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80 Examples of Sexting You Need to Use!


By Lee & Jessica, Owners of DiskretAdultLife, August 31st, 2018

We don’t only specialize in sex toys, but all aspects of sex. Although sexting is not sex, it is one of the most utilized aspect of foreplay in the nation. Everyone texts we know… but everyone is sexting too! This might seem obvious, but there is actually technique involved in building the anticipation required to experience a more pleasurable time in bed.

We’ve pointed this out before in our “how to have the best sex” blog where we explain the best sex of your life requires a lot of anticipation. This anticipation and foreplay does not start 5 mins into your sexual experience, but should start in the morning and go all day. This makes sexting the perfect way to turn each other on and prepare for the big show. Go until the point you’re ready to tear those clothes of your partner and jump them like theres no tomorrow.

Use these 80 examples of sexting below to turn your partner on to the point of exploding; with only having to lift one finger…

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What is Sexting?

Sexting is the art of texting or instant messaging your partner in a sexy way. In a sense its dirty talk through text messages. Who doesn’t love dirty talk? It’s not the easiest thing to engage in dirty talk in the bedroom, coming up with things to say that will turn your partner on and not kill the mood.

Dirty talk is complicated, but sexting is a little easier, you have time to think about what your saying. It also gives you time to react to your partners messages and feel out the direction they are heading with it.

Still, sexting is not as simple as you might imagine. It’s a cat & mouse game between you and your partner. If its your first time sexting you need to feel out what degree your partner is willing to take it to, and what degree are you willing to take it too? It’s something you develop over time with your partner and we suggest starting slow and ramping it up as you go along, if your partner is ramping up as well.

How to Sext:


Sexting is all about getting into a mindset. Turn your normal thinking into everything sexually related. Any comment can really be twisted into a sexual reference so have fun with it and start light and sexy. Once you get a feel for the situation start diving deeper into your true desires and see how they respond.

If you are really craving to have them go down on you later, don’t start with “hey, you should blow me later…” Obviously this isn’t going to turn out in your favor. Start slow and work your way up throughout the day. Once things are super heated, mention how you want to trade going down on each other later. How you can’t stop thinking about it. Describe in great detail every action you want him or her to take.

The juicy details are really what help build the anticipation so get your creative hats on and really picture it in your head. What exactly do you want to do to them? How exactly do you picture your sex going later? Then describe it to them in excruciating detail. This not only turns you on, but your partner as well. Plus, you both are on the same page for what’s going to happen later which makes things even smoother in the bedroom.

Sexting for Beginners:

The art of sexting is developed through experience and finding a partner that fully engages in it. If your partner is embarrassed or not willing to engage, you can try to tone things way down. Then slowly work your way up on the sexting hotness scale. Here are some very basic sexting examples to start out with:

  • What are you going to wear for our date tonight?
  • I can’t wait to see you tonight.
  • Where do you see tonight going?
  • I can’t wait to kiss you.
  • Let’s light a candle tonight, and heat things up.
  • I can’t wait to get cozy and cuddle up later.
  • After dinner lets go back to my place?
  • I’ll get your favorite type of wine to start things off later.
  • I can’t stop thinking about last night…
  • Are you thinking what I’m think we should do tonight?

Sexting Examples:

There are thousands of sexting examples, so I will go through some great sexting ideas below to kick things off. This is important, these messages are great one liners you can pull out throughout the conversation to ramp things up. I cannot tell you how far to take things or where your sexting conversation will lead. But these ideas will drive your partner wild and leave them licking their lips for what’s to come later. Here are some example previews:

  • I have a new sex toy I am looking to test out, will you be my test subject?
  • I can’t wait to tie you up later.
  • Remember that one time you did (blank) to me?
  • I can’t wait to kiss and lick every square inch of you.
  • You have such an amazing body, it would be a shame to hide it under clothing tonight.
  • I’m so wet just thinking about what you’re going to do to me.
  • I can’t wait to blow you, but first you need to (blank) for me.
  • I’m masturbating right now to the thought of you.
  • I read this article on anal play today, want to give it a shot?
  • I’m watching porn right now, I can’t wait to try this new position on you.

Sexting Requests:

Sexting your partner in a way you are asking them to do something. Something you are craving, something you have been thinking about, your deepest desires:

  • I want you to kiss & touch my (blank).
  • I want you inside me right now, I can’t take it any longer.
  • Will you put it in my mouth?
  • Can I be the one in charge tonight, and you do as I say?
  • I want you to tie me up and whisper in my ear.
  • Tell me what you’re thinking of when you masturbate.
  • I’ve been a bad boy/girl, tell me what my punishment is.
  • I want you to tease me for an hour before we start.
  • I want you to wear that underwear that drives me wild.
  • I bought you special lingerie, will you wear it later?


Sexting Tease:

Sexting is a complete tease for you both, and really helps build the sexual tension between you. This tension can build and build throughout the day until you unleash it all at once in the best sex of your life. Here are some amazing sexting ideas to tease your partner with:

  • I’m touching myself right now, I wish you could watch.
  • It’s too bad you’re not here to give me a hand right now.
  • I’m so wet right now, you can see it through my panties.
  • Let me tell you about this dream I had last night…
  • Tonight, you’re not going to cum until I say you can.
  • I just got out of the tub, come dry me off?
  • I’m a little busy right now, you can’t touch me until later.
  • No need for lube, I’m already dripping.
  • Bring the sex toy tonight.
  • I brought a new sex toy; can we try it out later?

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Sexting Complement:

Nothing is sexier than telling a man or women how amazing they are. Give them a complement but beyond your simple “you look good” as your heading out the door. Sexting them something they will never forget, something that will make them smirk later just thinking about it. Here are a few examples of sexy new ways of sexting your partner and giving them a complement at the same time.

  • I can’t handle myself when I’m around you; I want you so bad.
  • The anticipation of orgasming with you is making it hard to focus at work.
  • You turn me on like no one I have ever been with.
  • The best part about rolling around in the sheets with you is getting to feel your (blank).
  • It drives me wild how good you feel inside me.
  • The best part about running my fingers through your hair, is how it turns into a firm grip when you make me orgasm.
  • I love spending time with you, both in and outside the bedroom.
  • I can’t get enough of you and your body.
  • You brighten my entire day & night…
  • You’re so attractive it makes it impossible for me to last long in bed.

When Sexting…Bring up the Past:

Bringing up the past doesn’t always have to be a negative thing in a relationship. If you had an amazing time with your partner the other night, last week, or even a few months ago… Bring it up! Make them well aware you had a great time, it will encourage them to do it again.

It is a huge turn on talking about things you’ve done to each other. Make sure to bring up every little detail you can remember, this will show them you really care about the moments you have together. This will have your partners mind racing about the next possible encounters with you.

  • Remember that one time when you did (blank) to me?
  • When was the last time we did (blank) together?
  • I can’t stop thinking about that blowjob last night.
  • Can we do that one position we did the other week?
  • I want you to do exactly what you did last time when we were in the (blank).
  • I could hardly contain myself when you went down on me.
  • How did you like it when I (blank)?
  • I really miss the feeling of you cuming on me.
  • Remember when you did (blank) with your tongue?
  • I can’t believe we did it in (blank) where do you want to do it next?

Sexting About your Deepest Desires:

Telling your partner about your deepest, darkest desires, and fantasies is not easy. Even if you are extremely open and close with your partner, you may not want to open up about a fantasy or worry how they might respond to it. However, sexting makes it easier to talk about the fantasy. You can feel out how far your partner is willing to take things through sexting and you have a few minutes to think about your response before blurting something out you might regret.

Start sexing about past times with your partner or the basic things you can’t wait to do with them. If they seem very open about taking it further, you can start branching into more fantasies until you feel comfortable about completely opening pandoras box. Here are some ways to sext about a fantasy you might have.

  • I can’t wait for you to tie me up later, and have your way with me.
  • I am going to bring out your favorite sex toy tonight.
  • You can watch me use a sex toy until you just can’t take it another second.
  • I’m daydreaming about you spanking me and pulling my hair.
  • I’ve been bad, its time for you to come punish me.
  • I read this article about giving head today, what do you think about it?
  • I’ve been picturing a threesome with you, what do you think about that?
  • I want to go somewhere public and touch you without people noticing.
  • I want you to ride me until just before I cum, and then stop. Just for a tease.
  • I’m going to make you squirt with this sex toy I bought for you.

Sexting Anticipation:

The most important part of sexting is building the anticipation for both you and your partner. If you’re not starting to turn them on, you’re doing it wrong. Build the anticipation by giving them a little preview of what is about to come.

Do a little foreshadowing without revealing ever detail. Have them wondering about what else you plan on doing. What else is yet to come? This will have them daydreaming and extremely turned on before you even meet up.

  • Tonight, I want you to just lay back and let me do all the work.
  • I can’t wait for tonight… I’m going to make you cum like never before.
  • I’m going to have you so turned on by watching me use this sex toy, your going to begging to put it in me.
  • The second I walk through that door, I’m going to ravage you.
  • I’m not going to bother wearing clothes tonight, since I know you plan on ripping them off anyway.
  • Tonight, you can do anything you want to me.
  • I have a surprise for you when later.
  • My luxury sex toy is charging right now.
  • I’m going to lick every square inch of you.
  • I’m going to tie you up later, then whisper in your ear…

Sexting Summary:

Sexting can be an amazing way to mix up any relationship. It has the ability to build up some explosive sexual tension that will have both you and your partner ready to go before you even see each other.

Remember sexting doesn’t have to be XXX to build anticipation. Sometimes simple subtle hints of what’s to come can get your partners mind running wild.

The easiest way to start out is sexting about a previous sexual encounter the two of you had with each other. Talk about what you enjoyed most, and what you have been fantasizing about trying with them. Happy sexting and enjoy the benefits & pleasure that it brings!

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