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The Best Couples Vibrators: Orgasmic Pleasure For 2!

By: Jessica & Lee Founders of Diskret_Adult_Life (Couples Vibrators)


couples vibrator


It’s time to take your bedroom game to the next level with a couples vibrator!

A couples vibrator is a great way of breaking the mundane routine you’ve fallen into or simply enhance any sexual experience you’re having, even further.

There are a lot of reasons to try a new vibrator with your partner. But when it comes to picking out the right couples sex toy, your options seem endless.

I own and operate one of the industry’s leading quality sex toy companies. I have years of experience providing valuable insight to couples looking to spice up their sex life!

 Let me break down what you need to consider, and your best options when it comes to couples play!

When done properly, introducing a couples vibrator to the bedroom can become explosive!

On the flip side, the wrong way of using a couples sex toy can become embarrassing and ruin your taste for exploring your sexual desires. I’ve seen it happen, and I don’t want you and your partner to lose out on the most orgasmic opportunity of your life!

Follow this simple guide for full body, mind-blowing orgasms that will bring you and your partner right back to the “honeymoon stage” all over again!

Why Should We Try A Couples Vibrator?


couples vibrator


Should I really need to try introducing a vibrator into the bedroom?

Hell yes you should!

The benefits are nearly endless with minimal downside if you decide it’s just not for you. The important thing is how you approach the situation and the couples vibrator you decide to give a try.

Here is a list of reasons you should give it a go:

  • Enhance both of your pleasure simultaneously
  • Break the mundane sex routine
  • Something new and exciting
  • Bring you and you’re partner closer than ever before
  • Satisfy your partner completely
  • Avoid sexual frustration and built up sexual tension
  • Last longer in bed
  • More likely to orgasm together
  • Continue to explore each other’s bodies and your fantasies
  • Kinky, Fun, and Harmless

It doesn’t matter if your relationship is just starting out or you’ve been married for years. It’s always fun and pleasurable to continue pursuing the best sex of your life!

What is a Couples Vibrator?


sync sex toysex toys for lesbians, sync, vibrator sex toys

I always like to clarify this ahead of time.

While you might think its straight forward; sex toys for couples have evolved into so many different directions that it’s becoming an overwhelming task to pick out the best couples vibrator for your situation.

Yes, you can take any vibrator, butt plug, cock ring, or sex toy to the bedroom and use it on your partner. Thus, turning it into a “couples vibrator”.

Often, this is the best place to start. It’s simple and doesn’t require much coordination to use a vibrator on your partner. Especially if you know its already their favorite vibrator, they can even guide you in how to use it on them best.

But a true couples vibrator will have these specific traits:

  • Provide pleasure to both parties simultaneously.
  • Be worn during penetrative sex
  • Allow for you to participate in standard sex positions.
  • Remain non-intrusive and non-distracting during intercourse.

If you decide to use a vibrator on your female partner during foreplay, excellent! Great! This is an excellent way to introduce a couples sex toy. However, it doesn’t bring the man physical stimulation. Only the excitement of watching your partner get off.

A couples vibrator should truly be worn by one of you, and provide pleasure to both of you and your partner during penetrative sex.

This leads us to our next question…

So, what are the different styles of couples vibrators that can do this?

Types of Vibrators For Couples


 10 years ago you would be hard pressed to find a true couples vibrator. Now, you can find them just about everywhere in all shapes, materials, sizes, and designs.

I guess the manufacturing companies caught on to the fact people love boosting their pleasure together, not just during solo masturbation sessions.

So, here is a list and small description of the main types of couples vibrators you need to look into.  

  • Vaginal internal vibrator-

A common design for a couples sex toy is a “C” shaped vibrator. One silicone flexible arm inserts her vaginally while the other wraps out to apply clitoral stimulation. The man can then penetrate alongside the internal vibrating arm. This provides vibration and stimulation to him, while also giving her internal and external stimulation!

lelo idalelo ida

  • Cock Rings-

A cock ring is a vibrating ring that stretches around the male’s penis and slides to the base of his shaft. This turns his cock into a vibrator, giving him and her pleasure! With each thrusting motion the ring vibrates against her clit boosting her pleasure even more.

Rianne S Cock Ring

  • Penis Extensions-

A penis extension or penis sleeve is a silicone sleeve that slides around the entire male’s cock. Similar to a condom, but think thick, long, and textured. This doesn’t provide the man with a ton of stimulation, but can completely rock his partners world!

Penis Enhancer Sheath

  • Clitoral Vibrators-

Some vibrators can be placed on the clit and either worn, or held their during couples sex. This couples vibrator isn’t the most user friendly, but is small, discreet, and completely non-intrusive!

wand vibrator

  • Finger Vibrators-

These nifty little sex toys are worn by him or her. They will energize your fingers into magical little pleasure wands! Anything you touch gets stimulated. Making them great during foreplay and penetration!


  • Panty Vibrators-

One of the most thrilling nights I’ve ever had! I wore a sexy specialized pair of panties that had a small pocket in the front for a panties vibrator. I then gave my boyfriend the remote. We went to a nice restaurant for dinner, where I orgasmed multiple times (right at the table). We then went to the bars and dancing (where I never thought it was possible, orgasming on the dance floor is a real thing)! These make for the sexiest night out if your into that style of public play!

OhMiBod, Panty Vibrator 3.0

Any of these couples vibrators can be used to enhance both of your sexual desires!

Picking one can be difficult, and I always say you need to try everything at least once. But if you’re a beginner I suggest starting with a finger vibrator or cock ring.

Slightly more advanced users should migrate to vaginal internal vibrators, and penis extensions.

That’s simply due to the user-friendlyness of the designs. They can all provide body shakin’ orgasms. Just some are a little easier to use for first timers.

How To Use A Couples Toy:


There are a few general steps you should take before introducing a new couples sex toy to the bedroom.

#1- Communication-

Unless you really know your partner well and have used a lot of sex toys in the past, it would be best to communicate ahead of time.

Surprises aren’t all what they cracked up to be… You have to be super comfortable with your partner to surprise them with a sex toy.

If this is your first time bringing a couples sex toy to the bedroom, or a new style of toy you’re introducing to them, bring it up ahead of time.

The next time you are talking dirty or sexting; hint at bringing something new to the bedroom. Tell them you saw an article or picture of a fun looking vibrator you want to try it out with them. Make it casual, fun, and light hearted.

If they are up for the challenge, great! They might seem hesitant, then suggest a couples toy that might be less intimidating.

If your partner is still unsure, you might have to start with a couples sex toy accessory and work your way up from there. Such as blindfolds, handcuffs, or feathers.

#2- Relax-

water sex

Take your time, set the mood, and have fun with it.

Its hard to receive pleasure if you’re nervous or distracted.

Take all the distractions away, let yourself and your partner relax. However, you do that is up to you. What makes you relax the most?

For me, it’s a glass of red wine by the fire. Or a warm bath.

#3 Foreplay-

couples vibrator

Now that you’re both completely relaxed. Start with the heated foreplay!

The longer the foreplay the better. You both should be dying to engage in intercourse, or whip out that couples vibrator. The anticipation and build up is everything!

Start with kissing and caressing, work your way up from there.

If you plan to insert or rub any genitals, make sure you have plenty of lube on hand! I highly recommend water-based lube with any silicone vibrator.

#4 Vibe On-

Now that there is so much built up sexual tension between you two… It’s time to let loose!

Grab the couples vibrator and lube it up, use it as instructed.  Just remember to go slow, and communicate throughout the process.

Couple’s Vibrators For Beginners


For couples who are just starting out, I suggest introducing simple vibrators.

These are usually smaller, single button interfaces, and offer the ability to apply vibration with pin-point accuracy.

If you’ve never used a vibrator of any sort with your partner, it might be good to start with a solo vibrator. Have the male or female use it on her and get used to what a sex toy’s true capabilities are. Start with using the vibrator for foreplay, then put it away for penetration.

You can also use the simple vibrator at the end of your session, to finish her off if she hasn’t climaxed yet.

Once you both are comfortable with a sex toy in the bedroom, move to a couples vibrator. These will stimulate both of you at the same time.

The only exception I can say works for a lot of new couples would be cock rings or small finger vibrators. These couples vibrators are super simple and work to stimulate both of you with little to no experience required.

Another exception would be if one person is highly experienced and the other is new to sex toys. The experienced user can communicate and guide the new person through a more complicated couples sex toy.

More complicated couples vibrators do not always bring more pleasure! This is a common misunderstanding. They might offer more features and require more complex sex positions to use, but it does not have a direct effect on increasing pleasure for all users.

It completely depends on the style of vibration the two of you like best. Some women require the internal and external stimulation to get off while their man penetrates them. It requires a unique couples vibrator that is a bit more complex but can provide explosive orgasms.

 It really depends on the person and what they enjoy most. This why is I recommend trying at least one variation of each to find what fits you as a couple best.

Couples Toys Accessories:


sex handcuffs

When it comes to enhancing you and your lovers pleasure, couples vibrators are not the only option!

There is a long list of adult toys for couples that you can start with or implement along the way to spice things up and keep things interesting!

While couples vibrators are designed to boost pleasure during the physical act of penetration, a lot of couples toys can be used before, during, and after penetration to make the whole experience more kinky and wild.

For example try bringing one of these couples toys to the bedroom, with or without a vibrator to escalate the pleasure:

Rope Restraints

Tantra Feathers

Pegging harness

Sex swing






Leather harnesses

Gag Balls

Hand Cuffs

What’s The Best couples vibrator?


I hear it all the time…

What’s the best couples vibrator on the market?

Unfortunately, its not that easy…

First you need to pick what type of couples vibrator you want (use the list I covered earlier in the blog).

Next you need to decide on what attributes will work best for the both of you.

Here is a list of features to get your brain thinking about what you might want or not want from your new vibrator:

  • Waterproof
  • Remote controlled
  • App Friendly
  • Dual vibration motors (more power)
  • Travel-Lock
  • # of vibration intensities
  • # of vibration patterns
  • Type of material
  • Size
  • Body-Safe / Organic
  • Noise Level
  • Appearance
  • Design

Is it important to you that the vibrator look sleek, sexy, and classy? Or do you want t0 whip out a horrific plastic torture device for your partner?

Okay maybe I exaggerate a little, but appearance is important to me. It might not be that big of deal to you or your partner.

What about waterproof? Do you plan to take your sexy foreplay to the hot tub, bath tub, or shower?

Do you want a variety of vibration patterns and intensities?

These are all questions you should think through first. Imagine how you plan to use the best couples vibrator and pay for the features you’ll utilize.

The best couples vibrator for me, might be different for your relationship. I can only point you in the direction of the highest-quality, longest-lasting, and most powerful toys. Its up to you and your partner to choose from there.

Best sex toys for couples

couples vibrator

The following are the best couples vibrators broken out by style. This list has been built by input of the top sexolgoists in the industry, my years of experience using all sort of couples vibrators and what your peers voted on.

The reviews for these toys are incredible, and for good reason. I’ve seen some spectacular couples vibrators and some that made me want to cry…

Here is the best of the best:

Best Panties Vibrator:


Panty Vibrator 3.0- $110

OhMiBod, Panty Vibrator 3.0

The panty vibrator 3.0 is the highest quality panty vibrator I’ve seen. Which is saying a lot. I’ve tested so many of these with disappointing results.

Finally, something that made my kinkiest desires come a true!  A night out with my man that did not disappoint.

I gave him the remote and we went to dinner, the bar, and night club. All with a vibrator in my panties and him at the controls.

Needless to say…. I lost count of how many times I climaxed!

The vibrator works from 30+ feet away from the remote and even has a “dance mode” that will vibrate to the beat of the music! Dancing has never been so pleasurable!

The vibrator comes with a pair of specialized panties. These sexy lace panties have a small pocket in front that keeps the vibes directly on your clit.

Don’t waste your time or money on the cheap knock offs. This panty vibrator comes from a high end retailer that have crafted multiple versions until now. The fun, kink, and adventurous way to get off just got that much better!

Best Vaginal Internal Vibrators:


Sync- $189


The Sync is the #1 rated couples vibrator year after year.


Highest quality vaginal internal vibrator there is. It has extremely powerful motors, waterproof, app controlled, rechargeable, and adjustable fit.

We-Vibe made the Sync with all types of users in mind. Bending, twisting, and contorting to find the perfect angle for both him and her.

The best part about the Sync for me?

Use your phone to rotate through the different vibration patterns, modes, and intensities. No more having to pull the toy out, stop what your doing, and press the buttons. Just simply continue penetrating your partner and swipe your phone until your heart desires!

With both a powerful motor in the tip and base, you can rock her world with deep rumbling clitoral vibes, while at the same time hitting his cock with it’s own vibration pattern!

Bringing your penetrative sex to a whole new level!

Tiani 3- $169


tiani 3

The Tiani 3 is Lelo’s version of the Sync. It has a similar concept and offers a remote controller instead of hooking up to your phone.

It’s what I would consider a “slim” version of the sync.

Very soft and flexible silicone this couples vibrator does not disappoint! It has 8 amazing pleasure settings, waterproof, rechargeable, and 1 yr warranty.

Great for solo play or with couples play. This hands free orgasm will be one you’ll continue to daydreaming about!

Bring you and your partner closer than ever before.

IDA- $199

remote controlled sex toys for couples,

The IDA is a very unique couples vibrator. It has a base pad for clitoral stimulation and a insertable arm. The arm swirls in different circular motions once inserted!

Giving her the ultimate hands-free ride of her life!

The best part… Its designed for a man to penetrate next to as well. Each time the swirling, vibrating arm glides past his inserted shaft it gives him a major boost in pleasure.

Great for him, even better for her!

It’s made from body-safe, soft, flexible silicone and has 8 different vibration modes. It is completely waterproof for easy clean up and uses a remote control so your not using your hands down there at all!

Swirl, twist, and spin your way to new orgasmic heights with the IDA by Lelo.

Best Cock Ring


Pivot- $110

we vibe pivot

The Pivot is an insane cock ring from We-Vibe. It delivers huge rumbling vibes in such a small package.

This simple, easy, and pleasurable couples vibrator is the best way for any man to boost both his pleasure and her’s at the same time.

The constriction of the pivot will keep him rock hard and lasting longer in bed. While the vibes will directly penetrate her clit with each thrusting motion he applies.

It’s great for gay men too! My brother and his partner really enjoy the additional vibration during penetrative sex. Plus, the constriction to go longer!

Another nice feature is it’s 100% waterproof and rechargeable. It seems to last forever on a single charge. I mean months of use!

So, if your looking for the best couples cock ring. Make sure to check out the Pivot from advanced users to beginners, it will surly rock both of your worlds!

Rianne S- $45

Rianne S Cock Ring

This is the best-selling cock ring at Diskret. We couldn’t believe the customer feedback on this one.

I actually had to purchase it myself to try out with my man!

It works… Really, really well.

It uses two “rabbit ears” for stimulating the women’s clit, along with a textured, ribbed pad on the front face. Crazy looking design that leads to crazy amount of pleasure.

The back plate is gold plated and very smooth. Making it extra comfortable for him to wear.

It has a bunch of different ways you can use it but, my man loved using the rabbit ears as “alignment posts”. With just a glance down he could see if he was hitting the spot or not.

Plus, it has a cool blue LED light when its turned on and sending rumbling vibes to those fortunate enough to get their hands on one!

Best Clitoral Vibrator


Eva ii- $135

Eva ii, Dame, vibrator, sex toys for lesbians

If you’re looking for a unique couples vibrator that works solo too. The Eva ii is the most versatile option you have.

The Eva ii is made by dame products. A creative manufacturing team that continues to push the envelope in adult sex toys.

This clitoral vibrator is like nothing else on the market. It uses two small flexible wings that sit between your labia; holding it in place. Once inserted, it has a nifty little vibrator that sits directly on your clit.

Making this clitoral vibrator completely hands free!

The Eva ii is 100% medical grade silicone, has 3 vibration modes, 100% waterproof, USB rechargeable, and a 3 year warranty.

Talk about a unique way to vibe with a partner as well! Slide it in and they still have room to penetrate you!

Tango- $75

We Vibe Tango, sex toys for lesbians

The most powerful bullet vibrator on the market!

Best selling bullet vibrator year after year.

The Tango by We-Vibe has different modes of vibration from a slight tease, to blow your socks off strong!

Because its so strong and small, I personally love using it during both foreplay and sex. It never gets in the way. Just hold it between your two fingers and apply where needed!

The Tango also works great to replace any existing sex toys that take a bullet vibrator. Want to turn a cheap bullet vibrator that broke or is weak? Slide the Tango in place of it.

This couples vibrator is sure to blow both of you away. The rates, reviews, and sales speak for themselves but I just cant get enough Tango!

Best Finger Vibrator


Digit- $69.99

Hot Octopuss finger vibrator

The Digit by hot octopus is the best finger vibrator I’ve used. I have tested and tried a lot, but it is very hard finding a good quality finger vibrator like this.

Couples vibrators typically are made of low-grade material and break after a few uses. The Digit is the first made with the best materials, powerful motors, and all the features you’re looking for.

It has a single broad paddle design, allowing you to slide your fingers into the loops and take control of your desires.

Since its waterproof, I’ve even built up my sexual tension to the point of inserting the digit some. This feels amazing and allows for the ultimate climax.

Elegantly sculpted with this slim design, packs 5 different vibe intensities and 5 different patterns. This leads to the most legendary couples play imaginable.

Great for solo masturbation or letting your partner slip into the vibrators grip and give you an unimaginable night.

Aria MI Vibe- $34.99


Turn your fingers into an energized magical orgasmic device!

It’s true the Aria Mi Vibe is all pleasure and no hassle. One of my favorites due to the features it packs with such a low cost.

Made from 100% organic body-safe silicone this couples vibrator is waterproof, USB-Rechargeable, and has 5 vibe patterns with 5 vibe speeds.

Worried it might break for that cost? Try a 5-year warranty on these vibrators! Yea, these are built as robust as your car!

Total of 3 inches long and only 1.4 inches wide the Mi Vibe has a rippling texture that waterfalls over the tip and down near the grip.

Beautifully crafted, this couples vibrator is as pleasurable as it looks!

Remember to spread the love! Share this blog with #diskretadultlife on any major social media and we will pick a winner each month for a free high quality finger vibrator!


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