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20 Legendary Sexual Positions!


By: Jessica & Lee Founders of Diskret_Adult_Life

Since the beginning of time people have been looking for new and pleasurable ways to hook up. The Karma Sutra which was written between 100 -500 A.D. is essentially a book documenting different ways to penetrate a partner. With illustrations and all! But why are we all so curious about new sexual positions? If you can have more pleasurable sex, drive your partner to new orgasmic heights, and leave everyone sexually satisfied why not?! Pleasure and variety are the spice of life! Explore new erogenous zones, amp up the excitement, and see your partner in new ways (literally!)

Of course, there are extremely complex sexual positions, but in most cases something so simple as trying a new angle can lead to increased pleasure, and more intimate sex. Pushing your limits can lead to a special experience shared between you and you’re partner. Also, switching things up to new sexual positions increases the likelihood of a more frequent and intense orgasm.

Need I say more?

So, let’s get started! Here are the best sexual positions for heterosexual couples based on level of difficulty and popularity. (See one we’ve missed that’s your personal favorite? Please contact us and let us know so we can add it here!)

Sexual Positions for Heterosexual Couples

Each heterosexual position comes with a brief description with tips. Any related safety notes will be noted. Want to try something ambitious? Please communicate with your partner ahead of time and start slow. If something just isn’t working for one of you, simply move on to the next sexual position. These are the top 5 positions in the beginner, kinky, and advanced levels. Select your sex positions based on just how ambitious and experienced you are!

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Sexual Positions (Beginner Level):

Everyone should try these sex positions! They are basic but very pleasurable. A great way to break the daily routine and throw a little spice in your sex life. While these give the guy or girl a new view during penetrative sex, they also feel totally unique. These lead to overwhelming orgasms that feel completely different than when in standard missionary position. You don’t have to be superman or superwoman to dabble in these comfortable and less straining positions either:

  • Doggy Style:

One of the most popular and pleasurable beginner sex positions there is! Doggy style is great for deep penetration. It’s a rear sexual position in which the female crouches on all four, while the male penetrates her vaginally or anally. This sex position is great for males who find their partners butt a big turn on! It can reverse roles in a “pegging style position” but this requires the female to wear a strap on.

doggy style, sexual position

  • Shoulder Hold:

The shoulder hold sex position is a twist on missionary. For this the female lays on her back and props her legs on the male’s shoulders. She can have one leg on each shoulder, or both legs off to either side. This slightly props her butt up and allows for easy vaginal and anal penetration. The male can kneel in front of her and help guide her legs or use a hand to caress her erogenous zones like her breasts.

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  • X Marks The Spot:

For this sexual position the women lays on her back with her knees wrapped over the males mid-section. This allows the male to penetrate while facing her perpendicularly. It’s easiest if she starts with her legs straight up while he first penetrates then slowly drops them over his waist. This sex position allows for easy access to her clitoris, to stimulate with a vibrator or fingers. This position requires very little stamina or strength.

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  • Relaxed Dog:

The relaxed dog sex position is great for slow, sensual, and passionate male thrusting. The female lays on her stomach with her legs closed, while the male mounts her from behind. He should be on his knees with them split one on each side of her legs. She can thrust her hips or give a slight lift if she desires a new angle. Even throw a pillow under her mid-section to give a raised angle.

sexual position

  • All Wrapped Up:

The wrap around is an intimate position where the male sits upright, while the female wraps around his core. This position allows for deep penetration and a great way to spice things up. Perfect for deep penetration with a cock ring for clitoral stimulation. This is a romantic position because you are face-to-face while the female can move up and down or slide back and forth at her own pace. The male partner can help by guiding her towards him.

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Sexual Positions (Kinky Level):

Feeling a bit more ambitious than the positions listed above? Looking to really turn up the heat and show your partner you’ve moved beyond the basics? While you move through the ranks, I must warn you… Just because the sex positions get slightly more difficult does not mean they will become more pleasurable. Advance through the ranks once you have given the basic sexual positions a try first and looking to explore something new. Here are the top 5 kinky level heterosexual positions!

  • The Back Alley:

This sexual position is sexy, yet easily accessible, and a rear penetrating angle. The male partner sits with his legs extended, allowing her to lower themselves down to vaginal penetration. Its comfortable for both him and her, plus provides a great view for him! The seated male can sit against a wall or headboard as they can tired quick from holding themselves up. The kneeling partner will want something soft for her to rock against. Guys, let her do all the work on this one. She can control speed, angle, and depth of penetration.

doggy style, sex position

  • Amazon Position:

Let’s reverse the missionary and allow her to give it from the top! For this one the guy lays on his back with his bent legs spread apart. She can then gently lower herself down onto his shaft. Allowing for an intimate and wild experience, not the best for those who suffer lower back pain. The male can take control if they so desire, making it an equal sexual position.

amazon sex position

  • All Tied Up:

Bondage can lead to some of the sexiest positions possible. So, pull out those bondage ropes and tie up her legs and hands at a full spread. Multiple versions of this sex position can be applied. Tie him up instead of her, or face on your stomach vs your back. Great for BDSM play; use a blindfold, pinwheel, feather, whip, sex crop, or sex toy to enhance this position!

sex positions

  • Straddle’er:

This relaxing sexual position is where the female lays on her back with on leg up bent over his shoulder. Her other leg is extended straight out. This allows the male to mount her with one leg on each side of her extended leg. He can kneel and allows both of you to remain relaxed and open for a clitoral sex toy. It is not designed for extended amounts of time, for it can be a bit rough on the male’s knees.

sensual position

  • Crab Legs:

The Crab Legs sex position is with the woman on top, her legs are bent in front of her on either side of her partner while she leans back. She can support her weight by leaning on her extended arms. The male lays on his back with one leg on each side of her arms. This can put some strain on the male’s shaft so take things slow and gentle to start. She can glide up and down or grind on back and forth on him. This position specifically targets her G-Spot.

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Sexual Positions (Advanced Level):

These advanced sexual positions are not for everyone! Do not over stress yourself trying to accomplish these. Some look fun and unique, if you’re in good shape and want to give it a whirl, by all means go for it! But please stretch, go slow, and communicate with your partner while trying it the first time. Make it a night to remember by throwing in one of these with your romantic evening!

  • Fusion:

This position the male sits on the bed propped up with this his arms extended behind him. The receiving partner sits on the male’s shaft and leans back. Using her arms extended straight down and legs resting on his shoulders. This sexual position increases muscular tension and will result in a quicker orgasm for her. It also allows the male to lift his butt off the bed, making it easier for her to move and grind on him.

fusion sex position

  • Ridin’ The Waves:

Take things to pornstar level with this sexual position! For this position use a paddle board, surfboard, or large stiff floatie. It can be done when the water is calm or gentle rolling waves. Have her ay on her stomach while the male penetrates from behind laying on top of her back. This position is extremely challenging because the board likes to move and it’s difficult to balance. Start in shallow water to get the feel for it before moving out to deeper waters.

surfing sex position

  • Watch This:

The Watch This position is designed for rear entry where the male is sitting on the edge of the bed with his feet on the floor. The female then puts her hands on the floor and straddles his mid-section with one leg on each side of his waist. This sexual position allows for intense sensations! While it doesn’t offer much room for movement it does provide deep penetration.

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  • Waterfall:

The waterfall positions is where the man lays off the bed, couch, chair, or ottoman with his head on the floor and legs together. While the female mounts him from the top, resting her feet on the edge of the furniture. This position allows for her to be in control of depth and speed. While blood rushes to his head, it enhances the entire experience!

waterfall sex position

  • Wedge:

The wedge sex position is a rear-entry position that uses a sex wedge or stack of pillows. It is great for long comfortable penetration vaginally or anally. Have her lay face down over the wedge and use bondage if you desire. Have her legs together while the male leans over the back of her. His extended arms at her side supporting his weight. Tilting this way puts his shaft at the perfect angle for easy and comfortable penetration. Some athleticism is involved here!

wedge sex


The Best Sex Toy Positions:


 Sex toys can be used with almost every sex position, however some work better than others. These sex positions are ideal for involving a toy with your partner. Why not double the pleasure and totally enhance the orgasmic experience?! While 70% of women require some form of clitoral stimulation in order to climax, not all positions are able to give access to both penetrate and stimulate her clit. Give these a try with a vibrator, cock ring, or couples sex toy for maximum full body orgasms!

  • Lap Dance:

The Lap Dance sexual position has some great benefits. Beyond the fact she can give him a sex lap dance before he penetrates her, it leaves her wide open for clitoral stimulation with something like the womanizer! Have her place the womanizer over her clitoris while she glides up and down or grinds back and forth on his lap! She can allow remain crouched while the male thrusts up and down.

lap dance sex

  • Missionary With A Lift

There is no shortage of couple’s sex toys. So, what sex positions give the best boost when using a penetrative couple’s sex toy? Give something like the missionary with a lift a try! Use a wedge or pillow with the female laying back and legs spread with a slight bend at the knees. The guy can be on his knees and penetrating her at the edge of the furniture. This is also a great position for vibrating cock rings as it allows great clitoral stimulation and pressure depending on how he leans.

sync sex toy

  • 69 With a Twist!

The 69 with a twist sexual position is great for pleasing her while she is pleasing him! Each lay on their side while she rests her head on his thigh preforming oral sex, he can stimulate her with something like a vibrating wand! This way the male can apply pressure and stimulation as he grows towards climax. Making it easier to time a climax together. Plus, it is extremely comfortable as you are both laying on your side and she has a head rest.

69 sex position

  • Afternoon Delight:

The sex position afternoon delight is a fun position that requires the woman to lay on her back with knees bent. The guy props her hips up and penetrates from behind. You will be in a perpendicular position to each other. This sexual position offers a great view and great access for him to use a sex toy on her. Let the guy do all the work for this one, both thrusting and focusing the clitoral sex toy on her genitals. If she wants too to take over the sex toy that works too.

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  • Mountain Top:

Mountain Top position is where the women and man are both on their knees. She can lean over the bed or furniture while the man mounts her from behind. He too can lean on the furniture for support. It allows for him to wrap around and use a sex toy on her, or for her to control it on herself. This is great for full body blended orgasms as it allows rear penetration with blended clitoral stimulation! Talk about a sexy position maximum pleasure!

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