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22 Things Guys Like In Bed But Won’t Ask For!

By: Jessica & Lee Founders of Diskret_Adult_Life ( Things Guys Like In Bed But Wont Ask For )


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Things Guys Like In Bed But Wont Ask For


What are the main things guys like in bed but won’t ask for?


Do you want to read his mind and know his deepest, darkest fantasies?


You want to know exactly what he is looking for in bed but might be to shy or embarrassed to ask for?


Is it a new relationship and he hasn’t opened up yet, or maybe you want to know for a future partner…


Let me tell you, even couples who have been together for years might be hiding that small desire in the back of their head, that they simply don’t have the courage to bring up.


Its time to take all those hidden desires and explore them to the fullest! Then you can completely satisfy him sexually, making him come back begging for more!


Life’s to short to not explore your devious fantasies, including his.


Like my partner always said, “I’m up to try just about anything… Once!” That is all it takes most of the time to get a good understanding if the sexual sensation is bringing you pleasure or not.


It is important to stay open-minded like this, especially in long term relationships where things begin to get stale!


Now, let us peel open the book of his hidden desires and blow his mind with the most intense sex he has ever had!


Through this article I will cover:


New things to try in bed with your boyfriend.

Now, What do beginner guys want in bed?

What do men want in bed?

What intermediate guys want in bed.

How to turn my husband on.

What advanced guys want in bed.

How to get better in bed for guys.

How to make a man addicted to you sexually?


Let’s crack this book open by a true male expert in sexual behavior who has been in the industry and helping couples for over a decade.



New Things To Try In Bed With your Boyfriend:


What sexual stage are you with your boyfriend?


Have you been together for weeks, months, or years? Have you really explored his true sexual desires yet?


There are varying degrees of things guys like in bed but wont ask for.


The key is finding balance between trying new things and not experimenting to much. Work these new things into the bedroom slowly, not all at once.


I will cover a wide array of things guys want in bed but wont ask for, starting with the basics.


Remember communication is important, especially if you are trying something new or more advanced. Give him a slight heads up, spontaneous sex can be hot in the right setting, but when it come to trying new things in bed, asking him first is the safest route.


Bring it up during dirty talk in bed, while you are sexting each other, having a light conversation about sex, or even after sex asking for some feedback on how to improve for next time.



What Beginner Guys Really Want In Bed:


mutual masturbating



#1 Try Extended Foreplay!


Instead of ripping each other’s clothes off and immediately letting him penetrate you, try reversing it! So much foreplay that the penetration only lasts a minute until you both cum!



#2 Extremely Slow Seduction:


This is where you tease him, driving him absolutely crazy. Whisper in his ear, slowly undress yourself and make him beg for more. Don’t let him touch you until he deserves it. Create a slow burning passion inside of him before unleashing him like a savage wolf!


Get the picture?



#3 Put on a sexy outfit:


There are tons of seductive outfits you can try. Not just sexy lingerie which might be the first thing that pops in your mind, but you can get even more creative.


Try a leather body harness, a sexy mask, even some old clothes that he can rip off your body! What about that sexy nurse costume you had from Halloween a few years ago? You get the idea, sexy lingerie can do wonders, but getting creative can do even more!



#4 Let Him Use A Vibrator On You


Wait, this is about what things guys like in bed but wont ask for, not what I want in bed?


Actually, guys love using sex toys on their partner.




It’s a huge turn on for them knowing they are pleasing you!


Pull out your favorite vibrator and ask him to warm you up with it. He doesn’t have to stimulate you to a full climax. Rather let it be a tool for incredible foreplay.



Once your super wet from him gliding your vibrator around your clitoris and thrusting it in and out, put it away and let him finish the job himself!



#5 Lube, Lube, and More Lube!


Did you ever start things with a sexy massage? Lay him down on his stomach to start, and slowly massage his shoulders down his back. Use some coconut oil to lube things up and make it more intimate.


Work your way down his butt and to his inner thighs. Start massaging his legs and inner thighs focusing very close to his penis without actually touching it.


Once he is turned on, flip him over and mount him. Massage his chest and legs. Then you end your sensual massage with a handjob, blow job, or penetrative sex. He will never feel so relaxed in his life after!



#6 Sometimes He Just Wants To Make Love


As silly as it might sound now all guys are looking for something freaky every time they get between the sheets. Some things guys want in bed but wont ask for is more basic.


Change it up and try long, slow, passionate love making! Throw the quickies out the window and get over the stigma that “making love” is too “vanilla”. Sometimes its just the change of pace to bring you closer and make him feel more connected to you.



What Do Men Want In Bed?


light bondage


Alright, so now that we have the basics down, lets turn the heat up a bit. These are for when you are looking to get more risky with your man in bed.


Is it considered kinky?


Don’t worry about the labels attached to everything. Focus on what he wants and take things as far as you’re willing to go. Don’t pressure him to try something if its out of his comfort zone. Small steps can lead to great things.


Most guys would be willing to try these (at least once) if they feel comfortable with their partner and it is communicated properly ahead of time.



What Intermediate Guys Really Want In Bed:


how to please a man



#7 He Wants to Try Different Sex Positions


If you’re the typical couple who does it missionary a few nights a week, you might have him craving something new.


This is the perfect time to switch up your sex positions.


Some good sex positions for intermediate couples could be:


  • Reverse cowgirl


  • Doggy Style


  • 69


  • You on top of him


  • Jocky Position


  • Dog Leg Position


If you’re not sure what these are or want to get more creative ideas, I have an entire blog dedicated to it here.


I really enjoy the Kinkly Sex Position Selector also. They have everything and more so its great to get new sex position ideas from it!


So, if you keep asking yourself… What do men want in bed? First, try new sex positions!



#8 He Wants to Watch Porn Together


Odds are he already watches porn alone, and most likely you have too. So, why not enjoy that incredibly hot, seductive experience together?


For the first time, find some passionate soft core porn that isn’t to freaky. Put it on so you both can see it.


You can imitate what they are doing or do your own thing.


It’s always fun to be watching a hot blowjob on the television while receiving one from her in real life!



#9 He Wants You To Use A Male Sex Toy On Him


If he uses a male sex toy during private masturbation, show him you’re interested in joining that!


Take a high-quality masturbation sleeve and work it into your foreplay!


Tenga Flip Zero Black EV


Start with kissing, touching, licking…ect. Until he is really turned on. Then pull out the masturbation sleeve with some lube and slowly glide it up and down his cock.


Keep good eye contact while working it up and down, ask him how it feels and if he wants it harder or softer?


Tease him with it, or work your mouth into the extremely hot act as well. Try wrapping your tongue around the base of his shaft or on his balls while you work the masturbation sleeve up and down.


male sex toys


Warning: He will most likely cum extremely fast from this. If that’s the case, use it for only a few minutes before taking him to completion by penetrating you.



#10 Does He Like Anal Sex?


Does he like anal sex? More importantly do you like anal sex?


Since you’ll be the one receiving it, you should be aware of if you find it comfortable or if you’re willing to try it?


45% of couples have tried anal sex and most men really enjoy the sensation along with women.


If you want to try it, make sure you talk about it, take things slow, and do a bit of research that can make it 5x more likely to be enjoyable!


Nervous about trying anal sex? Get some practice with something small and great for training like anal beads.


Le Wand Swerve


These allow you to go up at your own pace, in the privacy of a solo masturbation session. Once you know you enjoy anal with the beads and can insert the medium to larger beads, you will have no problem receiving anal pleasure from his cock.


Remember that lube is necessary with any anal play!



#11 Try Doing It In Different Locations


Something free and adventurous is simply changing up your location.


If things have become mundane and stale, try doing it in the kitchen, car, couch, chairs…


Guys fantasize about this all the time, they might not have communicated it but try sitting him down in a kitchen chair. Do a private lap dance for him or tease him in your own way… Its just hot having sex in new locations!


things guys want in bed but wont ask for


You might be required to change up your sex positions in order to achieve this, but that’s half the fun!



#12 Give Light Bondage A Try:


Things guys like in the bed but wont ask for can typically be around bondage fantasies. They are not the easiest to communicate, yet more than half of all men want to experience it.


It’s time for you to take charge in the bedroom and tie your man up!


It doesn’t have to be extreme BDSM or anything. Start small and work your way up as you feel comfortable.


The easiest way is to get some silk bondage ropes or even use things around the house like his belt or tie.


male stroker


During foreplay wrap his hands behind his back or over his head. Then take control of his desires through teasing, oral sex, and penetrative sex by mounting him.


The foreplay is critical though. Strip him and yourself slowly, caress his body with your hands and tongue. The point is he can’t touch you so make it that its all he wants to do!


Try a blindfold for an even bigger boost in sensation.



#13 Don’t Ignore His Perineum


What the heck is his perineum?


The perineum is the spot between his anus and scrotum. It’s a smooth patch that has tons of nerve endings in it.


Try gently massaging this with your fingers while he is penetrating you, or while preforming oral sex.


If you want to know things guys like in bed but wont ask for, massaging the perineum is one of them. The nerves in the perineum are tied to his prostate zone.


So, stimulating the perineum is like stimulating his prostate, which is the ultimate form of male pleasure!


Try applying different pressure, lube it up and do circular motions, or tapping. You can caress it with your fingers to tease, and even use your tongue if you feel comfortable going that low.


There are prostate sex toys that are specifically designed to stimulate his perineum along with his prostate simultaneously. 


Duke Fun Factory



#14 He Loves Oral Sex:


Unless he flat out tells you, he does not like oral sex, which is extremely rare, chances are he would love you to give him a blowjob.


how to please a man


Did you know there are many forms of blowjobs? You can deep throat, work just the tip, work the anus, focus on the perineum, 69 with him, work your hands into it, make it sloppy, work a sex toy into it…


The list goes on. Just because you have given him a blow job before doesn’t mean he isn’t craving a new form of it.


The important thing is you are enthusiastic about it. You should want to satisfy him and focus on solely on him sometimes. Just like he should return that to you.


Remember to make good eye-contact and remain energetic during the blowjob. Work your hands into it and just have fun with it!


It can be foreplay before penetrative sex or one of the best ways to finish him off!



#15 Try Playing With His Butt:


I don’t care what a guy says to his friends, both gay and straight guys love butt play!


This is very common for straight men to not vocalize it as fear they will magically become “less manly” or they are embarrassed about the pleasure they get from butt play.


However, a large US survey showed 40% of men have dabbled in some form of butt play, and those willing to do it have opened a whole new world of pleasure!


A prostate orgasm is said to be 33% more intense than a standard orgasm from cock stimulation.


But you don’t have to dive straight into trying to give him a prostate orgasm. Just caressing, applying different pressure, or inserting the tip of a finger during sex can be a huge turn on to him.


Ask him if he would be willing to try something like that and you might be surprised at how open he is to the idea. Next time you’re in the middle of some heated sex, slowly work your hand back there. Rub small, slow circles around the rim of his anus with the tip of your index finger.


If enjoys it, you can experiment with more!



How To Turn My Husband On:


Let’s say you’ve tried all the things in the beginner and intermediate section. Perhaps you’re married and been together for years or even decades. You might be questioning something different… Like how to turn my husband on?


Looking for something more extreme?


Want to turn your husband on or perhaps your long-time boyfriend?


Even though you have been together a long time, does not mean he isn’t still looking to satisfy a new or long-time fantasy.


Rock his world with these advanced sex ideas!



What Advanced Guys Really Want In Bed:


Is your husband or boyfriend looking to become advanced in the bedroom? If your up for the kinky fun and excitement, toss one of these sex ideas his way and see how he responds.


This could take your sex life from boring and mundane to freaky sex that provides powerful, mind-altering orgasms!



#16 Are You Into Pegging?


strapon pegging


Pegging is the act of strapping on a dildo with a harness and penetrating your man with anal sex.


It’s a kinky act but if your man loves anal pleasure, why not be the one who provides it?


Sure, prostate toys are amazing for him, but imagine being the sole reason to give him a full body prostate orgasm!


Put a comfortable harness on and slide a dildo into it. If the dildo is slightly curved that’s good, it will stimulate his prostate more.




Fun Factory Boss


Then lube the hell out of it and his butt before penetrating him. Doggy position or with him on his back and legs straight up are the easiest to start. From there you can get as advanced as you would like.


Do not forget the ropes and bondage toys if you want to make your pegging a full experience from start to finish!



#17 Your Man Wants Public Play:


Odds are, if you’re in the advanced section your man isn’t to shy about his sexuality. Taking things public with the fear of getting caught can be a huge turn on for the both of you!


Just remember that public sexual acts are against the law. If you want to keep it sexual but discreet, try sliding a butt plug slide in him or you before you go out.




Slide a vibrating ben-wa-ball in and give him the app to control it from his phone!


This public play that can still be discreet.


However, the parks, movie theaters, restaurants, your car… you name it, he most likely would enjoy some sexual activity there!



#18 Prostate Orgasms:


Ahh, the holy grail of male pleasure. The prostate orgasm is said to be 33% more intense than a regular male orgasm, also it will offer the ability to climax multiple times in a row without the need for a rest.


The best way to induce a prostate orgasm for him is to use a male prostate sex toy. Some of these vibrate while others do not. The process for a first-time user can be elaborate, so make sure you do some basic research before giving it a go!


Prostate orgasms are for more advanced users they start in his core and radiate throughout his entire body. Up his spine, down his legs. He may start to shake (convulse) uncontrollably from the intense pleasure.


Xpander X4, butt plug for men


If you want to know things guys like in the bed but wont ask for, prostate orgasms all the way!



#19 Butt Plug Sex All The Way!


You might know how amazing blended orgasms are… When your stimulating your front side and back side simultaneously, riding it out into a mind-altering orgasm!


Well it works the same way for men. Try sliding his favorite butt plug in while you pleasure his front side! Either hop on top of him or let him do all the thrusting!


Some butt plugs even have built in cock rings to pleasure you at the same time!


B-Vibe Snug & Tug


However it is difficult for him to receive a prostate orgasm while also stimulating his cock, so don’t worry about the prostate orgasm this time, just have him enjoy the boost in stimulation the butt plug provides while he penetrates you at the same time.


He will never look at you or sex the same way!



#20 He Might Want A Rim Job:


This is clearly in the category of things guys like in bed but wont ask for.


If your looking for kinky things to try in bed, a rim job might be the one thing you haven’t done yet.


It also might be the one thing your man is really craving.


If he enjoys oral sex and butt play, have you considered combining the two?


Just make sure he is all clean down there with a warm shower and good soaping first.


Next, start with a basic blowjob but work your way lower, down to his balls, down to his perineum, and finally his anus.


Use your tongue around the rim of his anus while continually stroking his cock and fondling his balls. Do not be afraid to use your fingers in and out of his anus while you continue to lick and caress the outer edge.



#21 Cock Ring Sex:


A cock ring will keep your man rock hard for a long period of time, and also make him last longer in bed. It’s a win for him and you!


Cock rings are silicone bands that slide around the base of his shaft. They provide constriction to his shaft which will keep the blood flow in his cock and help prevent him from cuming to soon.


The best part of cock ring sex?


Most cock rings vibrate, turning his rock-hard cock into your new favorite vibrator!


Rianne S Cock Ring, quiet vibrator


The vibes feel amazing rushing through his shaft, but it also gives you a huge rush of a clitoral stimulator. That’s right, every time he thrusts deep into you, it jolts your clit with deep penetrating vibes!


Exactly what you both need for the best sex of your life!



#22 BDSM:


BDSM covers anything and everything. It requires 100 different full dedicated blogs. But the important thing here I want to cover is dominance and submission.


Has your man ever dominated you in the bedroom? Perhaps you’re the innocent, shy girl who is going to be tied up and taken advantage of.




Perhaps your man is in control of most things that surround his life such as his job, financials, kids… ect. and he needs the opposite to be completely powerless in the bedroom and have you take charge!


Things like dirty talk, sexy leather outfits, whips, floggers, pinwheels, hand-cuffs and more!


Make him beg for that climax and don’t let him cum until you say its time.


role play sex


You get the idea, he might want dominance or he might want submission. These are some good sex ideas to run by him and see what his darkest fantasies are!



How To Get Better In Bed For Guys:


So, now that you have all the sex ideas to keep your man guessing and completely satisfied, how do you get better in bed for guys?


While it sounds lame, the two most important things are experience and communication.


Ask him what he wants, what turns him on, what gets him off. Every guy is different, so you need to dig a little deeper to truly satisfy him.


Lastly, experience is important. Usually your first time with a guy isn’t going to be the best sex of your life because you’re both nervous and unsure of what the other truly wants.


Great sex comes with time, communication, and experience. The more times you sleep with him, the more open you become with talking about sex, in turn the more you can understand his desires.


Once you understand his desires, you can satisfy every last one of them! This is how you get better in bed for guys.


Here are some explosive sex tips and tricks for satisfying a man, the first time being together.




How To Make A Man Addicted To You Sexually:


Want to keep him coming back for more?


So, you want to know how to make a man addicted to you sexually?


As time goes on, this flame can easily dim. The best way to keep him addicted to you sexually is by not letting things get dull in the bedroom.


Do not stop having sex! Continuing to have sex helps you both still crave it. It helps his sex drive stay in high gear and keep that testosterone pumping! Along with keeping your libido high!


wet girl



Next you should see what sexual ideas he is willing to try! Keep things fresh and new! Maybe he has always wanted to try roleplay sex or BDSM. You never know until you ask. Ask frequently and let him know you will never judge him based on his response.


This does not mean you have to always agree and satisfy what he was thinking about, but it gives you insight to help keep things hot.


For example, if he says he wants to try a threesome, but you are not really ready for something like this. Try watching porn with him. It makes it feel as though your having sex with another couple. You could also bring a masturbation sleeve to use on him. This gives him the sense of penetrating something new and keeps thing interesting for the both of you.


Just because he asks for something doesn’t mean you have to give it to him, but rather see if you can put a twist on it for something you’re willing to try too!


Sex should always be fun, interesting, adventurous, and with consent!


Have some sexy ideas I’ve missed or want to share? Have a question about anything?


Simply login or create an account and drop the comment below. I will be sure to respond!


As always, thanks for reading and your continued support!


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