Boom Fir, Vibrator

Get the Boom Fir here.

– Boom Cyclone

Very similar to the Boom Fir, the Boom cyclone offers another very unique and pleasurable clitoris brush. This brush has bristles and has 10 different vibration modes. The flexible bristles make full contact with your clit while the slightly curved shaft stimulates your g-spot. Not a mainstream sex toy for women yet… but get it now before it’s hard to find in stock!

cyclone, sex toys for women

Get rolling with the Cyclone here.

The Best Sex Toys for Women: Couples & Hands-Free

Perhaps you want a sex toy you can enjoy with a partner? Not all sex toys for women are designed to be used during solo masturbation sessions. These sex toys are packed with features and are designed to be used during sex or without the use of your hands. Sex has never felt so good with a little help from:

-Eva II:

The Eva ll is my latest craze! I’ve used this thing the last 3 times I’ve been with my partner and for good reason. The Eva ll has two flexible wings that hold it between your labia. This makes it a hands-free orgasmic experience; or in my case, great to use during penetrative sex too! It has all the latest features and offers a 3-year warranty through Dame.

Eva ii, Dame, vibrator

Get vibe’in with the Eva ll now.


Rated the #1 couples sex toy the last 3 years running… it speaks for itself. The powerful We-Vibe Sync does not disappoint. It has a flexible adjustable fit, 2 vibrating motors, great for all beginners and extremely quiet. It was featured in Women’s Health, GQ, and Refinery29 for how great of sex experience it is with couples. The Sync penetrates her (vibrating on her g-spot) and wraps around to vibrate on the clitoris. All while being so slim the guy can still penetrate; which vibes on his shaft also!

sexual bucket list

Try the Sync for double the fun here.

– IDA:

Similar to the Sync this is Lelo’s spin on the couple’s sex toy. This sex toy penetrates the women and has a spinning finger for intense pleasure. At the same time the guy can penetrate. It’s hard to find quality couples sex toys but this nails it. Unless you plan to use a cock ring; I suggest using the IDA or Sync with your partner.

remote controlled couples massager

Get spinning with the IDA here.

-Luna Beads Noir:

Made famous by “50 Shades of Grey” the Ben-Wa-Ball scene has exploded. These great sex toys for women are the perfect way to heat things up. Think of them as the ultimate form of foreplay, or a great pelvic workout. While ben-wa-balls don’t really provide explosive orgasms (at least not for me) they do provide subtle waves of pleasure; leaving you extremely turned on. The Luna Beads Noir are my favorite because they have some weight behind them and when they hit each other inside of you, it sends vibes throughout your entire body.

weighted kegel balls

Start hitting waves of pleasure with Luna Beads Noir here.

The Best Sex Toys for Women: Anal Stimulation

Who doesn’t love butt play? Not all sex toys for women are meant to be used on your front side. Some of the more pleasurable experiences come from stimulating your backside. This can be done during masturbation or while engaging in penetrative or oral sex. The orgasmic possibilities really open up when you enjoy anal stimulation. I always said “don’t knock it until you try it”. It may take multiple times of trying it before your body understands the pleasure it brings. So, if your willing to give it a try or perhaps you’re experienced in anal and looking for the best anal sex toys; here you go:


I call it the “Cadillac” of butt plugs. This great sex toy for women screams luxury and pleasure. Offered exclusively from Lelo this butt plug has every feature available… and then some. It has 2 vibrating motors, water proof, USB rechargeable, and even a remote controller. The remote makes the anal play hassle free during masturbation. Once the Hugo is in adjust all the settings with the remote instead of fumbling around awkwardly with a lubed-up butt plug that’s inserted in you. Don’t forget the size makes it perfect for beginner to intermediate users!

Hugo butt plug, sex toys for women

Fall in love with the Hugo here.

-Bootie 3 Pc. Set:

3 sex toys for women for the price of one? Heck yea, the bootie 3 pc. Set by Fun Factory offers three different yet very pleasurable butt plugs for the price of one. These butt plugs come in 3 sizes for beginners to advanced users. Great to use as a training kit in preparation for anal sex or working your way up to some larger anal sex toys.

bootie set lying on table with a couple in the background

Check these butt plugs out here.

-Pure Plug Med:

The pure plug medium in another great sex toy offered by Njoy. This 100% stainless steel butt plug will have your eyes rolling with pleasure. The zero drag effect by the steel allows easy insertion. The size is perfect for intermediate users and the slim oval handle allows for easy control. I was able to sit upright with the pure plug in, and experience total euphoria. No more discomfort from odd handles or poor designs.

butt plug, Njoy, sex toys for women

Fall in love with Njoy here

-B-Vibe Cinco:

B-Vibe offers a laundry list of amazing sex toys for women. The Cinco is no exception. These anal beads come with 6 vibration levels, 15 vibration patterns, a remote control, splash proof, USB rechargeable, and full travel case. What’s not to love? Due to the rather large size of the graduating beads I do suggest this for intermediate or expert anal play users.

B-Vibe, Cinco, anal beads

Get B-Vibin’ now.

-Bendy Beads

I love these simplistic anal beads for a couple reasons. The price is amazing, plus they are made by Fun Factory so you know they are high-quality and body safe. I use them while stimulating my front side for blended (vaginal & anal) orgasms. Just remember to slowly remove them just as you climax, for longer more intense orgasms.

bendy beads, sex toys for women

Check out these quality anal beads here.

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